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I'm behind on meta so please feel free to ignore this if it's been already talked about, but I thought it was interesting how - as weird or sort of unusual that fight scene was with dean and the demon, or at least i don't recall anything like it - by making it look sexual and obviously violent, it kinda parallelled Mary's struggle with that asshole hunter. What weirds me out is that it puts Sam & Lucifer in the same role of saviour which is never good, but maybe they just wanted to connect them

like that bc they both want a connection w/ Jack, maybe even see themselves in Jack, who knows lucifer;s side, since they were unable to provide dialogue 4 him besides repeating how Mary is weak bc she gets tired & is all humany and they need to get out and he might need her. ANYWAY, shitty writing aside, do u think it was a parallel and if so what are they trying to say? Was it to show that maybe Sam’s intentions aren’t the purest either, not in an evil way but like bc he’s so intent on getting Mary back that he might be blind - for different reasons than Dean - to Jack as a person? He’s trying so hard & almost doesn’t even entertain the thought that Jack might be corrupted by his power at some point, or by Hell which we see almost happens bc of lack of info. Sam seems to hold on to as much hope as he can, while Dean is at the opposite end of the spectrum (hmm I wonder who could balance it out?). But what do you think of Sam having been weirdly aligned w/ Hell like, he even unwittingly gave the info to Amodeous about how powerful Jack is, while Dean, without even trying, seems to be Jack’s role model for Good (& I love how Jack has a Dean decoder built in) and he even throws him a Bible to read (which, if presented without commentary can be risky, he’s better off reading the Supernatural books, but still, it’s the Holy Book).

Hi! What an ask :D Also I am ALSO so behind on meta so I’m just going to answer this like it’s all new to us, sorry everyone who has already been over this, me and anon are going through this together ;)

To go through chronologically because I’m super tired so I need to break this down…

Yeah, awesome weird fight scene. I loved it - Tink said something about them having a new fight coordinator? There’s been 2 incredible fights back to back for Dean so far and I’m loving it. This one was great I think with the director as well - I feel like he of all of them takes liberties with BL scripts and puts in extra nuance and missing implications that their writing didn’t pick up… He’s 99% responsible for the crypt scenes for example, and in 11x21 included ALL the nuance that made the longing retcon magic happen between Amara, Cas and Dean, just by visual implications. He also super digs the prison imagery and bunker porn and generally using the locations really well… I don’t know much about all the different directors but I’ve learned that seeing his name means it’s time to get excited and nerdy about what I’m going to SEE :D

So yeah, good combo. It made a great parallel with Mary’s fight which I liked first of all just for the Mary and Dean paralleling, especially as she needs connections back to the main storyline just for asserting she still exists, because as you say it was pretty bad writing especially around Mary in that episode, where she just dragged herself around after Lucifer and needed saving. Putting Dean in a parallel situation somewhat defuses it in overall handling of the nonsense, even if I don’t like that it was written this way in the first place. I have still not had time to explore my dash much but I hope people have been making posts about the parallels to female fight scenes, especially Black Widow in the marvel movies… In my notes I just commented he was straddling people to death and left it at that (even though that obviously wasn’t what he was doing - it was a shorthand for the fight style :P) but really it also mirrored 10x15 and Dean in that weirdly charged scenario with whatisface, where he got straddled and had the worm coming out Cole’s throat while leaning over him etc and it put Dean in a very submissive role to all that. In the same way, having Dean fight back by getting his legs around the guy and ending the fight literally *cowering* on a bed with the demon standing over him with the phallic knife, was a fascinating staging of power dynamics where he actually looked more vulnerable than Mary did.

I think Lucifer nice guy’d it - he said he needed Mary and when she wouldn’t go along with him, immediately started whining more and hurt Mary just to make her complacent and remind her that he was still in charge and more powerful than her. Sam of course has no such dynamic with Dean, but I think overall he’s going to be more assertive this season and carrying on - according to the PR - with having more of a leadership role in the dynamic. He’s definitely making the better choices right now while Dean urgently needs a personal day or six. So I think first and foremost it’s a compare and contrast rather than a direct parallel. There’s a great gifset I reblogged somewhere or other about Lucifer in 12x23 saying hurr blurr I can’t raise my son from a prison cell, and then Sam in the cell with Jack just captioned “HOLD MY BEER”, and Sam currently is the only positive father figure - and actually the ONLY father figure *on the board* for Jack, since the pool is Cas - dead, Lucifer - in the AU, Dean - not interested right now… Meaning Jack is pretty much Sam’s sole responsibility and the Lucifer vs Sam stuff may be being played as an oppositional thing. So Lucifer being a dick to Mary after saving her but doing it conditionally and in an attempt to make her go along with him (and that he only wants her to trade for Jack anyway) vs Sam just saving Dean because they love and trust each other already forevers and there being no terms and conditions except for not wanting his brother dead for well duh reasons is… nice. 

But yeah it does also put Sam in a weird place where he’s being paralleled to Lucifer in any way and he has that long history with him. And I think by and large this is supposed to be positive for Sam and all but I agree with you that Sam can and maybe will fuck it up, and being oblivious to the dangers is the main way. In the “Donatello” conversation he doesn’t notice that Donatello switched from “Jack’s nature wins” to “let’s try moulding him” which was Asmodeus’s idea (and Sam’s) - but because Asmodeus was AGREEING with Sam and Sam was assuming he meant for the better, then he didn’t notice that Donatello was suddenly agreeing with him.

I think it’s pretty inevitable Jack’s going to have some sort of wobble - we’ve seen Lucifer is a tiny bit in his head even if he already picked Cas as his father and it’s clear he has a good heart, Asmodeus showed how easily some trickery and the path of good intentions can open a portal to hell (aww season 4 Sam) and that is something Sam himself has to deal with and his his hugest character thing overall - his arc led to that, and then on the other side of it has been about repenting for it and feeling awful that this was what he was basically raised to do >.> He should hopefully be a good influence on Jack to guide him away from repeating his mistakes but only if he can see the problem in the first place.

(Also yeah I love Sam and I’m excited and positive for his relationship with Jack but like you I think we do need to think about the problems, Sam’s lack of experience, this being a complicated time for him to take charge of a thing when historically almost every time he has been in a position of responsibility or strength he’s fucked it up when handling things himself, or else gone down some really dark paths… I think he CAN help Jack and ultimately WILL but that doesn’t mean it might not be rough along the way and I think people need to be prepared for that if they’re getting invested in it… Maybe even more so than the people who want Dean to be good with Jack and are getting upset about how hard it is because in a way that is a much more obvious problem and we were warned about it from the start, while Sam and Jack seems like such a good and pure thing it might be easy to let your guard down that the show can easily insert trouble and darkness into it…)

I wonder if there will be some tension to come between Sam and Dean about Jack kinda latching onto Dean though? Because I’ve wondered before that he is the moral centre of the show and Jack was mimicking him because he’s sort of needing Dean’s approval too, not just in a survival way but because Dean is so SURE of what is right, so being like Dean is default being right. (I think Sam has said something similar in 3x07 about always following Dean around trying to be like him when he was young? In that “i know when you’re scared” argument) And of course Dean being so sure of what is right and Jack not meeting that standard by default has been a massive part of why Jack levelled up in Winchester self-doubt and self-hatred in just a few days. Took less than a week to ruin him and Dean’s standards are probably a large part of it >.> So yeah, I hope Sam understands all the nuance of why Jack might have been mimicking/idolising Dean when Sam is the one trying to be the positive role model to Jack, just because he knows the force of Dean’s personality. I hope he doesn’t take it as a bad reflection on himself, ESPECIALLY if/when Jack fucks up as I feel will inevitably happen. 

