maybe she's not as dangerous as many of the others

Local Spirits Part 1: Intro

[Disclaimer: This is based on my experience and you may have different experiences and opinions.]

(Subsequent parts will be done in collaboration with @norcal-animist)

Local spirits, as I am defining them for the purpose of this post, are the spirits that are constantly around us, in the forests, on the beaches, in the schools, in the homes, etc.  

When a human begins to practice magic or spirit work, the local spirits usually can take notice of this. Some may find it rude, some may not care, while some may want to “get in on the action” and not in a sexy way. Overall, however, it is useful to build respect with them so that you may learn about any local customs or rules that they may expect you to follow. For example, the land spirit by my parents’ house prohibits non-native spirits from interacting with the native ones. Now imagine if I didn’t know that rule and I brought in spirit companions who then went out and messed with the native species. Even if their meddling wasn’t malicious, the local spirits might not be very happy. This is especially important with companions that may need to hunt local spirits for food. This can also come into play when collecting tools from nature such as water or plants. The spirit of that body of water or the spirits that work with that plant might have specific rules surrounded how you can harvest it and they might resent you for breaking those rules even if you didn’t know.    

But working with local spirits isn’t only about you not wanting to upset them, they can make great allies and friends. In my opinion, learning about and working with the environment around you when practicing magic is a very important skill to have. Local spirits usually know the environment pretty well and would be able to give you tips and maybe even hands-on help with your practice. They can also help you if you ever need extra protection. For example, imagine you’re walking down the sidewalk next to a lake when Zerg, the destroyer of worlds decides to attack you because he can. You’re outside of your safe zone and it’s hard to fight without your tools but luckily your friends with the eldritch abomination that is the lake spirit so she helps you fight him off. That’s actually not too far-fetched of an example but local spirits can help you in many other ways such as: warning you if danger is spotted, healing you, telling you what other local spirits might be dangerous, giving you tips on working with other species, etc. But you shouldn’t work with local spirits just because of what you can get out of each other. It’s entirely possible to strike up bona fide friendships with them that are just as strong as the bonds you make with spirit companions.      

Meeting Local Spirits

[The following section will be assuming that the reader understands the importance of protection, knows how to create wards and the like, and has effectively employed them. Failure to create and upkeep sufficient protection when working with spirits can lead to the reader or anyone around the reader, humans and spirits alike, being harmed. This section will also assume that the reader has adequate knowledge for banishing and actively protecting themselves from a spirit that seeks to harm them. Basically, don’t attempt the following unless you feel like you have a sufficient mastery over protection and banishing. (By “sufficient mastery” I don’t mean elite pro, I mean that you’re at a level of proficiency where you feel comfortable and ready.)]

One of the biggest differences between local spirits and spirits from companion shops is that local spirits are usually a lot less interested in working with humans. In fact, some species or even single entities will want nothing to do with humans and they’ll make that very clear. Others may be averse or even aggressive at first only to warm up to the human with time. The important thing is that the human needs put in the time and effort to build respect with their spiritual neighbors. Respect can be built very simply by leaving out offerings for the local spirits and inviting them to enjoy them. In general, offerings of water, alcohol, incense, and bread can be used. This method can also be used if you want to connect with a certain type of spirit, say local bird spirits, you just would need an offering that suits them. 

Parts 2 and 3 will go into detail about meeting and working with local animal and human ghosts, and nature and city/urban spirits. Check out this tag (x) for the other parts.  

#4 | Love In Times of War | Gwash x Reader

A/N: This took way longer than it should’ve. I am so sorry for the delay! My phone kept deleting my draft and I have to rewrite it over and over again.

I also can’t write in hamiltime. It’s crappy as hell.

Warning: mentions of war


George watched everyone interact around the ballroom.

Philip Schuyler was hosting a Winter’s Ball tonight, and George was taking this time to relieve himself of the stress. War always came with heavy prices.

The physical exhaustion cannot compare to the mental exhaustion he faced. The wounds from battle can be healed through medicine but thoughts of strategies and sacrifice are burdens that can be drowned in alcohol. That would’ve been temporary, still.

He watched his men be merry and enjoy the night as if there was no war looming over them. Particularly, he observed his new aide-de-camp, Alexander Hamilton, interact with two of the Schuyler Sisters.

George observed as Hamilton chat with the eldest sister, Angelica Schuyler, before being dragged by said sister to Elizabeth Schuyler. From afar, he already knew how the story will play out. It was pitiful to watch.

Sacrifice. It’s a painful thing.

He drifted around the ballroom, stopping to chat with his men. The smiles he received were genuine. Unlike at war. Grimaces.

A clack of heels interrupted his conversation with one of his lieutenants. “Bonjour, General,” the Marquis greeted.

“Hello, Lafayette,” George greeted warmly, “Are you enjoying yourself?” Lafayette’s smile stretched into a grin.

“Oui! I have the greatest pleasure of meeting (Y/N).” He gestured to the lady in his arm. George stared in awe at the beauty beside his trusted soldier.

Her (H/C) locks were elegantly tied back to show her angelic face. The gown she dressed in accentuated her body beautifully.

“Mr. Lafayette,” (Y/N) said, “I think your greatest pleasure will be the next lady you will approach.” She smirked deviously as she nudged him towards the stranded Schuyler Sister.

“That, it will be.” Lafayette straightened his coat, winking at (Y/N). “I’ll also leave you be with the man you’ll have the greatest pleasure of meeting,” Lafayette cackled and left (Y/N) in a blubbering, blushing mess.

George turned to look at the lieutenant he was talking to but found an empty space. He must’ve excused himself when Lafayette approached. Now it was only him and (Y/N).

“So, General,” (Y/N) started. He turned to her and smiled.

“Please, just George, miss (Y/N),” he said.

“Then call me just (Y/N). No need for the ‘miss’.” Her shy smile made George’s heart beat faster, uncharacteristical for a general.

“May I offer you a dance, (Y/N)?” He held out a hand and bowed slightly. She took his hand, smiling.



She was too enchanting.

George danced with (Y/N) the entire night, talking of trivial things and sometimes bordered on serious topics.

“Lafayette seems to be enjoying himself a little too much, don’t you think?” (Y/N) snickered as she watched the French man chugging down a flute of champagne in rapid pace.

“From all the events these past few months, he dearly deserves happiness whilst temporary,” commented George off-handedly.

(Y/N) casted her eyes downward. “Bliss is a scarcity in times of war,” she said softly under her breath. George heard what she said and turned to her with a look of sadness.

“You mustn’t worry about that (Y/N),” he chided gently, “There is always joy in the simplest things.” He held her hand in an act of comfort.

She smiled at him as a thankful gesture. “You are the sweetest, George. Thank you,” she said.

As (Y/N) looked on, watching the soldiers and ladies circle the ballroom, George mustered all the courage he could gather and took a deep breath.

“(Y/N).” She faced George in curiousity.

“Yes?” she questioned.

“I-” he let out a shaky breath-“I would like to court you, (Y/N).” She blinked once before registering his words. A shy smile crept on her face.

“It would be an honor.”


George loved (Y/N) with all his heart. Through the letters he responded with her from the warfront, he fell in love with her with her sweet and gentle words that never failed to calm him.

