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Meeting Them is Tiring

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Wrapping your scarf tighter around your neck, you hurried to catch up to your long-legged friend Angelica.

You slid and spun on the icy concrete. You cursed under your breath once you almost collided with Angelica’s back.

She turned to look back at you with a raised eyebrow.

“You know you can tell me to slow down right?”

You grabbed onto her coat and smiled at her sheepishly. “I know but-”

“-you don’t want to slow me down. Geez [F/Name]. Start speaking out for once.” She placed a hand on yours. “We are best friends. And I know your very outspoken dear.”

She started walking forward while you hung onto her arm.

You let out a breathy laugh. “Or I should come up to New York more often.”

“Yes! You really should,” Angelica laughed. “Or make permanent residence here. Maybe then you’ll know how to walk on our icy sidewalks.”

“Haha. Very funny. I know how. It’s just that yours are just too icy,” you defended.

Angelica rolled her eyes muttering a ‘yeah sure’ which led you to punch her. Well attempt to punch her and caused the two of you to fall in the middle of the street you were crossing.


“Fuck you, Burr,” Angelica growled.

The two of you just made it to King College’s square where a group of people - mostly men - stood.

An attractive African American male noticed you coming up. He was only able to raise a hand in greeting before Angelica interrupted him.

The hurt look on his face made you want to go and hug him but you didn’t want to invade his space. Hello brain? Still strangers. But it was still funny so you opted to giggle instead.

This caused the others to turn and you moved behind Angelica as most eyes fell on you. Another attractive dark skin male stepped forward. “Why are so mean to Aaron?” His eyes looked over your figure before redirecting his gaze to the eldest Schuyler sister.

And speaking of Schuyler…


You were thrown in a snow pile by Angelica’s other sisters Peggy and Eliza. The two rub their cold cheeks into yours lovingly.

“Oh, I love you guys too. But can we get out of the snow. It’s cold. IT’S COLD!” You pleaded as you waved your arms into the air.

They laughed, wrapping their legs around you. You let out a scream as they continued to laugh but this time manically.

“Sweet Jesus girls. Don’t hog her to yourselves,“ a male voice chided.

Peggy and Eliza squealed as they were pulled from your body. A pair of gloved hands were suddenly in your view and you happily grabbed them.

Once upright, you stared into deep chocolate eyes. And that was the only thing you could see.

You then realized how close you were to the person and stepped back to give room.

The male who stood not that taller than you kept a hold on your hands, leaning down to kiss the top of them.

“Aren’t you beautiful. My name is Alexander Hamilton,” he said as he raised up to stare into your eyes again. You could feel your face grow warm and opened your mouth to introduce yourself before he was pushed aside by a cute freckled face man.

He wrapped an arm around your shoulders. “Forget about that casanova. Name’s John Lauren sweetheart. And if you’re still cold,” he leaned down so his mouth was right on your ear, “I know just the thing to warm you up.”

You squeaked jumping back, knocking over Alexander who just gotten back up.

Angelica marched up to John once hearing your squeak and pulled his ear. He wailed loudly, pulling on her arm. “Are you making advances on her already?!”

She turned her head to Aaron and a tall, caramel skinned male who’s hair was in a large fluffy bun atop of his head. The two held on to Peggy and Eliza respectively. She started pulling John over to them and her sisters wriggled and snarled as he got closer muttering about “Touching their [F/Name].“ The men let the two go and they pounced on the poor man, rolling him into the snow.

Angelica turned back to you with a smile, ignoring the screams. Seeing the look on your face, she reassured you that this was normal.


Startled, you turned around and punched the man from before in the nose. He tipped backwards and Alexander, who started to make snow angels, let out a small yelp before he was crushed under the larger body.

You covered your mouth in shock before rushing to help the both of them up. Alexander groaned as he leaned into you before moving away to stand by Aaron. Hercules still held onto his nose. You thought he was angry but he had a large smile plastered on his face. “Damn girl. You have a killer punch.”

“I’m so sorry. I wasn’t paying attention a-and you scared me-”

He raised a hand up to stop you, still smiling. “Oh no. No need to apologize. But I definitely know now you’re Angelica’s best friend. Spicy. I like it,” he growled playfully.

Eliza and Peggy stopped rubbing snow into John’s hair, snapping their heads to Hercules. He backed up seeing their glares. John used this distraction to push the sisters away, running around the square with them right behind him.

Angelica rolled her eyes, grabbing your elbow and leading you to Aaron and floof ball. It’s not like you knew his name yet.

“And these two are Aaron Burr and Lafayette,” she gestured to each one in turn. “Lafayette here has a much longer name but we just shorten it to that.”

You smiled at the him. “Oh good. I thought I was going to have call you floof ball forever.” He looked at you confused and you motioned to his bun. He reached up, giving it a few squeezes and began to laugh.

“Oh.That makes sense. It’s very floofy, no?” He questioned with a deep French accent. He turned his head to the left and right, modeling his hair to you.

You giggled at this and you heard Lafayette laugh as well. Aaron narrowed his eyes. “Are we seeing a budding romance here?” You hid your face in your hands while Lafayette elbowed Aaron in his side.

