maybe it's time to stop trying

im watching fucking… ghost hunter shows bc my life is a mess but i can’t stop thinking (and laughting) about like gansey and co. being on one 

imagine like some ghost hunter group want to talk to ppl in henrietta about findings etc and they find gansey and they love him bc the ENTIRE TIME gansey is talking there are CRAZY EVP readings and chilly air and the cameras fucking up and flaring and the crew is totally freaked out the entire time  but like its just noah, sitting behind gansey and saying stupid shit and howling

“maybe i have my own personal ghost i never knew about,” says gansey in his best gentleman’s voice

imagine gansey is walking them down the monmouth stairs and noah just tosses a fucking book at them. they are THRILLED.

blue cant stop laughing while she tries to talk about her moms business because noah keeps making faces and climbing onto gansey’s back and gansey is just.. trying to look unaffected by it

adam freaks the crew out too much for them to talk to him for very long at all like they are literally more comfortable with ghosts than this boys unsettling expression 

when they ask ronan he tells them to eat shit and looks right at noah while he says ghosts aren’t real

noah’s laughter is caught on tape and ronans bit actually ends up being the highlight of the show

Theres a scene in part 3 that REALLY pisses me off.

I think its the third episode from the end where polnareff(-U) is walking up the stairs to try and fuck up dio y'know. And he goes up the stairs and then, whoa. Hes down the stairs. That part. We know that at the end of part 3 dio can stop time for 9 ish seconds, that means that in the span of 8.5 (maybe) at that point in the series he, runs down the stairs, PICKS UP POLNAREFF, CARRIES HIM DOWN A FEW STEPS, AND RUNS BACK UP. Its really dumb.

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its been so long but im still trying to figure out how you could go from “i love you” to “i don’t care about you anymore” in such a short amount of time

the figure from the woods does not look human when it moves. the inconsistent stutter of its long limbs, approaching me now, seems machine-like. like a robot processing a queue of hastily typed commands.

“hello,” i say, and maybe it’s the wrong thing to say. maybe anything is the wrong thing to say, but i’m out here alone and there’s no one to stop me from making bad decisions.

it does not stop, but i did not expect it to. i’ve been walking since noon, my eyes adjusting to the dark as it fell, but i can’t make out any of its features. i remember the flashlight on my cell phone, and try to sneak a hand into my coat pocket. i don’t think this is a time for sudden movements.

the forest around us is so quiet. i realise i haven’t heard a single sound since night fell. only now, the sound of my own voice, trembling and as unreassuring as its ever been. my fingers curl around my phone.

there’s a story my mother used to tell. i try not to remember it here, because fear doesn’t serve me. the thing she saw at the side of the road, the twist in her expression as she told me. i always thought it was an excuse to have me home for dinner.

i turn the flashlight on.

it’s a deep grey, smooth skin where its face should be. it’s not the way it looks in the movies, no impressions of eyes or a nose. the longer i look, the less there seems to be. the longer i look, the more obscured it is. 

i don’t look away. i’m not a deer in headlights, more so aware of what happens in the five seconds it takes to turn heel. the light covers the span of most of its body, and it doesn’t move. 


it sounds like wind at first, but i can’t feel any breeze. 

can you kn….ow…. you’re a lesbia….n….. if you haven’t… been with a man…

the noise is like nails on a chalkboard. my grip on my phone falters for the moment it takes me to cringe, and when the light moves to the side, it moves again. i curse under my breath, readjusting as quickly as i can. i’m not dying to a condescending fuck in the middle of the woods.

“that’s really none of your business,” and honestly, i’m not sure where on this thing’s face i’m supposed to be looking, “but for the record, i have been.”

h…… oow…… can you be a lesbian….. if you’ve. … been with a maaaan…

i fix it with an expression my grandparents had always insisted i’d stolen from my mother. unimpressed and spiteful, capable of piercing an ego. i don’t know why i’d ever doubted her stories. she’d always been right about everything else.

