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Imagine accidentally killing Lisa but later making a deal to bring her back. Dean was in the beginning furious with you but then feels guilty and devastated because he lost you. (Part 4)

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“I didn’t-” he started but felt the lump in his throat make it impossible to speak or breathe in the first place.

“What?” your voice was still hoarse “Didn’t mean it? Because it really sounded to me like that, Dean. You wanted a life with Lisa, a life I didn’t even exist in, and I offered it to you. And if this is now somehow a problem, don’t worry, I’ll make sure that you won’t have to face me again once the sun rises.”

“You’re going to leave.” it was a statement in a grave voice “You’re going to leave us. Me.”

“No, Dean.” you breathed out, getting up from your seat and turning to face him.

The moment you locked eyes he felt more hurt than he could ever have, and it wasn’t because you had red and glossy eyes, a tear-stained face or a look of pure hatred for him and what had happened. No it was the complete different, you almost looked indifferent for him and towards him and that hurt worse than anything. He remember when he had returned from Hell himself he had only been dreaming about running to you to find you and when he had, he had looked at you with so much love and longing. But your eyes held no emotion as they looked at him, and maybe yes you felt things for him, but you were probably hiding it real well and he couldn’t see it.

“You’ve left me.” you breathed out, taking a deep breath “You were the one that abandoned me, you let me rot down there with your last words repeating over and over again. Demons, taking turns one after the other and having the pleasure to take your face, repeating those words while torturing me. And you, Dean, you let me believe it. You didn’t just let me go through it, you also left me to be believe I never meant a thing for you or for anybody else.”

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JESUS YOU KNOW WHAT I JUST THOUGHT ABOUT OMG what if Napoleon is so hopelessly in love with Illya that he feels the need to tell him, but he doesn't have the courage to, so he says it all the time, in a language he knows Illya doesn't understand. Little did he know, Illya DOES understand this language. Napoleon finds out when after weeks of this, Illya finaly answers him, perfectly fluent in language he was not supposed to know.

ANON I’M YELLING wtf this is so good!! aksdfbshd

So imagine the silence afterwards. Napoleon blinks, before he closes his mouth. He never would have guessed his partner knew how to speak Irish.

Asking Illya since when he speaks it is the first thing to leave his mouth, after long moments of silence, stretching out between them and making Napoleon wish he could disappear. “I don’t,” Illya answers, smiling sadly, “But I know how to speak Danish.”

Another shiver runs down Napoleon’s spine - cold as ice, like the first one that had shocked him to his core. “But I only used it once,” he protests.

He hates how weak his voice sounds. A slight tremor, as if he’s on the verge of tears. Maybe he is. He doesn’t care, because Illya’s eyes are on him, so incredibly soft.

“You knew the whole time,” Napoleon gets out, finally.

“I knew the whole time,” Illya repeats and nods, “I-” His voice breaks, as if he’s close to crying too.

“I was afraid you would stop saying those things to me,” Illya confesses, voice small, eyes cast downwards.

It’s a gesture so unlike him, Napoleon has to step forward and hug his partner. There it is, both of them flayed open, ripped off the last layer of pretense. No secrets, no lies, just them. At the same time, it’s too much and not enough.

“I mimicked your speech pattern, looked a few things up,” Illya says, trying to disarm the situation, but only adding more ballast to the gravity of it, to the weight on Napoleon’s chest.

“You love me too,” he whispers and closes his eyes.

Finally, Illya’s arms come up, wrapping themselves around Napoleon’s torso. “Of course I do, how could I not?” Illya bumps their foreheads together tenderly.

“I don’t know,” Napoleon breathes, his usual charm creeping into his voice, “I’m irresistible.”

“Incorrigible,” Illya corrects, but his smile is fond, his eyes giving away everything.

“That too.”

Before his partner can protest, Napoleon kisses him. Illya makes that small sound of surprise that never fails to make him smile.

“For evigt?” his partner asks, a whispered vow against his lips.

“I can’t promise you that,” Napoleon says, what he doesn’t add is: It’s our line of work. It’s the blood on my hands - on your hands. It’s the trouble we’ll get into. It’s the things I would do to protect you.

“Forever might be a long time,” Illya agrees and Napoleon hates the doubt he hears.

Years and years of insecurity, of not being loved. A lifetime of anger, of loneliness and things he doesn’t want to think about.

