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I’m a serious artist, I tell myself, every day a little less convincingly


my thoughts are clouded with ‘almost’s and ‘what if’s

Sʟᴏᴠᴇɴᴇ Fᴏʟᴋ ᴀɴᴅ Fᴀɪʀʏ Tᴀʟᴇs

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The White Serpent with a Small Crown

     There was once a peasant woman and she had children. She would go work in the fields and leave the children at home, giving them a bowl of milk to keep their hunger away while she was gone. They always ate it all and the mother praised them for their diligence.
     The children said, “Oh, but we’re not eating alone, there’s a nice birdie that comes to eat with us, too.”
     The mother thought that some cat comes to eat with the children. Still, she found it odd that the children were talking about a nice white birdie. She wanted to see for herself what it really was. She hid in the house, set up the milk as usual and waited.
     Soon, a white serpent with a beautiful crown on its head slithered out from beneath the table and into the arms of the youngest child. The mother was petrified. But the children stroked and caressed the nice birdie. When the serpent ate its fill, it shook the crown from its head and returned to the hole again.
     As soon as the serpent disappeared, mother jumped into the foyer and took the children to safety; of course, she did not forget to take the crown as well. She put it in the chest where they kept the yarn. Grandfather would wind the yarn in winter. He’d wind it all winter, but there was no end to it. The woman thought, “Whatever could it be? Perhaps the crown has such a power?” The crown was thus put away and the yarn wound up. It was then put in the grain. They’d measure and measure the grain, but the granary never emptied.
     So the crown was put in one place and then another and soon the house recovered and was doing so well that it was the richest in the village.
     And the crown remained with them, so long as the kin that treated the white serpent well lived there.

Illustration by Ančka Gošnik Godec, Slovene original below.

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I am so blessed to have made so many wonderful friends through this site ❤️ I love you all so much.

Daniel Howell

Summary: When Dan gets hate for changing his channel name, the only person can fix it is Phil. 

Genre: Fluff, Pouty!Dan

Warnings: None this time :) (Look I wrote one without swearing what a rare occasion) 

Word Count: 1,039

Dan gave a dark stare to his bright computer screen. All he could see was the page refreshing over and over again. Comment after comment. All of which complaining. Complaining about the name change.

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He does love legends doesn’t he?


If it’s one of those skirts that is just a little too long, and I keep stepping… I will lose my mind. There are certain skirts in wardrobe that I want to rip to shreds and burn. I trip up on them and it’s just- when you’re trying to get ready for a scene and you’re like “okay, cool, let’s do this” and you’re pumped and you’re like going in, then trip and you fall face first into a door, again and again and again. And again. And people are stepping on you, it’s ugh, so annoying. [laughs]  But that doesn’t happen very often. Honestly I don’t get irritated with costumes very often. Once a week maybe I’ll be like, “this corset, I want to eat more lunch and I can’t. This is annoying.” They are quite uncomfortable, but you do get used to it. It’s like wearing a bra for the first time. Usually it feels kind of awkward but then you get used to it.

The Capitol’s favorite couple, Haymitch Abernathy and Effie Trinket, were seen enjoying the winter weather in District 12 this past weekend. 

Day 5 of the Hayffismas event! 

Momo Yaoyorozu Dating Headcannons

*soft sweet girlfriend
*will cook for you
*random gifts that she makes with her quirk to show her appreciation for you
*pray for any boy (ie Kaminari or Mineta) that flirts with you
*like EXCUSE ME???? someone had the AUDACITY to flirt with her girlfriend
*lets hope for their sake that they’re not paired to fight in training
*isn’t really worried about you cheating on her
*she has a absolute trust in you
*she’s a confident girl
*but whenever she’s feeling insecure about something you know asap
*she will show up at your door with a pillow and blanket ready to spill her darkest secrets
*full disclosure
* will help you study if you need it
*even if you don’t need it honestly
*study dates are a must
*an excuse to hang out with her favorite person AND maintain her grades AT THE SAME TIME?!?!?
*only thing straight about her is her straight A’s
*will kiss you anywhere
*in class
*during training
*passing by in the hallway
*on the train
*literally anywhere
*but she doesn’t like launch herself on you in public
*only like a cute little peck to remind you she loves you
*she will for sure hold your hand in public no question
*pda of course
*just like, the kind of pda that makes people go :
*not the kind of pda that makes people go “get a room”
*which, since you mention it, is quite convenient since you’re both girls
*like you two can spend the night together without getting reprimanded thanks to gender normativity
*not an every night occurance
*like once or maybe twice a week AT MOST
*you two probably have a specific day of the week picked out anyway
*every Thursday
*Mina probably figured out so “Thursday” became a little inside joke between the girls
*and maybe Deku too because Uraraka accidentally spilled
*Momo loves cuddling you
*she’s up for big spoon or little spoon it doesn’t matter
*she loves feeling your body against her own
*loves stroking your thighs, maybe wandering her hand towards your butt every once in a while
*your butt is her guilty pleasure
*she most likely said “I love you” first
*as soon as she knew how she felt, you knew
*of course you said it back like….?
*you do realize who we’re talking about here right?
*how could you not love her?

A/N requests open my lovelies

anonymous asked:

if the fusion houses existed what would their entrance be like

Slytherclaw would be similar to Ravenclaw, except there would probs be a cheat sheet

Gryffinclaw/ Ravendor would be some sort of hidden entrance you have to figure out the location of, then climb or overcome some physical obstacle to reach it. (Maybe it moves… like once a week?)

Ravenpuff would mix creativity and common sense, probably working similar to the eagle knocker, but instead being a painting, (the riddle probably is more like a puzzle? How would that would if it was like the eagle knocker. I’m low key stuck so moving on)

Slytherdor… well I seem to remember both Slytherin and Gryffindor having sort sort of password pre told to them (correct me if I’m wrong I really need to reread the books) so it would probably be similar to that. Probably hidden as well, but in a tower rather than the dungeon.

I’ll add gryffinpuff and slytherpuff in a bit. I apologize that it takes me procrastinating to actually answer asks. 

jessicakimba  asked:

I wanna start exercising again but i cant seem to find the will to actually get up and do it! 😣 any tips ?

You are asking the wrong hooman. I maybe workout like once a week and It’s only bc I can go to my universities gym for free XD

But like drink water and keep yo self hydrated booyo self hydrated boo