I think it does sort of reflect Sam and Dean’s long-standing alignments though… I just remember the season 6 poster where Sam has the snake and Dean has a literal freakin’ halo because subtlety? What is that? :P

things the world needs more of:

  • Grandpa Torino
  • Dad Might
  • Dadzawa
  • Mama Inko
  • Kirishima & Tsuyu big bro/big sis-ing the class
  • Bakugou’s friendship with Kiri and Kami
  • Tokoyami & Kouda’s friendship
  • Todoroki & Iida interaction/friendship
  • Uraraka’s Hot Blooded MANLINESS nature
  • Jirou fucking with Kaminari just because
  • Tokoyami being all dark and brooding and dorky
  • the kids lovingly roasting Bakugou
  • Shouji helping everyone b/c he is the ultimate Big Bro
  • Satou being adorkable and baking everyone cakes for their birthdays
  • Aoyama learning how to Friend b/c he wants to be equal w/ the class but doesn’t really know how to connect with the rest of them
  • Kouta punching Bakugou in the balls coming back
  • Eri & Kouta friendship
  • Momo helping everyone b/c she loves helping and being useful and the class finding this adorable
  • Todoroki being adorably oblivious and trying to reach out and be friends with the class
  • Tsuyu’s cute nicknames for everyone, and her bluntly saying things
  • Kaminari being dorky and cowardly but determined
  • Mina accidentally fucking with Aoyama
  • the class taking care of All Might b/c they love and care for him
  • Izuku dad-ing everyone (especially little lost kids)
  • Bakugou aggressively caring and being nice and cooking meals for the class (while making it spicey to show that he’s absolutely Not Being Nice)
  • Mirio and Tamaki’s friendship
  • Nijire’s relationship with them??? so cute
  • Tetsutetsu and Kirishima’s friendship and their bond over MANLINESS (+ maybe Uraraka b/c she Gets That Shit)
  • everyone cheering Tamaki on
  • Sero using his tape to prank literally everyone
  • Ojirou’s personal morals (he refused to move on in the Sports Festival b/c he was mind controlled and didn’t think he deserved that and i wanna learn more about him)
  • baby All Might with Nana and Torino
  • Mic and Aizawa’s friendship
  • Iida being Overly Responsible and Encouraging but in an endearing way
  • Todoroki with his mom and siblings
  • Uraraka training with hand to hand combat/self defense
  • Midnight b/c she had few teaching moments but she’s always really nice and competent and supportive when she’s in that role and i love it and she’s like the Cool Big Sis and i wanna see more of that
  • Mic getting protective of his friends/students and trying to beat up annoying civilians 
  • Bakugou with small animals
  • Momo being adorably oblivious b/c of how rich she is
  • Tooru wearing new and even cuter clothes 
  • Aizawa wearing mis-matched clothes b/c he’s a hobo
  • All Might wearing clothes that fit
  • class slumber parties
  • hugs
  • the kids being dorky little kids and doing silly dorky childish things 
  • hairstyling & makeovers
  • karaoke sessions where only a percentage of the class is actually good at singing and everyone else sucks but that’s what makes it fun
  • not gonna lie i’d love to see what would happen if Aoyama and Tokoyami were paired up in a team exercise training
  • seeing characters who normally don’t interact that much teaming up (like Sero & Tsuyu, or Kouta & Tooru, or Bakugou & Momo)
  • Aizawa with different hairstyles
  • the kids looking to Izuku and Bakugou for leadership
  • Mic being that Weird Eccentric Uncle
  • the kids having mini little competitions (snowball fights, videogame competitions, eating contests, etc)
  • the kids all subtly taking care of one another
  • the kid’s borrowing each other’s clothes
  • Cementoss b/c honestly what a sweetheart
  • Thirteen too, he’s just so adorable
  • all of the teachers really
  • Endeavor getting punched in the face
  • the kids admiring each other’s scars (including All Might’s and Aizawa’s)
  • Izuku’s fanboy nature
  • Izuku bonding with his classmates over various heroes (like Red Riot w/ Kirishima, or Gunhead/Thirteen w/ Uraraka, etc)
  • the class finding out about Izuku’s notebooks and realizing that they’re in them
  • All Might being a complete dork and fumbling a lot in general
  • Bakugou subtly encouraging his classmates
  • Bakugou subtly looking out for All Might
  • pillow fight wars
  • Todoroki bringing his mom to the class
  • the kids finding out that Bakugou is exactly like his mom
  • the kids fighting over the tv remote b/c they can’t decide what to watch
  • Dark Shadow blushing
  • less Mineta

If a mother told a story about her daughter being touched without consent, you “feminist” would sympathize. If that mother went on to say that her abuser is punishing her for telling someone about what he did and was doing so by SUING her, you would sympathize and possibly become enraged. Her mother would go on to say she doesn’t want this to blow up and was okay with the man getting fired since it happened in the work place. However since he’s now suing her she only has two options,

 1) To pay her abuser for assaulting her or 

2) To counter sue.

 You’d say she should counter sue. 

If you then heard the woman was in fact counter suing and only for $1 because she didn’t want the money but wanted to prove to women you can stand up to your abuser, you’d call her a role model and maybe even a hero. You’d say that’s what feminism is about.

So why when I tell you that woman is Taylor Swift you “feminist” suddenly say “she deserved it” , “She has a flat ass. There was nothing to grab”, “She’s doing this for attention / money” ? Why do you turn as ugly as the abuser himself? You are no better than the man that touched a woman without consent. 

Matthew Mercer’s Raven Queen ™

I’ve been seeing a whole bunch of stuff being thrown around about the Raven Queen after the latest Talks Machina, mostly centering around the speech that could have happened if anyone in VM had tried to argue with the Raven Queen for Vax’s soul. For simplicity’s sake, just in case anyone hasn’t seen or read it, this is the speech Matt gave:

“Do you have idea how insignificant you are? You are the instruments of divinity. Everything you have accomplished is because we gave you the tools to accomplish it, for goals unforeseen to you that fit our needs and interests. You are nothing, and yet you come and beseech me this, after all I have done for you?”

And I get it, it’s incredibly rude! After everything VM has done, after everything they have bled for, struggled for, lived and died for, to call them insignificant at the moment of their greatest triumph? It’s a slap in the face right before she takes away someone who should have gotten the happy ending that everyone else was getting.

But I feel like maybe we’re forgetting a key element of the Raven Queen in the Critical Role setting.

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I don't think people who say we're overreacting about Wonder Woman understand

When you’re a girl, you don’t get to see women be cool, not as often as boys get to see men be cool.

You don’t get to see them fly and fight bad guys and be people you want to BE, do you know what I mean?

