maybe she's not as dangerous as many of the others

Why Glossaryck was right to abandon Star (and why I’ll never doubt him again)

I just read this great Glossaryck meta by @starfleet-officer-jaya about the scene with him and Star in the void, where she lashes out at him for “betraying her” and he just says, “I’m sorry you saw it that way.” It’s such a dismissive thing to say, but it tells us (or confirms) so much about him and it’s so interesting. So it got me thinking.

We can safely assume that Glossaryck is simply a character who knows everything. From his first appearance predicting the end of Star’s mewberty down to the exact second, to his actions in “By the Book” that looked like he was angry at Star all so he could be in the right place at the right time in a fight days away, to his foresight in destroying a certain spell just before Ludo stole the book. We have so many examples of that. And the fact that Glossaryck is more or less omniscient is so important for understanding what he does.

Glossaryck (if he is only one being- didn’t the Sanctuary decorated with icons of him kind of imply that there are more of him, even if they share the same personality? For the record, I don’t believe he’s dead) is in charge of maintaining the book of spells, knowing it cover to cover, knowing its history, the history of all its owners, and evidently, playing personal trainer to every queen of Mewni. In “Page Turner” he says this to Moon after she interferes with Star’s training:

“You don’t trust me, and what’s worse, you don’t trust Star. My Queen, your training was different because Star is different. You have to have faith in her to make choices that are best for her. And my job… is to train Star to be a queen.”

So it was clear back then that Glossaryck’s approach to mentoring was pretty hands-off and vague when the best way to teach was through experience. He’s not afraid to look like he isn’t doing his job because nobody else knows what he does. He’s not even afraid to look like a traitor if it’s the best way to turn Star into a strong, self-sufficient and competent queen. Again: “I’m sorry you saw it that way.”

My favorite Glossaryck scene is the one that most perfectly spells out that he always has a plan, and everything he does is for a very good reason: the scene where Star tries to rescue Glossaryck through the portal. While impressed with the magic she’s pulling off (”I’ve never seen that before” is Glossaryck speak for “wow, that’s impressive,” right?), he basically tells her no, he won’t go with her and he won’t be helping her with this one. “But I need you!” she says, because he’s her teacher, and she’s supposed to have him because she’s supposed to need him.

And he says, “Maybe this is what you need.”

Maybe this is what she needs to start taking herself seriously. Maybe this is what she needs to start independently learning magic. Maybe this is what she needs to learn how powerful she is, even in hopeless situations where the odds are stacked against her. Glossaryck knew that Star was powerful, but too averse to discipline to be trained normally. She’s the rebel princess who interprets instruction as oppression. When she hears do this, she goes in every other direction, just because.

So if you abandon her, she starts her own spellbook, learns how to deal with her corrupted wand, and returns to Mewni when it’s clear she’s needed to fight the increasing danger. She risks her own life many times over, and would have died in the blast from destroying her wand if her hunch about Toffee being absorbed into it had been wrong. Toffee corrupts almost all of her magic and then leaves her in that space to die. She chases one last piece of her magic into the depths until she almost drowns. And then, when you tell her the totally non-magical soup is boiling hot and shouldn’t be touched, she plunges her arms into the very bottom. With the last dregs of her old magic, Star rebuilds her wand and her body, replenishes her magic, and unleashes enough power to destroy an immortal monster. By herself.

Maybe this is what you need.

When you think about it, how else would she have learned?

The Little Mermaid And Her Human Prince | 6

Pairings: Taehyung x reader

Genre: Mermaid!au; angst, fantasy, fairy tale

Words: 2,4k

Warnings: Death, Monsters, Mentions of drawning

Summary: Your father, the king of the merfolk, has forbid you to come in contact with the humans. But as you see a ship with humans in need of help, you forget his rule and try to help. Unfortunately, you put yourself in danger and got saved by a beautiful human boy. Since the moment you lied your eyes on him, things have changed.

A/N: Tadaa~! Finally the 6th chapter! Sorry that it took so long to update this and that it’s a “small” chapter, but this is kinda like Filler chapter? But also very important! So I hope that you will enjoy it!

Also a big THANK YOU for 200 FOLLOWERS! WOW!!Like woah I am SO HAPPY!! Thank you!

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She was in love, deeply in love with him. She loved the way he moves, the way he speaks, the way he looks at her but he didn’t love her. For him she was just the younger sister of his love, Diana.

Siren was beautiful, her long black hair swirling in soft curls while her purple tail moved in the waves of the sea but Diana was golden, her blonde hair was glowing in the darkest spots of the sea, her blue tail representing the sky. And Diana loved her young prince Poseidon.

The young couple was loved by the merfolk, everyone wished them a good future with many beautiful children, everyone but Siren.  She started to hate them to the point where she wanted to kill her own sister, her family.

Years after Siren got banned her heart sank into a deep dark ocean of hate. She started to hate everyone, the world and love. She build herself a kingdom of darkness and hate, also known as the ship cemetery. She wanted to destroy every living soul that would disturb her.

On a sunny day the royal family of the Rosas de Coral Kingdom has decided to celebrate the 3rd birthday of their youngest son - Prince Jungkook. The king and the queen invited every kingdom they could reach and went on one of their ships to celebrate on the sea, in peace.

It was wonderful, everyone had a good time, happy music was playing, people were dancing, children were playing and running around the ship, acting as if they were on a dangerous adventure.

But as the night came, wrapping the sky in darkness over the heads of the people on the ship, darkness was also wrapping the sea under the unknowingly people who were enjoying the fireworks in honor of the young prince.

As soon as the lights of the fireworks died out, Siren came out of the water clinging on the ship with her huge tentacles, rocking the ship from one side to another. No one knew what was happening, panic break out on the ship. The guests were trying to find a save place, screaming in fear of the monster, children tried to find their parents and guards tried to protect the king and his family.

“Where is Taehyung?” The queen, Taehyung’s mother screamed searching for her beloved son. He was right here, next to her. Jungkook was in the kings arms, holding him for dear life and searching for his other son who has suddenly disappeared. “Taehyung! Where are you! Taehyung!” The young mother screamed, tears scrolling down her rosy cheeks. She was scared for her son’s life. He was her everything and she would never apologize herself for letting him get hurt or even die.

It was like music for Siren, she loved the sounds of the screaming humans who she drags into the water to drown them without any guilt, the crying of the small humans, who had just lost their parents.

With a few moves and swifts Siren destroyed the ship to the point where the body of the started to get filled with water and started to sink.

“To the boats! Everyone get to the boats!” The king demanded, he took his queen on her hand and led her and Jungkook to one of the small rescue boats. “Come on, you go first!” But his queen didn’t want to go to the boats, not as long as she has found Taehyung.

“I won’t go until I found him!” She screamed before she took her long white dress in her hands and ran off to find her son, ignoring the screams from her husband and the cries of her youngest son. She screamed his name over and over again, but the screaming of the people who tried to run away from the sea witch. Finally the queen has found her son, who was trying to help and elder lady that has slipped and couldn’t stand up anymore.

“Taehyung get to the boat, what are you doing?!” She screamed, helping the lady up, a guard came by and helped as well.

“Mommy, I wanted to help!” He said looking up at his tear strained mother, her whole body was shaking and her hair a mess, but still the young prince has never seen any woman more beautiful than his own mother.

“Get to the boat, your father and brother are waiting.” She squeezed his small shoulder with her delicate hands. Taehyung nodded at his mother before he took her hand and went to the boat.

But his mother would never get to these boats.

Siren saw the beautiful woman, who was crying for his son and the way they interacted. She was disgusted by this and wanted to destroy them and their love.

She reached for the woman with her tentacle, pinned her waist and pulled her to the sea. The queen fell to the ground,a scream escaped her mouth.

“Mommy!” Taehyung held his mother’s arm as strong as he could with his tiny hands. “Mommy hold my hand! Don’t let go, please!” The sea witch’s grip around his mother’s body grew stronger and Taehyung and Jungkook’s mother knew that she wouldn’t escape this monster’s tentacles. She looked up her son, who was holding her with both his hands, teared eyes and a runny nose.

“Hey, don’t cry okay? Please take care of your father and brother…” She smiled at him “for me?” And then she let go of his hands. The last thing she could hear before she entered the dark of the sea was the scream of her son, who she has always believed that he will become a great king someday.

“Ugh …love. He, a human is in love with her, with the daughter of this damn King Poseidon!”

The ugly creature stared into her magic shell, messaging her growing migraine away. She got sick after seeing the way the young human prince spoke to and looked at you.

The sea witch turned away, pushing her long black hair to the side, her tentacles bringing her to the other side of her grotto.

“You have no right to speak about our King in that way!” A young boy screamed from behind grids.

“Young boy I suggest you to stay quiet before I make calamaris out of you!” The sea witch spits at the boy. “I have all the right to speak about this traitor after what he has done to me!”

The sea witch wanted revenge for what she has become 20 years ago, revenge for her life, revenge for her lost love, she wanted to end the Kingdom of King Poseidon or better his life. She wanted to hurt him in the most hurtful way and she is starting to find a way.

“So you are the friend of the princess, right?” She asked the boy while she was staring at a certain stone, glimmering in a pink tone, the light slowly dying. “Hmm I could wait a couple more days and wait until she dies-”

“Dies? Y//n won’t die! Never!” Hoseok screams at the creature before him, clinging on the grinds. He got captured by the sea witch and locked up. He tried everything to save you from the humans, but failed miserably.

“But see young boy. She has been a human for a couple of days.” She started to laugh evil, Hoseok didn’t understand where the problem was and why the sea witch was so excited about it, which she had noticed. “Oh you really don’t know? Let me explain! If a mermaid stays at land for more than three days, she will slowly die, she will get immense pain, sick and slowly falls into dust until nothing is left behind from her dear life.” Hoseoks face turns into horror hearing that you are in life danger. “ Isn’t that wonderful? The youngest daughter of the queen and king will die! And I don’t have to do anything, it will just happen! Or…”

The sea witch stops her evil speech to take out many plants and other things, the stone hanging around her neck.

“Maybe I could have some fun, maybe I could use your little friend to kill the whole damn family! Ah what a thought.” She turns around to face Hoseok with dark eyes and an ugly smirk before she starts to giggle and fulfill her desires.

Taehyung was sitting on his bed, reviewing the events that had happened that day. He felt awful for not telling you that he was engaged and he doesn’t know why. He felt stupid for that. But as he was thinking about the time you had spent together, he only saw your beautiful smile that you always had when you learned something new or when you were just looking up at him.

He let his hands wander through his long curls, he wanted to see you, he needed to see you and he decided that he will see you, now.

He made his way to your room and as he was standing in front of your door, he had to take a deep breath before he knocked. Then he waited for a few seconds, more seconds and knocked again but no answer. Strange, were you already sleeping? He wanted to knock again but decided to enter your room, only to ro find it empty.

