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i did the meme thing where you combine all the characters that you like into The Mega Favorite Character. i dont think it went as well for me as it did for everyone else probably because i ran out of characters that i genuinely consider my favorites early on and started digging up any character i could think of that i marginally like

the end result is this horrible uh. robot-alien-squid-dream-trash-ghost-demon-video-game-pop-star-cat-12-year-old creature. with a knife. also i guess she can turn into a creature that vaguely resembles a squid??? not sure what the purpose of that is but i drew that too

i’m going to call her betsy

What do you seek?

A fic about that wood nymph no one talks about for the Carry On Countdown


“What do you seek?”

           The boy (though hardly that anymore) casts no more than a glance at me.  “Nothing,” he replies.

           “Then why are you here?”

           He sits on the wet ground with his back against a cedar, his black hair falling in his eyes.  He makes no move to brush it away.  “Food,” is all he says.  He is paler than I can ever remember seeing him and downright gaunt, like a sapling.

           “The Chosen One was here,” I tell him.

           “I suspect he’s here often.”

           “He was looking for you.”

           He meets my eyes for the first time, and his are sunken and dark, even with his hair to shield them.  “Well, he’s found me now.”

           “He must have been happy to see you.”

           He laughs and it sounds empty.  “Snow?  Happy to see me?  Clearly he didn’t bother telling you the whole story.”

           I lean my shoulder against my own spruce tree, and immediately my skin goes darker, healthier.  “Then what is the whole story?”

           He fixes me with a glare.  “Were you this nosy with him, dryad?”

           I cross my arms.  “I just asked him what he sought.  He was the one who wouldn’t leave me alone.”

           “He does that.”

           “You know him well?”

           “He’s my roommate.”

           “Yes,” I muse, “that’s what he told me, too.”

           “He’s my enemy.”  He stares at the space in front of him like it holds answers.  I don’t reply, something about his tone silences me like frost.

           It’s a long moment before he looks up at me again. “Did he tell you that bit?”

           “I don’t remember.”  It’s not a lie.  My sense of time is different than a mortal’s, the exchange might have been yesterday but to me it would feel like more than that, or possibly much less.  Then again, this boy is certainly not mortal.  Something about his pulse is off.  There are moments that it’s not there at all.

           Finally, he heaves himself to his feet, brushing the wet dirt off his palms and at last pushing the hair back from his brow.  For a second he looks more like other times I have seen him in the Wood, in place and put together, but his eyes betray him. He is exhausted, hungry, and emptied somehow.  I almost feel bad for him.

           “What do you seek?” I offer once more.

           He’s already walking away.  “Nothing,” he says over his shoulder.

           I let him leave without another word.


“That boy was here this evening.”

           “The Chosen One?” Pine asks.

           “No, the dead one.”  There’s a beetle running down her arm but I leave it, I know she doesn’t mind them.

           “He showed up, did he?”

           “Apparently.”  There’s a new cone forming in her hair.  It looks healthy so far, she’s very proud of it.  “I wonder where he had been.”

           “Did you ask him?”

           “I did,” I nod, “he refused to answer.”

           She rolls her eyes.  “Teenagers.  They think they’re better than everyone.”

           “He seemed… sick.”  I don’t know how else to describe it.

           “He’s a vampire.”

           I shake my head and needles drop from my head to my thighs.  “Not that kind of sick, more like mortal sick.  He was horribly thin.”

           “He’d better not eat that family of deer that’s been hanging around,” Pine says suddenly with an edge to her voice.  “I’ve become rather attached to them.”

           I can’t help but smile a little bit at her ferocity. “Exactly what would you do about it if he did?”

           “I’d fight him.”

           “He’s a vampire,” I laugh, “you’re a tree.”

           “A tree made of needles,” she grins, “and anger.”

           I burrow my head in the crook of her neck. “I love you,” I say, because it’s all I can say to her right now.

           Pine kisses my temple.  “Aw, Spruce,” she murmurs, “don’t be a sap.”

           But then she kisses me properly.

BEWARE!!! –is totally the Box Ghost’s catchphrase.

Some soft, cuddly Bakushima for tonight.

Aziraphale looks like someone took several incarnations of Doctor Who, put them in a blender, and attempted to form a whole person out of the “bland white middle aged man’s conception of ‘quirky’”, result. Yawn.


Holy Male Objectification Batman!: Descendants of the Sun
→ Yoo Shi Jin

anonymous asked:

Can we please get a list full of books that have legit pan characters in it? I really want new reading material! TY 💙💙💙

my list of pan characters in books is always being updated and added to and there are three different places to find it on my blog:

******* it’s worth noting that I have not read every book on this list, therefor cannot be 10000% sure whether or not there actually is pan rep. I create the list by searching every site I can think of for any kind of review that talks about the rep or interview/statement from the authors about the rep in these books. if I can’t find anything substantial, then I don’t add the book to the list. but every book on the list, I have been led to believe that there is a pan character somewhere in there, whether stated in the text, elsewhere by the author, or it’s implied/hinted at. I also cannot speak on the quality of rep or books themselves, as I have not gotten around to reading all of them or reading ownvoice reviews of them. so, keep that in mind. this is just a list of books with pan characters, not a list of perfect, unproblematic books with perfect, unproblematic pan rep.

Guess Whose Back?!

After a week and a half we finally managed to get our internet fixed today! I am so happy! I am so behind on everything now! I have 22 asks in my inbox and I have been dying to get to them! There are some really interesting one that I have been so eager to get to! So happy to be back, thank you guys for understanding and being patient! 


Some “Posters” I made for UsogeeND a while back.
I was going to wait until I had a poster for Gal’s campaign done but thatl probably take a while. So for now I figured id post these!


Streamed today and when I was finished doing commissions I took some prompts form viewers. It was a fun way to end it. 

Prompts in order were: Buff female shark wrestler, alien magical girl, and bismuth witch. 

While all three were a lot of fun to do, I’m very proud of The Mako Menace. She’s here to kick some butt in the ring! 

rick, you’re still bleedin there buddy


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“Nature never formed anything more beautiful.”
— Erasmus