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my dad signs all his text messages to me ‘from dad’ and sometimes starts them ‘hi this is dad’ and really that’s the most dad-like thing ever


You were ‘good’ once. Why did you cross the street?”

“I didn’t. I just realized there are no streets.” 

Design time? Probably about an hour. Perhaps more.

Materials? Negligible

Discovering your niche? Priceless.

Now to charge and get this under some of Nik’s avocado seeds.

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The Grand Inquisitor was able to use the right and left hands equally well, but I like to think he was primary left-handed (especially when it comes to using Force. He favored left one even when he had lightsabers in both hands). So have a few gifs with Inquisitor using his left hand in various situation :)

*shrugs* maybe people point out OP is a terf/terf-supporter because it can change the context (or rather, make it more clear) of the post, or maybe some people just really don’t want to interact with someone who supports people who are actively against them/hate them for who they are and I mean you can think whatever you want about that but dismissing them as childish/derailing is kinda naive

Victor Nikiforov Appreciation Post!!!

I just want to take a moment and talk about how much I love Victor Nikiforov and how he’s just such a refreshing character. I know everyone and their dog has done a post like this already but I’ve been crying over this lovable goof for months and this had been sitting in my drafts for too long now anyway and also I’m avoiding my textbooks AND THIS SORTA TURNED INTO A CHARACTER ANALYSIS I’M SORRY.

So as far back as the PV, there were assumptions flying around that Victor would end up being an antagonist of some sort. That either he was using Yuuri for his own gain, or was just straight up evil. Laughable now, of course, but the reason those rumors were prevalent was because we see it so often. How easy was it to think that Victor was “helping” Yuuri only to further his own goals in the end? We’ve seen this common mentor-betrays-student trope before and it’s no wonder that early on fans were afraid of this even as the show progressed. And honestly? This would have made for some great drama—for Victor to turn out to not be such a nice guy and for him to eventually become someone Yuuri had to defeat in competition. However the show did not go down that route at all. It turns out that yeah, Victor is actually just a really nice guy who cares a great deal about Yuuri and the people around him. He doesn’t show up in Hasetsu with any evil ulterior motives—he just wants to get to know Yuuri and help him take his skating to the next level, and maybe find inspiration (and love) along the way.

Also how could a man with a heart-shaped smile be evil???

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I’ve been seeing a lot of posts lately which say “any nonconsensual touch (even if it’s totally nonsexual) is part of rape culture, because it teaches women that they don’t get to decide whether other people touch them”. And some other posts which imply that all touch is sexual, and any nonconsensual touch constitutes sexual harassment.

Which seems… pretty profoundly ethnocentric, if you ask me.

From what I understand, cultures differ widely on their tolerance for physical contact. I’ve heard that cultures in warmer regions tend to engage in more (platonic) physical contact than cultures in colder regions.

Cultures also differ on what different forms of physical contact mean. In America, kissing someone on the cheek expresses romantic feelings (or familial affections, if it’s your aunt kissing you on the cheek when you’re 5), but in Southern Europe, cheek kissing is a common form of greeting. In America, holding hands is interpreted romantically, and if two men held hands we’d consider it gay; but in the Middle East, male friends hold hands all the time, as an expression of platonic friendship.

Physical contact is a language that we use to communicate things, and each culture will have its own language of physical contact. (This isn’t to say that the language is arbitrary – it’s built out of human universals of how physical contact is perceived. For instance, you won’t find a culture where people grab each other’s genitals as a form of greeting. But there’s enough flexibility in how humans perceive physical contact that each culture can create its own unique language out of it.)

So anyway, I really don’t think that nonconsensual touch is a form of rape culture. If you live in a culture where friends regularly hold hands, or where people touch each other on the arms or shoulders as a friendly gesture, then almost all touch of that variety will be nonconsensual, because the culture has agreed that everyone is fine with that kind of touch, so why would you even need to ask?

If someone in that sort of culture touches your arm in a socially acceptable manner, I don’t think you can infer that they are more likely to rape you, because presumably, those cultures teach that casual platonic touch is very different from sex, and that the two things need to be treated very differently. And I also don’t think you can infer that women from those cultures will be worse at saying no, since presumably they also know the difference between sex and platonic touch.

Just because our culture has (weirdly, IMO) decided that all touch is sexual, doesn’t mean we need to assume the same about other people in other places.

