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idk I don’t wanna get into a fight but the Maladaptive Daydreaming writing prompt really bothers me, like I know the person who submitted it has MaDD but

its hard enough to get people to take it seriously. Including doctors! And it can be terrifying to feel like you’re not able to control your own mind. At my worst I was constantly afraid that I’d just never come back to reality one day. It takes being on meds for me to be able to control it and actually participate in my own life. 

Right now is not a good time to be normalizing it with tumblr reblog games. Maybe a prompt like that for the MaDD community would be different, but something that’s gonna reach everywhere on tumblr with no context is kinda harmful to those of us who need help, its just gonna add to the “special snowflake” bullshit that gets thrown at even mental illnesses that’re more well known. 

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Well, maybe you can do another blog and use it to answer all those questions, and maybe upload it just every week, the same day, for those ones who want to know can read it. If not, you can answer them here, it's okay, at least for me:) (it may be a lot of work, too:/)

[[you know i like this idea

i’m not going to make a blog for answers only because that sound a bit weird but i think i know

ill make a big post on sundays with all the asks i get all week so i dont spam the blog, starting tomorrow! good idea nonny]]

Shout out to all the trans aces who:

  • Don’t feel ‘truly’ asexual because you don’t know whether your dysphoria is having an affect on your sexuality
  • Feel that your trans-ness can’t be removed from your ace-ness but are told it should be
  • Don’t feel comfortable in hypersexual LGBT spaces
  • Have had your asexuality invalidated by people who say you can’t be ace and trans
  • Have had your trans-ness invalidated by people who say you can’t be ace and trans
  • Are happy that you’re trans and ace
  • Are sad that you’re trans and ace

Your feelings are valid. Your identities are valid. And you are amazing (ace, even!).

because im tired of having people criticize me 
because apparently everyone hates me
because maybe i wasnt designed like everyone else
because maybe i give too much and really only hurt myself
because sometimes im mad more than sad
and maybe i dont know why im mad
i like covering up my emotions because when i dont im called sensitive 
but when im mean im strong
maybe i need to be told that im good for once
that im doing okay
that im not as fucked up as they all make me seem
maybe if they spent one day saying only good things instead of five days only saying bad
sometimes i too need someone who will gloat me with complements and make me feel good for once 
im tired of being rejected and called out for all my flaws
i feel like people are ashamed of me
or because maybe ill just end this poem here.
—  because maybe
An Apology to Everyone Who Followed Me For Jamilton Content

So, here’s a sequel to the modern day Jamilton I wrote where Jefferson is good with Philip. Coincidentally, here’s also the end to all, if any, integrity I had as a writer. In the end, my love for “hijinks of dubious plausibility force the ship to spend time together” was too great. More under the readmore

Alex still didn’t understand Jefferson one bit. The next day, after the Philip fiasco, it was right back to normal again. Jefferson took one look at Alex, wrinkled his nose in that irritating way again, and insulted his fashion sense- again.

Well, if Jefferson wanted to forget that day’s events, who was Alex to stop him? He shot back with an insult of Jefferson’s value as an employee, if fashion was the main thing he was concerned about, and the status quo resettled itself.

Except, of course, for one change.

“Dad! Dad! When can we go to the movies with Tommy?”

Alex choked on his hot chocolate. “Tom- you mean Jefferson?”

Philip grinned broadly, bouncing in his chair. “He said I could call him Tommy, as long as he gets to call me Pip. I like Pip anyways, so joke’s on him.”

“Right,” Alex coughed. “Jeff-er, Tom,” He couldn’t bring himself to finish the childish nickname. “Tom’s… busy.” He misdirected. There was no way Alex would be the one to bring that evening up again, and certainly not at work- the only place he ever had to interact with Jefferson.

“Busy?” Philip furrowed his brows, as if immediately seeing through the lie. “He said he wanted to come.” His voice tipped down, hurt.

Alex winced. “Well, sometimes adults have other obligations that they forget about. I’m sure he’d love to go if he could. His work is as busy as mine, though.” The best excuse was a true one. As much as Alex hated to admit it, Jefferson did plenty of work for the firm. He was Alex’s rival for good reason, even if he was a pompous jerk who got everything handed to him.

But the excuse did nothing to console Philip. His shoulders drooped. “He said he would,” Philip whined, not quite teary eyed, but certainly upset. “Does Tommy hate me after all?”

Alex froze. “No, of course he doesn’t,” He found himself saying automatically. “Look, I’ll ask him again, maybe I can help him clear a date, how does that sound?”

Philip smiled, bright as the sun. “Yeah!”

Alex smiled back, silently cursing his big mouth.