Napoleon’s hand comes up to trace the scar on Illya’s temple. “Yes, but I’ll never stop fighting to be with you.”

There it is. A sloppy vocalisation of a thought that’s far more poetic in his mind. His last defense is gone - it’s only him now. He’s at Illya’s mercy.

A heartbeat. A strangled sob. Lips against his, in a kiss too desperate, too consuming.

“Neither will I,” Illya says finally and presses his lips to Napoleon’s forehead.

It’s not a great declaration of love, nothing to write or sing about, but it’s them. Thus he knows they don’t need anything else. And maybe it’s their own version of Forever.

Napoleon smiles and shakes his head at Peril’s horrendous pronunciation of an Irish term of endearment. Illya tries again, butchering it even more. Now he has to laugh, kisses the angry expression right off Illya’s face.

Yes, he thinks, they have found a way to promise each other a future together.

Måske for evigt.

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sdr2 guys seeing for the first time s/o crying? i love your imagines btw; ;;;;;

Thank you Anon ;*

SDR2 Boys seeing their S/O cry for the first time

Hajime Hinata:

- Instantly by your side hugging you closely to him

- “Shh shh… It’a okay S/O… Wanna talk about it?”

- If you nod he will listen to you, wiping each new tear that makes its way down your face with his thumbs

- If you don’t, he’ll simply hug you and try and distract you by telling you things such as how his day went or a funny story that happened to him

- He stays by your side until you calmed down, no matter if it’s 5 minutes or the whole night, he wants you to know he’s here for you if you need him

Kazuichi Soda:

- At first he thinks he did something wrong so he just runs up to you and hugs you

- “I’M SORRY!”

- You’re kind of confused but then you see that he’s got tears in his eyes too, what a cute dork

- The two of you just cuddle then and he talks to you about random things such as what new tools he recently acquired

- When the two of you finally calmed down he offers to get ice cream for you both 

Nagito Komaeda:

- He was just reading so he wasn’t paying much attention to you

- But then he heard sniffles coming from the other room

- “S/O - san/kun?…”

- When you look at him with tears in your eyes he instantly walks over and wraps his hoodie around you before lifting you up and carrying you back to his book

- “I’ll read you a story and cuddle okay? The only thing you have to do is show me that smile filled with hope!”

Nekomaru Nidai:

- He assumes you’re crying due to the pain of exercise 

- Maybe he did push you too far… Now he feels terrible

- You try to tell him that that’s not it but your words are somewhat broken and quiet so you just cling to him and cry into his chest

- Instantly wraps his arms around you and takes you to the kitchen

- “Hey! Don’t cry! I’ll make you the best dessert ever then there’s no way you’ll be sad!”

Gundham Tanaka:

- Why is his S/O crying? No, the reason doesn’t matter

- He makes his way over to you and places his hand on top of yours and gives you a small smile

- “Do not cry S/O, we’re all here for you”

- All?

- The second he finishes his sentence, the Four Dark Devas hurry out of his scarf and start crawling up your top. They tickle your cheeks with their whiskers and you can’t help but giggle at them

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu:

- When he sees you crying he’s instantly by your side

- “Did someone hurt you S/O? Just say who and I’ll deal with them personally.”

- “N - No, no one hurt me”

- “Then come here.”

- You’re slightly confused but you make your way over to him. He then wraps his arms around you and kisses the top of your head, he’ll do everything to make you feel okay again.

Byakuya Twogami (Imposter):

- He’s honestly quite shocked, he’s never seen you cry before!

- “Hey, S/O, look over here!”

- By the time you manage to wipe your eyes and look up you realise he’s wearing a different outfit… A very funny looking outfit

- He just basically dresses up as some of your favourite characters and does his best to re-enact some of your favourite scenes

- By the end of it the two of you are a laughing mess

Teruteru Hanamura:

- Wait why are you crying? You’re not cutting any onions

- “S/O - san/kun? What’s wrong?”

- You manage to mumble a few sentences before he puts a finger to your lips

- He wipes the tears from your face and kisses your cheek every now and then before putting an apron around you

- “How about making some cupcakes? You can decorate them!”

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I had an idea, and it kinda made sense to me. What if the cops are also immortal? Or maybe not all of them but Key members, and they and the fakes have been doing this dance for centuries. They chased Geoff through the French Revolution, caught Jack a few times Stealing planes in WW1, so on.

