maybe my love for her is just too strong

a tale as old as time. her eyes are brown like mine.

beauty, with your soft voice and your pretty cheeks: does he kiss your bruises after he’s finished screaming? belle, princess of patience, lady who simply loved until he came around to it - can you teach me how to tame him? how to make him never raise a hand to me again?

true love changes him. which love do i give him, bella. in the morning when i am up early to make him breakfast and silent when he yells at me, is this the music that soothes the savage beast? in the black of night, when my eyes are closed and he is panting at my neck, is this the love that put him to sleep?

when he turns twenty-one the spell will be forever. the last petal. he will remain a horror forever. you must shape him into a better man by then, beauty. must carve out your own heart and feed it to him gently. must spoon him your own bones until he stops being hungry. 

youthful indiscretions are forgot. you cover up the scars from his claws. it is not the man, it is the curse he lives under. you are his one. his only chance. i come back like you, belle. i return to the castle no matter how battered i become. i think i see the man you saw once, bella. i think i see the man i fell in love with. 

we, que linda, are strong girls. my nose, yours, bella, we keep ours in books. i too am the strange girl, running until her feet tire. i too am lost in the woods. we ran from our houses and found monsters, or maybe we were always fated to. we love a challenge. we have hearts that are mountains.

beauty. i kiss him but the spell never breaks, i sit myself in pretty dresses at fancy tables with meals i made just for him. even the grey stuff is delicious. he still throws the dishes. 

later when he is apologizing i feel your ghost hope in me - did we at last get through to him. did we reverse the curse. this time, does he mean it. if i am better will he open up. if i am better will he stop. if i am better could i beat him. if i am better can i leave him. 

belle: how do i save him. how do i save myself.

Summary: Just a little blurb about Harry being a stepdad.


When Evangelique and Harry had first met, It hadn’t been under the best circumstances. Evangelique had been running late for work because her babysitter had bailed on her at the very last minute, something that was starting to become a common occurrence, but what could she do? She didn’t trust anyone else with her child.

She was walking quickly with her three year old tucked safely into her arms, asleep, which was a good thing because Evangelique didn’t want her little girl to see her like this. Crying, her makeup smearing, hair flying all over the place as it came out of her neat bun piece by piece, breathing harshly- A little too harshly. She was an absolute mess.

The tears blurring her vision and her head ducked low in shame, she hadn’t noticed that someone was in front of her until it was too late. She bumped into their hard chest and let out a loud, frustrated groan, cursing under her breath before making sure she hadn’t woken up Bella. 

“I’m sorry.” Her head snapped up as she heard the voice. The accent was beautiful and quite thick, Obviously, an English one, which was strange considering this was L.A. “I-I’m sorry, It’s my fault.” She muttered before looking down again quickly. She blushed as she realized how horrid she looked, and how attractive he looked. She hadn’t looked at him for too long, but just long enough to realize that he was a very, very, nice looking guy.

“What’s wrong, love?” He asked, frowning as he stared at her. The strong and dreadful feeling of worry slowly found its way in the pit of his stomach. It was 8AM and this woman, no older than him, maybe even a tad bit younger, was sobbing her eyes out and looking like a nervous wreck.

“It’s alright-Really. It’s okay.” She choked out, sniffing a little and swallowing harshly. His frown deepened and he reached out to touch her arm gently, causing her to hurriedly back away from him. She muttered a quick apology as she realized he hadn’t meant to scare her or hurt her.

“No, It isn’t. You’re upset.” He mumbled. “Do you want to grab some coffee and talk about it?” He asked. Why not? They’d bumped into each other a short way away from a small coffee shop anyways, and he wanted to make sure that she was okay, especially since she was holding a little girl in her arms.

“No. I have to get to work.” She sighed as she glanced sadly towards the shop. Coffee sounded so good to her in that moment. She hadn’t had any earlier as she’d been rushing around trying to get her and Bella ready for the day and find other arrangements.

“When was your last day off?” He questioned, hoping she’d decide to just call in sick or something. By the look of things, she really needed the break.

“The last time my babysitter bailed on me. A week ago.” She muttered through clenched teeth. Somehow, the strong smell of the warm beverages being served only a few steps away made its way to her nostrils. She looked up at the sky and took a deep breath before looking towards the worried looking man in front of her. “I’ll probably get fired soon anyway. Let’s go.”


She’d downed her coffee in only three minutes, and she regretted it as she watched him slowly sipping his latte, wishing she could have that too. She always preferred lattes over black coffee, but she didn’t want to complain because he’d insisted on paying, and considering she was more than sure she’d be searching for another job before the week was even out, she figured it’d be smart not to object.

“So…Why are you so upset?” He asked softly, staring at her with piercing green eyes. She shrugged her shoulders as she moved around in her seat a little, rocking Bella as she started to stir. “I…My babysitter decided not to show up at the last minute and…Well, that’s no reason for me to be running around like a mad woman.” She sighed. “I’m just stressed.”

Harry hummed to show her he was listening and then it was silent for a moment. He stared at her for a bit as he sipped his latte, causing her to shift around awkwardly in her seat. She wondered if she’d gotten something on her face, and then mentally facepalmed when she realized that she still had smudged makeup on. She must’ve looked like an absolute joke to him!

He ignored the makeup, though, and instead focused on her eyes. They were a beautiful chocolate brown color, one he knew he’d probably seen a thousand times before, but not like this. Not so pretty. Sadly, there were still tears in those gorgeous eyes, and he didn’t like that one bit.

“Too much stress isn’t good at all.” He sighed. “We’ve got to get you calm. Happy. When I’m upset, a nice stroll through the park always cheers me up. Even better than that, a run.”

“I don’t run.” She stated flatly.

He tilted his head as to ask why and she shrugged her shoulders again. “I don’t have time to run since having Bella.” She explained. He nodded. “I could watch her while you take a jog. Clear your mind a bit. Yeah?”

“It’s a no from me.” She hurriedly stated. “I only use Bella as an excuse to not exercise, for one thing.” She admitted. He chuckled, his eyes crinkling up, and she had to look away because wow. Who the fuck made this guy? He was beautiful. “And no offense, but I met you like ten minutes ago. I don’t trust my child with just anyone. That’d be stupid.”

“You’re right.” He nodded. “But you can trust me. Obviously, that doesn’t mean much of anything to you right now. Few months from now, though, maybe it will." 


“My names Harry. Forgot to mention it earlier. Yours?” He changed the subject. She gave him a skeptical look before slowly stating her name. “Evangelique." 

"Wow…That’s beautiful.” He complimented. “Would you like another coffee?” He asked. She shook her head shyly. “I don’t really like black coffee. More of a latte girl.” She admitted. “I thought so. I got the black coffee for me and the latte for you. I’m not really a fan of milk in my coffee.” He shrugged.

“I’m sorry!” She whisper yelled, her eyes widening adorably as she thought back on how she’d grabbed at the first mug she saw in front of her without even giving him the chance to pick his beverage up first.  “That’s alright. I can get you a latte if you want?” He smiled.

She shook her head. “I can finish that one.” She said, gesturing to the one in his hands. “I’m assuming you don’t have too many germs.” She smirked. “I’ll buy you a black coffee. The least I could do since I chugged yours." 

"Don’t worry about it.” He smiled, handing over the latte. “So, tell me about yourself.”

“Harry sucks at this, mama.” Bella whined as she yanked at her mom’s dress. Evangelique swatted her daughter’s hands away gently and gave her a look. “What did I tell you about saying stuff like that? Be polite. At least he’s trying.” She said sternly. “He can make broccoli and Carrots and peas and every other suck-Nasty food just fine, but I ask him to make me one bowl of ice cream and suddenly he don’t know how to do nothing?” Bella pouted. Harry let out a hearty laugh before ruffling the four year old’s hair, causing her to push at his large hands angrily. “I’m sorry, bug, I don’t know how you and your mommy usually make your sundaes but this is how I make mine. Why don’t you tell me again so I’ll know next time?”

“You said that last time, but I’ll explain one more time.” She growled, pointing her finger at him. In her mind, she was scaring the poop out of him, but in reality, he could barely keep himself from laughing as he watched the little girl dressed in a pink princess shirt, a tiara, and some ‘football tights’ try to intimidate him. “You put the sprinkles on the bottom, then the banana-No, half the banana, then some ice cream-but not too much that mommy makes you stop there-then you put some chocolate and then the other half of the banana and then more chocolate and then more ice cream and then more chocolate and then the sprinkles.” She explained, waving her arms about to get her point across. “He been here for three years and still don’t know how to make ice cream.” She huffed to herself.

“A year, hun. One year.” Evangelique corrected her.

“Same thing, mama.” Bella insisted around the mouth full of ice cream she’d shoved into her mouth. “What did I say about talking with your mouth full?” Evangelique sighed. Talking to this child was like talking to a wall sometimes. “But mama-” She swallowed before continuing after receiving a glare. “You only seem to wanna talk to me when I got food in my mouth.” She said.

“You sure were complaining a bunch about my ice cream just a minute ago, but I see you’ve got no problem shoveling it all into your mouth now.” Harry teased. The little girl rolled her eyes at him. “There’s people starving in Atlanta. We don’t waste food in this house.” She sassed before going back to eating. Evangelique didn’t even bother trying to correct her, instead she sent Harry a small smile and shook her head.

Later that night, when they finally got Bella to go to sleep after promising her that Harry would be back to visit again tomorrow, Evangelique walked Harry to the door and sent him a tired smile. “Thanks for today. She had a lot of fun and so did I.”

“Always fun when I’m 'round.” He smirked. “Thank you for today. I love it here. Spending time with you two.” He told her before pushing his hands into his pockets awkwardly. “I know your mum has plans on getting her this weekend, and I was wondering if maybe you’d like to…Well, I don’t know. Maybe grab something to eat? Or watch a movie? Or…”

“Go on a date?” She asked softly, leaning against the doorframe and looking up at him with admiration in her eyes. “Yeah.” He mumbled. “Yeah.” She nodded. “I’d absolutely love that.”

Only a short month or so ago, he’d admitted that he had feelings for her, and it’d gone much better than he’d thought it would. He thought she’d laugh in his face or tell him to never speak to her again, but she didn’t. She’d sent him a warm smile, squeezed his hand, and told him she felt the same way.

He was beyond happy about that. He’d known her for a year and he’d seen her go through so much. She’d go on dates with guys who only wanted her for sex and didn’t care about her feelings at all. She’d go on dates that were beyond awkward and she’d come back and tell him about how she felt like she just wasn’t good enough for anyone and how she was just too awkward for love. She’d spend hours getting ready for dates only to receive a text an hour after she was supposed to get picked up that always read something along the lines of 'Something came up. Sorry.’ He hated seeing her so upset. He hated the fact that these douchebags kept letting her down. He wanted to make her happy. He wanted to take her out on a proper date and show her a good time. He wanted her to realize that it wasn’t her, no, she was the closest thing to perfect that he’d ever seen. He wanted a chance, just one chance, to show her that he could give her the world.

“I’ll see you then.” He grinned before leaning down to give her a small kiss on the cheek. Her heart fluttered and she sighed a little as she waved him off. She was so happy that he’d come into her life. She didn’t know how anyone could get so lucky.

“Kick his bum! Bloody opposite of heaven!” Bella screamed as she watched her favorite wrestler beating up John Cena. Harry tried to stifle his laughter as he watched her jumping around the room trying to imitate their moves and yelling out every remotely British sounding thing she could think of. She was going through a phase. She wanted to have Harry’s accent so she payed close attention to everything he said and tried to imitate him, something he’d caught onto quickly when he heard the six year old screaming all sorts of curses in a weird sounding accent. Deciding it’d be better for the both of them if he didn’t mention it to Evangelique who hadn’t been around at the time, he’d quickly informed her that she’d be in lots of trouble if her mother heard her saying the things she was saying, and he’d vowed not to swear either, because if she wasn’t allowed to why should he be? That was her logic, at least.

“Daddy Harry.” Bella sighed as the wrestling went on commercial. He hummed as he watched her tiredly climb onto his lap. She laid her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes, clinging to him tightly. He was shocked, to be honest. She wasn’t much of a hugger, just like her mum. She didn’t like to be touched most times, not by him or anyone else, something he was hoping would stick around even in her teenage years. “You and my mum are getting married soon? Yeah?” She asked. He chuckled a little and nodded, rubbing her back softly. “Then you’ll live with us and we’ll see you everyday?” She questioned. “Well, it isn’t like we don’t see each other every day already.” He laughed. “But yes. We’ll all live together.”

