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Swallowing my pride

Hey, so I told myself I wasn’t going to do this no matter what, but I’m kind of out of choices right now. Hi! I’m Niks, if you don’t know me. I’m a 23 year old GNC lesbian living with my girlfriend, and we are both disabled. I’m the provider of the primary income, but due to a slew of badly timed recent events, we’re in a tough place right now. This is us! I am the one doing a Blep.

I’m the primary provider for our income, working at a car manufacturing plant full time on night shift, but I only get paid biweekly. Normally it’s not so bad, but my car had to go to the body shop recently and as soon as I shelled out to get it back, Rent was due! I had enough to cover rent, but I have 1.96 in my bank account now and unfortunately I’ve already gone about two and a half weeks without the medication I need to function on a day to day level. It’s going to be the 13th when I get paid again.

My psych meds I can live without for the time being, I found an old perscription still completely full and the time between now and when I get paid is not enough for the allergic reaction to set in, so that’s going to be okay, but the one that helps me to stay awake, think clearly, and do things like drive the 12 miles to work both ways and get my job done are the ones I don’t have! I would tough this out but after taking 4 caffeine pills last night (equal to 8 cups of coffee) and still getting in trouble for my disease and being told that it has to stop, I’m desperate. 

I added a ko-fi link to my about page. I’m really desperate here, we don’t have money to buy groceries, put gas in the car, or afford medication. for a quick tldr?? omg. I’m sorry to ask this but if anyone has anything they can spare to help me out, I really might cry. Like a lot. 

I know that due to the impairment of my executive functioning and my mental illness, I’m not capable of doing art even for myself anymore let alone commission, but this is a route that i can try too if it comes to it? maybe thank you drawings?? I’m really seriously in a jam and every little bit helps. The email for my paypal is if anyone wants to donate directly there

Help us look like this again!


hey guys! so this year I’ve got a LOT of stuff I need to save up for - mostly transition stuff! right now I’m trying to scrounge up some money to afford the name/gender change stuff I need and also any possible prescription costs and doctors fees! ALLLL that good stuff, and commissions are my only source of income currently!

PayPal only!!

  • For inquiries PLEASE email me!! My email is !
  • I’m fine drawing most things (fanart, ocs, etc) so just ask me and I’ll let you know!
  • The prices up there are more of an estimate/example, price will depend on what you want exactly (full body, bust, with a bg, etc)
  • It’s +%50 of the total price per extra character
  • I try to be fast with these but I’m struggling with some things right now and also I’m not really very fast at all, so I can only ask for a little bit of patience! (BUT feel free to check in on progress/I will send progress shots!)

I don’t have much else to say other than im always grateful for likes and reblogs  and if youre maybe feeling a little generous I do have a donate button on my blog or my paypal email is also and anything would be super super appreciated and would help a lot… y_y;; and that’s all I got, thank you ahead of time y’all!

hey guys i’d really appreciate it if you’d commission me or maybe if you don’t like my art i could make you a spotify playlist or a mix on 8tracks? my boss gave me an extra day off this week out of nowhere so my check is gonna be smaller and there’s stuff i need to get this sunday so i’d really appreciate a little bit of help if you can manage. my paypal is (it’s listed differently on my commission post but both work i think) so if you’d like to donate a little but my commissions are too pricey for you that works as well. you can pm me if you’re interested in a commission

Papa wants a PS4

No sob story, I’m opening commissions because I wanna buy a PS4 but I’m a bit short…

If you wanna help a brother out, how about commissioning me!?

Sketch / basic lines - $10

Colored, no background - $30

Best coloring, full background - $50

I’m happy to draw pretty much anything as long as it’s legal. If you want me to draw your OCs try to give me a few ref pics if you have them, or a very thorough description (I won’t draw more than one “attempt”).

THANKS GUISE. Maybe signal boost if you don’t wanna get one, every little bit gets me closer to playstation heaven…

EDIT: You can send an ask or email me, either is fine! Email is

Carmilla Secret Santa

Alright because I’m a little crazy and @carmilla-feels-hq isn’t doing a Secret Santa this year due to a lack of time, I’ll do my own little one for kicks. 

What is it?