Where were you?

You were on your way to the beach. You were sick of waiting for a wonder to happen, you needed to do something and find your stone as soon as possible. You can’t let your family and Hobi wait any longer, they must be worried sick and search for you everywhere. Besides you don’t fit in this world, you are a mermaid not a human. Your life is under the sea.

As you march to the beach, the smell of salt already forming in your nose your thoughts wander to Amanda. You don’t know this girl, or even knew that she was the fiancé of Taehyung. You weren’t mad or anything, it’s not like it’s your business but it made you remind you where your place actually was and you wanted to make sure that you go back to your place.

The beach was beautiful at the night, the moon was shining brightly on the water making it look mysterious. No one else beside you on this land knew the true beauty that hides under the surface of the water and you were proud of it, but you also wished that you could share it with someone. The humans should see something as beautiful as the ocean, but what would it cost for the merpeople. Will humans like the ones that had captured you harm your own people?

You took a step into the water, the waves crashing against your ankles. The cool water felt like magic on your feet, you felt how your strength grew, but only a bit. You let your gaze wander around when you found a cliff to the right of the castle. Maybe if you jump from there, you could swim back to where you lost your stone and search for it. For you, in that moment you couldn’t find any other solution.

You reached the cliff, leaned over the edge to see how high you actually were. Doubts started to grow in your stomach, but what else should you do? You were about to jump into the water but you heard someone calling for you.


You looked around to search for the familiar voice, your mind racing trying to figure out if you were dreaming or not.


“Down here!” You looked down to the water and he was really there. Down in the sea was Hobi waving at you with a bright smile. A smile had also formed on your face and without any hesitation you jumped down into the water.

But you didn’t know how humans swim. You pushed your legs and arms around, but you couldn’t move like you were used to it. Also you couldn’t find Hoseok, where was he? You tried to shout for him,  but as soon as you opened your mouth water began to fill your lungs. What was happening?

You started to panic, moving around to find Hoseok but it was too dark to see something. You wanted to swam up to get air again, but your heavy dress dragged you down and tangled around your legs. From one second to another the world around you grew darker and darker and you slowly lost your consciousness, before that you felt someone grabbing you and dragging you out of the water.

Taehyung had searched everywhere in the castle. Jungkook and the other people had noticed his worried expression on his face and after they got told that you went missing they started to search you too. Amanda couldn’t understand why everyone was searching for some random girl and wished for her servants to not mind that one girl who went missing.

Taehyung was helplessly standing in your room, his heart was racing and he started to be scared for you. He didn’t wanted you to get hurt.

Standing in the middle of your room he tried to find any evidence to help you to find, but there was nothing.

He only could sit on your bed and stare out the window on the ocean. The sub started to raise slowly on the horizon. He was searching through the whole night for you and he didn’t even realize that.

A couple of more minutes Later Taehyung was still on your bed, resting his tired body before it finally hit him. The ocean!

His long legs carried him as fast as they could to the beach, he could hear the waves breaking on the cliffs near the castle. He finally reached the beach and his eyes focused on a small figure lying on the sand, it was you. Taehyung hurried to your side screaming for you praying to the dear gods that you would react but there was no reaction coming from you.

You were completely soaked, sand sticking everywhere, even on your face. Taehyung checked if you were still breathing and thank god you were. He cleaned your face from all the sand before he took you in his arms and carry you back to the safe castle, but a shining object captured his attention. It was a stone in a rose color, the color was similar to the color of your tail. It must be your stone that you had lost days ago.

Safe For Now #7

Summary: Three years after you almost die from a werewolf attack, Peter Hale comes to you, tortured and bloodied, seeking a safe haven. What could possibly go wrong?
Characters in this chapter: Peter Hale, female reader, Scott McCall, Kate Argent, Stiles Stilinski, Derek Hale, Chris Argent
Characters mentioned: Gerard Argent, Allison Argent
Pairing: Chris Argent x reader, Peter Hale x reader , Past Derek Hale x reader, Derek Hale x Braeden
Word Count: 2,799
Warnings: Language, angst, torture, death. 
Author’s Note: This is my first time writing Peter, so if I get something wrong, I’m sorry. Miss the Beginning? GIF credit [x][x][x]

“Bullshit,” she sneered. “You’re hiding something, and I’m going to find out what it is. Even if it kills you.”

Kate turned the knife over, pressing the point of the serrated blade into the spot just below your sternum. Peter growled low in his throat and yanked as hard as he could on his restraints. Kate turned to the werewolf and smirked, sending him a wink as she gripped the handle tight, and pressed it slowly into your stomach, the wet squelch of your skin being cut into the last thing you heard before you screamed.

Originally posted by talkinboutmyimagination

“You’re in no shape to go,” Derek growled, glaring at Chris with cerulean eyes.

“Could say the same for you,” Chris argued, refusing to back down.

Scott gave a warning growl, low in his throat, rumbling through the room. “Enough arguing,” the teenager demanded. “We’re all going, and that’s final.”

“That’s right,” Stiles agreed before realizing what his best friend said. “Wait, what? I don’t… I don’t need to be there.”

Rolling his eyes, Scott assured his friend, “You can stay in the car.”

“I… I don’t see why I have to go,” Stiles countered, arms folded over his chest, glaring at Scott.

“Would you two shut up,” Chris snapped, huffing out a loud breath. “Shouldn’t take us long to get there. But we have to leave now. If you’re not going to help, leave your ass here”

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Promise | taeyong

Genre: bodyguard!au | fluff, lil bit of angst

Member: Taeyong / reader

Word Count: 4662 wtf

Note: may have an epilogue not sure :/

Summary: “i’ll come back for you”

“You promise?”

She didn’t need a babysitter.

She’d told her father over and over again that she was perfectly capable of looking after herself. She’d proved to him on multiple occasions that she knew how to manage someone being a little too handsy, or a little to rude, or a little too close for comfort but apparently, last night had been the last straw.

Like if was her fault she’d gotten into a fight with that asshole. He’d slapped her ass like she was a hand waiting to be high fived and laughed like it was the funniest thing he had ever done and considering how much a frat boy he was, she wouldn’t be surprised if his tiny mind had be conditioned to laugh whenever he heard the number 69 or the word ‘blow’.

There was a bruise that had formed on her cheek where a scratch tore through it like it had been carved out by a knife. She had a cut lip and knuckles that bled red with bruises and cuts that clearly stated she could was not afraid to stand up for herself.

“This is Taeyong.” her father said, pointing to the man beside him.

If she were truthful, he wasn’t what she’d expected. Most bodyguards come in the form of burley old men who packed muscle upon muscle with lips in a thin line and beady eyes that surveilled the entire room the whole night. They had thick thighs and stood tall and proud, like ex-military, which they usually were. But Taeyong was none of that. He was thin, almost lanky with muscle that wasn’t a giveaway and softer eyes, still sharp but more curious than angry.

“I don’t need a babysitter.” she says, staying seated and crossing her arms over her chest like she’s defending herself already.

“I am not a sitter,” Taeyong points out, not smiling or joking but perfectly serious in a soft voice that still told her she should listen to him, “And you are not a baby,” he continues. “And those bruises beg to differ.” he motions with his hand.

Her hand caresses the tender skin of her cheek and she looks away, almost as if she’s in a dream world. It’s rough and lumpy with bits of scabs peeling off and she hisses when she presses down a little too hard. She whips her head around to glare at her dad, “I’m not a child. I grew out of supervision years ago.” she re-iterates, like he hadn’t heard the past hundred times she’s said it.

But her father ignores her, walking out of the room to take a call. Her nostrils flare and she kicks the table, jerking the vase until it threatens to topple over- not before Taeyong steps forward to catch it and places it on the coffee table beside him. He makes sure it’s steady, slowly turning to stare at her and points to it, “That’s a fifteenth century chinese imperial vase worth 1 billion won and you nearly just kicked it off a table?” he asks incredulously.

She cocks her head, surprised by his accusation because no-one has ever had the guts not the desire to speak to her that way. Not that she minds, she welcomes being treated like an actual human being and not some rich kid. She stands, brushing off the imaginary dust on her jeans and sighs. She wonders slowly over to the vase, like she’s seeing it for the first time in a museum, under Taeyang’s watchful and curious gaze.

She face him, the tip of her finger coming into contact with the vase as she slowly and almost patronisingly pushes it off the coffee table. He watches it fall to the floor, but she watches his reaction. His eye are cold but the corner of his mouth flinches upwards in a disgusted snarl, like he’s repulsed and something in the pit of her stomach curls into a ball of guilt.

He doesn’t speak to her much after that.

(she tells him later that it was fake and he’s so shocked he almost doesn’t believe her. But later he sees her father cleaning it up, mumbling ‘thank god it’s fake, can’t have anything nice in this house can i?’)

She makes him a cup of coffee every morning.

She’s not quite sure why she feels the need to appease some of his boredom or dislike of the current scenario, but none the less, she does. When she makes it the first time, his nose wrinkles and he grimaces- he must not like black coffee. But he drinks it anyway, thankful for something to occupy himself with. She doesn’t see him swirl it around the mug for almost an hour and then pour it into a nearby plant.

The second time she makes it, she adds sugar, stirring the piping hot liquid with a spoon she then licks and drops in the sink to be washed later. He accepts the drink with no specific look in his eyes and takes a sip, wary of her watchful gaze. His eyes suddenly close and the corner of his mouth lifts into a sneer, clearly too much sugar. But again, he doesn’t say anything, simply nods a thanks.

The third time she makes it, he stops her. “What?” she asks, when she sees his hand wrap around her wrist as she begins to pour the instant coffee.

“If i have to drink another mug of that god awful dirt I will pour it over your head.” he blurts.

She frowns, “What?” she cries incredulously.

“Are you actually trying to poison me?” he continues, moving her out of the way and prying the spoon from her fingers, “Because that’s very rude,” he scolds mockingly, wagging the spoon instead of his finger, “And I’d have to tell your father.”

She scoffs, leaning against the kitchen counter, “I didn’t take you for a snitch.”

He shrugs, not meeting her eyes, “I didn’t take you for a typical rich kid, but alas, you’ve proven me wrong.”

She raises an eyebrow and he pours the coffee she’s made down the sink, “What does that mean?” She asks in confusion and mild annoyance.

He just shrugs again, pouring himself a glass of water, “Nothing.”

Because it’s really not her fault. She’s a product of her environment, she grew up with maids and chefs and was coddled by everyone she ever knew. She has moments where she’s bratty and picky because she’s so used to being that way, but then she has small snippets of sincerity and kindness.