“That’s good. I like when you’re around. You help me hide my vegetables sometimes and you learned how to make my ice cream properly. That’s good.”

“Thanks.” He smiled. “Do you want me to tuck you in? You seem tired.” He teased. She shook her head and yawned. “Raws only been on for an hour. Sleeping’s for losers. Gotta watch the main even.” She muttered.

“Goodnight, bug.” He whispered as she drifted off almost as soon as she’d finished talking. “I love you.”

I wish there were more ways, to say, I love you

Candlelight gutters, the stutter
of smoke, breathe in
relieving my addictions, better
she’s #1 on the list,
her kiss, a quick fix for the butterflies,
this is, reckless,
abandon always meant dying,
head strong, headlong,
a dive into the abyss

her kiss, I wish,
I had another quick fix for the
Butterflies, Sometimes
Time lies and, we
find eternity in finite moments,
or maybe,
forever comes, it’s too soon
for never to be right now,
because right now,
she’s all I’ve left, in
my heart,
it’s a debt, the depths of which, neither of us knows,
but I’ll pay it, till death, and he
can keep the fucking change, I just
want the receipt, proof I can staple to my lungs,
Young, love was meant to grow old, so
Te amo, Je t'aime, Amore mio
My darling,

You saved me, and I think I saved you


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S family reaction to their child being extremely attached to their s/o and not them ??


  • Why don’t you love me?
  • I created you.
  • Please love me and your Mother equally


  • Why do you hate me?
  • Yes she birthed you, but I made you.
  • Is it because she carried you around for nine months?
  • I’ll carry you for longer if you’ll just let me hold you.


  • Play basketball with me!
  • Why not?
  • Your Mom sucks at it though.
  • Fine, she can play too.


  • I can braid your hair just as good as Mommy!
  • Please?
  • No fair, you had more action with her breast then I’ll ever have.
  • Is that why you love her?


  • You don’t love me?
  • Y E S!
  • I’ve never been happier in my life.


  • Why can’t I hold you?
  • Daddy is strong too.
  • Oh? You made a flower crown for Mommy.
  • Well, maybe it’s for the best that you don’t get attached….
Disney Princesses/Heroines starter sentences

Snow White 

“Supper’s not quite ready. You’ll just have time to wash.”
“If you let me stay, I’ll keep house for you. I’ll wash and sew and sweep and cook.”
“I’m awfully sorry. I didn’t mean to frighten you.”
“You don’t know what I’ve been through. And all because I was afraid.”
“I’m so ashamed of the fuss I made.”
“Please don’t send me away. If you do, (s)he’ll kill me!”
“Want to know a secret?”
“Oh, I feel strange.“ 

 The Blue Fairy

"A lie keeps growing and growing until it’s as plain as the nose on your face.” “You must learn to choose between right and wrong.”
“Always let your conscience be your guide.”
“Perhaps you haven’t been telling the truth, ____." 


"If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is because everything would be what it isn’t.”
“It would be so nice if something would make sense for a change.”
“I was just wondering if you could help me find my way.”
“If I listened earlier, I wouldn’t be here.” “That explains the trouble that I’m always in.”
“Well… I went along my merry way, and I never stopped to reason. I should’ve known there’d be a price to pay, someday…”
“I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it!”
“Will I ever learn to do the things I should?”
“I’m afraid I can’t explain myself, because I’m not myself, you know.”
“Curiosity often leads to trouble.”
“Well, I must say, I’ve never heard it that way before.”
“I’m sorry I interrupted your birthday party.”
“When I get home I shall write a book about this place… If I ever do get home.”
“Well, I’m trying to find my way home.”
“I’m sorry, but I just haven’t the time!”
“Well, I can’t remember things like I used to.”
“Of all the silly nonsense, this is the stupidest ____ party I’ve ever been to in all my life.”
“I’m sorry, ____. I can’t marry you. You’re not the right (wo)man for me. And there’s that trouble with your digestion.”
“I love you, ___, but this is my life. I’ll decide what to do with it.”
“You’re lucky to have my sister/brother/friend for your wife/husband, ____, and be good to her/him. I’ll be watching very closely.”
“Don’t worry, ____. I’ll find something useful to do with my life.”
“I’ve never stopped dreaming.”
“I’d rather you didn’t. I’ll be fine as soon as I wake up.”
“I’m not slaying anything. I don’t slay, so put it out of your mind.”
“Who’s to say what is "proper”? What if it was agreed that “proper” was wearing a codfish on your head? Would you wear it?“ 


"No, it isn’t true. It’s just no use. No use at all. I can’t believe. Not anymore. There’s nothing left to believe in. Nothing.”
“Why, it’s like a dream. A wonderful dream come true.”
“It’s more than I ever hoped for.”
“Suppose they heard you upstairs. You know the orders. So if you don’t want to lose a warm, nice bed, you’d better get rid of those dreams.”
“No, I mean it. ____ has his/her good points, too. For one thing, (s)he… Well, sometimes (s)he… Hmmm. There must be something good about him/her.”
“Oh, well. What’s a royal ball? After all, I suppose it would be frightfully dull, and-and-and boring, and-and completely… Completely wonderful.”
“I’m sorry. I-I guess I forgot about everything, even the time.”
“But it was so wonderful. And (s)he was so handsome/beautiful, and when we danced…”
“I’m sure that even the Prince(ss) himself couldn’t have been more… more… Oh, well, it-it’s over, and…”
“Thank you. Thank you so much for everything.”
“Well, I-I, oh, the Prince(ss). I haven’t met the Prince(ss).”
“Just because it’s what’s done doesn’t mean it’s what should be done!”
“I’m only a girl/boy, not a prince(ss).”
“Why? Why are you so *cruel*? I don’t understand it. I’ve tried to be kind to you.”
“No one deserves to be treated as you have treated me. Why are you do it? WHY?" 


"I should have been home hours ago.”
“Don’t even mention that horrible place.”
“I was so embarrassed… And frightened.”
“I don’t need you to shelter and protect me." 


"Why do they still treat me like a child?”
“Yes, it’s only in my dreams. But they say if you dream a thing more than once, it’s sure to come true, and I’ve seen him/her so many times.”
“Oh, you darling! This is the happiest day of my life! Everything’s *so* wonderful!”
“I know you’re there. Don’t be afraid.”
“You’ve been very good to me. Well, except that one time you fed me ____." 


”(S)he wants our ____. That’s all (s)he’s after.“
"But was does he/she want with them? He/she can’t possibly love them." 


"Very poetic. But it is not quite Shakespeare.”
“____ do not practice biting and clawing, and things like that. It’s just horrible.”
“___, you could have lost your life!”
“Now, ___, that is not kind. You know ___ is so fond of us, and takes very good care of us." 

Maid Marian 

"Oh darling, I thought you’d never ask me!”
“Oh, (s)he’s probably forgotten all about me.”
“Surely (s)he must know how I really love him/her.”
“I beg of you, spare his/her life! Please have mercy!”
“Oh, ___, you’re so brave and impetuous!" 


"Did you want to see me sir/mam?”
“But I’ve tried as hard as I could, honest!”
“Then please, will you take me back to ___ like you promised?”
“The water’s coming in, please pull me up!”
“Put me down, ___!" 


"Are you a lord, or a warrior?”
“Oh, what a pity. I was so hoping for someone who could help me escape.”
“Oh, well, if you want to come with me, you may.”
“Aren’t you charming?”
“I’m afraid it’ll soon be over for us.“
”“Girl/Boy”? “Girl/Boy”? If it wasn’t for this *girl/boy*, you would still be in ___ dungeon.“


“They won’t mind. Really.”
“Don’t worry, ___. I’ll take care of you.”
“And what kind of person would steal an innocent little kitty/puppy/baby?”
“It’s still wrong. I’m scared. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to do.”


“What would I pay to stay here beside you?”
“I’m sorry, I just forgot, I–”
“Nothing happened.”
“But if you would just listen!”
“(S)he would have died.”
“I’ve never seen a (species) this close before. Oh (s)he’s very handsome/beautiful, isn’t (s)he?”
“All right, I’m going inside. You can just stay here and watch for (animal species).”
“If only I could make him/her understand. I just don’t see things the way (s)he does.” 
“I just don’t see how a world that makes such wonderful things could be bad.”
“Why don’t you go tell ___? You’re good at that!”


“Of course I came back. I couldn’t let them…”
“Oh this is all my fault. If only I had gotten here sooner.”
“Don’t talk like that. You’ll be alright. We’re together now; everything’s going to be fine, you’ll see.”
“No, No! Please. Please… Please don’t leave me… I love you.”
“Well, some people use their imagination.”
“What do you know about my dreams, ___?”
“___, I’m-I’m speechless. I really don’t know what to say.”
“I’m very sorry, ___… but… but I just don’t deserve you!”
“If you’d hold still, it wouldn’t hurt as much!”
“If you hadn’t *frightened* me, I wouldn’t have run away!”
“Well, *you* should learn to control your temper.”
“Now, hold still. This might sting a little.”
“By the way, thank you for saving my life.”
“I’m not hungry!”
“(S)he’s not a monster, ___. You are!”
“Please… stop.”
“Who’s there? Who are you?”
“I’ve come for my father/mother/master. Please, let him/her out! Can’t you see, (s)he’s sick!”
“But (s)he could die! Please, I’ll do anything!”
“Oh there must be some way I can… wait! Take me instead.”
“___ not crazy and I can prove it!”
“Oh no, (s)he’d never hurt anyone. Please, I know (s)he looks vicious, but (s)he’s really kind and gentle. (S)he’s my friend.”


“You’re not free to make your own choices.”
“Let him/her go!”
“Unhand him/her!”
“Do as I command, release him/her!”
“It’s all so magical.”
“It’s a shame ___ had to miss this.”
“You are the boy/girl from the market! Why did you lie to me?”
“Did you think I was stupid? That I wouldn’t figure it out?”
“Who are you? Tell me the truth.”
“Why didn’t you just tell me?”
“That stupid law! This isn’t fair! I love you!”
“Please, try to understand. I’ve never done a thing on my own.”
“I’ve never had any real friends.”
“I am not a prize to be won!”
“Hmm… I never realized how incredibly handsome you are.”


“So where are we going? It better not be any place dumb.”
“What made you come back?”
“So where are we really going?”
“What’s happened to you? You’re not the ___ I remember.”
“Hey genius, it was my idea.”


“If you kill him/her, you’ll have to kill me too!”
“Look around you. This is where the path of hatred has brought us.”
“This is the path I choose, ___. What will yours be?”
“It would’ve been better if we never met. None of this would’ve happened.”
“I can’t leave you.”
“You think I’m an ignorant savage, and you’ve been so many places, I guess it must be so.”
“How can there be so much that you don’t know?”
“You have a most unusual name too.”
“I’m trying to help my people.”
“I don’t know what I can do, still I know I’ve got to try.”
“We don’t have to fight them! There must be a better way!”
“But maybe we should try talking to them.”
“But of one of them did want to talk, you would listen to him/her, wouldn’t you?”
“I never knew that fear and hate could be so strong.”
“I thought our love would be so beautiful.”
“Should I marry ___?”
“___ was just coming to protect me.”


“I ask for nothing. I can get by. But I know so many less lucky than I.”
“You mistreat this poor boy/girl the same way you mistreat my people!”
“You speak of justice, yet you are cruel to those most in need of your help!”
“You’re lucky. That arrow almost pierced your heart.”
“Did you make all these things yourself?”
“How can such a cruel man raised someone someone like you?”
“Now you look at me. Do you think I’m evil?”
“You’re not hurt are you? Here, let’s see.”
“I know what you were ‘imagining’.”
“Alright, then I’ll come to see you.”
“You missed a spot?”
“Are you always this charming or am I just lucky?”
“You sneaky son of a…”


“Well you know how men are. They think ‘No’ means ‘Yes’ and ‘Get lost’ means ‘Take me, I’m yours.’”
“You wanted to be petty and dishonest?”
“How do you know what I’m like?”
“I’m a big touch girl. I tie my own sandals and everything.”
“People do crazy things… when they’re in love.”
“Sometimes it’s better to be alone. Nobody can hurt you.”
“Look, I learned my lesson, ok?”
“It looks better that way. No, it really does.”
“Are you always this articulate?”
“Read my lips – forget it!”
“You’re really choked up about this, aren’t ya?”
“I don’t care, I’m not going to help you hurt her/him!”
“This one’s different. (S)he’s strong, (s)he’s caring, (s)he would never do anything to hurt me…”
“What are you doing? Without your strength, you’ll be killed!”
“Look, I gave it my best shot, but (s)he made me an offer I had to refuse!”


