maybe school au

Sometimes I think about the fact that Chanyeol and Baekhyun went to the same university in the same field and I wonder if they knew e/o before Exo. Were they already friends? Acquaintances? Is this why they became super close in only one night when Baekhyun arrived in the group?

“As soon as class is over, he heads straight to the little cafe down the street. It’s his escape from this new and stressful city life.”
//A little Highschool!AU fanart because i need to practice backgrounds ㅜㅜ it’s not great but..
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oh noooo school time already?!! 

well jasper is absolutely DREADING it lmao, i think pearl will have to drag her butt into class every day. meanwhile, pearl is thoroughly reviewing the class schedule and curriculum, making sure they have all their books and trying to make it sound appealing (and totally failing lol)

Alforan High School AU where Alfor is a jock with a heart of gold and Coran is a computer/science geek and they’re both pining and crushing heavily on each other but neither of them notice.

How many people would lose their minds if Mashima did a Fairy Tail spin-off high school AU after the manga ended? 


more p4 android/anti-shadow weapon fun

au where jungkook and jimin are models under the same company and they both go to the same university/highschool or whatever. but!!! they don’t know each other at school.

when they’re modeling, according to rules on their contract, they go by an alias’. so they know each other as jeon junghyuk and park jiwoon. they’re both really popular models under the company and often make the most money, so they get paired one day because they’d make big money and then it they eventually partner up for tons of photo shoots and stuff.

they get along really well, and jungkook is totally whipped for this jiwoon guy, but jimin doesn’t really know if he wants to reciprocate feelings w/ someone whose real name he doesn’t know. and he also thinks that if it doesnt work out, it could rlly affect their careers, but it doesn’t really matter to jungkook. jimin is also a little different as his model persona, so he’d be scared for jk to find out what he’s truly like at school.

one day they bump into each other at school, not recognizing each other at all. because at school, jimin wears glasses, and his hair isn’t curled like during shoots. jungkook’s hair isn’t parted like it usually is at photo shoots.

jimin’s the first one to say something when they bump into each other, something like “hey, do I know you from somewhere???”

jungkook’s first reaction is “woah he’s cute but gotta turn my face away so he doesn’t recognize me or something” then jungkook just shakes his head awkwardly. then jimin apologizes then leaves. then jungkook gets called to a shoot with jimin and jungkook goes “I met this guy today” and Jimin says the same but they’re oblivious to the fact that the person they bumped into could’ve been each other.

and then blah blah blah they bump into each other more often now at school, eventually learn each other’s names and start to talk a little and then the reveal happens where jimin figures out first but of course he’s not gonna say anything but that creates some tension in their photo shoots and jungkook’s like “what’s wrong” and then it gets revealed and they end up together. happy ending.

kinda wanna draw this since I’m too trash at writing to write it….let’s see how it goes

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I have a headcanon that Kara is Autistic (I am irl) and Alex is real sweet and protective of her. Maybe high school au?

The glasses help.

The glasses help because they dull the overstimulation.

They help, but Rao, they don’t help everything.

Sometimes, they make things worse.

Because her hands are noisy, and her fingers need the solid feel of the rims underneath their tips. 

So she adjusts them constantly – adjusts them when someone expects her to look at them, adjusts them when she jumps when someone touches her, adjusts them when she doesn’t know what to say, because she has her own codes, but it doesn’t seem to match the others’ – and when she adjusts them, people laugh.

They act like she can’t hear. They act like she can’t see.

They act like she doesn’t understand.

But she’s heard her planet scream and she’s seen her planet die and she understands more than any of them ever will.

And she hears them, and she sees them.

And she understands that their hatred exists.

She just doesn’t understand why.

Alex punches them, sometimes. 

She punches them when they don’t lay off. When they surround Kara at her locker and make a game of seeing who can get her to stim with her glasses more fiercely.

But they don’t call it stimming.

Because they think she’s the one that doesn’t understand, but really, it’s them that don’t understand… anything.

So Alex punches them, when her words aren’t big enough.

Alex’s hands talk, just like Kara’s do.

And sometimes, they shout.

Just like Kara’s do.

And when Alex is hauled into the principal’s office, it’s Maggie who slips up beside her.

It’s Maggie who looks at her without expecting, without demanding, a direct look back. Maggie who speaks softly because she knows everything else is so loud.

“Hey Kid Danvers. Do you feel like a soft hug? Or maybe something to squeeze?”

Kara grins.

“Why do you ask me?” she wants to know, and she adjusts her glasses and this time, with Maggie at her side, waiting for her big sister to get out of the principal’s office, it feels good, not weird. Relieving, not stupid.

“Because everyone deserves to control how they interact with the world, kid.”

Kara glances at her and shifts so she’s leaning into Maggie’s arms.

The pressure is soft and the pressure is constant, and the pressure is so, so welcome.

Maggie doesn’t move, and Maggie doesn’t speak, because the touch is more than enough stimulation for Kara.

They wait together, in the abandoned, after-school halls, for Alex to emerge.

Kara flinches when she hears Alex yell inside the office.

“No, I don’t care! They were hurting her, they were taunting her, they deserved it! I don’t care if you call my parents, because you know what my mom tells me to do? Protect my little sister. And you all clearly aren’t interested in doing that, so someone has to! And that’s going to be me, forever.”

She comes out of the office twenty minutes later with a lopsided grin on her face. 

“You should have heard Jeremiah going off on the old man. Something about punishing his daughter instead of the boys who were being mean to you. It was great. I never knew Dad could get scary like that. It was awesome.”

Kara smiles and says nothing, and Alex sighs and lets the adrenaline rush out of her body slightly.

“Hey, looks like you’re pretty comfy there with Maggie.”

“Your girlfriend’s nice to me,” Kara offers by way of explanation, and Alex blushes hard while Maggie beams.

“Anything for a Danvers girl,” Maggie grins, and Kara curls in on herself proudly and Alex preens.

“Ice cream?” Alex invites them both, and she’s not sure who squeals louder, her sister or her girlfriend.

She just knows it’s the best feeling in the world.


YESSS THANK YOU!!! I’m SO happy to hear that ahaha :d
If I get more ideas I’ll probably draw some more of this AU when I get some free time, and I can colour them too or something (I’m a sucker for japanese high-school shoujo set-ups tbh…)