maybe its a chick

I am honestly living for The Bold Type like this show is so refreshing and the characters are amazing and well rounded and supportive of each other. One main character is questioning her sexuality but they dont portray it as a struggle its just accepted that yeah maybe she’s into chicks nbd and she’s a black woman falling for a muslim lesbian like how huge is that. And the women aren’t tearing each other down they’re building each other up and its just so great and beautiful i love it i love this show

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Since modern birds have inherited so many antics from dinosaurs do you think there's a chance brood parasitism could be one of those? Like, could you see a Tyrannosaurus raising a small brood of Raptors chicks as its own? Or maybe, kicking on the strong parental instinct, as shown with Oviraptors dying while protecting their nest, any other species? I'm sorry if the question is kinda dumb, but it has been haunting me for months. Have a good day!

I think it’s possible! I’m unaware of any direct evidence though, and my mental spoons are in the low negatives at the moment. 

Sort of having a maybe-its-a-date today. Maybe just two-chicks-hanging-out-together… i am not a-date-oerson! All my relationships just sort of happened…even the short lived heartbreaky one’s. How does one know? How to woo if you dont know if it’s wooing-appropriate. How does one does such things? I might just cancel and go home and play skyrim on my own… I feel like the reading of fan fiction and 33years of being alive did nothing to prepare me for this.

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Instead of Gay Bars and Clubs...

Let’s have just like a coffee house so it’s more relaxed and alcohol isn’t involved and also that way straights won’t want to come. There’s a small library and there’s game nights where we play One Night in Werewolf, D&D, House on Haunted Hill etc. It’s super laid back and we might even have book clubs. This way we can just chill and hang out without everything being super sexual and also sober. Because all I want to do is have some fun with my fellow gays without being socially awkward. This way I can have fun and others can just have a more causal night. 


Forget the black eyed peas, these are the ChickPeas! So cute they could probably be fergalicious! (Yes their eyes are black also but they are more than just pease! A new and cool!)