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I know everyone’s like “oh gosh no Perce don’t make more devil deals” but damn he’s just really good at cutting deals. The scenes where he’s negotiating with Pure Evil have always been like the best scenes for dramatic tension and one-liners. god damn Taliesin ”You’re at the bottom of my List” Jaffe

Neighbors - Part 4

A/N: Well my darlings, here is part four. I hope it is not too horrible. Warnings: Maybe a bit cheesy. Slight spoiler for the movie Band of Robbers. Hope you enjoy. If you want to be tagged in the future, just let me know.

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You woke Saturday morning to a text from Luke that actually came in at midnight.

**I’m sure you’re asleep but wanted to let you know I’m home. And so is Roxy.**

You made the decision then to go get breakfast for the two of you from your favorite coffee shop. By the time you went and got back you were sure he’d be awake. Roxy would probably make sure of that.

You took a quick shower and dressed, pulling your hair up in a messy bun. You grabbed your keys and bag and headed to the coffee shop.

You got a black coffee for Luke, realizing that was another thing to learn about him. You also got several different pastries and a coffee for you, then headed back to the apartment.

Just as you got to the apartment, you saw Luke and Roxy heading back in.

“Hey! I got breakfast for us. I hope that’s okay,” you said as you got closer.

Luke smiled and said, “Definitely. I’m starving.”

You followed him upstairs and into his apartment. You set the coffees and bag of pastries on the counter. Then got down on the floor to hug and pet Roxy.

Luke stood there for a minute with an amused look, then said, “So you missed Roxy more than you missed me? You hadn’t even actually met her before today.”

You stood up, giving Roxy one last pat. Then walked over to Luke and gave him a big hug. He hesitated just a moment then wrapped his arms around you. You let go and said in a teasing voice, “Of course I missed you, Dr. Luke.”

Luke laughed then turned to the bag from the coffee shop. “So what did you bring?” He asked, sounding like an excited kid.

“Well, I got you a black coffee because I wasn’t sure how you took it. And I got Roxy and I some pastries to share,” you said with a smirk.

“Haha! Very funny. Let’s just see what we have here,” he said, grabbing the bag. “Oh, Roxy and I are going to enjoy these.”

“Humph. See if I bring you anything else mister.” You crossed your arms and stuck out your tongue at him.

He laughed and held up the bag, waving it slightly as though it were a white flag. “Truce. Why don’t I put these on a plate and then we can fight over, I mean choose which ones we want.”

You laughed and sat down at his kitchen table. “So was it a difficult case? I know you can’t really give details and that’s fine. I completely understand.”

As Luke grabbed a plate, and sugar and milk for his coffee, he told you what he could about the case. He dumped the pastries on the plate and sat at the table across from you, putting the plate in the middle of the table. He told you about working with the BAU. You found yourself staring at his plump lips as he talked. You just couldn’t help yourself. They were so distracting.

Pull yourself together girl, you told yourself as you realized he was asking you a question.

“So I’ve told you about my job. What do you do? You mentioned you work from home.”

You told him about your job. Then your conversation turned to why you moved away from your hometown to a place where you didn’t know anyone.

“I know it probably sounds crazy, but I just wanted to get out of a small town. I kind of just got in my car and drove. I stopped in Quantico intending to just spend the night and continue on the next morning. But…the next morning I drove around the city and decided this was the place i wanted to be. So I found my apartment, and here I am.” You bit your lip worried about what Luke was thinking.

Luke just sat there a moment looking at you with awe then said, “Wow. That takes a lot of guts to just pick up and move away from a familiar place. I have to say I’m glad you chose to stop here.”

He smiled that beautiful smile of his. That smile always made you want to smile back, which you were doing right now. “You’re cute, Luke Alvez,” you said shaking your head at him. Then quietly you added, “I’m glad I did too.”

You sat staring at each other until Roxy interrupted. She came up to you and placed her head on your leg. You laughed and rubbed her head.

Luke laughed too and said, “I guess she was getting jealous, not having anyone pay attention to her. Hey Roxy, girl, want to go for a walk?”

Roxy looked at Luke, then turned around in a circle excitedly. Luke looked at you and asked, “Want to come with us? There’s a dog park not too far from here.”

You smiled and nodded. “I’d love too What do you say Roxy? Is that ok with you?” Roxy turned in a circle again.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” you said with a laugh.


The three of you had a great time at the park. Luke had brought a frizbee so after walking one of the park’s trails, you took turns throwing it for Roxy. You spent the rest of the morning and most of the afternoon in the park. It was your turn to throw the frizbee again, when your stomach made a loud rumbling sound.