Guys get the cool super powers and girls get romance subplots.

Girls with powers are reduced to smaller roles and we have to make up fanfics and extended material that makes them the main character cuz male writers don’t need them for anything but romance plots.

Just look at girls on Tumblr.

Obsessed with white males.

Love em.

Can’t get enough of that white guy named Chris.


I assume because they’re attractive in every socially constructed way.

And because they get to be the telekinetic, edgy angsty guy whose mom died who deserves all of our sympathy and attention.

So when people say Wonder Woman is a great movie but people are exaggerating how important it is that she be a role model, or that girls should look up to their mothers…

Like you don’t get how cool it is to be able to see someone like you do cool stuff. Your mom is great but she’s mundane, no offense to mothers. She’s not magical, she’s the kind of person you don’t appreciate until you’re older. And she’s not the type of person EVERYONE knows and recognizes and looks up to. Wonder Woman is, well now she really is. And she’s visible, she’s much more tangible, as fictional characters always ARE to mainstream audiences. So little girls get to see this awesome fictional lady…

-and you don’t have to pretend you’re a guy.

You don’t have to pretend that you’re not different from the people we’ve been told are the “desirable” people to be.

Wonder Woman is not only a great movie and a lovely social commentary.

But on a basic level, the more subconscious level of internalized feelings, of self identity and self love ?

I mean, are you a heartless monster or do you really have a problem with girls, and boys too, seeing a woman kick ass and not be the object of desire.

But the person everyone wants to be?

You show girls that they can be awesome, that they have more of a role in human existence than just being shallow love interests and you show boys that there are women they can look up to.

You got this larger than life woman acting as an icon for everyone, and for ONCE, this icon is female. Yes, the human race is represented, and idealized, in super heroes. Who are often male. Which says that our idealized self…is male.

So Wonder Woman being an idealistic superhero, our perfect self, the human shaped being we want to be…well. She’s female and BY WANTING TO BE HER…we say that there is nothing wrong with being female.

And yes yes yes yes argue that they have real life women they could look up to.

But do you really think most little boys want to learn about Madam Curie or Queen Isabella or Antoinette?

That’s boring history stuff.

Wonder Woman reaches a huge audience.

She’s more tangible, for children that is.

She feels more real than stuffy historical figures.

Stop acting like Wonder Woman being a role model is to be underplayed or devalued.

It’s important for people to feel EXCITED and exhilarated by a super hero who’s not a straight white snarky nihilistic male.

It gets their dusty little hearts beating and their minds thinking, hopefully.

Will it change anything politically, no.

Wonder Woman can’t impeach trump unfortunately.

But can it change how girls see themselves, how boys see women, how people look at what it means to be human?

Well maybe.

So TL;DR- shut up. Wonder Woman is amazing. And shame on you for trying to take her away from children, you’re a menace and I need to talk to you, adult to adult.

Hook, Line, & Sinker

  Pairing: Finn Balor (Fergal Devitt) x Reader

A/N: If there is any band that reminds me the most of Finn Balor, it is Royal Blood. If you haven’t listened to them, go and do it, they’re ! This imagine is based on one of their songs, “Hook, Line, & Sinker”. 

Summary: Finn had multiple reasons for wanting to turn heel and redesign the Bullet Club, he was the founder, he could do whatever he pleased with it. Though, the heaviest influence comes from the fact that Finn knows all too well that Y/N’s a sucker for the bad boys and he’s itching for her attention. 

Warnings: Sexual Content (I didn’t intend for the smut, but there’s def smut), Language, also warning, this is VERY long.  

Word Count: 10,517 (I could not stop writing). 

She’s got the devil on one shoulder, and the other’s getting colder…  Then she drags me by one finger, to her lips, Hook, line & sinker… 


A Demon does not crawl from the depths of hell to dance for man’s entertainment; a Demon does what they want, when they want, with whomever they want. 

To have this man whose greatest accomplishments were only achieved when calling upon a demon within him, as a face for the company, just seemed a bit foolish - and Finn was tired of looking like a fool. 

It seemed like ever since his return, all that he had been set up for was failure. Every match he agreed to be a part of was only ruined and manipulated to please the more villainous superstars of the WWE. 

While Finn was patted on the head like a child for being the good, cooperative, and hard-working employee he was, there were those like Joe and Bray who were being handed title opportunity after title opportunity for doing nothing but cheating their way to the top. 

Finn was absolutely tired of it. If he had stayed in NJPW, there was no doubt in his mind that he’d still be strutting around that country with the rest of the world on his back. When he was a heel - when he was with the Bullet Club - he was an absolute monster. 

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So this episode still upsets me somehow. Everyone around me is just like wow this was an amazing episode and I’m here trying to pinpoint why I still have concerns. And then I think I finally pinpointed what’s wrong. It’s Dany’s storyline. This episode really made me realize how problematic her character is no matter how much I love her.

At the beginning of the show she was introduced as this fragile young woman who awakened and seized her chance at living life on her own terms and she instantly became this symbol of feminism and girl power. All the while she retained her greatest quality: compassion. By season 3 she had become the badass Mother of Dragons everybody rooted for. At this point, I was cheering every time she accomplished something without really thinking about the other side of said something. When she torched Astapor and took the Unsullied I was like YEAH. Like everybody else. When she was celebrated as Mhysa I was like YEAH. Like everybody else. When she freed Meereen I was like YEAH. Like everybody else. Etc etc.

Until the Field of Fire where I should have been like YEAH. Like everybody else. Except I wasn’t. The scene itself was impressive but for the first time it was constructed differently. Instead of an epic and victorious variation of the Dracarys theme - as was used during every single one of her battle scenes (yes I pay much attention to the score) - we got a sad rendition of the Rains of Castamere. And so I realized what was wrong. The show had just gone on the other side for the first time. Apart from Jaime and Bronn who we naturally root for and so don’t wish to see dead, we met Ed Sheeran and his friends three episodes ago and it was a nice scene of humanizing what we still perceived as the enemy because they were Lannisters.

This got me questioning everything backwards. And I realized the show made us root for Dany by never showing us the other side of things. It always painted her storyline as her vs evil men. Plain and simple. Sure the guy in Astapor was a douchebag. He deserved to be torched. And yes the dynamic between masters and slaves is problematic and needs to be changed. But when you think about it the rest of the masters were just guilty of respecting centuries-old traditions. Nothing more. Same in Meereen. When she crucified them as retaliation for the slaves that were crucified I did not think twice about it because the show just identified the masters to bad men. That’s why the Sons of the Harpy storyline never properly worked to me. They were just depicted as rebellious terrorists who didn’t accept Dany’s reign. It would have been more interesting if we could actually go into their reasons. Reasons being they do not accept this foreign ruler who would come and change the way things had been in forever because nobody likes change. And so I did not even notice when she said or did problematic things because I was only seeing her side. She fed masters to her dragons just because they were masters and on the assumption they were guilty of helping the Sons of the Harpy. Those men were potentially innocent… but I only saw the badassery in it.

