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What I learnt from Superskinny’s

Been watching supersize vs super skinny for a while (up to season 2 now) and this is what I’ve learnt so far from the super skinny’s diets. Special warning though, most of the contestants have various health issues, I wouldn’t recommend their lifestyle for teenagers or younger people unless they want to be short, have poorly developed brains or worsen their acne. Eat healthy kids. 

  • Drink tea, energy drinks or coffee for energy instead of food. (Or just in between meals, if you do have it instead of food, maybe a take a vitamin and drink plenty of water) 
  • Have a busy lifestyle - all the skinny’s had activities that were very time consuming, a mother/marathon runner, model/dancer, studying law etc (The supersizes also don’t set time away to cook or plan healthy meals, opting for fast alternatives like junk food and fast food, if you plan on eating set some time aside each week to buy fresh produce and eat, this way you’ll be eating way more nutritious, lower calorie, and more filling food. Cooking is also underrated)
  • Tiny portions - instead of a whole sandwich just have half, child sized portions, don’t finish your food, give parts of your food to other people, be picky when eating.  (This includes the ratio of your food groups as well, make sure your eating balanced meals that aren’t just meat and refined carbs, packing on the veggies is a great to feel full and satisfied after a meal without packing on the calories, and your body will thank you for it)
  • Eat non distracted - The supersized people usually eat in front of the tv, after a few days of eating at the table with a superskinny they often start feeling more full from their meals, especially when they pay attention to how much their eating. 
  • Eat slowly, chew your food, pay attention to the sensation of feeling more full, if you fast from time to time you’ll be very familiar with this feeling. Always stop once you’re starting to feel full and slow down, it takes roughly 20 minutes from the time you start eating to feel full. 
  • Drinking water in and taking time between bites also helps.
  • Don’t eat after 6pm - Supersized people often snack into the night.
  • Cook your own food, stay away from takeaway (if you can’t avoid it try microwave meals - it controls your portions while takeaways are always huge and don’t give you the amount of calories and fat) 
  • don’t build eating up to a huge deal - superskinnys were always just “whatever” about food while supersizers were the ones acting like food was a huge part of their life. If you make food out to be the pinnacle of life, you will binge. It’s just food. Treat it as fuel rather than indulgence.  
  • If you already smoke, use it instead of snacks to satisfy hunger pains - coffee and a cigarette can be a good way to start the day when restricting (be careful with caffeine intake on an empty stomach though, I sometimes get nauseous or headaches from it) 
  • If you can don’t eat alone - do be aware of how those around you might influence your diet, supersizers often had families who accepted and treated their eating as normal. Don’t look at someone else’s plate as an indication of what’s normal, try to rely on your own standards. 
Baby, It’s Cold Outside

A Bucky Barnes Song Fic

Character Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1,128

Warnings: NSFW 18+, Some fluffy smut. Soft core. 

A/N: This is way early, but I had this idea and I had to get out. This is my submission for @221bshrlocked Maggie’s 5K Celebration Writing Challenge! 

Song: Baby, It’s Cold Outside - Margaret Whiting and Johnny Mercer

I really can’t stay,

But baby, it’s cold outside

“Bucky, I really need to get going.” you pleaded as he still held you close, swaying softly to the music.

He stopped humming along to look down at you, “Please stay, baby doll.”

You smiled at his pouty lip. Reaching up, you traced it with your fingertips. “You know I can’t.”

I got to go way,

But baby, it’s cold outside.

This evening has been,

Been hoping that you’d drop in,

So very nice.

I’ll hold your hands, they’re just like ice,

My mother will start to worry,

Beautiful, what’s your hurry?

He leaned down and pressed his lips to yours. Soft and sweet.

You hugged him tighter before pulling back, “That won’t work.”

Bucky chuckled and continued humming. You laid your head back on his chest and listened to the slight rumble that accompanied the hum.

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2. Kissing // Nurseydex

« {Part 2 of my Valentine’s collection.} »

a/n: this is loosely inspired by that scene from the webcomic Always Raining Here because i read the whole thing a couple of nights ago and let me tell you, there were feelings. enjoy!

“Eat shit, Nurse,” Dex said, taking another swig of his beer. “I told you that you didn’t stand a chance.”

“No fair, man. I totally would have won if you hadn’t blue-shelled me there at the end,” Nursey grumbled. He set down the Wii remote and got to his feet, trying to figure out how drunk he was. No dizziness or major balance fuckery, it seemed, but his head definitely felt kinda fuzzy. Now was probably a good time to start chugging some water; he still had homework to do later. He went to fish his water bottle out of his backpack.

“I only blue-shelled you because you blue-shelled me the last lap,” Dex said. “I won that fair and square.”

“Psh. If I were sober—”

“Dude, you only had three shots. You’re 6’2”. You’re fine.”

“Yeah, but you only had, like, a beer and a half, so between the two of us, I’m definitely the more impaired one here.”

Dex rolled his eyes. “Just admit I won. Stop being such a sore loser.”

“Well maybe you’re a sore winner.”

“I know you’re an English major, but ‘sore winner’ is not a thing.”

Nursey shook his head in mock outrage. “You come into my house—”

“Your house? This is my dorm room, Nurse,” Dex laughed. “You’re in my dorm room, playing on my Wii, drinking my alcohol.”

“…Touché,” Nursey admitted, returning to his spot next to Dex on Dex’s couch. He was probably sitting a little closer to Dex than was strictly necessary. He could try to blame the shots for that, but like Dex said, he was a 200-pound hockey player. Three shots of Fireball spaced out over the last hour really wasn’t much for someone his size. If he hadn’t been a city boy with no driver’s license, he could probably still legally drive.

The real problem, Nursey thought as he glanced at Dex out of the corner of his eye, wasn’t the alcohol—it was his stupid crush on his attractive yet probably tragically straight teammate. But that wasn’t really something he liked to dwell on.

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Hey, Dollface

Description: Maybe going out with Tony Stark is a little intimidating, but he is way sweeter than he would like everyone to believe.

