maybe shading is problem

I understand how the color blue was used a lot in S4 to represent water, but why the exact same shade? In the final problem, a very specific shade of royal blue is always in the frame.

From John’s shirt (x)

To Mycroft’s tie (x) 

To Moriarty’s entire suit (x)

To the governor’s tie (x)

Almost every scene has the shade of blue represented in some way. Even momma Holmes got in on the fun

Not to mention the little girl on the plane’s bow, the guard’s gun straps, kid Sherlock’s outfit, etc….

Kinda reminds me of another shade of blue…hmm… Maybe a certain detective’s favorite color? 

“A human getting pissed at their vampire boyfriend so they put in a silver sterling tongue stud and bracelets and earrings and their vampire boyfriend is just standing five feet away like “babe. c’mon.”” [x]


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TSCShipbattles: Sizzy vs Malec

Bonus- Coffee Shop AU

A bell jingled as Isabelle walked into the little coffee shop her brother had recommended. The first thing to hit her was the smell– ground coffee beans, chocolate, fresh baked goods. As she looked around, saw there were very few tables, and even less of them were occupied. The next, and maybe best, thing she saw was the sign– “FREE WI–FI” written very big, with the code underneath.

She walked up to the counter. The cashier (and only barista there, she might add) smiled at her. “Hey, new girl. Cool jacket.”

She tugged at the sleeve at her leather jacket. Underneath that, she was wearing a hot pink tank top and dark leggings, along with high heeled boots. “Thanks.” She said. She wondered if he was going to hit on her.

“So, what can I get ya?”

In any other situation, Izzy would have jokingly said “your number” but this didn’t feel like the right situation for that. She didn’t want things to be too awkward later. “Mocha frappe.” She said instead. Her eyes darted to the barista’s name tag. Simon.

Simon grabbed a cup and a Sharpie and jotted down her order. “And who is it for?”

“Isabelle.” She said. “It’s okay if I use the Wi–Fi, right?”

“That’s why it’s free.” Simon pointed at a table. “That one there has the best reception. I did a study when I first started coming here.”

“Thanks.” She said again, adjusting the weight of her laptop bag on her shoulder.

“No problem. I’ll get on your frap.” Simon went to work. Izzy watched him. Underneath his apron, he seemed to be wearing a Star Wars T–shirt. He seemed to be throwing ice, water, and powder into a machine and letting it run. Less than a minute later, Izzy had her drink in hand. Simon was grinning as she took a sip and let out a muffled “mm!” She swallowed. “That’s really good!”

“Thank you, Isabelle.” Simon seemed pleased and a little baffled by the compliment.

“Izzy. Call me Izzy.”

“Alright.” He nodded to her laptop. “So, Izzy, what are you working on?”

“Fashion design project for school.” She shrugged. “I can’t get the colors right, so I thought I’d hang out here and work on it. My brother actually recommended this place.”

“We don’t get many customers, so I probably know him. What does he look like?”

“Tall, black hair, blue eyes.”

Simon shook his head. “Sorry, never seen him. Does he come on Saturdays?”

“Yah, actually.”

“Oooh. I don’t work Saturdays.”

Izzy nodded and took another sip of her mocha frappe, making a mental note to not come on Saturdays.

Simon started wiping down the counter, adjusting his glasses. They were perched crookedly on his nose, and it was kind of cute. His eyes were nice too– a medium brown that gave a very warm feeling. Izzy went to the table he had pointed out earlier and opened her project. A very flowy white dress appeared on the screen. Izzy liked the shape she had made it– it was the colors she was having trouble with.

She played with the silver and black for a little, thinking maybe shading was the problem. She tried adding sparkles, lace, and silk trim. It just didn’t… feel right.

Simon came over and sat across the table from her. “I have a friend who’s an artist. I picked up a few things. Let me see.”

Izzy hesitated, then turned her computer around for Simon to look at. He analyzed it, and tangled a hand in his curly brown hair. “Gold.” He said finally.

“What? You want me to add more gold?”

“No– I think it should be gold.”

“It’s supposed to be a wedding dress.” Izzy admitted.

Simon shrugged. “Why can’t a wedding dress be gold?”

Izzy paused, then turned the computer back. Quickly, she turned the dress into a golden color. “You’re right.” She said, astonished. “I like it. Thank you.”

“Not a problem, new girl.” Simon smiled. The bell above the door jingled and someone walked in. “That’s my cue to get back behind the register.”

“Thanks again.” Izzy mumbled. She played with the color until she found the right shade of gold. She took away the sparkle and added more lace. Simon’s suggestion had really helped her.


Izzy came back to the coffee shop two days after the first time. Simon was behind the register again. He smiled at her as he grabbed a cup and Sharpie. “Hey, thought you wouldn’t come back. Wanna try something different this time?”

“What do you like?” She asked.

Simon thought about it, and jotted down an order. “Well, what is it?” She demanded.

“You’ll see.” He grinned and started working– on two separate drinks. Izzy couldn’t guess what they were or which one was for her.

“I got an A on my project.” She said off handedly.

“Wait, you already turned it in?”