Now seeing the Field of Fire and how the show established that not all Lannisters are bad I noticed how big of a contrast there is between then and now. What helped during past seasons is that we could still see a soft side to Dany. She genuinely seemed to care for the small folk. When she had to execute one of them we could see she didn’t like it. But Westeros seems like a curse to her because she seems to have lost the last of her humanity since she stepped foot on it. Where is the girl who gave her followers the choice to walk freely and unharmed if they did not wish to go with her ? Compare this to her upcoming ‘Bend the knee or die’ speech. (Although we already got a taste of it before: ‘They can live in my new world or they can die in their old one’.) Some choice she’s giving here…

Where is the wit and the clever strategy we saw during past seasons ? When she conquered all those cities, when she killed the Dothraki chiefs, that was always through a smart plan with a twist. That was part of why we loved her so much. But now she’s reduced to traditional war ? Granted Westeros is not a city. It’s seven kingdoms. Still… And I get that this is war and that she is still a better person than Cersei because she comes with good intentions (at the very bottom of her heart she’s not bad. She just goes the wrong way). Yes war means soldiers will be lost. Innocent soldiers with lives and children and families. So I’m not saying that she did a bad thing in waging war. It is what it is. Dany has always been a conqueror more than she is a ruler. And she’s a beginner. That’s why she surrounds herself with people who are more skilled in that matter yet she does not always listen to them. Sure when she takes matters in her own hands we’re in for spectacular stuff. Most viewers stop at that. But what has she accomplished here on the Field of Fire? Besides weakening the Lannister armies, she’s also weakened her own - albeit significantly less - she’s harmed her most powerful dragon and she flambeed food reserves that would have been very useful. And she didn’t listen to every single one of her advisors. Tyrion was utterly devastated in seeing this massacre. (No matter his allegiance, he cares about Westeros and its people. And he still cares about at least his brother and Bronn). He chose her and he thought that with clever plans he could have her win the throne without too much bloodshed. She didn’t listen to Barristan in the past who once told her to be merciful. She didn’t listen to Tyrion when he told her to be patient in her war. War is not a matter of days, Dany. She didn’t listen to his strategy despite it being smarter than go upfront with the enemy. Or Jon for that matter. Who told her not to do it either. Jon who seems lately to think more about the small folk that she does. Both Varys and Tyrion said they chose her because she is the one who thinks about the people first. But since she’s arrived at Dragonstone all I could see from Dany is teenage-ish behavior of someone who throws a tantrum when they don’t get what they want. ‘Call me by my rightful title’ and ‘bend the knee’ seem to be her new favorite sentences. Bend the knee and I will help you save your people, she says to Jon. Uh you know you said the North is one of YOUR kingdoms so that’s your people as well who are going to be attacked. Where is Tyrion to give her a good wake-up slap ? A good ruler thinks about their subjects first, not about their crown. Wouldn’t it be better if you’d go save everyone in an unselfish way and then maybe perhaps they would be more willing to accept you..? Because so far, again let us go on the other side. The Westerosi just see this foreign queen, the last remaining of a dynasty they consider cursed because of its last ruler… of course they are weary. Of course I can understand Jaime and Bronn going against her and Drogon.

She made Varys swear to tell her to her face when she’s failing her people. Your first failure to do your duty, Varys. Varys? Varys where are you ? Oh over here with Tyrion discussing about maybe you chose wrong again. She used to genuinely care about the well being of the small folk and I believe she still does. She still refuses (for now) to attack King’s Landing and kill innocent people. But it’s not her priority anymore. Her priority is getting people to bend the knee. Meanwhile we have Jon whose new favorite sentences are ‘Help me fight the White Walkers and save the lives of everybody’ and ‘Do not touch my sister’. Jon who was thrust into the role of being King when that was clearly not his wish. Jon who united Wildings with Northmen to save them from the White Walkers. Jon who’s trying to rally everybody to save the lives of small folk and highborn alike. Jon who initially decided to take up the fight again because he could not fathom the idea of harm coming to his sister whether it be from Ramsey or the White Walkers. Jon who left his Kingdom in the care of his sister who’s trying her best to follow in his steps in her own ways - starting food reserves, making sure that the soldiers who will defend them are warm enough against winter, preparing Winterfell as a rallying location. Just Jon and Sansa caring more for the people than the power they were given.

And so here I am. Still liking Dany as much as before but not blind anymore to her faults. I still like her better on the throne than Cersei but really who are the better rulers here I ask you Tyrion and Varys?

my personal paladin headcanons (sexuality and gender wise)


- shiro is cis, but so supportive!!

- he/him

- maybe lgbt+

- queer or non-identifying tbh. maybe pansexual, but i just really think my guy is at least a bit gay

- supportive dad

- is always open to talk about any of the other paladins problems with sexuality and gender!!

- will scold you at you if you bind for longer than you should (@keith)


- transguy!!!

- he/him

- gay as fucking hell

- he has a lot of bad dysphoria and would bind for way longer than he should’ve before shiro scolded him

- also used to bind with ace bandages and do other really unsafe things to appear masc

- held in a lot of internalized homophobia/transphobia since he grew up in texas :/

- so fucking gay

- gay for a certain someone that you can choose the name of ;) #noshiphate

- also! was on T before he left for space, but he can’t get any up in space :((


- honestly, any lance is good but

- transguy

- he/him

- raging bisexual

- used to have a really fragile masculinity since he grew up in a highkey transphobic family but!!

- now he paints his nails and wears skirts because screw gender roles

- femtransguysarevalid2k17

- can flirt with anyone and win their heart, tbh

- was always pretty comfortable with his sexuality, it was gender that was harder for him

- definitely bedazzles his and keith’s binders, and even pidge’s if they let him.

- lance was on T for a little while like keith, but only for his time at the garrison bc of his parents.


- my AAA baby

- aka ace, aro, agender!!

- i love nonbinary pidge, okay?

- honestly any pronouns but they/them is preferred and she/her is a close second

- transguy pidge is also really good but that’s just me projecting onto my faves so my nonbinary pidge hc stands

- wears a binder!!

- also has begun to formulate testosterone for keith and lance :)

- experiences squishes for people occasionally but never gets romantically attached (duh)

- “homophobic cishets amiright” “ha jk suck my ass”


- cis but completely understanding

- he/him

- screw gender roles, let hunk wear a skirt

- pansexual and c ute

- maybe ace, it depends

- honestly the best of boys

- makes new binders for his trans and nonbinary buds what a blessing

- put anyone in a ship with hunk and it will be Good just a reminder

- lectures people with dad


- why??? do humans give labels to everything?

- gender isn’t a big deal in space, honestly, but allura is female in eart standards

- either gay or pan, depending on the allura ship of the day for me.

- gay allura is good though as much as i love some straight ships with her in it

- allura doesn’t quite understand the whole “transgender” thing but she tries so hard!! gives mom™ talks often with dad™


- similar to allura’s views, coran doesn’t get gender but would be male under earths standards!

- he is gay though no one can tell me otherwise

- i mean,,,, alfor

- coran is helping pidge to develop a sort of T for the transboys!! he is a good supportive uncle

- coran is so good why don’t we talk about him more

- oh also he and allura could be considered intersex because of alien biology but i figured i would just go with female and male since i don’t want to inaccurately portray intersex characters with barely any knowledge of the topic!!


these are just a few of my headcanons!! you can see me projecting onto all of these babes as a queer transguy but hey headcanons are headcanons for a reason man.

anyways, feel free to send me a message to talk about these hcs, i’m always open for a chat :’)) or shoot me an ask for different headcanons or other subjects!!