It sort of frightened his men at how lovestruck their commander was. Alexander once accidentally stumbled upon George reading the letters; he thought that it wasn’t his usually stoic leader for he had an uncharacteristical smile on his face.

He couldn’t blame him though. Whenever Eliza would send him a letter, he felt like there was no war and she is there ready to hug him. Love alleviates suffering.

Everything that George did, he dedicated to (Y/N). He fought the war for her. He sacrificed for her. He risked his own life for her.

He loved her too much in that short moment of time. Despite the lack of actual communication, he knew she loved him back. Their letters to each other might as well need not for words. Their feelings so strongly displayed in each envelope.

Through the long months of bloodshed and tears, the war was won. George never tasted victory as sweet as this.

(Y/N). His mind wandered to the woman who held him together even when they were far apart.

He was anxiously waiting for the perfect time to propose to her.

Once he comes home, he’ll go directly to (Y/N)’s residence, talk to her parents and hope they agree. If things go well, he’ll be marrying the love of his life.


It was as daunting as going to war.

Dressed in his usual general outfif, George Washington looked ready to fight. And he was going to fight for (Y/N)’s hand.

He took confident strides to the (L/N) residence. Even as a maid opened the door for him, he exuded confidence as he entered the household.

His steps faltered when he came face-to-face with Mr. (L/N).

Mr. (L/N), a rich merchant well known for his negotiation skills. George hoped he stood a chance in winning his daughter’s hand.

And that he did.

“Take good care of her, Mr. Washington.” Mr. (L/N) gripped his hand menacingly. “I do not want my daughter to feel miserable in her life.”

“I will, Mr. (L/N). I will not let any harm befall on her,” promised George with a confident voice.

“I’m sure you won’t.” The man’s gaze softened as he looked through the wall. “(Y/N), you can step out of your hiding place. I presume you would like to speak to your fiancé.” (Y/N) sheepishly smiled at her father as she stepped out behind the wall. He embraced her tightly before walking out and leaving her and George alone.

She made the first move, running to him and wrapping her arms around his waist.

“I can’t stop thinking about you.” Her voice was muffled by his suit.

“Me too,” George whispered, cradling her in his arms gently.

“I’m so paranoid, thinking that the war would be lost, or you might be slaughtered in an ambush. Maybe you went to fight in the frontlines and got wounded badly. So many possibilities, and I might lose you.” She held him tighter, tears threatening to spill.

“But the war is now over. Everything will be fine. We have each other and now, there’s no threat of danger,” soothed George. “We’re okay.”

“We’re okay.”

Promise | taeyong

Genre: bodyguard!au | fluff, lil bit of angst

Member: Taeyong / reader

Word Count: 4662 wtf

Note: may have an epilogue not sure :/

Summary: “i’ll come back for you”

“You promise?”

She didn’t need a babysitter.

She’d told her father over and over again that she was perfectly capable of looking after herself. She’d proved to him on multiple occasions that she knew how to manage someone being a little too handsy, or a little to rude, or a little too close for comfort but apparently, last night had been the last straw.

Like if was her fault she’d gotten into a fight with that asshole. He’d slapped her ass like she was a hand waiting to be high fived and laughed like it was the funniest thing he had ever done and considering how much a frat boy he was, she wouldn’t be surprised if his tiny mind had be conditioned to laugh whenever he heard the number 69 or the word ‘blow’.

There was a bruise that had formed on her cheek where a scratch tore through it like it had been carved out by a knife. She had a cut lip and knuckles that bled red with bruises and cuts that clearly stated she could was not afraid to stand up for herself.

“This is Taeyong.” her father said, pointing to the man beside him.

If she were truthful, he wasn’t what she’d expected. Most bodyguards come in the form of burley old men who packed muscle upon muscle with lips in a thin line and beady eyes that surveilled the entire room the whole night. They had thick thighs and stood tall and proud, like ex-military, which they usually were. But Taeyong was none of that. He was thin, almost lanky with muscle that wasn’t a giveaway and softer eyes, still sharp but more curious than angry.

“I don’t need a babysitter.” she says, staying seated and crossing her arms over her chest like she’s defending herself already.

“I am not a sitter,” Taeyong points out, not smiling or joking but perfectly serious in a soft voice that still told her she should listen to him, “And you are not a baby,” he continues. “And those bruises beg to differ.” he motions with his hand.

Her hand caresses the tender skin of her cheek and she looks away, almost as if she’s in a dream world. It’s rough and lumpy with bits of scabs peeling off and she hisses when she presses down a little too hard. She whips her head around to glare at her dad, “I’m not a child. I grew out of supervision years ago.” she re-iterates, like he hadn’t heard the past hundred times she’s said it.

But her father ignores her, walking out of the room to take a call. Her nostrils flare and she kicks the table, jerking the vase until it threatens to topple over- not before Taeyong steps forward to catch it and places it on the coffee table beside him. He makes sure it’s steady, slowly turning to stare at her and points to it, “That’s a fifteenth century chinese imperial vase worth 1 billion won and you nearly just kicked it off a table?” he asks incredulously.

She cocks her head, surprised by his accusation because no-one has ever had the guts not the desire to speak to her that way. Not that she minds, she welcomes being treated like an actual human being and not some rich kid. She stands, brushing off the imaginary dust on her jeans and sighs. She wonders slowly over to the vase, like she’s seeing it for the first time in a museum, under Taeyang’s watchful and curious gaze.

She face him, the tip of her finger coming into contact with the vase as she slowly and almost patronisingly pushes it off the coffee table. He watches it fall to the floor, but she watches his reaction. His eye are cold but the corner of his mouth flinches upwards in a disgusted snarl, like he’s repulsed and something in the pit of her stomach curls into a ball of guilt.

He doesn’t speak to her much after that.

(she tells him later that it was fake and he’s so shocked he almost doesn’t believe her. But later he sees her father cleaning it up, mumbling ‘thank god it’s fake, can’t have anything nice in this house can i?’)

She makes him a cup of coffee every morning.

She’s not quite sure why she feels the need to appease some of his boredom or dislike of the current scenario, but none the less, she does. When she makes it the first time, his nose wrinkles and he grimaces- he must not like black coffee. But he drinks it anyway, thankful for something to occupy himself with. She doesn’t see him swirl it around the mug for almost an hour and then pour it into a nearby plant.

The second time she makes it, she adds sugar, stirring the piping hot liquid with a spoon she then licks and drops in the sink to be washed later. He accepts the drink with no specific look in his eyes and takes a sip, wary of her watchful gaze. His eyes suddenly close and the corner of his mouth lifts into a sneer, clearly too much sugar. But again, he doesn’t say anything, simply nods a thanks.

The third time she makes it, he stops her. “What?” she asks, when she sees his hand wrap around her wrist as she begins to pour the instant coffee.

“If i have to drink another mug of that god awful dirt I will pour it over your head.” he blurts.

She frowns, “What?” she cries incredulously.

“Are you actually trying to poison me?” he continues, moving her out of the way and prying the spoon from her fingers, “Because that’s very rude,” he scolds mockingly, wagging the spoon instead of his finger, “And I’d have to tell your father.”

She scoffs, leaning against the kitchen counter, “I didn’t take you for a snitch.”