“Yesterday. My teacher really liked the gold wedding dress– said it was a bold choice to do a wedding dress, and in nontraditional colors. She asked how I got the idea.” Izzy smiled. “I told her the wedding dress was my idea, but a friend helped me with the color.”

“So we’re friends now?” Simon asked. He had finished the drinks. He handed her one and kept on for himself. “Alright, caramel latte for me, and triple chocolate mocha for you.”

“Oh, God, that sounds delicious.” Izzy took her drink in her hands– it was hot. “Yah, I guess we’re friends. It would have just been weird if I told my teacher that the barista boy I just met at a coffee shop you’ve probably never heard of suggested the gold color for my project.”

Simon laughed. “Okay, yah. Hey, nice shirt.”

He didn’t say it any particular way like he was trying to flirt– just like a compliment on her red and black Dauntless T–shirt –but it made Izzy feel oddly warm inside. “Thanks, I like yours too.”

It was hard to see through his apron, but Simon was definitely wearing a shirt that proudly proclaimed “GEEK”. He beamed at her.

Izzy took a sip of her drink and almost melted. “This. Is. Amazing!” She exclaimed. “You make all these?”

“I work here Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. There are others, but only one at a time. Weird, I know.” Simon shrugged. “So yah. I make all these on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays.”

“Okay, from now on, I only come on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays.” Izzy said, taking another sip of her tripe chocolate mocha. It was warm, but not hot enough to be scalding her tongue.

Simon laughed. “Awesome. So no laptop today?”

“No. But I–“ Izzy stopped. But I wanted to talk to you.

Simon didn’t seem to notice the stop. “I could probably find some board games in the back.”

“This is a coffee shop. Why do you have board games?”

“Hey! I’m just trying to win you over with my little quirks so you don’t leave!”

Izzy rolled her eyes. “I’ll have to take a rain check on those board games. I needed to stop by because I don’t think I paid last time.”

“Oh!” Simon exclaimed. “Yah, I noticed. Don’t worry, I took care of it.”

“You paid for my drink?”

“Um, yah? Chill, it was your first time. It’s always complimentary. You’re going to have to pay for that one, though. Four fifteen.”

“Of course! I’m sorry.” Izzy pulled out her wallet and took out a five dollar bill. While Simon rang up change, Izzy strained her ears. There was music she hadn’t heard the first time. “I don’t recognize this song.” She told Simon. “Do you know what it is?”

“Oh, yah. I’m in a band. This is it. We’re not very great, I will admit, but lately I’ve been feeling incredibly inspired. I’ve written a few songs. Well, I say that, but really I’ve written a few phrases down. Want to see?”

“Sure.” Simon grabbed a journal from under the counter and handed it to Izzy. She flipped through it.

Look at her, she’s like a fire/ I’m burning up, burning up

The flowers bloom to see her smile/ The world stops to hear her laugh

With her hair like the starlight and her eyes like the sun/ I think I’ve finally found the one

“Her? She?” Izzy raised an eyebrow. “You seem to be very inspired.”

Simon shrugged a little, and seemed to laugh. “I am.” He tried to adjust his glasses, but they fell off. He muttered a curse and started looking for them.

“It’s okay.” Izzy said. His glasses had just fallen on the counter. She picked them up. “I’ve got them.”

“Thank you.” Simon said sheepishly.

Izzy narrowed her eyes at him. “Do you have contact lenses?”

“I don’t think so, but–“

“Get them.” She said. “You look good like that.”

Simon blushed and put his glasses back on. “I’ll try.”

Izzy checked the watch around her wrist. “Crap! I told my mom I would meet her somewhere five minutes ago! Bye, Simon!” She bolted out the door.


Izzy didn’t know exactly when she started referring to Simon as her barista. It wasn’t like he was exclusively making coffees for her. But somehow it felt like everyone else was just borrowing him– at the end of the day, he belonged to Isabelle.

It had to have been at least a few weeks in. Izzy only went when she knew she could see Simon, and always found something or other to talk about.

Today when she walked in, she noticed something extremely different.

Simon spread out his arms and gestured to his face. “Ta da!” He said as she got closer. “My contacts came in! Surprise!”

Izzy blinked at him. “Awesome.” If she could just work with his wardrobe, and his hair, he might look hotter than usual.

Izzy’s heart nearly stopped. Hotter than usual. She had thought that.

In that moment, she knew when he became her barista– when she started to slowly fall in love with him. Maybe it was that first day, maybe it was the next, maybe the next. It could even be today. But there was no denying it– Izzy was most definitely at least crushing on Simon.

“I’ll have a triple chocolate mocha.” She told him. He grinned. “Coming right up, Izzy–belle.”

Izzy strained her ears to listen to Simon’s band. With a start, she realized the person singing was different. Was that Simon???

Her heart nearly stopped again as she listened to the words. From his song journal.

With her hair like the starlight and her eyes like the sun

I think I’ve finally found the one

Izzy Izzy Isabelle when I saw you the world lit up

And that’s the moment I fell in love.

She looked wide eyed at Simon, who was smiling sheepishly with a mocha in his hand. “I also finished the song.”


Izzy didn’t know what to say. So she leaned over the counter, grabbed Simon by the straps of his apron, and kissed him.