maybe like a trip wire or security wire would go off

Recruitment || Nightwing Imagine

Request:  Hey!! I was wondering if you could do a nightwing x reader where the reader is Harley Quinn and the jokers daughter? The team would try and recruits her and end up taking her by force only to have most of them assume she is crazy and ignore her. But nightwing sees that she could be different and tries to get through to her. He doesn’t know that she’s struggling with staying cruel to him as much as he’s straining to be nice. Sorry it’s long. Pleaseeeeee do this!!!! ❤️❤️💕💕

Your shoes pounded the pavement as you dodged the trash can which came in your way. The Gotham alleys remained as dirty as ever and this particular one which you were getting chased down wasn’t an exception. You were still debating as to what exactly you had done to be chased by the precious bird gang of Gotham City. Well your entire existence was blasphemous but that wasn’t really your fault.

Your ears twitched as you heard the familiar sound of a grappling hook getting fired and four pairs of feet tailing you. They sure were dedicated. Hearing something whizzing at you at full speed, it was time for a detour. You took a hard right entering another one of the paths of the maze that is Gotham, dodging what you thought was a bolas. Good trick but this wasn’t the first time someone had thrown one at you.

Caught up in the thought of escaping this, you didn’t see the trip wire laid out and as per your pursuers plan, the trap set into motion making you land on the ground painfully as many wires tied you up. You groaned and lifted up your face expecting them to show themselves.

“There’s no need to be shy,” you drawled. “Please. Step into the light.”

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Omaha, Omaha

Here’s a new story. I’d like to thank @unimportantguy69 for the inspiration.


Rick and I decided to hit the road again for some slave potential. I was reading Tumblr and one guy talked about his town having potential slaves. It was Omaha Nebraska. So the two of us took a road trip. We left on a Monday and arrived on Tuesday. We arrived around 10pm Tuesday. We found a cheap motel. It wasn’t because we couldn’t afford something better, it was just we had more flexibility if we caught a slave and needed to make a quick exit. The overnight after we arrived, Rick decided to go for a coffee run and found an all-night Walmart open.

He grabbed his coffee. Obviously at that time of the morning, Walmart is practically a ghost town. But he did see this one chick who caught his eye. She appeared to be in her early-mid 20’s, 5'6-7", 130 lbs, long dark hair and well endowed in the t @ a area. Although she appeared to be Caucasian, she also sounded a bit Latina as well. She was dressed in skinny blue jeans that showcased her ass. a black t-shirt that showcased her tits with tan colored flat heeled knee high boots. He immediately called me. I was sleeping at that point when called. “Hey George, I think we got one” Rick proceeded to give me a description. I told him to follow her to her home and find out where she lives. Of course she stopped off at a gas station to get gas. It was right by our motel. He picked me up. At that time of night, theirs usually nobody there. So she finished up and was about to get in her SUV when Rick and I snuck up from behind and grabbed her. Rick grabbed her arms while I took a rag soaked with chloroform. She was a fighter. She struggled but within a few seconds, her brain started losing oxygen and she passed out. One thing we have learned is chloroform takes a bit longer to take effect than what you see on movies or tv. Anyway we took rope. Bound her wrists behind her back, her elbows together, her thighs, calves and ankles together, rope around her body(especially her tits and tied her wrists and ankles together to make a hogtie and finished with a ball gag and hood around her head and placed her in a cage. We kind of cut it close. Just a minute after we acquired our slave, another car pulled up. Whoa. Anyway, this lady gets out of the car to put gas in it. She looks pretty hot as well. She’s 5'4, medium build with great curves and long brown hair. She looked late 20’s. She was wearing a dark grey v-neck sweater which showcased her cleavage, black leggings and black flat heeled knee high boots. Again like the other girl, we put her in a strict hogtie and sensory deprivation in a cage. We checked out of the motel figuring maybe we could get back to the training facility by about midnight. We would take turns driving with the other person either sleeping or fondling or groping our new acquisitions. Finally by midnight, we arrived back at the slave training facility. We wheeled the cages down to the very bottom floor 3 floors down. We took the slaves out their cages and undid their hogties. That gave our 2 new slaves momentary relief. Both slaves were then stripped and placed in arch back devices. Devices that secure their wrists, upper arms, neck, ankles and waist and they are bent at backs kind of like a yoga position. A wired butt plug and and wired metal dildo for their ass and pussy respectively. And their nipples had alligator clips attached. A hitachi wand on the clits that ran on a timer all night to edge them. This was part of their 72 hours of sleep deprivation. They of course hope to eventually lose consciousness but in case they did, the attachments had a built in sensor to give them a nice jolt of electricity. Same thing if they managed to cum. Again the slaves were also ball gagged with hoods to blind them. And the only thing they could hear were their orientation(or disorientation) tapes that played in a loop all night. The tapes remind them they are now slaves. Just tits and 3 fuckholes for men to use and abuse for their pleasure. Just pieces of meat. We had a camera set up. We alerted potential slave owners that we had new slaves for sale. They can watch and make bids. On both, we started the bidding at $5000 each. Their training and new lives as slaves had begun. As had their transformation from independent women to obedient and compliant slaves. Too be continued

