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Characters: Y/n, Liam, Scott, Lydia, Allison, Kira, Malia, Jackson, Isaac, Stiles, Mason, Jordan

Pairing: Jordan x Y/n (MALE READER)

Warnings: Nothing. A few random swears. Fluffy brother stuff, flirting, teasing, cuteness at the end. 

Word count: 2084

Summary: Liam’s older brother shocks the pack by showing up, reminiscing and discovering secrets.

A/N: Requested fic-Could you do a teen wolf one where your Liam’s older brother and a professional lacrosse player and you get time off so he goes to see Liam and sees him practicing and Scott and Stiles are big fans of him and get autographs and pictures and stiles acts really nice to Liam like hand round his shoulders and stuff like that and Liam brother kinds of embarrasses him by all his old nicknames. Ok, so I didnt follow everything the request said, but I like where it went. Hope u like it!!

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The boys were out on the field for lacrosse practice. 

Scott, Isaac, Stiles, Liam and Jackson. 

Everyone else was sat on the stands. 

Mason, Kira and Allison watching, while Lydia helped Malia with her math, the poor werecoyote having absolutely no clue what x’s and y’s were doing in math, when they belonged in English.

Liam was in the goal, blocking the shots, while everyone else attempted to score. 

Of course, Liam was stopping almost all attempts, except for Scott’s, Isaac’s and Jackson’s, the werewolves using just a small amount of their supernatural strength.

“Whoooo, go Scott”, Kira cheered, proud of her boyfriend, while Allison and Mason cheered along.

“Come on, Dunbar! Step it up. You’re supposed to block them, not be scared!” Coach shouted.

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I’m still trying to grasp that it’s already the 28th. Gosh, that was incredibly fast. Ramadan is more athletic than I will ever be. Of course I’d want it to be Ramadan all year long. But to come think of it, if Allah were to make that happen, can we guarantee we’re really going to make full use of it? I mean are we even using this one month to the best of our abilities? Having a certain time limit can be a motivation. It establishes a sense of urgency. By hook or by crook, we must achieve our targets within that stipulated period of time. Knowing we have a deadline, the possibilities of  getting carried away is a lot lesser, don’t you think?

Anyway, today I went for some last minute Eid shopping with my siblings, hence the pictures above. The mall we went to was jam-packed like crazy. Eid songs were playing so loudly at almost every shop we went to. Queues stretched as far as the eyes can see. There were soooo many people mashaAllah. Just, wow. Everyone sure is excited for Eid. 

Honestly, I don’t really know how to feel about it. It’s refreshing to witness the spirit of Eid, but also saddening to see that people are actually getting ready to bid ramadan goodbye.

I don’t know maybe it’s just me. To each his own.

Imagine #3 The Best Christmas

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*Y/N’s POV*

Christmas was coming up and I needed to buy everyone some presents. So I left the house and went off to the mall. Once I was there I was slowly walking and thinking of the perfect gift for my family and friends.

For my mom I thought about some things from Lush so therefore I went to the shop and bought some cute little things, like soaps, bath bombs and body butter. Next was my little sister, this one was easy. She was 16, so maybe a nice dress and jewelry. She’d absolutely love that. I spotted the Forever 21 and searched for some nice things. I eventually bought her a pretty dress with some accessories to go with. Now my dad, this one is hard, so I decided to go eat something first and think about the rest of the presents I needed to buy.

I walked over to a sushi restaurant and ordered myself some California Maki’s. Meanwhile I was wondering what to buy for my dad, best friend and of course my boyfriend, Neymar. Then it occurred to me, I’d just buy my dad a perfume and a pair of socks, because what else should I buy him? He never really wants anything, so I think this will do. Now for my best friend, Nicki, I want something original and thoughtful. Maybe a bracelet with our names carved in it. I thought of the idea, and loved it, I was going to get 2 of them so we’d both have one. And last but not least Neymar. He told me he wanted nothing expensive and stuff like that, but me being myself ignored him. It wouldn’t be that expensive though, just something reasonable, he really deserved it. That wouldn’t be my only gift for him, I wanted to buy him something funny. So basically an ugly Christmas sweater and as for the expensive gift a Swarovski necklace, because I know he likes them with some bling.