“humourous but intelligent response,” i deadpan.

the trees erupt in applause. 

i know a girl who thinks a lot

lost in her head, she spends most of her time day dreaming about what ifs could’ve beens.

she likes to think she knows whats right in the world.

she thinks she’s alone, she hurts herself in ways you wouldn’t understand. and when she cries herself to sleep at night it isn’t because of the pain she feels physically.

i know a girl who spends a lot of time by herself,

and when people ask her she makes up friends and tells them off, maybe even telling them she likes being alone

but there’s a difference between being alone and feeling lonely.

so in the past few days, she’s lessened her friend group down to five shiny new toys and a couple boys who don’t understand.

she doesn’t care anymore, not because she’s heartless, but because she’s trying to find ways terminate her stay.

so she breaks contact with those who don’t seem to care anymore,

she figures its better to stop giving two shits about people who don’t give one shit about her.

maybe she’s surviving, 

but it sure as hell isn’t for long.

INFJ Confession #2940

I feel like screaming at my friends to talk to me, not exclude me because of my spending time alone. Especially the ones who ignore or seem to be mad at me. I can’t help but wonder if I’ve done something wrong, maybe if I try to explain to them they’ll understand. The overwhelming guilt of explaining to them turns words into concrete, sinking back into the abyss. The constant of wanting them to know, the struggle to reach out, its so draining, I can’t help but to give up and stop trying for now.


Request :  can you do a kian imagine where he’s ill and you and the other boys in o2l look after him?? *and maybe hazey? thank you <3

warnings: None 

Authors note: Sorry its so short.

It was around 5 am and my phone went off.I groaned trying to tap it away thinking it was ana alarm but to my dismay it wouldn’t stop.I soon realized it was phone ringing.Who was ringing this time?I groaned seeing Ricky’s name.I reluctantly answered.I loved Ricky I really did he was one of closest friends, but I had worked at 7 and didn’t go to bed till 2.

“Hey, y/n sorry did I wake you”Ricky’s voice sounded a bit panicky.I sat up trying to wake myself up.Ricky would never really ring this early unless it was important.

“Yeah, but it doesn’t matter what’s up”I got out of bed and brushed my hair and started to get changed.I knew whatever it was it would end up me going out.

“Its kian”Ricky's voice sounded worried.

“Whats up Ricky what’s happened”I started to panic.Kian was my boyfriend of a year.

“He’s really ill can’t keep anything down and just getting worse and y/n he’s really hot and not in a good way.It started around 8 pm, but he’s just getting worse all of us are looking after him but honestly y/n we don’t know what to do” Ricky said.My mind started going crazy with thoughts.

“Okay I will be there in 10 just get him downstairs its colder get him in his boxers with just a thin blanket on him, a bucket next to him with a glass of water. Make him take little slips okay.”I didn’t even bother with clean clothes I was about half way putting different trousers on and I just gave up putting my PJ bottoms on.I almost ran out the house grabbing some medicine on the way out.

I quickly arrived at the O2L house.I quickly knocked on the door.

“Oh y/n thank god you’re here,”JC said putting his arms around me.I rushed into seeing Kian.I couldn’t help but smile.

“What?”San asked.

“You boys seriously look at the mess. Right babe has some of this and just sleep okay I’m here now” I said as I gave Kian a kiss on the forehead.

“Boys get some sleep,”I told them and they all went to bed.I shouted Hazey and we cuddled Kians weak body.

also yall maybe stop referring to Koen as ‘biracial’ b/c thats not, like, relevant in australia when it comes to Indigenous ppl. we don’t really use that term. at all. yeah Koen has a white mum but blakfulla dont talk like that. He’s not biracial. He’s Aboriginal. if ur not Aboriginal urself dont go around saying he’s biracial or mixed b/c that’s a blood quantum thing that we wholeheartedly reject since it’s what was used to try and ‘breed out’ the black. thanks.