Some wants needs for the characters of Degrassi: Next Class in seasons five and six (don’t read this if you haven’t seen season four and don’t want any spoilers).


  • For us to see her take counselling sessions on her self esteem issues and finally dig deep within herself.
  • No boy drama. The only story line she’s had within this whole series that doesn’t revolve around her love life (off the top of my head) was when she got called out for being racist, and even that was intertwined with her Jonah plot in some ways. She needs something more to become likable.


  • Seeing her steps towards recovery.
  • Seeing her actually have a real friend for once. It’d be cool if she connected with a new student or someone we haven’t gotten to know enough (special shout outs to Rasha or Vijay) and they inspired her to work on herself and be kinder. She just needs someone in her corner.
  • Her academic life could be interesting, given her intelligence. Maybe if she joined a club of some sort and we saw her put time into that.


  • Watching how people outside of their immediate friend group react to their identity and pronouns. Family members, teachers, new students.


  • She and Saad need to stay together forever.
  • It’d be cool to see her maybe discover she’s pansexual while still with Saad. A story line like that could show how normal it is to realize different elements of your sexuality while in a relationship and how that doesn’t have to break it up.
  • Continuing to see her play the supportive role in her friendships with others. She’s amazing at that.
  • Only positive things are allowed to happen to her in the future. 


  • A plot where she gets an injury that puts her track career in jeopardy would be interesting, since that seems to be her only plan and she hasn’t had many good story lines anyway.


  • She and Zoë need to stay together forever.
  • I’m satisfied seeing her play the supportive role, she just needs a new close friend or friends to take Goldi’s place (special shout outs to Lola, Saad, and Baaz). She could easily get along with almost everyone.
  • It’d be great to be properly introduced to her family or friends from back home (outside of the ex with bad breath).
  • Only positive things are allowed to happen to her in the future.


  • He and Lola need to stay together forever. Yes, twice.
  • Like Rasha, more on his family life would be great.
  • Seeing him continue to recover from trauma back home in counselling sessions, how his photography evolves, those sorts of things.
  • Only positive things are allowed to happen to him in the future. The boy has had enough.


  • How his friendship with Yael progresses.
  • Someone to read him for filth the way Santana did with Kurt, just for the fun of it.


  • Oh gosh.
  • Something needs to happen for this boy.
  • He has the least to work with.
  • Okay, maybe seeing him get a job or get into a relationship with a really interesting, new character.
  • It would be cool to see him more as a brother if it weren’t for Goldi being gone. So Baaz doing some babysitting work wouldn’t be terrible.


  • Aside from seeing him as a supportive friend, it could be cool to see him join student council. Maybe even as president?
  • Seeing him in a relationship that’s not pointless like the one he was in with Tristan would be nice.


  • The ideas fans have had based around her pursuing modeling are brilliant. Nothing to add.

Future Characters (not confirmed or implied; they’d just be interesting to see)

  • A main character with one of their senses lost, since that’s not too common on television.
  • A transgender character who, unlike Adam, transitions after being introduced to the show (maybe beginning it a season after we first meet them).
  • An asexual character.
  • A healthy polyamorous relationship that’s not what they did with Esme/Frankie/Zig or what they tried to do with Jack and Imogen.
I hate you │1

All you’ve ever wanted was a peaceful student life, but when a vicious fuckboy gets involved in your business, everything changes.

Originally posted by jeonify

member: Jeon Jungkook x reader

genre: fluff, romance, angst

word count: 1740

warnings: fuckboy!Jungkook badboy!Jungkook; 

I hate you Masterlist 123 4 5 6 7 (ongoing)

A/N: This is the very first fic I wrote, I already have the next part planned, so please tell me what you think, what you liked and disliked. I’ll try to take your suggestions into account 

Being a university student was new for you,  exciting but scary at the same time. Having gotten a scholarship and being the straight-A student all your life, you felt pressured. How would the freshmen year ago? What kind of new experiences would it bring? 

You were deep into thoughts when someone loudly opened the door stopping your lecturer from speaking. Your head involuntarily followed the loud click of the door just to be met with the muscular grinning boy in ripped jeans and a white oversized T-shirt. Only when his eyes found yours you realized you’d been staring at him. 

“Not bad for the first day”, you thought to yourself, breaking the stare not to seem rude, but still looking at the guy from the corner of your eyes as he slowly sank into his chair and plugged his earphones in.  What was the point of attending a lecture if he didn’t even listen to the lecturer? He was handsome, you’d give him that, but he definitely was not the guy for you, or so you thought.

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I must have been 12 or something. Maybe my first audition ever was a school play, a play called Crazy Camp. And it was in sixth grade. And, well, I didn’t get the lead; I played the supporting lead, which was just as good. I ended up dating one of the more popular girls as a result, and then the second the play was over, she dumped me. And I learned then the power of getting a good role.

Miraculous Tales of Ladybug & Chat Noir Season 2 Trailer Breakdown Part 3 (Overview)

Things that the trailer hints at, but doesn’t disclose entirely:

1. Lila is nowhere to be found. She’s MIA in this trailer. Maybe the lying fox travels as much as she implied she did in season 1, or they’re saving her appearance for something big. She’s not even featured on the most recent promotional poster.

2. The newest characters that we know are going to make an appearance weren’t shown at all. (Mrs. Agreste, Chloe’s Mom/sister.)

3. Information about Chat Noir’s role this season have been really quiet. We know Ladybug is getting a load of new powers, but what about Chat Noir? Can’t wait to see…

4. Chloe is still Chloe. We know she’s going to be Queen Bee, but information about how that happened is still unknown. We know she somehow gets her kwami akumatized, but considering Hawkmoth may/may not have akumatized himself we really don’t know the possible scenarios.

5. The BIG REVEAL is being kept secret. We get hints that some people may have inklings of the other’s identity (i/e Adrien), but the only real MAYBE clue that was released is the highly anticipated ‘balcony scene’.

Can’t wait for more Miraculous news to be released!

So the V route has stirred up a lot of…issues that people either do or don’t have about Rika. On one side, I understand why people feel sorry for her. Yes she has a mental illness and it’s awful. And yes all the characters have some mental/emotional instability as well. However, I don’t feel like the game sets up Rika as a victim you’re suppose to feel sorry for, that’s Saeran for me. The way that the game is written and the plot plays out just makes it very hard for me to care about her for multiple reasons.

First, the biggest argument is that the fanbase is more forgiving of Saeran and Jumin and the crazy things they did. For me, they’re not in the same category as Rika. One no one should even be bringing up Saeran as a counter. The boy doesn’t know anything else but manipulation and abuse so there isn’t really a reason to expect him to act any differently. He went right from his abusive mother to V and Rika who fucked him up even more, only this time he lost the only stability he had which was Seven. Now Jumin is a bit more understandable. He’s clearly got some attachment issues that make him act crazy. The thing is, he does acknowledge he has issues and it doesn’t fully clear up by the end of his route or any of the extra DLCs but it does improve. Hell part of the reason he gets like that is because he cares about MC and doesn’t want her getting hurt, even though it’s misguided. And before MC he didn’t really have anyone to help him with that either. Rika had the biggest supporter in the world with V, who wanted to help her badly. She would have had support in all the other RFA members as well but she refused. And I get that maybe she was too far gone to even realize she needed it, but it’s frustrating nonetheless.

