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happily dancing with his lightstick and then…

Making out with Got7


  • Smiling against your lips when you kiss
  • Being really gentle with you
  • Pulling you on top of him
  • Being very touchy, running his hands over your back and bum
  • Slapping your ass and giggling a the little squeak you make
  • Pulling he collar of your shirt down so he can kiss your chest


  • Biting your lip
  • Grinding his hips against you
  • Quiet little moans 
  • A tight grip on your thigh
  • Kissing your neck
  • Pressing his body as close as he possibly can
  • Lifting you up and pressing you against a wall


  • Pulling back to tell you how much he loves you and how beautiful you are
  • Tender kisses that are filled with passion
  • Slipping his hand into the back pocket of your jeans
  • Winding his fingers in the hair at the back of your neck
  • Stroking his thumb against your cheek bone
  • Jackson would get a little too passionate and end up accidentally headbutting you


  • He would kiss your neck a lot 
  • A lot of tongue
  • Pushing his hand under your t-shirt and playing with your boobs
  • He’d sit you on his lap so he can grab at your ass as much as he likes
  • Pulling his hair
  • Dry humping because i bet jinyoung is really into that
  • Jinyoung would be grinding against you, looking at you so intently with a half lidded gaze and noses brushing as your breathe each other in
  • Your make out sessions would be so sensual


  • He’d whine against your lips when you pull his hair 
  • Sloppy kisses
  • He’d say “baby, don’t stop” in a desperate whiny voice
  • Wrapping your legs around his waist
  • Biting his lip
  • Giving him hickeys because he looks so pretty all marked up


  • Spanking and squeezing your ass
  • Being a little rough with you
  • Sloppy, rushed kisses with probably too much tongue as you try and undress each other
  • Making out in the kitchen where he would lift you up onto the counter
  • Dragging your nails down his back
  • Taking his face between your hands so you can keep his lips close


  • He would be so cheeky
  • It would quickly turn into him going down on you
  • He’d be running his fingers through your hair
  • Lazy kisses
  • Brushing your hair behind you ear
  • Bambam would be a lot more gentle than people expect
NCT-127/U reacts to you falling over & playing it off by saying “looks like I’ve fallen for you”

So the idea of this request was that you fall and play it off by saying “Looks like I’ve fallen for you”, so it’s a reaction to you falling, and you playing it off. I hope I wrote it correctly but it was really fun to write, thank you for requesting! 


 At you falling, he’d have to supress his laughter and would quickly check if you were alright, not wanting to be hurtful but finding your clumsiness hard not to laugh over. When you gave him the cheesy “Looks like I’ve fallen for you” line, he’d stop trying to supress his laughter and jokingly warn you he’d leave you on the floor for your bad pick up line type joke.

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 Immediately seeing you fall, his caring side would come out - coming to your side and checking your okay, probably brushing you off and fixing your hair or something. Hearing you playing it off, he’d laugh, relieved you weren’t hurt, but might get kind of shy and blushy, finding your joke awfully cheesy but also adorable, doing that little bounce thing he does as he laughed at your cuteness.

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 Once you fell, it might take him a moment to notice if he was absorbed in the conversation, probably walking on a few steps before realising you weren’t replying, before turning to find you on the floor. I can see him jokingly scolding your clumsiness, but would help you up and move on to avoid any embarrassment for you. He seems very quick witted, so as soon as he heard your joke, he’d reply something like “who doesn’t”, smug at you jokingly confessing to you and his reply. 

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Seeing you fall, he’d probably be the most likely to laugh outwardly - not to upset you, but because he likes to laugh, though would make it clear he wasn’t laughing at you in a harsh way. A joke like that would probably make him walk away, jokingly dissapointed with such a cheesey line, brushing back his hair and trying to act cool and unaffected by the joke, even if he was internally trying his hardest not to laugh at it/you.

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Another one to show his caring side after you fell, he’d ask you if you were hurt and try to help you up, if you were grazed even slightly he’d end up making a fuss and telling you to be more careful. At the attempt at playing it off he’d sigh and try to act as if he found it cringey, rolling his eyes at you and jokingly warding off the advances, but would secretly find it cute and tease you about it later.

