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Hi Even, thank you very much for the drawing. It’s nice. When did you manage to put it into my jacket, actually? 
Glad you liked it. Put it there when you had gym class. Miss you.

just in case you guys weren’t aware, a terrorist attack happened in egypt in northern sinai during prayer in a mosque. 235 people have died so far while another 109 are injured. after initial explosions, gunmen opened fired in the mosque as people fleed and at ambulances.

no group has claimed responsiblity but it bears the trademark of ISIS.

source: Egypt: Hundreds dead as mosque attackers gun down fleeing worshipers - CNN

ok but imagine hopper and el’s first thanksgiving as a family. hop tries to cook a turkey for the first time ever and it ends up burned (scorched black) and completely dry inside. they end up eating microwave turkey tv dinners, and for dessert triple decker eggo spectaculars plus the apple pie mrs. wheeler sent home with el the day before. they fall asleep on the couch watching old christmas movies, el’s head resting on hopper’s belly as he snores

So everyone just seems to accept that Dark wears eyeliner, and some people say it’s because of what remains of Celine.

But did Mark actually say it was eyeliner in the canon of the lore?

Cause I’ve always seen it as more “dead” look. Or just sorta what happens with the possession thing. Maybe more like a metaphor of Dark? Idk. How with certain possessions, the eyes change. All white, all black, all black w/ red iris, etc. That’s how I see the black eyes. (Which, also the veins in the teaser on Mark in ADWM, was that ever explained??)

Idk if he actually stated that the thing that was speaking through Mark’s body in WKM was Damien or Celine, or even Dark, but it had that effect, too?

So is it actually eyeliner, or just the effect of a possession on a corpse…?

Friendly reminder that

Neil Josten does not have a neck fetish.

Neil Josten has a “giving Andrew Minyard pleasure” fetish.

and Neil Josten knows that Andrew Minyard likes having his neck kissed.


“Neil kissed his neck, hoping to distract him, and was rewarded with a startled jolt. That was enough reason to do it again. Andrew pushed his face away, but they were standing too close together for Neil to miss the way he shivered.”

–The Kings Men Ch. 11.

“Neil chased water down the side of Andrew’s neck. Andrew’s fingers clenched convulsively on Neil’s sides as a shudder wracked Andrew’s frame.

Andrew tried to recover with a ground-out ‘your neck fetish is not attractive.’

‘You like it,’ Neil said, unapologetic. ‘I like that you like it.’

He bit down to prove his point and Andrew turned his head into it with a sharp hiss.”

–The Kings Men Ch. 15

Neil doesn’t go after Andrew’s neck because he particularly likes his neck (although I do imagine he’s probably fond of it). He goes after Andrew’s neck because he knows it turns Andrew on.