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WLWeek17 Day 3

Your first wlw ship (subtext)

My first subtext ship was Rizzles.

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Detective Jane Rizzoli and Dr. Maura Isles are married and in love.  That’s an indisputable fact.

I was always a sucker for a cop drama and this one came out and it was female led.  Of course I watched it.

But then it hit all my buttons.  Jane is a rough around the edges tomboy who is tough and strong.  She doesn’t take any shit.  She’s the best of the best.  She loves her job (maybe a little too much) and she loves her family.  If you are ever confused about what futch is, it’s Jane Rizzoli.

Maura is a genius, card-holding member of MENSA.  She doesn’t really get subtext and is a stickler for the rules.  She cannot identify a sticky red stain as blood until the test results come in.  She is incredibly empathetic.  She’s an ME to give a voice to the dead.  She’s lonely because she’s better at understanding the dead than the living.

Not only are they my favorite kinds of characters, but they are best friends. They’re not like the het cop shows where they’re forced together as partners. No, they’re friends from the beginning, choosing to stick together.  They’re affectionate with each other, as shown above.  Like even as a show about female friendship, which was their intention, it was incredibly powerful.  Maura ends up being an adoptive part of the Rizzoli clan and it makes me all gooey inside.

This was the first show I ever read fic for.  And honestly, if I could come up with a case of some kind I would write fic for it, too.  I think this was the first fandom I joined on tumblr other than Doctor Who.

I think they missed out on a powerful story here too.  I mean yes, female friendship is severely underrepresented in the media, but this level of slow burn friends to lovers would have been epic.  Like.. Sasha Alexander (the woman who plays Maura) was a hardcore shipper.  She literally said in an interview that unless the writers could give good love interests for them both it was always going to be them.  She’s straight and she ships it.  My mom ships it.  It could’ve been great, but unfortunately TNT is stupid.  

I miss my crime fighting babies and I miss when people included them in things.  Like, it’s great that there’s more wlw content out there now that they get pushed back, but like….. I’m still in love with them….


charmed appreciation week | day 1 ⇒ favourite character: phoebe halliwell

↳ ❝ i am light. i am one too strong to fight. return to dark where shadows dwell. you cannot have this halliwell. go away and leave my sight, and take with you this endless night. ❞

‘why does the moon in interest you so much ?’ he said with a glitter in his eye. She smirked 'the same reasons you do,’ she said with a giggle. He showed his crooked smile 'oh yeah? Whys that?’ he said as he stared into her warm chocolate eyes. 'youre both tragically beautiful. The moon always chasing after the sun,always filled with love,yet always alone. He loves the sun so much he dies every night just to let her shine. I like to think its their love that keeps them apart. Youre just the same. I love you, but we cant be together. Some love is just too strong. Youre my solar eclipse. Everytime im with you im submerged in total chaos. And yet im still chasing after you awaiting our next meeting. Our loves strong enough to burn the world down.’ she said picking at her nail polish. He laughed 'maybe that elcipse will be closer than you think.’ she finally me his gaze. He leaned into her and whispered 'fuck the world’
—  he is my sun (a.j.)
Time of Miracles...or Something like that- GF CSSS gift

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MERRY CHRISTMAS Sarah! I’m your GF CS Secret Santa. It was a previlage to get to know you a little better, although I couldn’t exactly answer your last question because it would give my identity away.:) This came out a little less smutty then I intended. I hope you’ll like it .

Summary:  Emma Swan hates Christmas. Well maybe hate is a little too strong of a statement. She is just not as into it as Mary Margaret is. She can handle it when Henry is around but this year her son spends Christmas with his father, whose words force Emma to reconsider some things. Especially her feelings towards Killian Jones…

AN: As always a big thak you goes  to captain-k-jones, my wonderfull beta( lots of heatlh to you love).

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Emma Swan hates Christmas. Well maybe hate is a little too strong of a statement. She is just not as into it as Mary Margaret is, with all her over the top decorations, singing Christmas songs and baking stuff since early December. She can handle a little tree in the corner of her living room, a cup of eggnog, and unpacking some present with her son first thing in the morning on Christmas Day. She loves these little moments she can spend with Henry, when they can do whatever they want and just be together without worrying about everyday responsibilities. She can ignore that all too cheerful propaganda and forget about her painful past. Forget the time when Christmas reminded her of being an orphan. For her son, she can even enjoy Christmas parties. She learned to appreciate the Holiday season, most of the time anyway, but this year… This year sucks.

It all starts a week before Christmas, when Neal calls her to announce, announce not ask, he is taking Henry on a ski trip with his new fiancée Tamara. Apparently Miss ‘I’m so much better than you’ thinks she should get to know her future stepson a little better and taking him away from Emma on Christmas has been her choice of action. Frankly, Emma is tempted to refuse, but the look of hope that brightens her son’s face makes her reconsider. The sheer joy of spending some time with his always absent father her boy shows, breaks her heart. Unable to deny him anything, at least when he’s that excited, she agrees. Reluctantly, but still she agrees.

Henry leaves two days before Christmas. She tries to keep it together when her ex arrives at her front door, she really does, but he always seems to know how to push her buttons in the wrong way.

“Don’t be mad Ems.” He throws her a smile. The one that used to get him anything he wanted from her. “Look on the bright side. At least you can spend more time with your boyfriend.”

Narrowing her eyes at him, she frowns.

“What are you playing at Neal?” He’s up to something, of that she’s sure. “I don’t have a boyfriend.” She spits out, convinced he just wants to piss her off even more. Reminding her of her love life, or lack of thereof, stings.

His eyes widen and something akin to surprise flashes in then.

