maybe it's time to stop trying

  • Naruto: So...
  • Naruto: You're leaving the village
  • Naruto: Again
  • Sasuke: Yes dobe, and don't try to stop me
  • Naruto: *shrugs* fine
  • Sasuke: Seriously, I might be gone for years. I don't know how far this road goes... Where this journey might take me... Maybe I won't come back.
  • Naruto: *examining his fingernails* sounds fun
  • Sasuke: Because I might actually die. I have no shortage of enemies, after all.
  • Naruto: Meh, it's your life
  • Sasuke: Exactly.
  • Sasuke: And nothing you say will ever convince me to stay.
  • Sasuke: So don't bother trying.
  • Naruto: You've made the clear.
  • Sasuke: ...
  • Sasuke: You're really not going to stop me?
  • Naruto: Of course not, bastard.
  • Naruto: So... Are we good to go? It's going to get pretty hot later in the day. Better to start early.
  • Sasuke: Yes, I'm good to-
  • Sasuke: Wait
  • Sasuke: What do you mean by 'we'?
  • Naruto: You can leave the villiage, Sasuke
  • Naruto: You can go wherever you want and maybe you really won't come back this time
  • Naruto: After all these years, I've learned my lesson
  • Naruto: I can't stop you from doing what you want to do
  • Sasuke: You didn't answer-
  • Naruto: Let me finish
  • Naruto: You can't stop me from doing what I want to do either. Let's go, teme.
  • Sasuke: But you said-
  • Naruto: That I wouldn't stop you. And I won't. I always keep my word.
  • Naruto: But this time, I'm coming too.

Advice for the signs

Aries:you are amazing. I admire your courage, although i do believe your impulsiveness and irrationality is a little too much at times. Dont ruin your life chasing decisions you made impulsively.

Taurus:you are so easy to talk to and so chill no wonder you make friends easily. But sometimes realise, its okay to step back and save your energy. You cannot always win and thats okay. Nobody is out there to get you, nobody is against you. Be firm and believe in your values, thats all you gotta do.

Gemini :its weird isnt it? Your confusions? What matters is that you try. You know inside your heart whats good and bad, just try to follow it and rest will come naturally. I know temptation and easy ways may make you fluctuate bt its okay as long as you know wjat kind of person you want to end up as.

Cancer: you are strong. Remember that. You may try to hide your emotions, you may think you are overly emotional but try to rationalise it. Try to step back and understand your emotions like a theory. And when you do something wrong, which you dont always do intentionally,realise and admit. Its okay to be a mess at times, nobody is judging you..

Leo:your nose up in the air, may mean you feel confident. Your judgement and criticism of others wont fix you. You know the root of your problems, you know you are not a bad person, you are just a human. Its okay to judge, as long as you keep it to yourself bt remember putting others down wont make you rise anyway so learn to cope with insecurities and learn to give others equal space.

Virgo: you dont have it together, you probably wont anytime soon, either. Thats the best thing about life. Dont keep trying to find and fix stuff. Sometimes life means the exact opposite. Learn to let go of things and try to be a little flexible in your judgement. You are okay, you are doing fine. Everything will fall in place.

Libra: you are enough okay? You hear me? You are enough. You dont have to be liked or loved in order to feel valid. If you like love, chase it bt carry your mind with you too. You deserve the same treatment you give to others.its okay to be giving bt save some for yourself too. I know your friends matter alot, your lover matters alot but learn to balance. They arent everything that good about you, its you.

Scorpio: you are loved. Learn to accept love. I know things seem so messed up.i know your feelings are messed up and you either overthink or dont think at all and its okay. Its okay to fall back, let loose and be vulnerable. If you are ever deceived, its never a reflection of who you are. Sometimes people are bad just because they are. But try to manage your emotions healthily, you are gold underneath all of it and you better believe it. If you hurt others, its okay to accept and apologise bt dont beat yourself too much, you said sorry, you felt guilty thats all you can do.

Sagittarius :i know you care and you also hurt. Dont feel guilty to put yourself first bt try to do it in a friendly way. Your judgements and needs are all valid, try to communicate it thoroughly. Have faith that they will understand you, they do. If you do good, it always comes back in some form. Go for the damn adventure. You are star youd survive. You always do.

Capricorn:it gets too much doesnt it? You are always busy, always disappointing people, stress out easily and people always complain you dont give them time. They call you shallow and materialistic. But they dont know. They dont know the hard word, the emotional draining exercises, the mental work, the heart wrenching things you do for your dreams. I know you are tired, i know you dislike relaxing when you know you can be doing other amazing things. But its okay to give up at times, its okay to be lazy, to be imperfect or lethargic. You can always pick yourself back up.

Aquarius:you are intelligent, you know that. Relationships may seem difficult, pointless at times. But its alright, try to make peace with the situation and dont think about the know it in your bones if its right or not, don’t think much, do what you like drop regrets and guilt. You maybe unique bt everyone deserves equal respect. They are all as important as you are.

Pisces:my fish, you question it all, dont you? Is he lying? What did he mean by that? Why wont they reply? Why are they so mean? How can i fix it? Do they need my help? Fish, you need to lie down and stop thinking. Turn it off. If they need your help, they will ask. If they dont respect enough to respond to you, then its a reflection of who they are, not who you are. If they leave, its their loss. You maybe attatched bt we all are wired to survive alone. He maybe be god to you, bt if he leaves you can always believe in yourself. Whatever people do is who they are, not what you made them do. Be kind, if they disrespect you, still be kind bt dont let them walk all over you.

hello everyb. it me, doctor elly, cat doctor ph.d (Ph.luffy Doctor).

so many people sufferin so much lately. in world, and also on small human scale. human roommnt Rave Sahnsyed and me hear from especial many of yu in this week. some of u lost somebyyd or somthin important, or anticipting loss. som of u feel so lonely n isolated. some of u have get in truble for mistake & torn between fel guilty bad (for mistake) & resent (for unfair reaction). other ppl feel guilt for have problem in face of global scary tension. some of u just very scared for no reason, or all reason.