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Warnings: fluffff, smutty smut good stuff mixed in with all of the actual substance writing (for once), Tony being a flirty little shit as per usual

A/n: I just had to write another Tony fic. Idk. Every single Tony/RDJ fic I read I love because he’s so sassy

Originally posted by dailymcugifs

Working at a coffee shop inside Stark Tower might not have been the most conventional job to take up, but it sure was an interesting one (not to mention, a very well-paying one). Geniuses were constantly wandering through, sometimes doing work at the tables. There was also the occasional avenger coming through, and you still weren’t quite sure how to process it. These people were out saving the world, punching aliens, doing whatever; and now you were making their coffee. Your life seemed to be like a bad sitcom. You could still remember the first time you ever saw one of them.

“Hi.” Sam Wilson said, walking up to the counter. 

“Good afternoon, what can I get for you?” 

He looked over the menu before deciding on plain black coffee. You quickly prepared it, handing it to him as soon as you could. He gave a quick ‘thank you’, and headed to the elevator. 

If it wasn’t completely unprofessional, you might have screamed. But things were different now. It wasn’t uncommon to see Steve and Sam walk in and order. An occasional visit from most of the others, too. It seemed strange and surreal, but that was your life, and you figured you got pretty lucky to be in a place like it. However, there was one man you never saw, since he always had an assistant bringing everything up to him.

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Special Instructions (4/?)

Summary: Drunk Emma really likes pizza. She also really happens to like the cute delivery guy who seems content to carry out all of her wishes via the “Special Instructions” box on the website. (AO3)
Rating: E (fuck it, I’m upping the rating bc I know this will turn into filthy smut by the end)
Word Count: ~3000
Chapters: One Two Three

well this was a bitch to rewrite since the original chapter got accidentally deleted. sorry for the wait, babes. have some UST. 🍕😏

reader requested tag: @lenfaz @ilovemesomekillianjones @like-waves-on-the-beach @emmaswanchoosesyou


Special instructions: spook me!

It had been nearly a month since Emma had gotten stupid drunk at home and thrown herself at the very attractive pizza guy whose name she now knew was Killian Jones.

Jones, as in, “Jones Bros. Pizza.” Literally his last name, and apparently a poorly executed cartoon caricature of his fucking face, was on the logo on every pizza box she’d gotten from them and she’d had no idea. She hadn’t really given a flying fuck to the name of the place before; she just knew that they had a website, online ordering, quick delivery since they were located only a few blocks north of her apartment, and actually great tasting pizza that wasn’t hit-or-miss like the big chains.

With that revelation came another: Killian was not a delivery boy.

Well, he wasn’t supposed to be one. He was co-owner of the place, along with his older brother, and only went out on deliveries if he was filling in for a sick employee, or if he needed a break from the atmosphere (read: his overbearing brother), or, as it turned out, if her name came up on the order list. (He’d been sick the night that his sister-in-law had delivered to her sober self; go figure.)

It had been a pretty damned good feeling to know she got special treatment. After their first encounter, he’d been “captivated” and felt “compelled to see her again” (his words) – yeah; sweatpants, HANGRY, hot mess Emma in all her broken-hearted glory. She sent him a middle finger emoji as a reply to that particular text message, assuming that he was being a sarcastic ass but somehow knowing that beneath it all he was probably sincere.

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Wrong Loves My Company Pt 5

A/N: Part 5 woot woot ! As always thanks to the bae @writing-obrien. This fic would not exist if not for her. I proof read this once so there’s probably a lot of mistakes still. But would you expect anything else from me ? 😇Also, I’ve used this gif several times, but it still sexy so I’m not sorry ;)

Warning: SMUTTTTTT ! (NSFW 18+)

Word Count: 4250

Parts 1-4: [here]

Originally posted by hothothotgg

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Niall Horan - “Marry Me”

This picture gave me wedding vibes so I was like .. gonna write it. Enjoy! 

Part one of two

Niall was going to do it as soon as they had arrived at your friends party, but then one drink in he chickened out. Two drinks in, you were off dancing with friends and he used it as an excuse not to do it yet again. By drink three, he was feeling a bit more confident but still felt the nerves shaking his hands a bit. 

“What’s wrong, babe?” You ask him, picking up on his anxiousness. You eye him over the rim of your glass as you take a sip but he just smiles and takes the glass from your hands, placing it on the table beside him before pulling you into his arms as his lips find yours. You laugh against his mouth, tasting the beers he’d had on his lips. “Well okay.” You pull back to say, smiling at him. “Come dance with me?” 

“Sure,” He stands from the stool he was sat on. “Give me one second, though.” He leans down to press a gentle kiss to your lips before he heads off towards the person who was in control of the music. You watch as they discuss something, both of them grinning before he heads back over to you. “Shall we dance?” You smile and rest your hand in his, allowing him to pull you over and out to where everyone was dancing. 

The two of you danced to the song, and the one after that, both of you laughing and just having fun, much like you always had. Both of you were a little bit tipsy, his hands may have roamed a bit more than they would have otherwise but you didn’t mind at all. You could still pick up on his slight anxiety, especially as the song ended. Instead of being followed up by another one, the speakers grew silent. 

“What’s going on?” You question, pulling away from Niall who took a step back and looked more anxious than ever.

“We have someone who needs to say a few things before we continue on.” The person in charge of music calls, gesturing towards Niall who gives a little smile and a small wave of his hand before taking a deep breath. 

“Niall…?” You question, glancing around as everyone quiets down and turns to watch the two of you. You see his band mates standing off to the side, all of them grinning. As you turn back to Niall you frown at him as he takes your hands. 

“I’ve had maybe one drink more than I should ‘ave before doin’ this bu’ we’ll just go for it anyway.” He starts, giving a nervous and tipsy laugh. “Love,” You watch as he takes a deep breath, looking into your eyes. “We’ve been together for four marvelous years now. You’ve been by my side through so much and I wouldn’t be half as happy as I am if it weren’t for you.”

“Niall..” You whisper, thinking you knew where this was headed. You grip at his large hands tightly, staring into those blue eyes as he gives a small smile. 

