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Sorry I stumbled on a gif set the other day and couldn’t get this out of my head.

THEY BOTH DO IT. Who taught these boys this move? Do you think it was Peggy?

Peggy (1940s): If I tell them falling over is a Good Fighting Tactic™ do you think they’ll believe me?

Peggy (2010s): Huh.

A man enters an office supply store. He was a mere mortal seconds before, but as he passes through the door he becomes a customer. His superior gaze drifts across his domain and settles on the cashier. 

“Do you sell stamps?” he asks.

“Yes,” I say,” However-”

“I want one.”

However, we sell them only in sets of ten.”

“But I want one.”

“I’m sorry, Sir, but I can’t sell you a single stamp.”

“Can’t you just…” He (skillfully) mimicks the act of ripping apart paper. 

Clearly, I have never thought of this. My simple mind grapples with the idea. I realize I am dealing with a genius, and yet, I regretfully inform him, “Sorry. They come on stickersheets, and anyways, the barcode–”

“Well that’s just rubbish,” he informs me. He is right. I realize this now. His genius ignites a spark within me. 

“You are right,” I tell him as I take fifteen sheets of stamps into my hands and begin to tear them apart. I type 0,019 stamps and press a non-existent key on the register. I hold out a quarter of a stamp to the customer (with a smile), but he shakes his head (without a smile). I rip apart all the stamps I can find, desperate to please him, for he has gifted this humble store with his presence. From the pieces, I begin to assemble a perfect, custom-made stamp. It is worth exactly 66,66€. I single-handedly reprogramme not only my cash desk, but the entire system. It can now scan any stamp in (or out of) existence. It is raining stamps. I am smiling.

Two hours later, it is done. Beaming, and covered in the torn remains of hundreds of unfortunate stamps, I hold the perfect stamp out to The Customer. He accepts it. I rejoice. It might just be my high fever and blurry gaze, but I think the right corner of his mouth moved upwards for exactly half a second. I am blessed. 

He licks the stamp and slaps it onto a letter. He wants to lend a pen. I lend him a pen. When he is done, he holds the letter out to me expectantly. He does not say a word, my silent angel, but I can tell what he wants. Thus is our connection. There is nothing, I assure you, nothing I would have rather done than to accept his letter, on my knees, with tears of gratitude streaming down my cheeks… But alas: 

“I want to send the letter,” my dear customer finally says, after the silence has stretched into infinity and back.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Sir,” I say with a polite smile, brushing stamps off my shoulders, “We don’t accept mail. We only sell stamps.” 

After all, you can’t make exceptions to a well-established rule in the workplace. 

The customer doesn’t bat an eyelash. “That’s okay,” he says with a disarming smile. “I wouldn’t ask the impossible of you.” 

As he turns to walk away, a single tear rolls down my cheek. I wipe it off with a stamp that wears his majestic face, hand-stitched by me. 

I don’t tell him there’s a mailbox around the corner.

(That’s not my job.) 


and when the lights start flashing like a photobooth
and the stars exploding
we’ll be fireproof

—troye sivan “youth” / © hoshi majoo


“I understand. I suppose you have no choice but to revolutionize the world.

The way before you has been prepared.”    

@the ppg reboot make it happen

plsdontalktome  asked:

What actual rights are women denied in the west? As in by the law? Go ahead... You'll find that women have more rights than men in terms of law

*sighs* could you maybe search my tags first? You’d find about 5 other asks with this same question. I’m going to copy and paste this answer from another post I made. 

Theoretically, women are equal under the law. And yet, when you look at the numbers… 

Note: This is copied and pasted from this post.