Oooh! I actually thought about bringing in immortal cops (would be probably the only way I’d have RT people in the LSPD because I don’t want to kill them oops) but I tend to always consider it as more of a purgatory type situation, all gaining immortality at the same time in the cursed hellscape that is Los Santos. I love your version, with the long term historic kind of fahc immortality, because there are just so many ways it could go.

I mean

1. You could go for something really ridiculous and full on, something like immortality itself being stolen in the first place, because humans were never meant to live forever were they? Were never meant to have this kind of power, but where something of great importance exists there will always be people willing to steal it. It’s an object of the Gods, maybe, of the Devils, perhaps, something ancient and terrible, something forgotten and far too tempting to stay that way forever. Not when people like the man who would one day be Geoff Ramsey exist to find and steal it, when the original iteration of Jack Pattillo is around to share it with, not when Ryan, still James, kills them both and takes it only for the dead to track him down and take it back. Not when Gavin has always had sticky fingers, always been a thief, or when any version of Michael would follow him into hell and back, not when Jeremy was always going to jump headfirst into action, touch strange glowing objects first and worry about the ramifications later.

But objects like that don’t stay forgotten forever. Objects like that aren’t left unattended. Others have touched it before, of course, immortal beings who were meant to stand guard, who return to their post to find the object missing. Who comb the earth to track the thieves, playing at law enforcement to avoid detection, avoid even more mortals stumbling across secrets they should not know, but while the criminals are found over and over across history the object is never recovered. 

Even when the FAHC settle in one place, choose fight over flight and demand answers to some questions of their own, even when the trackers infiltrate the LSPD and raid every place the Crew owns, even then the object remains hidden. Because immortal beings the pseudo-cops may be but the FAHC are human, at least mostly, in all the ways that count. Human in their creativity, their deviousness, their cruelty. Human in their their unlimited ability to adapt, to learn and conquer, to outwit anything and anyone no matter how old, how timeless. So war is waged right under the nose of society, each side keeping their secrets but neither concerned with collateral damage, a city turned battleground for those who cannot die, the nightmare that is Los Santos.

Then again:

2. It could be far more simple, where immortals just somehow happen at some point, with no connection to one another, except perhaps some sense that there are others, an odd pull to one another. In the way of humanity throughout history the divide between these immortals is simply human nature, the inclination of some to use their advantages selfishly while others look to protect the greater good. 

The Fake’s, of course, are individuals who upon realising their own immortality quickly work out that they are now in a better situation than anyone around them, that they can do just about whatever they want with no real consequences, and go wild with the power. Thieves and mobsters, criminals and cult leaders, notorious names in history and unknown puppeteers - over the years the one-day members of the Fake AH Crew have done it all.  They meet up eventually, hundreds of years apart, perhaps temporarily as rivals but overlapping interests and shared ability quickly sees them joining forces. Sees them becoming the most dangerous group history has ever seen. That history keeps on seeing, in many different forms and under many different names over the years but never any less formidable. 

The eventual immortal members of the LSPD, who’ve been everything from soldiers to international intelligence to vigilantes themselves were never any less dangerous. There have always been famous detectives, always been soldiers who survived the unsurvivable, law enforcement who’ve gone above and beyond, and like the Fake’s these individuals are eventually drawn together under their shared quest for justice. Imbued as they are with a sense of virtuous purpose, assured their role on earth is to police the corrupted immortals and prevent them from raining hell upon normal people, these officers have long been just as merciless as the criminals they hunt. They’ve dogged the Fake’s wherever they’ve gone for centuries, first individually and now as a group, set up for the long haul in Los Santos, doing their very best to curtail the criminal behaviour and prevent the death of those who will not come back to life. It’s a battle they are all locked into now, a duty for the police, a defiance for the FAHC, bloody and vicious and all kinds of unforgiving, on and on into eternity.

Or alternatively:

3. For the less serious sort of version of the FAHC - immortal criminals vs immortal justice seekers, still at odds of course, always pitted against one another as the Fake’s fight for selfish gain and power and the cops fight to keep them contained, but maybe it’s all become a bit mundane. Maybe eternity has given them all a bit of perspective, thrown them together for far too long to stay entirely objective, to keep themselves separate. They are all the only immortals any of them know, after all, the only ones stuck in this loop, so maybe they’re on opposite sides but they’d have to talk to one another now and again. Eventually learn more than names, learn like and personalities, not friends, no, but certainly a kind of camaraderie, a familiarity that could almost be fondness in the right light, inevitable after countless lifetimes in each other’s presence. Inevitable when there’s no end in sight, no grand finale, no true winner or loser in this never ending pantomime of life and death. 