im dont mean 2 minimize all individ problem by combinin response this way. but i am nonly one small cat & carnt even read. so, its hard 2 answer all of this. especial hard for me 2 answer questions no one can answer, like, what happen if we cannot stop unraveling of global systm? jeez, i donnt no. im domb as hell.i mean yestrday i got trap again between glass tabletop n table.

so look, i say this only. i make recomend:take some time 2 NOT BE ON INTERNET. i know this sim like denial – STOP ABSORBING INFORMATION! – but internet IN PARTICULAR is machine for collapsing of experience. is no way 2 make emotional distinction betwen things Happenin to U and things Happenin to World that matter and things Happnin to U And World that dont matter, on itnernet. its all comes at u all time and it only make so tired.

so this is why im ask  u to unplug for couple hours or days if u can. ok? try maybe only tomor saturday. read book from paper, newspaper from paper. go outdise if u can, see how flowers comin in on trees. perhaps go to tax march tomor if u feel like u must engage with World. listen to new kendrick album!! (doctor lely luv kendric.) enjoy sensual, concrete pleasure and pains. try 2 spend time living consciously in those sensations, good n bad. 

adapt this recomnednatin to yur personal situat and limits. i cant atully go outside bc will die of panic attack if bird or squril gets 2 close. so im just stick my butt out window in the sun. this give me perspectiv and warm.

will this solv world problem? of course not. but mayb will give u strength & distance from feeling of crushing overwhelm, deep breath from which yu can re-enter heartbreaking lovely pointless important garbage endeavor of being alive. im tellin yu, those flower are gud.

(Technically it’s the 15th since it’s 1:38am)

So there’s one bit near the end of the Genocide Run that hit me pretty hard, personally. And as with most things that hit me very hard emotionally, it was a random almost throwaway line that wasn’t written to be focused on that much. But whether it intentionally held the meaning I took from it or not, it doesn’t change the fact that I DID take meaning from it.

When Flowey is monologuing near the very very end of the game and explaining what he went through, he talks about how he lacks the ability to feel anything for the people around him, and how desperately, frantically, he wishes he did. He talks about how, at first, he tried to help people. He talks about how at first it seemed to help, but every time it was time to let go, to move on, he got scared and couldn’t do it. He’d panic and reset instead. And how then he’d be right back where he started. And he would try helping everyone again.

But it became hollow. Everyone always said the exact same things, and did the exact same things. And nothing changed. And nothing new ever happened.

And eventually, just out of sheer desperation for SOMETHING new, he decided to kill everyone. And how that was at first a relief, but even that grew stale and empty as he did it over and over again. Until he was left with nothing, and there was nothing to care about, either for better or worse, but he couldn’t let go either. So he was trapped in this world where nothing ever changed, and he couldn’t make himself leave.

It’s a sad story, but it’s also a bit of a gut punch because of its implications.

Maybe in time, the person playing the game, the actual human being behind the keyboard, not the pixel character they control, would find themselves in the exact same situation. Eventually, things in a game stop changing. Characters always say the same things, do the same things. And maybe in time, as boredom takes over, the player would also try a genocide game just for SOMETHING new. But eventually even that will become empty and lead to nowhere after you do it enough.

I can’t really say if that’s true or not. I can’t say it’s false either.

But It’s 2 years now. And a lot of us are still here. And more importantly a lot of us still care. Quite deeply in fact.

And maybe we won’t care forever, maybe the same thing will happen, or more likely, we’d be the ones able to let go and move on to other things and let go. Maybe there’s no escaping that.

But it’s been 2 years, and at least for now, we’re still here.

There is also the possibility I’ve considered, that since the insane success of the game was never expected or anticipated at all, that the level of love it caused in gamers was a complete and utter surprise, maybe their ability to never fall into that cycle of apathy and just how long they can keep going, caring as hard as ever, will also be a complete surprise that was never foreseen.

Or even more simply, maybe Flowey just needed to be shown, as with so many things, he was wrong about that too.

Who knows. Honestly I can’t say how things will look in time. It could either way.

But at least by year 2 we were still here.

It Ethan. Behold the true @crankgameplays
He a good ice cream boi.
He totally doesnt have drugs anywhere. Look at that pure face. How could that face be anything but lawful.

some voltron meta

(by @caseydambro. she asked if i could post this because, and i quote, she’s “too much of a weenie”)

((this is long so be ready, buds))

Maybe the writers do know what they’re doing and they appeal to e m o t i o n. Like the feeling of keith not being there is f r u s t r a t i n g. But maybe they did it on purpose. Because again keith is so fucking stubborn and it pisses literally everyone off okay.

But it changes bc this time now the team lets him do his stubborn shit so we’re all like “bitch w h a t”. I just think its supposed to add questions and make us frustrated. Why didnt black respond to shiro right when he got back? Why didnt anyone try to stop keith, why wasnt there better communication between them because im sure they lived with each other for m o n t h s, why did it seem so fake and light hearted? What are they planning? I think its something big.

I saw a post about a reoccurring theme in the show. Galras winning or else they would rather die or the bom with “knowlege or death” and thats a reoccurring theme as well. And keith has gotten himself into many situations in each season that almost got himself killed. season two with the trials. Three with his poor leadership that put the entire team in jeopardy, and now four with his self sacrifice. Its a reoccurring theme thats getting worse as the seasons go by. And i think keith is running out of luck. We all think lance is going to be the one to “die” aka get seriously injured. When in reality keith is most likely to be the one to do it for those he cares about. He sees himself as truely disposable. Thats what i think the big picture could be.