So I moved up to St. Louis into a pretty cool neighborhood where there are a million rainbow flags (literally) but there’s absolutely no trans pride flag anywhere and I’ve only been here 3 weeks and I put up the first one.

indonesia, you break my heart

The news about the caning of two homosexual men in Banda Aceh has caught my attention, and I am at a complete loss for words. As if this country hasn’t done enough to violate our rights and make us feel like we no longer have a safe place in this world. I can’t believe there are people out there who think that it is okay to invade someone else’s personal space and call it a raid for gay sex because apparently being gay is worse than being a terrorist. It breaks my heart, knowing that there are people out there going through the news and thinking that our country is awful for giving permission to the officials to hurt minorities. I am ashamed of all this fear, all this confusion and anger that has been caused by the news of the caning.

According to BBC, ‘the pair, aged 20 and 23, were found in bed together by vigilantes who entered their private accommodation in March. They have not been identified.’

I am a part of the LGBT community. I have been insulted by many people at school, been degraded by most of the teachers who had made homophobic comments that went by unnoticed. Like the minority of Indonesians, who I assume feel the same discomfort that I feel, I have questions which answers I fear are the ones that will hurt us the most.

Why was the caning done in front of a mosque?

Isn’t a mosque supposed to be a place for us to seek peace?

Why do people despise something that they don’t understand?

Are they doing this because of fear?

I am infuriated at how a bunch of people think it is okay to violate basic human rights just because some people don’t believe in the same God as them (remember what happened to Ahok?) or some people are in love with members of the same-sex, makes me sick. What I thought was absolutely disgusting was how there were observers watching, people cheering out as the lash made contact with skin. As if the humongous amount of people holding up their phones were already doing enough, some people were yelling out things like, do it harder! Or yes! They deserve it!

What happened to basic human rights?

I’m here to tell you that no matter how big the crime is, nobody deserves a punishment like that. For fuck’s sake, it’s 2017. Maybe some communities are still fighting to hold on to their rules and traditions, but they have got to remember that there are other people who are different and have different ideologies and different ways to co-exist in this world. Heterosexuals aren’t the only sexuality in this world, and just because your brother/son/uncle/neighbour/friend is attracted to members of the same sex, please remember that they are also human.

You want to show people what is unacceptable?

Tell Indonesians to stop using religion as a reason to legitimize their hate. If you think being a Muslim makes it okay for you to go around harassing homosexuals and everyone else who doesn’t identify as heterosexual, you’re wrong, because Islam is a religion of peace, and if you’re going around doing this sort of shit, whipping gay people at a fucking mosque, and doing raids for gay sex or whatever you think you’re doing, you’re not following the rules of Islam. I understand that this is your law, and this is probably your way of handling things like these, but I would like to ask those people who decided that these men should be caned in front of the public some questions.

Do people know what it is like to be a Muslim, living in another country, and having people ask you things like why does your religion hate gay people? Or why do Muslims kill people who are homosexual? on social media. Do you have any idea what your actions mean for the rest of the world? Do you have any idea what people think after reading news like these? Are you satisfied with yourselves? Are you content, because punishing people like these make you look more powerful? What are you doing in the name of religion? Putting an end to humanity? Putting an end to mankind? What is the point you are trying to prove? 

Tell Indonesians to stop degrading other people’s worth just because they’re lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. Stop punishing people for something that they obviously have no control over. We didn’t choose to be born as members of the LGBT community. Being a part of the LGBT community does not make us less human. It does not lessen our right to feel safe and to be protected by the local authorities. It does not mean it’s okay for people to treat us like shit. It does not mean it’s okay for people to take away our rights.

Tell Indonesians to have respect for other people's’ personal space. Being a licensed officer does not allow you to be an asshole. It does not state in your job description that you were employed by the national police department to go around telling people who they can and cannot have sex with. You were employed to protect people, and if you’re telling me that you’re protecting people from LGBT couples who are unarmed and clearly have done nothing to harm the people around them, then maybe you should go get your eyes checked and reread your job description until you understand what it means to protect people from harm.

Tell Indonesians to stop oversexualizing homosexual relationships and to stop believing in stereotypes. You don’t get to scream out to the whole world about how much we disgust you and then masturbate while watching gay porn. You don’t get to tell your friends that all gay people think about is sex because we don’t think about sex all the time. You don’t get to tell your friends that being a gay man makes you less of a man. You don’t get to tell your friends that being attracted to the same sex means you’ve got a mental illness. You don’t get to tell your friends that we should be annihilated, destroyed, murdered, because those words are more than just words. Those words are words that are potentially triggering, words that invite tragedy and bloodshed. Maybe it’s a shooting. Or a bomb. Or a police raid that ends up in killing homosexuals.

Your words have the ability to make something happen. If only you’d use it for a better cause.


Hey! It’s y’boy Jax!

As is the norm around here, your local artist is broke! This broke status is a big problem when I gotta buy important junk. So I’m taking on bundle commissions!

Hey buddy, what is a bundle commission?