“Would you like to stay for dinner?”
“Stop. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’m just nervous. I’ve never done this before.”
“Look at me… I will never pass for a perfect bride?”
“Can it be I’m not meant to play this part?”
“Well, (s)he doesn’t talk about me much.”
“I never want to see a naked (wo)man again.”
“If you’re so worried, go stand watch.”
“You shouldn’t have to go!”
"Why else would I come back?”
“I don’t think I can do this.”
“Hey. I’ll hold him, and you punch!”
“Get off the roof, get off the roof, get off the roof!”


“Now, you stay away from me. Like a very good wild (wo)man.”
“You stay. I’m warning you… My ___ won’t take kind to you.”
“Now that’s close ENOUGH!”
“It’s a lovely heartbeat. It’s very nice.”
“You do speak? And all this time I thought you were this big, wild, quiet, silent, person-thing!
“Hmm! I mean, I must say I’m rather curious of who you are.”
“(S)he was this close to me, ___, just staring at me.”
“(S)he was confused at first, as if (s)he had never seen another ___ before.”
“His/her eyes were intense… and focused, and… I’ve never seen eyes like those before.”
“Put me down! Put me down!”
“No pick me up, pick me up, pick me up!”
“All right, enough of this. I want that paper on the count of three. One, two… Oh, look!”
“Now, now, don’t give me those crocodile tears.”
“What would your parents have to say?”
“Oh, ___, you have no idea what’s in store for you. You’re going to see the world, and all kinds of people will want to meet you. Leaders, scientists, writers.”
“Don’t worry, I’m going to have you out of this in a second.”


“What do you mean the door’s stuck? Try jiggling the handle.”
“So, remind me again how you’re related to ___?”
“So what did the emperor want?”
“Well, that’s just rude!”
“No no no no. Emperor or no Emperor, it’s called common courtesy. If it were me, I’d march right back there and *demand* to see him. You know I would!”
“___, I’m fine. This baby’s not coming out for a while, but even if it was, I’d give that guy a piece of my mind. That kind of behavior just, just…”
“As I said before, you may remember, ___ is not here. I’ll be sure to tell him/her you stopped by.”
“Lady with a baby comin’ through.”


“I have some questions for you, and you are not leaving this city until they are answered!”
“You do swim, do you not?”
“True, our people live, but our culture is dying. We are like a stone the ocean beats against. With each passing year a little more of us is worn away.”
“All will be well, ___ ___. Be not afraid.”
“A thousand years ago, the streets were lit and our people did not have to scavenge for food at the edge of a crumbling city!”
“They don’t know any better!”
“We were once a great people. Now we live in ruins.”
“The kings of our past would weep if they could see how far we have fallen.”
“Our way of life is dying.”
“You… travel, you are a friendly traveler.”


“I’m late because I had to go to the store and get peanut butter ‘cause all we have is… is… stinkin’ tuna!”
“But if you want to leave, you can. I’ll remember you though.”
“I remember everyone that leaves.”
“You know, you wreck everything you touch. Why not try and make something for a change?”
“Oh good! My dog found the chainsaw!”
“No more caffeine for you.”
“Then why don’t you sell me and buy a rabbit instead?”
“This is your badness level. It’s unusually high for someone your size. We have to fix that.”
“You’ll like it 'cause it’s stinky like YOU!”
“A falling star… I call it! Get out, get out! I have to make a wish!”
“I hear you cry at night.”
“Do you dream about them?”
“I know that’s why you wreck things, and push me.”
“I need someone to be my friend. Someone who won’t run away. Maybe send me an angel! The nicest angel you have.”
“Did you ever kill anyone?”
“Our family’s little now, and we don’t have many toys… But if you want, you could be a part of it. You could be our baby, and we’d raise you to be good.”
“Don’t worry. (S)he likes your butt and fancy hair. I know. I read her/his diary.”
“My friends need to be punished.”
“Leave me alone to diiiiie.”


“No! You’re not taking him/her! I’m the only one who understands him/her! You take that away, (s)he won’t stand a chance!”
“But you don’t know what you’re doing! (S)he needs me!”
“You smell like a lawn mower.” 
“Oh. Ohhhh! Oh, you know, I’m *really* sorry about that, and if I had known who you were, of course I never would’ve… I can pay for that.”
“Okay, talk. I know you had something to do with this.” 
“I think it might be a koala… an *evil* koala. I can’t even pet it! It keeps *staring* at me, like it’s gonna eat me!”
“I shouldn’t have yelled at you.”
“Oh no! Gravity is increasing on me!”
“The manager’s a vampire. He wanted me to join his legion of the undead.”

Captain Amelia 

“Nasty business, but I won’t bore you with my scars.”
“Oh, shut up, ___. You know I don’t mean a word of it.”
“___, you have… wonderful eyes.”
“___, I’d love to chat. Tea, cake, the whole shebang, but I have a ___ to run.”
“Can you get nothing wrong?”
“You can keep that kind of flim-flammery for your spaceport floozies, ___!”
“Did you actually aim for that?”
“I mean that in a very caring way.”


“Just a little tip for the future, I am always right. Even when I’m wrong, I’m right.”
“___, what have you done? How could you bring him/her here?”
“Oh, but ___, it’s already happened…”


“They pretend they’re going to always be there for you, and then one day they pack up and move away and take their love with them.”
“They leave her/him/me, wondering what she/he/I did wrong.”
“You - you came all the way back here… for me?”
“Yes, so if you want to keep it inside your body, where it belongs, you should stop jumping off trucks doing eighty on the interstate!”
“You know what that is, television? It’s entertainment for people. It’s fake! Nothing you think is real is real!”
“Yeah, go nuts. Let’s see how that works out for ya.”


“Voodoo? You mean to tell me all this happened because you were messing with the Shadow Man?”
“It serves me right for wishing on stars. The ONLY way to get what you want in this world is through hard work.”
“My dream wouldn’t be complete… without you in it.”
“You’re a no-count, philandering, lazy bump on a log.”
“This stick in the mud has had to work two jobs her whole life while you’ve been sucking on a silver spoon chasing chambermaids around your - your ivory tower!”
“Oh… All my years. No one’s ever done anything like this for me.”
“I can’t hear you, I’m sorry. What?”
“You said you were fabulously wealthy!”
“Oh, very funny. So, what now? I reckon you want a kiss?”
“A prince/princess? But I didn’t wish for any…”
“(S)he was trying to propose. That’s what all that fumbling was about and here I thought, all (s)he wanted was to marry a rich girl/boy.”
“Just look at it, mama! Don’t it just make you wanna cry?”


“Who are you, and how did you find me?”
“I’ve been looking out of a window for eighteen years, dreaming about what I might feel like when those lights rise in the sky. What if it’s not everything I dreamed it would be?”
“Well, that’s okay! I mean, what (s)he doesn’t know won’t kill him/her, right?”
“I’ve hidden it. Somewhere you’ll never find it.”
“I have made the decision to trust you.”
“Is it ruffians? Thugs? Have they come for me?”
“Something brought you here, ___ ___. Call it what you will… fate… destiny…”
“And when I promise something, I never ever break that promise.”
“Oh. Sorry yes, just… lost in thought I guess.”
“Sorry! Just, don’t… don’t freak out.”
“I should have given it to you before, but I was scared. And the thing is, I’m not scared anymore. You know what I mean?”
“I’ve spent my entire life hiding from people who would use me for my power… when I should have been hiding - from YOU!”
“No! You were wrong about the world. And you were wrong about ME!”


“You could stay. You could have your own castle, where you can wreck and stink as much as you want, and no one would ever treat you badly ever again.”
“Why are your hands so freakishly big?”
“You really are a bad guy.”
“What? Speak up, I can’t hear you. Your breath is so bad it made my ears numb!”
“What’s the big deal over that crummy medal, anyway?”
“Everyone here says I’m just a mistake…”
“I’m not listening to you! Get outta my way!”
“___, it’s not gonna work…”


“Don’t you dare!”
“Oh well, it was all my fault. I got engaged, but then (s)he freaked out because I’d only just met him/her, you know that day. (S)he said (s)he wouldn’t bless the marriage and…”
“Yes, pay attention, but the thing is (s)he wore the gloves all the time, so I just thought, maybe (s)he has a thing about dirt…”
“I understand if you don’t want to help me anymore.”
“It’s true love!”
“___, please! Please! I can’t live like this anymore!”
“What did I ever do to you?”
“No! Why? Why do you shut me out? Why do you shut the world out? What are you so afraid of?”
“All right, I’m just blocking you out because I gotta concentrate here.”
“Nobody wants to be alone. Except maybe you.”
“You kind of set off an eternal winter everywhere.”
“Please, I know you’re in there.”
“Just let me in.”
“What would you know about love? All you ever do is shut people out.”


“The party is over. Close the gates.”
“I said enough!”
“Please, you’ll only make it worse!”
“You’re not safe here!”
“You can’t marry a man/woman you just met.”
“I belong here… alone, where I can be who I am and not hurt anybody.”
“I never knew what I was cabible of.”
“The cold never bothered me anyway.”
“Yes I’m alone but I’m alone and free.”
“Just stay away and you’ll be safe from me.”
“There’s so much fear.”


“There are no red lights during car chases!”
“Stop whining. Woman up.”

Honey Lemon

“Let’s not jump to conclusions. We don’t KNOW (s)he’s trying to kill us.”
“Oh, my gosh! You must be ___! I’VE HEARD SO MUCH ABOUT YOU!”


“And… and after we’re done, you can hate me, and that’ll be fine, because I was a horrible friend, and I hurt you. And you… and you can walk away knowing you were right all along.”
“Wait, uh, wait - listen! I - I know you’ll never forgive me! And I don’t blame you. I wouldn’t forgive me either. I was ignorant, and… irresponsible… and small-minded. But ___ shouldn’t suffer because of my mistakes. I have to fix this.”
“I hope so. We are really fighting the clock and every minute counts.”
“Excuse me… Down here… Hi.”
“Ooh, ah, you probably didn’t know, but a ___ can call another ___ 'cute’, but when ___ do it, that’s a little…”
“I came here to make the world a better place, but I think I broke it.”
“it’s your word against yours. It’s called a hustle sweetheart. Boom.”
“What’re you going to do, kill me?”
“No! ___! Don’t do this! Fight it!”

Strange Love // Lip Gallagher (part one)

Strange Love // Lip Gallagher (part one)

*beep* text message from Lip :P:
Meet me at mine, no one’s home so I need some company x

You read the text message from Lip and rolled your eyes.

text message to Lip :P:
I live next door. You couldn’t have come to the door and asked me you lazy shit?

*beep* text message from Lip :P:
Soz bub you know how lazy I am. Now come over :(

text message to Lip :P:
fine. be there in 30 seconds.

You giggled as you sent that message. You grabbed your favourite jacket and walked outside to the usually loud and crowded house next door that your best friend lived in. You didn’t bother knocking on the door, you just walked straight in and went upstairs to Lip’s room.

“35 seconds Y/N. I’m not impressed.” Lip teased.

“I can leave ya know?” You raised your eyebrow in a joking manner.

“No don’t!” He yelled as he grabbed you by the waist and pulled you onto his bed. “I want cuddles from my best friend.” He pouted. You laughed at his clinginess before curling into a ball so Lip could wrap his large body around yours.

“Can I ask you something?” Lip asked.

“Sure.” You replied kind of nervous. He flipped you around so you were facing him.

“Will you go on a date with me?”

“What?” You choked. “U-um I can’t.”
“Y/N no. Please you ca-“

“Stop.” You ran your hands through your hair. “I’m sorry Lip. I can’t.”

“What are you talking about?” He said, tears threatening to spill.

“I have to go Phillip.” You said using his full name which took him by surprise. You never do that.