He’d been scanning through her mail to make sure there was nothing suspicious and he came across a letter that has a small lump in the envelope. He ripped it open to make sure it wasn’t any kind of chemical that could harm her and came across a small jewellery pouch. The letter attached was one from a charity, thanking her for funding the education of over 100 women and young girls and that one of them had wanted to thank her personally with a gift.

He saw her wearing the bracelet the next day and asked, “Is that new?”

She shrugged, “Just a gift from a friend.” but he saw the corner of her lips lift slightly and something inside him soared.

“Is he going to stand there the whole time?” Fei asks, jerking her eyes in Taeyong’s direction as she takes a sip of her coffee.

The woman opposite her, rolls her eyes, nearly sneers and stabs at the pancakes before her, “Unfortunately so.” She mutters bitterly.

The cafe is small and quaint, but the kind of quaint that has an air of expense to it. The walls are creamy white and the booth their sitting in is so comfortable Fei actually asked the waitress who their designer was.

Fei tucks her hair behind her ear as she graciously rips off a giant piece of her breakfast burger. “You know-” she starts between her mouth full, “I think you having a bodyguard is a good thing.”

“Not you too!” She groans, throwing herself dramatically against the leather sofa and closing her eyes. “You’re supposed to be on my side.”

“I am on your side. That’s why I think it’s a good idea.” Fei cries, “You have ended up in some sticky situations to say the least-”

“And I got out of every single one of them by myself” she interrupts.

Fei holds up a finger, “Well what if there’s one you don’t get out of?” She asks, cocking her head. She sighs, “Look, think about it this way. He’s your safety net. You don’t use him all the time but when you really need some help, he’ll be there.”

The other woman crosses her arms, almost childishly and stares at the side of Taeyong’s head where she can see a small smile threatening his lips. She grunts, “I hate it when you’re right.”

He’s got this air of disappointment that radiates from his body in waves and makes her gut churn. She feels like she’s on the edge of her seat, waiting for the pin to drop in a silent room but he’s stubborn and so she’s sure the pin will never land.

She flicks through the radio channels, landing on an old Jazz one her mother used to love and then sits back in her seat with a sigh. She glances at him. She sighs again, louder. He doesn’t even register her presence. She rolls her eyes, “Are you going to say anything?” she begs.

He ignores her.

She crosses her arms, “Come on, I wasn’t in any danger other than maybe one too many tequila shots and I made it so easy for you to find me. I don’t normally leave a note!” she cries.

He doesn’t say anything.

She huffs, leaning back in the car seat as he continues to drive carefully along the highway, “I just wanted to have some fun.” she mutters. “You know, nobody in there looked at me like I was anyone other than some girl dancing. No-one even paid attention to me, I was just some other person who was there to drink and hang out with friends. Why couldn’t you let me have that, even just for a few minutes?” she demands, almost angrily.

This time he turns the radio up.

It’s barely on for a second before she twists the button at lightening speed until the volume reaches ear shattering levels of intensity. “What the hell are you doing?” Taeyong demands, nearly swerving the car in shock and turning the volume down as fast as he can.

She smiles coldly, “Oh, he talks!” she cries sarcastically, “Maybe he can stop ignoring me and actually say something because this silence is killing me.”

“What do you want me to say?” he almost hisses, but barely manages to control his voice.

She throws her arms up, “I don’t know! How disappointed you are!? How angry you are that I made you trek across town! How annoyed you are that I snuck out! How you’re going to tell me dad! just say something, anything!” she exclaims.

He purses his lips, his hands tightening around the wheel until his knuckles turn white. But he hesitates to say anything. “My job is to protect you.” he starts slowly, almost carefully, “My job is not to be angry at you or scold you like you’re a child, my job is to keep you safe.” he pauses, “But you clearly don’t want to be protected.”

She frowns, cocking her head as he exits the highway and stops at a red light, “What does that mean?”

He glances at her and has to tear his eyes away because she looks like a puppy caught in the headlights. Her cheeks are flushed from the cold and her hair smells like vodka. Her skirt is short and he can see the goosebumps on her thighs but she just hugs herself tighter and doesn’t ask him to turn the heating on.

He swallows, looking at the road ahead, “Nothing.” he mutters under his breath.

Before she can say anything, he turns the volume up again. (And eventually she feels her seat warming up and stops shivering and realised he’s turned the heating on as well.)

She makes him breakfast the next morning to apologise and he’s wary at first, “Is it poisoned?” he questions, raising an eyebrow and tugging at the suit he’s wearing.

She rolls her eyes, “Yeah there’s cyanide in the eggs and antifreeze in your juice.” she states sarcastically. She sits on the other side of the counter and watches him pick up a piece of the omelette she’s made. She bites the tip of her thumb as he chews and chews and… keeps chewing. “So?” she asks carefully.

He looks up at her, “Are you sure you made this?” he asks disbelievingly.

She smiles, “Yeah, is it good?” she asks almost excitedly.

“No, I just never expected you to make something so awful that it actually made me question my will to live.” he states in all seriousness.

Her mouth is slightly apart and her eyebrows are pinched above her nose, “Wha- what’s wrong with it!” she cries incredulously, coming around to stand beside him.

He stares at her, “What’s wrong with it?” he demands. He pulls out a hard white solid from the mouthful he still hasn’t swallowed, “First of all, there is shell in here.” he wrinkles his nose and turns around to spit the mouthful into the trash. He wipes his lips with the back of his hand, “Second of all I’m almost 100% sure that the eggs you used have been in the fridge for three months and third of all-” he uses his fork to stab at the omelette and pulls out a black block of what looks like jelly, “what in the hell is this?”

She crosses her arms, “Oh, and suddenly you’re a five star chef?” She demands.

He raises his eyebrows, glancing around the kitchen. He smirks at her and points to the seats around the island, “Sit. I’m going to show you what good food tastes like.”

He shrugs off his jacket and rolls up the sleeves to his shirt. He runs his hand through his hair and grabs hold of the pan and she just watches him from where she’s rooted in her seat. His eyes are soft and kind but his jaw could slice butter and he moves like he’s got a purpose. “Why do you wear a suit?” She asks absentmindedly.

He hums, “What do you mean?” He asks as he turns the gas on.

She shrugs, “Well, it’s just me and I’m not planning on going to a black tie event today, so there’s really no point in the suit.”

“Actually,” he begins, holding a finger up as if to say wait a minute, “There is a point.”

She cocks her head, “Care to share?”

He glances at her over his shoulder and suddenly his posture stiffens. He takes a deep breath, “I have a life outside of you, princess.” He almost mocks, but there’s a playful tone to his voice so she breathes a small laugh. “I have to go to work, debrief, anything strange I saw anyone who looked at you funny, anyone who wants to hurt you. And at at work, I have to wear a suit.”

She frowns as she watches him shuffle the eggs around the pan, “Can you take me there?” She asks tentatively.

He pauses, his hand still wrapped around the panhandle and the sound of the eggs sizzling is suddenly extremely prominent in the room. “No.” He says, and he goes back to cooking.

“Why not?”

He blinks and turns to look at her, his arms crossed, “You wouldn’t fit in.” He states. She frowns, crinkling her nose and he can see the anger brewing in her eyes, but she doesn’t say anything because she can see he has more he wants to tell her. “You’re not like them.” he adds, “You don’t look for the worst in people and you’re not suspicious of everyone you come into contact with.” he shrugs, “You’re untainted by that place and I’d like it to remain that way, okay?”

She stares at him because she never knew he thought that way about her. He’s got this look in his eyes like he’s scared she’ll press him further on it and ask him what he means, but she just nods, “Okay.”

She’s wide awake and it’s seven o'clock in the morning. Her hair is tangled in knots and her eyes are barely open as she sits up in her bed with her back hunched and questions all of her life choices to date. She’s surrounded by open books with words of the highest intellect sprawled in rushed 4am handwriting and exhausted letters that spell out ‘more research needed.’

She sighs loudly, gathering them all into a pile as she drags herself out of bed, it beckons her for a swift return but she needs to get this research finished. She hasn’t told her father yer that she enrolled at a university, he didn’t think she needed it when they had all this money but she was so curious about the world and the people in it that she’d enrolled anyway. Considering her stature and situation the university were very understanding and allowed her to work from home, only to send in assignments and come in once in awhile for help on something she was struggling on.

She pushes her curtains apart and pauses when she notices a figure standing on the back porch. Taeyong is stood, facing the gardens that shine under the sun and he seems to be mesmerised by the sight. The light catches his jaw when he turns and feathers through his hair and her breath catches in her throat.

He turns to glance up at her window and she gasps, closing the curtains as fast as she can. Oh no. She shakes her head, stop it. She slithers onto her bed, begging for both more sleep and a further avoidance of him and groans loudly. Her phone vibrates;

Tae: I made you breakfast.

Her: is it poisoned?

She kicks the various clothes that lie on her floor and sits down at her desk, dropping the chair and throwing her books onto the table. Her phone vibrates again;

Tae: yeah there cyanide in your eggs and antifreeze in your juice.

She smirks.

Her: did you make pancakes?

She really shouldn’t go downstairs. She’ll talk to him, chat about everything under the sun, get roped into watching a movie or even going out for a walk and she’ll never make it upstairs to finish her work. She’ll spend too much time with him and then reality will come crashing down because he’s not hers and he’s paid to spend time with her.

Tae: your favourite.

She takes a deep breath.

Her: thanks but I’m not hungry, you eat them.

What seems like twenty second later there’s a soft knock at her door. She hums, “Yes?” and glances up from her laptop.

Taeyong slides through the door and stands at the entrance, slightly confused with his eyes trained on her. “What’s wrong?” He asks.

She frowns, “What do you mean?” She asks, leaning back in her chair, suddenly aware that she’s dressed in her pyjamas.  

He shrugs, “You don’t usually say no to pancakes, no matter what mood you’re in.” He pauses, noticing the papers strewn about on her desk, “What’s this?” He asks, picking one up. He notices the scribbles and the angry letters of 4am incompetency and he raises an eyebrow.

She snatches it back, “Nothing.” She mutters, sliding it beneath her other papers.

He shuffles closer, until he’s almost hovering over her and looks at the works she’s been doing, “What is all this? Are you going to school?” he asks, both curious and surprised.

She shrugs uncomfortably, “Yeah, so?” she almost snaps, harsher than she intended.

He pauses, “Your dad doesn’t know does he?”

She takes a beat, “Are you going to tell him?” her voice sounds small and almost worried.

He frowns, “Why would I do that? a) it’s none of my business and b) I think it’s very admirable of you.” he explains with a proud look in his eyes.

She scoffs, “Yeah if only I was smart enough to actually do the work.” she mutters angrily, throwing the pen onto the table and sighing loudly.

He pulls the stool from her make up table and sits next to her, slapping his thighs and shrugging off his jacket. “I’ll help you, what are you doing?” he asks.