Luke laughed. “Hungry, Y/N?”

You laughed and said, “I guess so.” You looked at your phone and realized it was close to 5pm. Showing Luke the time, you said, “Wow! I can’t believe we’ve been here practically all day. How about we head back and order a pizza? My treat.”

“Sounds good. But I’m paying. You bought breakfast this morning.”

You starting shaking your head before he’d even finished speaking. “Nope. I want to repay you for taking care of me while I was sick. So I’m buying.”

He started to argue, but you gave him “the look.” The I’m done with this conversation look. Luke held up his hands in defense. “Okay, okay. You buy. Let’s head back.”


When you got back to your apartments, you went your separate ways. You were both kind of sweaty from running around at the park, so you decided to take showers and then meet back up afterward. Since you were paying you told Luke to come over to yours. “And bring Roxy.”

Luke shook his head, “I think you like my dog more than you like me.”

You just laughed and waved goodbye as you stepped into your apartment.

You took a quick shower and dressed in some comfy leggings and v-neck tee. You were debating on drying your hair when you heard a knock at the door. You grabbed a hair tie and started a loose braid on your way to the door.

You opened the door and let Luke and Roxy in. Luke was dressed in jeans and a tee shirt that definitely showed off his muscles, hair still slightly wet.

He held up some menus. “I brought some take out menus. Wasn’t sure if you had any.”

Taking them from him you said, “Oh thanks. Let’s see what we have here.”

You both looked over the menus and decided what you wanted, then placed the order.

“They said it will be 30 minutes. Want to find something to watch?” You sat on the couch.

“Sure,” Luke said. But he just stood there.

You patted the couch next to you. Before Luke could sit down, Roxy jumped up next to you. You laughed and hugged her. “Oh well. Guess you missed out.”

Luke laughed too and sat on the other side of Roxy. “I’m beginning to think Roxy likes you better than me too,” he pouted.

You just chuckled and grabbed the tv remote. You decided to try Netflix and flipped through until you saw ‘Band of Robbers.’ “Have you seen this?” You asked.

“Um, no. I’ve never even heard of it,” Luke said skeptically.

“Oh we are watching this then. It’s kind of stupid but so funny.”

You had just gotten to the part with the plastic bags as mask when there was a knock on the door. You paused the movie and grabbed your wallet. You paid and took the pizza into the kitchen, followed my Luke and Roxy.

Luke saw the bone shaped rawhide you’d bought for Roxy sitting on the counter as he walked into the kitchen. “What’s this?”

“Oh. Oh! I bought that for Roxy the other day. I had completely forgotten. I hope that’s okay.”

“Oh yeah. It’s fine. She loves these. That was really nice,” he said. He gave the rawhide to Roxy, then he mumbled,“I knew you liked Roxy more.”

You laughed and smacked him on his arm. “Oh, stop. I bought you pizza.” Oh my what a muscular arm that is. Pushing that thought away, you turned to grab plates and glasses.

After getting food and drinks, you both went back to finish watching the movie. Once the movie was over, Luke said “That one guy looks kind of like a guy I work with. I don’t think he would wear those shorts though.”

Laughing, you took the plates and glasses and put them in the sink. Luke offered to wash them, but you told him you could do it in the morning.

Neither of you were ready for him to leave so you decided to watch another movie. You were barely to the half way point of the second movie when you started getting sleepy. Luke could tell you were fighting sleep, so he wrapped his arm around you and pulled you toward him. You didn’t even realize you’d fallen asleep on him until an hour later when you woke up as the movie was ending.

You woke up cuddled into a warm chest. You were about to snuggle into him some more when you realized exactly where you were. You sat up suddenly, hearing Luke chuckle. You turned to him biting your lip, embarrassed. “Oh, god. I’m so sorry that I literally fell asleep on you. At least tell me I didn’t snore or drool!” You wiped at the corners of your mouth just to be sure you didn’t.

Luke just laughed. “It’s fine, Y/N. I didn’t mind. I’m sure you’re still tired from being sick this past week. And we were running around a lot this afternoon. Don’t worry about it. But I think I am going to go. You need to rest.”

You followed him and Roxy to the door. Before you could lose your nerve, you leaned up and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “I had a really great time today. And I’m sorry again for falling asleep on you.”

Luke smiled. “Thanks again for dinner…and breakfast. I had a lot of fun today, too.”

He opened the door to leave and just before closing it he said, “Oh, and Y/N, you didn’t snore, but you DO mumble in your sleep.”