You ran out of his room and downstairs, then straight out the front door. You wanted to go back home but you knew that Lip would go looking for you so you ran to the park nearest to your house.

You got to the park and started thinking about anything and everything.

I constantly worry no one will love me and I don’t quite know why. All of my past boyfriends have either cheated or left after two or more months of being together. Is it something that I’m doing or have done? Am I too clingy? Too ugly? Who knows.

Lip’s my best friend. I can’t date my best friend. He’ll end up leaving too. I can’t lose my best friend even if he was to be my boyfriend. Although, Lip would make a good boyfriend. My friend Mandy used to have a thing with Lip, she always went on about how great he was and how he treated her like the only girl in the world. I’m sure she’d be fine with me dating him right? Wait what am I thinking about… I’m not dating Lip.

Lip’s P.O.V.

I sat on my bed with my head in my hands thinking about how much I fucked up.

Y/N’s my best friend, I can’t lose her. Maybe I came on too strong. I should’ve just eased into it like told her how I feel and then asked her, maybe that would’ve worked. It’s too late now. Maybe I waited too long. What if she had feelings for me before? I shouldn’t have wasted my time on Mandy.

No. Mandy was an amazing girlfriend. Y/N was the one leading me on! It’s her fault she was telling me she needed me and that she loved me… she could’ve just told me the truth ya know? I still love her though… whether it be as a friend or as a girlfriend… I need to talk to her.

-cliffhanger cause why not. part two should be up soon-ish idk lol-

-this was requested: Hi! Can you do a Lip Gallagher imagine kinda based off of Dive by Ed Sheeran? Like where the reader is best friends with Lip and has had a few boyfriends/flings in the past few years but they always end up leaving within a month or two. And then Lip tells reader that be has feelings for them but reader is hesitant about it because of all the other guys. No rush. :)-

Music Series: Stone Cold by Demi Lovato

(Sighing heavily…)

Without going into long detail of how this post transpired, and protecting the person who requested it, this post makes me a bit uncomfortable and I may trash it at some point. Someone told me a couple of days ago that they think about Harry in an admittedly unhealthy way (who in Harrydom hasn’t at some point), to the point that when she reads or sees stories that link him to women or love interests, she cries, feeling heartbroken. It made me realize there are probably a lot of people who feel this way about the celebrity they swoon over, and Harry being total swoon material, I get it.

She asked if I thought she was crazy. Drooling over an idol does not make you crazy! It makes you human. Fantasy can be healthy, to an extent. And Harry being so personable to people, making him relatable, it’s completely understandable that many would feel this way. He has the “Prince Charming effect” going for him in a big way. Do you think girls years ago didn’t dream about being with Paul McCartney or Elvis? Actually, my answer to her was something more like, “Honey, I write potentially unhealthy Harry fanfic in my feeble attempt to help myself and others feel a connection to Harry, because God knows he’ll never know I exist, nor be interested.” Are you feelin’ me right now?

I think what we should remember is, Harry can have girlfriends, and friends who are girls, and he’s allowed privacy, AND not everything you see on the internet is what it seems or even true. Whether he has a love interest or not, I don’t know. But if he does, we should be happy for him, even if it crushes dreams globally of being his one and only. And if he does, it doesn’t mean they are secretly shacked up with 2.4 kids and a dog named Spanky with a family unit condo in Malibu. He’s 23. Relationships come and go, so be happy for him if he has one.

All of that said, I hope this creation, featuring “Stone Cold” by Demi Lovato, will embody my idea of this situation. Thanks for reading! xo


Link to this song on my Spotify playlist called “Singing in the Shower”: HERE

p.s. Wrote this sporadically throughout the day while working so I hope it makes sense. Busy workday, sloshy brain.


Stone cold, Stone cold

You see me standing, but I’m dyin’ on the floor

Stone cold, Stone cold

Maybe if I don’t cry, I won’t feel anymore

Stone cold, Baby

God knows I try to feel happy for you

“Hi,” you said, as you saw Harry looking at something on the store shelf.

Harry turned around and looked at you surprised, then smiled sweetly.

“Hi,” he replied, looking at you for a moment before leaning to you with a kiss to your cheek. “Been awhile.”

“Yes, it has,” you replied, smiling back. Three months, to be precise. Three months since you and Harry had decided to break up. It was a mutual agreement, even if you had both cried.

‘It’s not because I don’t have feelings for you,’ Harry had said, sadly.

‘I know…just…not working,’  you had agreed.

‘Our lives are…’  he had started.

‘Going in different directions right now…I know…’ you had finished.

“How’ve you been?” he asked politely, looking around a bit.

“Fine. You? Work good?” you asked, trying to expand but forgetting how to think.

“Yeah,” he said, nodding. “Staying busy, you know?”

“Yeah, I caught your show when you were in LA. I knew I’d be there for work,” you admitted.

“Did you? I wish you’d stopped and said hello!” he said, seeming disappointed.

“I…didn’t…” you tried, but were interrupted.

“Harry?” the girl said to him as she took hold of his elbow. The same elbow you used to cling to when you and Harry would go for a walk, or as you drove in the car together.

“Um, yeah, you ready?” he asked her, seeing you respond to the interruption by looking at the floor. The girl nodded then walked toward the checkout counter.

Know that I am, Even if I can’t understand

I’ll take the pain, Give me the truth

Me and my heart, We’ll make it through

If happy is her, I’m happy for you

Harry looked at you for a long moment then hugged you, pulling away slowly. “Let’s talk again soon, alright? Catch up a bit while I’m here in London?”

All you could do was nod and paint on another smile, as your throat tightened and you felt the fluid building in your eyes, as he slowly backed away, still looking at you, then turned and walked to where the girl was waiting for him.

Your and Harry’s decision to break up was a difficult one. You’d been together for a long time. But the stress and distance involved in being in a relationship with Harry, not to mention you had a job, too, just became too difficult to make work. It was sad, really. You still had strong feelings for him, and had hoped maybe he felt the same. You were still in love with him, and it hurt to see him. Not only because he was with another girl, not even knowing what they were to each other really, but merely seeing him again and hearing his voice after three months of nothing, it just hurt.

Stone cold, Stone cold

You’re dancing with her, While I’m staring at my phone

Stone cold, Stone cold

I was your amber, but now, She’s your shade of gold

Stone cold, Baby

God knows I try to feel, Happy for you

You hadn’t really believed him when he said you would talk again soon. You thought he might have meant it at the time, but you knew how things were with him, and now that several days had passed, you had lost all hope in it happening. His life was a busy one. Too busy sometimes to fit everything in. It wasn’t the first time he had left you hoping.

As you laid in your bed, unable to sleep and scrolling through your social media on your phone, you saw the confirmation that you wouldn’t be getting together with him this trip after all. You played the “live” video replay hesitantly, one of him and the girl from the store, dancing with a group of people at some sort of party. The video was posted only 4 minutes earlier, and was captioned, “When Harry Styles and his date show up at your New York event unannounced!”

You exhaled heavily and attempted to choke back your tears, but it didn’t change how much you missed Harry. Missed being around him. Missed his friendship. Missed talking to him. Missed spending time with him. Missed the intimacy. You wondered sometimes if he missed you at all, even thought about you. Maybe it’s time to try to move on. You hadn’t wanted to move on. You wanted to wait and see if he couldn’t live without you and begged you back, but he hadn’t. Maybe it was just time to be happy for him now and…try.

Don’t wanna be stone cold

Stone, I wish I could mend this

But here’s my good-bye, Oh, I’m happy for you

Know that I am, Even if I can’t understand

If happy is her, If happy is her

I’m happy for you.

As you finished your day at work, you walked out the front door of the building and began your daily strides toward home. You saw the little coffee and tea shop that you and Harry used to frequent, and reminisced in your mind. You passed the floral shop, where Harry used to buy you flowers at least once a week. You remembered how happy he looked when you would wrap your arms around him every time, always acting surprised, and always appreciative that he thought of you.

“Stop it!” you shouted at yourself in your mind. Just stop doing this to yourself and move on already! Harry apparently had so you should, too! Why couldn’t you?

As you slowly approached your house, you slowed as you walked toward the steps. You hadn’t noticed Harry’s car parked nearby, but there he sat on your front steps, waiting for you. You stopped as you saw him smile at you, then slowly walked closer to him. He stood and walked to you, that same look in his eyes from the day in the little store.

“Do you mind some company this evening? I think we need to talk.”

anonymous asked:

Currently super irritated by encountering a bunch of Iris haters. She might not be my most favourite character on the show, and I don't think she's perfect-flawless-can-do-no-wrong-ever, and the bad writing occasionally happens to her like it does to every other character, but I do, in fact, like her. And those people with their... not critisism even, just outright nastiness towards her - set my teeth on edge. So can you maybe make me feel better by posting some Iris-related stuff, please?

Originally posted by candicanesunited

Sure can, nonnie.  And if you’ll permit me, I’d love to talk more about Iris and The Flash.

The hardest role to play on The Flash is the Leading Lady.

There are great expectations placed upon her.  She has to walk with a straight back and a firm jaw, but she cannot be perceived as too forward or too strong.  She has to stand equal to the hero but still fall respectably in his shadow, ready to take his place but never quite good enough to fill his shoes.  She must be great, but not so great she can stand alone.  She must never be seen as strong enough to stand alone.

She has to impress us – every single time.

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A lovely meeting

Fandom: Vikings

Pairing: Ivarxfem!reader

Warnings: dirty talk (lightly), language

Notes: Ivar isn’t my character. Also it is my first writing ever, so please be nice and forgive me for my English, my writing skills and other stuffs. Please enjoy it anyways <3

Y/N was biting her nails, again. She sighed and tried to calm herself down a little by gently petting her horse. She wasn’t afraid, nervous maybe but certainly not afraid to meet one of most feared Viking, and her soon-to-be-husband, Ivar the Boneless. For the sake of her country, Y/N would marry one of the Ragnarsons and she chose Ivar before even meeting him. Maybe she was just curious because of his legs, or because of his temper, but anyways she didn’t even hesitated a second after hearing rumors about him. She wanted him. Not a nice husband, not a powerful one, not one with great legs, but him. She was already aroused by him and, a little ashamed, she secretly hoped he felt the same way about her, because, well let’s be honest, she was more feared and respected than Lagertha. She was a powerful queen who ruled alone, raid since a very young age and killed without a second thought. So to her, it felt like they were meant to be together, to love each other before they even meet.

The pressure, the apprehension but most of all the eagerness began to grow inside of her stomach. She was going to meet him, to see and touch his face in real, not in her dreams. She was going to fight by his side forever. Going to meet the one that she desired, the one who would love her till the end…or hate her.


She did NOT think of that possibility. Not. A. Single. Fucking. Time. How couldn’t she?! He could find her useless, boring, too salty, too sassy… Panicked, she quickly looked around her in search of some way out, making her well-done hair goes everywhere.

How could she choose a man to marry without even asking him if he was okay with it? The men do it all the time for princesses, and she fought against it, but now she’s just like them!