She takes a moment to narrow her eyes at him. He seems serious, like he wants to make sure she does well and she feels her heart swell in her chest. She smiles, turning back to her computer and handing him one of the textbooks she has, “I’m writing a dissertation about the impact that religion has had on a specially cultivated group of people from all over the world but i’m having trouble finding information of certain specific tribal religions because they weren’t discovered until recently and there is nothing online about them.” she explains. He stares at her, a small smile on his lips and she pauses, “What?” she asks, her cheeks dusted pink.

“Nothing,” He shakes his head, “You’re just amazing.” he blurts.

She bites her lip, her heart hammering in her chest and she looks down at her feet, “You’re an idiot.” she jokes.

“I saw that.” he states, sliding up beside her at the food table.

She barely glances at him, picking up an au d'oeuvres and moves along the table, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” she says as she holds lifts the side of her dress so that it doesn’t get caught on her heels.

The ballroom is majestically large with hundreds of waiters that wonder around handing out flutes of champagne and napkins where people’s phone numbers have since been scribbled on in an attempt to lure the wade of rich old men here into sharing their fortunes. There’s young children dressed in their finest clothes and parents who let them run around throwing food at each other.

The King of some Country or other is hosting and there are body guards that surround the room. “You avoided the cameras and hid from the guards and then walked away like you hadn’t done anything.” he adds.

She shrugs, “Again, I think you have the wrong person.” but there’s a slight smirk that threatens the corner of her mouth and he knows she’s proud of herself. Spiking the punch is such an age old tradition that she’s been continuing for a while now, and has yet to be caught.

He pauses, narrowing his eyes, “I’m actually quite impressed.” he states and this time she just smiles. “I’ve also seen you eyeing up the fire escape that just happens to be in a blind spot so i’m perfectly aware that you’re planning as escape.”

“I knew you saw me.” She moves along the buffet, picking and eating different small tasters and nods, “Why do you think i’m still here.” she adds.

He pauses, “If you want to leave that’s okay, I’ll take you wherever you want to go.”

She stops and stares at him, “You’re not going to force me to stay?” She asks mildly confused.

He shakes his head, “You clearly don’t want to be here.” He pauses, “I’ve learnt that I can’t make you do something you don’t want to do. If you can’t beat them join them right?” He explains.

She smiles, “Great. Let’s get the car.” She reaches into a well hidden picket among the layers of fabric and produced the keys, “You’re going to need these.” She states.

He frowns, “Did you pick pocket the valet?” He asks, his mouth slightly ajar.

She corner of her lips lifts into a smile and she shrugs, “You knew I was planning an escape.”

It takes them ten minutes to sneak out, undetected by bodyguards and cameras. Ten more to steal some desert and smuggle it into the car and only five to finally drive off. “Where to princess?” He asks from the front seat, eyeing her in the driving mirror.

She glances at him, then her watch which reads 11:12pm, and then out of the window with a sigh. “Home please.” She says quietly with a soft and tired smile, “I’d like to go home.”

And he watches her eyes follow cars and streaks of light in the sky with almost childlike wonder as she plays with the fabric of her dress. She runs her fingers through her hair and a small absentminded smile makes its way onto her face and he thinks fuck, this is bad.

“Hey.” she says, glancing up from her phone at Taeyong from where he stands at her front door. He seems perplexed, his hair strewn at strange angles and he seems panicked, rushed. “What’s wrong?” she frowns.

Her pushes past her, throwing a glance behind him and pushing the door closed, “I’m not supposed to tell you, I shouldn’t even be here.” he says, pushing her further into the house until they reach the kitchen.

“What are you talking about?” she asks, frowning as she lets him hold onto her arm like an anchor. He’s pacing, running his fingers through his hair, “You’re starting to scare me, what happened?” she demands.

He stops and looks at her. And they stand apart for what seems like minutes but what could have been seconds before he walks slowly over to her, like he’s approaching a sacred animal. He reaches out, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear and her breath catches in her throat. “I’ve been called out on a mission.” he says quietly.

Her eyes are round in shock and she stammers, “You’re leaving?” she asks carefully, “For how long?”

His body is so close to hers and her heart hammers in her chest. Her palms are sweating and his breath fans her lips, “I don’t know.” he murmurs, twisting the ends of her hair in between his fingers. “I just had to tell you.” he adds.

She stares up at him as his other hand comes to rest on the counter behind her, almost trapping her against his body. “Are you…” going to miss me? Here to say goodbye? “Are you packed?” she asks, feigning supportiveness, “Are you going somewhere warm? Maybe get a tan?” she asks, attempting to smile.

He grimaces, “Don’t do that.” he almost begs. “I can see you’re upset.”

She shrugs, looking down at her feet, “Of course i’m upset, you’re my friend.” she pauses, “I’ll miss you.” she states quietly.

He uses his index finger to lift her chin until their eyes meet. “I’ll come back for you.” he states and she can feel the message behind his words. His eyes are soft and kind and he can feel the sadness that radiates from her body, maybe he should have done something about them before? Maybe he shouldn’t have waited so long until they were pulled apart by higher powers.

She smiles, trying her best not to cry and holds out her pinky, “You promise?” she asks, almost like a child.

But he pushes her hand away, knots his fingers in her hair and pulls her in for a kiss. Her arms wrap around his waist, pulling him closer to her body as his other hand comes to rest on her cheek. It’s like chocolate sliding into her mouth and like she’s lying on a cloud, like the world is coming together and she can finally see clearly. 

He pulls away, his breath fanning her lips and he smiles like his dream have just come true, “I promise.”

#4 | Love In Times of War | Gwash x Reader

A/N: This took way longer than it should’ve. I am so sorry for the delay! My phone kept deleting my draft and I have to rewrite it over and over again.

I also can’t write in hamiltime. It’s crappy as hell.

Warning: mentions of war


George watched everyone interact around the ballroom.

Philip Schuyler was hosting a Winter’s Ball tonight, and George was taking this time to relieve himself of the stress. War always came with heavy prices.

The physical exhaustion cannot compare to the mental exhaustion he faced. The wounds from battle can be healed through medicine but thoughts of strategies and sacrifice are burdens that can be drowned in alcohol. That would’ve been temporary, still.

He watched his men be merry and enjoy the night as if there was no war looming over them. Particularly, he observed his new aide-de-camp, Alexander Hamilton, interact with two of the Schuyler Sisters.

George observed as Hamilton chat with the eldest sister, Angelica Schuyler, before being dragged by said sister to Elizabeth Schuyler. From afar, he already knew how the story will play out. It was pitiful to watch.

Sacrifice. It’s a painful thing.

He drifted around the ballroom, stopping to chat with his men. The smiles he received were genuine. Unlike at war. Grimaces.

A clack of heels interrupted his conversation with one of his lieutenants. “Bonjour, General,” the Marquis greeted.

“Hello, Lafayette,” George greeted warmly, “Are you enjoying yourself?” Lafayette’s smile stretched into a grin.

“Oui! I have the greatest pleasure of meeting (Y/N).” He gestured to the lady in his arm. George stared in awe at the beauty beside his trusted soldier.

Her (H/C) locks were elegantly tied back to show her angelic face. The gown she dressed in accentuated her body beautifully.

“Mr. Lafayette,” (Y/N) said, “I think your greatest pleasure will be the next lady you will approach.” She smirked deviously as she nudged him towards the stranded Schuyler Sister.

“That, it will be.” Lafayette straightened his coat, winking at (Y/N). “I’ll also leave you be with the man you’ll have the greatest pleasure of meeting,” Lafayette cackled and left (Y/N) in a blubbering, blushing mess.

George turned to look at the lieutenant he was talking to but found an empty space. He must’ve excused himself when Lafayette approached. Now it was only him and (Y/N).

“So, General,” (Y/N) started. He turned to her and smiled.

“Please, just George, miss (Y/N),” he said.

“Then call me just (Y/N). No need for the ‘miss’.” Her shy smile made George’s heart beat faster, uncharacteristical for a general.

“May I offer you a dance, (Y/N)?” He held out a hand and bowed slightly. She took his hand, smiling.



She was too enchanting.

George danced with (Y/N) the entire night, talking of trivial things and sometimes bordered on serious topics.

“Lafayette seems to be enjoying himself a little too much, don’t you think?” (Y/N) snickered as she watched the French man chugging down a flute of champagne in rapid pace.

“From all the events these past few months, he dearly deserves happiness whilst temporary,” commented George off-handedly.

(Y/N) casted her eyes downward. “Bliss is a scarcity in times of war,” she said softly under her breath. George heard what she said and turned to her with a look of sadness.

“You mustn’t worry about that (Y/N),” he chided gently, “There is always joy in the simplest things.” He held her hand in an act of comfort.

She smiled at him as a thankful gesture. “You are the sweetest, George. Thank you,” she said.

As (Y/N) looked on, watching the soldiers and ladies circle the ballroom, George mustered all the courage he could gather and took a deep breath.

“(Y/N).” She faced George in curiousity.

“Yes?” she questioned.

“I-” he let out a shaky breath-“I would like to court you, (Y/N).” She blinked once before registering his words. A shy smile crept on her face.

“It would be an honor.”


George loved (Y/N) with all his heart. Through the letters he responded with her from the warfront, he fell in love with her with her sweet and gentle words that never failed to calm him.

It sort of frightened his men at how lovestruck their commander was. Alexander once accidentally stumbled upon George reading the letters; he thought that it wasn’t his usually stoic leader for he had an uncharacteristical smile on his face.

He couldn’t blame him though. Whenever Eliza would send him a letter, he felt like there was no war and she is there ready to hug him. Love alleviates suffering.

Everything that George did, he dedicated to (Y/N). He fought the war for her. He sacrificed for her. He risked his own life for her.

He loved her too much in that short moment of time. Despite the lack of actual communication, he knew she loved him back. Their letters to each other might as well need not for words. Their feelings so strongly displayed in each envelope.

Through the long months of bloodshed and tears, the war was won. George never tasted victory as sweet as this.

(Y/N). His mind wandered to the woman who held him together even when they were far apart.

He was anxiously waiting for the perfect time to propose to her.

Once he comes home, he’ll go directly to (Y/N)’s residence, talk to her parents and hope they agree. If things go well, he’ll be marrying the love of his life.


It was as daunting as going to war.

Dressed in his usual general outfif, George Washington looked ready to fight. And he was going to fight for (Y/N)’s hand.

He took confident strides to the (L/N) residence. Even as a maid opened the door for him, he exuded confidence as he entered the household.

His steps faltered when he came face-to-face with Mr. (L/N).

Mr. (L/N), a rich merchant well known for his negotiation skills. George hoped he stood a chance in winning his daughter’s hand.

And that he did.