Sure, no one likes dying, no one enjoys the pain or the inescapable flicker of fear, no one wants to explain away their lack of injury or, when the death is too public, create a whole new identity, but you can only take murder personally for so many centuries. Can only hold onto anger for so long before it becomes a little trivial. A little childish. No matter how much Hollywood loves to romanticise supernatural grudges the reality is far less passionate - do anything on loop for 500 years and the fire is sure to dwindle, the emotions mute, shit gets fucking boring.

The never ending battle wages on, the conflict between two sides that will never see eye-to-eye, and the ever-changing nature of society and technology keeps the fights themselves from growing too stale, but when you run side-by-side with someone for this long there are only so many righteous monologues you can make before you start feeling a little silly. Sometimes you’re going to see Geoff and Jack at a cafe getting breakfast, or Lindsay and Jeremy at the store debating hair dye brands, and you just have to keep walking. Sometimes you’ll sit down next to Michael and Gavin getting drunk at the bar, will see Trevor and Matt filling a shopping trolley with energy drinks and candy bars, spot Ryan wandering around without that ridiculous mask he’s picked up this time around, and just move on.

Because you’re enemies, yes, and tomorrow you’ll be back at war, but today you’ve got a date or tickets to that one movie or haven’t had a coffee yet. Today you’re tired or hungry or just need to talk to someone who isn’t Frank because honestly fuck Frank anyway he’s been hung up on that one ruined shirt for seventy goddamn years, Christ almighty. So you look away, or they look away, or you exchange awkward nods that are perhaps less uncomfortable than they should be, silent acceptance that you’ll pick this fight up another day. Because hey, there will always be another day.


Here is another fic for my Kink List - #67 Group Sex: Padackles for @nothin-after-79.  This doesn’t get too terribly far into this storyline…I maybe plan to continue to the juicy stuff at a later date??? TBD.

Summary: Jared and Jensen get home to find something shocking in Jared’s living room.

warnings: making out, switching spouses, nothing too explicit here, J2, GenxDani, JensenxGen, JaredxDani, 100% wife-positive!

word count: ~1150

Jared opened the front door of his Vancouver apartment for Jensen, the two of them finally finished with their post-Comic Con meeting with the higher-ups.  It was past dinnertime and they had texted their wives letting them know they’d be later than expected. They both were hoping neither Danneel or Genevieve would be upset that they were late.

Jensen hung his coat in its usual place behind Jared’s front door, slipping his shoes off as he did so. He had been at Jared’s place just as much as his own, it seemed, and it was second nature for him to feel right at home as he walked in.

Jared followed suit, getting rid of his coat and shoes as Jensen headed inside the apartment to the living room.  

What he saw stopped him in his tracks.

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Dex nursey w/ dex upset he cant tell his family, and Nursey comforts him?

Thank you the prompt! I kind of… Got carried away? (Send me prompts!)

When Bitty tells everyone about his relationship with Jack who is sitting by his side looking solemn, the whole team is thrilled. Of course they’d known well before he and Jack had come forward, but they kept their mouths shut because it was the right thing to do. If he’d done anything, Shitty had taught them well when it came to respecting those who weren’t out of the closet yet and letting them be in control of their own lives. Pies were baked, everyone was happy to see Jack again, and the Haus was so full of joy that no one really noticed when Dex silently escaped and headed back to his dorm. Or at least, no one would have if Nursey hadn’t been so hopelessly in love with his ginger D-man.

As it was, he watched as Dex joined the line for pie with the rest of them, but never made it to the front. Something was clearly wrong, and Nursey wasn’t going to let this go. A year ago he’d have thought that Dex was offended by the relationship, but now… Well he’d kissed Dex. They’d gone on dates and spent time cuddled up in Nursey’s bed watching films. Maybe things hadn’t gone terribly far when it came to the physical aspect, but he could tell Dex had been trying to invest as much as he could in their relationship. He was listening when Nursey explained poetry and on rare occasions he’d given input on possible interpretations. But now something was very, very wrong, and Nursey didn’t feel right leaving his boyfriend to suffer. Certainly not on his own.

