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 A little update on the side, I have a new oc!! The white haired one, she’s Nollet and she’ll keep LLL company (in case you don’t remember, >>her<<).

 I made her in Tera (first time I’ve ever adopted a chara I created in a game) and I took the opportunity to rename and draw LLL again: now her name’s Adriana and she has a face!!! 

anonymous asked:

how do i know if im legit bi or if im just a lesbian going through compulsory heterosexuality....i was attracted to only one guy when i was like 14 and found guys attractive but mostly found myself leaning towards girls. my attraction has been all girl for almost a year so i thought i could confidently call myself a lesbian...but now i think certain guys are attractive and even had a sex dream. its really confusing me & honestly making me depressed. i just wanna be sure of myself

Listen, kiddo. It’s okay if you’re not sure yet (or ever). And I cannot give you the answer to the “am I bi or a lesbian” question. Maybe, if you’re not sure about your attraction towards men, you could call yourself “queer”, “sapphic” or “wlw” for the time being. That way you can acknowldge your same-gender attraction while leaving it open whether or not you also like other genders.

But even if you identify as lesbian now and then realise you actually do like some guys as well after all, you can always go back to calling yourself bisexual. It’s fine to change your label, it’s fine to change preferences. And btw: it’s totally possible to be bisexual even if you have a very strong preference for one gender. It’s also possible to be a lesbian even if you do appreciate some men’s looks or did have crushes on guys in the past.

At the end of the day the question is: which label are you most comfortable with? Right now, right here? You cannot predict the future and you can always ask yourself that question again at any moment in your life and you are always allowed to have a different answer to it. Even if the answer changed every time or if it changes after a period of 10 or 20 or 50 years.

Just go with what feels right for you right now.


reblog if you’re sapphic and like muscular people

i have a gay fren who’s sorta self-conscious about being muscular, and since so many of you seem to agree with me about muscles being Good, i thought this might prove to them that they’re gonna be able to find plenty of girls that find their muscles attractive as fuck.

maybe lesbians ship so much m/m stuff not because they are “sexualizing” the gender that they aren’t even remotely attracted to, but because they want to navigate and explore the narrative of a gay relationship they care about.

and maybe because female characters are so monumentally underwritten across the board – in terms of relationships with each other and sheer personal character development – said lesbians cannot muster the investment they can for two male characters. maybe thats why there isn’t as much f/f content out there. it’s not some moral failing or internalized homophobia, it’s a sheer lack of well-rounded content

but u know. don’t ask me i’m just a girl math is hard!!

to all my lovely and wonderful wlw who are struggling to love and accept themselves (like me):

  • no, you are not “too ugly” for women to love you
  • no, you are not “faking it” or “doing it for attention
  • no, you are not gross, wrong, or disgusting
  • yes, you are deserving of a wonderful relationship with a woman should you want one
  • yes, you are radiant and beautiful
  • yes, you are allowed to be proud of who you are
  • no, you do not need to feel all of this immediately, at once, or quickly. take your time learning to love yourself, because you deserve it.

happy pride my friends 💕

I feel like straight people really aren’t aware of how deeply rooted homophobia is in society. Putting gay, or any LGBT+, characters in media is just seen as a political statement. Being gay is seen as a political statement. Our lives, ignoring any other factor, is just seen as “liberal bullshit”. We can barely see ourselves in the media everyone consumes, and that’s just one factor that alienates us from society and even being seen as human. Kids today are growing up learning from what they read and watch, and excluding gay characters is one of the largest reasons for homophobia, both internal and external. The media is supposed to reflect reality; characters are meant to be related to. And when we fail to see ourselves in what is supposed to be a parallel to our lives, we fail to see ourselves as human. How are we supposed to be proud when we’ve been alienated our whole lives? We grow up hearing about the murders of people like us, we are treated as the punchline in sitcoms, we hear people complaining about pandering when a character is revealed as gay. From a young age we are taught we aren’t supposed to be treated like people. We grow up learning to hate ourselves. Straight people may think we make a big deal of seeing gay characters in media, but for some people it’s all they have to feel normal. It’s a big step for us if a character is gay. For the people who have grown up to feel disgusted with their attraction, the people who feel dirty, the people who have been kicked out of their homes or lost friends from just being, sometimes seeing a cool character who is respected by others that happens to be gay is all we have to feel better about ourselves.

Another thing I’d like to talk about with gay characters in the media is the big “coming out” stories. The only reason we need these big reveals for a character to be gay is people believe by default everyone is straight. Why? Because that’s what we are taught is normal. It has to be a surprise to be gay. Straight people really have no idea how bad homophobia is just because they don’t have to deal with it. They don’t have to worry about their parents hating them for their sexuality. Once again on the whole coming out thing, is that it’s seen as some big event. One of the first things my straight friends will ask once I reveal I’m gay is, “Do your parents accept you?”. They’re so damn eager to find out if my parents actually treat me like a human being. I’m extremely lucky to have parents who aren’t homophobic and instead only occasionally innocently insensitive. But others? They’re abused, physically and emotionally. There are kids kicked out of their homes. Sometimes kids are even killed, by their PARENTS, just for being themselves. Coming out may be just a story for straight people, but for us it’s putting our future in our hands. We are testing to see if the people who say they love us are going to keep our word. We are going to see if our dearly beloved friends and family will still see us as people. Coming out can be terrifying, as this can be the step that causes children to lose their loved ones. And it’s not their fault, but they grow to believe that. “If I wasn’t gay, they wouldn’t hate me. I’m wrong,” Is what they believe. The only reason we fucking need pride parades and pride month is to convince ourselves we aren’t monsters. The reason we need to constantly say “Wow i’m so glad to be gay” is to convince ourselves that it’s true. We are just trying to fight off all this internalized hate towards ourselves, and yet straight people still speak over us and our issues, which they are causing.

Basically straight people need to calm the fuck down and shut their mouth and let LGBT+ people see themselves in the media, because you have no idea what an impact that can have on people.

if you are questioning if you might be a lesbian:

it’s okay to be terrified (i was)

it’s not offensive to lesbians if you try out the label

you’re not bad bc you might be a lesbian

lesbians love you and are proud of you for questioning

it’s okay to be afraid

it’s okay to take your time

it’s okay and encouraged to ask lesbians questions or ask us for support and advice. we’ve gone through this. we know how hard it is.

i love you. you are beautiful. you are good.


“Baka Bukas” (2016) Trailer (with eng subs)

For those who don’t know what my previous post was about.

“Baka Bukas” was a film in competition for the Cinema One Originals Film Festival 2016. This film won the Best Actress Award (Jasmine Curtis, Alex), along with Best Sound and Audience Choice Award. I was able to experience the overflowing support for the film. It was very hard to buy tickets for this movie as they always seem to run out before lunchtime. That’s why I went to the cinemas the moment they open. Yes, I was that desperate hahah Luckily, I got to watch it and I am glad I did. Just the fact that this movie was being shown in cinemas in our country, is already a great feat on its own. Story wise, it’s very relatable especially to all “Millenials” whether you are gay or not. Along with the plot that the girl is in love with her best friend. Who wouldnt be able to relate with that? not gonna spoil you guys some more but I just want you to know that this is a must watch movie!!

As reportedly earlier, “Baka Bukas” will be shown in cinemas this March! Be sure to watch it!


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