maybe some awareness but that's it

alright food fuckers, I’d like to direct your attention to quite possibly the strangest piece of official sp merch

the fucking coloring book

this shit only got one printing and was sold at a single chain of theaters upon release

ok but there’s some ridiculous shit in here like

brenda ain’t having none of your bullshit today son

a fucking wordsearch

save him

the answer is fucking “eat me”


there’s even an entire fucking page with mostly accurate lyrics to the great beyond

below the cut are the rest of the pages, most of which consist of shots from the orgy along with some character pages and a few more connect the dots

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In the ask about if Victor would ask yuuri to dance/kissed him: "and he knew it" who? Victor? or Yuuri? Because tbh I was always confused a little about what was going thru Yuuris head during that time. He was supposedly antagonistic but there was something under the surface there and I'm still wondering if he was meant to be completely surprised by V kissing him then or on some level aware that's where it headed and maybe even purposefully leading it there?

You’ll see Viktor’s POV soon enough but in that line I was referring to Yuuri. He knew what he was doing, he knew what it implied, even if he couldn’t and didn’t admit it to himself. He spent the (very short) conversation deliberately antagonizing Viktor (“Your routine was very good today. It was worthy of second place.”) then starting to think sexually about him (Yuuri had to fight to stop himself from blushing a little because seeing Viktor in a waistcoat had brought back some rather vivid memories of the last time Yuuri had seen him that way, both in reality and in the privacy of his own dreaming mind) then walks out the door and specifically invites Viktor to come with him (he turned back to Viktor, raising an eyebrow. Daring him to follow). Yuuri’s in denial about why but he’s not an idiot and he knows on some level what it implies. Inviting someone to go somewhere private after that was either going to be for a fight or a fuck and it’s why he’s not surprised when Viktor kisses him (this thing between them was just another power play, their mutual frustrations at each other final reaching its breaking point. It could have ended in a fight but instead it ended in this ). In fact, he actually encourages it (Yuuri knew in that moment that he was about do something very reckless and very, very stupid. He tilted his glass up in a mocking toast, a toast to his own victory over the other man. He knew the smile on his face was far from kind and there was the glint of a challenge in his eyes, bright and fierce).

So yes, in the first incident Yuuri is the main instigator, not Viktor. He denies it in his own mind but if you read between the lines you can see exactly what was really going on. 

All the reasons to force.

Me: *sigh* Nobody cares about anything I do! Why should I ever bother?

Tulpa: You know, forcing might solve that problem for you.

Me: I really wish I had someone to talk to throughout the day so I don’t get that weird brain fog and emotional-ness that comes from being alone.

Tulpa: *coughing* foRCE *cough*

Me: I always do better on my homework when there’s someone around me, watching me…I feel like I have to do good then, most of the time.

Tulpa: Perhaps…maybe…just maybe…forcing might help…with that…

Me: I don’t believe my positive thoughts unless someone else backs them up! They don’t seem “real” unless they’re confirmed by another person!

Tulpa: *trying to violently shake me* FORCE YOU DICKWAD F O R C E

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I have a problem. Every time I think I have found a way out of this hiddlemorass I tumbled into some time ago, you nail the perfect phrase to excuse/describe him. Example: Tom does something obviously daft, whilst preening. Me: Phew, maybe that's the turning point and I will get my life back. You: aww the ludicrous popinjay. Me: yes! It's actually adorable. Not sure if I want you to stop or not 😉


I’m sorry.

And you’re welcome.

And I feel your pain.

Isn’t he just infuriating.  This latest Emergency Lessons video.  I mean really. REALLY????

Originally posted by tomhiddleston-gifs

He’s all “Oh, look at me, la-dee-da, Savior Tom, raising awareness about poverty *bows in the direction of Buckingham Palace* and hunger *eats another package of Hobnobs* and illiteracy *buys 734th volume of Shakespeare*  VIA MAKING PORN IN FRONT OF MY BOOKSHELVES COMPLETE WITH WHORE HAIR AND WHISKERS AND UNBUTTONED CLOTHING!”


Ludicrous Popinjay. 

I know how the scene in the elevator (or whatever that is) between Bucky and Steve, when they get to the bunker in Siberia, looks like a wasted kiss opportunity, but let’s think about this: they were entering the place where Bucky was kept and tortured for decades. And in that scene, in that moment, you kind of see that. You see that he is aware of this and fuck, how hard do you think that was for him?

But he looks at Steve, maybe searching for some kind of comfort, or strength, and the tiny, reassuring nod he gets from him is enough. They are together and everything is okay.