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 Seeing you fall, he’d be at your side asking if your okay, but still supressing a smile on his face at the fall. Hearing the joke, he’d let out his laughter knowing you were okay, applauding your bad joke with only slight sarcasm, secretly pleased you’d used the bad pick up line on him. I can see him being the type to google some similar bad pick up lines to use on you at random points, and enjoying trying to one up you with the bad jokes.

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Jaehyun would be clingy and protective after you fell, helping you back up and offering to keep a firm grip on you so you didn’t fall anymore, or maybe even a piggyback if you were hurt slightly. After you played it off, he’d be cringey and playfully tell you off for the bad joke, saying you needed to come up with better even if it did boost his ego a bit. 

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I see WinWin as someone who’s more used to being taken care of, rather than taking care of others, so would be unsure how to comfort/help you when you fell. At the joke he’d laugh and get a bit flustered, glad you were okay enough to play it off. He might try and joke back, saying he’d be careful not to hurt you with his looks or something similar to show he was on the same page as you.

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He wouldn’t make a big deal of you falling, not wanting you to be embarrased, but would quickly help you up and make sure you were okay. The joke however, he’d laugh at with that one giggle of his, like the reaction king he is, finding it so cheesy it was hilarious. 

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At your fall, he’d joke at how clumsy you were but would help you up if you were actually hurt. At the attempt to play it off, he’d jokingly fall over and say “I fell for me too”, causing you to laugh together at the dumb jokes. He’d probably also be one to hold it over you and randomly bring up the time ‘you literally fell for him’ whenever he wanted to tease you.

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For the Drabble thing can you do 20 27 or 84! Thanks love your writing

27. “Show me what’s behind your back.” AND 84. “No regrets.”

It wasn’t planned.

It definitely wasn’t planned.

But when you saw the very obvious plus sign on the pregnancy test, you immediately began to rewrite every plan you’d had seemingly set in stone for yourself. You looked at yourself in the mirror, imagining how you’d look in a handful of months, sliding a hand over your belly. You were ready for this, you were sure of it. You didn’t have a choice to be ready for it, really. Babies were like that.

Even if it wasn’t planned, you knew you would’ve approached the test with a certain amount of sadness had it been negative. Within the three minutes it took for the first test to show you your results, you had already envisioned a curly-haired, green-eyed, smaller version of Harry running around, calling you “Mumma” and asking for more Cheerios. And then, while you waited for the second test to come back positive, you’d decided that the nursery would be painted an off-white and you would have dark cherry furniture.

“What’re you doin’?” you hear Harry’s voice echo through the large master bathroom.

“Oi!” You immediately turn to face him, both tests clutched in a fist behind your back. “Scared me!”

“What’re you doin’?” he repeats, walking towards you with a smirk on his face.

You step back so he can’t see your reflection in the mirror - you haven’t even thought of how you were going to break the news to him - images of his miniature occupying your brain for the time being - but you knew you didn’t want to shove two pee-sticks in his face and pretend like you had meant for it to happen that way.

“Just freshening up!” you squeak, pasting an over-zealous smile on your face. “Were you waiting on me?”

“No,” he shakes his head, glancing in the mirror as he adjusts his hair. “Jus’ wondered what was takin’ y’ so long. Was wonderin’ where you’d gone off to.”

“Oh,” you shrug, your hands sweaty behind your back. “Just needed to fix m’ hair.”

“What’re ya hidin’ behind your back?” he asks, trying to peek over your shoulder.

“Nothing,” you back up to the tall cabinet next to the countertop.

“So if there’s nothin’,” he walks closer to you, and for some reason, your heart begins to pound. “Why ye backin’ up?”

…would it be so horrible if he knew? You don’t think he’d be upset - quite the opposite, actually. But you wish you could tell him in some dramatic way, something that’s elaborate and worthy of an excited reaction. Maybe buy him a “World’s Best Dad” mug or have a scavenger hunt with all of the clues being baby-related. He deserved that, didn’t he? You wanted it to be more than a confession in the bathroom, even if you knew Harry wouldn’t care, either way.