It’s pretty basic, but basically, I’ll be packaging several things that individually would cost a lot and offer em together for a lot less than I should be offering. This time around, I’ll be offering them in the form of reference sheets like the four pictured above!

That’s three colored full body images and three colored headshots of a character. Color schemes and shape breakdowns as well~

Altogether, with my normal prices that all would run you roughly 180 bucks, but I’m only asking for  smooth 80 for all of it. Criminal, right?

80 dollars? Not bad! What do I have to do to get me hands on this deal?

Just contact me! You can do that either here on tumblr through ask or IM or email me at! All you need to offer is a reference of your character and maybe some communication if the proposed design isn’t as fleshed out as I need it to be in order to work. 

So do you offer this all the time?

No way! I don’t hate myself that much! This is a special situation so this is limited time and quantity. I’ll only be offering 10 of these for the time being!

What if I don’t want all of this work for a single character?

We’ll have to talk about that…

I don’t want all this

Normal commissions will be closed while I’m doing these bundles, but They’ll be open afterwards! So keep an eye open for when smaller packs are available!


I;m offering three fullbody pieces and three headshots of your characters as a bundle for 80 dollars. Only 10 available. 

Thanks for reading, and if there are any other questions, let me know! If you’re not interested, please pass this around!

say it with me: having a strong accent when speaking your target language isn’t a sign of failure.

I can’t believe I have to spell this out to people of our own community

A lot of bisexual people identify as gay. A lot of pansexual people identify as gay. A lot of trans, non-binary, genderqueer, genderfluid people identify as gay. A lot of people with non-heteronormative sexual practices identify as gay. A lot of people with fluid sexuality identify as gay.

Maybe in some communities monosexual homosexuals think gay only applies to them, but it doesn’t. It’s a word a lot of use, and we have every right to.

The level of homonormativity that it takes to think that someone saying they’re gay means they’re monosexually homosexual is ridiculus. You’re calling people homophobic because you can’t aknowledge the diversity in your own community. You’re telling us we don’t belong here. Why would you do that?

anonymous asked:

Hey, idk if any of you follow sunsetmani on Twitter, but she tweeted something that I feel like is a good discussion topic. She said "I wonder if Camren was ever reduced to feeling like sex was all they had left". I honestly thought a lot about this. I honestly think that C and L had a great relationship, but I think that it may have become purely physical toward the end. But at the same time I know they both had so much love for each other. Anyway, what do you guys think???

disclaimer : this is all theory

I don’t think they thought “it was all they had left” - I think maybe they had a lot of bottled up feelings and that maybe they expressed them through sex, you know like when you’re so pissed with someone because you love them so much that you don’t know if you want to slap them or kiss them, I think there was maybe a little bit of that - also maybe some trouble communicating - but I think sex was far from being the only thing that was left, I think it’s actually because they felt too much for each other that it had to end - they couldn’t handle it anymore, they needed to breathe. Eventually I think their break up was a mutual decision, also they know each other so well by now, they probably both knew it was time 

p.s : sorry for the dramatic gif 😂  My baby Effy ❤️😭

// I’ve been thinking lately (yeah, happens…) and I wanted to say out loud one thing.

Thank you, guys, for staying with me. For writting with me, sendind memes, liking stupid shit I post etc. It makes me feel way more confident about my ideas and writting. Especially since my activity here drops greatly during week.

I mean, there are like tons of roleplay blogs for Genji. I know one of my lovely twins (*throws love all over*) and saw on my dash least six other, not to mention tumblr recommendations. And still - you’re here. You’re sending and answering memes, sometimes taging me in something more or less silly and so on.

And I’m really thankful about it.

ID #63173

Name: Lily
Age: 15
Country: USA

My name is Lily I’m a 15 year old from Northern California (USA) and am looking for loads of pen pals for a project.
At my school, by the time we graduate we are supposed to compose a project, mine being this: I want to have a few pen pals from each continent, all teenage girls who have a different lives than me. I then want to get to know them via letters or maybe some online communication over the next few years and by the time I graduate from school, have my project centered around all of my pen pals first hand experiences of what it’s like to be a young woman all around the globe.
Want to be a part of it? Hit me up!
1. Be a kickass young woman from anywhere
2. That’s it!
Thanks all!

Preferences: Must be female and under 18!

Real talk guys, this Samhain has got me really excited. This is the first year Ill be able to perform witchcraft freely and openly on Samhain.

So Ive just gotten back from the store with all the supplies Ill need and Ive planned everything magical that Im doing tonight.

Some self readings with my tarot, maybe some spirit communication with my tarot.

“A spell for cutting off toxic friends and making amazing friends” a spell I reblogged a day or two ago

And I have 3 apples Im going to bury at some of the many crossroads on campus for passing spirits.