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The Reunion

Whether you liked or disliked season 4, there’s one thing for certain-

You’re happy Matt is finally back and safe

And the reunion scene between Pidge and Matt after all the emotions and build up in the show-

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I’m not crying you’re crying

It was (one of) the most satisfying and happiest scene(s) we’ve gotten so far in the series for us and for the characters of the show.

However, this isn’t the reunion I wanted to talk about. No, the reunion I want to talk about is

The reunion between Shiro and Matt

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People loved that Shiro and Matt finally found each other after so long and after all the build up in the series, and I was happy that they finally found each other too but… I can’t help but feel like something’s off and after a couple of seconds of watching the scene I had realized 

The scene was beyond underwhelming 

Because they meet each other after so long with all this build up for what?

 A small bro hug?

I thought this is not how it was supposed to go, the build up and emotions and just- 


Now, here’s why I find this scene so underwhelming:

Pidge and Shiro are the ones closest to Matt and both want him back well and alive and miss him with all their hearts. Obviously, they’re both going to miss Matt in different ways because for Pidge, Matt is her older brother she was close to. In the flash backs, one of them was a show of how smart Pidge is but it also showed how lonely she was had felt with it. Matt helps her see that her smart brain is not a curse but an awesome gift. She relies on him. Pidge misses her brother.

For Shiro, Matt is his friend (depending on the backstory we get with those two they might be best friends even). They graduated together, went on an important space exploration together and suffered together (and separately). They’ve gone through big and small together and they’re both close. Shiro misses his friend.

Along with missing Matt, Shiro has a prominent thing about himself that makes this scene so underwhelming

There is such a thing as Survivor’s Guilt

Now Survivor’s guilt “is a mental condition that occurs when a person believes they have done something wrong by surviving a traumatic event when others did not” It’s also a significant symptom of PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

Now we know that Shiro suffers from PTSD, I don’t need to explain why because everyone already knows. It’s canon.

 But with PTSD (depending on the situation), there’s a high chance of Survivor’s Guilt. It’s “ a significant symptom of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).” It’s a part of having that PTSD.

So what’s to stop Shiro’s PTSD from causing him to be alone with his thoughts and overthink what he knows and convinces himself that Matt and Samuel aren’t as okay as he wants to believe?

What’s to stop Shiro’s PTSD from causing him nightmares where he watches Matt and Samuel die in front of his eyes and feel like he could have saved them but didn’t?

What’s to stop Shiro’s PTSD from making him feel guilty about escaping and leaving Matt and Samuel in the clutches of the Galra and possibly dying when he was able to get away alive?

What’s to stop Shiro’s PTSD from making him pour out all his built up emotions and guilt that he’s been hiding for the sake of the team and universe after finally seeing Matt right there in front of him, touching Matt right there in front of him, hearing Matt right there in front of him, feeling Matt’s heartbeat right there as he hugs him, having Matt alive right there in front of him?

What I’m trying to say is:

Shiro cares about Matt a lot, it’s been established in the show. Shiro saves Matt from suffering in the Gladiator arena. Shiro cares about Matt’s (and Samuel’s) family by taking Pidge under his wing as a brother figure for her. Shiro misses Matt and I don’t understand why the scene is the way it is. I needed more and there was supposed to be more but it’s not there.

Now there is the argument that Pidge had told the team on their way back that she had in fact found Matt and Shiro would be anticipating Matt’s return

 but there would still be those built up emotions that were never shown and it leaves me feeling that-

There’s something off about Shiro

It could be the clone theory, it could be something else but there’s something off about Shiro and it has to do with the Galra and when he disappeared at the end of season 2. There’s something wrong with him and this was the biggest red flag that gave me the biggest feeling of this in season 4.

And at the very least,

This scene could have been so much more

The Standoff ( Steve Harrington x Reader )

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Warning(s): Spoilers for Season 2.
Title: The Standoff
Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader
Fandom: Stranger Things
Word Count: 1,674

   How did it come to this? You were just dealing with your younger brother Dustin but he ended up dragging you off with Steve. That thing, whatever Dart was, had eaten your cat Mews and had escaped where he had locked it up in the cellar. When the two of them left to go look for it, you were brought along. Why? You weren’t sure, but you felt like you needed to help. You knew what was going on with the whole situation. You could be of valuable help. Plus, you weren’t going to allow your brother to go off with Steve alone. It was your job to protect him and if anything happened to him, you would never forgive yourself.

   Then the bus stuff happened, causing you to fully understand that death could really occur. This needed to be taken seriously, not like you weren’t doing that before. Steve could have died because of those things that were out there. This wasn’t some weird DnD game situation that the brats played together, it was all real. When you realized this, your brain seemed to click. You realized that you would need to keep the kids safe, especially Dustin. If anyone was going to die, it was not going to be on of the kids, it would be you. That you were certain of. You would make sure of it.