Lost into her thoughts, she didn’t even notice that she was already in front of Kattegat, that her men were anxious because they saw their queen making weird faces like she was in pain, then like she wanted to murder everyone and now she just looks like a lost little girl. Moreover her horse was way more than scared because of all the panic she caused, which made it jump. And of course she fell down, rolled a little in the mud in front of all the people, getting scratched in the process, only to be stopped by a strong pair of arms. And, thanks to her oh-so-great luck, it was Ivar, looking at her with the most beautiful smile in the world. Or the most cynical one, Y/N couldn’t tell at the moment, too preoccupied by her now ruined dress. He chuckled while looking at her with…what was it? Compassion? Pity? Maybe it’s just-

“Well well well… Isn’t it my fiancée? Quite a lovely way to meet may I say.” Ivar leaned towards her and whispered in her hear “All those scratches on your face make you even more beautiful. I can’t wait to create some more lower on your body.” Y/N gasped at his boldness but quickly recovered and send him a naughty smirk. If he thought he was going to be the dominant one in this like said the rumors, oh boy he was wrong. “Ivar, it’s nice to meet you too. I’m glad you like it, and don’t worry love, you’ll get some too.” She mused with subtle wink, making him lifted an eyebrow by surprise and embarrassment. She noticed a light shade of pink appeared on his cheeks. After getting up with the help of a man named Floki, she met all the Ragnarsons and the others Vikings, and she now sat next to Ivar in the great hall. They talked a lot, flirted even, they made each other laughed which scared a bit the guests. Way more at ease than before, she felt all her doubts disappear, until Sigurd ask her THE question, the one she couldn’t answer: “So, Y/N, why Ivar? Why the angry crippled? Wanting to taste something new like a life without proper sex?” Everyone laughed and cheered the snake but all stopped right away when Y/N threw her cup against the wall barely touching Sigurd’s head and hit her fist on the table. She clenched her jaw, her breathing was uneven and her eyes wild as she slowly stoop up. To Ivar, she couldn’t be more beautiful and impressive, kind of intimidating, than right now. And yet she was when she said in a calmed, serious and threatening voice: “No one, and mark my words because I mean them, no one will ever disrespect Ivar, our relationship, our future wedding or me again. Or they will have to deal with me and I’m sure as hell not known to be kind nor merciful. You might as well want to take back your question before I shove my fist down your throat and put your teeth up your poor stupid ass.” Sigurd gave her a nasty glare but nodded before storming off the hall. All eyes were on Y/N as she sat down, a nice smile and a sweet look on her face. Suddenly Ivar asked the guests to go home, with an angry look on his face that puzzled Y/N a little. All left the great hall at that, and an oppressive silent fell upon the room. She then remembered that Ivar was scared by all, but now she was the one who was feared. Confused, she whispered “Ivar I’m sorry, I’m-I just-“

“Thank you”

“I’m- wait what?”

“I said thank you.” Y/N was taken aback by that, because Vikings do not thank anyone or need help from anyone, let alone their wives. “You aren’t mad?” Ivar chuckled and placed his hands on both sides of her face. They stared deeply at each other, lost in the eyes of the other. Ivar broke the now peaceful silent: “I’m not mad. I’m impressed, I’m just… I can’t even tell how I feel because it’s new and powerful and amazing. Finally someone stands for me, someone choose me. Not because they have to, like my parents, or because they’re frightened by me, but because they want to. So thank you, pretty girl. For everything, even if we just met. I promise you I will cherish you and take good care of you”. Y/N was tearing up at his confession, which he noticed and suddenly his cocky smile was back when he added: “especially in bed, sweetheart”. She giggled and crawled on his laps to straddle him. “Actually, I’m sure the gods won’t mind if we start the wedding night before the ceremony, right love? Plus you must know that I don’t find your legs repulsive so, if you want, I can prove that point to you right now” she said in a seductive way while trailing her fingers over his trousers “Therefore you can show me how much you want to thank me and, well, it might help us to get closer, to know each other…in every way”, Y/N said smugly grinning at him. The admiration in their eyes was replaced by lust, the excitement in their stomachs became an almost primitive desire. “Alright then…Well, umm… it’s really hot in there, we should take our clothes off ‘cause I would hate to see you faint before we start to “get closer”, woman”. Ivar managed to say, a bit destabilized by her dominant role, and went to touch her breast to regain some sort of power but Y/N swiftly grabbed his hand “Uh uh, you have to voice your mind first before I take off your pants, little prince. Do you want to play with me, Ivar? Do you want your queen before the wedding? Even if we just met, little prince, can I see you?” Her mouth was nibbling at his lips while her hand was around his neck, but just circling it. Speechless for the first time, Ivar just said yes and nodded. And with that, the clothes were on the floor and a few giggles and laughs escaped the room that night…but a lot of moans, groans and screams of pleasure were released for all Kattegat to hear. Oh this wedding was going to be fun, because who will be the dominant one?

The King, the Queen and the Baby Princess.


Lyanna came screaming into the world in their fifth year of marriage. Daenerys remembered Lyanna was a difficult baby when she was carrying her. The Queen was having all sorts of cravings when she was with child. For strawberries dipped in cream, honeyed pudding, spiced pork sausages lightly seared by the fire and boiled quails eggs in herbs and butter.

She grew tired very easily and her moods were quite erratic even. Her boys were much calmer babies when they were inside her. Daenerys was easily annoyed by the little things and she found herself clinging to Jon more. Her dearest husband was so patient with her, kissing her to calm her down and letting her rest in his arms all day if necessary.

“I think the child will be difficult…” Daenerys complained as she arched her back, sitting in the bed. Her back ached and she was feeling so hot lately that it was better to sleep naked.

“Whatever it is she will be loved.” Jon said and held her bare round belly, caressing it gently.

“How can you be so sure that it’s a girl?” Daenerys asked him, brows arched curiously.

“Bran wrote me a note from Winterfell.” Jon told her and Daenerys rolled her eyes. What a way to ruin the surprise. She was annoyed by it and Jon saw it on her face.

“I shouldn’t have said anything…” He said softly and shook his head.

“No it’s alright.” Daenerys snapped and Jon grew quiet.

“Don’t you find it vexing that he knows things about us Jon? Everything? He probably even knows when or how we die.” She ranted.

“Come here…” Jon said gently and pulled her in his arms. Daenerys’ heart melted almost immediately in his touch. She calmed down a bit. Her mood not as sour.

“If we die, we die but first we live…"He said and kissed her temple firmly.

“If anything happens to me when I’m in labour. Promise me you’ll take care of our children Jon.” She said to him.

“Nothing’s going to happen to you.” Jon told her, his dark eyes looking straight at hers.

“And if anything does. I’ll get the red witch to bring you back.” He said solemnly.

“You would do that?” Daenerys stared at him in surprise. Jon had made her promise not to bring him back should he fall in battle years ago.

“I don’t think I’m strong enough to go on without you my Love…”

Daenerys laughed softly when she heard it. Jon was being silly of course. He would do just fine. He had been fine all along before he even met her. She stared out of the window as Jon held her in his arms, seeing the waters of Blackwater rush. She was fine too before she met him. But now that they are together, Daenerys couldn’t imagine not having Jon by her side. The loss would be too great. Maybe that was what Lord Tyrion was trying to warn her before. Love can be dangerous. It makes you do things you’d never do, take risks you would never take and feel loss you would never dare imagine.

Oliver’s Journal (post 523)

Even in the solitude, life finds a way in. I had to cut my stay in Alaska short because of that life. I sold my house and I needed to come back to civilization and tend to it. The last month has been…well, it’s been peaceful. The strength of beauty surrounding me in the wilderness was indeed inspiring. Being alone with myself and searching the darkness for answers, I realized that I had another inspiration…the same inspiration that makes me sit down at this computer with the anemic loss of so many words bleeding from my fingertips as they dance over the keys.

I love Arrow.  And sometimes I miss it. And I’ve come to understand that what comforts me is sometimes losing myself in it. I just have to remember to come back to my own life from time to time. It’s okay to reach out. But it’s also okay to reach in. This is the theme to the story I started on up north.





I thought I was done with this journal, but I find it comforts me to hear my voice speaking like a light in the dark. The freedom that Felicity steered me towards, and embracing that freedom—has brought me to a place I could only imagine in dreams. I guess I feel less alone now. I’ve always had good people around me, fighting and protecting and making a difference—they are my family and I am damn proud of them.

But finding my way back to Felicity and the rest of my life, I am reminded of that horrible night when Laurel died and she hoped that I would find my way back to love. She was right and it was the direction I never stopped moving in. The strength of my love I have for Felicity, this incredible, powerful, tender, exciting woman, is consuming. But it does not consume me. I am such a better person when I’m with her, but I’m coming to understand that I make myself a better person inside my own skin. I set the tone for how my life vibrates, how fast or slow the inner tides flow within. I know every current and how strong each one is. The capacity to go this deep and not drown is something I will always be grateful to Felicity for. She was a rising tide that helped me leave my island and truly come home.

So, what’s ahead? Well, that’s simple. I am going to marry this woman in my life. I am going to put all that I’ve learned into practice and fuse my life with hers. She and I will never be alone again. She is like a mirror, and every day when I look into it, I see both of us staring back, giving ourselves approval to share the same reflection. She fills all the empty spaces created in my life. (Wow, I just had a sudden understanding of Curtis’s infatuation of Nicolas Sparks with that last line.) But I cannot hold back the truth Felicity brings to my life—I feel alive when I’m breathing her in. She is the only one that can both love and hate me as I sometimes swirl out of control. Well, maybe hate is too strong a word, but it was the only one I could think of to show how counter balanced our life together is. Approval and disapproval is not something that can tear up apart again. We have learned to admit to our shortcomings and take the burden of being perfect off of each other. I remember telling Felicity that I was glad she went through the experiences in her life and how they shaped her into the person she is today. I think she still agrees with my assessment.

She did say yes again. Everything in my life that helps make me who I am: being Mayor, which I see as the right way to honor my father; being Green Arrow and finding that precious balance in life; and now being a husband—all of it would have only been an unrealized dream without Felicity’s presence. She inspires me and brings out the best version of myself. It makes me want her to be proud of me, of us.  There is nothing out there that will ever again pull us apart. Inclusion has become like an infusion—it sustains us like nourishment. And we will always feed off each other.

She will always give me that hunger, that knowledge whenever I feel like I’m getting close to the monster. I can’t deny (and have stopped trying) that the darkness I traveled through is still a part of me. It will always be there. But I also understand, as does Felicity, that it is a huge strength helping me to be stronger when I put on my Green Arrow persona. It almost feels like a security blanket—it grounds me and gives me a place to focus my passion and make smart decisions. But, I don’t have to bring my work home with me. When the bad guys are beaten and justice is served, I can shed the darkness as simple as taking off the costume and hanging it in its bio metric closet.

I am going to love being a part of Felicity’s life. And I’m going to love being a part of mine.

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After All This Time

For @jonxsansafanfiction​‘s Valentines Challenge!
Day 4: Blind Date
Summary: Modern AU: According to her flatmate, Sansa has been single for far too long so she sets her up on a blind date. Only when she gets there, the stranger she’s supposed to meet isn’t so much a stranger at all. 

Five Years Ago

“I thought I’d find you out here.”

Sansa stepped onto the balcony, a cool breeze ruffling her dress, as she closed the sliding door. The noise from inside was now thankfully muffled by the double-paned glass. She walked across the small balcony to lean into the railing.

Jon smiled at her. “You caught me.”

“You know, it’s usually typical of the person the going away party is being thrown for to be inside with the partygoers,” Sansa commented. She rested her forearms on the cool metal and inclined her head towards the boy beside her.

“I’m not really a party person.”

Sansa chuckled. “You don’t say.”

“I just wanted a quiet evening,” Jon admitted, sighing. “Guess that’s too much to ask for, isn’t it?”

“You’re talking about Robb here,” Sansa pointed out. “There’s no such thing as a quiet evening in his world. You’re just lucky he didn’t invite the entire department.”

Jon rubbed his eyes and laughed behind his hands. “Yeah, you’re right.”

“I know I’m right,” Sansa smirked, and nudged his shoulder with her own. “How are you feeling?”

“Honestly?” Jon looked to her with a self-deprecating smile. “Terrified. I’ve never even been outside of the UK and now I’m going all the way to Brazil. What was I thinking?”

“You were thinking of adventure and… and doing something incredible!” Sansa enthused, knowing she didn’t have the courage for quite a big move herself. She wished but Jon had always been the brave one. “That’s admirable, Jon.”

“You think?”

Sansa placed her hand on top of his and squeezed tightly. “Of course I do. I believe in you. We all do.”

Jon held her gaze, turning her hand so their fingers intertwined. She wasn’t sure what he was doing but somehow she couldn’t look away. In fact, she could hardly breathe with Jon’s deep grey eyes staring at her like that. Her heart pounded in her throat. Sansa didn’t know if she wanted to throw up or throw her hands around his neck. But that was absurd, wasn’t it? This was Jon. Broody, serious Jon; her brother’s best friend.

“Sansa, I…” He paused and swallowed nervously. “I have to tell you something before I go. I…”

The sliding door clanged to the side as Robb poked his head through. “There you are! We’re about to bring out your cake. C’mon!”

“We’ll be right out,” Sansa told him, and once her brother was back indoors, she turned to Jon. Except he was gone from her. His hands were back by his side and he smiled, a distant look in his eyes. “Jon? What were you going to say?”

“Thank you,” he said with a soft sigh. “Thank you for staying up with me all those nights to study for my exams. Couldn’t have gotten this fellowship without you, Sans.”