“I’m not,” you try on an easy smile, and the click of the plastic tests against the cupboard indicate you’re lying.

Show me what’s behind your back,” he presses you up against the cabinetry, and for a moment, your mind rushes to a different conclusion altogether. But no, you can’t get hot and heavy now - not with your future hidden in your palms.

You slowly move your hands to the front of you, still clutching the tests in your right fist. You sigh, opening your right hand to reveal the very positive readings on the white and blue sticks. You focus on his face while a slew of emotions run across his features. First, he’s smug, knowing that he’s made you reveal your secret. Then, he’s confused, his brow wrinkled and lips pursed. And finally, when he realizes what it means, his eyes catch yours with a brightness you’ve never seen from them before.

“Is…with…” he grins, clutching your shoulders. “Jus’ now? Twice?” he switches his eyes from your hand to your face, his smile getting bigger and bigger each second you don’t deny what the tests mean.

“Yeah,” you nod, and suddenly, you can’t stop your eyes from filling with tears. There’s a certain amount of relief that comes from his reaction. The two of you weren’t even engaged yet, but you’d been living together for a year and he was comfortable enough to pee in front of you with the door open. The natural next step in your relationship would be to get married, but, babies don’t care about the natural order of things.

“‘m gonna be a dad?” he questions with a breathy whisper. “‘ve made me a dad?”

You nod, chuckling when the first tear falls from your eyes. “‘m sorry I didn’t get the chance to tell you all special-like. You kinda ruined it by barging in on me,” you shrug, looking up at the ceiling, willing the extra tears to stay put. “Know it’s not under the best circumstances - know we didn’t plan it - but ‘m kind’ve…” You trail off when Harry looks at you, concern ghosting over his glittering eyes. “Jus’ don’t want you to be mad at me for forgetting antibiotics cancel out birth control, is all. Don’t want this to scare you,” you sniffle, trying to avoid his burning gaze.

“Don’ say tha’,” he squeezes your shoulders so he can catch your eyes once more. “I would never be mad at ya for somethin’ like this, love,” he kisses your forehead in reassurance. “I love ya more than anythin’, ‘n ‘m so ‘appy you get to be the mum of my baby,” he smiles, his dimples pressed deep into his cheeks.

“Y’might regret saying that when I’m nine months pregnant ‘n won’t stop bitching about how fat I’ve become and how all I want is to eat my body weight in crisps,” you chuckle, accepting his lips for a kiss.

No. Regrets.” he places his forehead against yours, kissing the bridge of your nose. “Not now, not ever.”

[Talking about Roman’s win at Fastlane and crowd reactions.]

Rosenberg: Maybe one of the best nights for Roman’s career
came at Fastlane. Roman vs. Strowman. The crowd was nuts. I was out on the arena floor and people were losing it to see these guys. In fact, it sort of felt like a Wrestlemania main event. Corey, how good was this match? And how does the crowd seem to be reacting to Roman Reigns these days?
Corey: Well, I think you answered your own question. This was a Wrestlemania caliber match. I don’t think anyone would’ve been disappointed had this happened at the biggest event of the year. And as far as crowd reactions go, when you pay your money, you’re free to do whatever you want to do inside the arena. If you wanna cheer, you wanna boo, yell, scream, whatever you wanna do, that’s your prerogative. Roman Reigns, it’s a hip thing to do to boo Roman Reigns, but by the end of the match, people are on their feet. Roman has the ability to get you to emotionally invest. It’s hilarious because if you watch a lot of his matches, the finish happens, spear, one two three, the crowd cheers and then they go “oh wait, remember, we gotta boo this guy”. It’s like that genuine reaction of “oh my god, that was awesome!”.

Rosenberg: JBL, is this another John Cena situation? Where we’re always gonna have people, half the crowd cheering for Roman Reigns and half the crowd booing for Roman Reigns?
JBL: I hope so. Cause John Cena is an absolute rockstar. He’s perhaps the greatest draw in the history of this business. And Roman Reigns is exactly the same. He is a rockstar. You’ll tell people that and they say “no, no, no, people are standing up because they wanna boo him”. They’re standing up. So, if you ask those people who say “they’re standing up to boo Roman Reigns because we don’t like him”, okay. Would you pay to see Roman Reigns get beat? “Oh, absolutely. I would love to see him get beat.” He’s doing his job because you’re paying to see him. People want to see Roman Reigns. 

