maybe it's time to actually publish something

An Occam’s Razor Query

With the new Pacific Rim fast approaching I have been getting some new OR readers and I have to say I think its finally time to just go through the monster myself and clean it up. If I started a gofundme or something to help fund an actual nice pretty self-published hard copy version would anybody be interested in contributing?

Totally understandable if not! Just gauging interest.

anonymous asked:

I just saw your other comments about how drawing for yourself isn't very fun. Well maybe it is time to do something new. Maybe it is time to collaborate. Or publish a comic or make a video game. Its not necessarily a career but it is a way to keep things moving and have more interaction with ur audience.

i am working on a game but i’m terrified that it’ll be ignored like almost everything i create and actually like. i don’t think people will actually play it even if it’s one of the best games ever because it’s from a no name nobody like me. people just don’t really care about my original stuff you know that