  • A chance to make a new friend and give and receive a little love because this time of year can be a rough time for everyone. 
  • Not a ‘Christmas’ event. Non-denominational fun for all. It’s just the name of these sort of things

How do I get involved?

  • Simply go and enter your URL here by December 7th (because I got started late)
  • Starting on December 2nd, send me a message for your secret santa assignment

What do I have to do?

  • Make sure your ask box is open and that anon is turned on from December 2nd.
  • From December 2nd to the 25th,  give some Secret Santa love to your person via their ask box (or submit when you’re not logged on), on anon, as often as you can manage. Send them headcanons, ficlets, chat to them, whatever.
  • Sign off on everything as their Secret Santa
  • If you feel so inclined I totally encourage you to make your person a gift. A fic, a fanart, a fanmix, a video, a graphic, anything you like, and submit it to them/post it with them tagged on or around December 25th, at which point you can reveal who you are.

Hopefully by Christmas everyone is a little bit happier and has a new friend or maybe even a gift! :D

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Yoo! Due to a few financial crunches recently, I’ve got a few commissions going! This time I kind of want to keep the commishes a bit simplistic and easy to get out to you all! Presently, however, I think I’m going to want at least 10 of these commissions to crank out!

Some of these prices may vary, but the ballpark listings are there. So feel free to shoot me a Note (though preferably an email to to better keep track of all the information)!

I need help... Please Signal boost ...

Hello everyone … So… I never wanted to do this, and I feel very awkward about it…because I tought that I could manage everything by myself, but I really need help…

A few years ago, I had to stop going to college because I couldn’t afford it anymore, and I also had very bad health problems, and was clinically depressed… I had so many debts that I tought about dying several times…
I had to go back to living with my mom, but she doesen’t have enough money to be able to support me, and I get a little money from the state but it’s not nearlt enough and I can’t find a job cause I didn’t finish university…

I finally managed to pay my debts a few years ago and I tought everything was fine but then some things happend (that I can explain in private if needed of course) but now I’m having new debts again…

I have doctors appointments to pay, insurance, bills.. SO MANY THINGS… and it has accumulated so much that now I don’t know what to do anymore… I am so frightened and so unwell… I’m really distraught and I really need help… please..

I’m hitting rock bottom and the resson I am asking help is that I need money.

I don’t know how to ask this, I feel very ashamed about asking this but I don’t know what to do anymore and I wanted to ask for help because I have seen some people get help thanks to tumblr before.

I am truly begging for a miracle…

I need to put 500€ in my bank account so that I can cover my debts and then I’ll be totally alright and everything is going to be fine and I won’t have any money problems anymore…If I don’t pay by the 25th… I’ll never be able to ever have a bank account and I’ll be in so much trouble that … I can’t even explain what’s it’s going to do… But It will ruin my life…
I can explain privately what’s going on, and I can give you proof of what I am saying if you send me a private message .

If you can help me by donating just a little bit, even 1€ could help me…And also please signal boost this, I will be SO GRATEFUL !!

I can do emergency commisions as simple sketches if you want, and I can sell my products, and send you guys some gifts if you want, anything, really, but if you can help me, with just a little bit or at least reblog this …. Please do.

I am grateful that you took the time to read this, and maybe help?

My Paypal adress is

I will keep you updated .Thank you guys. Thank you so much.

Commissions, yay!

Okay, so those of you who know me know how much I hate making these kinds of posts, but my ass is in a jam again and work is hard to come by these days so here goes. I’m officially opening up commissions for things! I’m gonna do this kind of like a Fiverr gig thing if anyone knows what those are, except since Fiverr is a pain in my ass I’m just gonna do it through tumblr. 

An abbreviated list of things I will do for five (5) US dollars:

  • Record a personalized cover of your favorite song!
  • Write a poem/fic/short story about a topic/character you love!
  • Customize a theme for your blog! 
  • Assist you in locating (and understanding, if need be) resources for any subject!
  • Proofread/edit for grammar/critique your writing!
  • Draw pencil sketches/doodles of your favorite character (like the one I drew for my icon)!

If you need/want any of these things (or anything else that’s simple and you’re willing to pay $5 for), send me a message here on tumblr (that’s noxalnoesis) and let’s talk! Or if anyone’s feeling particularly generous and has money to throw my way, my paypal email is Examples of my work are available on request.


