I need someone to grind with. Someone who motivates me to wake up and someone I can motivate to work harder. I want to be able to be with someone who genuinely wants to succeed and bring growth/progress to our household. I’ve never envisioned me being a housewife and my husband working a steady 9-5. I envision us both working together as a team, hustling, making our dreams come alive. Im already out here working on mine, so the universe needs to hurry up and merge our paths already! Lol. I’m actually not settling for anything else.
—  MR
Promising to You

We all know that recent Fairy Tail chapter where Natsu promises to bring Gray back, right?

Of corse we do!  Now, this is an idea I’ve been playing with…  Hiro Mashima has, in my opinion, put a lot into this recent chapter as to Character Development!  Lucy is a Celestial mage, and we all remember her saying she appreciates promises; promises, and keeping them, are what forms her Magic.  It’s what forms the Celestial Contracts.  So, that being said, I already appreciated this scene.

However!  To explain something even more than NaLu shipping and Natsu’s manliness in this feels-y picture, let me show you this…

And then…

Another promise, first of all, (which is super amazing but it’s not what I’m saying.)  But Natsu’s pissed!  That’s seriously a look of vengeance, and THAT’S what I’m getting at.  

Natsu’s promise to Lucy about bringing Gray back isn’t just a promise to make her feel comfortable, it isn’t just to make her believe he’s bringing Gray back, but I think he’s promising this to himself.  

You all remember this scene as well, right?

But it was just revealed to us that it was GRAY who was the murderous foe who killed our beloved Frosh… ;(

And think about it, Natsu’s reaction to Lucy’s Death, it made him promise to save the future, both he and Lucy.  

Rouge’s face looks a LOT like an Avatar, so at first I was like, “Oh my gosh, what if Gray is taking Rouge’s place due to the Zeitgeist Effect which basically says that if, for example, Hitler never existed, someone else would have taken his place in one form or another.  So, that’s what I thought Mr. Mashima pulled– but I was wrong!

The latest chapter proved me wrong with explaining that Rouge would’ve gone on that trip and would’ve become the same man who Natsu defeated, and, dare I say, all because of Gray.

Or maybe not Gray exactly but he did start a trail of falling dominos which would also not only lead to Rouge going rouge *giggles at stupid pun* and crazy, but would also lead to Lucy dying again.  

So let me bring back this picture…

He promises he’s going to save the future, to save the guild, to save Lucy.

And this picture…

Perhaps promising to bring Gray back isn’t all that he’s saying.  When I first read this scene, I thought it was a bit “over dramatic,” even if it is an anime/manga.  You see, this got me wondering why it was so “over dramatic,” and finally I realized it wasn’t “over dramatic” at all!  

Maybe… just maybe…

These scenes may be more connected than we thought…

Natsu’s not only restoring the Guild, but he’s restoring a friend, a brother, his family, and the future.

Four months of a heart dripping with water from the Nile
and it’s no wonder you drown in your sleep.
You were twenty-three
looking for someone to love you like holy sapphire—
wisdom and royalty with celestial hope in their bones.
But if I were a sea animal asking for air you’d hand it to me
knowing how badly it would hurt.
When someone is asked to describe a monster
they’ll describe something of a devil
but I’ll write a poem about someone
who loves like you.
—  Alessia Di Cesare, Cruel Love

michaelgayland asked:

Malec + sudden rainstorm for a prompt? They can be out on a date when it hits, or snuggling at home, or literally anything

Alec loved the rain. Ever since he was a child he would love to curl up with a book and listen to the pitter patter of the rain droplets on the institute roof.

However, Alec did not like getting caught in the rain with nothing more than a sweater on.  

“Take an umbrella,” Isabelle had advised him before he left, but her words fell on deaf ears. There was no way Alec was carrying an umbrella with him for the short walk to Magnus’s.

He started to regret the choice the moment he became soaked to the bone while making his way down the streets.  

After a good 20 minute walk, Alec grumbled his way up the wooden steps to Magnus’s, leaving a trail of water behind him.

“Alexander?” Magnus called as the cold, wet Shadowhunter stumbled his way into the loft.

“Yeah,” he responded, while shaking his wet hair about.

Magnus padded his way into the open living room space, his lips curling into a smirk when he saw Alec.

“I look like a wet rat.” Alec stated sadly, as Magnus turned to grab a towel.

His boyfriend laughed, turning to look at him again, towel in hand.

“Well at least Chairman still likes you.” Magnus observed as the little fluff ball rubbed against Alec’s leg.

