maybe my favorite music video

Music Tag Thingie

So like, probably the socially appropriate thing to do is not just do this again because @obsessive-mess tagged me. But, fun fact, I love music and I love making playlists and also I know no one else links to all their songs but I do, that’s how I roll, and I kind of wish you guys did because I would probably listen to them. So, addenda:

1. Jonathan Coulton, “All This Time” (maybe my third favorite music video, after Many Moons and Kill v. Maim)

2. Foo Fighters, “Everlong

3. Queen, “Don’t Stop Me Now

4. Jeremy Morse, “Dirty Little Things” (tw for creepy entitled character) (I lowkey read the “she” character as on the ace spectrum though.)

5. Stephanie Hsu, “I Love Play Rehearsal