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To Newt, With Love

Request: “Hi-Hi! I’ve read your newt x reader stuff and they are so nicely done, I like your style! Could I request for angsty newt x reader, pure angst. Sadness and all that. If you don’t mind of course! Something like ‘reader likes newt but newt is stupidly oblivious and he still hanging on leta/is with tina most of the day. At the end, the reader just 'poof’, out of touch. Thank you!”

Word Count: 2,643

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

The midnight blue dress draped over your body shatters the beams of golden sunlight streaming through your window, sending specks of glittering light all over the white walls of your bedroom and the pastel green sheets of your bed. You hardly notice, though, as you struggle to clasp a delicate silver necklace around your neck. The fine chain, soft as gossamer, tangles around your fingers, fighting your attempts to secure it. The struggle proceeds for a minute before you can drop the chain and watch it shimmy into its place in the dip between your collar bones. A beautiful gift from an old friend.

An old friend you’re visiting in five minutes, if the godfather clock standing in the corner is correct. A bundle of nerves flutter in your stomach. You haven’t seen Newt in months. Any time you wrote and told him you’d be able to make time, he’d been too busy. Then NEWT exams rolled around and every spare second of every day was dedicated to scrawling out notes and rereading the same chapter five times until you could nearly recite the entire textbook word for word. The grueling effort paid off, though, earning you high grades in every subject.

Today, you celebrate with your best friend of seven years. The two of you agreed to meet at your house at noon before traveling out to Hogsmeade to enjoy butterbeer at The Three Broomsticks and then find a dancing hall. You know Newt has a fondness for dancing unmatched by many others, even if he may be reluctant to admit it.

One more glance in the mirror satisfies you. Not a hair is out of place, your elegant silver earrings brush the tops of your exposed shoulders, and the dress gleams, not a hint of lint on it. You step from the mirror’s gaze and cross the room, enjoying the clacking of your heels against the wood floor. On your dresser sits an ornate black box. Swirls carved and painted white loop around the wide case, meeting on the top to circle around Newt’s full name.

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@mr-robot-x requested:  Hey! Can you make an Stranger Things x Bucky one-shot? With a 13 years old reader (she have the powers of Eleven)? Please :)

Warnings: not-there-but-it’s-there Stucky. Reader is 13, guys, c’mon.

Words: 1117.

A/N: Is that what you wanted, dear? Requests are open.


She knew she was different. She knew she wasn’t normal. She knew normal people couldn’t do what she could. She knew normal people couldn’t break glass or throw large objects with only the will of their minds. Normal people couldn’t move things with their minds. Normal people couldn’t affect the bones and bodily functions of other normal people.

Normal people couldn’t, but she could. Because she was different.


Bucky, Wanda and Sam were at one of the Compound’s dozens of living rooms when FRIDAY’s voice took over their conversation.

“Captain Rogers asks the presence of the three of you in the meeting room right now.”

None of them hesitated and quickly rose from their sits and went to the meeting room.

When they got there however, it wasn’t for any of the reasons they were expecting. There was no enemy, no fights for food and no destroyed glass. There was a child sitting on the couch, looking intently at each and every one of them with. She couldn’t be more than 13 years old, but her eyes scanned as if she had been born decades ago.

Steve heard them stop in the doorway and came to them, pushing them back and out of the room. The three of them stumbled backwards into the hallway. Tony and Natasha followed.

“Who is she?” Sam asked.

“We found her in the woods,” Natasha answered. “She was alone and running, saying she had to get away from…”

“From who? From what?”

“She didn’t say. We don’t know,” she crossed her arms and looked intently at Bucky. “All we know is that she is not public known and that she has powers.”

“Powers?” Bucky’s eyes narrowed.

“She can move things with her mind,” Tony said. “Like Carrie, but she hasn’t locked us all in a room and killed us. So I’d say maybe Matilda, but she hasn’t cooked us any meal yet, so I’m settling for Jean Grey.”

Bucky shook his head at Tony, clearly not understanding one thing, and turned back to Natasha.

“Move things?” Sam asked.


“Like me?” Wanda carefully asked.

“Not quite.”

“She doesn’t have a red cloud following her hands or whatever she’s moving,” Tony tells them, lazily imitating Wanda’s hands when she’s using her powers.

“The question is: what do we do?” Steve asked. “We can’t send her back alone out there but she also won’t talk.”

“At all?”

“Apart from saying she has to run from something? No.”

“She doesn’t trust us, which is understandable even if potentially problematic,” Steve nodded.

Not a word was said as they all looked at each other.


It took her a couple of days to talk, but she eventually did.

The child stayed at the Compound, in a room near Steve and Bucky, had meals with everyone else, even if never a word from her/his mouth.

Until it did: words were spoken.