“Miss you…”

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins (WWE)

Not sure how I should describe this one… I’ve been having a low lately, like some depression/anxiety shit that has affected like… everything. I’ve just felt… lost. Where I’m at generally… my art/style… ambrollins… Feels like I haven’t been doing art for quite some time because something just seems/feels off. I don’t know what it is, but it’s been a huge obstacle anyway. Guess I could ramble more about it, but I won’t bore you with it.

I got to doodling this digitally last week after a couple of weeks of just feeling low or at “best” unstable. I guess it somewhere reflects me, but at the same time it reflects them… and how bad it feels that WWE actively keeps them apart. Being an ambrollins shipper sure has taken its tolls on me… and WWE itself sure isn’t helping…
And maybe it’s a reaction to the re-injury.

They are at their best together… why can’t they be together…? I want to believe they miss each other too…


Thank you for your request and thank you so much for waiting!

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CL drummed her fingers impatiently against the arm of her desk chair. They had been working for hours now with only laughable results and Gray could feel her eyes boring into him. He tried to tell himself that he was over thinking it, remind himself that she was actually a sweet person despite her stage persona, but he always found himself being extra cautious around her.

“What’s wrong with you today?”

“Nothing,” he mumbled.

He made a feeble attempt at concentrating. Even putting a hand to his headphones like he was listening for something. CL rolled her chair towards him, her legs practically brushing against his, so that she could study his face more closely.

“We can work on this another day,” she said. “When you’re feeling more up to it.”

She stood up to leave but Gray motioned for her to stay.

“I told you nothing’s wrong. I can do this.”

“Gray, I’ve seen you produce a beat from scratch in five minutes. You’ve been working on just the base for over an hour.”

He dejectedly tossed his headphones on his desk and buried his face in his hands. She was right. He’d come to work this week with the full intention of being productive but his mind kept wandering to all the things he’d been neglecting lately. His social life, his sleep, but most importantly you. What he wouldn’t give just to hear your laugh again.

CL wasn’t his first choice to talk to about what was really going on. But she was there and she was listening which counted for something.

“There’s someone I’ve been talking to lately. I haven’t seen her in a while and I guess I just, you know, miss her.”

“I knew it!”

She let out a short laugh as she relaxed back against the chair, waiting for him to continue.

“You knew it?”

“Just look at your office. It’s so clean. Cleaner than Jiyong’s at least,” she corrected herself when she saw the trashcan nearly overflowing with Soju bottles and food wrappers. “You don’t keep a lot of sentimental stuff around. Except for this one birthday card.” She picked it up to demonstrate. Gray held out his hand to take it from her but she ignored him. “I already read it while you were in the bathroom.”

“You went through my stuff?”

“Just the card. I had to know what made it so special.”

No wonder people are afraid of you, Gray thought as he snatched the card away from her and placed it carefully inside his desk drawer. He saw the guilt flicker across her face just before she looked away and he knew that this wasn’t her idea. Their friendship had never developed the same candidness that she had with the others.  Someone had put her up to this, most likely Simon, but that didn’t make him want to humor the conversation any further.

“So..,” she said hesitantly.


“What are you going to do about it?”

He didn’t have an answer for her, not the one he knew she wanted to hear, so he turned his attention back to his monitor as if that could make the conversation dissipate. As if stopping her meant everyone would leave him to bury his intentions until he had time to fathom them out for himself. But that wasn’t possible. Not when the rest of the crew had clearly decided something needed to be done on his behalf.

“Ignoring things won’t solve your problems, Gray.”

“Maybe,” he shrugged. “But it won’t cause any either.”

“It already has. At least from what Simon tells me.”

Knew it.

“You can’t just string her along like she’s a toy,” she continued. “Both of you care about one another. That much is obvious even to me but there will come a point when knowing you care won’t be good enough. You need to say something or do you not think she’s worth it?”