Jon kissed her on the cheek and retreated into the party.


Ma pupuce, you must go!”

Sansa crossed her arms across her chest and shook her head. Now that she was set to meet the man in less than an hour, she didn’t think she had the nerve. It wasn’t like her to go on a blind date anyways, so surely now was not the type to be straying outside her comfort zone.

“Sansa,” her flatmate said in that aggravatingly sultry French accent. “When was the last time you had a date?”

“Not since…”

“Oui, not since Joffrey!” Constance cried out. “You deserve a good man.”

“And how do you know this man will be a good man?” Sansa cried out with equal amounts of dramatic flourish. “He might just be as much of a jerk!”

“No one, darling, is as much of a jerk as Joffrey,” Constance said. “Now, go. I did not waste a whole week with Marcos for nothing.”

Sansa didn’t move. She just sighed. “I can’t believe I’m doing this. You don’t even know what he’s like, Constance!”

Her flatmate waved a hand in the air as if Sansa had just said the most trivial thing in the world. “Nonsense. I told you, I sat with Marcos and went through all of his friends. It was a very… um, qu’est-ce que c’est… rigorous process.”

At least, Sansa could concede, that it wasn’t one of Constance’s male friends, who were all a little too colourful for Sansa’s tastes. Maybe if she had been nineteen again she’d be into that but at twenty-five, she was looking for more. The problem was Sansa just didn’t know what more meant. She supposed that was where Constance’s coworker Marcos came in. He was normal. Sansa could do with normal after her ex, Joffrey.


Finally ushered out of the door, Sansa walked the short distance to the restaurant where she would be meeting this mystery man. She hadn’t wanted to go further than walking distance from her flat just in case her blind date turned out to be completely crazy.

The restaurant was a small, quaint little bistro on the corner of the high street. It had little adorable white wrought iron chairs and tables outside. A sign in glittering gold spelled out, ‘Chez L’Ami Pierre’. Inside, the decor was a deep burgundy colour mixed with accents of gold and black. It was truly one of Sansa’s favourite restaurants in Paris but as the prices were not necessarily kind to a teacher’s salary, she could only afford it on the very special occasions. A blind date was one of them, though truthfully, she just wanted to be somewhere she knew.

Once seated, Sansa began to wring the hem of her dress with increasing agitation. The nervous energy that had nearly rooted her to her flat was now coursing through her veins, pulsing to its own drumbeat.

What was she doing here? She must be insane. Totally, utterly insa–


Her heart leapt to her throat. She opened her mouth to speak but no sound came out. Sansa tried again and managed a weak, “what…

“I… You…” He seemed to be at a similar loss for words. Sansa watched as he struggled to regain his senses, taking note of his familiar curly, unruly black hair, those deep grey eyes and those sinfully full lips. But he was different, changed. He was no longer the boy she had known all those years ago. He was…

“I haven’t seen you since –”

“Your going away party,” Sansa filled in.

“Has it really been five years?” Jon breathed out with wide-eyed surprise. Sansa nodded quietly, and in turn, he sighed, a sound so regretful she felt it in her chest. “I’m sorry… I’ll leave you to your dinner.”

“Jon, wait,” Sansa said, noticing something in his hand. “That’s… Why do you have a yellow rose?”

Jon paused and abruptly started laughing. “God, this is…”


“Yeah, something like that,” Jon nodded. He settled in the seat across from her and chuckled again. “Five years and now this.”

Sansa smiled faintly. Her heart was still beating wildly in her chest. She could hardly believe that it was Jon sitting in front of her right now but as that began to settle around her, something else niggled at the back of her mind, a feeling she had pushed away for so many years.

“Why didn’t you call?” Sansa asked. “Or email? Or even text? I know we weren’t exactly good friends or anything but…” She trailed off again. It seemed to be a recurring habit around Jon. He made her lose her train of thought.

Jon sighed and rubbed at his eyes. “Fuck,” he murmured to himself. When he looked back up at her from behind his hands, those deep grey eyes bore into hers, imploring her to understand, but she didn’t. She didn’t understand anything.

“At first,” Jon started, sighing. “Well, at first, I couldn’t. Trust me that I wanted to but I couldn’t. It was hard enough to be away from you and I knew if we started talking, I’d just want to fly straight home.” He chuckled softly. “Didn’t help though, you know? Still wanted to fly straight home.”

“What are you talking about?”

He moved his hands as if to grab for her but stopped himself midway. Jon then dropped them back on his lap. “I was in love with you, Sans,” he said quietly. “But the fellowship was two years long and I needed time to move on. Then when I did go home, you were away and we just kept missing each other that way.” He shook his head sadly. “After awhile, I made peace that whatever I felt was never meant to last.”

Sansa inhaled deeply, trying to pull in oxygen to quell the pain running through her veins. It didn’t work. The pain was still there. All of those years of feeling betrayed, feeling like she had been dumped and not understanding why she had a right to those feelings when Jon and her weren’t anything to each other, suddenly made sense.

“You didn’t even bother to ask me though, did you?” Sansa scowled. “How I felt? You just assumed you were doing the right thing. God, Jon, you’re so…” She struggled for a word strong enough. “So thickheaded!”

Jon blinked, startled by her accusation.

“Did you think that maybe I loved you too?” Sansa asked him. “And you disappearing out of my life for five years would’ve killed me?”

“I didn’t –”

“No, of course you didn’t know! Because you never asked!” Sansa all but spat out “Well, that’s fine. See you in five years, Jon.”

She stood up suddenly, scraping the chair across the ground in a piercing squeal. Several of the other patrons turned and stared at her but Sansa was past caring at this point. All she wanted was to crawl into bed and not emerge for the next month. Maybe have Constance spoon feed her ice cream as they watched some cheesy, stupid chick flick.

Sansa raced from the restaurant as fast as was appropriate. She began her walk back down the high street towards the flat. She didn’t think he’d follow. She hadn’t expected him to – after all, he hadn’t reached out so much as one tweet in the past five years – so when a hand wrapped around hers and tugged her back, Sansa nearly screamed.

“Sansa,” Jon said, exhaling loudly from running after her. “Shit, Sansa, I’m sorry. I fucked up. I royally, wholly, irrevocably screwed this up. And I am more sorry than I can tell you.”

The street light bathed Jon in an amber glow, highlighting the changes in his face that she hadn’t been around to see over the past five years. She sighed. “It’s five years too late.”

“I know. I understand that,” Jon said softly. “And I have no right to ask anything of you. I just needed to tell you before I lost the chance again… Sansa, I never once stopped loving you. Not in five years and probably not in the next five years.” He smiled then. “I tried to move on once and it failed miserably. I don’t think I have the energy to try again.”

“Was this what you wanted to tell me that night? Out on the balcony?”

“Yes,” Jon admitted. “But I chickened out.”

“Huh,” Sansa murmured. She wondered if he had told her then, would things have been different? Would they have been together all this time? Or would she have still pretended to move on and date Joffrey for a year?

As epiphanies went, this one slid into her consciousness like a well-worn jumper. It was warm and comforting, and her anger melted away at its first touch. Sansa knew with such resounding clarity that even if Jon had confessed that night, nothing would have changed. She would never have been happy with a long-distance relationship and she would never have asked him to come home for her when she knew this was what he had wanted since he was a young boy. Likewise, Jon would never have stopped her from traveling the world to teach English.

“We’re both idiots,” Sansa finally said, smiling at him. When he only stared back at her, confusion evident in his grey eyes, she laughed. “Because I still love you too.”

Throwing her arms around him, Sansa kissed Jon for the first time, thrilled with the knowledge that this wouldn’t be the last time. She kissed him knowing that there were a million more kisses to come and each one would have a different meaning, a different part of their love that they hadn’t discovered yet. And god, she kissed him because she could and because she had wanted to for nearly a decade.

But the best part of it all was that Jon kissed her like no one could ever love her as much as he did, and in that moment, and many moments to come, Sansa believed that.

(( I’m having a hard time deciding who to back in the Fire Emblem Heroes mage voting gauntlet, so I drew a bunch of daily pokemon blogs as the contenders! (For those unfamiliar with FEH, the voting gauntlet’s basically a popularity contest. Eight characters are pitted against each other in one-on-one matches, which makes a total of three rounds. You join your favorite character’s army and fight people of the other character’s army to earn points. When the round is over, the character with the most points wins and advances to the next round, while the losing character is eliminated. If your character loses, you can still participate in the gauntlet; you just have to pick another character to support.) I picked them more or less arbitrarily with little regard to gender or personality, but all of you are my senpai who I look up to. You guys are really awesome!! :-)

Featured ‘mons: Thundrus from @occasionalforcesofnature as Robin, Blush from @dailyshinycutiefly as Sanaki (I’m sorry I just really love drawing her), Acute as Linde, Klutz from @occasionallysalazzle as Tharja, Excalibur from @dailyserperior as Merric, Maybe from @maybe-eevee as Henry (another one I like to draw a little too much sorry sorry sorry), Aingeal from @togekiss-daily as Julia (because Julia’s strong against dragons and so are Fairy-types), and Morrigan from @askvulpinecurses as Leo! ))

Lonesome. Its a funny thing.
Being alone in a crowd.
What do they call it?
The lonely heart, the bitter one?
The clingy, needy young girl.
The bossy, trouble maker
Easy to love at first, but hard to love forever.
Has friends, but they don’t really care
Is shushed, told to be silent, but can’t help being naturally loud.
Dramatic at most, solemn at best.
Cares about everyone and everything,
Sometimes too much though.
Hates being told what to do and when things don’t go her way.
Is called perfect sometimes, but is far from it
If you look close into her eyes, you can see her yearning to be found, to be loved unconditionally.
Doesn’t want any strings attached, but she comes with strings.
A desire to fit in, so much she is willing to destroy herself in the process.
Maybe she will be lost forever, maybe thats who she’s meant to be.
The feeling of being unwanted always scratches in the back of her throat.
Acts strong but underneath that tough skin she is weak.
Looks up to people and yearns for their friendship and acceptance.
A little girl at heart.
A failure at best.
She is lonesome and lonesome is her…
—  Alexis Pendleton
Can’t Stay Away

Hey guys! I’m sorry for taking so long with stories but I feel like I’m finally getting a rhythm with school so I’m hoping I can write out more stories than I have been doing. Also with news of Brettonio is giving me inspiration to write. As promised, this is a make up story and hopefully I can write out Julie getting kidnapped next weekend. Keep an eye out on my posts though because I may need some suggestions for that story. But as always, enjoy! If it’s rusty that’s because I am lol.

P.S. This is based before the finale, I suppose. So anything that happened recently doesn’t exist in this story. :)


Ever since Antonio and Sylvie broke up, he focused more on work and his kids. It was the reason why he broke up with her in the first place.

The kids were with their friends tonight so he decided to work on this case that were driving them crazy. While everyone went home for the night to rest so they could clear their mind to work on more tomorrow, Antonio stayed to see if he could find out some more information.

As it hit 9:PM Antonio knew he had to go home. He stood up with the files in his hands, wanting to stop by the district to hand some files over for Voight tomorrow. They were all working on this case together and he promised his former boss that he would keep him updated with any new developing.

He walked out of the building and he inhaled a deep breath. He walked over to his truck and he got inside.

20 minutes later, he parked outside of the district and then he turned off his truck. He stepped out and walked over to the building. As he headed inside, he nodded his head at the police officers that he knew.

He walked up to the desk, expecting to see Sergeant Platt at the desk but it was someone else. He took a deep breath as he tried to get the guy’s attention. “Uh, hi. I have these files that I need Sergeant Voight to look over. When he comes in tomorrow morning, can you give this to him?” He asked softly.

“You can give it to him now.” The guy said.

“What?” He asked confused.

“Sergeant Voight is in his office upstairs.” Before Antonio could respond, the guy picked up the phone and a second later he heard him talking to someone, he assumed was Voight.

As he hung up, he looked at Antonio. “You can head up if you want.”

Antonio nodded his head as he turned and started heading upstairs. He buzzed himself in and then he walked through the gate. He walked towards his office and he knocked on the door.

“Come in.” Voight said and he opened the door.

“I didn’t think—-I thought you would be home.” Antonio explained. “But anyway here is the files for the case we’re working on.”

