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Tbh if I ever become a famous author, I'mma fuck with people.

But, like, in a good way.

Like I’ll write fanfic under a fake name that spoils something important in the next installment or something and then when the actual book gets published people will be like “!!! YOU STOLE THAT!” and I’ll be like “aha TWAS I ALL ALONG.” I mean, I wouldn’t spoil the WHOLE story but maybe one side-character I like? Totally.

Also. Commissioning fanartists. Or like, yes that but ALSO ALSO. Drawing my own fanart and being like “You guys made me ship this tf.”

*gasp* Can I write my own AUs?

*double gasp* I probably wouldn’t be allowed to read fanfic of my stories until after I published it all first but I will SO ASK FOR RECS EARLY ON. Save that stuff up, man.

*starry eyes* what else? Gosh, I dunno all I know is I should probably never become a famous author because Things™ would be wacky. But it’s fun to daydream.

Another reason why I really get annoyed with *some* people complaining about LGBT+ fans saying there isn’t a fair amount of romances for them, is the fact that for MONTHS bioware was kinda joking about how much alien ass you could get in me:a. But guess what, if you’re mlm, there is none.

and that’s not even mentioning the absurd accusations that people who bring up what is a valid criticism are labelled as ‘babies’ ‘entitled’ and ‘just trying to be negative’

ok, i’ll bite:

if it’s time for other characters in the show to be developed aside from the four main characters (some of which are still lacking in owed development - cough cough - ruby rose), then how come everyone is only saying this in reference to jaune? ren, nora, and the members of the other teams exist, too. they are also side characters.

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rick, you’re still bleedin there buddy


Okay, we gonna lay some ground rules here. The mods are Mod Emy and Mod Kai. We will not accept NSFW asks. Now for some other things.

We’ll accept asks for a max of two characters for the moment. We are still learning how to do this kind of thing. Now for the AUs we’ll accept.

  • Undertale (of course)
  • UnderFell
  • UnderSwap
  • SwapFell

We can do imagines and such for main characters and maybe some of the side characters.

If you want to ask for a character outside of those, please include a link so we can learn a bit more about it. (As long as I can read up on it some, I would be willing to do it. ~Jay)

Also, another note from Jay- If you link a song it will likely influence the response to the ask if I’m answering it. So keep that in mind if you want to have some fun.

anonymous asked:

I see Ikuya and Asahi, but where's Nao and Natsuya? (I hope that we get to see the two as maybe side characters because I want to know what happened to them after Starting Days...)

Well, so far, only Ikuya and Asahi were shown in the trailer. I’m also looking forward to seeing Natsuya and Nao as teens. They’re 2 years older than the gang so maybe I can assume that they’re already in College or something? 

I really want to know more about them because honestly, I just realized how hard it was to write fics for them. They barely had any appearance in the movie, after all ^^;

Please be aware that Katniss Everdeen in the films is absolutely a white savior. She might have better development and is better written than most, but still falls into that category. It’s still a white person who is “inspiring” people in the poorer districts, most of which are brown and black, into rioting and rebelling against a predominantly white, oppressive, militarized society. 

Please also be aware that if a woman of color had played Katniss in the movies instead, the themes of racial oppression and revolution would have been stressed and emphasized more than ever. Which is probably why they went with Jennifer Lawrence instead of someone like Devery Jacobs or Q’Orianka Kilcher. 

Please also be aware that, while these movies are pretty damn good, I can’t help but notice how overthrowing your government to save the poor and abused brown people is only okay if the heroes are all white as well (Haymitch, Gale, Peeta, Prim, Johanna, Finnick) and maybe have a few side characters of color that make an appearance from time to time. Because now you don’t have to worry about “white guilt.” Because in this narrative, it doesn’t require Katniss to actually observe her own people and her own privilege and stand against a government that benefited her because what they’re doing is wrong. Instead, Katniss is the one who gets the shit end of the deal and it makes more sense to rebel in self defense rather than actually critically analyze where you stand in situations like this and still choose to do the right thing (like Cinna or even Plutarch, for example). 

Just figured I’d throw that out there in light of a recent post I made about white saviors. 