“Oh.” He mumbles. “I thought your pinning for Jones was a mutual thing.” Putting his hands to his pockets, he shrugs. “Guess I was wrong.”

Emma feels her jaw dropping.

“My what?”

Tilting his head, Neal rolls his eyes at her.

“Come on, Ems.” There’s something so patronizing in his tone and she wants to strangle him, despite feeling utterly confused. “All those yearning looks and doey eyes. I know them well. They used to be about me, you know.”

She wants to kill him, the fucking asshole. Chop of his head and put his body into a freezer in some abandoned warehouse She could do it. She’s a bail bond person, she knows how to find people, so hiding a body would not be that difficult.

Before she is even able to throw back a biting retort, which is not easy considering his ridiculous statement, Henry runs out of his room and kisses her in his mad dash while murmuring: “Bye mom. Wish Merry Christmas to Killian from me.” Seconds later the door closes behind him and the last thing Emma sees is Neal’s smirking face.

What in the freaking hell has possessed that man. Her and Killian? Sure they spend a lot of time together and he’s there for her and Henry every time they need him, but that’s what friends do. Right? They help each other and don’t leave when things get messy, because there are no deeper feelings involved. Why would Neal think she has a crush on her best friend? She rubs her eyes furiously. It is probably because he wants to feel better about himself, push away the guilt of taking Henry away from her on Christmas. Yes, that’s it. It has to be it.

Letting out a groan, she decides she does not give a damn what her ex thinks. At least, she tries not to. By some, oh the irony, miracle, she doesn’t have any bail skipper to chase and that means she has some extra free time. If there is one thing that Emma Swan never does, it’s thinking about feelings. So she mopes around the apartment, cleans everything in her sight and even organizes some papers that have been laying around her apartment since April. She cooks herself dinner instead of of eating a take-out like she usually does when Henry is not around. She decorates the Christmas tree and the apartment. She even joins Mary Margaret on her last shopping and offers help with the Nolan’s Annual Christmas Eve party. If her friend notices something, she doesn’t say. By the time Christmas Eve arrives she’s almost mad with anxiety. Avoiding thinking is not as easy as she thought it would be, especially when her phone is full of messages and unanswered phone calls from the man who has been the sole reason of her distress. Thank goodness she has a party to prepare for.


Usually Emma is able to enjoy Mary Margaret’s and David’s Christmas Eve party without any help from her favorite whisky on the rocks but tonight, tonight she ends up nursing her second glass in one hour. Shooting everyone looks from beneath her frowned eyebrows, she sits alone on the couch in the living room. Most of the guests know her well enough to know not to disturb her in her dark corner and at first she thinks it’s a good idea. Being left alone, means she doesn’t have to answer any questions or engage in conversation. Unfortunately that leads her to do one thing she has been trying to avoid - thinking about Neal’s words and her feelings towards Killian Jones.

He’s been such a constant in her life, since she had met him three years ago. Always there to help, to comfort, never crossing the line, even though he threw terrible innuendos towards her at the beginning of their acquaintanceship. She smiles at the thought. He toned them down when he learned about Neal, but they never really went away. She likes it though, counts it as a part of their friendly banter. The fact it is his defense mechanism has never been discussed between them.

Killian is a handsome man. She does have eyes. She has seen how other women look at him but he just never seemed to be interested in any of them. Is it because of his not exactly happy past or because of her? And why exactly has that thought even crossed her mind?

Eyeing her empty glass with fury, she decides she is in need of a refill. Time to drag her ass off the coach and head to the kitchen area. Letting out a sigh, Emma stands up and tries to stretch out her bones. As she walks towards her destination, she notices white lint plastered all over her black dress. She curses silently, desperately trying to take them off. Why had she chosen to wear black again? Beside the fact she loves the color.

She almost stops dead in her tracks, when she hears a hushed conversation. Lifting up her head to check on whom she has just walked upon, she feels her heart start to beat rapidly. Of all the things, she expects to see the scene before her is most definitely not one of them.

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They say,
‘mothers know best’,
but they do not know that
I’ve lived in fear of disappointing you.

You say you care,
you say you love me
then you spit on all of my achievements.

And maybe the reason why we don’t get along is because
I got my stubbornness
from you.

They say,
'mothers know best’,
but little do they know that all the tears I cried were
because of her.

Always whispering words of poison –
just enough to sedate
and make me fall for your tricks.
I’m too strong for that now.

I can recall perfectly that one morning that I felt something inside me break.
I felt something inside me leave; I was empty;
I was scared. 

That was the day I lost my trust in you.

They say,
'mothers know best’,
but they’ve never lived with someone who tramples on your happiness.

—  you can’t hurt me now // steffi a.

Okay so we all know that Gray and Juvia make a good team, what with the whole ice and water thing and all, but think about water and lightening. Laxus and Juvia though have been on the same team before have never teamed up together. Water conducts electricity, thus Laxus’ attacks will be stronger and more effective. This Whal (?) guy seems pretty tough, and though Laxus is pretty strong himself I think it would be nice to see Laxus needing a bit of an extra push. I’m not saying Juvia should just be his sidekick or whatever, I want my baby girl to shine too, so maybe Laxus giving her a little push in her fight as well? Plus just imagine Gray’s jealousy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Like “It’s suppose to be me and her, ice and water.” I’d love if Laxus and Juvia did a unison raid and Laxus grabs Juvia’s hand and just looks at Gray and smirks, because Laxus thinks it’s damn funny to tease him. Laxus also just wants Gray to hurry up and confess. lmao   

I also kind wanna see a trio of Laxus, Juvia and Wendy. Lightening +Water + air = storm. Team natural disaster! lol