A lil’ somethin’ about the hug and butthurts..

first of all.. why am i seeing lots of people said shitz about that chanbaek hug..?

like seriously..? actually i don’t want to write this, but the amount of sh*tz i saw on Chanbaek tag are just ridiculous.. 


they hugged.. and we shippers are happy for it since its maybe the realest, closest contact/skinship chanbaek had for i don’t know, few years..!?

look guys.. we shippers, well most of us like chanbaek not as brothers.. many of us see chanbaek as two guys liking each other romantically.. you can see them whatever you want but thats what we see them as.. 

so can you understands why we are so happy when they hugged..? yes Chanbaek do aware of their ship’s popularity, with the amount of chanbaek banners in the venue also might be the catalyst for Sehun to decided to do it, and that hug could just be some fanservice arranged by them themselves..

but what makes us so excited and going all nuts about is how genuine Chanbaek’s and the members’ reactions are towards that 3 seconds hug..

Don’t tell me that smile on Baekhyun’s face is fake.. no ONE can fake THAT kind of smile.. i bet Baekkie are just being mischievous because Chanyeol is freaking out and shy because like i said, this is probably their first ever REAL hug on stage or on public..! 

idk what else do you want.. i know that i don’t know chanbaek.. i don’t know exo or close with them, i’m a total stranger, but i’m someone who loves exo.. when you love someone or something, you know them up and down.. mostly.. and i think i can read my chanbaek based on what i saw these past years.. what i closely see..  

tbh, i didn’t read that 5 paragraph analysis in weibo(?) about that hug, but based on what i saw, Chanbaek liked it.. and the members reactions, confirmed it.. 

Chen - their best friend - his reactions are also very fishy..

how suho and chen dropped from their supposed frozen state after they saw what Sehun want to do with Chanbaek.. and Chen’s smiles after that are just weird to me.. 

don’t make me pointed out kyungsoo’s reaction.. 

gifs cr: @awkwardmickey 

if you guys know me you know that i call Kyungsoo, Chanbaek guardian angel or kyungsoo as someone who definitely knows something about chanbaek.. whether chanbaek is real or not, kyungsoo definitely knows something.. look at kyungsoo.. he looks so happy after the hug tho. what is that..!? if chanyeol hates it, and kyungsoo knows Chanyeol hates it, i bet he won’t make such approving face and smile.. 

another thing..

the awkwardness.. 

aigoo.. guys..! 

chanbaek never hug on stage before.. like real hug..! and tbh, i dont sense any awkwardness in that hug.. what i sensed..? shyness.. both of them are embarrassed.. thats why the hug come out a little bit weird looking.. but thats not awkwardness.. Baekhyun’s face are not showing any awkwardness or un-comfortableness.. chanyeol also are smiling so widely and they even teasing each other during that hug..

i bet all of you aware that, to avoid doing what Sehun always made his victims do, fake kiss, Chanbaek use their height difference.. Chanyeol tiptoe-ing while Baekhyun lower his head.. but do you realize..? when the hug are about to happen, when Sehun pushes both of their bodies together, chanyeol drop his tiptoe and Baekhyun tiptoe instead..! 

most of you said that Baekkie open his hat so that it wont hit chanyeol’s face, right..? if he don’t want it to hit chanyeol’s face, why the heck did he tip-toed..!!!!!? he did it so that he can put his arm around Chanyeol’s shoulder/neck.. did you ever think it like that.? at all..? look at Chanbaek’s perspective.. 

ok guys.. thats all form me.. hahahaha.. i don’t understands all the hates and names and shades thrown at us Firelights regarding our reactions towards this hug.. you guys, non-Firelights have no idea how precious this moment is to us.. how long we’ve been waiting for chanbaek to atleast make an obvious fanservice together as chanbaek.. they are very popular.. Firelights is a very big family.. i always say to myself, i don’t mind even if the moment look obviously like fanservice, just please do something for us.. 

there are a lot of moments other ships has.. they hugs, kisses, teases, skinships, many more.. but chanbaek? they claimed that they are bestfriend.. the members talked about how loud and active they are when they are together.. but they dont show that to us.. we Firelights who are craving for something from them.. 

so please understands our feelings.. we got enough hates just being a Firelight.. just liking chanbaek.. why? yes because we take Chanbaek seriously.. we don’t ship chanbaek for mere reasons but for real chanbaek..  i don’t and i won’t touch about their sexuality, sexual orientations and their sexual status, because i know many people will backlash me with many other shetz regarding that.. for us, we see love in chanbaek.. thats it.. thats the only reasons we love them so much.. 