   Now, you were at Will’s house with everyone, with a kid who was possessed like in that movie The Exorcist. Something had gone really wrong and now the demidogs, as Dustin called them, were on the way. Was this how you were all going to die? Hopper tossed out weapons and you made sure to grab a kitchen knife, being ready for a fight. Next to Steve, you felt slightly safer. The two of you had been through so much together recently. It seemed like you could face anything together. You had each other’s backs and you would keep the kids safe.

   But then there was that girl.

   You and Steve had been left alone with the kids. You joked that he was a good babysitter. The mood was beginning to become tense on its own but it drastically spiked when a car pulled up. Steve went out to confront Max’s brother. Why was everything going wrong? Well, at least Eleven was safe, that was a good thing that had happened. Yet, the good seemed to be outweighing the bad rather quickly. This was so stressful, you deserve a day off after all of this.

   When Billy came in, you knew that shit was about to go down and you were going to do something that was not normal for you. Lucas was shoved against a wall and your sisterly instincts kicked in. You couldn’t just sit by and let him hurt a kid. Only cowards would do that to someone who was so much smaller than them. Billy was nothing more like a terrible coward who needed to make himself feel better. He deserved everything that would happen to him here.

   "Hey, stop it!“ You grabbed the boy’s shoulders and pulled him back. You weren’t tough or very strong, but you were brave. That was the only thing that was important at this very point in time. Somehow you were strong enough to actually pull him back, making him drop Lucas in the process. But luck was finished helping you and had left your side as he began to turn around. This wasn’t going to be good, but you didn’t regret what you did.

   "Bitch, you can wait your turn!” Billy’s fist swung back and connected with your bottom jaw, causing you to stumble back and hit the wall rather hard with your head. You weren’t a fighter and that hit was right in the perfect spot to make you begin to see spots and darkness. The world was spinning as you slid down the wall, trying to regain your sight. You couldn’t pass out, not now. He had put a lot of force behind that punch though, which was making it hard. Dustin shouted something but you couldn’t understand what he said, it all sounded muffled. Before he was able to do anything, Steve walked in with what looked to be an angry expression. That was all you could remember before you passed out.

   Head in Dustin’s lap, legs over Steve’s lap; you woke up before Steve did. That did not mean you didn’t freak out when you saw Max was driving the car. Steve woke up to the loud noises of you freaking out and Dustin and Mike trying to calm you down.

   "Pull over, I’ll drive!“ You shouted, head spinning. You needed to focus on not puking.

   "No, you can’t! You aren’t able to!” Dustin argued, which was true. You didn’t drive. Not because you didn’t know how. You knew the basics, but you never went past that.

   "Neither can she!“

   "What is going on?” Steve mumbled out, his own head pounding.

   "Max is driving!“ You shouted.


       "Oh God, oh God, oh God!“ The kids all shouted as you all ran through the creepy tunnels. You had just set whatever this thing was on fire and knew that the demidogs would be on their way and coming fast. The rope was in sight, you just needed to get out of these tunnels. This was dangerous, but you knew that the kids were right when they said that Eleven would need help. Even if you were scared, you knew you needed to help somehow. Steve must have understood that as well once Dustin explained it to him. You were glad you agreed. It wasn’t as scary when he was around. You weren’t sure why you thought that, but you did.

   As Steve passed the kids up and helped them get to the surface once again, you stayed in the back of all the kids, protecting them from the tunnel you had all just come from. The growls from these creatures were terrifying and you felt a shiver run up your spine. They were getting closer after every second that passed, closer and louder. The idea that you may see these things again and may even be killed by them scared you to no end. Still, you would protect them as much as possible if these things did get here before they were all up. You would try to keep the demidogs off of them for as long as possible, being a noble sacrifice. You were one of the older ones and your job was to help Steve protect these kids. It was the right thing to do. You would do anything for your brother and these kids had come to feel like family after everything that had happened.

   "Are they all up yet?” You shouted as you knew the creatures were only moments from reacting you.

   "All but Dustin,“ Steve responded.

   There was no more time. They were upon you. You frowned as you grabbed your brother and shoved him behind you. If anything, you would protect him with your body for as long as you could. Then they were there, terrifying mouthes stretched out to you as they ran. Steve’s arm wrapped around your waist and pulled you against his side as they got closer. The simple gesture made you feel comforted, he was here. You wouldn’t be alone when you died. He would be here. Tears stung in your eyes as you realized that this was how you died. There was no way you could fight your way…
   They ran past you. The heat of Steve’s body brought you out of your fear to realize that everything was fine, or fine in comparison to what you thought was going to happen. His hand gripped your hip with a tight grasp and your own hands moved, one holding onto Dustin’s own hand and the other one grabbing  Steve’s shoulder to keep yourself balanced. If you weren’t thinking of the closing in fear of death, you would have been flustered by how close you were to Steve.