You say rape culture doesn’t exist. And yet:

Next, this is copied and pasted from one of my own posts that I keep open to refute people like you. “Women hold power over men”. Let’s see:

  • 1 out of every 6 American women have experienced attempted or completed rape. This number is higher for certain demographics - for example, 1 in 3 indigenous/native American women will be raped in her lifetime.
  • This number is even higher for trans women (1 in 5)
  • Men are told they cannot be raped and their experiences are invalidated.
  • Being feminine is degrading in our society - hence, gendered slurs and statements
  • Many people (especially male senators in the GOP) think they have the right to control [what they perceive to be women]’s reproductive organs and dictate what they do with their bodies.
  • The Senate is only composed of 20% women.
  • A shit ton of people (including a lot of “feminists”) don’t consider trans women to be women.
  • Young men (and women) like Brock Turner still exist, and judges like Aaron Persky are still in office. The Brock Turner case was not an exception.
  • White women make 75% of what a white man makes for the same job, while black women make 63%, Latina women make 54%, and Asian women make 85%. Fucking President Obama himself acknowledged the wage gap. Don’t you come to me and say it doesn’t exist without adequate sources.
  • There are still trolls that attack me on Tumblr and Twitter, calling me slurs and threatening to rape me, simply for wanting equal rights. (Almost all other feminist blogs can attest to this). Sorry, but feminists aren’t the ones spewing rape and death threats.
  • Women are afraid to say no to unwanted advances because they could very well be hurt, but then they are criticized for “not being clear” and showing “mixed signals”.
  • People like Donald Trump can run for president and actually stand a chance at winning.
  • College students, when surveyed, said they believed that about 50% of rape allegations made were false, when really, the number is 2-8% - about the same as other crimes.
  • People still think it’s okay to catcall women. Street harassment is a problem that affects ALL women and it’s at the hands of men.
  • Young girls are forced into marriages worldwide (including in the United States!)
  • There are no regulations to ensure that sex workers are kept safe. Even if they choose to work in the sex industry (as opposed to being trafficked) they can still be assaulted or murdered, and they have no government protections.
  • Sex trafficking victims can actually be imprisoned themselves for prostitution.

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I really wonder why mera was never in the Justice league like no offense to Arthur but a) she could kick his ass and b) she controls water!! Like?? @dc come dudes

right before flashpoint happened and dc rebooted, there were talks/rumors of mera finally joining the JL/JLA because she was seen helping the justice leaguers and the teen titans more and more, but in all honesty listen, mera… mera isn’t like arthur. arthur will have to talk himself into not banging his head against a wall while the leaguers are fighting over something for the sixth time that day and may even succeed in not sighing internally for four minutes and a half straight, but mera is far more likely to actually DELIVER that punch when hal and bruce won’t shut up

i just imagine arthur very badly and obviously feigning illness and going “oh no i’ll have to call in sick maybe you can go and make them choke on their glasses of water and then i’ll have to save the world on my own, calm, non ball-bustery terms. maybe leave diana alone, she’s cool. she’s cool. batman, however,”

ACOWAR quote breakdown

“My goal was bigger than revenge”. So what I think it means: this quote is Feyre’s and she’s ultimately talking about her goal being the “infiltration of the Spring Court.” And her revenge is on everything Tamlin did while she was in the Court of Dreams. Tamlin pretty much risked everyone’s lives in the Spring Court just so the King of Hybern would help him find Feyre. Don’t forget that Tamlin sold out the Spring Court just to get Feyre back. 

“My purpose greater than personal retribution”. Obviously Feyre wouldn’t be at the Spring Court if there wasn’t anything there for her. Hence why she’s saying Tamlin isn’t the only one that needs to be dealt with in order to win the war. In ACOMAF, she literally tells you what she’s going to do [at the Spring Court]: “Help bring you and your court to your knees, and help bring down Jurian and those conniving, traitorous queens. And then tear Ianthe into tiny, tiny pieces …”

How is Feyre going to do this? My guess is Feyre’s going to try to get away with as much as she can with Tamlin. Tamlin will do anything to keep Feyre from leaving, and not to mention Tamlin already feels guilty in what he’s done to Feyre. Tamlin will say ‘yes’ to whatever Feyre asks of him to keep her happy. (maybe like, can I go to that part of the woods over there Tamlin, so I can maybe meet Suri again?).