He shrugs, not meeting her eyes, “I didn’t take you for a typical rich kid, but alas, you’ve proven me wrong.”

She raises an eyebrow and he pours the coffee she’s made down the sink, “What does that mean?” She asks in confusion and mild annoyance.

He just shrugs again, pouring himself a glass of water, “Nothing.”

Because it’s really not her fault. She’s a product of her environment, she grew up with maids and chefs and was coddled by everyone she ever knew. She has moments where she’s bratty and picky because she’s so used to being that way, but then she has small snippets of sincerity and kindness.

He’d been scanning through her mail to make sure there was nothing suspicious and he came across a letter that has a small lump in the envelope. He ripped it open to make sure it wasn’t any kind of chemical that could harm her and came across a small jewellery pouch. The letter attached was one from a charity, thanking her for funding the education of over 100 women and young girls and that one of them had wanted to thank her personally with a gift.

He saw her wearing the bracelet the next day and asked, “Is that new?”

She shrugged, “Just a gift from a friend.” but he saw the corner of her lips lift slightly and something inside him soared.

“Is he going to stand there the whole time?” Fei asks, jerking her eyes in Taeyong’s direction as she takes a sip of her coffee.

The woman opposite her, rolls her eyes, nearly sneers and stabs at the pancakes before her, “Unfortunately so.” She mutters bitterly.

The cafe is small and quaint, but the kind of quaint that has an air of expense to it. The walls are creamy white and the booth their sitting in is so comfortable Fei actually asked the waitress who their designer was.

Fei tucks her hair behind her ear as she graciously rips off a giant piece of her breakfast burger. “You know-” she starts between her mouth full, “I think you having a bodyguard is a good thing.”

“Not you too!” She groans, throwing herself dramatically against the leather sofa and closing her eyes. “You’re supposed to be on my side.”

“I am on your side. That’s why I think it’s a good idea.” Fei cries, “You have ended up in some sticky situations to say the least-”

“And I got out of every single one of them by myself” she interrupts.

Fei holds up a finger, “Well what if there’s one you don’t get out of?” She asks, cocking her head. She sighs, “Look, think about it this way. He’s your safety net. You don’t use him all the time but when you really need some help, he’ll be there.”

The other woman crosses her arms, almost childishly and stares at the side of Taeyong’s head where she can see a small smile threatening his lips. She grunts, “I hate it when you’re right.”

He’s got this air of disappointment that radiates from his body in waves and makes her gut churn. She feels like she’s on the edge of her seat, waiting for the pin to drop in a silent room but he’s stubborn and so she’s sure the pin will never land.

She flicks through the radio channels, landing on an old Jazz one her mother used to love and then sits back in her seat with a sigh. She glances at him. She sighs again, louder. He doesn’t even register her presence. She rolls her eyes, “Are you going to say anything?” she begs.

He ignores her.

She crosses her arms, “Come on, I wasn’t in any danger other than maybe one too many tequila shots and I made it so easy for you to find me. I don’t normally leave a note!” she cries.

He doesn’t say anything.

She huffs, leaning back in the car seat as he continues to drive carefully along the highway, “I just wanted to have some fun.” she mutters. “You know, nobody in there looked at me like I was anyone other than some girl dancing. No-one even paid attention to me, I was just some other person who was there to drink and hang out with friends. Why couldn’t you let me have that, even just for a few minutes?” she demands, almost angrily.

This time he turns the radio up.

It’s barely on for a second before she twists the button at lightening speed until the volume reaches ear shattering levels of intensity. “What the hell are you doing?” Taeyong demands, nearly swerving the car in shock and turning the volume down as fast as he can.

She smiles coldly, “Oh, he talks!” she cries sarcastically, “Maybe he can stop ignoring me and actually say something because this silence is killing me.”

“What do you want me to say?” he almost hisses, but barely manages to control his voice.

She throws her arms up, “I don’t know! How disappointed you are!? How angry you are that I made you trek across town! How annoyed you are that I snuck out! How you’re going to tell me dad! just say something, anything!” she exclaims.

He purses his lips, his hands tightening around the wheel until his knuckles turn white. But he hesitates to say anything. “My job is to protect you.” he starts slowly, almost carefully, “My job is not to be angry at you or scold you like you’re a child, my job is to keep you safe.” he pauses, “But you clearly don’t want to be protected.”

She frowns, cocking her head as he exits the highway and stops at a red light, “What does that mean?”

He glances at her and has to tear his eyes away because she looks like a puppy caught in the headlights. Her cheeks are flushed from the cold and her hair smells like vodka. Her skirt is short and he can see the goosebumps on her thighs but she just hugs herself tighter and doesn’t ask him to turn the heating on.

He swallows, looking at the road ahead, “Nothing.” he mutters under his breath.

Before she can say anything, he turns the volume up again. (And eventually she feels her seat warming up and stops shivering and realised he’s turned the heating on as well.)

She makes him breakfast the next morning to apologise and he’s wary at first, “Is it poisoned?” he questions, raising an eyebrow and tugging at the suit he’s wearing.

She rolls her eyes, “Yeah there’s cyanide in the eggs and antifreeze in your juice.” she states sarcastically. She sits on the other side of the counter and watches him pick up a piece of the omelette she’s made. She bites the tip of her thumb as he chews and chews and… keeps chewing. “So?” she asks carefully.

He looks up at her, “Are you sure you made this?” he asks disbelievingly.

She smiles, “Yeah, is it good?” she asks almost excitedly.

“No, I just never expected you to make something so awful that it actually made me question my will to live.” he states in all seriousness.

Her mouth is slightly apart and her eyebrows are pinched above her nose, “Wha- what’s wrong with it!” she cries incredulously, coming around to stand beside him.

He stares at her, “What’s wrong with it?” he demands. He pulls out a hard white solid from the mouthful he still hasn’t swallowed, “First of all, there is shell in here.” he wrinkles his nose and turns around to spit the mouthful into the trash. He wipes his lips with the back of his hand, “Second of all I’m almost 100% sure that the eggs you used have been in the fridge for three months and third of all-” he uses his fork to stab at the omelette and pulls out a black block of what looks like jelly, “what in the hell is this?”

She crosses her arms, “Oh, and suddenly you’re a five star chef?” She demands.

He raises his eyebrows, glancing around the kitchen. He smirks at her and points to the seats around the island, “Sit. I’m going to show you what good food tastes like.”

He shrugs off his jacket and rolls up the sleeves to his shirt. He runs his hand through his hair and grabs hold of the pan and she just watches him from where she’s rooted in her seat. His eyes are soft and kind but his jaw could slice butter and he moves like he’s got a purpose. “Why do you wear a suit?” She asks absentmindedly.

He hums, “What do you mean?” He asks as he turns the gas on.

She shrugs, “Well, it’s just me and I’m not planning on going to a black tie event today, so there’s really no point in the suit.”

“Actually,” he begins, holding a finger up as if to say wait a minute, “There is a point.”

She cocks her head, “Care to share?”

He glances at her over his shoulder and suddenly his posture stiffens. He takes a deep breath, “I have a life outside of you, princess.” He almost mocks, but there’s a playful tone to his voice so she breathes a small laugh. “I have to go to work, debrief, anything strange I saw anyone who looked at you funny, anyone who wants to hurt you. And at at work, I have to wear a suit.”