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I decided to close this blog.I wont get into details mainly because it would be too much to write about. My intention in creating this blog in the first place was to find a place for my own,but it didnt work out in the end,it just brought pain into my life destroying my mental health. I- a lot of things happened and i dont think im strong enough to handle them. I didnt know what made me so anxious everytime i went on the internet but not too long ago i descovered the reason,its tumblr,and some people here in the fandom,that are keeping me in the past.Im not gonna lie,i had a great time here but there were always painful things that covered the good ones.So, although it is hard for me,im gonna leave this blog,ill miss my little chara and frisk but- i know that what im doing is the best i can do to move on and heal.Im not strong,and im not determined enough to continue,so im sorry.But maybe one day,when i’ll be ready,i’ll come back,with new ideas,with new blogs and with immprovement.Im sorry i couldnt keep this blog entertaining enough for everyone. I hope i’ll see some of you one day tho.I didnt imagine my blog would end like this so soon… but people change afterall.As for now,its goodbye

Chrona, my good friend Kaib’s awesome character! @kailuxart

things to know about your partner w bpd

• FIRST AND FORMOST: bpd DOES!! NOT!! stand for bipolar disorder (bd). bpd is borderline personality disorder. maybe do a lil research about it just to get yourself familiar

• it’s more than likely you are one of their fp’s (favorite person). they might have other fp’s too, and that’s okay!! don’t get jealous of their other fp’s; your partner loves you more than you know.

• people with mental illnesses in general like, and usually need and rely on, routine. for example: if you’re going to talk to them a certain time of the day every day, try not to break that. if you have to, make sure you tell your partner ahead of time.

• another good thing to note about most people with mental illnesses is cleanliness. they feel better and less stressed in clean spaces!! if you live together, or if you notice their room is a little cluttered, help them out and I guarantee they will appreciate it. and you will too! we all want our partners to be happy.

• your partner is going to be “clingy.”

• more than likely, they’re going to be asking you to make most of the decisions. where to go, what to do, how to do things, etc. make sure you come prepared with date ideas! even if it’s just wandering around. they’ll be happy just being with you and following what you do.

• make sure you talk about what would be best to do when you’re both having bad mental health days (ESPECIALLY if you also have a mental illness! v important)

• your partner will probably be like a sponge and soak up the emotions that you’re giving out; whether that be positive or negative. always have other friends and people to go to when you’re having a bad time and need to vent. don’t make your partner your sole support system.

• you MUST communicate. if you notice something is off about them, don’t be afraid to ask if they’re okay. if they do something you don’t like, very kindly let them know. communication is key in ALL relationships.

• when they get angry with you (aka “splitting”):

- if they ask to be left alone, leave them alone. don’t completely leave the room unless they ask, because most likely they still want you there and just don’t want to talk.

- if they say to not touch them, or move away from you when you try to touch them, do not touch them.

- when things cool down, do something nice together and talk about what happened. go on a walk, lay down and cuddle, etc. let them know you still love them very much. ask why they felt angry, what you could’ve done to make the situation better, and what your partner would need from you most the next time this happens.

- if they don’t feel comfortable talking out loud, suggest texting, typing, or writing how they feel instead.

- most importantly, they don’t mean it. they love you very very much and probably feel really REALLY badly after being angry at you; they can’t control their symptoms. keep this in mind.

• the longer you’re with your partner, the more comfortable they will be around you, and the more time you’ll be spending together. this also means the more of their symptoms you’re going to see. don’t confuse this with them being more cold/getting irritated more often/not enjoying your company as much anymore/or anything like that. again, COMMUNICATE. make sure everybody’s feelings are always known and out on the table.

• more than anything, just love them!! don’t let the fact that they have a mental illness hold you back!!!!!!!!

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You're from the Philippines right? In college? If so, me too! I am really curious to know about your degree and university (maybe the color if its too personal). It be nice to see YOI fans in campus. I love your content btw 💕 Have a good day!

im in senior high school actually!! taking up the HUMSS strand!! c: im not comfortable w/ sharing my school but it is one of The Big Four™ lol come off anon and ill tell u maybe??

The Schools on Valentine's Day

Fire: hah babe my fire burns so bright for you ;)) whats ur kik pls

Ice: roses are red
Greyrose is blue
Tower shields are great
I’m too good for you


Life: I gave you a rose! :) what’s that attached to it, you ask? It’s a pixie :D maybe you should fREAKIN USE IT SOMETIME INSTEAD OF ASKING ME EVERY D

Death: rawr means “love me” in dinosaur

Myth: d-d drake senpai! I wrote you a poem
In the shining of your bald head
I can see the next 60 years of my life
Pls give me an a

Balance: *eating chocolates alone in room while crying*

an entire hour later and the urge to hurt myself finally faded. and i was all ready to do my homework but then i decided to ask dad about my glasses and it turns out that theyre really broken and ill have to get new glasses and hopefully its under warranty or something and hopefully they even have the same kind and color of frames. or at least something red and blue. idk. wanting red and blue glasses feels kinda stupid rn.
i’m not angry at myself anymore (at least not more than usual) but now i am feeling kind of. idk. tired i guess. ive had too many emotions today and i really just want to go to bed (and maybe cry a little to release excess sad neurochemicals) but i have to do homework instead ugh

“I don’t care if you’re a vampire, now. All that matters is that we’re alive and together.” 

I realize my mistake of not yet drawing any MikaYuu. So I have fixed the error of my ways.

I think it’s really sad when writers (myself included) feel too intimidated to write their own ideas and post them.

I’m directing this towards the undertale fandom.

There’s a lot of really great AUs that I would love to write for, the Gaster Blaster!Sans AU especially and I have a lot of ideas, but because of the hype surrounding a really well known fic, I’ve seen a lot of people feel that they can’t present their own ideas that would clash with that fic or tell a story entirely different. People have gotten hate over this, its ridiculous.
Calm down, let people do their own thing.