“I’ve thought about this moment so many times the last year or so. Where I would do it, how I would do it. And then after I got the ring, I kept waking up every mornin’ beside you and just kept thinkin’ about how I could do it right then and there. How, watching you sleep so peacefully, just made me fall in love with you more and reassured me every mornin’ that you are who I want for the rest of me life.” You, at this point, at a couple of tears falling down your cheeks and no one in the entire room was making a sound. “I don’t really understand how I got so lucky to land such a beautiful, smart, loving, selfless and brave girl like you but I want to give you the world, for the rest of our lives. I want to give you the life that you deserve. So,” He releases one of your hands then and you give a small hiccup as he fishes around in his pocket a bit, a look of determination before his fingers finally clasp around the ring. “Y/N…” He sinks down to one knee. “Will you marry me?” 

“Oh, Niall…” You gasp, grinning down at him. “Of course I will.” You tell him and everyone breaks into cheers. “Now get off your bad knee before you hurt it again and kiss me.” You tug on his hands and he laughs, standing up. While everyone around you cheers and claps, he slides the ring onto your finger and then he meets your eye. He had a a tear or two sliding down his cheeks and his blue eyes were shining bright and glistening with more un-shed tears. “I love you, Niall.” He takes your face in his hands, clasping your cheeks in his palms and leans down to press a heated kiss to your lips. You wrap your arms around his torso, hugging yourself tightly against him. 

“Our little babies are engaged!” Suddenly there were three bodies enveloping the two of you, causing you to pull away from one another. “I can’ believe this. It’s abou’ time!” You laugh and look up at Harry who stood beside you, his arm across your shoulders, grinning at the two of you. 

“Great speech, lad.” Louis compliments from beside Niall, giving him a slap on the back. 

“Yeah, had me tearin’ up a bit, even.” Liam wipes at his eye a bit before everyone laughs and then leans in for one large group hug. The whole group then pulled away and began to laugh when Marry You by Bruno Mars began to play. 

“Shall we dance then, love?” The guys took a couple steps back from you as Niall grinned at you, holding his hand out towards you. You give a small, elated, laugh and rest your hand in his. He swings you around and pulls you into his chest. 

You had known for a long while, probably just a couple of months into the relationship, that Niall was who you were going to marry. It was always just an idea though, a far off and abstract thought that was now put into reality. Here you were planning your wedding to Niall and, while stressful, was the best time of your life. 

“Okay, but what about this one?” You ask, holding up a small square of fabric. The two of you were trying to decide on the tablecloths for the wedding reception but he was being no help. 

“It looks the same as this one.” He points towards the one you’d just put down on the table a second before and you sigh. 

“Niall, that one is cream, this one is eggshell.” 

“Aren’t they both just white?” He questions then, a look of pure confusion on his face. You actually give a small laugh at how adorable he looked before you grab for a third fabric swatch. 

“No,” You say, holding it up. “This is white.” He looked extremely confused then, his eyebrows creased together, his lips pursed together as he took in the three swatches. 

“Look the same to me.” He mutters but then looks up at you, and a small smile begins to creep up onto his handsome features. “Which one do you want? I like this one.” He points at the eggshell one and you can tell he simply chose that one to appease you. 

“Thank you.” You lean over, pressing a soft kiss to his lips. The entirety of wedding planning had been going like this. Picking out dishes for the reception was a similar affair. He had picked up and examined each plate and glass before stating they looked the same. You pointed out how some had a bit different gold detailing than the others, the glasses for one were crystallized while the others were not. He had given you the exact same confused look before pointing to one but ultimately agreeing with whichever you chose. 

“How come you don’t really want much of a say in what we do for our wedding?” You asked him one night as you laid in bed. The two of you had been wedding planning all day. He had to leave to do interviews and a couple of shows the next day and would be gone for two weeks. The wedding was two months away so the two of you tried to cram in as much as you could today. There was planning the menu, went and made a gift registry, planned the final touches on the cake and started picking out what flowers the corsages and bouquets were to be made of. He had given some input but mostly let you make the final decisions once again. “Do you not care?” 

“Of course I do, love.” He pulls you close against his chest, kissing at the top of your head. “I jus’ want it to be exactly how you want it. ’m not one much for caring what flowers there are or what color the tablecloth is. You know that. So whichever is going to make you happiest is what is goin’ to make me happiest. This day being exactly how you want it to be and how you imagined it will make it the perfect wedding day for me. You happy and beside me is all I need.” His words brought tears to your eyes. You couldn’t help but smile and press your lips to his. All conversation was over as he rolls over, his body pressing yours into the mattress and his tongue meets yours. 

“I feel like I’m forgetting something.” You say one day, sitting on the dining room table. You had papers strewn about before you. Plans, phone numbers, pictures, all sorts of things were placed upon them. The wedding was only a week away now and you were freaking out. You groan, pushing your fingers through your hair. 

“You didn’t forget anything, love.” Niall walks up behind you, his arms going around your shoulders and his nose pressing into your hair. He presses a soft and gentle kiss to your temple before pulling away. “Everythin’ is set to go and it’s goin’ to be perfect.” He assures you but when you still sigh and shake your head he begins pressing kiss after kiss to your cheek. They were sloppy, wet and loud kisses. 

“Niall!” You giggle, going to push him away from you but he continues for a few more moments before he pulls away, grinning. 

“You’ve done everything that needs to be done, I promise.” He assures you, taking a seat beside you. He takes your hand in his, squeezing it reassuringly. “Tomorrow you are goin’ to go get your hair and nails done, you’re gonna get all pampered and relax.” 

“I’m gonna miss you.” You grin over at him, seeing his matching grin. The two of you had decided to spend the week leading up to the wedding apart. The plans were finished now it was all about prep. He had one last fitting for his tux before he and the guys picked them up and he was going to have his hair trimmed. You had gotten your dress already, your bridesmaids had theirs. Everything was planned and in motion. 

“You’re the one who suggested this week apart.” He reminded you. “Somethin’ about building anticipation.” He playfully rolls his eyes but his grin remains. 

“It will make the moment we’re reunited that much sweeter.” You argue, reminding him of your reasons. 

