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I wanna start exercising again but i cant seem to find the will to actually get up and do it! 😣 any tips ?

You are asking the wrong hooman. I maybe workout like once a week and It’s only bc I can go to my universities gym for free XD

But like drink water and keep yo self hydrated booyo self hydrated boo


I’m a serious artist, I tell myself, every day a little less convincingly


my thoughts are clouded with ‘almost’s and ‘what if’s


If it’s one of those skirts that is just a little too long, and I keep stepping… I will lose my mind. There are certain skirts in wardrobe that I want to rip to shreds and burn. I trip up on them and it’s just- when you’re trying to get ready for a scene and you’re like “okay, cool, let’s do this” and you’re pumped and you’re like going in, then trip and you fall face first into a door, again and again and again. And again. And people are stepping on you, it’s ugh, so annoying. [laughs]  But that doesn’t happen very often. Honestly I don’t get irritated with costumes very often. Once a week maybe I’ll be like, “this corset, I want to eat more lunch and I can’t. This is annoying.” They are quite uncomfortable, but you do get used to it. It’s like wearing a bra for the first time. Usually it feels kind of awkward but then you get used to it.


I am so blessed to have made so many wonderful friends through this site ❤️ I love you all so much.

Daniel Howell

Summary: When Dan gets hate for changing his channel name, the only person can fix it is Phil. 

Genre: Fluff, Pouty!Dan

Warnings: None this time :) (Look I wrote one without swearing what a rare occasion) 

Word Count: 1,039

Dan gave a dark stare to his bright computer screen. All he could see was the page refreshing over and over again. Comment after comment. All of which complaining. Complaining about the name change.

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If it’s one of those skirts that is just a little too long, and I keep stepping… I will lose my mind. There are certain skirts in wardrobe that I want to rip to shreds and burn. I trip up on them and it’s just- when you’re trying to get ready for a scene and you’re like “okay, cool, let’s do this” and you’re pumped and you’re like going in, then trip and you fall face first into a door, again and again and again. And again. And people are stepping on you, it’s ugh, so annoying. [laughs]  But that doesn’t happen very often. Honestly I don’t get irritated with costumes very often. Once a week maybe I’ll be like, “this corset, I want to eat more lunch and I can’t. This is annoying.” They are quite uncomfortable, but you do get used to it. It’s like wearing a bra for the first time. Usually it feels kind of awkward but then you get used to it.

Know what’s wild? When I first got hurt and they started talking about 8 months of no running and surgery and all that stuff my roommate said “well, maybe you’ll be able to develop some new hobbies” and I was SO offended like do you know who I even am do you know how much time I’ve devoted to running do you know what you are saying to me right now?

But guess what…I haven’t run a single step in a month and a half. All I’ve been doing is lifting weights…with 30 minutes of cardio on the elliptical like, once a week…plus maybe going on walks at night…and I feel better than I have in YEARS. Years!!! In almost EVERY way!

The lesson: you don’t have to cling to things (OR PEOPLE) just because they’re familiar or because you’ve invested a lot of time into them. Cut the damn cord, branch out, learn new stuff, embarrass yourself maybe, fail a couple times…that’s life y’all! That’s how you grow as a human. If you want to be different, you have to do something different.

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NAC: I don't want to tell you how to run your blog, but maybe you should do like a positivity week every once in a while where you only post positive confessions? Just a suggestion. I love this blog either way though!

just maybe y’all can send in positive confessions? instead of repetitive, shippy garbage? and like. Snape hate. and like. Cursed Child hate? golly. ~Taiga

burn me with fire

Author’s Note: This one really got away from me! I didn’t expect it to be over 6,000 words, but I am pretty proud of the way it turned out. So, I am back with my second story & have plans for my third one! So, thanks for reading! <3

Warnings: MATURE. A lot of swearing, smut, oral sex, um various other possibly.  

Pairing: Dash Wilder x Reader 

tags: @randyortonstattoos

—- —- —- —- 

With a look around the crowded bar, Y/N wondered just how she ended up getting roped into this evening. She was annoyed with the fact that she was here, because it had been a long week and she just wanted to spend her night curled up in her hotel room with room service and some shitty movie that was playing on HBO. She had the next day off, so a movie marathon and room service blueberry waffles seemed like a nice way to kick off the event, which was to be followed by her actually sleeping in for a change. She only had a chance to do it once maybe twice a week, so she liked to take advantage of it whenever possible.

