maybe next time it will be better

I keep getting ads for the ghost in the shell movie and when it’s loading it freezes on scarjo’s face with the subtitle from one of the lines in the movie: “maybe next time you can design me better” and that’s so fucking funny


Thank you for all of the congratulations! I’m still scared but feel much better knowing the heartbeat is so strong, I have my next ultrasound in 4 weeks and I wish the time would fly by so I can just know that everything will be okay. 

I’m so excited because my cousin that I’m very close to is pregnant too, she’s about 3 weeks ahead of me so our babies will be close. I’m due on November 4th but maybe I will go over and have the baby on my grandma’s birthday (November 11th). I hated the doctors I saw last time, they were rude and pushy and I left every appointment upset but I saw someone new this time and I LOVE them. I felt so happy when I left the office because everyone was so nice and made me feel so relaxed, my blood pressure was even under control and that’s amazing for me. So far I’m feeling a lot more positive about this pregnancy, I just had a feeling that something was wrong last time, I’m having nausea every morning and sometimes during the day and other symptoms that I never had last time. 

Everything in my life is getting better. Healthy baby (so far), my brother is doing great and better than ever and my dad is walking with help and climbing stairs. Life seems to be getting better and I hope it stays that way, it has been an emotional 7 months.

urgh i’m sorry i just really don’t like jared leto joker

maybe i need to give this reboot a chance to use him better next time, but i just hate everything about his design and character. blahh

I recently(ish) beat ToZ and I just……. I would die for Mikleo.  I would lay my life down for him anytime, any way, anywhere.  (and since I’m new in this fandom, hi! I’m Rai)

Overwatch - Meihem - New Year



放假了一整個放鬆阿~ˊw ˋ(除了大掃除有點累之外


Made to posted this picture in the first day of lunar year!!!

Can’t believe it’s been another year~
And CAN’T believe I have over 400 followers!!!Σ(゚Д゚
Really appreciate>w<

The clothes are so detailed that I nearly went crazy happily(?
Luckly I have whole day time since it’s winter vacation.
Relaxing vacation~ˊw ˋ(except the New Year clean-up

Finally we have some pretty Mei skin in this update!!!
Though I love the Chang'e skin better, but since it’s New Year, and it’s too far away from July, sooooooo… maybe next time XDD

I dont know if i alredy send this, because my internet is bad ;u;

So, Jakei-senpai! I realy LOVE, underverse, and i hope this amazing animation serie have a great underversary <3

 Ever time i was bored or sad, i watch again the Underverse videos, and i feel better! You are a amazing and nice person, Jakei! I hope you be fine!

Happy underversary!!!! :3

(ps: sorry for the bad english ;u; i am a brazilian fan! <3)

Response: Thank you so much for your words and your fanart. Maybe the next part is taking so much this time but I’m really glad you still watching the other parts. I hope the next one can make you feel better, too!


7 days of TeniPuri

Day 1: Favorite character - Mizuki Hajime


The crazy scientist and his creation, “together”… What a twist.

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i. Hermes comes to you first, on a rest stop
somewhere between Argentine and Peru.
He speaks a Spanish full of shhs,
but it’s the wings that catch your eye.

You’ve never seen anyone look so silly.

He doesn’t even try to warn you away,
just clicks his heels together and says,
“No going back now, cariño.”

ii. Maybe you expected Hecate next,
but there are no more crossroads from here.
You get Aphrodite in an empty parking lot,
which is not much of a surprise.
You’ve always known love and lust
to come in the quiet, in the dangerous.

“Trying to find me?” she asks, all mouth,
“Or trying to get away from them?”

You have no time for her games.

iii. Athena slides into your booth
and steals one of your fries.
McDonald’s has never been a favorite,
but you both have other things to consider.

“I thought you were going to grow up better,”
she grimaces at the watered down soda,
then at the state of your clothes.
“So did I,” you answer, “but life happens.”

She lifts an eyebrow, and the world flickers.
You see history in her eyes,
blood and sorrow in her hands.
It’s the epitome of survival,
of all you never knew how to become.
“That’s a poor man’s excuse.”

iv. It’s Hestia who welcomes you back.
She waits in the middle of your old room,
as the clock shines 3am red against her skin.
She takes your hands, and the heat
seeps into the stiffness of your fingers.

“I knew you would come home.”
She looks like your sister, which is easier;
your sister always understood leaving,
always had the same restlessness
coursing just underneath her skin.

“The world won’t give you peace,”
she explains, maybe a little too late.
“You’re taking the fear with you.”
—  Tiny stories in between [or the way to getting over yourself], written for @inkstay‘s DareToWrite Challenge.

 “Next time don’t force yourself to deal with things alone.”

I feel like Guan Shan needed to hear this so, so much. I’m sure no one has ever told him this before (except for his mother, maybe). He’s not used to people being kind to him, offering help, fighting for him. But now everything has changed and he’s unsure whether he should just go with the flow or stop himself. Well, he no longer wants to avoid relationships the way he used to (”I better stay far away from them”, ch. 173), but this is still very new. Should he really trust those people? They did so much for him and he didn’t even ask them to. Is it okay to trust them?

He Tian saw right through him and told him that it’s alright. He has people who care about him now, he doesn’t have to bear his burdens alone from now on. He Tian will always be there for him.

And it’s funny that it comes from a guy who does the same things, who probably never asks for help. He Tian understood him, because he knows how that feels like— that kind of loneliness. And not only he understood Guan Shan, but he thought that Guan Shan deserves so much more; to be happy, to have people who genuinely care for him (maybe this is what makes He Tian happy?). 

