maybe some awareness but that's it

alright food fuckers, I’d like to direct your attention to quite possibly the strangest piece of official sp merch

the fucking coloring book

this shit only got one printing and was sold at a single chain of theaters upon release

ok but there’s some ridiculous shit in here like

brenda ain’t having none of your bullshit today son

a fucking wordsearch

save him

the answer is fucking “eat me”


there’s even an entire fucking page with mostly accurate lyrics to the great beyond

below the cut are the rest of the pages, most of which consist of shots from the orgy along with some character pages and a few more connect the dots

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Okay, first of all Oobleck is my man-child and I love him but there is something thats been bugging me and it is this-

I realize theres some weirdness with Zwei (or just cartoon shenanigans and maybe Im reading too far into this) with him being mailed in a tube with 50 cans of dog food but how/why is Bartholomew aware of this? In this scene one of three things is happening

1-He somehow Taiyang well enough to know either this dog personally or at least know the family well enough that he knows that this dog isn’t normal and would not just survive this but actually be able to turn into a cometcorgi

2-In the RWBY verse we are to accept that this is normal for dogs to be able to do

3- Dr.Oobleck was 500% ready to murder a dog this day.

And on a related note I am very disapoint how may people here are using Professor Oobleck as the tag.

Its Doctor.

anonymous asked:

You know what fucks me up? Realizing how much of the shit we see here come from friends. I mean it's terrible when it comes from relatives too but you dont chose your family. Friends tho, they are supposed to like each other company, respect and understand each other. Thats no judgment but more like a self awareness thing -- like, maybe I should really get some distance from the "friends" who say this to me too, they are not cool people if they keep hurting me.

It’s awful, and it’s so, so sad to see how many people are hurt like this, and how many people can relate to the original submitter! Our activity page is unnavigable, there’s just… Too many notes. And that’s so, so sad. 

I really hope everyone who submits here ends up in a better place, away from the people who’ve said this to them. A massive amount of submissions are things people’s friends or significant others have said to them, and that’s… As I said before, really sad. 

Friends that hurt you… I could say they’re not really your friends, really. Perhaps… Just… People that you talk to, perhaps people that are close to you. But it’s your choice whether to count them as friends or not. Toxic friends, though, good friends don’t hurt you, or, if they do, they correct their mistake to the best of their ability. 

I saw a while ago… Hurting vs harming. Hurting is accidental, and you feel bad for it, you try to correct your mistake. Harming is malicious, and by harming you’re doing something wrong. If you’ve hurt someone, you didn’t mean to, perhaps it wasn’t even your fault, you didn’t know. If you’ve harmed someone, perhaps it was intentional, or perhaps you just didn’t care, either way, it was a shitty thing to do. 
I’d say in these situations it’s important to distinguish which it was, and whether they’re willing to make up for it. Because even if it wasn’t intentional? You have to be willing to correct your mistake, or it becomes harming, not hurting.

Ah, I’m rambling. Stay safe, anon, I hope you can get away from your toxic friends. The same applies to everyone else too.

-Mod Rhys

Ok so I got challenged to do the ALS ice bucket challenge (BLAAAAAAKE!), so now that’s officially gonna be my next video lol

I actually want to do a little research into it first, though, and talk a bit about ALS before I get soaked, do you think that’s a good idea? I mean I’m not an expert, but maybe I can spread some basic education about it to the best of my ability. The challenge is about spreading awareness right?

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I have a crush on my friend and i think? She might know and idk and i don't know what to do? Can you please give me advice?

oh jeez, hi anon! i dont know if im the person to be answering something like this but if you trust me enough i can give it a shot, 

ok! so thats exciting!! crushes can be alot of fun but i understand why you may be worried, theres not much you can do if she knows i guess, do you want her to? theres always the chance she likes you back. and, even if she doesnt thats ok! if shes your friend and aware of this crush she wouldnt push you away for it. maybe you could ask her to hang out more! spend some time together. whatever you do, dont stress yourself out. shes your friend remember. ::( im sorry i cant offer you much help, i dont really know the details and stuff,, and i cant say im a professional in love, ya know?? ^^’ but i hope this maybe put your mind at ease a lil.

i feel like theres been so much death happening everywhere and maybe im just becoming more aware of it but as much as i often want to die im a bit scared to not exist

and i guess i just really really hope theres an afterlife thats better than this

bc yknow all good people deserve a good afterlife

but especially the ones who died young, the ones who never got a good life regardless of their age

i would love to have an afterlife where im not plagued by mental illness, i want to be able to enjoy a great afterlife to make up for some of the shitty cards i got dealt (dont get me wrong, in a lot of ways i come from a place of privilege but im a little fucking tired of the bpd ruining my life)

im afraid to have lived my life being miserable 80% of the time because of mental illness only for there to be nothing after death to make up for it, i dont want to not exist without a good shot at existing happily, i want all good people to have a shot at having a happy existence even if life is shit now, i want everyone to get that good fulfilling afterlife

i dont want my existence to fade away having experienced predominantly sadness

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---I know people love M&F together. I still find the relationship strange. I can't put my finger on it. How do you date someone that has also dated/been with some of your closes friends you have. I heard the relationship was on/off type, maybe because of other women? If so why go back to that.--- how about because she's meryl? thats answer enough. same for mnm. it's ridiculous that people cant let go wanting an explanation for everything that they're not owed for.

If you recall, during the period we are talking about, M/M were both for keeping everything hush, hush.  We had the paps and pictures from fans so we were pretty much aware of what was happening, even though M/M both denied it.