She frowns as she watches him shuffle the eggs around the pan, “Can you take me there?” She asks tentatively.

He pauses, his hand still wrapped around the panhandle and the sound of the eggs sizzling is suddenly extremely prominent in the room. “No.” He says, and he goes back to cooking.

“Why not?”

He blinks and turns to look at her, his arms crossed, “You wouldn’t fit in.” He states. She frowns, crinkling her nose and he can see the anger brewing in her eyes, but she doesn’t say anything because she can see he has more he wants to tell her. “You’re not like them.” he adds, “You don’t look for the worst in people and you’re not suspicious of everyone you come into contact with.” he shrugs, “You’re untainted by that place and I’d like it to remain that way, okay?”

She stares at him because she never knew he thought that way about her. He’s got this look in his eyes like he’s scared she’ll press him further on it and ask him what he means, but she just nods, “Okay.”

She’s wide awake and it’s seven o'clock in the morning. Her hair is tangled in knots and her eyes are barely open as she sits up in her bed with her back hunched and questions all of her life choices to date. She’s surrounded by open books with words of the highest intellect sprawled in rushed 4am handwriting and exhausted letters that spell out ‘more research needed.’

She sighs loudly, gathering them all into a pile as she drags herself out of bed, it beckons her for a swift return but she needs to get this research finished. She hasn’t told her father yer that she enrolled at a university, he didn’t think she needed it when they had all this money but she was so curious about the world and the people in it that she’d enrolled anyway. Considering her stature and situation the university were very understanding and allowed her to work from home, only to send in assignments and come in once in awhile for help on something she was struggling on.

She pushes her curtains apart and pauses when she notices a figure standing on the back porch. Taeyong is stood, facing the gardens that shine under the sun and he seems to be mesmerised by the sight. The light catches his jaw when he turns and feathers through his hair and her breath catches in her throat.

He turns to glance up at her window and she gasps, closing the curtains as fast as she can. Oh no. She shakes her head, stop it. She slithers onto her bed, begging for both more sleep and a further avoidance of him and groans loudly. Her phone vibrates;

Tae: I made you breakfast.

Her: is it poisoned?

She kicks the various clothes that lie on her floor and sits down at her desk, dropping the chair and throwing her books onto the table. Her phone vibrates again;

Tae: yeah there cyanide in your eggs and antifreeze in your juice.

She smirks.

Her: did you make pancakes?

She really shouldn’t go downstairs. She’ll talk to him, chat about everything under the sun, get roped into watching a movie or even going out for a walk and she’ll never make it upstairs to finish her work. She’ll spend too much time with him and then reality will come crashing down because he’s not hers and he’s paid to spend time with her.

Tae: your favourite.

She takes a deep breath.

Her: thanks but I’m not hungry, you eat them.

What seems like twenty second later there’s a soft knock at her door. She hums, “Yes?” and glances up from her laptop.

Taeyong slides through the door and stands at the entrance, slightly confused with his eyes trained on her. “What’s wrong?” He asks.

She frowns, “What do you mean?” She asks, leaning back in her chair, suddenly aware that she’s dressed in her pyjamas.  

He shrugs, “You don’t usually say no to pancakes, no matter what mood you’re in.” He pauses, noticing the papers strewn about on her desk, “What’s this?” He asks, picking one up. He notices the scribbles and the angry letters of 4am incompetency and he raises an eyebrow.

She snatches it back, “Nothing.” She mutters, sliding it beneath her other papers.

He shuffles closer, until he’s almost hovering over her and looks at the works she’s been doing, “What is all this? Are you going to school?” he asks, both curious and surprised.

She shrugs uncomfortably, “Yeah, so?” she almost snaps, harsher than she intended.

He pauses, “Your dad doesn’t know does he?”

She takes a beat, “Are you going to tell him?” her voice sounds small and almost worried.

He frowns, “Why would I do that? a) it’s none of my business and b) I think it’s very admirable of you.” he explains with a proud look in his eyes.

She scoffs, “Yeah if only I was smart enough to actually do the work.” she mutters angrily, throwing the pen onto the table and sighing loudly.

He pulls the stool from her make up table and sits next to her, slapping his thighs and shrugging off his jacket. “I’ll help you, what are you doing?” he asks.

She takes a moment to narrow her eyes at him. He seems serious, like he wants to make sure she does well and she feels her heart swell in her chest. She smiles, turning back to her computer and handing him one of the textbooks she has, “I’m writing a dissertation about the impact that religion has had on a specially cultivated group of people from all over the world but i’m having trouble finding information of certain specific tribal religions because they weren’t discovered until recently and there is nothing online about them.” she explains. He stares at her, a small smile on his lips and she pauses, “What?” she asks, her cheeks dusted pink.

“Nothing,” He shakes his head, “You’re just amazing.” he blurts.

She bites her lip, her heart hammering in her chest and she looks down at her feet, “You’re an idiot.” she jokes.

“I saw that.” he states, sliding up beside her at the food table.

She barely glances at him, picking up an au d'oeuvres and moves along the table, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” she says as she holds lifts the side of her dress so that it doesn’t get caught on her heels.

The ballroom is majestically large with hundreds of waiters that wonder around handing out flutes of champagne and napkins where people’s phone numbers have since been scribbled on in an attempt to lure the wade of rich old men here into sharing their fortunes. There’s young children dressed in their finest clothes and parents who let them run around throwing food at each other.

The King of some Country or other is hosting and there are body guards that surround the room. “You avoided the cameras and hid from the guards and then walked away like you hadn’t done anything.” he adds.

She shrugs, “Again, I think you have the wrong person.” but there’s a slight smirk that threatens the corner of her mouth and he knows she’s proud of herself. Spiking the punch is such an age old tradition that she’s been continuing for a while now, and has yet to be caught.

He pauses, narrowing his eyes, “I’m actually quite impressed.” he states and this time she just smiles. “I’ve also seen you eyeing up the fire escape that just happens to be in a blind spot so i’m perfectly aware that you’re planning as escape.”

“I knew you saw me.” She moves along the buffet, picking and eating different small tasters and nods, “Why do you think i’m still here.” she adds.

He pauses, “If you want to leave that’s okay, I’ll take you wherever you want to go.”

She stops and stares at him, “You’re not going to force me to stay?” She asks mildly confused.

He shakes his head, “You clearly don’t want to be here.” He pauses, “I’ve learnt that I can’t make you do something you don’t want to do. If you can’t beat them join them right?” He explains.

She smiles, “Great. Let’s get the car.” She reaches into a well hidden picket among the layers of fabric and produced the keys, “You’re going to need these.” She states.

He frowns, “Did you pick pocket the valet?” He asks, his mouth slightly ajar.

She corner of her lips lifts into a smile and she shrugs, “You knew I was planning an escape.”

It takes them ten minutes to sneak out, undetected by bodyguards and cameras. Ten more to steal some desert and smuggle it into the car and only five to finally drive off. “Where to princess?” He asks from the front seat, eyeing her in the driving mirror.

She glances at him, then her watch which reads 11:12pm, and then out of the window with a sigh. “Home please.” She says quietly with a soft and tired smile, “I’d like to go home.”