advice for the signs
  • Capricorn: you work yourself waaay too hard.. take a break
  • Aquarius: you're too distant from your friends, let yourself trust !!
  • Pisces: stop thinking about love all the time
  • Aries: go somewhere peaceful and watch the sunset. it will help i promise
  • Taurus: if it was meant to happen it will so chillll
  • Gemini: you need to stop talking about it ok. people will get bored
  • Cancer: whatever they think it doesn't fucking matter, follow your heart
  • Leo: stop trying to please other people and start trying to please yourself
  • Virgo: you need to let people in or they won't understand
  • Libra: big decisions can't be ignored forever, you need to take some time to really think
  • Scorpio: it's time you told them how you feel before the time has passed
  • Sagittarius: maybe its time for a change? a new look for a new you
phil’s sleepless night notes:

that was the least convincing video i have ever seen and here is why, and how he definitely screwed up:

the bag of espresso beans doesnt even appear to be opened:

the room is absolutely tiny, and where he sets his camera to show us the pictures is in fact the back wall of the room
notice how he moves out of his room as quickly as possible, and never once shows the other side of it

phil states that he JUST went into the room to update games, and the game says:

meaning that he just started updating it, at 20:21. 
whats weird about this?
well, its supposed to be nearly 3 AM and he can sleep but no, its actually 8 PM. it’s not even past midnight. (we know this for sure, and I’m not saying it was all staged but…)
also notice how he never once shows windows, or clocks, only times he edited in

here’s the reflection on the ball hanging from the ceiling. timestamp: 6:48

if it’s 3 AM, then it definitely should not be this bright. (you can even see a supposed window on the right) i think these are all just more hints, because there is no way he could have missed that many things while editing.

phil say’s he’s going to bed, so he goes upstairs, because thats where his room should be, but then walks downstairs again, for no apparent reason. why would he go upstairs just to go into the office for a few minutes?
i think that he went up stairs to film the part where he’s in his room, then went back downstairs to go to sleep in their room, and simply switched up the order of the clips (or maybe its the other way around with their room upstairs and his downstairs, but you see my point)

here’s my theory:
what if he only uploaded this so that we start to talk MORE about the sleeping together theory
if he wanted to have us stop talking about it, then he should have done anything BUT this, and I’m sure he knows that

all in all, the video was so random. he wasnt awake at the time he claimed, and was pretty much anywhere but his room. 
he’s trying to prove he sleeps in his room by making us aware of how tiny it is, how does that add up?
essentially, the entire video is fake, and there’s 2 possibilities:
1. he  posted it because he knew we would talk more about it, and thats exactly what he wants; there’s no way he didn’t do this on purpose
2. he tried so hard to prove us wrong that he did this video last minute and never even realized all of the things he tried forgot to edit out. 

social media creates the illusion that artists are constantly producing incredible things every single day since we see so much art on our dashboards and timelines at once…but the reality is that these artists are all individuals with their own lives and struggles, maybe some of them have a hard time making even one decent drawing in a week.

anyway what im trying to say is, theres nothing wrong with struggling making things, its ok to take breaks if you need it…this has been discussed by others but i think its important to Not draw sometimes. art is extremely important to me and its important to me to continue improving what i do, but if im feeling unhappy while drawing i just stop and do something else…theres no need to destroy yourself for the sake of creativity. nothing good can come out of that

my gf is playing fallout 4 at the moment and we were chatting about how the game had lots of possibly cool things but wasted its own potential (i feel) because of 1. railroading and 2. pacing problems.

take the intro segment of the game for example. (spoilers for those who haven’t played i guess). you start off by customizing the couple spoken of in the intro of the game, a husband and wife, one of which will be playable by you. but, you get the chance to customize them both, which in turn changes your baby’s appearance.

that’s really cool!

what isn’t cool, however, is the lack of ability to name your own partner or child. you only get to name the player character.

to add to that, the game expects you to, after little interactions with barely any choice, to be bonded enough with your spouse and child to be upset when they’re taken from you and invested for the rest of the game in finding your baby and avenging your partner.

it just kinda falls flat to me.

what i feel would’ve had more impact would be if the module that thawed out the pods was remotely accessed from outside or from the very beginning of the vault. this would’ve meant that, when the player is woken up along with their spouse and child, they have no clue why or what is waiting for them.

the player could then have some time to learn more controls and get situated in the game by traveling through the falling-apart vault with their partner and kid in tow. maybe make choices, like if they should interact with others’ pods. who carries the baby. searching for staff assistance or means for self defense.

once you make it to the exit of the vault, you’d find the elevator isn’t there. confused, you could begin trying to call it down, only it’s already on its way down.

just as the elevator stops, the player is faced by the institute, on their way to steal your baby. maybe you get a dialogue choice prompt here, decide to try to take your baby into safety yourself, or tell your partner to flee, or just try to attack the institute members. in the end, in the scuffle, your partner gets fatally shot (along with anyone you let free from pods), your baby taken, and you get dragged back into stasis.

if you’d had the chance to actually play a part of the game, a stage, with these other characters i feel there could have been some more legitimate attachment and drive to doing something about it later on.

  • got7's father's day letters →
  • mark: ur mah bud
  • jackson: you cool but maybe next time choose a different wife ;)
  • jinyoung: ily husband but next time i think we should stop at 1
  • bambam: why u no dab wif me
Reigen Headcanons

lmao this is long overdue, but tbh i was stuck on him for a bit. (which is why i saved him and mob for last)