It’s beautiful how similar they are; the way they both secretly crave for a sense of warmth, something that feels so unattainable, but I’m sure they will find it in each other. They will look at each other one day and understand that everything is right in front of them. And I hope that next time it will be Guan Shan’s turn to tell He Tian that it’s okay to share, to need protection. It will be Guan Shan’s turn to protect him and that will change everything! Above all, love means protecting and caring for each other. 

You know why you are doing this. You don’t want to look bigger than her, fatter than her. You want to be as pretty as she is. Look at her pics, how her legs look on them. You wish you could be her. You want to be asking out like her, be noticed by boys like her, but you are not. You are that fat and ugly friend. Maybe it’s time to change it? You know you can, so stop be lazy. To someday stand next to her and look as good as she, or even better. 

Okay so, humans and body mods, right? There is all kinds available, from dyes and makeup through tattoos and piercings to different implants and whatnot. We also like to mimic others, or just show our attachment in a permanent way.

This comes out in space, too. 

Some ask their alien friends if they would be cool with them trying to dye their hair to match their fur, or if it would be too forward or indiscrete of them to do their makeup in the likeness of said friend’s markings. Maybe get a contact lens that mimics their eyes?

Some tattoo the code of their ship/crew on their skin, some ask their alien friends to write this or that word (even just ‘friendship’) down in their language, because they want to have it on them. Or put a few piercings where their friend was injured, because ‘It happened on my watch, and it seems I could do with the motivation. I’ll do better next time.’ never mind that the injury was unavoidable, but permission is granted as long the human gets themselves to counseling.

There are those who get small horns implanted, or do a few not really mainstream, but still not to invasive plastic surgeries to show kinship, and the aliens are quite equally horrified and flattered, maybe even honoured by those attempts. (Not all races, of course, but there is a list of the accepting ones, the ones where you have to register and have a friend recommend you for such surgeries, the ones who would rather you hold it at the non-permanent mimicry, and the ones who would just press charges, if you are lucky.)

Others take it to the extremes, disfiguring their body to an extent that is terrifying to humans (and aliens too, once they get past just how much closer the human is to them in looks, because no, wait, you had WHAT done to you?!), but this is a minority, and not all that alien a concept (ha!) for humans to begin with. 

How many Kastle events in a row are too many Kastle events in a row, you ask? Well, we’re about to find out. In honor of celebrating the holiday season and the end of the year, make way for a cozy Kastle Christmas! The Kastle fandom is full of wonderful people who are always so responsive to participation, so it’s time to end our year with something that’ll leave us with a good feeling. Like our last fandom exchange, Kastle Halloween, Kastle Christmas is an event in which participants get matched up with other members of our community to pass out gifts, from fic to gifs to art/ect, from Christmas Eve (24th) to the end of December (31st).

From this moment on, you’ll have six days to get in on the action – by submitting the following information to the @kastlenetwork

  • Your Name as well as the URL that you wish to receive the gift at.
  • What do you not want? (Let your creator know your squicks/triggers/distastes that you don’t want to receive).
  • General preference in what you’d be happy to receive: fic, art, edits, ect, as well as a three included prompts. This exchange is an open prompt for all creators, they can make you what they’d like to make you (as long as they avoid what you don’t want). The suggestion prompts you supply are there to help inspire and guide your participant, if they need it. However, the gift is ultimately up to the creator. This is a Secret Santa, after all, and surprise is part of the fun!
  • Are you willing to take on an extra participant if someone needs to drop out? [Please only say yes to this if you’re SURE you can manage to fit in another gift inside of the schedule.] [If not, just ignore this.]
  • The mediums you’re willing to create in. Writing. Art. Gifs. Edits. Playlists. Whatever you’re comfortable making, is fine.
  • What will you not make? [nsfw, ect. ect.]

Sign ups for Kastle Christmas will take place from the 23rd of November through midnight (ct) on the 28th. If you’re a few minutes or hours late, don’t worry, I just want to make sure that no one gets left out of the fun :D I’ll figure out and organize all of the pairings from the sign up sheets and announce pairings on the 29th through ask boxes and/or messenger (so, please make sure those are open for me to send you your participant). Life is wild and unpredictable, so if you need to drop out, please let me know by, at least, the 10th of December, so that I can reassign your participant – while still giving the new creator time to make something.

Gifts should be tagged with #kastlechristmas and the url of the recipient (without the uses of dashes ‘ - ’ which do not register with tumblrs’ tagging system). As well as the normal day-to-day fandom tags, including: #kastleff and #kastleedit

A note that for this Secret Santa, holiday themed gifts are not necessary, but I do encourage them for the event. If your inspiration takes you in an alternate direction, by all means follow that inspiration. I want everyone to make something for their recipient that they can put their full heart into and not worry too hard over something they’re unsure about. But, if you can make your gift in the theme of Christmas/Winter/The holiday season/Ect. and want to, I definitely encourage you to do so. 

If you have any questions for your participant about what you’re making them, remember to only ask them while on anonymous and try not to let them know too much, so you don’t spoil the surprise! And if you need any help or have any questions/need for clarification (because, I babble too much and therefor said something stupidly), send me an ask and I’ll respond as soon as I can. Happy Kastle Christmas! 

– chey / @kastlenetwork

Yuri’s favourite moments with Otabek are not the ones where they’re out on dates. It’s not when they’re failing to cook together in the kitchen. It’s not when Otabek shows up with gifts for no reason other than ‘I love you and thought of you’. 

No, Yuri’s favourite moments are the ones when they’re cuddled up in bed doing nothing at all, and they could be anywhere in any time and maybe it’s next week already, he’s lost track. Maybe they start to fall asleep, maybe they don’t, who can really tell between lazy kisses and stroking each other’s hair and cheeks and running their fingers down each other’s spines? 

Those moments, bathed in light from a sunset from the window, all alone with Otabek in near silence, are Yuri’s favourites. Nothing could be better.