After I sorted all of that out, I paid for my food and went back to shopping. First my dad and his perfume. I bought him a Calvin Klein one, that I thought smelled nice. Next were the socks and Neymar’s ugly sweater. I entered a Christmas store and looked for a pair of funny Christmas socks, once I found them I moved on to the ugly sweater. After a couple of minutes passing by I absolutely found the perfect one. It was like this 3D sweater with a reindeer on the front and back and it made no sense. When I walked towards the cashier I also saw some sunglasses and I decided to buy Neymar one. I paid for my things and moved on to Swarovski. I asked a shop assisent to help me with the special bracelets. Once I got that done, she helped me to search for a necklace and I ended up buying a cross with some diamond on it. It would really suit him. When I was finally done I went home again and dropped all the presents in my room. I had already bought gifts for Ney’s family when we were shopping together, so that was already taken care of.

I messaged Ney and said I was coming over, he simply answered me he was already waiting.

In 15 minutes I was there and rang the doorbell, just seconds later he opened the door.

“Finally!” He said

I laughed and gave him a kiss. I hung up my coat and kicked off my shoes. I scanned his outfit as he was already walking to the living room. He looked so cute in his sweater with his natural curly hair. He sat down on his couch and patted the seat next to him.

I sat down next to him and asked what he did today.

“Nothing much, just training and chilling,” He answered, “How about you? You seem tired.” He stated, wrapping his arms around me.

“Well, I went Christmas shopping and that is tiring.” I laughed as I hugged him and snuggled my head in the crook of his neck.

“Really?! What did you buy me?”

“You know I can’t tell you.” I smirked

“It better not be anything expensive!” He said seriously.

“I can’t promise you.” I winked

He whined like a baby and I told him to just let it go. I laid my head on his lap, my eyes facing his stomach, as he stroke my hair.

“Ney, I need to ask you something serious.” I said my face dead serious.

“Fire away, I’m all ears.” He said with a confused expression because I was so serious all of a sudden.

“Do you have… any chocolate in your house?”

He looked at me with wide eyes, “That’s it?”

I burst out in laughter, because I know these kind of questions scare the shit out of him. I ruffled his hair and pecked his lips.

“You’re so cute.” I smiled

“You’re gonna regret saying that.” He winked

“Oh really? And why is that?” I provoked him.

He came closer to me, so close that I could feel his hot breath fanning my ear and whispered, “Because I know you don’t like to be tickled.” My eyes widened and he smirked devilishly.

“No, please god do-” I couldn’t even finish my sentence because the idiot started tickling me.

I was screaming of laughter and begging him to stop.

“I’ll stop under one condition.”

“Yes, tell me! What is it?”

“Say I’m hot and you will never stop loving me.” He said.

“I’m hot and you will never stop loving me.” I repeated him

He rolled his eyes and gave me a ‘that’s-not-what-I-meant’ look.

“Fine,” I said as I cupped his face, “Neymar, you are the hottest person on earth and I will never ever stop loving you. How about that?”

His lips met mine and we shared a passionate kiss. I will never get tired of his plump, luscious lips. I opened my eyes again and just hugged the shit out of him.

“You’re the best, Y/N.” He said while I just smiled and left a kiss on his neck.

~december 24th~

*Neymar’s POV*

I was lazily lying on my bed and figuring out what to give Y/N. It had to be special and thoughtful. I had already bought her a nice dress along with a pair of heels together with a clutch, but those were the usual. This needed to be the best thing in the whole world. I was replaying the scene from yesterday when she came to my house and smiled just thinking about it.

Then it hit me.

I messaged her and asked what she would be doing today, she replied me saying she was going to cook today for tomorrow. I decided to go over because I couldn’t let her do this all by herself. I mean, her family, my family. 8 people aren’t that much, but still. 