// Teru // Shou // Ritsu // Reigen // Mob // Serizawa //

  • Probably has like. barely any Casual Clothes. at least 70% of his wardrobe is suits and ties and slacks because he always is Dressed to Impress
    • but. that 30% is like old worn out shirts of bands that no one remembers and weird pajama pants with tacky designs on them
    • 70% classy 30% tacky
  • sometimes passes out on his desk at the office. not all the time, but often enough that he has a constant kink in his neck
    • gets woken up at 3am by Shou breaking a potted plant while crawling through the window
  • “ooh, god. My neck is absolutely killing me. I don’t even know what I did.” “Maybe its because you’re like fifty, old man.” “wh-aa I uhm– why you even here, Ritsu.” “….. I’m here for Shou…” “oooh I see. So that’s it, huh? Well–” “Oh my god, stop looking at me like that.”
  • has chronic back pain
    • the whole reason he actually learned how to give some killer massages was to try and work the pain out of his own back instead of ‘exorcising’ curses n whatnot, but hey, two birds one stone
  • has a mini fridge in his office
    • before he met mob it used to be full of mostly cheap beer that he could barely stomach. Now there’s always milk, coffee creamer, and whatever is left over from their lunches together
  • has to put a baby lock on said mini fridge
    • teru doesnt know how to unlock them
  • Reigen externally: “oh haha, that, uuh, that was a close one, eh Mob? That damn spirit almost h-had us, huh? good thing I was here.”
    Reigen internally: “holy fucking shit holy crap oh my god oh fu”
  • constantly on the verge of a mental breakdown
    • the only reason he isn’t freaking out 24/7 is because he is really good at just…. shoving all that deep, deep down. He has a killer calm and collected facade
      • the only time his fears, doubts and worries are shown is when he is drunk off his ass (and oh boy does he have a lot of those)
  • the words ‘daycare center’ were once written on the Spirits and Such sign for almost a month is scrawled, messy sharpie
    • Reigen actually did notice it, but Shou would start snickering and giggling whenever he walked past it without saying a thing, so he kept it up to humour him
  • Only remembers Shou and Teru’s name when it’s convenient to him
    • “Eh Mob, where’d that fire headed kid go? I think he took off with my coffee flavouring.” “…. do you mean Shou?” “yeah, that kid.”
    • Hey! Haystack! Get away from the fridge! Didn’t you read the damn sign?” “Sorry boss I don’t know how to read suddenly.”
  • Just as Mob starts telling Teru about how awesome and powerful of a psychic he is, Reigen trips over his own feet in the background and takes a bookshelf down with him
  • screws himself over quite a bit
    • drinks coffee at 9 at night
    • doesn’t readjust that rug near the front of his office, no matter how many times he trips over it
    • repeatedly locks himself out of his office, has to wait for Mob to drag Ritsu by so he can pick the lock
      • doesnt dare question why the fuck ritsu knows how to pick locks
  • will sometimes stay up late at night, staring up at his ceiling with dead eyes because he realized that he has four kids latching onto him
    • like, wtf??? He’s not Adulty enough to take care of this many kids?? why do they keep coming back?? is he supposed to be some sort of Role Model now? thats too much fucking responsibility he cant do that
  • has trouble coming to terms with change, time going past, that sort of thing
    • sometimes he remembers how young Mob was when he first met him, how much time has gone by since then, and his mood plummets instantly
  • he is completely aware of why Teru has been showing up at his office so often, why he sometimes even trails behind Mob like a shadow during some exorcism gigs, and he finds it hilarious
  • Is very, very Asexual

anonymous asked:

Hello dears! Was wondering if you know of any fics where Stiles passes out/faints (for whatever reason, idc) and Derek freaks and gets all protective Alpha on him. Can be established relationship or not, I don't mind :) thank you for everything you do

Managed to find some Sterek fics with Stiles fainting, but they aren’t necessarily what you’re looking for.  Hope they still hit the spot!  -Emmy

Originally posted by gypsyastronaut

Esc by gertrudeabernathy 

(3,076 I Explicit I Complete)

Everything is fine, everyONE is fine. Even Boyd is probably fine, even though he is still in there, but Alison says he is tied to a wooden chair with a pissy rope and could be up and fighting anytime he wants. And Stiles is fine, he escaped by himself, didn’t he? He is a bit upset about a few things, and perhaps if they could get his heart rate under 180 that would be good, and Derek is fine and totally not switching between panicking and having a pornographic vision Stiles of spitting on his dick or anything gross and completely inappropriate like that…

OK. So not FINE, exactly.

I’m Only Human by DarkAlpha67 

(3,477 I Teen I Complete)

Stiles has always placed other’s needs above his own… And no one ever took the time to notice the strain that burden had on him.

Until him…


In which Stiles neglects to take care of himself and ends up in the hospital where he will learn a werewolf pack is just another word for Family.

Wont You Lay Your Hands on Me by twentysomething

(~3,600 I Not Rated I Complete)

“He misses his regular appointment to get shorn because he’s too busy trying to keep Scott out of trouble and he starts to look a little bit like a hedgehog. By the time he misses the rescheduled appointment though, his hair’s grown out enough that he really can’t be bothered.”

Destined by ItsAriyanna 

(5,151 I Not Rated I Complete)

“I thought you loved me,” Stiles whispers out with a lone tear falling down his cheek.

“I never said that, Stiles. You did.”

Or the five times Derek doesn’t say I love you and the one time he does.

My Sundown by BulletBlaze 

(7,210 I Teen I Complete)

Stiles isn’t coping well after his father’s attack.  He’s irritable and tired and so angry.  He’s trying to heal, but things just keep getting in the way.  Maybe he just needs to get over his own self-isolation and do something about it.

Le Beau Et La Bete by ajp9x 

(13,807 I Teen I Complete)

Breath catching in his throat, Stiles heart stopped beating as he took in the monster in front of him. It looked like a wolf, but was twice Stiles’ size. It stood on its hind legs like a human, hovering over him menacingly, with its teeth bared. Stiles felt the adrenaline flood his body and the effects of the alcohol dissipated almost immediately. He considered running, but realized that his body was frozen in shock. He was petrified.

The beast stared back at him, as he stood with his mouth hanging open, unable to move or say anything.  It moved in closer, teeth still threateningly exposed, but hesitated suddenly, cocking its head to the side and letting its lips relax. The beast inhaled, smelling Stiles, and then let out an ear-shattering howl.

Stiles fainted.

Ink and Incense by TriscuitsandSoup 

(17,803 I Mature I Complete)

Peters neighbor is afraid of needles, and Peter thinks he’s just cute enough to terrorize. It sounds darker than it is.

 “What is that boy doing?” Peter looked up from his art and glanced at the window. His pretty, pale, neighbor was attempting to cross the street. He wasn’t having much luck with his hands covering his eyes. He’d gotten himself stuck in the middle of the road, with cars passing by on either side. Still, he refused to drop his hands.

Hard to Breathe by sourwulfur 

(28,869 I Mature I WIP)

What with the Nemeton making things difficult for Stiles and the gang, a school project shoves Danny and Stiles into spending time together. That little push may be all it takes to start forming a bond as more than just classmates. Maybe Danny could be the one to help Stiles find a light in the dark where his friends are already succeeding.

kariyamazaki  asked:

WOW IS NOW TIME OF REFERENCES OF TEMPOBLOG!? the others peoples really say the comic tempoblog is with references of undertale? it's a joke or what? this people only think in undertale UnU

a lot of people think that I’ll go put dream and nightmare in the comic. And maybe i’ll put a reference to them, a stuffed animal or a background statue somewhere. But they are not going to appareace like characters.