And he watches her eyes follow cars and streaks of light in the sky with almost childlike wonder as she plays with the fabric of her dress. She runs her fingers through her hair and a small absentminded smile makes its way onto her face and he thinks fuck, this is bad.

“Hey.” she says, glancing up from her phone at Taeyong from where he stands at her front door. He seems perplexed, his hair strewn at strange angles and he seems panicked, rushed. “What’s wrong?” she frowns.

Her pushes past her, throwing a glance behind him and pushing the door closed, “I’m not supposed to tell you, I shouldn’t even be here.” he says, pushing her further into the house until they reach the kitchen.

“What are you talking about?” she asks, frowning as she lets him hold onto her arm like an anchor. He’s pacing, running his fingers through his hair, “You’re starting to scare me, what happened?” she demands.

He stops and looks at her. And they stand apart for what seems like minutes but what could have been seconds before he walks slowly over to her, like he’s approaching a sacred animal. He reaches out, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear and her breath catches in her throat. “I’ve been called out on a mission.” he says quietly.

Her eyes are round in shock and she stammers, “You’re leaving?” she asks carefully, “For how long?”

His body is so close to hers and her heart hammers in her chest. Her palms are sweating and his breath fans her lips, “I don’t know.” he murmurs, twisting the ends of her hair in between his fingers. “I just had to tell you.” he adds.

She stares up at him as his other hand comes to rest on the counter behind her, almost trapping her against his body. “Are you…” going to miss me? Here to say goodbye? “Are you packed?” she asks, feigning supportiveness, “Are you going somewhere warm? Maybe get a tan?” she asks, attempting to smile.

He grimaces, “Don’t do that.” he almost begs. “I can see you’re upset.”

She shrugs, looking down at her feet, “Of course i’m upset, you’re my friend.” she pauses, “I’ll miss you.” she states quietly.

He uses his index finger to lift her chin until their eyes meet. “I’ll come back for you.” he states and she can feel the message behind his words. His eyes are soft and kind and he can feel the sadness that radiates from her body, maybe he should have done something about them before? Maybe he shouldn’t have waited so long until they were pulled apart by higher powers.

She smiles, trying her best not to cry and holds out her pinky, “You promise?” she asks, almost like a child.

But he pushes her hand away, knots his fingers in her hair and pulls her in for a kiss. Her arms wrap around his waist, pulling him closer to her body as his other hand comes to rest on her cheek. It’s like chocolate sliding into her mouth and like she’s lying on a cloud, like the world is coming together and she can finally see clearly. 

He pulls away, his breath fanning her lips and he smiles like his dream have just come true, “I promise.”

mercuryglaciercascade  asked:

OH YES YOU HAVE FINALLLY MET PRINCESS SAILOR MOON. Any thoughts on her in the 4 minutes she spended blowin' shit up and being possesive and angry?

OKAY YOU ASKED FOR THOUGHTS YOU ARE GETTING THOUGHTS. (No spoilers please, I’m just going to talk for a little bit!) 

First of all, I love that this show makes it VERY CLEAR that Usagi and Serenity are completely different people. As far as I remember, the anime never really addressed this, and the two were functionally interchangeable. Here, they are distinct in looks and in personality. You can even see the moment when the switch happens: 

Usagi, her feathers ruffled, and then


Serenity takes over as soon as her possession of “Endymion” is threatened. She seems to have a single-minded focus of MIRACLE ROMANCE, while Usagi’s interests are slightly more varied (friends, food, cats, family, et cetera). And yet, her obsession doesn’t seem like love; it seems like control. She’s the dormant goddess of horrible all-consuming jealousy that was living in Usagi’s subconscious for millennia. 

Sailor Moon also becomes WAY more powerful when under Serenity’s influence, just throwing around balls of flame and creating bolts of energy like it’s just another Tuesday morning. But this massive amount of power comes at the expense of a loss of control. Serenity only wants this one thing, and is willing to risk a lot to get it. Usagi wants many things (the aforementioned friends, food, cats and family). Things that Serenity would perhaps sacrifice if she needed to. 

Where I am a little lost is where the MIRACLE ROMANCE is involved. Serenity and Endymion fell in love, and their reincarnated souls found each other again in the bodies of Usagi and Mamoru. So why is Serenity’s portrayal so different from Usagi’s? Maybe Serenity and Usagi DO share a personality, but they choose to focus on different goals. Usagi has a part of her that is dangerously uncompromising, but she pushes it to the side because she wants everyone to be happy. Serenity loves her friends and family, but the bitterness of two young lives cut short turned her mind from love to revenge. 

I’m just throwing around words. I don’t really know what’s going on, but hopefully the story will take me where I want to go. 

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About the motivation thing, this could be way wrong, but I feel like Keith has a really strong instinct(??unsure of this being the right word to use here) to protect those around him and that could be a part of what motivates him to fight the Garla? In the first episode when they're all arguing over whether to stay and fight or run, Keith's argument is "If we run they could just destroy this planet anyway before chasing us so we have no choice but to stay", like at that point they /cont

hadn’t even been on the planet for very long but he’s so determined to defend it anyway. They hadn’t even met the Arusians yet either. Keith just decided that this random planet needed to be saved and that as long as it was being threatened they couldn’t leave. Then at the part when Pidge tries to leave the team, he gets really aggressive in telling her she can’t leave because “we can’t form Voltron, and that means we can’t defend the universe” + the “everyone has a family” comment(which always stuck out to me because he himself is an orphan). Like idk this kid just seems to really want to protect everything he can, so when faced with an enemy that is destroying so many lives on such a large scale, it makes sense that he’d want to put an end to it as soon as possible. There’s probably more to it, but I feel like that’s definitely part of his strong motive to fight the Galra? /done (sorry this got so long aaaa 

I agree, Keith is very heroic.

But what made him like that? What did he experience? 

Like, Lance, Hunk and Pidge are pretty caring and heroic people too, but it takes them time to get to the point where they understand what it is exactly they are fighting for and we get to see that. (Hunk, after the Balmera arc when he sees what Zarkon does to people. Pidge, after she goes against Sendak and realizes she always wanted to be a part of a great team like this and do something great, and Lance.. well, we haven’t seen anything for Lance yet. But I would say right now he’s fighting to protect his earth family and definitely for glory and fame and later it was implied to become for love)

Allura’s, Coran’s and Shiro’s motivation is made pretty clear aswell.

But we don’t get a reason for Keith, this is why we are speculating right now. They really didn’t tell us what drives him yet.

And it’s not just his motivation, I think that’s alot of things combined that kinda still keep Keith surrounded in alot mystery even now that we know he does have Galra blood in him.

Like, how did he sense Red and Blue? (as far as we know, sensing the lions is an Altean ability only..)

And you know what, Keith really gives me a “prince" vibe. Like a prince who had a father that did something that really hurt alot of people (and I’m not implying anything by that, It’s just the vibe I get from him)

Keith definitely has some sort of complex with leadership, and it’s not just “daddy issues” like “my father wasn’t a good father”, because then maybe he would just have fatherhood issues and he’d be very motivated to be a good father. Or if his issue is just him losing his family then maybe he’d be more about keeping what he considers his family now, safe. And not be so much about the entire universe and the greater good. 