Second and this was a big thing for me. Before Rika’s role in the plot had even been revealed I was already tired of her. The game just kind of slams you with Rika, Rika, Rika in the prologue. How wonderful she was, how big of a role MC is trying to fill but probably won’t be as good as her. They paint her as this perfect person and put her on this god damn golden throne. Let’s not even talk about Yoosung’s first 3-4 days where he’d rather you just actually be her (and to an extent Jumin’s route during the Elizabeth arc). So by the time I finally find out that this perfect girl who I won’t stop hearing about from all these people is actually behind all this shit, it’s like yeah, fuck you.

Last it feels like even after everything is revealed, she’s not held accountable for anything. V spends the entire game protecting her, even though he knows you were put in danger. In the secret/true ending Jumin uses his power to cover everything up, Seven and Jaehee sorta just let him do it and they keep Zen and Yoosung in the dark. This annoyed the shit out of me. On Jumin’s route no one holds their tongue when they’re going on and on about how something is wrong in his head and how MC needs to stay away from him because he’s unstable but yet when it comes to Rika, they’re more worried about preserving their memories of her instead of acknowledging that she was gone in the fucking head and really fucked up a lot of people’s lives.

This was long but yeah, this is why I personally have no interest in Rika. It’s not just blind hate or because I want MC’s romance to be the focal point of the game. I don’t know what V’s route will contain but I know it will probably contain a lot of her. I’ll still play it of course, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it and others don’t either.

somebody responded to us posting that emma watson is a clueless activist with this

and i’m just like… yeah because emma watson was born to rich parents and got sent to a freaking private boarding school in oxford and getting tutored in drama from a very young age, and landed a role in a very visible movie franchise .

like… both people who work on this blog are lower middle class at absolute best. if i had a rich mummy and daddy that sent me to rich people school and paid for a better education then maybe i would be a some kind of ambassador that makes speeches that don’t say anything as well, but instead i’m just a local activist who tries to support people in the best way she can with the resources she has.

for what it’s worth i’m from roughly the same geographic area as emma and i’m just like… maybe if i was a rich pretty cis girl i could work for the UN in promoting equality in an ineffective way too, but instead i’m working class, transgender and finding it hard to even get a job as a shitty position in the same city she went to school, all because we both played the cards we got dealt and she happened to have all aces.

jesus. think before you speak, y’know?

“More Black Darth Vaders”

Summary of an overheard conversation from a coffee shop that I thought was interesting. It took place between an older black man and his white friend.

Black Man: … Okay, another thing- Why is it black guys only get cast as good guys?

White Man: Haha, wait, you want more black people to be cast as bad guys? Anyway, that’s not true, I’ve seen black bad guys In movies.

Black Man: No it is true! It is. Name me one black supervillian, can you name me one right now?

White Man: Uhhh….

Black Man: See, there it is, you can’t even name one!

White Man: Haha I bet I could name one, but I’d need a minute

Black Man: No, see, it’s like, people are afraid to cast a black guy as a villain, because they don’t wanna say “black guys are villains” and then have everyone up their ass about killing the guy at the end. But see, that’s messed up because, that’s just less work for all the black actors out there. Isn’t nobody gonna be mad if like, some black dude was cast as the next ‘Darth Vader’ or some shit like that, I know a ton of black dudes who’d be like “Oh shit, yeah, check it out, the mother fucking new Darth Vader is a brother!” Who doesn’t want to be Darth Vader?

White Man:  Aaah I see what you’re saying

Black Man: Right?

White Man:  So you’re saying like, liberals in Hollywood are going out of their way trying to protect black people in stupid ways, and they’re actually making things worse at times.

Black Man: Exactly! Exactly, and it’s like, you can feel all of Hollywood, all of the media trying to tip-toe around you and shit, like, you can feel people “trying not to offend you” in the dumbest fucking ways, man. And they’re missing the bigger point-

White Man: Which is?

Black Man: The bigger point is- Black dudes don’t need to be treated special. You don’t have to try not to kill motherfuckers in a movie if they’re black, especially if that means you’re gonna end up putting less black people in the movie. You just have to like, make an attempt, to see that they’re included. That’s it-

White Man: I see-

Black Man: -That’s all. Because there are black villains in real life.

White Man: Right.

Black Man:  And white ones, and Asian ones, and everything else. So go ahead on, and throw that shit in there, put in your bad guys of the various races, just make sure that ALL you’re showing of any one race isn’t just as villains or something. Like you don’t want it to be where like: the only Chinese dudes you ever see in a movies are, like, bank robbers or some stupid shit like that.

White Man: Yeah. I know we’ve seen that problem before in movies, where like one race is always cast a certain way, and it may not necessarily even be a cultural stereotype, it’s almost like a movie convention. Things like the “Magical Black Man” or whatever-

Black Man:  Right, mhmm, the “Magical Negro”, yep that’s a thing. That came out of voodoo though.

White Man: Out of voodoo?

Black Man: Yeah, back in the slave days, when slaves were coming over from Africa with African religions, then slowly mixing Christianity into it, it made a different type of worship. That’s where black people starting getting that reputation as “all spiritual” and shit like that, it’s because slaves were throwing in all that “African mysticism” and shit into their Christianity. So that Magical Negro thing is a bit of a stereotype from black culture, that’s why people are mad. It’s like, the helpful Black Servants that’s all ‘deep and spiritual’ is helping White Folks, some people see it as a remnant from those days.

White Man: Oh wow.

Black Man: That’s just the most negative viewpoint of it though, I’m not saying that’s what I believe. That’s just what the people that hate that character the most think. Personally, I just think it’s one of those things that started happening in movies, like everything else. Someone saw a magical black person the first time it was done, and was like “Okay, that worked in that movie, I’ll put that in mine.” And so on. Maybe at some point too, people started to be like “Oh! I can squeeze a black person in this movie! I’ll get this shit made cause the troupe works, and I’ll get extra points for squeezing a black person in too!”

White Man: Hahaha

Black Man: Yeah, but that whole magical Nergo thing dosen’t really bother me, as long as there are other roles too. So long as black guys are getting the villian roles too, they can keep the magical negro role, that’s alright with me.
I’ll tell you what does get me though, is these superhero, Sci-Fi, fantasy movies.

White Man:  What like the Avengers?

Black Man: Yeah Avengers, Hunger Games, fucking, Avatar and whatever, all that.

White Man: Avatar had Zoe Saldana in it, she was co-starring.

Black Man: Well, Avatar maybe was a bad example-

White Man: Hunger Games too, I’m not saying there couldn’t be even more black people represented, but I think there was a whole village that was almost exclusively black in that movie, so you can’t say they weren’t represented at all.