I will always love dream and nightmare, always, but they are based on something that is not originally mine, so it is better to stop trying to hold on to something that can only bring problems.

Transcription of “history of japan”

welcome to my night, where i basically sat down for a whole hour typing this entire thing down. wtf am i even doing. 


Japan is an island by the sea, filled with volcanos and its 

♪ beautiful 

In the year negative a billion; Japan might not have been here.

In the year negative forty thousand; it was here and you could walk to it, and some people walked to it.
Then it got warmer some icebergs melted and it became an island, and now theres lots of 

♪ trees ♪

because its warmer. 

So now there’s people on the island that’s basically just hanging out in between the mountains, eating nuts off trees and using the latest technology like 

stones and bowls.

Ding dong ♪

It’s the outside world and they have technology from the future like, really good metal and crazy rice farms. 

Now you can make a lot of rice, really, really quickly. 

That means if you own a farm

you own a lot of food,

which is something everybody needs to 


So that makes you king. 

Rice farming and rice kingdoms spread across the land all the way to here.

The most important kingdoms were,

  • here
  • here
  • here
  • here
  • here, 
  • here 
  • and here.

But this one was the most, most important.

Ruled by a heavenly superperson 

or Emperor for short. 

knock knock.  

get the door,  its 

♪ religion

The new prince wants everyone to try this hot new religion from


Please try this religion.” he said. 

No” said everybody.

♪ Try it ♪”  he said.

“No” said everybody again, quieter this time. 

And so, the religion was put into place and all the rules that came with it. 

Then the government was taken over by another clique and they made some reforms like,

  • making the Government govern more. 
  • And making the Government more like China’s Government, which is a Government that governs more. 

“Hi China.” they said.

”Hi dipshit.” said China.

can you call us something else other than dipshit?” said Japan. 

Like what?” said China.

♪How about sunrise land ♪” said Japan. 

And they stole China’s alphabet and wrote a book. 

‘bout themselves. 

And then they made lots of poetry and art and another book about themselves.

Then they stopped moving the capital every time the emperor died and kept it in one place for awhile. 

~right here~

and they conquered the north, finally. 

Get that squared away.

A rich hipster named Kukai is bored with modern buddhism, visits China and learns a better version which is more  


comes back, reinvents the alphabet and causes art and literature to be  


for a long time.  

And the royal palace turned into such a dream world of art that they really didn’t give a shit about running the country.  

So if you lived outside the palace how are you supposed to protect your shit, from criminals

♪ h i r e   a   s a m u r a i  ♪

Everyone started hiring Samurai. 

  • rich, important people hired samurai.
  • poor people who could not afford to hire samurai did not hire samurai

The samurai became organised and powerful. 

More powerful than the government. 

So they made their own military government 


They let the “Emperor” still be “Emperor” but the Shogun is actually in control. 

Breaking news! 

The Mongols have invaded China!

We’ve invaded China.” said the Mongols. “Please respect us or else we might invade you as well.

okay.” said Japan. 

So the Mongols came over, ready for war and– 

died in a tornado(typhoon). 

But they tried again, and had a nice time fighting with the Japanese but then– 

died in a tornado(typhoon). 

Then the Emperor overthrows the Shogunate and Shogunate overthrows them back and moves to Kyoto and makes a new Shogunate. 

And the “Emperor” can still dress like an Emperor if he wants. 

That’s fine. 

♪ now there’s more art  

  • like painting with less colours 
  • collaborative poetry
  • plays
  • monkey fun
  • tea parties 
  • gardening 
  • architecture

its time for– 

~who’s going to be the next shogun?~

Usually its the Shogun’s kid.
But the Shogun doesn’t have a kid so he tries to get his brother to quit being a Monk and be the next Shogun.  

He says “ok"

But then shogun has a kid. 

So now who’s it gonna be?

~vote now on your phones!~

And everyone voted so hard that the palace caught on fire and burned down. 

The Shogun actually didn’t care

he was off somewhere doing poetry. 

And the whole country broke into pieces.
Everyone is fighting with each other for local power and 

its anybody’s game.

knock knock. 

its Europe. 

No, they’re not here to take over (yet)
They just wanna sell some shit, like clocks and guns

and ♪ Jesus

so thats cool.  

but everyone’s still fighting each other for control. 

~now with guns~

and wouldn’t it be nice to control the capital?  
Which right now is puppets with no one controlling them

This clan is ready to make a run for it.
But first, they have to trample this smaller clan which is in the way.  


smaller clan wins and the leader of that clan steals the idea of invading the capital and invades the capital and it goes very well.  

He’s about halfway through conquering Japan when someone who works for him, kills him and then someone else who works for him, kills them 

and that guy finishes conquering Japan.  

and then he confiscated everybody’s swords, and made some rules.  

“and now I’m going to invade Korea, and then hopefully China” 

he said and failed and also died.  

But before he died he told these five guys to take care of his five year old son until he’s old enough to be the next ruler of japan

And the five guys said,  

“yeah, right. its not gonna be this kid, its gonna be one of us, cuz we’re grown ups.“ 

And it’s probably gonna be this guy who happens to be way more rich and powerful than the others. 

A lot of people support him but a lot of people support not supporting him. They have a fight, and he wins and starts a new Government

right here. 

♪ Edo

and he still lets the Emperor dress like an “Emperor” and have very nice things. But don’t get confused, this is the new government and they’re very strict. 

So strict they closed the country

No one can leave and no one can come in

Except for the dutch because they wanna buy and sell shit but they have to do it right here

Now that the entire country is not at war with itself,
the population increased a lot. 

  • business increased 
  • schools were built
  • roads were built 
  • everyone learnt to read
  • books were published 
  • there was poetry
  • plays
  • sexy times
  • puppet shows 

and dutch studies.

People started to study European science from books they bought from the Dutch

we’re talking– 

  • geography, 
  • skeletons, 
  • physics, 
  • chemistry, 
  • astronomy,  
  • and maybe even electricity. 

Over time the economic and cultural prosperity began to gradually slow do–

knock knock. 

its the united states.
with huge boats with guns, 


“open the country. Stop having it be closed.”
said the United States. 

