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Thanks to the person who linked the video. I wish we had these without the words but yay for Lavellan tragedy. Yay?

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There's these things called 'lifts' the you put in your shoes to make yourself taller so now I HC that Prompto is only 5'3 and puts lifts in his shoes to make himself 5'8

Hope you like some Promptio written on my phone because I’m out right now, and this is too good not to write a blurb about!
(I’ll edit this when I get home!)

EDIT: Proofread and check for a word count now~ Read it under the cut, my friends! C:

Word Count: 1634
Pairing(s): Gladiolus Amicitia x Prompto Argentum
Warnings: None

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Brooklyn Nine Nine meets Parks and Recreation (1/?) 

Andy Samberg as Detective Jake Peralta and Park Ranger Carl Lorthner

I’m watching old game play videos of FFXIII on YT and I’m warped back into 2009 when I first played it. Honestly, as much as I love FFXV and all the older games, FFXIII is the most aesthetically pleasing game of that series for me. Sure, gameplay-wise it wasn’t the best (too linear, plot was kinda meh). But the unique and extremely memorable design of Cocoon (Dyson’s sphere concept), the Arks, the city of Eden, Grand Pulse, the entire atmosphere of abandoned Oerba, later on the Academy in FFXIII-2 and the music is just…stunning. I love FFXIII’s artistcal diversity of sci-fi and wilderness.


first comic of the year!? A GOD’N’GABE ONE CAN U BELIEVE IT

after being asked about what these two are up to a number of times, i decided to show you guys the lead-up to chuck’s incredible decision to make the infamous Hell Drone

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What you think about a crossover with kuroshitsuji and owari no seraph? In love with your art ❤

I LOVE THE IDEA BC BOTH ARE MY FAVORITE THINGS IN THE ENTIRE WORLD AND AAAHHHH I’VE BEEN WANTING TO DRAW IT SINCE A YEAR AGO!!!! But I couldn’t for matter of time or lack of motivation *cries* and i wanted to draw it for the yuumika week but i hadn’t enough time *ugly sobbing*. Besides in……… february? i guess? i don’t remember when, but at beginning of this year, i started that crossover… and like everything i do, i never finished it  (:3_ヽ)_ but i have these ugly sketches and… ugh i have to fix lots of things :’)

It’s more Kuroshitsuji II, and the idea was Mika as Alois, Yuu as Ciel, Guren as Sebastian, Shinya as Grell (my two otps together♡), Shinoa as Lizzy, Krul as Hannah, Ferid as Claude, Rene and Lacus as the “”triplets”” (in this case twins bc of lack of characters?) and Mitsuba as Meirin, Kimizuki as Bard and Yoichi as Finnian♡
And, as you can see, at that time i didn’t know how to draw nipples (:3_ヽ)_
Oh and ahdsbadbaj i’m glad you like it, dear anon (〃ノωノ)


why does Han Solo have a beard?..