One of my favorite things about The Librarians is it’s complex, dynamic characters. But we’re on Season 2 and I still can’t shake the feeling half the time that Ezekiel isn’t really even a main character. I mean, yeah he’s there for all the adventures and whatnot, and he has his moments in the spotlight, but this far in and he still isn’t presented as much more than the overly egotistical, self-centered, arrogant thief. Ezekiel has been my favorite character since before episode one even aired because I loved the idea of how much potential for character development and a deep backstory his character presents. Up to this point we’ve learned more and more about every other main character, and yet for Ezekiel the “biggest” secret/detail we’ve learned is that he briefly “stole for the government.” Aside from this and the fact that he would’ve been like 15 when he got his invitation to the library, we haven’t really learned much about him.

I just wish we could get more. Every time a new episode airs I find myself hoping it’ll be Ezekiel-centric, or even that we could get some minor details about him, or see a little bit more character development. I realize his personality is the type that will definitely take some time to develop further, but I feel like compared to the others (especially Cassandra and Jake) I just feel like he gets pushed to the side. 

I just really want to see more Ezekiel, hahaha. I mean, I still can’t get over the fact that when Ezekiel held the apple he was “already the worse version of himself.” I just feel like that suggests so much more about his character/personality/history and the writers need to hurry up and give me more.


Three more jojo stickers based off of this wonderful post

Part 1-3 can be found here

Part of me isn’t crazy shocked Tumblr is legit angry about the Amanda/Milo thing yet i also am because i thought they were joking around when they bashed it. (Some people are joking when they bash forced “Het” ships, while others are actually serious as if it’s the sexuality that’s the problem and not the writing,  a mindset that has it’s own bad implications)

I think in the context of the episode, it’s rather cute from Milo’s reactions to her to him going out of his way to help her. Ir’s also kept in the show’s usual silly humor, so it’s not like an out of left field dramatic turn.

As long as they don’t go too far with it like some shows do, I’m cool. And lt’s be honest, Milo.Zack was not gonna happen because Disney won’t do that main the main character. Maybe side characters or one offs but not the leads, unfortunately.

The last time i posted a post to comment on something in the fandom, it did not end well, so just know i get the problem, I’m just saying what i think/ Kindly inform me if if i’m wrong or whatever..

EDIT: Have to address another thing: One complaint is that they are being addled together despite not having interacted prior. That would valid…if this was later into the season.

?This is the first month of the show, and this was episode 4b. At this point into Phineas, BALJEET, a major character, did not exist yet. The first 5 or so episodes is for introducing concepts, either as you plan it out, or as they come to you.

It is likely this was planned but they waited until establishing other things first. This is still very early in the series, guys. Also, in the episode right before. they establish her personality. They establish her before putting her with Milo, even if it’s just right before.

This was their way of introducing the idea as it is early. They hadn’t interacted for the same reason there was no Buford or Baljeet  in the first few production order episodes: They weren’t fleshed out/established yet.

In short, this complaint is from people who don’t know how writing and planning a series works.

(Just know that if you still don’t like th ship or the episode, that’s fine, it’s certain people and how they are going about it addressing it that bothers me. I’ll admit Milo having this crush is a bit forced, but the rest of the episode makes up for it/

.It’s interesting to  see him prevent his luck from affecting others he cares about. Plus, the opposites attract angle makes this more interesting than a typical random romance like this. Again, as long as they don’t go too far with and make it cheesy or whatever, I’ll be fine.

My last note is don’t attack specific writers over this. I already saw one person do so and i hate that. For one, animation, especially Dan and Swampy’s shows, is collaborative, and for all we know, a different came up with the the idea and the credited writer was tasked to implement, we don’t know.

Even if 1 is to blame, attacking them specifically is wrong. Okay, hopefully that’s all i will add.


i’ve typed up what I could discern from the page underneath the title page. If anybody else can make anything out, please add to this post!

Deidre seems like a random name to me, so I looked it up, and it appears she’s a tragic heroine from irish mythology. An interesting choice of a name, so we’ll just have to see if these characters are super minor characters or maybe some new side characters. 

Also, i’m so excited Dean is co-writing, and this title is so worrying yet exciting!!