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Ganondorf is a part of an ancient narrative curse that grabs unsuspecting people and literally turns them into character archetypes by dressing them up in the Appropriate Outfits and forcing them to act out their new roles.

Like, there’s a scene in Twilight Princess where Link is literally magically dressed up in the Hero’s Clothes before the player’s eyes. There is a scene in Wind Waker where Zelda is literally magically dressed up in the Princess’ Clothes before the player’s eyes. The story grabs the two heroic figures by magic and then generates circumstances where they can’t ignore it, they have to go down the path to complete the story. So, if this happens to Link and Zelda, why do we assume this doesn’t happen to Ganondorf too? Especially when he plays the instigator.

It’s long been my theory that when all three of the figures necessary to play out the story (Wisdom, Courage, Power) are present in the same land, the demon’s curse grabs them and develops just the right circumstances to make them play out their roles. They have no choice. It will happen whether they want it to or not.

(And this explains why Ganondorf started to become more evil around the same time that Link and Zelda were born. He didn’t need to play the Evil King role until there was a Hero and a Princess.)

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"i cant breathe i cant" raywood pls!!

When the first missile hit, Ryan was thankful that they were both already wearing parachutes. When the second one hit, however, realization dawned on him like a cruel sun that he was wearing the only parachute. Ray had insisted that he would be fine, that no one was going to blow the chopper out of the sky, that the LSPD didn’t have rocket launchers, that-

The second missile hit, seconds after the first. Ryan grunted and suddenly the helicopter was spinning out of control, an incessant beeping coming from the control panel. He didn’t hear Ray in the microphone, which was not a good sign. The kid screamed all the time, always yelling about something; he was silent when he was really scared.
Fuck!” Ryan snarled, undoing his seat belt and reaching over. In just a few seconds, he had removed Ray’s as well. The sniper’s eyes were shut, his face so pale it made him look sick. His knuckles were white on the sides of the seat, his body rigid while Ryan tore the seat belt off of him. In Ryan’s left ear, Geoff was yelling in the communicator. They were in the middle of a fucking heist and Geoff sounded panicked, telling them to get the hell out before the chopper exploded.

Ryan pounced, grabbing Ray in both arms. He wasn’t moving, panting weakly against Ryan’s chest. They had one chance.

Gripping Ray as tight as he could, Ryan kicked off the open door of the helicopter and sent them both careening into the open air above the ocean. A few miles away, the carnival was going on happily, mostly oblivious to what was happening to the R'n'R Connection. Ryan should pull the chute, but that would make them a bigger target, easier for the cops to shoot them out of the sky. The drop wasn’t terribly far, maybe fifty meters, they might survive if they could hit the water just right.
The decision came to him at the last moment, practically snarling as he grabbed the pull for the chute and yanked. Their bodies jerked hard and finally Ray made a sound, a terrified shout as he grabbed back to Ryan, arms wrapping around his shoulders.

“Hold on to me!” Ryan barked over the sound of the wind, the bullets that were screaming past their heads already. Ryan was thankful it was night; if they had been doing this with daylight surrounding them, they’d be dead by now.
Ryan had pulled the chute perhaps a hair too late, not doing much to slow their fall.
“Hold your breath,” Ryan shouted, and they hit the water hard. Ryan had sucked in as much air as he could before they went under, shutting his eyes when the salt from the sea burned them. One arm was around Ray, keeping him close, the other struggling to take the parachute off his body. Somehow he wrestled the harness off and let it start to sink, his body kicking against the pull of the sea trying to suck them down.

They were under the water for almost a full minute, Ryan’s lungs burning as he fought to the surface. When they broke, Ryan inhaled so hard it hurt. Ray was still there, gasping and choking. His glasses were gone, sinking to the bottom of the ocean. He still wasn’t speaking.
“Ray, are you hurt? Ray?” Ryan looked at him nervously, treading water with one arm. He knew the sniper couldn’t swim.
“I-I can’t, I can’t breathe, I can’t-” Ray was coughing between rasping for air, shaking his head a little.
“Come on,” Ryan growled, mostly to himself. Ray was still holding onto him and Ryan pulled his arm back just long enough to strike Ray with his fist, hitting somewhere on his upper back to try and force the water out of him. It sort of worked and he grimaced when he felt Ray spill something from his mouth onto Ryan’s back, probably just seawater. Hopefully just seawater.