“At least I have a shot. She barely glanced you way,” he retorted with a smile. Alexander and Hercules Oh'ed, Angelica busted out laughing, and Aaron feigned being hurt by his words. Aaron swiftly made his way to you, removing your hands from your face. He smiled down at you. “That’s not true of course. I’m sure you only were distracted because you were saving the best for last.”

“Actually…” you drawled, turning your head from him. Out the corner of your eye, you could see his face fall again. You let your act drop and hugged him tightly. He went rigid as you rubbed your face into his winter coat. “Don’t ever look that sad again!”

Aaron rubbed your back, chuckling. In the background, you could hear knuckles cracking and Alexander screaming “Oh Shit!”

You looked to see Angelica being held back, glowering at Aaron. He started singing ‘Why can’t we be friends?’ shakily backing up. Him backing up caused John, who just returned from running behind the building Eliza and Peggy chased him, to run into him, the two falling into a snowbank.

You hurried to move out the way as said sisters jumped onto the them.

You let out an exasperated sigh. “I’m tired and I didn’t even do anything.”

Lafayette placed a hand on your shoulder. “The easiest thing to do is blame Hamilton.” Alexander opened his mouth to protest but he was pulled forward by Angelica. Hercules grabbed into the back of Hamilton’s coat which slowed their motion.

You shook your head. “And to think I was actually considering to move here.”

Everything went still as you said this. Angelica looked at you, eyes sparkling. She escaped Alexander’s grasp and pulled you into a hug. Eliza and Peggy squealed, abandoning the snow covered, and most likely bruised men rushing to join the hug.

“I said I considered it. But meeting your friends was completely tiring,” you let out a small sigh.

Peggy giggled. “Oh I believe it’s too late now. Now that they met you, they’ll do anything to see you again.”

She pulled back to see your horrified face. Eliza pulled away next, smirking. “You might as well just stay since you’re here. You can stay in our house. You know our family loves you.”

You pulled on your knit cap. “You’re joking right?” Just meeting them wanted you to curl up and take a nap. But them to go out of their way to see you and to experience this again? Oh please no.

“I’ll give them your address, phone number, and that nickname you hate,” Angelica whispered into your ear. You evil bitch!

The guys moved into your sight, each looking at you with perfected puppy dog eyes they must have practiced many times before.

You groaned. Moving to New York wouldn’t be so bad after all. You’ll be close to your best friends, celebrities, and once accepted into a college, you’ll be closer to making it on Broadway.

“Fine.I’ll stay.”

Whoops and cheers were deafening and you covered your ears. Yet you smiled. These are going to be some exciting years ahead of you.

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Ah that picture of Bluestar reminds me o how much I began hating her toward the end of her life... It was unfortunate because it's clear she was suffering from some kind of dementia but after is let bad for her a while she just became extremely annoying to me. Having her be like that was sad, since she had been such a great, sane character from the beginning.

Hello Ash, I honestly share many of the same feelings about her as she was admittedly one of my favorite characters when I first started reading the books. (Around ten years ago come to think of it). I wish that the Erins had gone about her writing towards the end of her life a bit better to be honest though when we were first getting to know her too she often seemed to show some laps of judgement a bit more often than a wise leader should have. But then again she’d had to deal with quite a bit by the time we met her that maybe she was already not doing to well by then and Tigerclaw’s betrayal was the last straw. I do agree too that in the end some of her actions did get rather frustrating towards the end but I like to think that even if it wasn’t done in the best of ways her character was returned to the wise old leader idea once in Star Clan.

-Mod S. Spottedfur

INTERVIEWER (Edward Hirsch)

How did you come to write “On Photography”?


I was having lunch with Barbara Epstein of The New York Review of Books in early 1972 and going on about the Diane Arbus show at the Museum of Modern Art, which I’d just seen, and she said, “Why don’t you write a piece about the show?” I thought that maybe I could. And then when I began writing it I thought that it should start with a few paragraphs about photography in general and then move to Arbus. And soon there was a lot more than a few paragraphs, and I couldn’t extricate myself. The essays multiplied—I felt often like the hapless sorcerer’s apprentice—and they got harder and harder to write, I mean, to get right. But I’m stubborn—I was on the third essay before I managed to place some paragraphs about Arbus and the show—and, feeling I’d committed myself, wouldn’t give up. It took five years to write the six essays that make up “On Photography.”

—  Susan Sontag - The Paris Review
You never forget your first love (Chapter 3 of 6)

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Summary: Ten years after their young love story ended too soon, Oliver and Felicity meet again during their class reunion. While neither of them misses that there is still chemistry between them, they both think that too much time has passed for whatever they had in high school to be started all over again. Or has it never really ended in the first place?
Rating: Teen
Previous chapters: 1 2

“You know, maybe I should neglect all this paperwork more often,” Felicity said when she saw Curtis entering her office from the corner of her eye. Without looking up from the papers she had been asked to sign for the human resources department, she said, “because I did the work that piled up on my desk in the last five and a half weeks in only fifteen days. Actually working with computers instead of doing the paperwork about working with computers is like a drug. I feel like I am doped and-“

“You’re sure it’s not the coffee that makes you feel that?”

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