The black hair boy smiled at the small cat as Magnus wrapped the towel around him. He was grateful for the dry warmth.

“Why didn’t you bring an umbrella?” Magnus scolded him, smiling while drying his face.

“I don’t like umbrellas,” Alec said simply, slipping out of his plopping wet black sweater.

Magnus laughed and kissed his nose affectionately, “go put on something warm and dry.”

Alec wandered his way into the bedroom, throwing on a pair of sweatpants and a dry sweater. He then seized a blanket from the bed and wrapped it around himself like a cape. When he walked back into the living room he saw Magnus sitting on the brightly colored couch waiting for him.

Alec walked up and draped himself across the couch, snuggling his head on Magnus’s lap.

“Did you just put your wet hair on my lap?” Magnus said, his voice dripping with fake annoyance.

“Take pity on me, I’m cold.” Alec pouted and closed his eyes.

Suddenly he felt soft fur rub against his chin and the sound of purring filled his ears. Alec cracked his eyes open a bit and saw Chair nuzzled on his chest.  He smiled at the welcomed sight.

Magnus sighed and started running his fingers through the damp locks, “it’s a good thing I love you.”

They stayed like that for a while, listening to the soft sound of rain against the window and the low purr of Chairman.

Despite being cold and wet Alec still loved the rain.

do you realize that if the Beatles were young and famous now Ringo would have a video blog with all the random shit they’d get themselves in to, John would tweet random strings of words/jibberish alongside incredibly wise thoughts, George would have a tumblr with a url he would keep a secret, and Paul would post shirtless pics on Instagram

         Y                              M                      …c                    ….a?

Maybe it's just me...

Maybe it’s that my body doesn’t look how it’s supposed too.
Maybe it’s that my brain doesn’t comprehend as fast as it should.
Maybe it’s that my stretch marks are the only thing I see.
Maybe it’s that I can’t accept compliments because I think they are lies.
Maybe it’s that I can’t accept you love me because I can’t even love myself.
Maybe it’s that when I get out of bed in the morning I dread that people will judge me.
Maybe it’s that I don’t feel I’m even worth loving.
Maybe it’s that I feel like I am a waste of space.
Maybe it’s that I feel that I shouldn’t even try because I’m going to fail anyway.
Maybe it’s that I can’t trust people because I feel like they will just leave me like all the others.
Maybe it’s that I’m afraid to hurt again so I push everyone away.
Maybe it’s that I feel I’m worthless.
Maybe it’s that I was bullied so terribly that I started to believe.
Maybe it’s that I had no one to count on in my time of need.
Maybe it’s that I always feel like you are going to leave because your tired of me.
Maybe it’s that I feel like you can do better than me.
Maybe it’s that I can’t love myself the way other can.
Maybe it’s that I can’t wear the same clothes that other wear because I hate myself to much.
Maybe it’s that I cry in bed because I can remember every hateful thing you said to me.
Maybe it’s that I have to big of a heart.
Maybe it’s that when people say bigger is better when people finally feel comfortable with themselves they can still feel your stare.
Maybe it’s that little voice in my head telling me that you hate me, think I’m gross, find me revolting, wish I wasn’t around.
Maybe it’s that I can’t accept myself because I’ve never been accepted by others.
Maybe it’s that I will always care about you more than you care about me.
Maybe it’s not I don’t want you to give up on me.
Maybe it’s that I crave affection because all I’ve been given was hatred.
Maybe it’s that I’ve always discriminated because of how I look.
Maybe it’s that I just didn’t care anymore and tried to end it all.
Maybe it’s that I hide my scars.
Maybe it’s that I can’t help but want to feel like I belong.
Maybe it’s that you will never truly understand me.
Maybe it’s that I will never understand myself.
But that’s okay, because I will never stop being who I am.
It’s okay because I find happiness in the little things.
It’s okay because deep down I know that I am a better person.
It’s okay to not be accepted.
It’s okay to be who you are.
There’s only one of me, why should I have to change to fit into a world that doesn’t accept me for who I am?
Maybe it’s that I’m an absolute mess, but at least I can admit it.
Maybe it’s that my waist isn’t the smallest, or my teeth aren’t the straightest, or my hair isn’t the longest, my nose is to big.
I am not perfect. And I never will be.
So why try and change who I am and what I look like.
I’m alive, I’m breathing.
I’m struggling and broken.
But I’m going to be okay.
Maybe, I’m just me.