maybe mlp related

guess who ? 

it’s javis.  from that one pon game (if you haven’t played it check it out it’s a+)

my bby.

i really really liked this guy. I liked the whole game in general. a+ 

Okay but Gravity Falls characters without their signature headgear

are either

the cutest thing ever

or you know shit is about to get real, like Ash flipping his cap sideways

but yeah, mostly cute.

Then there is the cases

of someone without a signature headgear

wearing random ones and also being an adorable nerd.

And don’t even get me started

on hat/outfit swaps. But this was a hat masterpost, a Dipper/Mabel outfit swap is a honorable mention though.


I had a hard time choosing someone for Nim to cosplay as, but then I figured it might be fun to redraw this scene from Fate/Stay Night, especially since I kinda cheaped out on yesterday’s prompt.