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I LOVE THAT ANSWER!!! Niall is so like that. Unless you're looking deeper, you think he tells you everything when.... he didn't talk about his mom for like 4 years until this week and everyone assumed they weren't close because of it but he seems to have the most normal relationship with her... he's good at playing the ~game that way! We only know what he wants us to know.

yeah, that’s such a good example too!! like, there’s so many ways of being protective and private, but i really love the way niall chooses to do it. i feel like it goes hand in hand with his concern for making sure his audience gets what they paid for when he gives a performance - i forget which interview this is, sorry - because i think he’s got a good eye for taking the audience’s perspective into account. and not just in a performance environment, either, but in a day to day sense, as well. like, he wants to feel accessible and like the music he’s making is relevant and understandable, but i think the flip side to having too much (social) media exposure and no sense of privacy is losing a feel for what’s genuine to you. i think he navigates that space really, really well. 

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there was this interview from years ago, in which liam said he likes the name taylor because it is gender free... they used this during the zillionth month of pregnancy... maybe its just a joke

Yup, its a well known interview because of the fetus!ziam. Maybe it is a joke, but the fact it hit the fandom on a Sunday ahead of what’s gonna be a super busy ot5 stunt bicycle week, feels like its very well may not be? 


when will i stop hurting over this

- And I am the colour of boom -


RS: Would Axl Rose make a good father?
Axl: Would Axl make a good father? Um… not yet. I love kids, but I think I would be too hard on them because… A lot of people say that when they’re raised a certain way, “I’ll never be like that with my children,” but then those things seem to come out, whether you want them to or not, cause that’s how you were taught to raise a kid. And I’m still wrestling with those things, and until I come to terms with them and feel like I could give a child the upbringing that it would deserve, I don’t want to attempt it. Like I’ve said before, I’m so much of a perfectionist I don’t want to attempt it and end up smacking it when I shouldn’t have, or something. I don’t want to give a child anything bad to look back on except for what may have happened in just the natural course of life. I don’t want to be in the situation of, “Yeah, well if I wouldn’t have locked him in his room…” You see, I get along with my father real well now. Actually, he’s my stepfather, but he raised me. But I see some of the pain that he has to go through in dealing with the way he raised me, and the pain that I have to deal with in getting along with my father, and thinking back on certain things that happened every now and then, and how mad I get. I don’t want those things to happen.

RS: Well, even good parents make mistakes.
Axl: Yeah. I just have a very short temper with things.

Axl Rose - Rock Scene 1989 interview

my interview tomorrow is planned for about 45 minutes sdkfjhgds shit i gotta reread all the papers and presentations i’ve written that i talked about in my cover letter!!! i know i can talk well about how much i want to work for this organization bc i really really do wanna work for them but wrt myself i gotta be prepared to KNOW MY SHIT!!


As pointed out by Carrie here (and brought up to me by Britt) the wonderful interview Jen and Colin did together was during the filming of 3x19, aka this Sunday’s episode! AND Jim Halterman all but confirmed that there is MORE of that interview he hasn’t posted yet [x].

So not only might we get more of this interview sometime this coming week, but there might be something great and spoilery happening this Sunday.

Who knows. Maybe a TLK?


Charlotte Wessels on meeting people (x)

Carl Philip and Sofia got interviewed during their last public engagement on October 23 by Svensk Damtidning and they got a little present for the parents to be - a book of baby names, which made Sofia pretty excited: “How sweet!” Looking at Carl Philip she smiled: “It’s very much needed!” 

Further the Mom-to-be said: “It’s a big step for us and we hope that everything goes well.” Carl Philip adds: “We are curious! It’s a new and exciting life of which we don’t know much yet.” 

The couple also comments on how exciting it is that Victoria is also having a child: “That is really great! The cousins will hopefully have fun and play together.“

Source: Bunte, taken from Svensk Damtidning

Is it just me who thinks Troye often gets put in kinda awkward situations during interviews a lot? I mean it’s not like the interviewers are really mean or anything, but it just seems like they don’t often do much to make him comfortable. And when they ask hard/awkward questions and he answers in one of his very polite, professional ways of avoiding it, they just push him to answer more rather than accepting that he doesn’t wanna answer it and moving on. I mean I get the whole wanting to get the “hard-hitting” questions like about relationships and stuff, but can’t they accept his answers and move on? Idk, I just think they could be a bit more friendly and respectful and less uncomfortable when interviewing him.

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Hello. Maybe its just me but apart from fan event, in the interviews and etc. Jen and Liam interaction are more open and fun this time. I dont know but Josh seems distant. I just hoped to see more joshifer cuz this is our last time with them. Thanks in advance!

Um - I’m not sure what you are looking at because I think Jen and Josh’s interactions have been stelllar:

The interviews have been a bit dull but it’s because the questions are the same old questions delivered by not very interesting reporters and asked over and over again.  Add jet lag and egg and the result is a little more subdued.  

But you can’t tell me that this promo has been disappointing.  It’s been life-affirming!