No, this was not how she imagined spending her night in the slightest. Carmella and Bayley had all but begged, but it finally took her good friend Dash to convince her to come out with them for the evening. He had all but told her that if he had to go, she better be there too. It was enough of a motivation for her, because here she was and just because it gave her another chance to spend some time with the guy that was completely filling her mind as of late.

So, because of Dash, here she was. In some crowded bar. With terrible music. Alone off to the side, away from the group. Holding a pink shot with an umbrella, and she wasn’t sure if she had the courage to drink it. She had kept an eye on the group, watching as everyone went their separate ways pretty early on. Carmella insisted the girls got a drink together, which was why Y/N was holding this pink drink to begin with.

She had spotted him right away, talking with some blonde in a blue dress. It didn’t really bother Y/N, or at least she wasn’t really ready to admit if it did bother her. Dash was her friend, and that was a good thing for her. She valued him as a friend, glad to have him watching her back. She never meant to complicate things, and tried to justify that the heart wants what it wanted, but she wasn’t sure if that was a good enough reason to ruin a friendship. She wasn’t honestly sure how she felt, just that it wasn’t really all that friendly anymore.

She didn’t want to blur those lines, just to risk their friendship. So, she just didn’t let herself go there. She swallowed those feelings and reminded herself of how good of a friend he was. She let it be enough, because hope for anything else was just setting her heart to be broken.

“You look deep in thought.” The voice startled her and she turned to see Bayley standing there, also holding that same pink drink. Maybe Y/N wasn’t alone in being pretty nervous about Carmella just handing them a drink.

“Nah,” She wasn’t about to spill her heart in some bar, even to her best friend. “Nothing like that.” The look on Bayley’s face told Y/N that her friend didn’t believe her.

“Sure,” Bayley snorted. “You must forget who you are talking to.” Y/N laughed slightly. No, she certainly didn’t forget who she was talking to, nor could she. Bayley read her like a book, but sometimes she just wanted to keep something to herself and not have her best friend pick up on it right away.

“It’s not.” She insisted, but knew that Bayley probably wouldn’t buy that. “I’m just sore and tired. It’s been quite a week. Plus this headache–” She trailed on, not really bothering to finish it. Bayley just nodded, before a grin played on her face.

“Hey, Dash.” She said and Y/N turned to see him standing there, a beer in his hand. She was almost jealous. She’d much rather be drinking a beer then holding this drink. Carmella was too close to the bar though, she was afraid she’d get roped into a second one or admitting that she wasn’t too keen on drinking the first one. “Alright, I gotta find Sasha.” Bayley said before taking off, a smile on her face. That grin told Y/N that maybe Bayley once again was able to read her easily.

Damn it.

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Sʟᴏᴠᴇɴᴇ Fᴏʟᴋ ᴀɴᴅ Fᴀɪʀʏ Tᴀʟᴇs

 1•∞  Bela kača s kronico

The White Serpent with a Small Crown

     There was once a peasant woman and she had children. She would go work in the fields and leave the children at home, giving them a bowl of milk to keep their hunger away while she was gone. They always ate it all and the mother praised them for their diligence.
     The children said, “Oh, but we’re not eating alone, there’s a nice birdie that comes to eat with us, too.”
     The mother thought that some cat comes to eat with the children. Still, she found it odd that the children were talking about a nice white birdie. She wanted to see for herself what it really was. She hid in the house, set up the milk as usual and waited.
     Soon, a white serpent with a beautiful crown on its head slithered out from beneath the table and into the arms of the youngest child. The mother was petrified. But the children stroked and caressed the nice birdie. When the serpent ate its fill, it shook the crown from its head and returned to the hole again.
     As soon as the serpent disappeared, mother jumped into the foyer and took the children to safety; of course, she did not forget to take the crown as well. She put it in the chest where they kept the yarn. Grandfather would wind the yarn in winter. He’d wind it all winter, but there was no end to it. The woman thought, “Whatever could it be? Perhaps the crown has such a power?” The crown was thus put away and the yarn wound up. It was then put in the grain. They’d measure and measure the grain, but the granary never emptied.
     So the crown was put in one place and then another and soon the house recovered and was doing so well that it was the richest in the village.
     And the crown remained with them, so long as the kin that treated the white serpent well lived there.