Voight nodded his head as he took the files from him. But instead of opening them like he normally would have, he tossed it down on his desk. “I’ll check it out tomorrow.” He promised.

Antonio nodded his head as he studied his former boss. He walked over and he closed the door and then he sat down on the chair across from him.

“Serg? What’s going on?” He asked.

“Nothing. I’m just trying to figure out this case.” He said and Antonio’s eyes went to the unopened files on his desk. “Olive doesn’t want to bring Daniel to visit me.” He admitted.

“Then  go visit her.” He suggested. “Daniel would loved to see you.”

“Maybe.” He nodded his head. “But I just thought after a few months she’ll come back.”

“She lost her husband, coming back would probably cause her too much pain.” He pointed out.

“I know. And I get it. But I lost my wife and now son, I don’t want to lose my grandson when he’s alive and I can see him.”

Antonio knew Voight was staying strong while he was in front of everyone, but since everyone was gone, this was his time to grieve for his son.

“I’m sure if you ask Olive if you can visit him, she’ll let you. She doesn’t want to keep you from him, she just can’t come back here.”

“You know, the last memory I have of Justin isn’t when he was shot, or when I turned off the machines. It was when we were celebrating Daniel’s first birthday—” He paused to stop himself from breaking down. “We were all so happy.”

“It’s a good memory.” Antonio mused. He knew Voight would never get over the death of Justin, of course not, but he never thought that he was hiding this pain from others at the same time. “Why don’t I drive you home?”

Voight shook his head. “Nah. I think I’d stay here.” Truth was, he hated going home, he only went there when he was tired and knew he would fall asleep as soon as he laid on his pillow.

Antonio stood up and he nodded his head. He wasn’t sure what he could say to make him feel better. Antonio couldn’t imagine how he would feel if he lost any of his kids. Diego and Eva meant more to him than anyone else in the world and losing any of them would sure as hell drive Antonio insane. Not only would he kill the person responsible but he wouldn’t know how to survive.

“I’m only a phone call away if you need anything.” There was once a time in his life that he hated Voight and he thought working for him would be a nightmare. But now, his loyalty was with him. It was because of him that he got promoted.

“Thanks, Antonio.” Voight nodded his head and Antonio walked out of his office, shutting the door behind him.

As Antonio walked through the gate and downstairs, he pulled out of his phone, seeing if he had any missed calls or messages. Knowing why he was checking, he sighed.

He walked out of the police district and looked out at the dark sky. “Ah, screw this.” He muttered as he walked over to his truck and got inside.

As soon as he started the truck, he drove away. A few minutes later, he parked outside of the apartment building and he took a deep breath. Before he went inside, he texted the kids to make sure they were okay.

As he got out of the truck, he headed over to the apartment building and walked inside. A few minutes later, he stood outside the door and he knocked gently.

A few seconds later, the door opened and Sylvie looks at him surprised. “Antonio?” She asked.

Antonio stared at her for a few seconds, trying to gather up strength to say what he came here for. “I—-.” He shook his head, hating how his voice made him sound nervous. Although he was nervous, he didn’t want her to know that.

He cleared his throat to start again. “I can’t do this anymore.”

Sylvie stood there, not knowing what to say. She wasn’t sure what he meant by that or even if that meant they would end up back together. She hated that she had to thread lightly with Antonio; the one person she thought she wouldn’t have to. “Um, come in. I’m alone.” Otis and Cruz were out tonight and she wasn’t in the mood to deal with people tonight.

But dealing with Antonio would be different. As long as he wasn’t here to tell her that he couldn’t put her first again, then she would kick him out.

Antonio walked into the apartment and he looked at the mess of things on the chair. “Never thought you would allow this in your apartment.” He said softly, trying to break the ice.

She shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t live alone.” She said simply. “Besides, I tried to moved it and almost got myself in hot water with Cruz.” She admitted, knowing it was more deeper than just his things on the chair, but the fact that he couldn’t deal with change at the moment.

When Antonio first found out that Sylvie was living with guys, one who was her ex-boyfriend and one who used to have a crush on her, and he only knew Otis had a crush on her because of Gabby, he was jealous. But then he realized that he didn’t have a right to be jealous.

He nodded his head, knowing that in a few minutes their conversation was going to go from light to intense. And it was his fault. But he also wanted to be happy again.

“Do you want a drink?” She asked.

He nodded his head, thinking that may ease him a little bit. One thing Antonio hated talking about was his feelings and that was where this was heading.

She opened the fridge and grabbed two beers from the fridge. She closed it and then handed it to him. “Good thing about having guy roommates, they keep the fridge stocked with beer.” She smiled slightly, causing Antonio’s heart to flutter.

He looked away from her as he opened the beer bottle and he took a swig. As he placed his beer on the counter, he inhaled a deep breath.

Here goes nothing, he thought.

“I messed up, Sylvie. I thought I was protecting you but maybe I was protecting myself more.” He confessed. “After my divorce with Laura, I thought this part of my life was over. I didn’t want another relationship. And then I started to have feelings for you. Even then, I still didn’t want a relationship. Between Laura and my job, I guess I knew this was gonna happen.” He paused, trying to think of what to word what he was about to say next. Sylvie stood there, taking in his words but staying silent. “ But then I thought when we were together, this could work. That Laura wouldn’t mess up what we were trying to built.” He shook his head. “I think that’s where I messed up. I should have known that you spending time alone with Diego would have angered Laura.” Seeing Sylvie about to say something, he held his finger up to make her silent. “Laura was wrong for attacking you over Diego. I was always happy that you found something to bond over Diego with. But I was also wrong putting you in that position. I should have called Laura before that and see if she could pick him up.” Regardless of how he felt about Laura, she was still the mother of his children. He sighed as he walked over to her. “Like I said she was wrong and she knows it but I was more wrong on putting you in that position.”

Sylvie shook her head. “I was also wrong for yelling at you when you apologized.”

He nodded his head. “I think I was just happy that I finally found a woman that not only accepted that I was a father but wanted to get to know my children.”

“You know.” Sylvie said biting the inside of her cheek, nervously. “I think I was more upset at the fact that she accused me of using Diego to get closer to you.”

He shook his head. “I think Laura was just upset that you wanted to spend time with the kids and her rich boyfriend doesn’t.” He shrugged his shoulders.

“I think I was more defensive at that because I don’t want you to think I’m using the kids to get closer to you.” She admitted softly.

“Well, I know you aren’t using the kids because trust me, no woman would ever learn how to play chess to bond over with. I want you guys to have a friendship especially because all of this is a delicate situation.” She nodded her head, wondering what all of this meant, what it meant that he came to her apartment.

He must have read her mind because his next words were, “anyway, I want to forget about Laura. My relationship with Laura has nothing to do with us. I guess that’s the reason why I’m here.” He looked around her apartment for a few seconds and then he looked back at her. “To be honest, I’m not even sure what led me to your apartment.”

“Hey. How did you know where I lived? She asked. Ever since their breakup they hadn’t talked so she didn’t tell her. "Gabby. She told me when you first moved in.” “Should have known.” She didn’t think Gabby would have told him but he was her brother after all.

“Like I said, I’m not sure what led me here…but uh, I miss you. Ever since we broke up, I kept myself busy with work and the kids to prevent myself from missing you.” He admitted. “But then I went to the district to drop off a file to Voight and I saw him so distraught with missing Justin and then it hit me. He can’t do anything with missing Justin. He will always miss him and then I thought about you. I don’t have to miss you. I’m choosing to feel this way, I’m choosing to stay away from you.”

Sylvie was surprised at his confession. She knew it was wrong to feel like she was the only one missing their relationship but she thought she was. “I miss you too. I think that’s why I moved in here with Cruz and Otis, besides my landlord being an asshole, I needed to be close with my friends and they helped.”

“It is a nice place.” He complimented. “Although, truth be told, if it wasn’t Cruz and Otis you were living with, I think I would be slightly jealous.” He admitted.

Sylvie laughed and she tilted her head to the side. “So, you’re saying that you aren’t jealous at all?” She questioned.

“Oh, I am.” He confessed. “But I also know that after what happened with Cruz, you’d never date anyone you work with again and definitely not when you’re living together. Too much of a mess for you.” He said, closing the distance between them.

“You would think if I like my life being simple I wouldn’t have dated my partner and friend’s brother.”

He shrugged his shoulders. “Well, our relationship happened unexceptionally. I never thought I would ever date Gabby’s friends, much less—-” He shook his head, almost letting the words slipped. As much as he loved the lightness the conversation got, he knew once he let those words slipped, it was going to get serious.

Sylvie noticed that he stopped in mid-sentence. “What?” She asked, curious to know what he was about to say.

“I think we sort of got off topic there. We can revisit this conversation at a later time, but I think we have other important matters to discuss.”

She nodded her head, agreeing. “You’re right.” She said as she backed up away from him. She hadn’t been this close to Antonio since they broke up, and now she realized just how much she missed him. But before she could say that, she knew they needed to discuss their relationship, or well lack of. “I know the Laura situation isn’t going to get any better—-”

“It isn’t.” He nodded his head. “But like I said, my relationship with Laura—my issues with her— has nothing to do with us. She knew she could break us up because even as happy as we were at the time, the relationship was still new and fresh and because of that, we probably would have ended it without fighting for us.”

“To be fair though, what could I have said when you felt like our relationship was a burden on you and your busy life?” That may not been the best way to word it, but truthfully, she was still hurt.

“I never said that, Sylvie. I just said you deserve better than what I can give you. I still feel like that.”

“Then why are you here?” She asked as she started straightening up the mess in the living room, even though the room was already spotless. But she needed to do something to keep her mind from going insane; from thinking about that awful night.

“I’m here because as I watched Voight in pain from losing his son, I realized he wasn’t only hiding his feelings from everyone, but so was I. And not only was I hiding it from the world, but I was hiding it from myself. I thought if I kept myself busy enough, soon I would get over you.”

Sylvie walked over to the counter and started wiping it down. “And did it?” She questioned.

“No.” He admitted, causing Sylvie to stop what she was doing and look at him. “I think the reason is because I never expected to develop feelings for you. Even before we got together, I tried to push you away because I knew how complicated my life is. Even then I couldn’t stay away from you.”

“But I mean, I was the one who came to Molly’s and made you listen.” She reminded him. “I think if I left you alone, we wouldn’t have even started a relationship.”

Antonio laughed. “And you think I was at Molly’s just for a drink?” Antonio may love Molly’s and love hanging out there, but that night he had a different agenda on his mind and it was the blonde standing right in front of him. “I knew you were off and I knew you would eventually show up. You just happen to come to me before I got the chance to talk to you.”

“You mean—you were there for me?” She asked.

He nodded his head. “It’s like as much as I try to stay away, as much as I try to reason that you are too precious and too pure for my life, I can’t stay away. And maybe a part of the reason why I can’t stay away is because I don’t want to.”

At this point, Sylvie gave up trying to distract herself by cleaning up. “What does this mean then?”

“I think—” Antonio walked over to her and grabbed her hands. “I think I’m tired of being unhappy. I was so happy being with you. Even when I was making the transition from being a detective to a states investigator I wasn’t nearly as stressed out as I should have been because you were there.”

“And then Laura had to ruin it.”

“But maybe this time we won’t let her ruin it. Laura will always be a problem, I won’t lie about that, but she’s only the mother of my children now. She’s my past, but you—-you’re my future.”

“I’m scared, Antonio. What if we try again and then something happens and you want to break it off again?”

“Hey, there is nothing that is going to happen to make me want to do that again. I learned my lesson and even though I feel like you deserve better than what I can give you, I know I want to be with you.”

Sylvie smiled and she nodded her head. “I want to be with you too.”

Antonio smiled and he leaned forward, kissing her softly. Not kissing each other for a few months, the kiss deepened within a few seconds.

Sylvie pulled away, causing Antonio to groan. As he looked at her with a questionable look, she placed her hands on his face. “For the record, you’re the only one in this relationship that thinks I deserve better. So please stop thinking that I deserve better. I deserve you and in my eyes, I could never have a greater man than you in my life.”

And with that said, Sylvie leaned forward and gave him another kiss.

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9 chrome/kyoko

“You look exhausted.” 

For a while now, Chrome had looked tired. And not just ‘I didn’t sleep well’ tired, either - the sort of tired that told Kyoko Chrome wasn’t sleeping - and maybe she wasn’t eating, either.