“I know, love.” He leans forward, pressing a gentle kiss to your lips. “Jus’ gonna miss ya, is all.” He kisses you again. “Our wedding night sure will be somethin’ else though.” He gives you that smirk that almost always made you weak in the knees and you had to resist the urge to drag him to the bedroom right then. Last night and this morning you spent together, it sort of being a ‘one last time’ sort of thing. Much like the two of you did before he left for tour or something of the sort. You’d said your goodbyes in that manner already. 

“Don’t smirk at me like that.” You push his face away playfully as you both give a laugh. “I can tell what you’re thinking.” 

“Oh, you jus’ wait. It’s gonna be the perfect end to a perfect day.” He vows, kissing you again. 

Once he left that night, heading off to stay at Harry’s for the week, you packed a bag and headed off to your own friends house where you would be staying. The two of you were going to be having a girls week of relaxing pool side, getting your hair and nails done, a massage. After all of the stress of wedding planning, you needed this. Your wedding planner was on top of making sure everything was being done correctly and she assured you that it was okay to relax finally. 

You just wanted to marry Niall already. He was your perfect man and you couldn’t want to call him your husband. 

Fast Food

*Warning there's some strong language and sexual themes lmao, but yeah feel free to make requests*


“M! to the C! to the D! to the onalds!” You sing, dabbing ridiculously on each letter.

“Baby-we’re going, we’re going…” Luke grumbles, pulling on his shoes.

“Thank yooou,” you sing to him, dancing around only wearing your shorts a sleep tank top.

“Are you a little drunk?” He mused, his eyes lit with subtle amusement. Luke loved when you were drunk, he claimed it’s one of his favorite versions of you. You get more sassy, saucy, and spontaneous. He loved watching you be able to just be yourself without any barrier, even if you were kind of foggy.

“Maybe a little…” you giggle, tugging on his arm to get him to move faster.

The night has started with a few drinks with your friends before Luke came home from the studio, but being a lightweight you were feeling pretty good right now.

“Baby you’re not wearing any shoes,” he noted.

“I am well aware Mr. Hemmings,” you wink, instantly giving him half a boner. He shakes his head chuckling to himself.

“Get on my back, I’ll carry you to the car.” He directed, crouching down for you to climb on.

You giggle, struggling to keep your balance while trying to wrap your legs around his waist.

You finally get yourself situated, your hands in his long curly hair.

“You know you’re kinda smelly?” You state matter of factly, inspecting his blonde locks.

“Oh am I?” You could hear the smile in his voice.

“Very much. You need a shower,” you proclaim, giggling.

He groans playfully, responding “you better be careful missy, I am the one getting you fast food.”

You giggle, knowing he’s just messing around with you.

He sets you down and you climb into the passenger seat and put on the seat belt.

“So… we’re getting Taco Bell, right?”


“Honey! Im home!” Ashton yells, using his man voice. You smile, loving the feeling of him being around. He had just gotten back from touring only a week ago, and you still couldn’t get used to the fact that he was actually physically here.

“I’m in the bath!” You call back, hoping he hears you.

You hear his heavy footsteps clomp up the stairs, where he opens the bathroom door and peeks his head in.

“Oh, there you are.” He smirked, his eyes lit up.

“Here I am,” you flirt, batting your eyes at him.

“I have a surprise,” He announces, still not having fully stepped in the room yet. You raise your eyebrows, waiting for him to show you.

“Drum roll please!” He announces. You start tapping your hands on the white porcelain of the tub, grinning at him. Suddenly he kicks the door the rest of the way open, showing chinese take out containers from your favorite place.

You squeal excited while shimmying in the bath.

“Okay I’ll be out so-”

“No!” He cuts you off abruptly. “I am coming in with you.” He winks, setting the food on the sink and pulling of his clothes. Every time you see him naked it’s like the first time. Your hands get sweaty, your face hot. Your eyes drink in every detail they can, from the curve of his neck to the trial of light hair from his bellybutton down…

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer,” Ashton states, wiggling his butt at you. You groan at his lame joke.

“You know how old that joke is right? It’s not even a burn anymore.” You laugh, moving to the side of the tub to let him in.

“I know, but it makes sense-Jesus how hot do you keep the water?!” He exclaims, making weird faces as he sinks into the molten water.

“Toughen up,” You retort. Ashton pulls the food out of the bag, handing you yours along with a fork. You still hadn’t quite mastered how to use chopsticks, no matter how many times ashton tried to teach you.

“Hey, it floats…” He set his styrofoam dish in the water, looking amazed with himself. You giggle, stuffing food into your mouth.

“Thank you, for bringing home dinner.” You smile at him, your head tilted to the side.

“Of course love, anything for you.” He smiles back. You lean back in the tub, closing your eyes and counting your blessings.  


“You know you looked stunning tonight, right?” He whispers in your ear, nibbling on the edge. You were both currently in the back of a black SUV, on your way home from the VMA afterparty. The boys had won, and Calum had mentioned you in their acceptance speech. That wasn’t even the best part, after the show you got invited to Miley Cyrus after party. You even met Beyonce. BEYONCE.

“Are you going soft on me Hood?” You giggle, running your manicured hand up his thigh as he moved down your neck.

“No baby… I am rock hard…” He murmurs against your collarbone. You gasp as his teeth graze your sensitive skin.

“I really wanna do this babe, but I need to eat something.” You gasp, pushing back and looking at his sweet face.

“Oh thank god you said it!” He instantly sits up and looks into your eyes, “I am starving but you were giving me sex eyes and I wanted to give you what you wanted-”

“Cal, I didn’t give you sex eyes!” You exasperate, looking at him with amusement.

“You totally did! But that doesn’t even matter right now, I am so hungry. Excuse me buddy- could you maybe pull through… wait what do you want? Taco bell?” You nod your head in approval. You driver-whose name happened to be Eric- approved and adjusted your course.

“God baby… I love it when you take control.” You growl in his ear, loosening his tie.

“Oh honey, just wait until I have a quesadilla powering me.”


“You may now kiss the bride!”

You’re immediately engulfed in Michael’s arms, his soft lips on yours as you share your first kiss as a married couple. He has always swept you off your feet, and this kiss was no different. He sets you down to seen, but keeps your face close.