Illustration by Ančka Gošnik Godec, Slovene original below.

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Hey- aaamh... Can i request headcannons for Mika, Eichi, Tsukasa, Natsume, Ritsu, Rei, Izumi and Kaoru trying to protect their s/o of somebody who somehow hurted or threatened her? I love the blog btw- Everything is so adorable... I really wish the matchups were open tho- Well, i guess i'll wait~ Anyway, thanks a lot~ <w>

aaaah thank you so much for the nice words !!!!! also maybe matchups will be open again in something like a week, once most of them are cleared ! - mod mademoiselle

Mika :

  • That boy would be shaking in fear yet he’d try to stand in front of you to prevent that person to get close to you !
  • He’d shyly ask them to maybe go away and get lost, and of course he’d stutter and look even less scary than he already was…
  • Mika’s pretty scrawny too, so of course no one would take him seriously if he tried to physically threaten them and you’d end up being more scared for him than for yourself !
  • But if he’s rubbed the wrong way, he can get really angry and then he’ll be ready to Fight™, no matter who the opponents are or even how many they are. They could be seven and all super scary and fit, and he’d still try to punch them in the face.
  • He’d probably cry a bit without noticing too, especially if they managed to hurt you or make you scared. Mika would be so surprised to noticed that yes, tears are in fact rolling down his cheeks, but he’d let you wipe them away, even hugging you right after. You’re safe, and that’s the most important thing to him.

Eichi :

  • Sure, he may look frail and delicate, but he’ll remain serene no matter what happens. You’re about to get hurt by someone ? He’ll still calmly come to you and ask you what exactly happened.
  • He has no intention to get into a fight, after all he’d probably lose it if there was one… But he’s extremely talented to talk his way out of situations !
  • He’d start threatening them, hinting that there would be consequences and that he’d be sure to remember them. If it’s someone you know, it’s even worse : he’ll get their names from you and won’t forget anything that happened. Besides, he always has bodyguards on standby just in case.
  • Eichi will use his name and status as a weapon. He has enough money to hire a lawyer and file a lawsuit if anything happens, and he’ll definitely consider it, even though you managed to get out of it unharmed thanks to him.
  • You’ll have to stop him from putting the people who wanted to harm you on trial, because he won’t forgive them. They tried to hurt you, his treasured lover, and he would never let anyone lay even a finger on you.

Tsukasa :

  • Poor Tsukasa has fragile nerves, and he’ll probably rush to you in a panic should anything happen to you ! His first reflex would be to check if you’re alright, but then he’d quickly shift focus to the people who threatened you instead.
  • As soon as he saw you were in danger, all rationality was put aside. He’d start threatening them back, even though they might not be impressed by his rather short stature. That would anger him even more…
  • He’d probably want to get into a fight (hell, he’d be ready to), but as you managed to stop him he reconsidered. He doesn’t want to do anything you’d be against !
  • He eventually just decided to get some help, and sure enough, the bullies quickly gave up and went away : it’s not worth it if more people come to team up on them, after all.
  • Tsukasa would be devastated he couldn’t be of any help to you, being incapable to fend them off by himself, but you’d reassure him : he did protect you after all ! He’d feel a little better but still try to be wary of anyone who could mean you harm.

Ritsu :

  • Ritsu’s behavior will vary drastically depending on whether it happens during the day or at night. He’s a night person, after all, and so he’s not in the best shape during the day…
  • If someone tries to hurt or threaten you at night, he’ll take it upon himself to personally make sure they leave you alone and unharmed. If he has to resort to violence, then so be it. He certainly won’t mind getting into a fight if it’s to protect you.
  • If it happens during the day, he’s more likely to want to avoid any confrontation instead. He feels tired and dizzy, and he doesn’t want to just faint on you in such a critical situation. He’ll just curse them and take you away as fast as he can.
  • He’ll only stop once he’s sure the two of you managed to get out of it safe and sound, to make sure you’re alright and not too shaken. Expect him to hug you tight, whispering sweet nothings to you. He may be trying to act calm and cool, but he’s just as worried as you are…
  • Ritsu would be extra careful after that incident, and he’d start getting even more possessive. He doesn’t want anyone to hurt you, so he’ll always be looming threateningly behind you like some creepy shadow. That’s his own unique way of trying to protect you !