   "Why are they leaving?” You asked.

   "Who cares! Let’s go!“ Dustin moved to climb up the rope, bringing you back into the reality of the situation. These tunnels were still dangerous and you needed to get out of them as quickly as possible.

   Once up on the ground again, everyone celebrated the victory you had just achieved. Everyone was alive and no one had gotten too hurt. You had helped the others and all you had to do was hope they did their job just as well. It was up to them now. It was out of your hands, all you could do was hope. Steve’s arms wrapped around your waist and he picked you up. You laughed as he spun you around, a huge grin on his face. All of you were still on the high of the adrenaline you had just felt.

   The two of you hadn’t been amazing friends before but you had quickly developed a deep friendship over everything that you had been through together. It had only been a day or so, yet, this bond seemed as though it was going to stay. Was it because you could understand each other or was it because the twp pf you had never spent time together before? Whatever it was, you felt like a friendship was defiantly beginning to form.

   "We did it!” He shouted, setting you back down. His hand lingered though and only left when Dustin caught his attention. What was this feeling once his hand was removed? Did you miss it or was it something else?

   "We should head back just to be safe.“

   "Yeah,” You walked over to the car and ruffled Dustin’s hair,“ but this time, Steve is driving.”

I’m confused again. How did Wish Regina send Wish Hook to the Enchanted Forest II when that was pre Wish Relams creation? I realise they have memories of the time before that world was created but it didn’t actually exist, right? Did they address this? 

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I'm not watching anymore but out of curiosity, how was the sex scene handled? I see all the backlash about the reveal that they once again used the rape storyline (really, writers? Really?) but have no context as to how/why hook and fake rapunzel were getting it on in the first place. Did it make sense plot wise? Did hook find out the next morning that she wasn't who he thought? Or was that later? I don't want to watch but I'm not gonna lie, my curiosity cat got away from me. Thanks!

It was… typical A&E.

Okay, so Hook “saved” Rapunzel, essentially, by coming back for her with the magic flower that he could have just taken for himself, and AT THE TIME, we were led to believe that Thirsty Girl Punzie was ready to do the do because fuck she’d been in that tower a long time and this super hot and brave stud was like right there. Girl needed some bump n grind in her life. And nothing was really shown, aside from Rapunzel getting a little handsy with Hook’s chest, a hot kiss, and Hook being clearly excited to pound that, before a scene change.

BUT THEN. That’s when it went to hell.

Hook wakes up. Rapunzel is chillin by the window. And I think Hook’s expecting a lil afterglow or something, but then he hears crying and is like “whAT THE FUCK IS THAT A BABY” and it is baby – THEIR baby, because apparently the witch just needed a lil pirate jizz and ta-da, a child, with no pregnancy or anything. And yeah, POOF, Rapunzel turns into Gothel. She was in disguise the whole time!!! GAG ME.

And Gothel’s all “yeah I can only leave rly if someone who shares my blood stays here in my place” and Hook is “??????? YOU JUST GON HAVE OUR VERY SUDDEN AND UNEXPECTED BABY AND LEAVE IT IN A TOWER BY HER DAMN SELF? WHAT U SMOKIN?” And she’s like “¯\_(ツ)_/¯ peace out” and leaves.

So I was TOTALLY ON BOARD with him sexxin up Rapunzel, but as soon as the reveal happened…. I was like….. come on….. THIS SHIT AGAIN? goddamn.

(I do love the show on the whole, and I loved these episodes for the KnightRook, but fuck A&E so hard for yet another case of sex that turns out to be not sex.)

Guys, my main problem with the [MIRACULOUS LADYBUG SPOILER ALERT]




…idea that Hawkmoth is Adrian’s father is simple: The man is supposedly a famous fashion designer. And yet, the Akumatized villain’s costumes are terrible, almost without exception. I could cite any number of examples, but I think that the “Reflector” is most egregious. 

Can this be the work of a talented Parisian designer? I think not.

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Somebody posted something about spinner being the driver and they learned it from gta6. I saw this post before the mangastream translation came out. I'm fucking dead XD

grand… theft…



Plot twist: that person was actually hori-sensei and you found his tumblr. Spread the word.

That V Route video got me so shook I woke up at 2am just to sketch this hhhhhhh – i wanted like an ‘aesthetic look’ but it just ended up looking like he’s refusing some toppings on his pizza

it must be because im hungry and i dont wanna order food at 3am //wheezes
anYWAY goodnight LOL