p/s: see? this is why i don’t want to make any post about my thought on that hug moment.. haishhh.. i always ended up with long ass post and emotional closing.. sigh.. aigoo.. please guys.. this is MY OPINION.. so like i always said in all of my posts, if you agree, then cool.. if you don’t, also cool.. but i don’t need your hates, your rant and your BS in my inbox or my chat.. my blog is mine and i post chanbaek.. so yeah..

have a good night  Firelights.. <3 you yall my family ^^

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I have fic request kind of if that's alright? it's kinda specific oops. all other avengers are trapped but they didn't take Natasha in (she got away, they weren't aware that she was important enough to go out after) and clint can't stop laughing when he realises this and the others are like 'hi hello clint yes this is a life or death situation' and then boom bamf Natasha comes in yadda yadda they are saved. mayb some Natasha whump? ur fics are amazing & so r u, and I hope you are well x

THANK YOU and I LOVE IT here we go. :D


“Where’s Nat?” Clint slurs immediately upon opening his eyes. It’s Stark instead of Natasha leaning over him. Stark’s lap his head is pillowed on, denim rough against the nape of his neck instead of smooth leather. Stark, cheeks pale and eyes shadowed with worry, instead of Natasha’s customary smirk and smartass comments.

He pushes himself up, or tries to, but Sam leans into his field of vision and puts a hand on his shoulder, guiding him slowly up to sit.

“Easy, man,” he says. At least, that’s what Clint thinks he says, because he can’t hear and his brain doesn’t grind into action quickly enough to lip read. Tony presses one of his hearing aides into his hand.

“Still working on the other one,” Tony says apologetically, once Clint’s got it turned on and fitted into place. The other half of the pair is in three pieces on the floor, surrounded by a set of the tiniest screwdrivers he’s ever seen.

“Where’s Natasha?” he asks again. Sam sighs and looks to Tony, who grimaces and looks a little sick. Panic kindles in his chest, beings to build to a crescendo. They always take Natasha first, interrogate her first, give her the first round of experimental drugs, because every villain seems to know the Black Widow’s history and thinks she’ll be easy to break. 

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admin // net page // application 

here we go.. get ready for the kitty collector net

if you’re obsessed with neko atsume and want some friends who are also obsessed wtih kitty collecting then this is the place for u

perks of joining:

  • a chill chat with lots of cool folks
  • skype calls! maybe streams? movie nights??  aaa?
  • lots of folks to spam with cat pics
  • lots of headcanons.. lots of crying over cats

how to join:

  • gotta be followin me aa : O
  • fill out the application! (link)
  • u have to be ok with sharing ur skype
  • reblog this post!
  • u can’t be transphobic/homophobic/racist/sexist etc
  • no truscum/transmedicalists

& thats it! i’ll contact the ppl who get in on skype + then i’ll announce the members later on. be aware this might take a few days depending on the response. gd luck everyone? aaa

OMGCP conspiracy theory

Exhibit A: Georgia Martin

We all love George, the assistant GM who recruited everyone’s favourite quebecois robo gay to the Falconers. Exhibit A needs very little analysis. George exists, her last name is Martin, she works for the Falconers. Those are the parts that are important to this theory (and also, like, encompass most of what we actually know about her so far, but I digress). So remember that as we move on.

Exhibit B: “”””Marty””””

Referred to only as Marty in comic, he’s a quebecois-speaking gentleman who plays for the Falconers, eats breakfast with his BFFs Guy and Thirdy every morning, and is probably due for retirement soon (sports retirement, though, so like idk, between 30 and 40?). Again that’s pretty much all we know about him so far. EXCEPT for one panel in Home Opener, when we get a glimpse of the back of his jersey, revealing that his last name ends with -tin. Seeing as his hockey nickname is Marty, it’s not much of a leap to assume his last name is Martin.

