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Andromeda was my favourite cousin. No, Andromeda’s not on here either, look. Andromeda’s sisters are still here because they made lovely, respectable pure-blood marriages, but Andromeda married a Muggle-born, Ted Tonks, so—

istg blizzard why you gotta make such interesting characters and then stick them in a game type that I will never ever play


Erinyes / Furies — goddesses of vengeance

we are the splashing of sticky red
shuddering in the darkness.
we are the voices that call
from the roots of swaying trees.
we are the chill wind
in your bones.
we are the cold fingers
crawling underneath your skin.

can you hear us now?


we are v e n g e a n c e.
we are spite.
we do not forgive.
and we never, ever forget.


- ̗̀ — gwanghyun gif icons.

HERE you’ll find #130+ gif icons of lee gwanghyun, a trainee under starship entertainment, mostly known for being my actual son on boys24 and produce 101 season 2. none of the original gifs are mine, i simply cropped and edited them – all the credit goes to the talented gif makers. like or reblog if you found this useful !


How would I know how to get back to the future? Who do I look like? Marty McFly?

bounty  hunters   ,   the  galaxy  gutters   /   do  not  reblog .

decided  name  :   ria  .   captain  ,   natural  leader .  motherly  to  the  girls .  doesn’t  put  up  with  nonsense .  indisputably  a  genius .  used  to  be  a  remarkable  detective  but  couldn’t  find  any  money  in  it .  worked  closely  with  a  client  who  worked  as  a  bounty  hunter  ,  joined  their  ship  and  crew  eventually  for  a  steadier  paycheck .  when  they  were  killed  on  a  job  ,  the  crew  disbanded  ,  and  the  ship  had  been  left  to  her .

decided  name  :  bebe  .    locator   ,   knows  the  galaxy  inside  and  out .  only  remaining  member  from  the  ship’s  last  team  other  than  the  captain .  lost  her  hearing at  a  young  age . 

decided  name  :   glitch  .    systems  operator   ,   ex - scientist  ,  fired  from  every  respectable  planet’s  top  institutions  before  finding  herself  unable  to  get  so  much  as  a  janitorial  position .  brilliant  ,  recently  sober .  slow  to  trust  but  would  put  her  life  on  the  line  for  any  of  her  girls .

decided  name  :  venus  .     muscle  .  talented  strategist  when  it  comes  to  tracking  and  capturing .  known  for  her  clear  head  and  level  psyche .  has  three  children  ,  two  deceased  from  government  affairs .  third  one  mad  at  her  for  leaving .  she  sends  money  to  her  third  child  every  month  as  her  way  of  apologizing  ,  but  she’s  never  received  word  back .  

decided  name  :  trigger  .  muscle  .   quick  to  spark  into  action  ,  very  prone  to  recklessness  and  violence .  cares  deeply  about  the  girls  and  will  willingly  walk  into  battle  alone  if  she  feels  they’d  be  in  danger .  owes  her  life  to  them .  was  originally  adrift  in  the  middle  of  nowhere .  doesn’t  remember  much  of  her  life  before  ,  or  at  least  won’t  tell  about  it .  the  girls  suspect  it  was  something  traumatic  ,  as  they  found  her  in  a  damaged  escape  pod .

decided  name  :  baby  .     youngest  of   the  crew  at  seventeen  and  a  half  !  ) .  skilled  in  acrobatics  and  anything  ,  everything  to  do  with  sneaking .  generally  optimistic  and  bright  -  eyed .  showcases  a  remarkable  ability  for  happiness  despite  having  lost  her  family  two  years  back .  found  six  months  later  by  the  girls  in  a  big  bust .  venus  found  her  first  and  sympathized  with  her  predicament having  no  money  and  no  family  ,  and  needing  an  out  ––  ) .  venus  convinced  the  crew  to  take  her  on  board  instead  of  turning  her  in  with  the  rest  and  baby’s  been  proving  herself  worthy  of  the  chance  ever  since .  the  girls  love  her  ,  though  some  were  slow  to  come  around  to  it .


2015 Movie Challenge

↳ Wanted to Watch for Ages - Age of Ultron (2015)

anonymous asked:

Could you maybe share some psds from that did you miss me gifset? It's gorgeous. x

enhances and lightens blues (download)

enhances reds and yellows desaturates blues/cyans (download)

makes everything b/w except for reds (so could look funny on some scenes, try and pick scenes with obvious/isolated reds) (download)

also thank you :)