Black Man:  Yeah… well you might have me on that one. I guess some is never enough you know, more black people, load em up!

White Man:  Hahaha, just the whole cast just-

Black Man:  Haha sure, I wouldn’t mind seeing that a time or two outside of a Tyler Perry movie. But it doesn’t need to be all black, all the time, other races are good too, I like watching white people on screen. Lots of great white actors-  love Bruce Willis and shit-

White Man:  Haha, I’m just teasing you

Black Man: I guess what I was saying with the superhero/sci-fi thing, and I can’t really think of a good example, so maybe it’s not as common as I thought, but it’s where people have some rationale for why all the people in a movie would be white. For example, you might have a movie about Superheros, and someone will come out like “Well, they’re all from this certain fictional country, which is mostly white” And I’m like “It’s fictional! It’s a location you made up! Can you not make up some black people in that country?” It’s like, you can have people leaping over cars, or space aliens blowing shit up, but a black guy in a space suit would rip you out of the movie?

White Man: You know, you’re right in that I think I’ve heard logic along those lines before, but I’m having trouble thinking of an example.

Black Man: Yeah, well anyway, more black Darth Vaders, that’s the main point.

White Man: More Black Darth Vaders.

The Defenders
  • Just incredible, loved every moment of this series.
  • Started off very nicely introducing us to what everyone’s been doing since we last saw them and took their time to bring them together which I liked because they were each working their own case and it felt like you’d earnt the team up.
  • It just went from strength to strength when we did get the team up as well.
  • That episode 3 fight sequence was one of the best fight sequences I can remember ever seeing (and their previous series had some damn good ones!) although the finale also brought the goods.
  • They really utilised the fight sequences well, using everyone’s specific abilities and they were shot incredibly well, beautiful stuff.
  • Character wise I already loved everyone so there’s no big revelations but my love for Jessica Jones has grown exponentially every episode- what a woman- kicking ass, talking shit to her team mates, getting drunk, what more do you need from a superhero.
  • Jess/Matt the brotp I didn’t know I needed in my life.
  • You just knew Matt couldn’t live very long without putting on the Daredevil suit, his moment with Foggy at the police station had me emotional though and then when he didn’t come back to him and Karen (⊙﹏⊙✿)
  • Danny and Luke are also well on their way to becoming bro’s and I’m thrilled about that.
  • Danny himself had a rough ride through these 8 episodes but I’m excited about where he goes from here.
  • Luke is just the sweetest for the toughest and (maybe) strongest of the team he’s always the last to turn to violence and always just want to help the little guy.
  • The secondary characters of all the series are incredible though and that doesn’t stop with The Defenders; Colleen was kicking ass any chance she got and really shone in the last episode, Claire didn’t have the big role I thought she would in bringing everyone together but she was there the whole time and joined the fight when it mattered and I can’t get enough of that woman, Misty also brought her A-game working the cop side throughout and I’m weirdly thrilled she’s lost her arm now and that she’s gonna be in Iron Fist Season 2 #DaughtersOfTheDragonFeelsIntensify
  • So many incredible character interactions as well, obviously the main four coming together was a big deal but equally important was when they set up the protection service for secondary characters (friends and family/loved ones/whatever they called it) leading to some great cross over moments.
  • I know people love to moan about Marvel villains but I don’t see how they can with The Defenders?!?!?!?!?!
  • Sigourney Weaver as Alexandra was perfection, a wonderful big bad to set up the series although I did kind of love it when Elektra murdered her.
  • Elektra herself is of course always a boss and was putting everyone on their ass from the very first episode.
  • I’m sorry but my MVP always has been and always will be Madame Gao, I don’t know what it is but I love that woman and I’m so glad that after all these years she’s come into the forefront and got to kick some ass herself.
  • The Hand made a lot more sense this time as well, it wasn’t just ninja in the darkness hurting everyone, we got the inner circle, they had a clear history and clear goals to accomplish.
  • Colleen and Danny continue to melt my heart, I love them.
  • Matt and Elektra are also a guilty pleasure of mine and that ending did nothing to extinguish that, a perfect ending for the pair, although I doubt it is and ending for either of them.
  • Whilst I love Claire/Luke so much and their relationship seeing Luke and Jessica together again and exchanging little comments about their time together has me torn.
  • So it had everything, a great plot, great action sequences, great main characters, incredible secondary characters, great villains and was generally done amazingly well all round!

frenchfriesareforfrenchfriends  asked:

Trimberly and Trini's little brother head canons? I feel Kim would get along with them! Gracias~

This is a good one I’m very happy to answer


-from a young age trini made sure her little brothers loved each other, so they always had a friend, whether that meant taking the blame for something mateo did to gabe, forcing them to watch the same shows, or locking them in her bathroom until they got over whatever they were fighting about

-one day the boys came home with the notion that they couldnt play fight with their older sister, because they were big and tough boys, they could hurt her. she knew it was out of love and fear of harming their older sister, so when she body slammed gabe on top of mateo, it was meant with just as much love

-shes always got the ice cream hook ups. always.

-just imagine trini at the park with one boy on either swing running back and forth to push both of them an equal amount, or judging races as both boys fly down the slides, or lowkey biting her nails off with worry as they go across the monkey bars for the zillionth time.

-they both always tease her about her height, and the only reason it bothers her is because one day her little brothers are gonna be taller than her.

-shes glad shes a power ranger so she can always take care of them, and that theyll never have to do the protecting, try as they might.

-no matter whats going on in her life, trini always makes sure to sit down with her brothers and help them with homework, seeing as shes actually super smart

-all rangers come hang out when trini is babysitting

-billy is actually the first one to meet the boys, because trini sees him as a potential role model for her brothers. that changes as soon as billy started bringing small firecrackers over 

 -when the boys meet jason, he becomes a human jungle gym. poor guys too nervous to tell them to get off, but when he looks to trini for help, for some strange reason she cant bring herself to say anything. (maybe it was all those intense training sessions. maybe.)

-trini refused to let the boys go anywhere near zack. after the billy debacle, she couldnt run the risk. her best friend finally got her to budge and he meets mateo and gabe, hes surprisingly very sweet and calm, a very pure older brother complex. (the follow him like baby ducks, and nothing makes trini more proud)

-the first time kim came over, the boys locked themselves in their room and didnt come out for a solid 30 minutes. not that trini minded of course. (“Guess all Gomez’s cant handle me, huh Trin?”)


-naturally once trini gets them out of their room, they love kim. in fact, they come up with this whole plan to get them together. like parent trap level plan.

-theyre piecing together their last shot at ‘plan krini’ when they walk into the living room at midnight to find trini pinned to the couch by kim. (obviously if you wrestle THAT much, you HAVE to be dating)

-they play power rangers, and gabe brings up that its trinis turn to play rita. kim is right by her side in a second, telling the boys it was time for dinner and holding her hand for the rest of the night, and though trini doesnt say a word, the grateful smile she gives kim says enough

-they watch movies and group snuggle on the couch. trinis head on kims lap, and both boys laying on top of trini is each of her arms, falling asleep to the sounds of wonder woman. (trini has made they boys watch it at least seventeen times)

-they totally force kim to cut their hair. one time she gave both of them matching mohawks, and trini totally flipped when she saw it. that was until she saw how happy her brothers were. (and the flowers kim had placed sporadically over her room)

-BOARD GAMES. NEVER ENDING BOARD GAMES. seriously, the boys could only watch as trini and kim played the most intense game of monopoly theyd ever seen. it lasted four hours, and they only reason they let it keep going was because they were past their bed time, which never happens.