“I love you so much…” He mumbles, his arms still around you. You wink back, knowing everyone’s eyes are on you. You both turn and face all of your family and friends, and walk down the aisle, finally married.

You all stand outside the chapel, greeting everyone as the file out of the church. You had been planning this for over a year now, and it was going as smoothly as possible. Your drunk uncle had decided to make a scene when his ex wife showed up, but it was handled by your three favorite groomsmen.

You sighed once you and Michael had a moment alone for the first time today. Everyone was standing outside, rice ready to be thrown.

“You ready?” You ask, looking up into his forest green eyes.

“After you, Mrs. Clifford.” He winks, grabbing your hand and opening the door. You walk outside, letting everyone celebrate your love with you. You and him make it to the car, laughing.

“Did you see luke get hit in the eye with a grain of rice?!” You giggle while Mickey pulls away from everyone, the tin cans attached to your car jingling behind you.

“Of course! He screeched like a little girl!” He chortles, reaching for your hand.  

“Mikey! Let’s go get Subway!” You say, your eyes lit up with a brilliant idea.

“You wanna go like this?” He asks, motioning to your larger tulle ballgown.

“Yes! It’ll be so fun- come on I promise.” You give him your favorite puppy dog eyes and you can see him cave in.

“Okay, let’s go to subway.” He says pulling into the parking lot. He gets out of the car before coming around and opening your door for you. You grab his hand and walk in together, knowing that you are his princess.

Naps - Spencer Reid x Reader

Author’s Note: This is just a short little oneshot I’m posted as I work on downsizing Warmer!! I thought it was super cute and I would’ve had it posted earlier today but… well… I took a three hour nap. Also, should I start taking requests?? Let me know!

Warnings: None!


If there was anything you loved more than your boyfriend, it was taking naps. If there was anything you loved more than either of those things, it was taking naps with Spencer. Which, sadly, didn’t happen as often as you would have liked it to. He was at work or away on cases for such long periods of time that you found it difficult to even have time to have a meal with him. But nonetheless, you appreciated the work him and his team did. You knew how important their work was.

Needless to say, when Spencer had a day off, some of the first words out of your mouth were “Babe, can we take a nap together?”

It had been a calm day, and you had just gotten home from eating lunch out. Although, you still weren’t surprised when he denied your offer. Spencer was not a fan of naps, so getting him to do so only happened when he was very tired or sick, neither of which happened very often. His coffee addiction prevented him from being tired and he somehow managed to never be sick.

“The National Commission of Sleep Disorders says that up to 60 million Americans are chronically sleep deprived. Naps are on the leading causes of sleep deprivation, behind sleep disorders and night terrors of course,” he babbled.

“Correction, they also said that naps can combat sleep deprivation,” you responded with a sassy tone.

“Granted that they are kept between twenty and thirty minutes, which I don’t really think is what you had in mind,” Spencer claimed.

He wasn’t wrong. Some days you would take three, maybe even four hour naps, on a typical day though they were usually about two or two and a half hours.

“If you’re tired why don’t you just drink coffee? That’s what I do and it works out fine for me,” he said matter of factly.

“Because I am not a caffeine addict, and because napping is proven to be more effective in memory quality and alertness than caffeine,” you corrected.

“How about you take a nap and lie down with you while you fall asleep,” he offered.

“But that’s not the same,” you whined.

“Well it’s the closest you’re gonna get, take it or leave it,” he said.

“Fine,” you sighed heavily. You both walked over and climbed into your shared bed. You laid down facing each other and pouted at him.

“You’re no fun,” you complained.

“I’m plenty of fun, naps are not,” he said sassily.

“Did you know that napping actually has a lot of health benefits? People who nap show increased memory, alertness, relaxation, and reduced fatigue,” you told your boyfriend.

“But it can also begin episodes of fragmented sleep,” he yawned as he began to close his eyes.

“People who fall alseep in under five minutes are usually chronically sleep deprived,” you laughed as you saw the muscles in his face relax.

“Mmhm,” he murmured.

“Sleep well, Spence,” you said as you rolled over to fall asleep yourself.

MY STOMACH HURTS (a darkstache)

Summary: Dark ate something bad. And he’s suffering. Based off current personal experiences. (Though not as severe lol). WARNING: VOMITING. Enjoy~

Dark groaned, hands flat at his sides. He hadn’t moved in over twenty minutes, his stomach in agonizing pain. He didn’t know what he’d eaten to make it feel this way, but it was something.

“If you just got sick, it would be over sooner~” Wilford chimed, coming in with some Squirt. “You could try drinking this? Maybe burping will help.”

“Get away from me.” Dark spat. “There’s no way that I’m going to drink that. And, I have never once thrown up. I’m not going to start now.”

Wilford shrugged and put the waste basket next to Dark. “Still, it might help.” He huffed.

Dark refused and suffered more.


Half hour later, the sound of vomiting was echoing through the room. Wilford rubbed his back, sighing. Dark barely had time to get to the waste basket, body going limp as soon as it started. Wilford of course demanded he lean over into the waste basket, and was now comforting him.

“It’ll be over soon.” He soothed.

“Wh-why does it hurt so bad?” Dark sputtered, before leaning back into the waste basket.

“I wish it was easier, my love.” He whispered, kissing his head. “Woulda made my first few hangovers more tolerable.”

When his stomach was finally empty, Dark leaned back, shivering and shuddering. Wilford pulled out a pocket square and dabbed the throw up off of his face.

“I hate existing.” Dark muttered quietly.

“Oh no you don’t.” Wilford smiled gently, playing with his hair lightly. “Feel better?”

“Ye-yes…” Dark admitted.