“You’re okay, you’re okay,” Ryan murmured, holding onto the lad once again, looking around. They had ended up maybe a mile from the shore, the helicopter having splashed down before they did, bits and pieces of it strewn about the surface of the water. They were safe, still alive and sort of breathing.
“What the fuck happened?” Ray choked, rubbing his eyes with his soaked sleeve, his vision blurry as sin.
“Chopper got shot,” Ryan said, still looking at the carnival, the ferriswheel slowly turning.

“Ryan! Ray! What the fuck, are you guys fucking alright!?”

Holy shit, the communicators were still working. Of all things, Ryan laughed, hand coming up and fingering the tiny device in his ear.
“Yeah, just barely,” Ryan said, voice gritty. “We’re about a mile from the shore, South from the carnival.
“God I fucking hate you two. Alright, shit, heist over, I’ll send Jack to come and get you. You guys are fucking assholes.”

Ryan sighed, forcing himself to stay afloat with the lad. Looking around, his face perked up just slightly.
“C'mon, we’re moving,” Ryan said, shifting. Ray followed suit and grabbed onto his back, kicking his feet in time with Ryan’s. They made it to a large chunk of shrapnel and Ryan assisted Ray to grab onto it. He was trembling again, his teeth chattering as he held onto the hunk of floating metal.
“Don’t freeze to death on me, kid.”
“I’ll n-never let g-g-go, Jack,” Ray deadpanned, struggling to keep his voice level as he shivered.
“You know, when Geoff watched that movie, he cried for two hours.”
“T-That’s hardly sur-surprising.”

Minutes passed, both of them clinging onto their life raft. After awhile, Ray spoke up. He sounded small.
“That w-was fucking scary, d-dude,” Ray said, frowning. Ryan looked over, the fear still heavy on his face. He could make jokes and laugh in the face of death all he wanted; Ryan had seen the horror on the sniper’s face, an image that would probably never leave him.
“I know,” Ryan said, reaching over and putting an arm around Ray, pulling him closer. “But you’re still here, okay? We both are.”
“Y-Yeah,” Ray breathed, tucking his head down a little below Ryan’s. His face paint had washed off, exposing his soft lips, the hard line of his jaw. Ray leaned up, kissing him there gently.
“L-L-Love you.”
“I luh-luh-love you too,” Ryan shot back, sniggering, even as Ray splashed him.


Kinda disappointed more “Alolan” appropriate animals haven’t been adapted for the game. I fear we only have evolutions to look forward to and maybe more Alolan Forms of Gen One Pokemon. They’re not… terrible, but so far they’re mostly dark types (guessing they couldn’t of too many brand new dark types) and they’re a bit underwhelming. Alolan Exeggutor is the exception. XD

Anyway, I hadn’t done this since I was a lil kid, but I had a proper sit down to think up my own Pokemon and I got 80 right off the top of my head and the rest from certain fakemon and other concepts people wanted to see. I’m still working on names, both Japanese and English, but here goes:

  • First the remaining Eeveelutions. Let’s just get those out of the way. That’s 9 right there if you include a Normal evolution me and other creators call ‘Eeveeon’ (probably would be Eevia in Japanese).
  • Next would be a Dolphin. I know Japan has a weird relationship fishing wise with Dolphins, but they’d be perfect in a tropical region! Have it evolve into a more Orca like Pokemon. Type would be primarily Psychic I’m thinking given their intelligence with Water being the secondary type. ‘Dolphun’ was a name.
  • Narwhal Pokemon! How has their not been one? It could be an Ice/Fighting type. Ikkakuto (combo of ‘one-horn/narwhal’ and kakutou, ‘fighting’. English name could be Narwaltz - it fights elegantly like the dance maybe?
  • Flamingo Pokemon. “Flairingo.” A stylish, gaudy, flamboyant bird.
  • Peafowl Pokemon, males and females having differences in appearance and type. Psychic (cuz of the ‘eye’ feathers)/Flying for the males, and Normal/Flying for the females.
  • Opossum. Special ability: Play Dead. Normal/Dark type.
  • Hummingbird. Electric/Flying.
  • Mantis Shrimp. Water/Fighting. It’s punch is cool and they’re really pretty.
  • Grotesque aka Gargoyle. Rock/Ghost.
  • An Alpaca Pokemon that evolves into a Llama Pokemon.
  • For Fossils there’s the Stegosaurus, Triceratops, and Plesiosaurus that could be done. Stegotery - Rock/Ghost, the Graveyard Pokemon (has its plates look like tombstones). Tritenna - Rock/Normal. Fires Tri Attack from its horn. Lochsio or Nessio (yes, like Loch Ness and the monster) - Rock/Water.
  • Naked Mole Rat - Normal/Ground, could evolve into a more Aadvark looking Pokemon.
  • An Anaconda! Big snake! Doesn’t seem deadly given its Normal typing but don’t let that fool you.
  • A Chimpanzee to Gorilla Pokemon line. Fighting types.
  • An Ocelot like kit to a Snow Leopard Pokemon line. Normal/Ice types.
  • Toucan - Flying.
  • Moose - could be another Ice/Fighting.
  • A Jerboa Pokemon. Lil Kangaroo-Rabbit-Mice. Electric of course. Have it evolve into a bigger sorta Bilby Pokemon.
  • Wombat - not sure what type exactly, but they’re a cute critter.
  • A Kiwi to Emu to Ostrich line. I know Doduo and Dodrio are kinda close, but we have plenty of monkeys and seals so a few more long legged flightless birds should be fine.
  • A Tazmanian Devil to Wolverine to Thylacine line. Dark types. Vicious buggers.
  • Coyote. Like a really scrawny quadruped. Dark type.
  • Dodo. Another dopey Pokemon for Slowpoke and Bidoof to hang out with.
  • Thorny Devil Lizard. Ground/Poison.
  • Hyena/Wilddog line. Dark/Poison Types. Their bites have lots and lots of bacteria so Poison fits.
  • Warthog. Ground Type.
  • Cheetah. Normal? Maybe Fire/Electric. What best conveys its acceleration?
  • Sea Sponge. They’re… interesting. XD A Water Type. Very absorbent.
  • Cockroach. Bug/Dark.
  • Grasshopper. Bug/Flying or Bug/Fighting maybe?
  • Ram. Maybe a different branch from Mareep. Electric/Fighting.
  • Manatee. Water Type.
  • Roadrunner. Normal. Fast Bird. Meepmeep.
  • Monitor Lizard/Komodo Dragon. Dragon/Poison. Again, lots of icky stuff in their bites so Poison.
  • Chili Pepper. Grass/Fire. Seen that one a lot. It’s a good idea. Let’s make it happen.
  • A Wisp. Fairy/Fire type. A guiding spirit in the dark of night :)
  • Some sort of Robot line. Humanoid looking but still a Pokemon. Steel type. Maybe Electric too.
  • Let’s tap Greek mythology for some cool ones. A Centaur, Minotaur, Gryphon. Pegasus, Harpy…
  • Norse Mythology: Valkyrie Pokemon. Fairy/Fighting or Flying. Viking/Thor Pokemon. Electric/Fighting.
  • For more abstract ones, maybe a Teacup to Teapot line? Normal/Water.
  • Clock Pokemon. Normal/Steel.
  • Balancing Scales. Normal?
  • Magnifying Glass/Eyepiece Lense of some sort to a Hand Mirror Pokemon. Steel? Fairy? Normal? Combo?
  • Amulet. Ghost/Rock.
  • A Pokemon based on the Bleeding Heart flower. It’s such an interesting shape, certainly something could be done with it.

I also thought a Sabertooth Tiger and Mermaid, but those might very well happen with final evolutions… I also thought maybe an Armadillo to Pangolin, Ground/Fighting line, but Sandshrew/Sandslash are pretty close. Other ideas were a Quokka - The Smiling Pokemon, a goose, and the elusive Bigfoot.

Well, what do you think?


Mother Hubbard is perhaps the most unlikely of superheroes. A stereotypical “wicked witch” who was decidedly altruistic, she used her magic witch powers to solve crimes and punish bad guys, all while dressed like the old hag she apparently was.

I’m not really sure what they thought they were doing because the “Old Mother Hubbard” nursery rhyme is not about a witch. Unfortunately she also spoke in terribly convoluted rhymes that maybe took the gimmick a little too far.

—"Mother Hubbard" in Scoop Comics #3 (1942) by Bill Madden