-theres a reason they go to bed at an unrelenting time whenever trini babysits, and that totally has nothing to do with why the boys wont come over when kim is over. totally.


anonymous asked:

"Don't be fucking rude!" please? xx

enemies to lovers is my ultimate kink goodbye

There were no words to describe just how much I hated Harry Styles. The way he dressed like an off duty model, the way he never cut his goddamn hair, the way he always got what he wanted. I had begged our director not to cast him in the role opposite me.

“I’ll do anything, please, give another guy a chance.”

She raised her eyebrows at me, “I’ll give another guy a chance when they get as good as Harry.” I sighed and closed my eyes as she continued. “We don’t give handouts in the theater and we certainly don’t let our disdain for other actors get in the way of our art. So be professional, I expect more from you than this petty nonsense.”

“Yes ma'am.” I murmured as I looked over her shoulder at Harry who was talking to some of his friends, laughing about something he had said that I’m sure wasn’t funny as he picked his satchel up off the ground and threw it over his shoulder.

Harry knew I hated him. It wasn’t a secret. He also knew he would get this role and we would have to play lovers. He knew I would rather die than play someone who was supposed to be in love with him. And he auditioned for the role anyway, winking right at me when he announced which role he wanted. Fucking wanker.


We did our first scene together the next day, scripts in hand as we proclaimed our love for each other. In my head I was thinking of absolutely anything else, like what I was going to eat for dinner tonight.

“Stop, stop, stop, stop!” Our director yelled as Harry leaned in to kiss me. I tried not to slump in relief. “I feel nothing.” She threw her hands up in the air, “I picked the two of you because you’re the best I have and I thought you could overcome your differences–”

Harry and I immediately started babbling, trying to defend ourselves, talking over one another.

“Enough!” She pinched the bridge of her nose and took a deep breath. “The two of you are going to do an exercise together to work on your intimacy.”

“Fantastic.” Harry muttered sarcastically. “I don’t need to do this exercise,” He said louder, “She’s the one who clearly zones out when doing scenes with me it’s like she’s not even there.”

I started to defend myself but she said, “Then maybe you should try to be more captivating, Harry, honestly I almost fell asleep myself listening to you.” I snickered and Harry glared at me, “You’ll both do the exercise or I recast the both of you.” We started to protest but she held up a hand, “If one of you can’t do it you both lose your parts. Work together.”

I was furious. I couldn’t believe this idiot was going to make me lose my role.

“Now, the exercise.” She clapped her hands together, “Props! Get me some blankets and pillows!”

I already did not like where this was going and I could see the look of horror mirrored on Harry’s face as we watched the props team set up a makeshift bed in the middle of the stage.

“I want the two of you to lay down under those blankets like you’re husband and wife and I want you to talk to each other. I don’t have to hear it, no one in this room has to hear it, but I want you to talk. I’ll know if you didn’t do it right so don’t even try to fake it.”

I looked around the room at the rest of the cast and crew, “…With everyone watching?”

She rolled her eyes, “Everyone take a twenty minute break!” She announced and everyone dispersed, leaving us alone on the stage. She soundlessly pointed to the blankets and pillows and turned away from us.

Harry and I glared at each other for a few moments, “Are you going to do this or are you going to continue acting like a child who throws a tantrum when she doesn’t get her way?”

I rolled my eyes and walked towards the blankets, “Don’t be fucking rude.”

“Maybe if you were nice to me I wouldn’t be,” Harry said sitting down next me, “You know, most people like me, I’m still not sure why you don’t.”

“It must really kill your ego that I don’t like you, huh?” I settled onto the pillow, Harry following after me, facing each other on the ground. “The one girl in the whole world who won’t get on her knees for you.”

“Not close enough!” Our director yelled from the audience.

I sighed and scooted closer to Harry.

“Put your arm around her! Jesus, you’re in love for Christ’s sake.”

Harry sighed and put his arm around me, pulling me close enough so I could feel his breath on my face. “Only girl who won’t get on her knees for me, but didn’t take much to get you into bed.” Despite myself, I laughed and our foreheads touched. “Ah, she has a sense of humor after all.”

I stopped laughing, “I’ve always had a sense of humor, you’re just not funny.”

“Why aren’t you touching him, Y/N?” I sighed at the sound of her voice before resting a hand on his cheek, lightly scratching against the stubble on his jaw.

He smirked at me, the smug asshole. “That feels nice.”

I resisted the urge to slap him and instead took a deep breath. “Come on, it’s not that bad pretending to be in love with me.” He squeezed my waist. “I’ve been told I’m an excellent lover.” He whispered in my ear, sending chills down my spine. “Let yourself fall in love with me for a minute.” He said and his voice was so soothing I closed my eyes. “I could fall in love with you. I’ve thought about it sometimes, when I watch you onstage. You’re so incredibly talented, you’ve brought me to tears more than once. I’ve always wanted to act opposite you even though you hated me.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, I was so still, I wasn’t entirely sure I was breathing. “And those lips…” He pulled back from my ear until his forehead touched mine, “I’ve thought about kissing them more times than I care to admit.”

I stared at him, suddenly conscious of every place his skin touched mine. “This is all part of the exercise, right?” I whispered.

He blinked. Instead of answering his finger reached up to graze my cheek and then cupped behind my neck before pulling me to him, our lips colliding gently at first as they explored unfamiliar territory. He was a nice kisser. He had soft lips and knew when to speed up movements, when to pull me closer, when to nibble on my lip and I was breathless when he finally pulled away. His eyes were wild as he looked at me, thumb still idly stroking my cheek.

“Of course.” He breathed. “Just for the exercise.” But he made no move to pull away from me and instead rubbed his thumb over my lower lip.

Metro has an article that contains all the elements for the end of the Harry Styles™ het stunt during promo season™.

- Harry broke up with Gross because he wants to focus on promoting Dunkirk 

- Gross is reportedly “DEVASTATED”: cue to ‘big bad fans who were mean to her’ *everybody cries* ‘she was enjoying the relationship’ *everybody cries harder*

- It blames the end of the relationship on Harry and the poor thing is left crying on a boat– oh no wait, wrong stunt.

- The only truth in the article of bullshits:

Tess loves all the attention their relationship has brought her.

‘Her brand is all about visibility and suddenly her followers have rocketed in a way she could never have foreseen.’

Which was one of the two the main points of this crap they insulted our intelligence with for the month it was needed. (the other point is Harry’s het stutn for the promo season, as usual) 

The end of the article is : promo for harry’s tour, promo for her blog, promo for her instagram, all the links to her stuff. 

So I think it’s a farewell to Gross, the epic fail that this stunt was will not be forgotten. You almost reach the level of the Queen in charge Miss D*nielle Campbell, maybe you can get a role in a youtube short movie after this, who knows.