It was a mumbled word while no one was expecting, but every single pair of eyes were suddenly focused on the child.

“What is different, sweety?” Bruce asked, kneeling in front of her. She was once again on the couch.

He/She took a couple of minutes to answer and when it happened, he/she was looking at Bucky.

“I am.”

She was indeed. But that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, Bucky wanted to tell her/him, but decided to keep quiet in fear of scaring the child.

“Well, good thing in being a freaky, kiddo: we all are!” Tony exclaimed, a smile on his lips as he looked around and opened his arms as if pointing at everyone at the same time.

The child didn’t spare him a glance. Her/his eyes were entirely focused on Bucky.

Steve nudged him gently. Bucky looked at Steve, who nodded at the child with his chin.

Bucky panicked for a quick second. How was he supposed to talk to a child? Why him? Why was she/he looking at him?

Steve’s warm hand settled on his hip and his thumb stroked lovely at the shirt-covered skin. His eyes were calm and reassuring, everything Bucky needed.

So he slowly walked to the child and kneeled by Bruce’s side.

It seemed like everyone was expecting him to say something, so he did – after taking a deep breath and releasing it in long seconds.

“Different, you said?” Bucky prompted quietly and the child nodded solemnly, eyes still focused on him. “Well, that’s not bad. It’s actually pretty good. You see, otherwise, you’re just one more on the crowd. Stevie there,” Bucky pointed at Steve who stood a couple meters away from them. Steve nodded, “Wouldn’t have been chosen to save the world if he were another one in the crowd. He was different too and he saved the world. Tony,” Bucky pointed at the billionaire, who grinned and pointed at himself with his thumbs, “Wouldn’t have changed his entire company and created a bunch of cool stuff if he were normal. Bruce,” Bucky bumped shoulders with the scientist, “Discovered a thousand things because he is a scientist, and you’ve gotta be different and awesome to be a scientist.”

Bruce was happy that Bucky didn’t make the Other Guy the thing that made him different.

“A spider knew Peter was different and bit him to be even more different,” Peter laughed at this and Tony imitated claws to try and bite Peter. He looked more like a bear than a spider, but there was no gain in pointing that out.

“Thor,” the god smiled broadly and waved, “Is a god from another planet. Vision was created from technology. Sam was personally chosen to join the team by Steve because he was different. Wanda,” who smiled shyly at the child, “Was so special that she was chosen even before she could know what for.”

There was really no way of putting it that what happened to Wanda was nice or even pleasant, but that was good enough for her and she smiled at Bucky.

“Clint wouldn’t be here alive if he were normal; don’t underestimate his capacity of staying alive.” Which earned a sneaker from the man. “Natasha and I,” the woman flashed a quick smile, “Would still be with the bad guys if we were normal.”

The child looked at the floor before saying.

“But if I was normal, they wouldn’t be after me.”

“And who are they?”

“Don’t know.”

“Then we’ll figure it out. We can protect you, okay?”

The child turned the eyes at him once again.


“Really,” Bucky promised as everyone else nodded.

The child looked around, taking in everyone that surrounded her/him and a smile spread across his/her cheeks.

When the child turned back to Bucky, she/he said, “I’m [Y/n].”


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hi! are you still accepting requests for bootlegs? if so, could i please have amelie in previews and matilda maybe? i read your post about being sick and busy so don't worry about taking a long time or if you're not accepting requests. :) feel better!

Hello! Im sorry i took quite a while to respond but hopefully i can make up for it by sending a few more :) 

Bootleg list!



OBC act 1:

OBC act1:

OBC act 2:




Late 2016:!A7ITCQ7C!8TLQpmHgMCohNtMUwp1NyVeKZZrQBPRsyRx4SLdrOnk

2016 June 19:


Previews in LA OBC:

Samantha Barks as Amelie:

Natasha Pierre and the great comet:

Broadway cast:

Original cast (check?):

Pippa and Dave audio:

Scott as Pierre:

Dear Evan Hansen:


In The heights:


Les Mis:



With Andy:





With Aaron tveit:

Andy audio:


Off-broadway 2014:

21 Chump street:

Original cast:

Cursed Child:


Spring awakening:


Deaf West Act LA:

Deaf west broadway:

Deaf west:


OBC march 2012:

Legally blonde:


The hunchback of Notre damn:


6 movies

Name 6 Movies You Can Watch Anytime and Tag 6 People.

I was tagged by @nerd-a1ert thankkssss:)))

I think these are just my all time faves from my childhood to now, but like they’re films for all year round. 

6. Matilda 

i think this is my actual fave from my childhood. it was one of those movies that I’ve watched more than 10 times and still never get tired of it.