Theres really nothing they could do so they signed a contract that lets United States, Britain and Russia visit Japan anytime they want. 

Chōshū and Satsuma hated this. 

“that sucks.” they said. 

“this sucks!!!!” 

And with almost very little outside help, they overthrew the shogunate and somehow made the emperor the emperor again and moved him to Edo which they renamed, Eastern Capital

they made a new government which was a lot more western. 

they made a new constitution that was pretty western. 

and a military that was pretty western. 

And did you know what else was western?
Thats right, its conquering stuff. 

So what can we conquer?
Korea, they conquered Korea. 

Taking it from its previous owner, China.
and then go a little bit further and Russia rushes in out of nowhere and says, 

“stop, no, you can’t take that.
We were gonna build a railroad through here to try to get some warm water.” 

and Russia builds their railroad supervised by a shit ton of soldiers. 

and then when the railroad was done they downgraded to a fuck ton. 

Did i say downgrade?

I meant upgrade. 

And Japan says, 

“can you maybe chill?”

and russia says, 

“How About Maybe You Chill?” 

Japan is kinda scared of Russia.
You’ll never guess who’s also kinda scared of Russia. 

Great Britain. 

So Japan and Great Britain make an alliance together so they can be 

a little less scared of Russia. 

Feeling confident, Japan goes to war against Russia.
Just for a moment.
and then they both get tired and stop. 

♪ it’s time for World War 1 

The World is about to -Have A War-

Because its the nineteen hundreds and weapons are getting crazy.
and all these Empires are excited to try them out on each other. 

Meanwhile Japan has been enjoying conquering stuff and wants– 


and the next thing on their list is this part of China and lots of tiny islands

And all of that stuff belongs to Germany which just had war declared on by Britain because Britain is friends with Belgium which is being trespassed by Germany in order to get to France to kick France’s ass because France is friends with Russia who is getting ready to kick Austria’s ass because Austria is getting ready to kick Serbia’s ass because someone from Serbia shot the leader of Austria’s ass or– 

actually shot on the head. 

and Britain is currently friends with Japan so you know what that means. 

Duh, ♪ Japan should take the islands 

which they wanted to do anyway. 

So they called Britain on the tele(gram) to sort of let them know.
and then they did it, and they also helped Britain a little here and there with some errands and stuff. 

Now the war is over. 

Congratulations japan!

You technically fought in the war, which means you get to sit at the negotiating table with the big dudes where they decided who owns what. 

And yes, Japan gets to keep all that shit they stole from Germany, you also get to join the, Post-War Mega alliance– 

♪ the League of Nations 

Whose mission statement is to try not to take over the world. 

The great depression is bad and Japan’s economy is now crappy.  
But the military is doing just fine and it invades Manchuria and the league of nation’s just like– 

“No don’t do that, if you’re in the league of nations you’re not supposed to take over the world.”  

and Japan said “♪ How bout I do anyway? ” 

And Japan invaded more and more and more and, more of China.  

and was planning to invade the entire east!

~You got mail~

Its from Germany.
the new leader of Germany,
he has a cool moustache
and he’s trying to take over the world

and needs friends. 

This also got forwarded to Italy, 

they all decided to be friends because they had so much in common. 

♪ it’s time for World War 2 

Germany is invading the neighbours.
Then they invade the neighbour’s neighbours.
Then the neighbour’s neighbour’s neighbours who happened to be Britain said, “holy shiit”
and United States started helping Britain because they are  

♪ good friends 

and started not helping Japan because  

♪ their friends and our friends are not friends 

plus they’re planning on invading the entire ocean 

The united states is also working on a large very huge bomb.

bigger than any other bomb, ever™.  

Just in case.  

But they still haven’t joined the war.  
War looks bad on TV and united states has really started to care about their image. 

But then Japan spits on them in Hawaii,

and challenges them to war. 

and they say yes, and then Germany

as a symbol of friendship, 

declares war on the United States also.  

So the United States goes to war in Europe.
and they help the gang chase Germany back into Germany.  
and they also start chasing Japan back into Japan.
And they haven’t used the bomb yet and are curious to see if it works.  

So they dropped it on japan.  

they actually dropped two. 

United States installed a new Government, inspired by the United States Government.  
with just the right ingredients for a 

♪ post-war economic miracle 

And Japan starts making  

  • TVs  
  • VCRs
  • automobiles 
  • and camcorders 

as fast as they can and also better than everybody else.

they get rich and the economy goes wild and then the miracle wears off.

But everything’s still pretty cool i guess. 

♪ bye 


i did it. Thank you Bill Wurtz for this wonderful masterpiece. 


also p.s.: i sincerely apologise if someone has already made a whole transcript of this. pls u can hire a samurai against me if u wan 2 ;A;

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After spiderman is outed as trans one of the villains Peter is currently pursing contacts him and is like "you're still a buzzkill but I'm trans too!" And Peter is like "I know you're a bad guy and you still need to stop but I also wanna give you a high five and maybe if you go down easily I'll let them go a LITTLE easier on you in prison"

spider-man and black cat are fighting one day, and its one of the increasing times when she’s actually trying to kill him rather than fight him and then make out with him and play with his hair. but peter doesn’t really blame her, he kinda did take down her attempted robbery at stark towers that would’ve allowed her to never thieve again. she’s kinda hated him ever since, and that was 3 years ago. they haven’t talked much since then unless it was when she was trying to murder him. peter was just waiting for them to be cool again, but it was hard to make things cool when everytime they were having a moment she then tried to rip him apart.

“so, i heard that you’re trans, spider-MAN,” felicia laughed as she kicked him face first into a brick wall, busting his lip open.

and honestly he wasn’t all that surprised she had brought it up, it seemed that every villain he had encountered since the bugle outed him had tried to laugh and make trans jokes. it never threw off his game, but it sucked that the one escape he had in life had now become another place to get attacked with transphobia. plus he just didn’t feel like cat would take a shot at that, it was kinda low.