“Of course she’s worth it!” He didn’t mean to yell but losing you was not something he liked thinking about. “Why do you think this is so hard for me?”

“But what are you so afraid of?”

“That I’ll say the wrong thing. That I’ve misinterpreted our friendship. That I’m asking too much of her too soon.”

“That’s you trying to rationalize being selfish.”

“Then what would you have me do?”

“Stop thinking and just do it. No planning. No speeches. And no clichéd song writing.” Seeing Gray cringe at the mention of song writing made CL smile a bit. She moved closer to him; taking hold of his hands before he could shy away from her. “Practice with me.”

It felt weird confessing to her. Gray tried his best to visualize you instead but his words came out stunted and awkward like lines he’d plagiarized from a poorly scripted movie. There was no trace of passion behind them. Only the distinct urge to get this over with as he rattled off words like “love” as if they meant nothing.

If only he hadn’t been too wrapped up in his own embarrassment to hear the shuffling of footsteps outside his office door. Jay’s voice saying your name a little too loudly to give him a warning. You standing frozen in the doorway, your arms laden with food for them all, as you listened to him confess to someone else.

He stood up the moment he noticed you. You let the bags of food fall to the floor before he could say anything as you turned on your heel to leave. By the time Gray called after you, you were already at the lobby. You couldn’t bring yourself to turn back and face him. Your strength was like paper but the one thing you were determined to do was not let him see you cry. You loved Gray and if that meant letting him be happy with someone else then so be it…


Gray fumbled with the keypad to your apartment. He couldn’t stop his fingers from trembling despite the small wave of relief he felt when he heard the door lock click that you hadn’t changed to code already. None of this was supposed to have happened and the only thing he could think as he hurried through the doorway was that somehow he was going to make things right.

You heard the door and tried to go hide in your bedroom but Gray was quicker than you anticipated. He blocked your way before you could even leave the living room and you both stood there in stunned silence for a moment.

He noticed how you flinched when he said your name and his chest tightened. The betrayal you felt was evident in your eyes in the brief contact you managed to make with his. What was he putting you through? He didn’t even want to imagine the things that had been going through your mind in the time it took him to recover from you running out of the studio.

CL had been right. The things he’d left unsaid too long had caused more damage than he could have anticipated. But he wouldn’t let that happen next time because he didn’t want there to be a next time. He didn’t want to categorize his life from now on as before and after losing you.

Before he could think, Gray was crossing the room and wrapping his arms around the small of your back. His lips were on yours in a heartbeat as he pulled you against him. You were too stunned to reciprocate but he kept trying; his mouth gently imploring you to forgive him.

It was only when he felt your hands pushing against his chest that he realized he’d fucked up. That in his desperation he’d only succeeded in widening the rift between you. His grip tightened in response. In his head he was already scrambling to memorize the details of your face, the sound of his name in your voice, the way you fit in his arms because he knew when he let you go those memories would be all he was left with.

“What the hell, Gray?” You shouted when he finally let you go. Your voice was trembling. Hot tears were streaming down your face but you didn’t care if he saw them anymore.

“I love-”

“No,” you cut him off. “You don’t get to say that to me. Don’t you dare.”

He tried stepping closer to you but you backed away in response. He looked panicked like he was genuinely at a loss as to what to do next which made two of you.

“She doesn’t mean anything to me. She never has.”

“Is that supposed to make me feel better?”

“No you don’t understand,” he said, running his fingers through his hair in an exasperated gesture. “She was trying to help me. Ask her. Ask any of the guys and they’ll tell you the same thing. You’re all I think about. You’re the only one that makes me feel grounded. Whenever I picture my future it’s always me standing beside you because that’s all I want.”

Your face softened as he spoke. The Gray you’d become accustomed to was always so reserved. He only showed what he was feeling in a series of subtleties that’d you’d learned to pick up on. Even after everything that you’d seen, there was something about the way in which he spoke then, how raw his words sounded, that made you want to trust him.

“Please just say something. Anything. Even if it’s that you hate me.”

Gray let his head fall as he braced himself for your response.