You know you need a new hobby when you have the day off and all you can think of doing is sleeping or going to watch the same Broadway play for the forth time in a month. Maybe today is gonna be the day that I learn how to cook something other than instant noodles - or I’m just going to potentially mess up my whole apartment and blame my friends for it because there’s no one here to keep me company and stop me from trying to do stuff I have no idea how to do.

I kind of feel like Adele at the grammy’s and want to stop these Valentine’s prompts and start all over. Like I’ve run out of cute shit in my head, and I honestly don’t know what is actually cute? Because the last time I’ve been on an actual date with someone that gave me heart eyes was like….never? My last relationship was 4 years ago and I can’t even be bothered to care about trying to start one with anyone so WHAT IS CUTE!? WHAT DO COUPLES DO?!? ITS BEEN SO LONG I DON’T REMEMBER!!

Not sure how cell reception works when you’re traveling through time but I can just see Barry blowing up Len’s phone. Just the usual texts like

“haha, knew there was good in u snart” and “can i get in on this top secret mission???”

And Len hasn’t answered (because hes unable to) but Barry just keeps on going like

“couple guys tried to rob a bank today.. like u used to. what a coincidence amirite?? maybe u can come back and show them how its done”

“there was ice in my cup today. you liked ice.”

“iris made a pun, you wouldve loved it :\"

And then he goes into full on desperate mode

"YO theres plenty of stuff *here* for u to steal!!1! ill try to stop u, u get away, just like old times!!! hahaa ha ohmygod len i miss u jus t pls come back”

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tomorrow i will go on a trip with my family, and i will be away the whole day (plus a long carride), and i don't really know if i should bind, because i just have sportsbras, and my ribs still hurt from the last time. but on the other hand my dysphoria is really bad in the moment, and i don't want to ruin the trip because of that. any advice? (or maybe something in between, that isn't harmful and could help?)

If you are still hurting from last time it could cause damage to bind again. I would just go with a sports bra at least while in the car. I dont know where you’re going as to whether you would have access to a bathroom or not but if so you could take the binder with you anyway and change into it if you wanted to try it. Its not really recommended though if you are already in pain from it. That means you need to stop. Maybe try 2 sports bras if you can as long as that doesnt cause any pain. Otherwise layering can help to conceal the chest, using patterns can help distract the eye from it as well. Its winter now so layering is more appropriate and easier to withstand. Try not to think about it too much and focus on the day and what you’re doing instead. Its not easy but distraction can help. Do what you can but not at the expense of causing damage to yourself

Got the message? (James Potter x reader)

Request: Reader is tired of James Potter pranking them nonstop.

You were gobsmacked and quite obviously horrified. Every time you tried to close your mouth to try and regain some sense of yourself you literally could not stop yourself from gawking. 

Picture this: A spring Saturday, the skies a promising blue and the trees overabundant with flowers. Even the Whomping Willow. But wait, the Whomping Willow shakes off its flowers, you might say. Not this time, this time it only swayed in the wind. And maybe the only way it could would be because an infamous Marauder charmed the Whomping Willow into a doze. 

Before this UnWhomping Willow sat rows and rows of white chairs, divided into two groups with a distinct aisle down the middle. And, oh yes, off to the side was Hogwart’s frog choir singing the unmistakable tune of “Here Comes the Bride.”

At the end of this parade road was James Potter, with the proudest grin. He was cloaked in pure white and wearing a priest’s hat. 

He expected you to walk down the aisle to him so he could marry you to the Sleeping Willow. Part of you almost felt relieved that he looked so smug, because it reminded you that others were staring as well. Giggling. Taking moving pictures. Another moment James Potter made you a joke. 

Instantly your eyes grew darker with every passing second, while James’s somehow only seemed brighter. He wanted a show? Fine. You would give them one.

Potter!” You barked, storming down the aisle. The sideline giggling halted but Potter was undeterred. 

“(Y/N)! So glad you could make it, I was beginning to get worried you got lost!” He called back.

“What kind of trick are you trying to pull?! First you transfigured all of my quills with bird heads!”

“But weren’t they so cute? I named them Seaquills remember? After that charming bird you told me about from your beach vacation!”