“Take good care of her, Mr. Washington.” Mr. (L/N) gripped his hand menacingly. “I do not want my daughter to feel miserable in her life.”

“I will, Mr. (L/N). I will not let any harm befall on her,” promised George with a confident voice.

“I’m sure you won’t.” The man’s gaze softened as he looked through the wall. “(Y/N), you can step out of your hiding place. I presume you would like to speak to your fiancé.” (Y/N) sheepishly smiled at her father as she stepped out behind the wall. He embraced her tightly before walking out and leaving her and George alone.

She made the first move, running to him and wrapping her arms around his waist.

“I can’t stop thinking about you.” Her voice was muffled by his suit.

“Me too,” George whispered, cradling her in his arms gently.

“I’m so paranoid, thinking that the war would be lost, or you might be slaughtered in an ambush. Maybe you went to fight in the frontlines and got wounded badly. So many possibilities, and I might lose you.” She held him tighter, tears threatening to spill.

“But the war is now over. Everything will be fine. We have each other and now, there’s no threat of danger,” soothed George. “We’re okay.”

“We’re okay.”

Gates of Glory, part 4

Loki x Reader

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Loki studied the woman in front of him. He realised that the power she held was great, greater than he wanted to admit. Not only were her skills on the battlefield remarkable, but her brilliance was intriguing. She posed a threat, unless she was made to be an ally. Loki wiped his shock and anger away, made a welcoming hand gesture and laughed: “My plan.”

“Indeed”, Y/N replied, “Let’s think this through. You’ve got Thor banished, locked up in Midgard. Without Heimdall, he won’t return. If you tell him to close the Bifrost, which, I suppose, you will right after our conversation, Thor cannot return until you allow it. As for Odin… well, he will awake sometime. What is it you want to do with the sceptre you’re wielding in this limited time?”

“Asgard would have crumbled beneath the pressure of war, if Thor had taken the throne, we’d be having an eye to eye with Jotunheim this very second! By banishing Thor, I can delay his reign enough to fix the mistakes my brother has made”, Loki answered, raising his voice just a little.

“That sounds”, Y/N made an amused expression, “Very heroic. However, you wanted him to make that mistake, did you not? Without your little spell, he would not have entered Jotunheim in the first place. Loki, remember the talk we had just before the ceremony? On the terrace. You know I share your concerns regarding Thor. If I wanted to betray you, I could have done that by now multiple times. I could have warned Heimdall, the All-father on that evening. I could have gone to Heimdall after discovering your actions today, and I could have let him hear you. I did not do that. Why is that?”

Loki pressed his lips together before he raised his eyebrows: “I’m sure you will tell me right about now.”

“Because I’m interested to see your strategy”, Y/N elaborated, “and we have stood aside each other for a long time now. As said, I won’t kneel to you, but I will assist you.”

“What makes you believe I need your assistance?”, he asked in a dismissive voice.

“You may not need it now”, Y/N replied, “But if your plan were to fail and Thor to survive, then you might want to know a few people you can trust, as Asgard will chase you.”

“You’d become a traitor for that?”, he asked amusedly and dismissively at the same time.

“Not really”, Y/N shrugged, “I can’t become what I already am.”

“A traitor?”, he huffed, “Do you truly know what that implies?”

“Loki, I am not from Asgard”, Y/N reminded him, “I chose to join the Gods that rule over my realm. For many, that would be treason. Furthermore, I never told Odin of your plans, which is a direct violation of my oath as his warrior. Are you blind to see you’re not the only one who works… independently?”

“And what is your goal? The throne? Power?”, he asked with an eyebrow raised.

“I am not interested in the throne. What I want, however, is to prove them wrong”, Y/N hissed, “Your birth right was to be king, my birth right was to be burned in a sacrificial ritual!” Y/N turned her head away: “I do not know how much you know about Vanaheim, but some of them worship their ancestors as superior gods. Every 100 years, a child chosen by the eldest is burned during a sacrificial ritual. I was that child. My mentor, who had seen my talents, who had given me the power of Yggdrasil - she didn’t want to lose me. So she made me lie to my parents to lead them into a trap. She killed them, escaped with me. We went into hiding for so long. Until I was strong enough, old enough to join Asgard’s army.”

Loki’s gaze searched for Y/N’s eyes: “And why are you telling me this now?”

Y/N laughed dryly: “I’ve lied long enough, did I not? No, I thought it was only fair for you to know me, my history, if we work together. Helgunn, that’s how my parents called me. Y/N L/N was the name I took on whilst hiding. I’ve never returned to Vanaheim in all these years you have known me, because all that awaits me is a nation that once wanted to see me burn.”

“And that’s why you’re here”, Loki concluded, “To prove them that you were strong enough to survive.”

“I am here”, Y/N nodded, “To prove them that I do not need their dead’s blessings to be worthy.”

“Joining Asgard’s army might just be the one thing they call unworthy”, Loki stated flatly.

“I’d call my affiliation a lot more… ambiguous than that”, Y/N retorted with a dry smile on her lips, “Asgard has the fighting spirit Vanaheim has been lacking. And, frankly, the resources my realm never had.”

“Fine then”, Loki reached out to Y/N’s hand, “Under the terms that I will kill you if you tried to betray me, we have a deal.”

“Under the terms that I will put up a fight”, Y/N specified.

“You’re talking to a god, remember?”, he asked with a grin.

“You’re talking to a warrior”, Y/N replied flatly.

“Alright”, Loki took Y/N’s hand: “We have a deal, then.”


When walking to her chambers, Y/N thought about the plan Loki had told her after their handshake. It was a risky one, Y/N thought. There were too many variables, especially Heimdall was a danger. Y/N sat on her bed, staring at the wall. Her sword lay in her hands as she thought about the next moves. Y/N knew that Odin was out of the game for several days if not weeks, and, considering what Frigga had said, maybe forever. Thor, on the other hand, was the big X in the equation. Somehow, Y/N doubted he’d let him be locked up without his powers on Midgard forever. Though he had always had a thing for Midgard, he was too obsessed with his own greatness, with his own power to miss out on it. And the throne, how he adored the sceptre of Odin. Chances were that his friends, Sif, Fandral and the others would disobey royal orders again to go to Earth to help Thor find his hammer and get his powers back. That hammer was the loose end in the plan as no one really knew how it defined ‘worthiness’. Y/N sighted quietly and opened her drawer with her weapons. She took them out, one by one, and started to clean and sharpen them. Not only did that kill time, it also served a practical purpose in case of an imminent fight.

“I didn’t tell you the entire plan before”, Loki announced the following night when they met near a cave next to a pond at the edge of Asgard, where it was easy to block Heimdall from seeing them.

Y/N’s face didn’t change: “To be honest, I am not surprised. You always keep secrets.”

“No, not really. I mean, I do. But that’s different. I… adapted the plan”, Y/N could see the dark smile on his face, “After discovering my past.”

“So what’s the adaption? Do you want the frost giants to take over Asgard, rule over them and force the nine realms into submission?”, Y/N asked sceptically.

Loki laughed amused: “I am no madman.”

“Sometimes, it does feel like it”, Y/N commented dryly.

“Brilliance is often confused with insanity”, he replied, “But no, that is not the adaption. If anything, it’s quite the opposite. I will lure Laufey into Odin’s chamber where they will attempt to kill him. However, I will kill them before they do. Their infiltration will be the deceptive story that I need to destroy Jotunheim and every single being in it.” His voice became determined, somewhat bitter. Driven.

“You want to destroy an entire realm?”, Y/N asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Jotunheim holds no value to me, or Asgard. Its existence is a sheer… waste of nerves”, Loki replied without a single emotion reflected on his face.

“I do not weep over a species I grew up fearing”, Y/N retorted quietly, “But remember that killing them won’t wipe your history. It may give you the illusion of redemption, but it will still be there. Watching my parents die didn’t wipe the memories of them telling me my only purpose was to die for them.”

Loki’s eyes changed to something much darker, something, Y/N had never seen before but that second he struggled to find words when hearing the truth from Odin: “Yes. However, I am so familiar with illusions that sometimes, they just become the truth.”

“You did not grow up in Jotunheim. Their customs are unfamiliar to you, their deeds not yours. Just because you have the same capability of them does not make you the same”, Y/N stated quietly, unsure of what to say.

“Doesn’t it? If it didn’t, why did Odin want to save me from the truth? Being from Jotunheim isn’t like being from Vanaheim. The frost giants might just be the only thing Asgard and Vanaheim hate equally - the feared monster, lurking behind the corner”, Loki’s voice had a calm bitterness to it that startled Y/N.

“You can try to run”, Y/N spoke softly, “But you cannot outrun your true nature. You can only accept it.”

“And even if I accepted this”, Loki turned towards her, revealing his appearance of a frost giant, “How do you expect people to react?”

Y/N pressed her lips together and took his hand: “Loki, Asgard was built on the principal of tolerance. Whether they like it or not, they will have to accept it. And I… how can’t I accept a foreigner when I myself am one? The most realms of the nine are not that different, Midgard, Asgard, Vanaheim, Jotunheim - so many ideological differences were created by ourselves. I don’t care whether you are an Asgardian or a frost giant, we’re just as different, no matter what you are.”

“When I fought you in the hall that day”, Loki spoke whilst looking at her hand in his, “I knew that you were unlike the rest. For a warrior, you are truly remarkable.”

Y/N huffed sarcastically: “For a god and prince, you are unsurprisingly arrogant.”

“Excuse me, but that was supposed to be a compliment”, he retorted with a faint smile.

“Unnatural to hear that from you, considering you called me wretched creature about 24 hours ago”, Y/N replied amusedly.

“You threatened me” he defended himself.

“I saw right through you, I did not threaten you”, Y/N corrected.

“Well, I’d say I am not used to that very thing”, he replied with a grin.

“Well, I’d say you better get used to it quickly”, Y/N suggested, “I don’t intend to run away just yet.”

“Very well, Y/N. I shall be your companion, then”, Loki stated quietly.

“I won’t disappoint you”, Y/N promised impishly.

“Till now”, he replied, “I can’t remember you ever have.”

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holyfant  asked:

We got our cat one of those enrichment feeding trees about a month ago, but she refuses to use it. She went without eating for the first three days we had it, and wouldn't try to get the food out no matter how many times we tried to show her. In the end we just pushed out the kibble ourselves, which she then ate. I guess we trained her now that we'll do it, maybe? I can't figure out if she's just too stubborn to use it or if she doesn't get how it works. Should we keep trying or give up?

Both! I’d keep trying, but make sure she has access to other food - you really don’t want cats to not eat for long periods (it can be dangerous for them). I’d give her some of her regular kibble, and then put super high value treats or food in the feeding tree. Make it into a game you bring out sometimes where she gets a ton of food and attention for even sniffing it - you’re going to artificially inflate the value of interacting with it until she starts doing it on her own. Then see if she’ll paw at it or if you can help her figure out how to get food from it herself. 