“I could never hate you,” you whispered which made Gray perk his head back up.

“You believe me?”

“You’re a lot of things, Gray, but you’ve always been a terrible liar.” You gave him a half smile. This time you didn’t move away when he chanced another step towards you. “But I’m still royally pissed.”

“I know. I’m sorry.”

“You had to go and have our first kiss while I’m angry with you.”

You both couldn’t help but laugh at the situation and you leaned into Gray’s embrace as you tried to wipe the tears from your cheeks. Gray kissed the top of your head, one of his hands rubbing your back to help soothe you, as a smile plastered his face. It was only when your breathing steadied that he broke the silence.

“Are you still mad at me?”

You nodded.

“In that case, I’m sorry again,” he said as he tilted your chin up and kissed you for the second time. Only this time you kissed him back.

Ghost’s New Music Video: All Possible Endings

Good ending: The email screenshot stating that the new video is for “He Is” was faked. The new video is actually a fifteen minute long short film with a fascinating narrative that goes in depth with the church’s lore and includes a song from the next album.  The fandom collectively has a rapturous meltdown over it and everyone gets along again. Martin likes a preview of it on Instagram.

Neutral Ending: The video is relatively good quality and provides us with some new reaction gifs and maybe some fanfic fuel. Someone’s best friend can be seen in the background of one shot and we all share her excitement over it. The fandom forgets about the last month and a half for a little while.

Bad Ending: Someone says something outrageous on social media on the day of the video’s release and everyone’s dashes are clogged with screenshots of that instead.

Alternate/Secret Ending: The video is hilariously awful and everyone on all sides of the fandom knows it. Our collective mockery of it serves as the bonding activity we all needed.

I’m a wee bit fed up with people who use the word ‘joke’ like it frees them from any responsibility of their content. All art is open to criticism, even humor. And a criticism of that humor is not indicative of a lack of humor. 

It’s more like… hey- ever think you’re bad at telling jokes?

But more to the point- if you tell a transphobic joke and a trans person says ‘hey that’s kind of rude’ - maybe the best reaction to that is not ‘I have transgender friends who would think this is hilarious.’ 

Because chances are, they’re actually not finding it that funny. Chances are, they’re not sure how to tell you that you’re sounding like a transphobe and it makes them nervous. There is a rare chance that you might have found the one trans person in your community that thinks they’re funny, but not nearly as funny as you think they are. 

Pro-tip: stick to puns. 

pilferingapples  asked:

Your opinions on Enjolras and his friendship with Courfeyrac?:D

I think they’re very different people, but it works in a mutually complementary way and the more they learn about each other the better friends they become. 

In a lot of ways I think that Enjolras is similar to Marius, and while I don’t think he’s so socially awkward, he’s the same kind of “reserved and quiet until he really has something to say, at which point He’s Off and commanding the attention of the entire room” type. So maybe Courfeyrac’s friendship with Enjolras prepared him A Little for the reality of Marius.

I think Enjolras is probably the most amazing speaker you’d ever hear in your life, but he’s also a very Spontaneous speaker, with his trailing off and his “half-enigmatical metaphors”  – definitely not the kind of person who enjoys or is good at writing and rewriting and revising something to get the wording Just So. So I think written rhetoric maybe doesn’t come as easily to him.

Whereas I think Courfeyrac benefits a lot from toning down his Immediate “throw things into the fire” reaction that maybe doesn’t make the best rhetoric, and being able to refine (not reduce, but concentrate and apply in a thought-out way) his anger to make a point in writing.

I think they both admire each other a whole lot and intensely. Although I do think Enjolras gets somewhat (briefly and mildly) vexed by Courfeyrac on occasion – again in kind of a similar vein to Marius.

Some post-Trespasser feels. 

They had been talking all evening, Dorian sitting at his desk with the crystal glowing gently beside him, quill held loosely in his hand and paperwork forgotten as they recounted the events of their days. It was strange, for so long they had shared nearly every moment of the day. Now they did everything alone and Dorian found himself constantly looking forward to when he could finally share it all with Elden, and hear everything he had done in return.