Preference One / How you met (Relationship series)

Harry: -

The sunset on a Wednesday afternoon, you were at the beach with your family. The waves were crashing rhythmically on the golden sand. The only thing that you could hear was the waves and the odd sea gull. 
“We’re leaving soon!” Your mum yelled, as she was struggling to control your younger sister. The peace was distributed by what sounded like five teenage boys playing football on the beach. 
“Oi! That was a cheap shot Payne!” A high-pitched accent said.
“Just because you didn’t stop it!” A normalish accent said. 
“Girls, girls, girls. Could we stop fighting and actually play the game? But I do agree with Louis on this one.” A deeper, slower accent said. 
You watched the boys play their game of football. 
“Goal kick!” The same deep, slow accent said. You watched as he kicked the ball. The ball few up in the air and was coming down with great force. You turned around to say something to your mum, but at the same time the ball hit you in the back of the head. 
“Shit!” An Irish accent said. You could just see a group of boys running towards you. Your vision was blurred, due to the fact that you got hit in the head with a ball. 
“Are you alright?” The same Irish accent said. 
“Of course not! I just hit her in the head with a football, you idiot!” Again the same deep, slow accent said. “Sorry! What could I do to make it up to you? I’m Harry by the way.” The slow, deep- I mean Harry said. 
“Well for starters… You could not hit me in the head with a ball.” You say, everyone there in front of you laughs.

“I’m being serious here.” Harry said.

“So am I.” you said.

“How bout some Starbucks?” Harry asked

“I would like that.” You said smiling



You were currently standing in-line for an Ed Sheeran concert. It was very exciting because you finally get to see your favourite singer of all time! You couldn’t believe that you were going to see Ed Sheeran. From your tickets you got pretty good seats. Perfect view of the stage and not that far away from the toilet. You got into the arena and when straight to the merch and brought a few things. It was amazing, you grabbed a coke, from inside the arena, and they checked you down when you got into the arena. It was like they thought that you had a bomb in your pocket. You made your way to your seat. You were one of the first people there so you sat with your legs out, bored as hell you decided to get your phone out and check Twitter. It was very interesting; you were too in your Twitter you didn’t feel some trip over your legs and spill their drink all over your legs.

“Oh shit! Sorry.” a person with brown hair and brown eyes said.

“Oh that doesn’t matter!” You laughing it off like it’s nothing,

“I’m Liam.” He said putting his hand out to yours.

“Y/N.” You say shaking his hand.

“Let me make it up to you and I’ll take you backstage?” Liam said, trying to make-up for your now wet jeans.

“Oh… I couldn’t let you do that. Anyways how would you get backstage?” You asked.

“Simple. I’m friends with Ed, you know.” Liam says in a no-duh tone of voice.

“Well if it’s not that much trouble…” You say trailing off.

“It’s nothing.” Liam says  

“Okay then!” You say smiling. 

And with that you had an awesome night, even though your favourite pair of jeans is now stained with coke. But on the plus side you did get to meet Ed Sheeran 



“Goal!” was the thing that echoed around the stadium. You were at a football game, Manchester United vs. Chelsea. You were on the edge of your seat as the whistle blew for half time. One all was the score, and very thing was up for grabs. The winners of the British Premiere League. It was a very interesting game. Going back and fourth of the field. Since it was half time you went to the food stall to go and get some food. There was a mile long line to the food stall. You just stood there and waited the only thing that was going through your head was “I wonder if they had any hot-dogs left.” You sighed as the line moved an inch. “Wow! An inch you thought.” Your thoughts were interrupted when a guy behind you said “How long is this going to take! All I want is plain water!”

