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hey minue!!!!! im going to reset my town soon and its going to be called moonpond!! could i maybe get a flag with my town name or if its too large then just a moon with some bamboo in the foreground!! thank you so much ^_^ wish me luck on my reset T__T!!

I hope you get villagers you want!

judgy mcjudgertons: you only care about Percival Graves because he’s hot

me: first of all, that is not true. secondly, he is REALLY HOT, like…

You’re the Healer

I don’t remember who it was requested by (I done messed up), based on this imagine over at imaginexhobbit.

Warnings: Food mention. Blood. Stitches. Scar mention (of the non-self-inflicted variety). Alcohol.

Word count: 2,782

Third installment in my Bard series. (One, two, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three, twenty-four, twenty-five, twenty-six, twenty-seven, twenty-eight, twenty-nine.)

“Potatoes in, carrots in, celery in,” you mumble to yourself, dumping the vegetables into the pot of boiling broth. Delicious scents swirl in the air, eliciting a sense of calm to rival the surprising nerves over the forthcoming meeting with Bard. “That’s it for that. All’s left to do is let it simmer while everything else is finishing up.”

You check the clock; half past six, it says. Bard will arrive at seven.

“Oh, goodness,” you mutter to the empty kitchen. “Bard will be here at seven.”

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the tanaka residence

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tsukishima residence

Some Fantasy Tales

~There’s a young woman coming home from a night out with her friends, enjoying the company until something thin and haggard steps out onto their path. She’s horribly memorized by the creature’s gaping mouth, its rows of teeth, the charred tongue that wiggles in the back of its throat, and she can’t understand why her friends aren’t focused on the same details… why they’re curled in fetal positions on the ground. When she realizes that it’s something they can hear causing them pain she springs into action, hauling her purse up and aiming for the creature’s face. She sees a brief flicker of astonishment before it dissipates and by then she has more important things to worry about, dropping to her knees and signing if her friends are okay.

~There’s a child who was born right after their parents’ mistake, a witch and a curse and the inevitable laying too much misery upon the family. They do everything they can to fix it of course, but just as predictable is the fact that the witch returns on a night when the parents are far away, trying to prevent this very scenario. The witch grins down at the child as the door opens, head cocked to the side and a bit of drool collecting on her chin. She takes in the smock and short-cropped hair. “Are a boy?” she asks, shivering at the prospect. “If you’re a boy I promised to plump you up and put you in a stew.” “I’m not a boy,” the child says, cold and clear. “A girl then! Perfect. I’ll skin you and save you for winter.” The child smiles. “I’m not a girl either,” they say and slam the door in her face.

~There’s a man taking a different route home tonight, courtesy of roadwork and the need to get some air after the day he’s had. The weather is muggy and the moon, he fails to notice, is full. It’s a nice area to live in, with just enough brush to feel ‘natural,’ so when the bushes beside him start shaking the man thinks it’s a raccoon or a squirrel, maybe even a fox. Except that the amount of disturbance… its seems too large an animal for anything around these parts… and the man’s blood runs cold as whatever it is lets out a piercing howl. He’s about to run when his service dog lets loose a string of barks, creating enough of a ruckus to set lights on in nearby houses. The man has a small dog, admittedly, but tonight size didn’t matter. The werewolf goes in search of easier prey.

~A little girl always knew that her garden was dangerous, but it was certainly exciting too. The day before she slipped through the cracks her auntie had given her the advice all travels should heed: be respectful towards the fair folk, promise them nothing, and above all, never eat from their table, otherwise you’ll be trapped there for good. Well, the girl did love to explore, but forever was quite a long time… She’d always been respectful towards others. She didn’t dole out promises either. Yet when the girl entered the dining room, chock-full of every delight imaginable, she could admit that it was tempting. But it wasn’t anything she couldn’t resist either. After all, she hadn’t eaten in two years. Taking a moment to rest, the girl re-adjusted her feeding tube and the backpack containing her nutrition bag, then set off to explore some more.