maybe some awareness but that's it

Okay, first of all Oobleck is my man-child and I love him but there is something thats been bugging me and it is this-

I realize theres some weirdness with Zwei (or just cartoon shenanigans and maybe Im reading too far into this) with him being mailed in a tube with 50 cans of dog food but how/why is Bartholomew aware of this? In this scene one of three things is happening

1-He somehow Taiyang well enough to know either this dog personally or at least know the family well enough that he knows that this dog isn’t normal and would not just survive this but actually be able to turn into a cometcorgi

2-In the RWBY verse we are to accept that this is normal for dogs to be able to do

3- Dr.Oobleck was 500% ready to murder a dog this day.

And on a related note I am very disapoint how may people here are using Professor Oobleck as the tag.

Its Doctor.

alright food fuckers, I’d like to direct your attention to quite possibly the strangest piece of official sp merch

the fucking coloring book

this shit only got one printing and was sold at a single chain of theaters upon release

ok but there’s some ridiculous shit in here like

brenda ain’t having none of your bullshit today son

a fucking wordsearch

save him

the answer is fucking “eat me”


there’s even an entire fucking page with mostly accurate lyrics to the great beyond

below the cut are the rest of the pages, most of which consist of shots from the orgy along with some character pages and a few more connect the dots

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Thoughts on: Harry’s Twitter

UO: I think he is the one writing these staid, boring tweets, 

Here’s my thought process:

- They are VERY staged - almost as if (and bear with me) Harry is imitating a social media manager imitating Harry.

- I don’t think a social media manager (SMM) hired to look after Harry Styles TM’s account, a multibillion dollar account, would be so new to the game as to be so obvious. Maybe I’m giving them too much credit, but I don’t think I am. 

- The other boys, including Louis, have had an increased presence on twitter lately. Some have theorised that Harry is being punished/restricted, I’m not sure that’s it.  

- There is no way 1DHQ isn’t aware of this fandom’s skepticism towards the boys’ twitter accounts. Especially after that fuck up a few months ago with Niall’s twitter and promo. 

- I believe the increase in the boys’ access to twitter (still with SMM responsible for approval/publishing) is an attempt to counter this skepticism. 

- Harry’s twitter has been publishing regularly, but the language of all tweets tends to be stilted, formal, and repetitive. It has also been regular, but not really responsive. 

- Harry has followed people on his twitter.

My conclusion: 

Harry is the one tweeting. He has access. He prefers to communicate in person, at the concerts, where we hear him speak. If he didn’t use this access, SMM would tweet for him. Harry tweets the bare minimum amount to minimise the need for SMM to step in and tweet for him. Harry is skilled with language (he’s a songwriter, ffs). Harry uses repetitive language in his tweets as either a way of mocking or exposing the ‘fakeness’ of his twitter persona, or to draw attention to the fact that his twitter seems staged. 

This is where I’m at currently, and a lot of this is just connecting disparate ideas, thoughts and observations I’ve been having/making about Harry’s public persona. Will update as things develop. 

Ok so I got challenged to do the ALS ice bucket challenge (BLAAAAAAKE!), so now that’s officially gonna be my next video lol

I actually want to do a little research into it first, though, and talk a bit about ALS before I get soaked, do you think that’s a good idea? I mean I’m not an expert, but maybe I can spread some basic education about it to the best of my ability. The challenge is about spreading awareness right?