“Whoa! Calm down!” You exclaimed

“Well my thirst is at risk here!” He said using had gestures to prove his point.

“Am I the only person here that doesn’t care about your thirst?” You question him

“This is a life or death situation here, you better damn well care!” He exclaims

“But the funny thing is that I do not care!” You said.

For the past ten minutes you were busy fighting with this guy that you didn’t realise that you were at the front of the line. You looked and saw that there was only one bottle of water left and to annoy this ‘guy’ you brought it. As you walked away from the stall someone called out.

“Wait!” They said.

You turned around to see that the same guy was there in front of you.

“Could I have your number?” He asked.

“Why do you want my number?” You ask him.

“Because I would like to see you again.” He said “I’m Louis, if you didn’t know.” Louis said smiling.


You stood in line for the world famous boy band, One Direction to sign you album of Midnight Memories.  As cliché as it sounds they had saved your life. You bullied by everyone and anyone, the teachers saw it and thought nothing of it. They did nothing to stop it. You thought all hope was lost until you found One Direction. They understood you and all the songs that they sang made you feel better about yourself. You were about ten away from meeting one of the boy’s face to face. Until you saw someone familiar standing behind you, your bully.

“Why are you here?” She asked,

“To see One Direction.” You answer

“They won’t even look at you and they will think you’re ugly!” She laughed.

Right there you felt like you were going to burst into tears and run.

“Well, have you looked in the mirror recently?” you reply

“Why you litt-” you didn’t get to hear the rest, because her hand made contact to your face. You didn’t realise that the line had moved up and Niall could see you on the verge of tears. You didn’t care that One Direction were sat right in front of you, but instead ran away and into a corner where no one could find you. The sound of footsteps rung through your ears.

“Please if you are here for mor-” you said trailing off seeing a pair of bright blue eyes in front of you, you realised that it was Niall.

“Are you alright?” Niall asked,

“Yeah, fine.” You said not wanting any attention.

“No, you’re not. Please let me help you.” Niall said pleading

“I don’t know…” You said

“Please it is the least I could do for a pretty girl like you.” Niall said smiling.



The concert finished with What Makes You Beautiful, you were about to leave but when a security guard came,

“You have to come with me.” The security guard said with so much authority, he actually scared you to death. You followed the security guard. You were beyond scared, you didn’t know what you did wrong to get called back-stage. Maybe you were those one crazy fans that isn’t allowed back to any concerts. You could just imagine it: She standing in front of a white wall while someone took a photo, a photo in which then there are any One Direction concerts they will look at each fan, and every fan will be compared to that photo and if they looked like you they will not be allowed to watch or even listen to the concert. This was all that you could think about. They walked through all the backstage, wires and expensive things were everywhere! You defiantly didn’t want trip over anything and have to pay like $10000 for it! They carefully walked through the maze of wires to the dressing rooms. They walked up to a dressing room door that said “One Direction” on the door. Your heartbeat sped up just by looking at those four words on the door. The security guard opened the door. You walked in and scrunched up her nose, the room was messy. Clothes on the floor, half eaten bowl of popcorn on the coffee table, chip packets everywhere,  empty Coke cans around the room. The one thing that stuck out was Harry’s Rolling Stones top poking out of a mountain of clothes. 
“Just sit here and wait, the boys will come in soon.” The security guard said walking out of the room. Did he just say they the boys will come in soon? You thought. She looked up at the T.V screen, she saw a half-finished game of Call of Duty on the screen, you debated if she should finish the game. But you decided not to. The door opened, and five boys walked in.

“Hi, I was told to sit here.” You said to the biggest boy band on the planet.

“So you’re the girl that Zayn couldn’t stop talking about.” Louis said and Zayn stood behind him blushing like crazy.

“Um…” was all that could come out of your mouth.

“Um-well, could I have you number?” Zayn asked you.

“Sure!” You said writing down your number on a piece of paper.

“Thanks. How about we grab something to eat?” Zayn asked.

“I would love to.” You said smiling.


Here is the first preference of what will be the ‘relationship’ series, I will hopefully have the next preference up this time next week, and have Chapter One of 'True Loves First Kiss’ up on Friday, just have to do some editing. I was thinking if you would like to sent me a small description about yourself and what you look like and I will ship you with a member of One Direction or 5 Seconds of Summer. (Just when you ask say what band (:). Hope are all well, if you have any questions just ask!! :) xx