“Alright. I’ll go get some water for you to swish and throw this out.” Wilford told him, kissing his head once again before getting up.

anonymous asked:

so I cannot drink bc of a disease that I have and I feel like Tyler wouldn't be able to drink either bc his kidneys (I'm not sure, just guessing) so could you do just a HC for the whole gang going out drinking but you and Tyler aren't drinking so you come up with the no drinking squad or something like that? idk just maybe something kind of comical and a lil cute

(quickie biology lesson i guess lmao - Alcohol is filter through your liver, but if you constantly drink and put your liver through a lot of work then your kidneys have to work extra hard too, because they filter the waste your body makes. The more you know) (so like…my guess is that Tyler doesn’t get wasted but he probably has a drink here or there)

- Honestly half of teamiplier can’t drink anyway so it’s no surprise when Tyler invites you out with them and you tell Tyler that you can’t drink so you wouldn’t be much fun
- Ty: “It’s okay, I don’t really drink either. Plus you’re fun to be with regardless.”
- But it’s kinda ridic because You can’t drink, Tyler can’t drink, Mark can’t drink and Ethan isn’t of age. It’s just Amy and Kathryn ordering drinks and you guys getting water and virgin drinks.
- Guys at the bar try to buy you drinks and you politely decline
- “C’mon’ it’s just one drink.” “You don’t understand, I can’t drink.” “Just one.” “I literally cannot process alcohol.”
- Amy or Kathryn just swoop in and take the free drinks instead
- You and Tyler start the “No Drinking Squad™” and then Mark and Ethan try to join but you two won’t let them so they make their own “EVEN BETTER No Drinking Squad™”
- Playing drinking games minus the alcohol
- Bragging about how you won’t have a hangover in the morning
- Everyone at the bar being like “why are you even here if you can’t drink”
- And then you just kinda gesture to Amy and Kath doing karaoke 

(This turned into a teamiplier hc whoops)

Starlight Grounds - Phillipa Soo x Reader

Summary: The reader is a barista at a coffee shop. There is a beautiful girl who comes in at the same time every day to get the same drink. She asks after the music. A mixtape happens. 

Warnings: None, except for MAJOR TOOTH ROTTING FLUFF. Honestly. 

Words: 2,424

A/N: Day 2 of the Write-A-Thon! Sorry for posting so late, I had a really big day. There are songs that go along with this fic, and I’ll add links in the paragraphs! Just click on the titles. Thank you to @protecting-my-legacy for proofreading this and letting me use your wonderful self as a side character. 

askbox | masterlist

Starlight Grounds was a little hole in the wall coffee shop, tucked neatly into the corner of West 46th Street in the busy crowd of New York City. It serviced the tired actors and crew who needed a morning pick-me-up before going to a day of rehearsals at the Richard Rodgers, which happened to be just down the street. Every day was a long one, even for such a small coffee shop, but the job was happy and provided good tips. It was perfect for you.

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The Drunk Dork | Dan Howell

Hello! This is a short fanfic about Dan Howell and Phil Lester based on the request below. I hope you like it and let me know!

“No, those are not the stairs… No, here look, Dan. That’s the wall. I said the stairs. Yes, there we go.” Phil sighed as he finally got his friend to lift his feet up on the stairs and hold onto the railing while he walked. There was no way he could help this guy upstairs as he was black-out drunk and therefore way too heavy for Phil to lift. You however, were a lot smaller than both of them and although also pretty drunk, were not as far gone as Dan and still had some sense in you. “You’re so gonna fall down the stairs baby…” You giggled as you watched Dan struggle to lift his legs, and Phil let out a frustrated groan. “Next time you two are drunk please just get a hotel room so I don’t have to take care of you.” Phil mumbled, clearly annoyed, but you knew he wasn’t actually mad. “Whatdya mean Philly? I can take care of myself just fine! See!” Dan let go of the railing and almost fell down, laughing as his hands reached the railing again just in time. “Yeah man, totally stable.” Phil patted him on the back and opened the door to the living room as he finally reached it. You had by this point also made your way up the stairs and were starting to feel a bit dizzy from all the walking and standing up you were doing right now. “I need to lie down…” You slurred, letting yourself fall down onto the large couch in the living room. They hadn’t been in their new apartment for long yet but they’d already decorated everything so nicely, and the big windows in the living room were one of the things you loved most about the place. Dan leaned against the wall next to the door, pointing at you. “Thas my spot!” He exclaimed, giggling as he stumbled over to you and let himself fall down on top of you.

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Baby It’s Cold Outside (Draco Malfoy x Reader)

Request:  can you make a Draco x reader where she’s a Slytherin muggleborn so he obviously hates her. then one day on Christmas break (they’re the few people that stayed), she’s in the prefect’s bathroom taking a shower singing a Christmas song or something and he just listens to it or sings along (like in elf) and then he always teases her about it and she just blushes. idk, sorry if it’s a lot or confusing. i just really like your writing and it would be great if you could do it.

(Author’s Note: Anything in bold-italics is a lyric from the song ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’)

Warnings:Swears (kinda), my as per usual shitty writing, my overall cringyness but you know, CHRISTMAS!

I’m that muggle-born you just knew was going to get picked on after I was sorted into Slytherin and Draco is that, well… asshat that you knew was going to be the main perpetrator of said picking on. Thus, I would think it is fair to say we hate each other.

He’s so cocky and pretentious and I’m so… not from a magical bloodline, we don’t mix well and when I got on the train at the start of fifth year to learn I was going to be doing prefect duty with him, I was more than a little annoyed.

However, we have managed not to kill each other for four months and as far as I’m aware, he has gone home for Christmas, leaving me to have a luxurious shower in the prefect bathroom without the fear of him being there.

I step into the shower cubicle allowing the hot water to pour down my back an I sigh in content. Something about the prefect shower is just so much more euphoric than the normal school showers and soon I find myself in a festive mood and I begin to sing.

“I really can’t stay

I’ve got to go away

This evening has been

So very nice…”

For a second I can hear the duet part but surely it’s just in my head.

“My mother will start to worry

My father will be pacing the floor

So really I’d better scurry

But maybe just a half a drink more…”

Totally imaging it…

“The neighbours might think

Say what’s in this drink?

I wish I knew how

To break this spell…”

I’m just being paranoid.  

“I ought to say, no, no, no sir

At least I’m gonna say that I tried

I really can’t stay

But Baby it’s col-”

“-cold outside!” I’m cut off by a totally different  voice.

I shriek and poke my head out of the shower, covering myself with the curtain to see Draco Malfoy, signature smirk plastered onto his pale face, leaning against the sinks and I think my stomach does a front flip.