“cat,” peter grumbled, wiping some blood off his chin as he steadied himself. “can you just lay off the trans thing and go back to trying to kill me, because honestly that’s preferable to hearing the same stupid trans jokes that every criminal this week has tested out on me.”

felicia ran her hand through her hair and flipped it over her shoulder. it was really annoying that she still looked beautiful after a full hour of fighting, yet peter was kinda positive that he looked like death. he would say that he was happy he wore a mask, but she had kinda ripped it off him.

“peter, i was going to congratulate you. us trans folks have to stick together,” she breathed.

peter gawked at her. “you mean? you’re trans too? forreals?”

cat sneered at him. “don’t say ‘forreals’”

peter ignored her and happily bounced up and down. “that’s so cool, cat!! wow!! thanks for telling me!! gosh, this is so cool. we should sit down and talk!! ohmygodcat we should go to pride together!!”

felecia smiled. “no thank you. i’m going to kill you now.” and her claws came right for his eye sockets, but peter dodged her just in time and she angrily punched the brick wall.

“what the hell, cat!! you just said we have to stick together!!”

“what brings people closer together than one of them destroying the other??? i’m doing this for us???”

You can surround your white main characters by people of color and call it diversity, but is it really? Diversity is such a buzzword these days. We talk about it all the time, and as it gets discussed more and more, white writers have seen it not as something to actually strive for, but as an opportunity. The 100 was praised for its diverse cast, yet it has treated both its actors and characters of color terribly. It focuses on the white protagonists and their journeys, while using people of color as props and killing them off or torturing them for shock value. But technically, it is still diverse. Sense8, another show hailed as diverse, utilizes many racist and stereotypical tropes for its characters of color, while focusing the narratives on its white characters. Sleepy Hollow marketed itself with its diverse cast, including a black woman as the main character, yet it continued to focus on its white characters until the main actress actually quit due to the lack of development and screen time for her own character. But again, it is still diverse. 

Maybe it’s time that we stop focusing on diversity, because obviously we’re missing the point. Diversity is not having a certain amount of people of color in your cast. Diversity doesn’t matter if the story is still primarily about white people.

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Malfoy was a kid, socialized since birth by death eater parents, and grew up as his parents expected of him. Snape was not. He chose to be a wizard nazi.

You’re right - Snape was not socialized by a Death Eater family because, wait, he wasn’t socialized by anyone. He grew up alone, and he was probably beaten and resented and belittled on a daily basis, so, sure - that’s the ideal background for a good choice of who you want to be later in life. Abuse and neglect - the bedrock of free will, as I always say. And, yeah - I was talking more generally about the family, not Draco, because, like, you never see that kind of vitriol and righteous rage against Malfoy senior either, or Melania-like Narcissa, but it’s funny who we consider kids and who we want to be accountable at all times, right? Because sure, you could say Malfoy was just a kid, but didn’t Harry make precisely the same speech about Dumbledore? How Dumbledore had fallen in love with Grindelwald and gone along with his ideas to take over the world while Harry, Ron and Hermione, who were the exact same age, were off sleeping rough and fighting the literal Antichrist or something? And did you side with Hermione there? Did, like, anybody? Or even, you know, just a kid - every single week I see something about the Marauders, and how Snape was the creepiest creep to ever creep, because apparently we can forgive Draco ‘Best Hairstyle of the Year’ Malfoy for literally joining a death squad when he was fifteen and keeping his classmates in a cell so they could be killed by Voldemort and whatever else, but God forbid we had some compassion for 1970s!Snape, who’d grown up without any of Draco’s advantages - no chiseled profile, no money, no family name, no parents who gave a damn about him, no friends at all.

So, you know - I’m not defending Snape, exactly. If you follow my blog, you know I’m very clear on who Snape was, and there’s definitely no excuse for him terrifying his students and hating the hell out of Harry and refusing to even try and become a different person. He was a broken man, and his brand of broken made him a pretty awful person. But still - you can’t seriously deny that we are much less willing to criticize and hate villains when they’re good-looking and, if at all possible, members of the aristocracy. I’ve never heard a word against Loki, for instance, who single-handedly tried to destroy our planet twice and caused thousands of victims - I’m guessing the fact Tom Hiddleston is playing him counts for something? Same thing goes for Auror Graves, one of the most unsettling and disturbing characters in children movies ever, now the happy star of raunchy fanart with the (underage) kid he abused - because Colin Farrell, of course. And let’s not forget ‘He of the Tragic Past’ Erik Lehnsherr - I’m following several Cherik blogs myself and I’d probably give up a kidney for Michael Fassbender, so I don’t exactly have the moral ground here, but, again, I see more drooling than rational assessments where young!Magneto is concerned. And perhaps the funniest thing about all this is that it’s actually a theme in the Harry Potter books - that in The Chamber of Secrets, Snape is deliberately pitted against Lockhart so readers will take Lockhart’s side, mainly because, my God, look at him! - and then at the end the message is, Ha! Guess what! The ugly, oily teacher nobody can stand was actually innocent, and the Brad Pitt lookalike was ready to kill and maim three students just to get out on top.

So, yes - in the end, that’s what bugs me the most when I see this endless run of posts complaining about Snape - not only that he’s the only one they ever complain about, the only person held accountable in any way, but that so many people have apparently learned nothing from those books. The fact Harry named his son after both Snape and Dumbledore, two people who are deeply Problematic, was significant and moving and so, so beautiful. And instead of wondering what that means, and try to unpack that message, many are simply happy to bash Snape 24/7 (but not Dumbledore, never Dumbledore, despite the fact what Dumbledore did was, in a way, much worse than anything Snape could ever have done) and even complain JK Rowling disregarded Harry’s abuse at his hands or some shit. Like, uh?