And that scene with Pidge, I know alot of people interpret it as Keith’s abandonment issues, but I don’t think he’s upset Pidge is leaving him, I think he’s more upset she is being selfish and putting so many other people in danger. 

All that scene I think was about “Greater good comes before family and people you care about” to Keith. (And I think it gets even more emphasized in S2E8)

Keith’s thing seems to be more about being a leader of people, It just seems on a much greater scale to me.

Like maybe if Keith had experienced a war or slavery as a kid (which would also explain why he always wants to carve his own path and doesn’t let anyone command him) then I would get why he would be so much about peace and safety for everyone in the universe.

But his past as an “orphan” that lived alone in the desert on earth somewhere before enlisting in the Garrison just doesn’t explain it for me personally..

Like, Keith is not like Lance, I don’t think he like dreams of being a hero and a savior and just wants people to love him. Like it doesn’t seem like a “self worth” thing to me. But seems like he is trying to prove something.

“His naivete mixed with his sheer will to make things happen for himself means his hotheadedness may be be viewed as a defense mechanism.  He comes from an obviously difficult and mysterious past that pushes him to be great.“ [X]

Maybe something like “I will be better than ____” or maybe something like “ I want to be as great as _____”, that’s the thing I’m getting from him.

Like I dunno..

I dun have any evidence and it doesn’t make sense at this point, but I feel like there might be a reason why this bothered him so much and why we hear him say this line here.

It just really seems to me that it’s very very important to Keith to be a good leader of people.

For some reason..

Maybe it’s just something Shiro put in him, maybe he’s seen what bad leadership does somehow, I dunno..

‘Bad Things’ [ Reylo Request :  Star Wars Fan Art ]

Hey guys!! XD I’m back! and I finally have my break from university, so I continued with the requests I received long time ago!!!!!! 

Originally posted by dan-tomlinson

I received a lovely request from Anon of ‘My idea of Reylo in Modern AU’. (I lost the original request post along the way because I re-blog and like a lot of stuffs… damn…)

I honestly have seen so many AU for this ship, and I LOVE all of them and my idea of their modern would be something basic…like art/history teacher-student AU or maybe just a normal university AU. But I have seen a lot of people drew those, therefore I decided to go with other idea such as…. The Gangster AU, lols. So Kylo as a leader of gangster group while Rey is a normal orphan who met the dangerous man at some of her friend’s party, since then she start to be influenced by him.. something kinda like that.

Anyway here you go lovely anon! XD

Ps. I drew this while listening to

Part 2, Chapter 2: Mouth of the Water

First the dogs will bark. They’ll know before any of us. Then I will have six to fifteen minutes.

I’ve been taking long walks on this coast, just north of the Oregon border. Bald eagles, actual bald eagles, sitting on a wide sandy beach, and I’m the only one here to see it. I can’t see anyone else in either direction. Waves repeating themselves at the tideline, clouds of birds fluttering up and resetting. 10 to 30 seconds after the dogs start barking, the ground will shake. 6 to 15 minutes later, the tsunami will come.

An earthquake is due here, and afterward the tsunami inevitable. If I began running when the dogs started barking, could I make it to the grassy dunes and up to the hills?

No. I can see the root, can make any plan I want, but I couldn’t outrun the wave. Six to fifteen minutes after the dogs started barking I would die. That’s what would happen.

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the librarians + cooking headcanons

  • eve can’t cook. like, at all. she could burn actual water. she tries, she really does, but all she can make is ramen noodles and surprisingly good mac n’ cheese. she never enjoyed cooking much anyway, often preferring to live off take-out, good restaurants, and the cooking of her roommate and/or family (and later, her friends). she does, however, appreciate a good meal, especially homecooked, after he time in the military (with all that shit food that ‘tasted like ass’ as ezekiel put it, that one time they went to a military school on a case).
  • jenkins, on the other hand, is the best cook. he can cook like a thousand different obscure recipes and historic and varied cultural foods. spicy indian food? ridiculously good greek? accurate ancient egyptian recipes? ordinary burger and fries? the best chimichangas ever? you name it, jenkins can probably make it.  except salad. he keeps getting the proportions horribly wrong. also, he butchers the sauces. surprisingly, wasabi doesn’t work well with iceberg lettuce.)
  • flynn experiments. he experiments with all sorts of spices and variants and substitutes and cultures, mixing and matching and making new recipes. his cooking is particularly dangerous because it can be really good, if unusual, or horrific (and possibly a little bit alive). once one of his dishes had a side of fried raspberries. he has a little notebook somewhere where he’s recorded all of his favorite made-up recipes.
  • cassandra isn’t the best cook because while she can measure the shit out of ingredients, more precise than many chefs can ever dream of, and she can calculate how it might ratio with the other ingredients, there’s no… heart in it. she doesn’t enjoy it or anything. maybe it’s cliché, but somehow it changes the meal. but she can make hamburger helpers and that kind of boxed shit like a fucking pro. like somehow it always tastes a thousand times better when she makes it rather than one of the others does, which doesn’t even make sense.
  • jake fucking loves cooking. like, he’s no master chef, he’s not even a great cook, but he just really enjoys it, especially trying to make food from the places he’s travelled (french breakfasts and english desserts and african cuisine and shit). even though he’ll never be an amazing cook (he’s mediocre at best) he loves being in the kitchen, and that’s enough. besides, his meals are always interesting because even though he makes mistakes, it’s always tasty (if a bit odd or strangely tangy).
  • ezekiel is an amazing cook, though. it’s true he loves a good greasy meal, like pizza bagels, but he actually likes cooking a lot. like, it’s not his extreme passion, and honestly, it kind of embarrasses him, but he does really enjoy it. he’s no well-trained chef with experimental and varied recipes or good with varied tools or whatever, but he’s damn good at it. especially homemade recipes like really good blackberry pie and steaks and shit. but he has a tendency to show off, which can make him screw up. one time he tried to flip a pancake three times midair and that’s how jenkins made him scrape five pancakes (all failed attempts) of the ceiling. (the sixth one flipped four times and ezekiel has never been more proud of himself. even jake was a little impressed.)
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Layla swung her legs restlessly, blue eyes scanned the few people that passed her while she sat on the bench. The sound of the body of water not too far off calmed her jumpy nerves. This was all a spur of the moment decision, to text Yuri to meet her here. She’d been given a couple of days off, and she didn’t want to waste them with boredom. Since they’d been hanging out together for awhile now, she had definitely gotten more comfortable with him. Unfortunately, with that comfortability with the other she a huge feeling of guilt… maybe even doubt. How long could she take lying to him like this? Sure, there were many dangers about trusting him with such an important secret, but she was unsure if she could keep up such a ruse. A hand rested on her cheek, in deep thought, as she waited.

Fairy Tail Ship Angst Theory.

Since Hiro likes to scare the living shit out of us whenever a ship becomes canon and then something happens. I can only imagine that some other stuff will happen like

Jerza - An encounter with Eileen could still happen and who knows maybe Eileen knows something about Jellal past (far fetched idea) and doesn’t like him. Could come to try to kill him but Erza intervenes, one of them might try to stop a killing attack from Eileen.