“Get out!” I demand and he bites his lip.

“Aw but it’s cold outside.”


He chuckles to himself as my cheeks burn furiously.

“I can’t say the welcome has been so very nice…”

“Malfoy!” I hiss and he puts his hands up in surrender before leaving.

Oh my god!


“I’m going to go.” I tell my friend , standing from my seat, pushing my plate away.

“Not even half a drink more, (Y/L/N)?"Malfoy speaks up from across the table and I glare, taking a deep breath.

"Shut up.” I say despite the heat rising to my cheeks.

“What’s the sense in hurtin’ my pride?” He smirks and I squeeze my eyes shut before walking away with an exasperated sigh.


The teasing never ends and nor does the constant blushing on my part because it was so embarrassing and now it’s never ending.

As I’m leaving the great hall there is always a, “Beautiful, what’s your hurry?” that follows me out the door along with the confused stares of everyone else.

Today is no different as I walk into the common room to find him sprawled across the sofa and I roll my eyes before he even says anything

“How lucky that you dropped in.” He smirks, sitting up.

“Give it a rest, Malfoy."I say, standing over him.

He stands up too and I take a few steps back.


“It’s annoying.” I explain.

“It’s not my fault you can sing-” He starts before slamming his mouth shut as I raise an eyebrow.

“You think I can sing?” I smirk.

“Yes, I do.” He sighs, stepping forward but I don’t back away, I stand my ground, even when he’s so close that I worry he can feel my heart beating heavily in my chest. “Mind if I move in closer?”

“You already did” I say as he twirls a strand of my hair around his finger, licking his lips quickly but I notice.

“Gosh you’re lips look delicious…” He whispers and I take a shaky breath.

“Are you hitting on me?” I ask.

“Yes, is it working?” He whispers and I manage to nod before my lips are pulled onto his.

My hands instantly move to his neck as his lips move in sync with mine and his hands land on my waist and I’m amazed by how perfect it feels to be kissing him, to be kissing Draco Malfoy despite our mutual hatred for each other.

I pull back first, a little shocked by myself to be honest.

“I should… I should go?” It comes out a question and I can see the words forming in his head before he says anything.

“Beautiful please don’t hurry.”

“Oh shut up.” I sigh, pushing my lips to his just to feel his stupid smirk disappear.

(Author’s Note: Okay I know it’s not great but I’m pretty proud of it, I’ve  not been very motivated recently and I was actually really excited when I came up with the structure so any feed back is welcomed as always :))

Happy Birthday smartalexy!

We are sorry to be posting this late, but we wish @smartalexy a happy birthday on the 7th of September. To help celebrate, the lovely @booksrockmyface has written a special Everlark fic just for you! We hope you enjoy it :)

Title: The Whole World Could Change in a Minute

Gift for: smartalexy        

Rating: M (alcohol use, mild language, and talk of a sexual nature)

Trigger warning: There’s some vodka drinking involved.

Author’s note: I hope this friends to lovers fic finds you well on your birthday! Happy happy day! Title comes from the Sugarland song Want To.


Peeta let out a frustrated groan as he followed Katniss into the next store. She didn’t like shopping much either, but Prim had made some very specific requests about the dress code for her wedding party. Being the supportive best friend he was, Peeta had agreed to accompany Katniss on her search for possible dresses. This was the fifth store.

“Is this periwinkle?” Katniss asked as she picked up a dress from the nearest rack.

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Christmas With You (Philip x Reader)

A/N: Hello Lovely Wonderfuls! I hope you’re all doing well! Here is a Philip x Reader with a Christmas theme and the Hamilsquad, as requested by @crazypup110! I hope you enjoy this! I know its a little early for Christmas, but I loved writing this one! As always I wish all of you the happiest of days and a wonderful weekend!

You squeeze Philips hand tightly and bite your lip nervously, as he raises his other hand to knock on the door.

“Babe,” he laughs, giving your hand a squeeze. “They are going to love you, I promise,” he kisses your hand and smiles reassuringly. “Everything will be okay.”

You take another deep breath, you turn to look at him and smile softly.

“If you say so,” you let go of his hand to brush a loose curl out his face. “I just want your family to like me.”

“Everyone is going to love you, there’s no way the couldn’t,” he kisses your knuckles. “You’re the most wonderful person I have ever met, and the best thing to ever happen to me. These past six months have been the happiest days of my life, and I love you.”

“Babe,” you caress his cheek and press a soft kiss to his lips. “Okay,” you take a deep breath and giving him a bright smile. “I’m ready.”

He smiles brightly at you, and knocks. A woman with long brown hair and an excited smile opens the door.

“Philip, sweetheart!” Her smile grows as she embraces Philip. She releases him and kisses his cheek.

“Ma,” he groans in protest, but the smile on his face says he didn’t mind that much.

She turns with a kind smile towards you. Holding out her arms in a welcoming hug.

“You must be (Y/N),” she gives you a squeeze and you quickly decide that you adore her. She pulls away, her hands resting on your shoulders. “I’m so happy to finally meet you.”

“Are you going to let anyone else meet her, or is she going to stand outside all day?”

You see a man with dark hair, glasses, a goatee, and smirk on his lips, standing a few feet behind her. She looks at you and rolls her eyes, but smiles as she turns back to him. You can see her stick her tongue out at him and you giggle. Philip shakes his head and chuckles.

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Caught My Eye Part 2 | Dylan Sprayberry

pairings: dylan sprayberry x reader

warnings: kissing, making out with freaking dylan sprayberry.

a/n: thank you for 1.6k ilysm :)

extras | part 1

Ever since your first tutoring session with Dylan you two have gotten pretty close, you two would often snapchat each other several times a day and not to mention hold many more tutoring lessons.

“Did you see what she wore yesterday? I swore I saw Maya wearing it last week.” Kaylyn said, the two of you were sitting eating lunch while chatting a bit.

“I know right? But Tracy wore it better in my opinion.” You said before taking a bit out of your sandwich.

“Really? I think Maya fit it better. Y/N? Y/N are you listening?” Kaylyn said nudging your arm to grab your attention.

