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Cat Person / Dog Person

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If God has no dominion over the Empty, how do you think Chuck resurrected Cas all those times? Did he put on a burglar outfit and sneak inside on his tippy toes or something?

what if–WHAT IF–

and the reason chuck said it would take time to resurrect archangels is because THE EMPTY WOULDN’T JUST LET HIM GET AWAY WITH IT AND HE’D HAVE TO CONVINCE IT AND IT’D TAKE TOO LONG BECAUSE HE HAS ANXIETY


Stranger Things | 2.06

No one is around. Why do you think I’m with Steve Harrington?


i want peridot to understand better than anyone and to be there for her

I saw on twitter a while back people were suggesting that if Keith and Shiro could co-pilot the Black Lion they should do it Simon and Nia style! And…I mean…Yes please vld/dw!!! 

Sorry I was thinking of drawing them in their black pld outfits but drawing Keith’s hair is the only joy in my life L OL Someday I hope I can draw them in their matching uniforms together~ <3

I settle for a ghost I never knew… I settle for a ghost.

this is a WIP… I don’t know when I’ll finish it


Eraserhead Week: Smile

It’s not art or writing but i saw the prompt and i couldn’t resist

aizawa shotoro


Adrien Agreste has it all. A flourishing modeling career, a prestigious, affluent family, and he’s a top student as his university. And yet he can’t shake the feeling that he is not truly living life, but merely going through the motions set upon him by his overbearing father.

One summer, he escapes the stresses of Paris life, spending a day in a small seashore village in western France. He was only planning on staying a single day, but as he was making his way to the bus station, a beautiful woman passed by him.

Deciding to stay a few more nights–in hopes of seeing that woman again–he books into a small, boutique bed and breakfast, The Ladybug. Much to his surprise, the owner is a young woman by the name of Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

aka an au fic I’m planning on writing someday (maybe) :) If people are interested 

Happy birthday Keith! 

Taur edition ;)