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5. Carol (2015)

fairly new, but i wanna add it to my list. I love this movie, its one of those that makes an impact and stays with you after you leave the theatre. I think it’ll stay on this list

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4. Alice in Wonderland (tim burton)

Another childhood fave. one of the first movies i saw in theatres. Love the animations and musical score so much. (I’m excited to see the second one coming out this year, RIP alan rickman)

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3. Coraline

god i love Coraline. this really stood the test of time, i love watching it now as much as i did when i was like 8 or 9 when this first came out. 

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2. Easy A

what’s not to love? The movie itself is hilarious. It says a lot about how female sexuality is perceived. It says a lot about a lot of things… 

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1. Silver Linings Playbook

This is my number one. Although it is a comedy, I think this is an important movie. It brings awareness to mental illness and portrays people with mental illnesses as just people. It has so many loving qualities about family, about love and loss, and about moving on. This is such a positive movie. Not only do i think its such an important one for everyone to see, this is THE movie that got me into film.

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yeah those are my 6. (plus like 3 of them cross into christmas so you can pretend they’re christmas movies haha)

i tag @thereysebelivet @itsaawhouffle @krystalgoderitch @7hoursstraight @callingearthitsme @shyclumsyprincess

y’all should do it cuz i need movie suggestions…

The Little Religion

We called it the Little Religion because they were only four members: Gina, the baker’s wife; homeless Owen; Pally, the chestnut farmer; and my brother Curt.

They held services in the town square at noon each day. They were quiet with their worship. The four of them would sit in a circle on the grass, talking in whispers and holding hands. It became a common sight to see them there. Other than that they spent their time doing ordinary things. Gina would help her husband in the bakery. Owen would wander the town looking for odd jobs. Pally would be on his farm. Just typical, regular things. Curt was the only one who seemed to disappear for long stretches of time.

The only other odd part of the Little Religion was that they never slept inside. Whether it was warm or pouring rain all four of them could be found sleeping under the stars.

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asherthefirst  asked:

Ooo!! Greaser! Au gals maybe?? Like Tamara, Matilda, Ell, Tori, Paula and Patrishia!! Not all at once tho lmfao if you don't want to

them as the pink ladies would be cutE……………..

anonymous asked:

Hi! :) So I attempted to type this before but I didn't want it to come off unintelligent but I've thought of a way to phrase it and although it may be grasping at straws, from my experience, when parents/grandparents buy their children tickets to musicals/ the circus / anything like that, they get one for their child/grandchild and their partners. so maybe matilda/the circus/ shows is sort of a date night? idk man, i had this weird theory and my brains over thinking this, can you add your input?

I don’t think that is an unintelligent thought at all or that you are “grasping at straws.” In fact, I’m pretty sure that is the thought process that many of us had on Dan’s birthday. If you believe they are together (which I mostly do), than it is definitely not a stretch to consider Matilda a “date night.” I did think it was quite telling that they went together and even more telling that it was Dan’s grandmother that purchased the tickets. While we of course do not know how the gift was prefaced (“I bought tickets for you and Phil" vs “here’s two tickets to go to the theatre”), both options result in similar conclusions.

a) Dan’s grandmother specifically purchased a ticket for Phil. This is the first thought that came to mind and I was admittedly fangirl-y over the idea. It’s quite adorable to think of his grandmother accepting Phil and/or viewing him as a fixture in Dan’s life. (Which Phil clearly is, no matter in what form.) But for whatever reason it is sweet to consider that he is seen in the same regards by family. Specifically buying a ticket for Phil means there was no question of who he would bring. If she only viewed Phil as a friend, would she not consider that Dan might have a different date in mind? Would it have been so obvious to presume that Phil would accompany him? I don’t think so. If this were the case, than I do find her actions quite revealing.

b) Dan’s grandmother simply gave him two tickets and left it open for Dan to choose. Well…there you go. Dan chose Phil. He chose him. Is that not sweet as well? He’s already with him 24/7 and yet it was Phil that Dan wanted to spend his birthday night with. Not a different friend. Not a secret date. Phil. Arguably even more telling. I get asked quite a lot whether I think it’s possible that they date other people, and while I obviously do not know, it is these scenarios that erase the possibility from my mind. Would they not choose to experience these special life events with their "secret gf/bfs?“ For instance…Japan. I’m hard pressed to believe that you would go on your DREAM vacation yet leave behind a significant other. I don’t know if you would spend 10+ days in beautiful (and quite romantic) Japan with your best friend, while your bf/gf stayed home. That seems a bit strange but maybe it’s just me. Regardless, I do think it means a lot that they always choose each other. If this option concerning the gift was accurate, then Dan put Phil as his number one. As always. Equally as adorable as the first scenario.

The same can be applied to the Circus as well. So no, I don’t think you are overthinking anything. Of course this is not "phan proof” by any means but I do think it is telling. It’s the little things like this that make me smile <3