Kyoko watched her for a moment, before sighing. What was she going to say, to start this conversation up? She’d figure it out once she got there, she decided, approaching Chrome.

“You look exhausted,” she blurted out. Kyoko had to force her hand down - the urge to facepalm was too strong. 

Chrome blinked at her, eyes unfocused for a second. Then she looked at Kyoko properly, smiling. “Kyoko-chan. I’m fine…” she said, even as she was dozing off.

“Are you sure?” Kyoko was getting even more concerned at how distant she sounded. “Do you need to lie down or something?”

“No, it’s fine,” Chrome said, trying to sound reassuring and failing.

Kyoko frowned at her, grabbing her arm. “You’re staying at my place tonight, instead of that dump you normally stay in,” she told her firmly.


“It’s fine,” Kyoko said, starting to lead her back to Kyoko’s house. “Don’t worry,” she said reassuringly. “It’s just - I’m worried about you, okay?”

Chrome hesitated, then nodded. “Okay then.”

I Can’t Stay

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Hey everyone hope your having a great day!  After a very stressful test day in my AP Bio class I had some extra time so I just kinda cranked out this little thing hope you enjoy.

Prompt submitted by dizzy-and-dead:  The reader wants to get out of ‘the life’ and disappears the team goes crazy finding you. Tony hacks everyone, Natasha pulls in all her contacts, Steve is being Steve, Wanda was the reader’s best friend as was Natasha thanks :) 

Word Count: 1,944

You couldn’t handle it anymore; you just couldn’t. The constant danger and stress knowing that you’ll never be able to settle down and have a family was just too much. You were going to die from this job unless you got out now. You just couldn’t bring yourself to leave them, and let the speedster that was softly snoring next to you go. You envied Pietro for finding sleep so quickly. Your mind was too busy with the plans for your escape. Luckily you were born with telepathic abilities similar to Wanda, meaning you had the capability to hide your plan from one of the few people that could convince you to stay. 

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✖️Toxic Love✖️


“Your really can’t be serious right now?” A disbelief expression remain on her face. Her eyes follow his drunk like movements as he walked past you.

Her hand turns pale from the grip you were giving the doorknob. She slammed the door and drunken Nate flinched in his steps.

“You need a drink!” He gives his highly upset girlfriend a toothy smile. He was oblivious to the way he was acting and more so oblivious to how he was treating Y/N.

“You need to sit the hell down.” Her voice wasn’t loud but it was cold enough for Nate to stop smiling.

Y/N strides over to him, her hand reaches out to take the bottle of fireball out his hand. “Give it!” She shouts when he pulls back from her.

“No! Don’t!” He was stumbling backwards almost hitting the glass coffee table.

“Your dunk enough! I’m not gonna let you continue to get fucked up.” She’s always been genuinely concerned about him, especially about his lifestyle.

Y/Ns not used to having a boyfriend who parties all night and comes home at four in the morning. Hell sleep all day and not want nothing to do with her. All this neglect has her regretting their one year relationship.

“Just stop bitching about little shit!” Nate aggressively yells at her and shoved her out of his way.

She stands firm and doesn’t fall, she watches him with hurt eyes as he stumbles off to the kitchen.

No tears would escape her soft eyes, she know better to not cry over someone who treats her like shit. All she does is take a deep breath and walks up the stairs.

Y/N ignored the shattered glass and the slamming of the cabinets coming from down below. She enters their room and takes her her bag from the dresser. She took her phone of the charger and grabbed her keys.

Once she had everything that she’ll need for the rest of the day she heads back down the steps.

Nate sees her from the bar view of the kitchen. You’d think that he would stop her but no he just watches her walk to the door.

“I guess we’re over then?’” He says boldly making her stop in her tracks.

“Nate…I love you so much. I pray for you more than I do for myself and I’m genuinely concern about your health. I just can’t bare to be in this relationship anymore.”

Her words may have hurt him but she only said them because she loves him and cares about him.

Nate watches her leave their home and watch once the door slams shut with her behind it his head falls down.


Derek waits for Y/Ns arrival in front of his condo. He wears a tanks and basketball shorts with adidas slippers on. Not too long ago Y/N called him at 4:22 in the morning.

Derek has always been there for her, he had no problem with being woken out his sleep to be there for his long time friend.

Her black jeep comes into view and he walks down the gravel stones over to her vehicle.

The cars in park and she shuts it off, Derek opens the driver door and he hugs her instantly.

She latches onto her longtime friend and softly smile for the first time in a long time. “How you feeling?” He asks her while he helps her out the car.

“I could be better.” Y/N says with dead eyes, eyes that Derek has never seen before.

“He was drinking again?” This wasn’t the first time that Y/N has drove over here early in the morning all because of her drunken boyfriend.

“He always is. I can’t deal with him and his lifestyle anymore Derek.” Her head rests on his shoulder as they walked to the front door.

“You ended thing with him?” It was shocking for Derek to know that possibly both of his best friends will be ending things.

“Yes.” A sigh drags out her mouth. Derek leaves her side to open the door and let her in.

“I’m sorry Y/N, I know how much you love him.” He says warmly and closes on he door behind them.

Derek watches Y/Ns body language as she immediately walks herself to his room. She knew his place inside and out, she knew where to get things and where to find them.

“You wanna wait to talk about it?” Derek would always give her time to get her head straight before talking about anything involving Nate.

“No…lay with me.” She whispers with hurt eyes on her friend. She removes her shoes and removes her sweater.

Derek takes off his shoes and lays on the bed waiting for her. The covers open for her to lay under them. He becomes the big spoon to her little spoon.

“I’m just scared for him.” She voices out, her lips rubbing against his forearms. “I worry about his health.” He nods his head knowing how she feels.

Derek too worries about his best friend, his lifestyle is no good. “I still love him but I can’t be in a toxic relationship.” She shakes her head.

“It’s best that you ended things.” He tells her and kisses her head. “Maybe you two just need some space.” He says but she grips his arm.

“No, I need him completely out my life Derek.” She turns her body around and faces him.

“You’re strong for not crying.” Not once has he seen her cry over Nate, that’s what Derek loves the most about her. She’s strong and won’t let any man bring her down.

“I have to be.” She gives him a sad smile, one that breaks his heart because it wasn’t real.

“Where are you gonna live?” Her family wasn’t nowhere near close to her.

“I was hoping with you?” She says with her eye focus on his neck. “Of course you can.” His answer made her look up at him with loving eyes.


Eight months have with by with Y/N not contacting her ex boyfriend. Eight months have went by with Y/N and Derek living together. Eight months have went by with Y/N slowly becoming better with the help have Derek.

The two no share his home and now it was called their home. They celebrated thanksgiving and Halloween together. They cleaned together ever Sunday morning. They go to the farmers market together to fill up the fridge.

They both become so comfortable with each other that Y/N didn’t mind Derek brushing his teeth while she was in the shower. She didn’t mind him seeing her bare face first thing in the morning.

Derek was still in contact with Nate, their friends. They sometimes recorded music together and Nate would ask how is she? Derek wouldn’t tell him anything, he would just ignore it.

Nate would constantly watch Y/Ns snaps just to see glimpse of her smile or to hear her laughter. It hit him hard to know that she’s now happier without him in her life.

“I’m gonna ask her to be with me?” Derek let’s Nate knows about his feeling.

“No you’re not!” Nate was scared for his life.

“I’ve been taking care of her and I love her Nate. I make her happy, I make her smile and laugh.” Derek sets Nate straight.

“You’re my friend Derek..” He was devastated to know that his ex will be taken away from him.

“I know and I’m sorry.” Derek didn’t give him no time to respond. He leaves the studio and head to the car. Before pulling off he lets Y/N know that he’ll be home soon.

When Y/N got off of work she came home and took a quick shower. She smile at the text Derek sends her and responds with a drive safely.

She left their room and went in the kitchen to heat up some leftover pasta. Living with someone for such a long time you start know what they like and don’t like.

She heats up two plates and heads in the laundry room to fold up Derek’s clothes. She enjoys doing these little things for him, it made her smile.

“Y/N.” Derek’s loving voice calls out for her. “I’m in the laundry room!” She shouts to him while folding his jeans.

Derek rushed inside the small room with a goofy smile.

“Why you cheesiness so hard.” She laughs at his smile. Derek hugs her from behind while watching her fold.

“I have something to ask you?” He whispers nervously.

“What?” She tilts her head, looking at him.

“Would you like to be with me?” He said with a stiff face.

“As in your girlfriend?” She licks her dry lips.

“Yeah as in my girlfriend.” He repeats to her.

“Yes.”‘she says happily and out of nowhere she kisses his lips for the first time. “Your lips.” He whispers memorize by how soft they are.

Who would’ve thought that two friends will be together and that’s all because of a relationship ending. While one door closes another one opens.

Steal Your Heart (Part I of II)

Pairing: You x Luhan

Summary: When he spends more and more time with another girl

Warnings: Angst (compensated by fluff because I love happy endings ^__^)

“This is Likun,” Luhan said brightly, smiling back and forth between me and the petite girl as I stood up and quickly shook her hand, a little flustered.

“Hi,” I said as politely as I could, watching as Likun smiled prettily back at me. “Luhan’s told me a lot about you!”

Likun was Luhan’s childhood best friend, or so he had told me. They had been inseparable until they were fourteen, when Likun had left China to study overseas in America and now, ten years later, she was back permanently for her job. 

When Luhan found out, he had been beyond excited to reconnect with her again, and I told him I looked forward to meeting her soon. But not this soon. To my surprise, Luhan had brought her unannounced with him today to the cafe, where we had arranged to meet on my lunch break. I had been looking forward to the hour in the middle of the day where I would have my boyfriend all to myself; I thought it was just going to be Luhan and I on our little date, and my smile faltered slightly when Luhan pulled a chair out for Likun and prompted her to sit down.

Apparently not.

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will you still hold me after sex when my legs are shaking and I can hear the world creeping in between my eyelids and my stomach starts churning with every word my parents raised me on - will you be able to kiss the taste of communion wine off of my lips while I’m lying there, thinking of what my God is going to do when he sees how often I’ve been on my knees. In the shower the morning after will you hear how sad I am instead of expecting head, will you ask why it is that recently I’ve pulled into my mind so I don’t laugh with my whole body anymore, just the parts you’re looking for, will you still want to get naked with me once I’ve broken down and become empty in front of you, once I can’t hide behind dim lights and good angles and quick jokes that are more self-deprecating than they should be, will you still pull me to your chest if halfway through sex I start sobbing because my grandfather is in the hospital and dying and I feel like my entire family hates me and if they knew what I was doing they would put me out on the street, would you say “I love you” and mean it beyond wanting a night full of passion and hickies - because I’d really rather you skip the lie and just sleep with me - would the face you show me be the same one you have in front of your buddies or is this all some act to get me comfortable, would you listen to the space in between words where I say things that aren’t audible, would you care enough to know that I’ve been faking being whole, would you sit and expect nothing from me on the days where the blackness in my soul swallows up everything so I can’t even get out of bed without regretting that I am still breathing, would you be there for me because

my daddy raised me to believe that all men leave. You package our hearts in small white takeout boxes and then exeunt stage left, cackling in the darkness. You kiss us like we’re the only thing on your mind and text your side chick when we fall asleep. You say you’ll treat us like a princess when I’ve only ever wanted to be equal. Men leave once they get what they want, my daddy told me. You can’t keep him if he’s not trying to scrape something out from the inside of your palms. Don’t be so emotional, don’t be a burden, don’t get mad at how he treats other girls. “The mistake all women make,” my father told me, “Is thinking they can change men. It just doesn’t happen.” I think about this while I’m washing our dishes and you raise your voice about something small. I think about this every time you kiss me without noticing I’m hurting. My daddy said all men are pigs but

my momma once pushed back my hair and told me that the only thing to look for in a man is someone that would make me happy. She said we fall in love an average of eight times before we find the one we stick with. She said a little pain is gonna happen now and then. She said that my daddy is a good-for-nothing cynic and needs to maybe drink some tea and calm down a little, she said that even if I got left behind seven hundred times, I am still her daughter and that means I am strong as this Earth’s crust. She said you’ve just gotta put your faith in the universe. Just let go. Just trust.


just somebody who would make us feel good enough.

—  Maybe that’s asking too much. /// r.i.d