maybe its just this interview

I can’t imagine what doing Dolly is going to be like for Donna Murphy. I really hope this is a healing experience for her.

I’m overwhelmed by my job and I feel like I’m failing at it. I don’t want to get fired b/c I do like this job. I can’t tell if it’s my paranoia/anxiety getting to me or if I really do suck at this. 


when will i stop hurting over this


Charlotte Wessels on meeting people (x)

Carl Philip and Sofia got interviewed during their last public engagement on October 23 by Svensk Damtidning and they got a little present for the parents to be - a book of baby names, which made Sofia pretty excited: “How sweet!” Looking at Carl Philip she smiled: “It’s very much needed!” 

Further the Mom-to-be said: “It’s a big step for us and we hope that everything goes well.” Carl Philip adds: “We are curious! It’s a new and exciting life of which we don’t know much yet.” 

The couple also comments on how exciting it is that Victoria is also having a child: “That is really great! The cousins will hopefully have fun and play together.“

Source: Bunte, taken from Svensk Damtidning