Natsume :

  • It’s literally impossible to see Natsume unfazed. He’ll keep that characteristic smile of his even as you’re being threatened right in front of him. It’s pretty hard to tell what he’s thinking in those times…
  • But while he looks amused, his mind is reeling. He probably can’t fight them off by himself, so he has to resort to another solution. Preferably one using his… unique abilities. That is, outsmarting them.
  • As the provocation master he is, he’ll be quick to get their attention on himself. Then, he’ll resort to every dirty trick he has up his sleeve. Intimidation, bluffs, even outright lies said with a straight face. He wants them to leave now, and he knows they won’t unless they feel they can’t get anything from it.
  • Once they finally give up and leave, he’ll check on you wordlessly. He wants to make sure you’re fine before he drags you away, just in case they might get bright ideas and come back. He’ll be eerily quiet afterwards, seemingly lost in thought.
  • The truth is, he’s wondering what would have happened should his little plan not have worked. He’ll make sure to keep an eye on you from now on, no matter what you do. He wouldn’t risk having it happen a second time, after all…

Rei :

  • Once he saw you were being threatened, Rei would react immediately, not wasting a single second. He’d step up and eye his newly-found opponents from head to toes, and with a smile to boot.
  • You know he’s a smooth-talker, but you didn’t think it extends to intimidation. When he wants to, Rei can look scary. You’re not even sure they would’ve tried to threaten you if they even saw Rei was with you at the time…
  • He’s tall and looks confident, not hesitating to get up close and confrontational with them. If you didn’t know him as well as you do, you’d also think he’s up for a fight… except you know he’s an actual grandpa and wouldn’t be able to face them off this way.
  • Yet they seem convinced, and will quickly run away with just a little bit more “coaxing” from your boyfriend. As expected from Rei, bluffing wherever he goes…
  • But what really matters to him is you, and he’ll make sure you’re fine. He’ll spend the rest of the day taking good care of you, making sure you feel nice and you’re not scared anymore. You won’t have too much trouble getting relaxed : with Rei by your side, you’re certain no one can even touch you without your permission…

Izumi :

  • You’re the person Izumi treasures most. He’d be ready to do absolutely anything if you ask for it, even though he might act like he doesn’t want to put up with your whims. But if you’re about to get hurt ? Oh boy. He’ll get angry.
  • You don’t think you’ve ever seen him like that : he looks positively out of his mind. He’s shouting and threatening your aggressors, stepping up to them and looking like he’s ready to fight…
  • Should you try to deter him from it, he’ll just grab your arm and push you behind him. He doesn’t want you hurt. At first he won’t listen to you, but eventually he’ll realize he can’t just fight with strangers in the street. The consequences would be too much.
  • Eventually, the thought that he might lose and they might end up hurting you would be too much. He’d just take your hand and make a run for it, only stopping once you’re far enough from them. He knows you’re fine, since he reacted before they had time to hurt you, yet he can’t help but check on every single part of your body.
  • To be fair, Izumi tends to lose his mind when you’re in danger. Should you not have stopped him, he probably would have tried to fight them off on his own. While he won’t thank you, he’ll remember it and be glad you’re there by his side. It’s almost like you’re protecting him too, in your own way… and he loves it.

Kaoru :

  • You know Kaoru tends to act before thinking things over when he’s angry, but you didn’t think he’d actually go so far. Maybe he got panicked, or just didn’t think it through, but he’s now insulting strangers in the middle of a street because they threatened you.
  • While you just want to go away, and quick, he doesn’t seem to get it and instead starts threatening the guys. He swatted your hand away when you were trying to grab his arm to get him to move. To Kaoru, things just got personal : they’re trying to hurt you ? They might as well hurt him.
  • In spite of you trying to prevent him from doing things he’d regret, Kaoru didn’t hesitate one second to get into a fight. He didn’t even think about himself : you risk being hurt ? He’ll protect you himself and fight them off.
  • Obviously, things didn’t go well and you had to run with him before he could get seriously injured. He still got a few hits to the face though, but insisted he was fine, even wanting to check if you weren’t hurt.
  • While you were angry at him for fighting, it was out of worry more than anything else. But then again, he started fighting out of worry too. In the end, you both just moved on from this, remembering only the important part : you’d both be ready to do anything to protect the other.