‘Bad Things’ [ Reylo Request :  Star Wars Fan Art ]

Hey guys!! XD I’m back! and I finally have my break from university, so I continued with the requests I received long time ago!!!!!! 

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I received a lovely request from Anon of ‘My idea of Reylo in Modern AU’. (I lost the original request post along the way because I re-blog and like a lot of stuffs… damn…)

I honestly have seen so many AU for this ship, and I LOVE all of them and my idea of their modern would be something basic…like art/history teacher-student AU or maybe just a normal university AU. But I have seen a lot of people drew those, therefore I decided to go with other idea such as…. The Gangster AU, lols. So Kylo as a leader of gangster group while Rey is a normal orphan who met the dangerous man at some of her friend’s party, since then she start to be influenced by him.. something kinda like that.

Anyway here you go lovely anon! XD

Ps. I drew this while listening to

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About the motivation thing, this could be way wrong, but I feel like Keith has a really strong instinct(??unsure of this being the right word to use here) to protect those around him and that could be a part of what motivates him to fight the Garla? In the first episode when they're all arguing over whether to stay and fight or run, Keith's argument is "If we run they could just destroy this planet anyway before chasing us so we have no choice but to stay", like at that point they /cont

hadn’t even been on the planet for very long but he’s so determined to defend it anyway. They hadn’t even met the Arusians yet either. Keith just decided that this random planet needed to be saved and that as long as it was being threatened they couldn’t leave. Then at the part when Pidge tries to leave the team, he gets really aggressive in telling her she can’t leave because “we can’t form Voltron, and that means we can’t defend the universe” + the “everyone has a family” comment(which always stuck out to me because he himself is an orphan). Like idk this kid just seems to really want to protect everything he can, so when faced with an enemy that is destroying so many lives on such a large scale, it makes sense that he’d want to put an end to it as soon as possible. There’s probably more to it, but I feel like that’s definitely part of his strong motive to fight the Galra? /done (sorry this got so long aaaa 

I agree, Keith is very heroic.

But what made him like that? What did he experience? 

Like, Lance, Hunk and Pidge are pretty caring and heroic people too, but it takes them time to get to the point where they understand what it is exactly they are fighting for and we get to see that. (Hunk, after the Balmera arc when he sees what Zarkon does to people. Pidge, after she goes against Sendak and realizes she always wanted to be a part of a great team like this and do something great, and Lance.. well, we haven’t seen anything for Lance yet. But I would say right now he’s fighting to protect his earth family and definitely for glory and fame and later it was implied to become for love)

Allura’s, Coran’s and Shiro’s motivation is made pretty clear aswell.

But we don’t get a reason for Keith, this is why we are speculating right now. They really didn’t tell us what drives him yet.

And it’s not just his motivation, I think that’s alot of things combined that kinda still keep Keith surrounded in alot mystery even now that we know he does have Galra blood in him.

Like, how did he sense Red and Blue? (as far as we know, sensing the lions is an Altean ability only..)

And you know what, Keith really gives me a “prince" vibe. Like a prince who had a father that did something that really hurt alot of people (and I’m not implying anything by that, It’s just the vibe I get from him)

Keith definitely has some sort of complex with leadership, and it’s not just “daddy issues” like “my father wasn’t a good father”, because then maybe he would just have fatherhood issues and he’d be very motivated to be a good father. Or if his issue is just him losing his family then maybe he’d be more about keeping what he considers his family now, safe. And not be so much about the entire universe and the greater good. 

And that scene with Pidge, I know alot of people interpret it as Keith’s abandonment issues, but I don’t think he’s upset Pidge is leaving him, I think he’s more upset she is being selfish and putting so many other people in danger. 

All that scene I think was about “Greater good comes before family and people you care about” to Keith. (And I think it gets even more emphasized in S2E8)

Keith’s thing seems to be more about being a leader of people, It just seems on a much greater scale to me.

Like maybe if Keith had experienced a war or slavery as a kid (which would also explain why he always wants to carve his own path and doesn’t let anyone command him) then I would get why he would be so much about peace and safety for everyone in the universe.

But his past as an “orphan” that lived alone in the desert on earth somewhere before enlisting in the Garrison just doesn’t explain it for me personally..

Like, Keith is not like Lance, I don’t think he like dreams of being a hero and a savior and just wants people to love him. Like it doesn’t seem like a “self worth” thing to me. But seems like he is trying to prove something.

“His naivete mixed with his sheer will to make things happen for himself means his hotheadedness may be be viewed as a defense mechanism.  He comes from an obviously difficult and mysterious past that pushes him to be great.“ [X]

Maybe something like “I will be better than ____” or maybe something like “ I want to be as great as _____”, that’s the thing I’m getting from him.

Like I dunno..

I dun have any evidence and it doesn’t make sense at this point, but I feel like there might be a reason why this bothered him so much and why we hear him say this line here.

It just really seems to me that it’s very very important to Keith to be a good leader of people.

For some reason..

Maybe it’s just something Shiro put in him, maybe he’s seen what bad leadership does somehow, I dunno..

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© 2014 Katarina Jones


Lara’s eyes watered, she shook her head and took a deep breath, repeating over and over in her head that she was stronger than a crying little brat. She wiped her teary eyes away with the back of her hand and turned around on her heel.

It was then that she vowed to force herself to stop wanting Lucas.

She had to face reality and the reality of her situation was clear; Lucas didn’t want her other than to treat her like a little sister. Yes it bothered her but she also realized that maybe she had just laid eyes on the wrong guy.

Maybe if he hadn’t been her step-brother, she wouldn’t have wanted him as much as she did now. She couldn’t understand it; she knew of his player ways, she knew the amount of broken hearts he left behind and how many crying girls left their houses whenever Lucas dropped the major bomb.

She knew she was stepping on dangerous grounds as soon as she saw Lucas differently, but there was nothing she could do about it.

Heaving out a sigh, Lara closed her door behind her and suddenly felt all the vulnerability taking over her. A small sob escaped her lips and she groaned. She didn’t want to cry over this! It was stupid to do so!

There were plenty of guys out there that she could sleep with and try to find pleasure; Lucas wasn’t the last man in the world!

Nonetheless, Lara didn’t feel any better. Again she turned to Jonah for comfort and quickly dialed his number.

After a couple of rings, her friend answered the call. “What’s up, baby girl?”

“Jonah,” Lara whimpered, “he’s fucking some whore.”

Jonah widened his eyes from the other line almost dropping his turkey sub and said, “He’s what?! No! Ugh, Luc what are you doing, honey?” he shook his head, taking a deep breath and said, “Lara, baby, don’t you worry, I’m going to take Friday off so that we can spend it together.”

Lara hid her face in her pillows, groaning, “But that’s two days away!”

He rolled his eyes, taking a sip from his herbal tea and cleared his throat, “It’s two days away, but it’ll give you enough time to fix your shit, honey. Maybe you’ll be talking to Lucas by the time I get there. Now stop crying because it makes you look ugly.”

A small giggle escaped her lips, making Jonah smile in the other end and she mumbled, “Ugh, I’ve never lost my cool like this, Jo, what the hell is he doing to me?!”

“Mm,” he shrugged, running his fingers through his dark black hair, “life works in mysterious ways, baby. Now go to sleep because it’s late and I have to meet up with the girls for tomorrow’s fashion show.”

“Don’t leave me,” she whimpered, jokingly and then said, “alright, I’ll see you Friday?”

“Definitely, boo, and remember, try to sort your shit with Lucas so that by the time I get there y’all can be talking.”

They bid their goodnights, wishing each other sweet dreams and then hung up. As soon as the call ended, Lara felt alone. She wanted to cry again like a pathetic dumbass, but she forced herself to sleep.

As her sleep became heavy, Lara hoped that Jo would be right. She hoped that by Friday Lucas and her were already acting like siblings—or maybe something better than siblings.


Two days went by surprisingly quick—surprisingly because Lara had no type of communication with anyone other than her B.O.B and even he was failing her.

She was sexually frustrated and Lucas hadn’t even spared her a damn glance.

The anger was eating her insides slowly, leaving behind a dark void. She felt so neglected by him that she had resorted to eating Chips Ahoy, the delicious chocolate chip cookies topped with a bit of whipped cream and even more chocolate drizzle—it was whatever could get her mind off the pain.

She was also angry at herself; she didn’t expect herself to stoop so low! Lara had always been one to take care of her body; she treated it like a temple that always needed care—and right now her body wasn’t the only thing that needed cleansing.

Lucas had been going in and out of the house, not even telling her where he was going. He didn’t even leave notes to inform her of his whereabouts. Not that Lara minded much, but it bothered her how much of a coward he was being.

After their amazing kiss he hadn’t even breathed the same air she did and it was making her want to punch him so hard he would forget his own name. She wanted to fuck him as much as she wanted to beat him up.

It still surprised her. She thought that by now, her sexual desire for her step-brother would have gone away, but somehow it only increased and since her body had weirdly craved the presence of Lucas, she was now in a full-on heat battle.

Jonah had told her that he would be at her house around seven to help her get ready. Tonight she was in his hands and as she glanced at the clock she realized that she only had a couple of minutes before her beloved gay friend strutted into her room and yank her hair into weird styles.

Begrudgingly, Lara pulled herself out of bed and forced herself into the bathroom. She took an extremely hot shower, leaving behind red spots on her delicate skin and washed her hair to make it smell like kiwi.

Jonah walked into Lara’s messy room and shook his head. Of course she’d leave her clothes all over the floor in this state of mind. He rolled his eyes, kicking a pair of slacks over to the corner of her room and walked over to the bathroom.

He only knocked twice, giving her enough time to cover her goodies and then threw the door open. Lara widened her eyes as she tightened the white towel around her trembling body. “J-Jonah!” Her teeth chattered.

“Darling!” He grinned as he crushed her small body into his slightly-build frame. “It’s been so long since I last saw you!” he grabbed a piece of her wet blond hair and said, “Ugh, I told you that this hair color would look fab on you and it lasted all this time!”

She giggled, hugging him tightly and said, “You saw me like two weeks ago!”

He shrugged, stepping back to let her grab her dirty laundry and said, “It still feels like it’s been forever. Now hurry up because Pulse opens at nine and that’s when all the hot guys come in.”

Lara puckered her lips, walking behind him into her room and said, “Jo, how many times will I have to tell you that I still need two more years to legally go to a club?”

“Psh!” he waved her comment off, “Girl, I’m dating the owner’s son! He took care of everything since I told Pete of your little breakdown because of your asshole of a brother.”

“Ahem,” Lucas cleared his throat. He hadn’t been standing near the room long enough to know what they were talking about, but it had been long enough for him to hear that Jonah had insulted him.

