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Mercer’s Magnificent Mane™ appreciation post

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I hate this new thing where makeup companies come out with makeup that’s supposed to make you look like you have no makeup on like “Our new (x) gives you that ‘no makeup look’ that everyone loves right now! Like when did “no makeup” stop meaning not wearing any makeup and start meaning doing your makeup a certain way like kids are looking at models and celebrities’ “no makeup looks” and wondering why they don’t look like that and it’s because they literally have on a full face of makeup. Like why are girls expected to wear makeup even when they’re “not wearing makeup”?

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yes but can you confirm that kic Victor has Dad Handwriting (TM)??? I like that headcannon. Like when he writes where anyone will see it it's elegant and nice because he's trying, but birthday cards and shit are all dad script

i was picturing victor with super elegant handwriting but honestly this is such a fun headcanon!! like maybe this is why victor prefers to have secretaries who take notes for him?? because he hates his dad handwriting and hates having to put effort into having pretty handwriting?? dfjdkfjd

“It was on the note,” Victor protests. “Didn’t you see the note I left on your pillow?” 

Yuuri casts his mind back, scrunching his nose. “You left that note? I thought that was Phichit.”

Victor pales. Oh no, his secret. His well-guarded secret. It was to come out today. He sucks in a breath. “Yeah, Yuuri. That horrible Dad Handwriting™? That was me.” 

At seeing his shoulders tremble, Yuuri steps forward and touches his arm. “Victor–” 

“That was all me,” Victor says, tears brimming his eyes. It was a good thing he had decided to wear YSL’s waterproof Everlong Mascara that day.  

you know one thing I’d appreciate???

makeup tutorials from enbies for enbies. with people who aren’t binary aligned at all. doing a variety of different looks on different models.

like damn. some days I wanna look femme as fuck. other days I have dysphoria and want my face to look more androgynous or masc.

some days I wanna say. fuck everything and try to create looks that aren’t masc or femme. neutral.

maybe I should make a submission blog on this?? gather resources in one spot? allow people to send in looks of the day??

I can’t be the only one who wishes there was more of this…


“Yes, and I had pimples so badly it used to make me so shy. I used not to look at myself. I’d hide my face in the dark, I wouldn’t want to look in the mirror, and my father teased me and I just hated it and I cried everyday…”

“Because show business and my career were my life, the biggest personal struggle I had to face during those teenage years did not involve the recording studios or my stage performance. In those days, the biggest struggle was right there in my mirror.” ~MJ

Everything managed to cooperate long enough for me to upload one of the things I found: a second texture for the “Winter Blossoms” print! I don’t know if anybody else has already found this - and I apologize if this is the case - but I’ve never seen it anywhere, and searching google and MTS turned up nothing. I wish I could have linked the recolor package to the texture in the file but I have no idea how to attempt to do that :P it’s only 20kb though. 

Download yay

Zip file contains the recolor plus the extracted PNG texture, in case you want it. :) I haven’t changed or edited it in any way (though it probably needs it tbh) and it’s been compressorized. Let me know if anything’s wrong, and keep an eye out for more of the stuff I’ve found soon :)

so shaw never really wears makeup, like as a character (obviously the actress does but its made to look minimal and nonexistant)

but like shaw definitely did when she worked at bloomingdales for her cover in season 4, and i can just imagine shaw in her bathroom staring at makeup shes swiped from the store and not having a goddamn clue what the hell is the difference between foundation and concealer, or why some eyeliners are pencil, felt-tip, or just liquid

and the first time she tries, she puts on way too much, and shes annoyed and scrubs her whole face clean off, and is about to give up, but maybe root shows up at her apartment with a smirk, like, “heard you could use a hand”

and shaws all “from you? no thanks” but secrelty shes like okay thank fucking god cause i dont know how this shit works

and the first couple times maybe root does her makeup for her, and its perfect, cause root knows how to work eyeliner like a goddess, and maybe the third time shaws waiting for root to show up, like she always does, and shes glancing at the clock, bitching that shes gonna be late for work, and eventually she just says fuck it and does it herself

its a little sloppy, but you cant even tell because of how minimally she does it, and shaw always looks good anyways

and when shaw gets to work and root shows up in the blue dress with her coffee, shaws like “seriously? now, here?” and while shaw is putting root’s lipstick on for her, she keeps making little jokes like “oh how the roles have reversed” and “see sweetie? its not that hard, i could stare at you all day. though, not that that’s much different from usual”

and maybe shaw purposely overdoes root’s lipstick and root looks in the mirror and just smirks