Which leads to the conspiracy: GEORGIA + MARTY = MARRIED???

like ok bare with me. i’m not saying for sure. i have two or three alternate explanations: one is that ngozi overlooked one character when naming the other, leading to two characters sharing a last name with no authorial intent behind it. Closely related is that ngozi named them both Martin, well aware of the fact, but still not intending them to have a relation. However, having two characters aligned with the same group share a surname doesn’t leave much chance for it being a coincidence; not in a work of fiction, at least. authorial intent motherfucker

The last alternate explanation is a non-marriage family relation. There isn’t much of a family resemblance between these two (and that’s notable in a comic that’s so big on dominant family inheritance between related characters; just compare bitty to his mother or jack to his father, seriously) so it could potentially be a step-family or adoption situation. But like… in the event that they have a sibling relationship or something, the idea that the two of them grew up to both work for the same NHL team in some capacity… is that farfetched?? idk man, i dont watch irl hockey. i am vaguely aware of two people named jamie and jordie benn, but i don’t know what that situation is, so idk maybe it’s not as weird as i think. either way my money is on george + marty meeting through hockey and getting married because THATS CUTE. dont look at me

Counterargument: neither of them wear rings

when we see george and marty’s left hands in the comic there is a consistent lack of rings on either of them, which lends more weight to them being. you know. not married. however not all married couples wear rings, for various reasons (i know i wouldn’t be able to if i got married due to my sensory issues wrt rings). and since george/marty would be a Sports Couple it doesn’t seem that weird that they wouldn’t regularly wear their wedding rings.

so there’s my argument but idk man, i noticed this while writing fanfiction and promptly went on a crusade at literally midnight to compile this and post it, even im not totally convinced it’s more than a coincidence. judge for urselves and if it turns out i’m wrong you can all laugh at me, go ahead, but if im right i have proof that I FUCKING NOTICED THIS ok that’s all. im really tired now. good night.

in conclusion:

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Honestly I'm not sure what to think of Yolanda. She keeps going back and forth. And like you the OT4 house boggles my mind. I still personally don't think it's just Liam's. I'm more leaning towards that it's an OT4 house. Like maybe they all like it when they rented it and decided to buy it together. And maybe they all stay there some or take turns and that's why we haven't seen much of it. But honestly who knows. I'm just going to know it exists and that's it.

I think Yolanda, like me, is a bit confused. There’s no denying that having two houses at that price point within 20 miles of each other is highly unusual, so she’s assuming there must be a logical explanation that she’s not aware of - like maybe it really is Liam’s. Even though she was repeatedly assured that it is not.

I also think Yolanda has been checking out some of the various theories abounding in the fandom and is just holding her tongue on what she really thinks and possibly what she really knows.

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so theres this post floating around that goes something like "tell him you're excited to share his last name and then marry his brother" and i couldn't help but think of the matsus- so how would they react to one of their brothers marrying/proposing to their longtime crush (that's not aware of their feelings)

Ohhh noo

Osomatsu would be so torn up about it. His brother knew that he liked them, and yet he still proposed! Was this some sort of twisted revenge scheme?

Karamatsu was definitely emotional. Don’t get him wrong; he was happy for his brother, but this was the ultimate asshole move. He was convinced this was because his brother was jealous of him.

Choromatsu got a little angry. Maybe more than a little. To his chagrin, he couldn’t do anything about it, so he became a little reclusive and yelled at his brothers a lot.

Ichimatsu was definitely convinced that his brother was the trashiest of them all. Sure, he didn’t make his feelings apparent, and he was probably the only one who knew, but still! What the hell?

Jyushimatsu didn’t understand. He was confused, really. His brother knew he liked them, right? So why would he do something like that? The urge to smother his brother in his sleep was strong.

Todomatsu immediately formed somewhat of a vendetta against his brother. He tried to sabotage the wedding or their relationship, pretending to be none the wiser to their troubles.

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You know, about that post of Liam finding someone who likes him for him, people don't see that sophiam doesn't make any sense. Their friend said exactly how she never liked him when they were in school and now that he's rich an famous she's interested? That's exactly they kind of person he wasn't looking around for. I'm so glad he found Zayn. I'm gal they found each other.

I agree nonnie. And I feel people totally misjudge Liam as some dumb jock bro dude type. But I think he’s intelligent and aware. Of course he’s not gonna hook up with someone who never bothered with him back in the day. Of. Course. Not. How many people would? Nobody in their right mind would relationship with someone who came at you under such sketchy circumstances. Maybe you’d hit it and quit it. Or lead them on for a bit, if you felt like exacting some kind of revenge. But the trust wouldn’t be there. 

It wouldn’t matter if Sophia had mad game. You can’t build a relationship on a foundation of suspicion. Point blank period. End of. Of course that’s incredibly difficult for this fandom to grasp, as are all the inconvenient truths that come with 1D. 1DHQ knows how trick people. And we’ve been tricked a lot more than any of us cares to admit. Sure, they make a lot of dumb and obvious mistakes. But they’re fucking relentless, though. There’s 100 different shady things going on with 1D at any given time and we’re lucky if we figure out half of them. Sophiam is a textbook example.