Jonah grinned, reminding Lucas of the Cheshire cat. “Hello there, Lucas. I was just trying to cheer Lara up.”

Lara felt her cheeks heat up slowly as she made eye-contact with Lucas, who happened to be glaring at her with a tight jaw.

“Why does she need cheering up?”

Jonah opened his mouth to probably tell him off, but Lara, luckily, beat him to it and said, “It’s none of your business, Lucas. Now if you’ll excuse us, Jonah has to help me get ready. See your way out the door, thank you very much.”

Lucas opened his mouth to scold her for speaking to him in that tone, but before he could get a word out, Lara slammed the door shut in front of his face. Lucas let out a growled curse, clenching his fists at his sides and then stalked towards his room.

He had been spending the last two days with his buddies from where he used to work in. Jackson had come up with the idea of meeting up tonight at Pulse to pick up some girls and have some fun. He just didn’t know that he would be stumbling on Lara.

In the room, Jonah pushed Lara down in front of her vanity mirror and began playing with her hair. He decided to go for a more natural look tonight since all of the dancing that they would be doing, would mess up his work, and curled her hair a bit.

For her outfit he chose a sleek beautiful off-the shoulder dress, with a low backline, which revealed Lara’s freckled back. The dress hung on to all of the right curves and made her figure appear more seducing than ever.

Her make-up was done heavily, but nothing that would make her look like a clown. Her thick plump lips were accompanied by a gorgeous bright red lipstick and her silver eye shadow made her dark blue eyes more prominent.

During her pampering, Jonah caught her up on his life, talking about Pete, his boyfriend and the latest gossip from work. He was still studying to widen his horizons in the beauty industry, but he was set to open his new salon in Manhattan.

They also spoke about Lilly, their other best friend, whom was coming back into town in a couple of weeks. She had been studying in Maine to become a registered nurse for little kids and they had finally gotten a break from all the studying.

It seemed that Lara was the only one that wasn’t studying for a career, but she didn’t mind. She had done two years at trade school to join the entertaining industry but she never got around to sending photos in to her modeling coach.

By the time Jonah had finished “beautifying” Lara, it was already eight and they were ready to go out and have an unforgettable night.


Pulse was one of the hottest clubs in town. The owner was known for being one of the youngest and most handsome men to open up a club so successful and word in the street was that he was fabulous in bed. Not that Lara cared much, but it intrigued her.

She had never met the man and it was said that he was barely at clubs anymore, since he had other places to run, but it was still something that made her curious.

Loud music boomed from the lavish club as they stood outside, waiting for Pete to come and let them in personally. Jonah had told her that they could just go in through the bouncer, but Lara was afraid that he’d ask for her I.D. and he’d see that she wasn’t of age yet, so she begged him to make Pete come out.

Women looked at her jealously as Jonah placed his hand on the small space of her back and waited by her side and she rolled her eyes. If the only knew that Jonah rooted for the same team they did, they wouldn’t be glaring at her so much.

Jonah was one of those boys that could be a hit with the ladies if he was straight. He was very much attractive, with beautiful bright green eyes and a killer smile, not to mention that he had a nice body worthy of drooling, but none of that mattered if he liked men.

She remembered when he’d tell her of stories of girls begging him to sleep with them or even just kiss them, because he was that hot.

Jonah knew he was hot, he didn’t need to be told, but he said that it never hurt to receive a compliment. Pete was damn attractive as well. Both were the type of guys that would make you want to cry because they weren’t interested in females.

Pete stepped outside of the club, grinning at them as he pushed the bouncer out of the way and hugged Jonah tightly. They shared a light kiss, automatically making all the girls slouch in disappointment and he gave Lara a friendly squeeze.

“Darling! It’s been forever since I last seen you!”

She laughed a bit, smiling widely at him and shrugged. “How are you?”

Pete rolled his brown eyes, waving her comment away and said, “Girl, you came here to have some fun, not have some small talk. Now get your ass in here!”

As soon as he opened the door, the loud upbeat music greeted them, along with the smell of alcohol and sex in the air. Sweaty bodies grinded against each other to the beat of the music and strobe lights flashed quickly over them.

Lara let out a small laugh as Jonah grabbed her hand, pulling her through the crowd and took her straight to the bar. “Alright, baby girl, this is the night that you’ll get so wasted you won’t remember who you gave your panties to!”

Her bright blue eyes widened a bit and she said, “Hell no! Who the hell’s driving us back home?”

“Chillax, hoe,” Jonah wrapped his arm around Pete, “we’ll stay sober.” He turned to look at the bartender and said, “Give her your special drink, Joey. Just the way I like it.”

Lara was never one to back out of things. She was adventurous and very outgoing, but she hadn’t exactly planned on getting drunk tonight. Nonetheless, as the image of Lucas rejecting her came about her mind, she grabbed the special pink drink and gulped it back.

It was sweet with a hint of sourness around the rim of the small glass cup. She licked her red covered lips and smiled at the bartender. “More, please?”

“That’s what I’m talking about!” Pete high-fived her, laughing as Joey raised his eyebrows at her. “Go ahead, Joey, it’s on the house.”

Three drinks later, Lara was already feeling a tad tipsy, nothing that would make her forget her own name, but enough to make her feel hyper and touchy.

The couple sat down at the bar, watching as the girl danced her way into the crowd and found an Alex Pettyfer-lookalike. He had spiky blond hair with piercing green eyes and he smelled delicious—his cologne did.

S.O.S by Jordin Sparks came on and Lara let out a small shriek. Her body swayed along with the beat, against the guy she hadn’t bothered learning his name, and she felt his erection pressing up against her naked back.

Couples bumped into them, almost knocking Lara off her five inch heels and Alex’s lookalike wrapped his hands around her waist to steady her. Lara turned around, sliding one of her legs in between his and grinded her front into his hard bulge.

A low guttural moan escaped his throat as she looked up and buried her face into his neck, nibbling on his salty skin. She didn’t exactly liked the taste; it was a mix of sweat and musky cologne, but she kept on sucking on his skin long enough to leave him a hickey.

With a devilish smirk, she swung her hips side to side as she lowered her hands down his muscled chest, making him hiss in a couple of breaths and she darted her tongue out unto his jeans, right on his bulge.

Alex’s lookalike groaned, pulling her back up and began tracing her curves. All the while, they moved along to the beat of the song. Suddenly, Lara pushed him away and used him to push herself on the counter of the bar.

Multiple men turned to look at her as she began lowering her hands down her chest, grinning and throwing her head back as she laughed. At the moment, she didn’t care that she might’ve looked like a horny slut, she just needed to get laid and have some fun.

Currently she didn’t give a shit if Lucas wasn’t her first.

The somewhat drunk girl whipped her hair back and forth, dancing around the bar like a professional. Men rooted her on, screaming and shouting for her to finish taking her clothes off. She was tempted to, but wasn’t exactly sure if she wanted to.

Joey, the bartender chuckled as she crawled on the bar and asked him for another drink. When he gave it to her, she pressed a light kiss to his cheek and slurred her thanks. Once she had gulped the drink, she was back on her feet and dancing around lowering the only strap she had on.

On the other side of the club stood Lucas. He was a bit uncomfortable with thoughts of where his sister had been, but it wasn’t enough to prevent him from taking a couple of drinks.

Jackson, his friend, had short military-cut brown hair and was currently in a lady sandwich, leaving Lucas to the drinks since he had denied multiple offers of whores.

Jackson turned to look at him, rolling his eyes and said, “Come on, man! Loosen up! Here, how about you buy another drink, it’s on me.”

Handing him a twenty dollar bill, Jackson pushed him off in the direction of the bar, where a drunken girl was dancing her ass off. She seemed fairly attractive—okay who was he kidding, the girl was gorgeous, but she had too many men drooling over her.

Her blond her reminded him of Lara’s and as soon as he thought of her, he did a double take of the dancing girl. He widened his dark blue eyes, shaking his head as he walked over to the crowd of horny men and he stared at his nineteen year old sister dance around the table like a minx.

A blond guy grabbed her hand, pulling her down to where he was at and pressed a kiss to her lips. The rage that Lucas felt inside was enough to scare the devil himself. He pushed the drunken bastards away from his path to get to his sister and once he did, yanked the dumbass off Lara.

She turned around to face him, a bit pissed and hissed, “Hey buddy, you can wait on your turn!”

Lucas, filled with rage, yanked her arm towards him and growled, “What the fuck are you doing here, Lara?”

“Lucas?” her eyes widened in fear. She was drunk, but not so drunk that she couldn’t realize how pissed her step-brother was. His anger was practically showing through his blazing blue eyes. “W-what are you doing here?”

Lucas glared down at her. “I asked you the same fucking question, Lara. Now come on, I’m taking your fucking ass back home.”

She frowned. “No you’re not!” Lara tried yanking her arm out of his hold, which only made him tighten his hold on her and she let out a quiet whine. Men from behind her groaned in complaint, only making Lucas even angrier and he whipped around as a hand wrapped around his shoulder.

“Hey, man! Let the lady go, she was having fun with me.”

Suddenly, all that Lucas saw was red. The angry beast inside of him took over and he threw a punch at the guy with so much force that he fell on the floor completely knocked out. He stared up, challenging the rest of the drunken assholes and they all stepped back, not wanting to fight him.

Lara whimpered as he grabbed her arm again and growled, “Now come on, Lara. I’m taking you home this instant.”

She no longer put up a fight; instead Lara slapped Lucas with all her might and yanked herself out of his surprised arms. Lucas was only stunned for a couple of seconds before he realized that his sister was making a run towards the exit.

He quickly caught up with her, wrapping his arm around her waist, making her push him away and growl out an incomprehensible curse. “Let me go, you asshole! Just let me go and fuck that whore of yours!”

Lucas stared at her confusedly and tried to reach out for her again. Lara let out a sob as she tripped and fell on her knees, scraping them in the process and tried to pull herself up, but her vision was too blurry. Not only was she a bit drunk, but her tears weren’t helping her either.

Slowly, Lucas came into realization. He had hurt his sister—and he had hurt her bad. Now he had to do everything in his power to gain her trust and love back. He just didn’t know that the only way Lara would forgive him was if he gave her what she always wanted.

What he had been craving like crazy for the past two days.


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OH YES YOU HAVE FINALLLY MET PRINCESS SAILOR MOON. Any thoughts on her in the 4 minutes she spended blowin' shit up and being possesive and angry?

OKAY YOU ASKED FOR THOUGHTS YOU ARE GETTING THOUGHTS. (No spoilers please, I’m just going to talk for a little bit!) 