In terms of the people in the Spring Court, my guess is most, if not all of them are just as much a victim of Tamlin’s abuse as Feyre is. Feyre might show compassion and empathy towards these people, and therefore she would try to get the residents of the Spring Court away from Tamlin. AND MAYBE it’s through a cave that leads to Under the Mountain? Where Feyre had the most traumatic time of her life? Going down there to save the people who did nothing while their High Lord abused her? Who knows?


Post Redemption AU were the Homeworld Gems live together and have a bunch of Gemlings [and sometimes lend a hand at the Crystal Gems in serious crisis].

I added a few head canons, including the way in which Yellow Diamond kept the loyalty of its people and the PTSD that all the three Homeworld Gems have and express in different ways [Jasper and Peridot are exemplified here].

And this is it! Is supposed to be done earlier, but RL things and the need to check every detail, make me delay the upload.

Special thanks to theartsideofsam  who made the first reviews and, above all, helped me to correct my misspellings horrors. It would not have been able to upload it without help. Many many thanks!

And I´m one follower near to reach the 1000 mark! I´m really happy right now! I must draw something to celebrate this!

But, wait.

Lets go back to episode 1 for a second.
Right after he skated his copied version of Viktor’s Stay Close To Me, Yuuri tells Yuuko (and us) that he had lost his love for skating and that he had been depressed, but got bored of it.

So he spent months working on that routine, just to show it to Yuuko. Nobody else would have seen it, after all, if the triplets hadn’t taken a video of it. But why? Because…

(Note: this is the exact japanese phrase used in shoujo mangas when your protag confesses to senpai. Also, nice butt Yuuri)

He was about to confess to her, hadn’t the triplets interrupted. So, what am I getting at?

Others already speculated that Viktor’s final performance of Stay Close To Me was a plea for Yuuri to find him again. To stay close to him. And honestly, look at his face, that’s not the face of a man who’s skating without the intense longing the song’s lyrics and tone convey:

In a way, his version was already a confession. Then, a few days or weeks after his final performance, he sits on his sofa and gets sent a link to Yuuri skating Stay Close To Me. Viktor watches  Yuuri skate a program that’s obviously a confession as well, but the video didn’t keep Yuuri’s awkward attempts at actually confessing his feelings for Yuuko in. We just get the very emotional and love-filled skating. No frame for Viktor to see the video as what it was, a private confession to a childhood crush (whether Yuuri forgot she was married with kids over the five years he was in Detroit or just did it for closure, we probably will never know).

So, if the cute Japanese skater from the banquet a year ago uploaded a video where he’s copying your routine, which was already a declaration of love when you skated it, and turned it into even more of an obvious confession even if it was meant for someone else…

Of course you’d guess he was confessing to you. And calling to you, to be his coach again. And of course you’d fly halfway across the globe with your dick out.

Bottom line: Viktor saw Yuuri’s confession to Yuuko, interpreted it as confession aimed at himself and somehow got himself a fiance through it all. These two are a mess and it’s all build on not only one but several misunderstandings but that doesn’t make their love story any less beautiful. Thank you for your time

anonymous asked:

Did you ever feel really alone before you met Sweetheart? I feel like I can't get it right with anyone and the only thing I am supposed to do is help other people. Is it possible that I'm not supposed to get my own life and just spend my time as a civil servant? That sounds so dramatic but how does this keep happening with every single person. Nothing ever works.

I have felt this feeling – especially after a failed relationship that I thought might have a chance. 

I felt this way in the months before I met Sweetheart when I was dating around and no one quite fit and I was sure that maybe I wasn’t meant to be with someone long term and maybe work was supposed to be my everything.

Then I figured out how to be comfortable with myself. 

I learned how to live with just myself in the house. I was happy with just me. I had friends and enjoyed the quiet moments when I had to answer to (and talk to) no one. 

I enjoyed my own company. 

And then Sweetheart walked in. 

I think one of the things that makes a relationship (and in turn a marriage) successful is that both people walk in really able to love themselves. Spend the time you have alone working on you – weirdly, once you start to do that, the right person might walk in. 