Okay so we’re at risk of losing the house.

My Mum is the only adult in the house working right now - my Dad is suffering from persistent depression and so he is unable to work, though he is getting help and should return to work soon. I myself have various physical and mental health problems that mean I cannot work right now though I may well have to work if the situation calls for it. 

Right now we have one week to go till our end of month payments come in - I am already £150 overdrawn thanks to bank charges, and circumstances beyond my control. All I ask is for that to be reduced by maybe £30 so it’s more controllable in the future, when my benefits come in.

Till then, we have no money and we have very little food in the house. If any of you can help by donating (the button is in my sidebar) then please do, because we really need the money. Money will be split between paying off my overdraft and going to buy a bit of food for us all. 

Thank you for reading. Please help if you can.


Reusing the same banner time and time again because I don’t have any better ideas for one.

Anyways! With school back in session I have less opportunities to pick up work shifts and I’m put on call (meaning I don’t get the hours I’m scheduled for) more often than not. I’m on the hunt for a second job that fits with my schedule but considering the limited options for that plus the fact that my cosplays aren’t selling I really just need more money for basic expenses (insurance, gas, health care/transition).

It’s been warm recently but autumn and winter are coming and I can make you cozy things for money! If you’re interested in a scarf or a hat or legwarmers or hey maybe even something more creative please check out my knitting commission information! Prices have gone up a little because knitting takes quite a bit of time and I try to get nicer materials now that I know how to use them better but I work very hard on your products!



Hello!  We’re planning a special…  October related project, and we need to cast a few people.  The script it currently in the works, but it would help if we knew how many people we could be working with.  What we need are the following:

  • Voice Actor for Doug Scowers - Any British Accent, young adult, masculine voice, should know how to pronounce or know some Spanish, should be a little bit of a joker, a little bit of a loudmouth but respectful of other cultures and knows when to keep his mouth shut.
  • Voice Actor for Micah Sasucasa - Any accent, able to speak some Spanish, masculine voice at any pitch, calm and collected, friendly sounding, 
  • Extras - Should be able to speak Spanish fluently or near-fluently, any pitch, feminine or masculine.

If you wish to audition as an extra, I would like you to think up, record, and send three sentences in Spanish to

For Doug Scowers, I’d like you to read out these three lines and send the recording to the same email above:

  • *serious tone*  Oi, Dustin, that’s rude.  These people have a rich culture, and we should be thankful they’re even letting us celebrate with them.
  • *friendly*  Hola Chico!  Como estas?  Nice seeing you again my friend!  I’d like you to meet my brother, mi hermano, Dustin!
  • *jokey* -hearty laughter-  Micah, me y tu, vamos a emborracharse mas tarde, okay?  

For Micah Sasucasa, these three lines to the same email above:

  • *asking*  Chico, limpia los cuartos, por favor.  Estamos teniendo invitados pronto.
  • *kindly*  Actually, Chico was about to bring some liquor to his village for a festival.  Maybe you and your brother would like to come along with him?
  • *somber*  If only Mariana were still here, she’d teach you a little bit more English.

Deadline for auditions are on October 18th!  Please, if you can’t audition, signal boost this for people you think would be interested!

Winner or Sinner?

Originally posted by a-winchester-by-choice

Will you be a winner, a sinner or maybe a little bit of both?!

I am 15 followers away from hitting 600.  So here’s what I want to do.   From now until I hit 600 followers, anyone who reblogs this post will be entered into a drawing.  if you want to reblog for signal boost but not be entered in the drawing, please tag your reblog signal boost.  You must be one of my followers to be entered into the drawing.  3 prizes will be drawn at random from those who qualify.  Below are the prizes up for grabs.

Winner: Custom Made Icon

Sinner: Personalized Drabble/One-Shot

Both: A Personalized Aesthetic with a Short Drabble

Once I hit 600 followers I will make another post to announce the winners.

Okay, now go spread the word.