“Then you put a moving picture of your face in my remembrall?” 

He smirked, “It worked rather swimmingly, didn’t it?” 

“And now this?!” You screeched, throwing a finger at the Whomping WIllow.

“Well you did say you’d rather marry ‘ole Will over here.”

This was true. You said that while sitting next to this pranking plague in Charms class, telling the teacher you would rather marry the Whomping Willow than be paired with James Potter.

And here you were, with Potter’s blessing.

You were going to murder him. 

“Than what? Marry you? Please, if this is the kind of asinine behavior I would have to put up with, then I’ll take the tree!” James tensed visibly, which only pushed you further. “I’ll take the tree and Squidy the lake monster before I pick you!”

“You’re really selling me short over here, (Y/N),” He frowned. You now stood in front of him, arms crossed.

“Maybe because you are so frustrating! Why are you so bloody bothered by me??” James leaned back a bit at the question and you stepped forward, your words erupting like a volcano. “What did I do to deserve being embarrassed on a regular basis? To be pointed at as the girl who James Potter toys with? Huh? Answer me!”

“You did everything!” James yelled. He suddenly jerked forward, his nose inches from your face and eyes ablaze. “You told me you missed seeing flocks of seagulls at sunset! That you sometimes you wanted reminders that you should just forget worrying so much and just laugh! And-” His expressed sobered completely. “And maybe I realized I wanted to be that reminder. All the time. Every time.”

You were breathless. The time, the energy James must have put into these.. messages. You had hardly noticed his eyes were bloodshot. Behind him petals from your favorite flower were falling. Behind you the frog choir had stopped singing. He must have spent days, weeks, including all of last night setting this up. 

You swallowed thickly, turning your eyes to everything he had done trying to ..impress you. To show you listened to you. Undoubtedly he did it in the worst possible way but.. you couldn’t help feeling tears well up.

All this time. All the times you mistook second guessed his smiles toward you, squishing down your feelings. When he would seemingly find you out of nowhere to chat, to know if you were going to the Gryffindor’s quidditch games, or the after parties, or the practices, or to get a snack with him in the kitchen. When you would glance at him in class, or tease him, or hug him after he won the game, or help him with his homework, or dream about him, or remember the smell of him after a game, or hug your pillow to your face to try and block out that smile.. Suddenly all those feelings you had compressed for months just.. overflowed.

You couldn’t help smiling as you spoke, “You could’ve just said so, James.” 

He smiled back, stepping forward the tiniest bit. You could feel heat from his cheeks, which were about as bright red as yours. “Didn’t feel right.” His hands reached for yours and you let your fingers intertwine with his. “Didn’t seem to say everything I was trying to say.”

“And what did you want to say?”

He only smirked. “Well if you don’t know by now, I suppose I’ll have to think of another way to tell you.”

Swiftly he pulled you into a kiss. 

i can’t stop rolling my eyes at people who INSIST Jen is leaving OUAT. Like I legit bust out laughing when I see these posts. As if they actually have inside information or personal ties with her. People, please see what these posts are… People talking out of their asses to try and seem relevant. The only people who KNOW are JMO and her agent. MAYBE A&E. Don’t fall for the traps of others who INSIST they have inside info. They honestly don’t.

Once OUAT is renewed for S7, THEN its the time to wonder who is or isnt going to stay. Don’t let people, esp people who have had nothing nice to say about Emma OR JMO since S1, make u think they know what’s happening.

  • gay ppl: hey can you maybe try writing healthy gay relationships. and stop killing off gay characters in your stories?
  • the straights: UM, IT'S CALLED CREATIVITY AND EXPLORING RELATIONSHIPS i can't believe i'm being attacked like this i'm a great ally! i write abusive gay relationships because not everything isn't butterflies and rainbows you dirty sjw~

Hope and Vanille  |  [part 10/?]

Hope: It’s not a question of can or can’t. We just do it. That’s our only choice this time. Maybe it won’t do much. Maybe only one person will listen to us. But even then, isn’t trying better than doing nothing?