I am not a religious person. I don’t believe in fate and destiny and purpose…. I believe in facts and science and things that can be measured and recorded. But somehow, I’ve found that the world brings you the right person when you’re ready for them. 

I have no other way of justifying how someone as amazing as Sweetheart walked into my life. But I know that if he had walked in sooner, I wouldn’t have been ready for him. The universe gave me time to learn how to love myself first so that I could love him completely when he was ready – it also gave him time to learn how to love himself. (We both needed the time.) 

Some people don’t want a long-term significant other. You don’t have to want one. It’s completely normal if you don’t. But if you do – trust that somehow, you’re going to find them. They’ll come to you. They’ll come to you when you’re ready. And it won’t make sense – but you’ll realize later, that if they had walked in any sooner – it would have been wrong, it wouldn’t have worked. 

Instead, they’ll walk in when you need them most and when you deserve them most and when you are the most ready for them. 

I don’t believe in fate, destiny, god, or anything else that would explain how that happens – but perhaps two people can be made of the same carbon from the same star – and that carbon works to find the pieces of itself again and that pulls two people together – across time and distance. I can’t explain it. I won’t try to – but I’ve lived it, so I know it happens. I know to trust it.

I’m doing Splatoon Bust commissions for your Splatoon OCs!

These little things are only 5 USD! I’m doing 492x492 px bust shots of your Splatoon characters! I love the creativity in this fandom, so I thought, why not, right? It’d be so cool to do this again, considering I did the Squid Project way back…

If you’re interested, please contact me at!

If you’re more interested in something a little more or different, please take a look at my regular commission info I have on my art blog. (Also maybe consult my Terms of Service if you’re commissioning me from my regular stuff!) Thank you for your time, and I hope to do business with some of you!

So yeah I was searching for off-brand Hunchback of Notre Dame dolls, cause I knew there had to be more than just the Toy Things’ set. No one was selling the Quasimodo from this Toys & Trends set, but in the listing there’s a small photo of the back of the box that shows what he’s like.

am i a bad witch if most of what i want to accomplish with magic is to herd my various mental illnesses into a corner and hit them with a broom until i can take a breath for a second

psa: super heckin long

I saw some other simblrs do this, and thought it is a great way to ‘celebrate’ mental health awareness week/month/whatever it is. 

So, here! Have a little bit of my journey (so far). I still have a long way to go, but maybe it’ll help other people.

edit: a little bit in my terms means a lotta bit, apparently

also uh TW for abuse and w/e its not good lmao

also its a jumble be prepared

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I am so stressed I might die. I had two projects land in my lap yesterday that needed to be done RIGHT NOW, so instead of packing and cleaning today as planned (since, you know, I’m moving on SUNDAY), I spent the day glued to my computer writing code. On the other hand, I have a brand new hopefully-maybe long-term client if I play my cards right, AND I earned a nice-sized totally unexpected chunk of money. AND, that client came to me because one of my existing major clients pointed them my way, so even better.

But omg the stress. 

thegirlinyocloset25  asked:

Do you think that Edward and Bella will ever get tired of one another? I mean they are frozen at 17 and 19. They do say teenage love doesn't last forever.

(old ask)

Within the rules of Twilight, no.  Vampires a) never fall out of love and b) don’t grow/mature once they are frozen, so they’re always going to be in love and always going to have the emotional maturity of a pair of teenagers. 

I think if Bella had stayed human she might have eventually outgrown Edward, though, and that if Edward had never come back she might have dated Jacob for awhile but the pair might have grown apart over time. Jacob brought out the reckless teenager side of Bella but I think she would want to leave that behind sooner rather than later, and he might keep that aspect of his personality longer. 

If Bella and Edward had both been human together and could grow and mature together … maybe they’d stay together then.  I have my doubts in terms of realism, but SM clearly intended them to be fated, destined true love.

I do like to think that Renesmee is going to mature past her forever-teenage parents someday, which has some pretty amusing possibilities. “I love Momma and Daddy dearly but they are SUCH children sometimes!” since she will reach full maturity for her species, and will in fact look the same age or OLDER than them, somewhere around 18-20 according to SM.