maybe it's time to learn flash

anonymous asked:

I really do like the flash: the cw series, but at the same time, I can't really defend it.... it has time travel more convoluted than the looper movie, the same personal journeys being explored in depth every season, can you shed some light on this? if possible?

I partially see where you’re coming from, anon. I can’t really agree on the time travel aspect. It’s always seemed pretty straightforward to me, particularly in a world where Doctor Who has mainstream success. Maybe it’s my love of stuff like Waid’s Flash run coming through but if someone doesn’t like crazy time travel Flash probably isn’t the superhero for them.

That said, I am one thousand percent there with you on its repetition of character arcs. I’m not sure how many times Barry has to learn that keeping secrets is a bad thing until they stop using it or how many times the season villain has to be a speedster. The big issue isn’t that Barry is static. I’d be fine with that. It’s that they keep presenting variations of the same problem and try to scam us into believing that’s growth. It’s a shame because Grant Gustin is immensely charming and I wish they could use that aw-shucks Peter Parker charm to provide a more varied type of growth.

The larger issue seems to me that they really enjoyed both success and critical acclaim with season 1 and wanted to stick to what works with the new seasons but just expand.

Still, they’re gonna have a two-parter about Gorilla City so I can only complain so much.