Tagging a few who may be interested in signal boosting for me: @impala-dreamer@inmysparetime0@idreamofhazel@megansescape@frenchybell@mamaredd123@atc74@torn-and-frayed@ohmychuckitsdean@myfand0msandm0re@bkwrm523@notnaturalanahi@thegreatficmaster@waywardjoy@deathtonormalcy56@avasmommy224


Hey guys! I know its been forever, but Im still here! I promise! The summer is extremely busy for me (lots of alpaca stuff) so I wont be back here regularly for a while. But I still check my emails, so feel free to harass me here and Ill see it. 
Anyway my wonderful friend quitethevesselyoucaptainswan​ has brought something very important to my attention. One of our own needs our help, and I think this is something we all should pay attention to. I only recently started following @hooked-on-jello (i dont know why I cant tag her) on my regular blog but she has been nothing but sweet and kind. She is a beautiful person and soul and deserves the help we can give her. When I first read her story my heart broke. She doesnt deserve to deal with all these struggles and I wanted to do something for her. 

I cant share her story as well as her so Im linking it here but please read it. She needs help, and I think we are a great community to do that for her. She’s a Oncer and a CSer, and I know you all will do anything for a friend in need. So at the very least if you cant help financially, you should reblog her story so maybe someone else can. 

Another option for you all is this awesome offer from Val here. She is a talented artist with some awesome designs for sale. Proceeds will benefit Katie and I think its a great opportunity to help out a lovely person. 

I know you are all fantastic people and will at the very least reblog this, because I have seen first hand how you all come together. I actually just went back and reread some of Katie’s story and I am actually crying. I want to help, but I know I cant do much. Thats where you all can help me. I want you to read her story and if you can spare anything at all, please dont hesitate to help her. Every little bit helps. Or check out Val’s shop on Redbubble. Maybe you can purchase something to further help her. Or at least share her story, she deserves all the help we can give her. Shes a brave and strong person and I know we can do something for her.

Hey guys, I’m doing commissions! My reasoning why is under the readmore t the bottom of this post as it’s very long and whatnot. If you want to read it, please go on ahead. If not, the only thing I ask is that you please reblog this. I could really use the money right now, so if you can’t commission me, at least reblog it. I feel bad since I feel like I’m guilting you guys, but I need the help.

Below are a list of things I will not be drawing. I apologize in advance, I just either do not have the time or skill to do whatever is on the list below.
> Furries / Anthro *
> Mecha
> Porn
> Gore
> Anything extremely muscular. Like bara status. I’m bad at drawing muscles. I would need a lot more practice before I do that.
> backgrounds at all except for icons. It just requires a lot of work and I’m not getting paid enough for this.

* I cannot draw animals at all, honestly, but I might be able to do it with icons as they are smaller!! If you are interested and want your fursona or furry oc to be drawn, just send me a ref and I’ll sketch it out first before I accept any payment. I dont want you to pay for something you won’t like in the end.

I mostly just want to do waist-up pictures. If you want a full body, that’s not an issue! It will just cost $5 extra as it takes more time and effort for me.   If you want to add in another character, that will be another extra $5 dollars. I will not draw more than 2 characters in a picture, unless you just want standing silhouettes for references.

I do not have internet at home, so I will not be on very often. I only have a chance to log on when I can go to the office at my apartment complex or when I go to my boyfriend’s house. I’ll try to be on whenever I can, but if I don’t reply to you right away, this is probably why.

I tend to draw fast, so if you don’t get your art or at least a follow up within 2 weeks , I probably either have 19099932092109 people commissioning me or I can’t get online.

If you are interested, please contact me at via ask or fanmail so we can discuss the commission and payment as I don’t want my email to circulate around Tumblr.

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When you are in a fandom sooner or later you will create a character of your own for it.

Only trouble in a fandom is: OCs are worth nothing.

No matter how good their background story is developed, he/she always will get the “Mary Sue”-stamp right in the face from others. No matter how you change the look from the original, you will find it unappreaciated compared to a fanart that comes a dime a dozen.

I am not implying that fanarts are bad.
I like them a lot (especially TF2 fanart), but I want to say that there are also OCs out there, who are not created with the SFM or Garry’s Mod.
OCs who are created with a damn lot of heart blood, who were developed over months (maybe even years) and still are doomed to go down against the originals.

So please remember, that sometimes even OCs deserve a little bit of appreciation.

Thank you for reading

© Scout by Valve
© Cassidy by me