I took a quick shower and got dressed. I also took my special gift for her along with me, because I would be spending the night at her place. In no time I was there and I rang the door bell. She opened seconds later, a surprised look on her face seeing me.

“What are you doing here?” She asked totally confused, opening the door further.

“Hello to you too,” I chuckled, “I’m just visiting my babe.” I said and winked at her. A little blush appeared on her face and she smiled. I took off my jacket and shoes and walked inside, following Y/N.

We ended up in the kitchen and I put my arms around her waist and rested my head on her shoulder.

“So what are you cooking?” I asked excitement in my voice, because let me tell you one thing, her food is the bomb.

“I’m gonna bake brownies with white chocolate chunks in the shape of a star.” She smiled.

“Hmm..” I moaned just thinking about it, “Let me help you.”

She turned around surprised and then snickered, “Ney, you can’t cook, let alone bake.”

I gasped, “I can cook, just not as good as you. It is true that I can’t bake, but you can teach me right?” I smirked

“Well let’s get to it then!” She smirked back.

I gave her a kiss on the cheek and stood beside her with my arm around her shoulder.

“Alright. What’s first?” I asked looking at all the ingredients on the kitchen counter.


An hour passed and we ended up being covered in flour and chocolate. This was a bad idea, although we did get the brownies done.

“That was fun.” I exclaimed

“And we did a good job, although I did the most of it.” She added chuckling.

“That’s not fair, you wouldn’t let me!” I defended myself.

“Sure, whatever makes you sleep at night big boy.” She winked as she started walking towards the living room.

“You make me sleep at night.” I smirked

She laughed out loud, “Naughty, naughty.”

“Only for you.” I said whilst I plopped down next to her on the couch.

“So, do you wanna watch a movie?” She asked me

“Yeah, sure.”

“Which one? Oh and it has to be a Christmas one!”

“You pick one and I’ll make popcorn.” I smiled, standing up and heading to the kitchen.

“Alright… how about Home Alone? She yelled and I could just picture her grinning right now.

“Yes yes! Perfect.” I chanted

She put it on and I came with the popcorn.

She cuddled up to me and we watched the movie like that.

After that we ordered a pizza and watched another movie, this time The Santa Claus. Yeah, this girl loves Christmas.

I think we both fell asleep during the movie, because I woke up at 21:45 and the movie had already finished. She was still sleeping with her head on my chest and my arms wrapped around her. I smiled looking down at her, and softly woke her up. She was making some baby noises in her sleep which made me chuckle.

“Baby, wake up.” I whispered as I gently shook her shoulders.

“Hmm…” She slowly opened her eyes and said, “What time is it?”

“21:45.” I told her

“Oh, let’s go to bed.” She said as she held out her hand for me to take.

We walked up the stairs and towards her room when I stopped her.

She gave me a confused look and I said, “Look up.”

There it was, a mistletoe. A smile played on my lips just like hers and I pulled her closer to me. My arms were around her waist and hers around my neck. We both leaned in and kissed each other passionately. Soon it turned into a heated make-out session and we made our way to her bedroom. By now her legs were around my waist and my hands right on her ass to support her. I dropped her on the bed and continued kissing her.


I woke up due to some sounds and movement of the bed. I slighty squinted my eyes open and to my surprise there was Y/N jumping up and down on the bed with one of my shirts on.

“Damn, you’re finally awake. Feliz Natal Ney.” She said with the sweetest smile ever.

I sat up and opened my arms for her. She immediately jumped into them and I engulfed her in a warm hug.

“Feliz Natal meu amor.”

I then jumped out of bed searching for my briefs. Once I found them I put them on and went to brush my teeth because she already did. I told Y/N to wait for me downstairs, so I sprinted into her bathroom and quickly brushed my teeth. Right after that I looked for one of my sweatpants I had somewhere in her house. I found one and raced downstairs. She was in the kitchen drinking some hot chocolate milk and she also made one for me.