And also: yes, Draco was a kid. He was also surrounded, day in and day out, by people and books he could have listened to - stuff that could have changed his mind, made him doubt his appalling beliefs (like, I don’t see much compassion on tumblr for teenagers who make memes for the alt right and hate on BLM and take part in KKK demonstrations, but maybe I don’t follow the right blogs?). He was scared and alone later in the books, sure, but he also preferred the option of killing another student rather than seeking asylum with Dumbledore. And also: he stood there and did nothing when people (a former teacher among them) were being tortured and killed in his family house; he barely reacted when Harry and the others were imprisoned in his dungeon and five minutes away from a messy death; he fought in the final battle - for the wrong bloody side. He snuck into the castle with the deliberate intent of killing Harry, and to the end, he never admitted he’d been wrong in any way, remember? After that Room of Requirement scene, he simply slumped against a wall, exhausted and unarmed and probably in shock, never offering a word of apology to anyone. So, whatever. Yes, he was a kid. He was also in a position to reconsider his life’s choices, much more so than Snape, who was also a kid when his destiny locked him in - and, unlike Draco, Snape was a dirty, badly dressed, unwanted working class kid and he grew up to be an unpleasant, angry, ugly adult and that’s why - despite his tragic past and the doomed love story thing and his wit and sarcasm and the fact he could actually fly - nobody gives a damn about him: because everybody is accountable, but some people are more accountable than others.

How do you even begin?

There is a TON of information out there about witchcraft. A lot of interesting things, a lot of misinformation, and a lot of weird stuff too. When you’re starting out, it can be very overwhelming. Where do you even go? How do you even being? When can you start calling yourself a witch? You have a lot of questions.

Its important to know that there is no one way of starting out. As individuals, we all do things a little differently from one another. Some need time to read and research, while others dive in head first. Explore and try out different methods of learning and find one that clicks right with you.

Reading, Researching, Reflecting (the three Rs): With anything, its important to actually know what it is and what it might involve. You should take at least some time to do the three Rs. If anything, it will make easing in more comfortable for yourself. Really take time to know what you’re getting yourself into. Read books, but also check the authors out. How are they viewed? Are they racist bags of shit that don’t know what they’re saying? Or are they highly respected by the community? Take time to test the waters and look about. Its never fun trying to cook a cake when you’re reading instructions from someone that confuses a cake with hamburgers. Below, I do have a few book recommendation for you to check out: (link posted below)

Test out the Waters: Think about yourself practicing. What is the feeling you get? Do you feel excited? Fearful? Indifferent? Why do you think you feel the way you do? Read a spell aloud, look up some rituals, make a poppet, etc. Try some things that you’ve read about and see how they make you feel. During this time, I would suggest maybe keeping a journal to write down your thoughts and what you feel good and meh about doing. Figure out what you like and don’t. How do you want to go about practicing?

Do what you’re reading about: Test out some of those spells, rituals, and charms you’ve been reading about. Then, you can write about your experience later  and reflect upon it. Do you feel silly? Do you feel amazing? Do you feel somewhere in between?

Create your own things: From all the things you’ve done, you should try and create our own. Modify a spell, write out a ritual, think up a charm, create a sigil. When seeking to really understand and master something, the thought process behind how its created can be an amazing asset. It also helps you become more confident in your own power and creativity.

Look into the meaning: Don’t just read the words, try and understand what they mean. Why would someone word a spell like that? Why is a certain item being used over another? Why is it being done on the night of the full moon in January vs a full moon any other month? Take time to reflect upon this and how it affects you and your craft. Maybe the reason why salt is being used over sugar is because of its protective properties. Maybe you don’t need those extra protective measures, so you use sugar instead. You see that a mandrake is the main component of a spell, you try to replace it with a doll, and then discover that the spell failed without it. Why? Research into symbols, the mythology, and the history.

Keep Practicing: Its easy to lose focus with all the reading, researching, and reflecting; however, you shouldn’t allow it to stop your practicing. Witchcraft is above all a practice and requires a witch to actively participate (and actually practice).

Other Tips: I also have a list of other tips for beginners (or those wishing to practice again)

  • create a group to practice and learn together
  • strive to do one bit of witchcraft a day
  • seek out a specific tradition (sometimes narrowing things down more is very helpful)
  • seek a teacher or mentor (always be careful, but if you find a good teacher it is an amazing experience)
  • show a mark of your dedication
  • blend it into your life
  • keep it meaningful (best way to keep laziness and indifference away)
  • don’t sweat the small stuff
What Happens Now Part 5

Pairings: Sebastian Stan x Reader 

Warnings: Angst, swearing, pregnancy

Word Count: 855

Summary:  It was just one night, something that happened in the midst of too much alcohol. But what happens now?


“You’re…you’re…” Sebastian was struggling to find the words as he glanced with wide eyes from your face down to your stomach and back again. “We used protection though…didn’t we?” 
“I can’t remember Seb,” You admit quietly. “But even if we did it clearly hasn’t done it’s job.” 
“I thought we…fuck.”

You jumped a little at his outburst, feeling more than a little nervous that he was going to have the same reaction you’d been hoping to avoid. It was all well and good to believe that this was going to work out exactly how you wanted it to but the reality was far different. Even if Sebastian and you went into this with open minds it was going to uproot your entire lives. When Sebastian wasn’t filming he was in New York and you were in LA, four and a half hours between you and that was just by plane. One of you would end up having to move. 

You hesitated for a second, biting your bottom lip nervously before sitting down beside him again, rubbing his tense shoulder blades as he cradled his head in his hands, fingers pulling on the roots of his hair. Neither of you said anything, you didn’t have to. You knew that Sebastian was just trying to sort through all the emotions you’d been dealing with three weeks ago, his world suddenly flipped on its head.
“Have you been to the Doctors yet?” He asked quietly a few minutes later.
“No, I hadn’t really thought about it to be honest. I wanted to talk to you first.”
“We should probably do that then…right?” He asked, voice cracked and unsure.

You felt your stomach sink a little at his obvious hesitation, the tears already beginning to prickle at the corner of your eyes as you struggled to keep your emotions in check.
“Seb…we have time to think this through properly,” You murmured. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m fucking terrified right now but I’m not asking you to be apart of anything you don’t want to be apart of…”

Sebastian nodded his head slowly, still not looking at you. You heard him take a long, shaky breath.
“I need - I should probably…” He trailed off, finally lifting his eyes to yours, letting you see the unshed tears clouding over them. “Shit y/n I’m not - I’m not abandoning you or our baby alright? But I just need some time to think this all through.”
“Of course Seb, I don’t expect you to know all the answers five minutes after I told you,” You tried to give him a reassuring smile but you knew that it was more of a grimace, your chest beginning to tighten up with the emotion coursing through your body. “You know where I am when you want to talk.”

Keep reading