Vanille: Because ripples can make waves!

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Do you have troubles passing? Because I do and I kinda want to die every time I hear someone say 'him/his' because I'm a trans girl. :/ any words of advise?

I do have trouble passing considering that I can’t really transition at the moment but I would need some more information to help you out?

Aries: you are such a sweet lovely person. Things are hard right now and you’re fighting wars most people cannot even comprehend. Hang on, because you have help. You’re not alone my dear.
Taurus: Its time. Time to let go of the past. Let go of all those old notes you’ve kept for all these years. Its time to let yourself recover. Stop injecting yourself with nostalgia.

Gemini: Maybe now you can stop falling in love with everything that could of been. Everything that might of been and could have happppened but won’t. Stop being obsessed with your past, it’s only opening new wounds.

Cancer:  Breathe.  You’ve made it through the worse of this storm. Breathe and know that this has passed. You can rest now my soldier, the battle is over.

Leo:  Your words are starting to hurt you, and everyone else around you. Try and hold back the venom. I know your temper is getting ahead of you, but learn to stop yourself first.

Virgo: Grow up. Pull yourself off back together. Its time to stop acting like your still a child, irresponsible and reckless. We all see past the masks. I know you hate yourself, but we don’t.

Libra: You are healing. You finally are cutting out everything toxic from your life. You are doing the right thing, as unreal and as hard as it seems. You are healing, this is good.

Scorpio: those nightmares are just that. Nightmares. There’s no Freddy Krueger to come out and hurt you. There’s no boogeyman under your bed my love.

Sagittarius: check your email, your Skype, your tumblr, go back. Check in on all your old friends because we miss you. We aren’t angry, we’re just sad.

Capricorn:  You need to remember other people are human too. I know your patience is thin now and you’re tense to the touch. Give them some grace.

Aquarius: Cling to whatever you need to right now. You’re healing. You need everything you’re clinging to right now. Its okay, it won’t always be this way.

Pisces: stop being so niave. You can’t not see the chaos around you. There are amends to be made, and wounds to heal. Its time to start recovering.

—  This weeks horoscope

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Hey Erin, why you think they are gonna air 4x01 again instead of a new episode on march 8th? Do you think its maybe to try and spark interest like "hey this is how s4 started in case you missed in the first time around and decided not to watch the rest of the season cause you missed 4x01 on february and now you can catch up on the rest on cw website or wathever" cause they never done it before and it doesnt make sense

Why? “Doesn’t make sense” is t100’s catch phrase. 🤷🏻‍♀️

It could be really frustrating when this thing happen: ending up with a bad grade. Especially when you work your butt off during late-nights that almost had cost you 3 cups of coffee, or maybe you studied with extra motivations and determination but still the brick wall built its way to hinder and fail you. Frustrating, right?. Now, remember to take this journey one step at a time. Don’t let this brick wall stop you; instead try to pin-point the areas or methods which you think isn’t working because this will help you to focus on the tasks at your hand to make them more manageable and achievable.

Choose to overcome the obstacle by having the right type of mindset. Look on the bright side and be positive about it. After all, this doesn’t only happen to you, other people also had encountered this- even more worse. People who became successful actually uses the key of positive attitude because there’s no other way. When you are positive, you build a clear mind-set about accepting things and actually plan to execute again for another try but now more intelligently. 

I know most of us hit this all the time but each wall is different.However, people can only overcome this if he/she knows how to plan. This requires only a little courage, fortitude and determination. How brick walls affect you depends on you. 

Here’s a motivational moment to ponder:

“Brick walls are there for a reason. They let us prove how badly we want something. They are there to stop anyone who doesn’t want it badly enough to break through. They let us show our dedication.” -Randy Pausch, professor and author of the Last lecture.

This idea had flung into my mind to write something about it since I feel not satisfied with the grades that I got. Sure thing, I did recognize now the spots which had failed me and that is–procrastination and being a full time couch potato. Hoping that I would combat these factors for some time. 

xo, Almira.