Gruvia - Juvia has proven many times she would do anything for Gray, if he ever shown any discomfort or anger, she would most likely react. She might want to help him out but it leads her to some sort of danger. Maybe Gray will tell how he feels about her when it’s a tiny bit too late, for example how Gajeel did it when he knew that he won’t have another chance to say it.

NaLu - They might think that the war is over and that Zeref won’t have anything left to use. So Natsu finally tells Lucy how he feels but in the very moment when she wants to open her mouth, SOMEHOW, Zeref manages to transform Natsu into E.N.D. Since people assume he will be a completely different personality, he will not be able to know who Lucy is. Maybe this is also the moment when Juvia wants to help Gray leading to her fatal mistake.

What if Noodle slowly starts to remember being experimented on as a child?

-Despite how much Mr. Kyuzo must have loved Noodle and the rest of the children and wanted to make sure they were safe, what if the experiments that they went through were horribly dangerous, terribly painful, and nearly universally lethal?

-Perhaps the program had a lot more than 23 children. Perhaps they had a hundred, maybe a couple hundred, and only 23 managed to survive. Noodle was one of the only ones who was strong enough. 

-Being strapped to gurneys and experimental tables, being fed serums, having chemicals injected and pumped into their bloodstreams, having their heads crammed with volumes of information too vast for their young brains to handle, being strapped to chairs while being brainwashed and conditioned to turn into weapons

-Having their abilities tested by being forced into purposefully dangerous situations, situations were many of the children did not make it out alive. Maybe the serums killed them. Maybe they went insane from all the information they were meant to recall. Maybe they were so fed up and so noncompliant, they eventually withered away and couldn’t handle the results. 

-Maybe after years of frighteningly horrible tests with hundreds and hundreds of innocent, good children, Noodle and 22 other children were all that were left. Were the only ones who were completed and fully fortified weapons. 

-Maybe, once Noodle returns to Kong, she remembers all of it. 

-The straps on her wrists, the days of not being able to move, the injections that burned as they travelled through her skin, being scared and alone, calling out for someone to help her, trying her hardest to resist the brainwashing and not being able to help it when it bled into her subconscious. Maybe Noodle remembers all of it, and doesn’t know how to explain to the group what happened to her. 

-Then one night Noodle wakes up screaming like she’s being killed, thrashing in her bed, tangling herself up in her sheets, screaming for the researchers to leave her alone and to let her go. Meanwhile 2D is shaking Noodle awake, Murdoc is pulling her into his arms, and Russel is whispering into her ears and smoothing her hair, telling her everything is going to be okay. 

-She’s crying about testing facilities and dead children, and the three boys don’t know what to say or what do to. They just hold her and wait until she tires herself out and gets back to sleep.  

Quick thoughts on Ep70

A bit late because I’ve been busy, and still am, so again notes from my phone:

- So uhm the Death Note?
- Interestingly again a book with Latin in it
- Is there a connection to the Death People? Idk it sort of felt like it. People who can’t die and take others life like reapers and a book that describes the owners death in details
- Also a Book that cannot be destroyed, did Gertude ever get her hands on it? Is that why she was killed so violently?
- and no connection to Leitner for once
- so how many books are out there and where do they come from?
- maybe they are remnants of old archives? Which would explain why Gertrude was so keen on destroying the one in Alexandria, because if some of the recordings get condensed/perhaps combined they can become dangerous weapons of supernatural mass destruction?
- I’m worried about John, he sounds far too calm considering his adventures into the tunnels. Something seems of.
- and I’d really like to find out what happened to the statement giver, did he die in the end and passed the book along or does he still run around trying to avoid some gruesome death?

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I'm quite young and I'm a hindu but I've never really understood it. I have no idea how to put this question into words but are all of these gods like what are they exactly are they symbols or just like gods that we pray to? If that makes sense,


Such is the way of Hinduism to where it is left all up to the devotee to decide of such things! If you personally prefer to see Lord Krishna as a manifested symbol of God’s all-loving and giving nature rather than a being with flesh and blood that existed or exists, you are free to do so! If you would rather see Lord Ganesh as the form of God as a powerful image for new beginnings and faithfulness rather than a person who has had his head reattached to that of an elephant as a child, go ahead! I know many Hindus who see the stories of God’s manifestations, the Devas and the Devis as simply lessons and moral ideologies rather than something that had truly happened.

Many many Hindus wholeheartedly believe in the definite existence, whether Earthly or not, of all of Bhagvan’s facets. Some treat them as individuals that still exist- and who is to say they don’t? 

It is up to you as the believer to decide if scripture is just meant to guide us in lessons and show us a form in which relates to us- or whether they were truly flesh and blood beings who performed these leela in history.

In my conclusion… why not both! My belief is strongly so. Take the manifestation of Kali Maa from Durga Devi to destroy the demon Raktabeej, though the dramatic story is well-known, this event may have actually occurred very long ago in an extremely intricate environment involving complex energies, dimensions, chemical breakdowns or celestial bodies- there may have been a constant energy (we’ll call Durga Maa) that in order to overtake an impending black hole-like mass (Raktabeej), it harnessed a higher, but delicately dangerous reservoir of energy (Kali Mata) which slowly began to consume everything before it, before some mild apposing and counteractive force (Lord Shiv) intervened. Maybe it’s an exiting story of a battle, maybe it’s a giant metaphor for insanely complicated science. The constant energy itself may actually be Durga Maa, after all- she and all other Devas and Devis revealed themselves to Earth in Earthly forms, with bodies, voices and Earthly adornments. 

Scientifically, leela has held many secrets of the universe. There is even proof of the Ramayana, the holy story of Sri Ram and Sri Sita, as scientists have uncovered the bridge built by Lord Hanuman that dated the exact time of the Ramayana’s occurrence. There is even evidence of a cosmic, atomic boom that occurred in the Mahabharata described in the text as: “A single projectile charged with all the power of the universe. An incandescent column of smoke and flame as bright as ten thousand suns rose in all its splendor.” Later, scientists found the exact traces of an explosion equivalent to that of an atomic bomb in the very region of India- nearly 8000 years before the atomic bomb was invented!

I equally believe that science and the dharma coerce to explain how Kali Mata destroyed the forces of evil; How Sri Lord Hanuman built a bridge with His army to serve Lord Ram; and even how Lord Shiva still dances to turn and unfold the universe. Divine actions have definitely unfolded in this universe, how one would explain them may vary. Most religious stories throughout various cultures aim to give simple and human-like explanations to incredibly complex scientific systems of God. Likewise, leela is a complex and very interesting topic- but you will find most leela to be a metaphor to learn something from. 

Thanks for your question!

Jai Sri Ram!


The moment they said Black Hole and two ends I knew what happened. Time dilation between the two ends of the ship was so great the crew, and their children and grand children and so on built a whole new civilisation on the other end. This meant there was a way to save Bill after janitor blew a hole in her chest and she had years to recover.

This always the danger. Doctor picks these people to travel with him and make him a better person but most of the adventures are dangerous. Death is always close and he lost many friends. Maybe this is why he clings to the Master so hard. With so  many people gone, even River lost, she is all he has left. The one friend who is as indestructible as himself. The one who was with him from the beginning and can be there to the end.

In a way the people in the bottom tried the same thing - find a way for all of them to survive together to the end. They were deceived into believing they will need to be stronger, not-human, improved to leave the bottom of the ship. Just like Bill was deceived by that one friend who she thought cared but really was using her to stick it to his greatest enemy.

