maybe it's to keep his head from falling off

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Can you write something where either Hook or Emma loses their voice --temporarily of course (like Ariel did).

Angst ahead. Rated M.

Everything has its wonders (even darkness and silence)


His voice is loud and panicked and she barely has time to brace herself before his body is barreling into hers, arms wrapping around her tight as they both go careering to the ground. He lets out a loud grunt - trying to turn them fractionally so his body absorbs the blow – but it isn’t enough (it is never enough) and Emma can just barely make out the pleased grin of the witch (another witch – seriously when is it enough?) as her hand raises high in the air.

She inhales sharply and tries to roll them over with a leg around his hips but he doesn’t budge, blue eyes sliding open fractionally as a large orb of black smoke dances between the witch’s fingers. It grows and swarms – like a hoard of angry bees – and he just gives her a tired smile, arms crushing her tighter to his chest.

“Apologies, darling.” He whispers and his lips brush over hers in a sweet gesture – soft and relaxed and everything this situation is not as the witch lets her spell fly. It’s a goodbye – she can feel it in the sureness of his movements – and it makes everything inside of her shatter and break. She thinks she screams - her fingers most certainly bruising as they anchor on to his forearms – and she feels it the second the spell makes contact. Hook shudders in her arms and drops his forehead against hers, his breath ragged as his hold loosens.


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