maybe she's not as dangerous as many of the others

‘Bad Things’ [ Reylo Request :  Star Wars Fan Art ]

Hey guys!! XD I’m back! and I finally have my break from university, so I continued with the requests I received long time ago!!!!!! 

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I received a lovely request from Anon of ‘My idea of Reylo in Modern AU’. (I lost the original request post along the way because I re-blog and like a lot of stuffs… damn…)

I honestly have seen so many AU for this ship, and I LOVE all of them and my idea of their modern would be something basic…like art/history teacher-student AU or maybe just a normal university AU. But I have seen a lot of people drew those, therefore I decided to go with other idea such as…. The Gangster AU, lols. So Kylo as a leader of gangster group while Rey is a normal orphan who met the dangerous man at some of her friend’s party, since then she start to be influenced by him.. something kinda like that.

Anyway here you go lovely anon! XD

Ps. I drew this while listening to

Fairy Tail Ship Angst Theory.

Since Hiro likes to scare the living shit out of us whenever a ship becomes canon and then something happens. I can only imagine that some other stuff will happen like

Jerza - An encounter with Eileen could still happen and who knows maybe Eileen knows something about Jellal past (far fetched idea) and doesn’t like him. Could come to try to kill him but Erza intervenes, one of them might try to stop a killing attack from Eileen.

Gruvia - Juvia has proven many times she would do anything for Gray, if he ever shown any discomfort or anger, she would most likely react. She might want to help him out but it leads her to some sort of danger. Maybe Gray will tell how he feels about her when it’s a tiny bit too late, for example how Gajeel did it when he knew that he won’t have another chance to say it.

NaLu - They might think that the war is over and that Zeref won’t have anything left to use. So Natsu finally tells Lucy how he feels but in the very moment when she wants to open her mouth, SOMEHOW, Zeref manages to transform Natsu into E.N.D. Since people assume he will be a completely different personality, he will not be able to know who Lucy is. Maybe this is also the moment when Juvia wants to help Gray leading to her fatal mistake.

May I present to you, my take on Egyptian era Ladybug.

Tikki picked a humble servant girl who wouldn’t be over her head when she donned powers akin to a goddess, receiving praise worthy of one of the many gods in the Egyptian pantheon. People watched this beautiful young heroine blossom into an even more beautiful, benevolent woman who protected her city from danger, all alongside a mysterious cat.

Perhaps Bastet and Sekhmet really liked this little girl, the Egyptians thought.