It was late now, however, and as a silence grew between them, Dorian wondered if Elden had fallen asleep. The only sound now was the scratching of Dorian’s quill as he returned to his work. This was often how they ended the day, leaving the crystal open so they could just listen to each other and pretend they were in the same room again. Even just falling asleep to the sound of Elden’s even breathing was comforting. Well, more comforting than the silence that was left when he would finally put the crystal away. Eventually, though, Elden spoke and broke the silence.

“I’m afraid,” Elden said, his voice barely above a whisper, as if he wasn’t sure he wanted Dorian to hear.

“Of what?” Dorian tried to keep his voice nonchalant but he felt his blood run cold and he nearly dropped the quill in his haste to pick up the crystal. Danger seemed to be all around them these days and he couldn’t help but hold the crystal tightly, as if that could somehow shield Elden as well.

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not how this works - calum hood

so i know i’m a little very late to this but i really wanted to contribute to @starwarsmashton and @whatifmichaelclifford ‘s fwb!5sos night so! have some angsty calum smut 

part 2 / part 3 

‘You busy?’ the two words stopped your heart for a second as you read them on your phone screen. That was not the reaction you were meant to have when your best friend texted you, you told yourself. Although maybe it was a more reasonable reaction if you and that best friend had started sleeping with each other a month ago. 

‘Not really, why?’ you texted back, although you knew the reason why. Around 6 weeks ago you’d broken up with your boyfriend and of course your best friend Calum was the first person you turned to, he’d never been a fan of the (now ex) boyfriend anyway. As you waited for Calum to text back you remembered the night it had all started. 

‘I told you he was gonna turn out to be a dick.’ Calum had slurred slightly, the two of you having finished a whole bottle of vodka between you by now. 

‘Oh thanks Cal that’s really what I need right now.’ You snorted. ‘A fucking lecture.’ you grabbed the bottle back off him, draining the last few drops. 

‘I’m not trying to fuck you or lecture you Y/N.’ Calum said, a slow grin spreading across his face. ‘Well maybe fuck you a little bit.’ 

‘Only a little bit?’ you asked with a fake pout, the alcohol clouding your head stopping you from pulling away like you knew you should. 

‘Alright maybe I’m trying to fuck you a lot. Till you’re moaning my name and begging for more.’ he said, his face only inches from yours now. 

‘Well I’m not stopping you.’ you whispered, leaning in to close the gap and press your lips to his. 

‘Wanna come over?’ the sound of your phone buzzing again brought you back to the present day and the text from Calum you were expecting. 

‘Sure, see you in ten.’ you replied, wincing at how brief your messages were now. Usually they were filled with sarcasm and stupid jokes and the emojis you always used which annoyed him so much. You still had those kind of conversations but as soon as Calum was horny all that disappeared and all he wanted was you as soon as possible. And that shouldn’t have been a problem, but with every passing day, every kiss shared between you, you felt yourself wanting more. You walked the familiar route to Calum’s quickly, unable to stop yourself hurrying to see him. 

‘Took your time.’ Calum grinned once you arrived, already grabbing your hand to pull you inside. 

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buckyalways  asked:

➸ mailman(/woman) and person who receives a lot of mail AU 。◕ ‿ ◕。

The youths on Derek’s street have it in for him. It’s the third time this month they’ve taken a baseball bat to his mailbox. He stands with his hands on his hips, gazing down at the smashed up wood, and pondering what sort of revenge he can take on the fourteen year old assholes that won’t land him in prison. Perhaps, he could egg their houses. Laura would like that. 

“Man,” he looks up sharply to see Stiles grinning and shaking his head, waving Derek’s mail in the air. “Again?”

“Yes,” he says shortly. “I don’t know why it’s always me.”

“Maybe because you give them the best reaction? Also,” Stiles gestures at his chest, “I bet at least one of them has a crush on you.”

Derek rolls his eyes, holds his hand out for his mail, “Sure, that’s why.”

“Dude, I’m serious. That first morning when you came out all guns blazing with the towel,” Stiles’ eyes glaze over briefly, and then he shakes himself. “I was a little afraid you were gonna strangle me with it.”

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