“Thanks babe. I really need you to come with me.” I smiled as I pulled her with me to her Christmas tree. I grabbed a specific gift and gave it to her.

“Here, this one is for you and I need you to open it right now.” I stated and sat down on the floor, Y/N doing the same.

She looked at me with a curious look on her face. She carefully ripped off the wrapping paper. Once it was revealed she had this weird expression on her face. I could tell she was confused.

“A key?” She asked

I chuckled and explained it to her, “It’s the key to my house. I want you to move in with me.”

I looked at her face and couldn’t quite put my finger on what she was feeling at this moment, so I started to doubt myself.

“Only if you want to, because really I’m not forcing you, if you’re not ready then-” I rambled but she cut me off by pressing her lips onto mine. We ended up laying on the groud, with her on top of me.

“So?” I asked hopefully

“Yes, Neymar. I would love to move in with you. Thank you.” She was smiling from ear to ear and eventually started tearing up.

“Aw, don’t cry baby.” I wiped away her tears and pecked her lips.

“Eu te amo Ney.”

“Eu te amo também meu amor.”

“But now, you have to open your gift.” She said to me as she searched for it under the tree.

“This one.”

I opened it and my eyes met a blue Swarovski box. She just shrugged her shoulders and smiled innocently, “Go on, open it.”

I slowly opened it and saw a necklace with a cross, embroidered with little diamonds.

“It’s beautiful Y/N. Thank you so much. I absolutely adore it.” I gave her a tight hug and once again, my lips met hers.

“It’s nothing.”

This was going to be the best Christmas ever.

Here it finally is! My christmas imagine. Oh my god. I’m so sorry I’m this late. I was really busy with my family etc. I hope you’ll like it.
Also a Happy New Year (FELIZ NATAL A TODOSSS) to everyone. May you have a year full of love, blessings, luck, happiness and health.
Love you guys xx

Not A Bad Thing  ▏Suga

Author’s Note: So very sorry for being late with this post (and a post in general to be honest), but life has been hectic and all that, so bleh :/ By the way, The Flash literally came on as I wrote the last few sentences to this scenario and I just completely lost it because dsfjndsfkjdfFlaSHh and I just wanted to let you know that because… yes. But anyways, hope you like it! :)

“Don’t act like it’s a bad thing to fall in love with me.” 

           Yoongi remembered the day you caught his eye very vividly in his mind, and he often thought back to it again and again as the days passed and he saw you more and more, finding even more reasons than before to fall for you slowly.

           He was in a clothing store shopping with a friend of his, mainly for his friend’s sake rather than his own. Yoongi felt bored out of his mind within two minutes of entering the store, but his friend was too busy panicking and searching the aisles for a decent wardrobe for his date with some girl at school whose name slipped Yoongi’s mind to care.

           It was when Yoongi was absentmindedly circling the jackets section for the third time that you walked up to him, smiling brightly as your manager always encouraged you to do and stopping him in his tracks. “Hello,” you greeted. “Can I help you look for anything?”

           “No, I’m fine…” Yoongi’s voice dragged as he looked up and finally met your eyes. Wow, he thought to himself, and felt grateful that he didn’t blurt that out. “I um, actually, well, yes,” he choked out, causing you to slightly furrow your eyebrows. “I um… I was just looking around. Maybe you could recommend me something that may look good on me?”

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What I think is very interesting is it's not just B that has been MIA from snapchat, it's been the whole Jungle clan as well as Olivia and her mom. Basically everyone associated with the Jungles has suddenly gone dark and isn't posting anything that shows any of them. It's like a light switch flipped. No more car rides. No more mall experiences. Nothing they all went ghost. Could mean something or could just mean that a few of them (B, Tammi maybe Olivia and Trashley) all had a bit of work done.

hahhaaha they got a family discount at the cosmetic surgery place kshkhdf

but yeah… kinda weird that ALL of them have gone ghost. im sure we’ll see them soon enough though.