First of all, I love that this show makes it VERY CLEAR that Usagi and Serenity are completely different people. As far as I remember, the anime never really addressed this, and the two were functionally interchangeable. Here, they are distinct in looks and in personality. You can even see the moment when the switch happens: 

Usagi, her feathers ruffled, and then


Serenity takes over as soon as her possession of “Endymion” is threatened. She seems to have a single-minded focus of MIRACLE ROMANCE, while Usagi’s interests are slightly more varied (friends, food, cats, family, et cetera). And yet, her obsession doesn’t seem like love; it seems like control. She’s the dormant goddess of horrible all-consuming jealousy that was living in Usagi’s subconscious for millennia. 

Sailor Moon also becomes WAY more powerful when under Serenity’s influence, just throwing around balls of flame and creating bolts of energy like it’s just another Tuesday morning. But this massive amount of power comes at the expense of a loss of control. Serenity only wants this one thing, and is willing to risk a lot to get it. Usagi wants many things (the aforementioned friends, food, cats and family). Things that Serenity would perhaps sacrifice if she needed to. 

Where I am a little lost is where the MIRACLE ROMANCE is involved. Serenity and Endymion fell in love, and their reincarnated souls found each other again in the bodies of Usagi and Mamoru. So why is Serenity’s portrayal so different from Usagi’s? Maybe Serenity and Usagi DO share a personality, but they choose to focus on different goals. Usagi has a part of her that is dangerously uncompromising, but she pushes it to the side because she wants everyone to be happy. Serenity loves her friends and family, but the bitterness of two young lives cut short turned her mind from love to revenge. 

I’m just throwing around words. I don’t really know what’s going on, but hopefully the story will take me where I want to go. 

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Oooh if the writing request is still open, could you do some ether fluffy or angsty Danny Phantom? (Your writing is awesome btw I got so excited when I saw that post :D)

Thanks for the request, anon! I hope you enjoy this. I picked angst for now but might do something short and fluffy later.

Missing: You never know what you have until it’s gone. That’s what they always say. But Danny had never imagined that phrase might apply to his sister. 

Season 3, going AU before Phantom Planet; 2.7 K

“You’re back early,” Maddie mused when Danny walked into the kitchen in the hopes of finding some non-contaminated food to eat. She was making cookies at the kitchen table, which at least meant there’d be some edible food in an hour. “I thought Jazz said you two would be out all day.”

Danny frowned. It was the first Saturday of Christmas break, and he’d planned to spend the afternoon at home. Ghost hunting had kept him up half the night again, but he’d headed out this morning to meet up with Sam and Tucker. Tucker was going out of town this year to meet up with his dad’s side of the family, and since it was out of state he’d be away most of the break. Danny and Sam had wanted to spend what time they could with Tuck before he left.

Sam figured they’d be able to sneak away to visit him at some point—he couldn’t be busy all the time, and the Spectre Speeder was almost always available—but even though her parents didn’t celebrate Christmas, they still attended a number of high society functions and dragged Sam to as many as possible. Consequently, Danny knew he’d be spending most of this Christmas stuck with his family, as he had for many Christmases in the past. As long as he made sure he didn’t get stuck in the Ghostwriter’s story again, he should be able to marginally enjoy himself.

At the very least, the Christmas Truce meant he’d actually get a real break.

But it still meant he had planned to avoid his family for large chunks of time, which meant he hadn’t made any plans with Jazz.

“When did she say that?” Danny asked. He opened the fridge, trying not to let the worry clawing at his gut explode into anything serious. Jazz was the worrywart, not him. Usually.

Maddie laughed. “You were there, sweetie. It was only this morning.”

Everything in the fridge looked suspect, either moulding or glowing or smoking, but Danny had already lost his appetite. He shut the door hard enough to rattle the test tubes on the top shelf. “Right.”

He hadn’t been there.

He hadn’t even seen Jazz today.

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Rumor Has It (Veronica x Fem Reader)

Originally posted by fyeahriverdale

hey, could I request fem reader x Veronica (riverdale) imagine and it’s about how people keep saying that veronica is going to ask the reader to the dance but she does and basically Veronica and the reader admit their feelings for one another at the dance? long and fluffy please? X

Warnings: none.

Theme Song: Girl by The Internet

If there was one thing you were certain of it was your love for school dances. Regardless of the ridiculous dress codes and overprices tickets, dances provided opportunities to well, dance, laugh, and make memories with your friends. Free food was of abundance as well, so having to pay ten dollars for a ticket? No biggie.

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Voodoo Doll (Part 3)

Part 1/ Part 2/ Part 3/ Part 4 coming soon

Taekwoon’s moodboard made by @ellrouxx. ^_^

Pairing: Reader x Leo/Hongbin (Vixx)
Genre: Au, Angst, Fantasy, Romance
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3,8k

Summary: If you can’t have it, I’ll just live for you
No matter how much, if it’s you I’m ready to get hurt

a/n: I’m sorry for posting this later than I intended. Also, I think Leo’s moodboard is more suitable in this part, since it’s more about him. I’ll use Hongbin’s for the next part though. I’m not implyig that it’ll be more about Hongbin, but it will.

The italics are dream sequences/flashbacks

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anonymous asked:

16 girl, a big ol' 16. And maybe Cassian can be on the receiving end? 😊 Thx!

16. After a dangerous mission, one partner gives as many orgasms as there were close calls or wounds for the other partner

I did send this request to someone else, but hey all our interpretations are going to be different. 

It’s the last thing he hears before he passes out:

“This won’t kill you, Captain, but that’s no promise someone won’t.”

He sees her face but he’s out before he can form her name.

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Part 2, Chapter 2: Mouth of the Water

First the dogs will bark. They’ll know before any of us. Then I will have six to fifteen minutes.

I’ve been taking long walks on this coast, just north of the Oregon border. Bald eagles, actual bald eagles, sitting on a wide sandy beach, and I’m the only one here to see it. I can’t see anyone else in either direction. Waves repeating themselves at the tideline, clouds of birds fluttering up and resetting. 10 to 30 seconds after the dogs start barking, the ground will shake. 6 to 15 minutes later, the tsunami will come.

An earthquake is due here, and afterward the tsunami inevitable. If I began running when the dogs started barking, could I make it to the grassy dunes and up to the hills?

No. I can see the root, can make any plan I want, but I couldn’t outrun the wave. Six to fifteen minutes after the dogs started barking I would die. That’s what would happen.

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Layla swung her legs restlessly, blue eyes scanned the few people that passed her while she sat on the bench. The sound of the body of water not too far off calmed her jumpy nerves. This was all a spur of the moment decision, to text Yuri to meet her here. She’d been given a couple of days off, and she didn’t want to waste them with boredom. Since they’d been hanging out together for awhile now, she had definitely gotten more comfortable with him. Unfortunately, with that comfortability with the other she a huge feeling of guilt… maybe even doubt. How long could she take lying to him like this? Sure, there were many dangers about trusting him with such an important secret, but she was unsure if she could keep up such a ruse. A hand rested on her cheek, in deep thought, as she waited.

Fairy Tail Ship Angst Theory.

Since Hiro likes to scare the living shit out of us whenever a ship becomes canon and then something happens. I can only imagine that some other stuff will happen like

Jerza - An encounter with Eileen could still happen and who knows maybe Eileen knows something about Jellal past (far fetched idea) and doesn’t like him. Could come to try to kill him but Erza intervenes, one of them might try to stop a killing attack from Eileen.

Gruvia - Juvia has proven many times she would do anything for Gray, if he ever shown any discomfort or anger, she would most likely react. She might want to help him out but it leads her to some sort of danger. Maybe Gray will tell how he feels about her when it’s a tiny bit too late, for example how Gajeel did it when he knew that he won’t have another chance to say it.

NaLu - They might think that the war is over and that Zeref won’t have anything left to use. So Natsu finally tells Lucy how he feels but in the very moment when she wants to open her mouth, SOMEHOW, Zeref manages to transform Natsu into E.N.D. Since people assume he will be a completely different personality, he will not be able to know who Lucy is. Maybe this is also the moment when Juvia wants to help Gray leading to her fatal mistake.

What if Noodle slowly starts to remember being experimented on as a child?

-Despite how much Mr. Kyuzo must have loved Noodle and the rest of the children and wanted to make sure they were safe, what if the experiments that they went through were horribly dangerous, terribly painful, and nearly universally lethal?

-Perhaps the program had a lot more than 23 children. Perhaps they had a hundred, maybe a couple hundred, and only 23 managed to survive. Noodle was one of the only ones who was strong enough. 

-Being strapped to gurneys and experimental tables, being fed serums, having chemicals injected and pumped into their bloodstreams, having their heads crammed with volumes of information too vast for their young brains to handle, being strapped to chairs while being brainwashed and conditioned to turn into weapons

-Having their abilities tested by being forced into purposefully dangerous situations, situations were many of the children did not make it out alive. Maybe the serums killed them. Maybe they went insane from all the information they were meant to recall. Maybe they were so fed up and so noncompliant, they eventually withered away and couldn’t handle the results. 

-Maybe after years of frighteningly horrible tests with hundreds and hundreds of innocent, good children, Noodle and 22 other children were all that were left. Were the only ones who were completed and fully fortified weapons. 

-Maybe, once Noodle returns to Kong, she remembers all of it. 

-The straps on her wrists, the days of not being able to move, the injections that burned as they travelled through her skin, being scared and alone, calling out for someone to help her, trying her hardest to resist the brainwashing and not being able to help it when it bled into her subconscious. Maybe Noodle remembers all of it, and doesn’t know how to explain to the group what happened to her. 

-Then one night Noodle wakes up screaming like she’s being killed, thrashing in her bed, tangling herself up in her sheets, screaming for the researchers to leave her alone and to let her go. Meanwhile 2D is shaking Noodle awake, Murdoc is pulling her into his arms, and Russel is whispering into her ears and smoothing her hair, telling her everything is going to be okay. 

-She’s crying about testing facilities and dead children, and the three boys don’t know what to say or what do to. They just hold her and wait until she tires herself out and gets back to sleep.  

Morrigan lookbook

ravel-puzzlewell: i love Morri’s look, she looks actually witchy instead of mmorpg battle bikini

Thank you! We don’t speak of the battle bikini in this house. Or well, actually been speaking about it a lot with a friend, plus the proportionately very off halamshiral dress :x Both are kind of horrible gifts that keep on giving.

The bikini makes so little sense in so many ways? I’d much rather think Morrigan puts time and effort into sewing her own more practical clothes from bits of armor and fabric she’s scavenged, but making sure it’s all still appealing to her own magpie eye. She’d weave magic into them with web-like embroidered sigil patterns, and use linen made from the reeds growing everywhere in the swamp.

With the whole do-over of her outfit I want to keep the general ideas like the belts (just maybe serving a function other than a constant danger of tripping on them) and colours, just reshape them into something more in character and less better wear my swimsuit just in case a rando gazing male wanders by.