“Hm? Wait I got a snapchat.” You said not looking up from your phone.

“Is it from Dylan?” She said in a flirtatious tone as she peered onto your phone screen.

“Yes if you might ask.” You said looking at her before going back to open the snap he sent you.

“You two have been pretty close lately..”

“Yeah but we’re just friends.” You chuckled.

“Still, Just friends is also something.”

“Yeah I guess.”

“But you want more don’t you?”

“Look, whatever happens, happens. And if he wants the same thing then it’ll happen but even if we stay just friends I’m fine with that.”

“Hey.” You said enthusiastically as you gave Dylan a small hug when he walked in.

“Hey, ready for like three hours of Math?” He said sarcastically as he sat down on your couch.

“Totally, I’ve been waiting for it all day.” You answered with just as much sarcasm.

“Do you want a coke or sprite?”

“Do you have Dr.Pepper?” He shouted.

“Yup.” You shouted back as you walked over to the couch with both of your drinks.

“Where did we stop last time?” You asked looking through your notebook.

“I think we just finished the third chapter, Maybe..” He chuckled.

“Oh okay I remember, That means we have one more subject left.”

“Thank god, I don’t think I can take any more equations; Ever.”

“Tough luck Sprayberry we still have a year and a half left of equations and headaches.”

“How fun.”

“I know right?”

“Come on the earlier we start the faster we finish.” You nudged his side.

“I’d rephrase that if I were you.” He smirked.

“Wha- oh my god! You’re such a guy.”

“Wonder how you came to that conclusion.”

“I have my ways..” You giggled.

“I’d rephrase that too.”

“Oh my god stop making everything sound sexual.”

“Then stop saying stuff that can be taken sexual.”

“Can you shut up and get back to your equation?” You sassed.

“So much attitude in such a small package.”

“I’m 5’3 for your information.”

“That’s still a small package.”


“Hey could you help me with this, I think I got it wrong.” Dylan said as he grabbed your attention from your own work.

“Yeah sure, what do think you got wrong?” You asked as he moved closer to you to show you his notebook. You took his note book onto your lap and looked at the equation trying to find if he did something wrong, but as you looked through his answer you felt him sitting close to you, almost too close. You could basically feel his body heat against you and needless to mention your heart was racing and pounding in your chest as you tried to focus on the math problem in front of you.

“I-I think i found what you did wrong.” You said as you looked up at him, your voice a little hoarse. His face was right in front of yours now and for the first time you could really see all of features. You could see how crystal blue his eyes were, you could basically get lost in them. How his brows were a little messy, and how his lips were just so pouty and smooth. God his lips.

But yours eyes quickly flickered from his lips back to his eyes, only to find that he was already looking at you. You could feel his warm breath creep upon your lips, you swore if you leaned just ever so slightly your lips would be pressed against his.

With a sudden burst of confidence you leaned slightly towards him, your eyes flickering from his lips to his eyes not knowing where to look. you thought about stopping but you noticed he was leaning towards you as well. Not knowing how your lips were suddenly pressed against his, your eyes sealed shut. You were a bit stiff at first against his lips but then started moving them in a rhythm that matched his, his lips felt smooth against yours, as if they were giving you some sort of comfort. Your lips kept moving for another moment before you both pulled away, your eyes widening slightly as you realised what you just did.

“I-I didn’t mean to that.. I-I’m sorry.” You said a little flustered, your cheeks turning a shade of pink.

“I’m not.” He said as your eyes shot up back at him, brows furrowed in confusion. But before you knew it his hand was at your jaw pulling you yet again into a kiss, this kiss was different though. It was a little more rough and hungry and maybe even passionate. Your lips moved in sync with his.

His hands moved to your hips pulling you into his lap, your legs straddling the sides of his hips as your hands moved to his cheeks trying to keep his lips pressed against yours. Your mind was clouded, almost in a haze or a dream. You couldn’t  focus on anything but him, his lips pressed against your, his hands on your hips, his touch, his kiss. You pulled away as your felt your lungs begging for oxygen, You looked at him; still sitting in his lap and your hands still against his cheeks. The both of you were panting slightly and you swore your heart was about to explode from the sight of him sitting beneath you, his chest heaving and lips swollen and tinted red; and all of that, because of you.

“We should do this again sometime.” He said smirking lightly.

“The math lesson?” You asked sarcastically.

“I was actually talking about what we just did instead.” He smirked as your cheeks turned pink, a smile plastered on your lips.

power | john shelby

[a/n - wooo, guess who’s finally uploading!! I have had such a stressful few weeks with exams & stuff but I’m here. Please be patient for the next imagine because I have no idea when it will be posted. Adios]

Could you do an imagine were the reader is dating john and she catches him in the garrison with a girl all over him and he tries to play it off like it’s nothing but she puts him and the girl in there place in front of everyone (sorta a girl power/takes no sh*t/knows she deserves better/mic drop and walk out kinda situation). He realises he’s acted like a little sh*t and goes to find her?? Just an idea for you to play around with??

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anonymous asked:

How about Jotaro and lazy morning sex (like college/domestic era, in a more relaxed between death time), maybe to tire his s/o out so they’ll stop trying convince him to come back to bed so he can go to work/school or because he had morning wood and fuck they’re just over there looking amazing.

Jotaro’s arms loop around your waist, still half asleep as he lazily nuzzles his face into the crook of your neck - it’s clear he wanted nothing more than to spend the morning in bed but he’d gotten up and wondered into the kitchen to find you making yourself a drink; of course the drink is very much forgotten once you realize that there’s a part of him that’s very much awake~ His hips are lazily grinding against you, no where near as rough as when you’re typically having sex and you suppose the morning puts him in a more gentle mood than usual. You can feel your body growing hot as he continues on, riling you up until you’ve finally had enough and shifted around to wrap your arms around his neck and pull him down into a sloppy, lazy kiss he languidly reciprocates before his hands come down to cup your ass, pulling you up to perch on the kitchen counter before he begins working on pulling down your pants, still rolling his hips against you so that you can feel just how hard he is beneath his clothes and you know that the lazy morning sex which is inevitably going to ensue is going to certainly last more than just the morning~