Those flashbacks when she was worried Missy playing Doctor would kill her. That Missy was scary and too evil to be allowed to roam the space alone. And Doctor saying he couldn’t promise Bill was going to survive because humans are fragile and the danger is always there. He was right the adventure killed her the first time but she wasn’t fully dead. In the end all her fears came true as it was Master’s deception that turned her into a Cyberman.

He pretended to be nice and her friend and then he gave her up to the surgeons just as Doctor was about to come and save her. All the betrayal she was afraid Missy would commit. It already happened in an earlier life.

Nothing infuriates me more than people who think Han would have enjoyed the skimpy outfit that Jabba forced on Leia.

If I see one more stupid fic/post about Han being mad that he was too blind to see the slave bikini or Leia modeling it for him in a sexual context later, I’m gonna lose it.

In what universe would Han enjoy seeing the proof that the woman he loves had been degraded and humiliated by his worst enemy? How could anyone with half a brain cell conclude, after seeing Leia in something meant to embarrass her and reduce her to a decorative object–something meant to symbolically strip her of her autonomy and mark her as the “property” of a Hutt crime lord–and knowing that she had suffered, knowing that she had been in danger while he was helpless to help her, knowing that she had been at the mercy of someone known for feeding slave girls to savage animals just for the amusement of it, and knowing that she was in that position because she had been trying to rescue him, that Han would even for a SECOND think, “damn she looks sexy in that bikini lol maybe she’ll put it back on for me later”?????????

Not to mention that the OVERT sexual undertones of that scene purposefully lead the viewer into thinking that Leia is in danger of being sexually assaulted in Jabba’s palace. How could ANYONE think that Han would feel ANYTHING other than fury and horror and guilt upon seeing that damn outfit??? He’s not an idiot. He knew perfectly well what kind of situation Leia was in and it is literally sickening that so many people have such a warped perspective that they think Han Solo–a man who demonstrated COUNTLESS times over the course of the original trilogy that he was willing to lay down his life to ensure Leia’s safety–would be APPRECIATIVE of that kind of treatment of Leia.

Anyone who thinks Han Solo would be “jealous” of Luke for being able to get a look at Leia in the bikini or who propose that Leia would ever PUT THAT MONSTROSITY BACK ON and that Han would WANT HER TO is absolutely delusional.

anonymous asked:

Headcanon: Takenaka cant use telepath on animals. When he was young he used to play with a stray cat (male) in a park and sometimes he talked to him. He felt more at ease when he was with him. A regular boy just like others. One day he asked to his mom to let him take this cat at home. She gently said to him they cant keep him cause it could be dangerous. But unfortunately Takenaka is a telepath..

I have so many thoughts about this,they’re all over the place. This is great!

I love the hc that Takenaka enjoys the company of animals bc his powers don’t work on them!  Maybe he helps around a shelter. (although I wouldn’t be averse to takenaka hearing their thoughts, but preferring them to humans’)

I can also see him having lots and lots of animalso of all kinds, especially reptiles, rats and birds! 

The one about mind control though…

I strongly hc that he has the ability to, just like mob, but I think if he ever used it, he stopped after realizing the horror of what he was capable of. Which in my opinion means it was either after very little use or after something happened.

I can dfly see him being ‘my power hurts me, so I’ll use the for my own benefit’ for a while.

But for him to use it on a parent, when he blames his powers for their discord at 5… I think he’d need to be in a mindset where he saw the control as justified, a reason that goes beyond his affection for the cat; a grudge, maybe. 

Sorry for going on a tangents, I’m just really interested in offscreen character development ^~^

Pearl uses Steven’s phone to dial the number, and then she presses it too close to her ear so that when Beautiful Mysterious Stranger answers it’s like a bullhorn. “Hello?”

Pearl jumps and then juggles awkwardly with the phone before regaining her composure. “Hi,” she says— and then she doesn’t say anything else.

“Um,” the woman on the other end says. “Can I ask who is calling?”

“Yes, yes, absolutely,” she chirps, fumbling. “Yes, you may ask who’s calling and, ah, the person who is calling is me. Pearl. Pearl of the Crystal Gems. Hi.”

A pause, and then— soft laughter. “You’re that cute girl from the Mike Krol show.”

Pearl blushes and fidgets with her skirt. “Yes, and from the donut store before that. And from the driving!”

“Right, right.” It sounds like she’s smiling. “So, what’s new with you? Run from any more cops?”

Pearl leans on the counter like she needs support. Socialization is hard. “No, no, no more cops,” she says. “Horrible gem-fusion monsters, yes. But no cops.”

The girl whistles. “And to think, all I’ve been doin’ is going to work.”

“Oh,” Pearl says, gears in her head cranking. “Oh, what a… what a drag.” She can hear laughing on the other end.

“But I’m off Friday,” she tells Pearl. “Why don’t I swing by and take you out to lunch?”

Pearl knocks a plastic bowl off the counter in surprise, but she recovers fast enough. “Okay! Okay. I live in the big temple on the beach. It looks like a woman. The temple, not the beach. Although actually, when viewed from far above the beach does sort of look like a woman. I know that because one time I had commandeered a giant hand-shaped spaceship and was hurtling toward— oh, yes one o’clock is just fine! Okay. Okay. I’ll see you then.”

She clicks “end call” and then spins around to see Steven, Connie, Amethyst and Lion watching her every move. “How did I do?”

Lion roars in approval but Amethyst and Connie are quick to jump in with notes. Steven’s too busy jumping with excitement to offer criticism— Connie actually has to stop him from floating into the ceiling.

Pearl takes the small victory and tries to get ready for her date.

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anonymous asked:

Bellarke prompt: Can you do one about Abby not approving of bellamy or being wary about his partnership with Clarke but through a few circumstances of different events, she accepts him? (Sorry so specific. Thanks!) :)

This was super fun. I hope you guys like it!


“Mom, I don’t want to talk about this anymore. Like, I really don’t want to talk about this anymore,” Clarke released in an angry breath. Her strides elongated in some vain hope that maybe she could escape her mother if she just walked fast enough, but Abby seemed to be right on her tail.

“We have to talk about it sometime,” she pushed.

“No, we really don’t,” Clarke snapped, halting in her path and whipping toward her mother. “It’s completely ridiculous, so I refuse to talk about it because I’d rather not be mad at you if you don’t mind.”

“I don’t trust him,” she argued.

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thinkin about

a dolorosa who’s still quite young when she runs away with the signless–as rebellious as her beforan self was, eager at first to have her freedom, not quite understanding what it means to care for a child.  and maybe at first she also has some of beforus porrim’s other characteristics–for a while she’ll take a partner or two in every town they pass through, but after moving on one too many times as danger appears, after some of that danger comes from the partners she has, after realizing she has to choose between her own emotional/physical needs and her child’s, that pattern dies off a little.

slowly she evolves into a world-wise, devoted, more serious mother. 

(but maybe she’s still hella flirtatious and he kind of has to mind her the way a normal troll child would mind their lusus, like “mmoooommmm stop insulting her I know what you’re doing, we have to go”)

(this isn’t the theory I usually work with but I really like it)