maybe it's the internet

they say grief is a well.
deep with creeping water that
seeps first into your socks. it climbs
like ivy, making an abandoned
building out of your bones.

i can see it. the well, i mean,
the grief and the water and the
creeping. i can see it.


i think grief is more like a storm.
clouds that hug the horizon, caress
the sky with fingers that leave bruises
the colour of the skin under your eyes
when you haven’t slept for a week.

lightning bolts that illuminate
the shapes in the dark for just long enough
that you get to see remnants of a normal life,
picnic blankets not abandoned to rain,
beaches covered with sand and not hail,
but the light never lasts.

and thunder. thunder that drowns out
the sound of laughter. thunder that only knows
how to emphasise the gaps of quiet
in between each earth shaking sigh.

they say that grief is a well,
it collects in your chest and fills and spills over
as the walls wage war with the water. i can see it. i can.
but my grief is more like a storm where lightning likes
to strike the same place a thousand times each day.

l.s. | ON GRIEF © 2016

Well, I said I should draw Ohio, so I figured I’d draw Sherry as well.

Because lord knows the fandom needs to give these two girlfriends the love they deserve <3

“oooh Clinton could be the first female President!”

of the US. The first female president of the USA. Ireland had its first female president in 1990. Her term ended 20 years before Clinton’s would begin. If Clinton becomes president and goes to a meeting of world leaders, one of the people she’ll run into is Angela Merkel. And there are many, many other women who’ve held and currently hold positions of power in their countries.

I’m not saying it’s not important, or a great achievement. It is. But it’s also important to remember the context. It’s not “first woman to be president”, it’s “first woman to be president of the USA”. I don’t like the way that leaving out the “of the USA” part when celebrating Clinton kind of ignores or diminishes the achievements of other women. Pretty sure that’s not how it’s supposed to work.

one of the most ridiculous arguments people make in favor of uncritically using proper grammar 100% of the time is that it helps make communication clearer.

like sure, sometimes, but only when it’s in the appropriate context?? all language use is context-specific. there are contexts where using strictly standard proper English not only isn’t the clearest form of communication, but actively HINDERS clear communication.

like when people on tumblr, or any other internet media really, completely refuse to use “internet english”… not only does it seem context inappropriate, but there’s also just things that can’t be said. how do you translate the different meanings of “omg” and “OH MY GOD” into proper english? what about bb? idgaf? the difference between a single word sentence that ends in a period and one that doesn’t?? how can you even begin to express all the shades of meaning and functionality that :/ has into proper english??? proper english just doesn’t have the creativity and multi-modality that internet english has, so you CAN’T express yourself as clearly, at least within this context.

obviously i have many, many beefs with the whole concept of “proper” english, but it’s just so ridiculous to me that people can look at the way internet speak works and complain that it’s a degenerate form of “correct” speech that’s “ruining” the way we talk, like wtf

  • Atsushi: Akutagawa, thank God!
  • Akutagawa: God? God's turning people into annoyance, man-tiger. I'm the one beating them to death. Thank me.

commission for @notmumrn for their friend @imaginationandheartbreak (it’s not actually letting me @ either of you which is just. thanks tumblr)

still open for commissions btw wink wink

anonymous asked:

does it feel weird havng internet friends??? idk sometimes i think its strange and i try to hide it from my friends in person cause they might think its weird

no I don’t find it weird, I don’t have friends in person that watch Survivor/Big Brother or any of the other reality shows I watch so my internet friends are the ones I share that interest and can actually talk about it with!

and if you’re that worried about what your friends think then…maybe you shouldn’t have internet friends? There’s literally nothing wrong with having internet friends, seems like you’re just embarrassed if you’re worried about your friends opinions that much… Also? Don’t hide your internet friends, that’s disrespectful to them and can make them feel some type of way!

I dunno how many other people have done this if any at all but I went ahead and made my own internet demon. Basically the exact opposite of myself, like Dark and Anti are for Mark and Jack. When Mark was talking about how he personified Dark, it was inspiring to hear how much thought and attention he’d given Dark as a character. I wanted to give it a shot so I took some time and fleshed out parts of her character. There’s information about her below the cut, if you’re interested.

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antis literally get so worked up over ships that they have bios about it, long posts screaming at children over the internet, and all this shit berating strangers, and then like…the actual shippers theyre yelling at are…actually just chill and lovin their ships… like maybe im not looking at all the possible blogs but sheith shippers just want cute shit too…

dont get so angry about something that does not affect you 

here’s my two cents.

people on tumblr who don’t realize the context of things really stir my noodles, man.

The point of Felix’s Fiver vid was to test the limits of Fiver and what people on that website will do for merely $5. He didn’t think that Fiver would actually take action to remove the people who done the deed for him. He made a video a couple days after apologizing to the guy’s who did the thing for him and even set up a GoFundMe to help them get on their feet, since people on Fiver are on that website to be financially stable. It was the same for another guy on Fiver known as “Jesus” and the same story goes from there.

I’m not Jewish and I don’t know a ton about the religion and culture, and I’m not going to speak for all Jewish people because I’m not one of them. I’m not even that knowledgeable about modern Nazi’s. What I can say is that Felix is not an anti semitic guy. Disney cutting ties with him is one thing (they’re a very strict company, I can understand why they would) but Youtube dropping his shows? Now you’re just fuckin’ him over. Just because he made a Joke™ to test how far people will go for money doesn’t mean he really believes in that stuff. If he did, he would’ve been decimated years ago, and Smosh would’ve still been the most subscribed on Youtube. Y’all are so ready to put Felix at the stake and forget how much he’s donated to charity and how grateful he is for his fans.

I can’t wrap my head around how people think this is normalizing Naziism. I mean of course, there’s gonna be Nazi fuckheads who are gonna agree what Felix did, but that doesn’t mean there’s gonna be more Nazi’s because of this. I hate to tell you guys the truth, but there’s always gonna be hateful people out there regardless of anything, you can’t get rid of them. I’m sorry you guys are so indulged into the internet you forget what reality is. We have a president already who’s far worse than a Swedish Youtuber. We already have people like Richard Spencer roaming the streets. Those people are far worse than a guy who just makes gaming and skit videos on We have bigger problems than PewDiePie. 

We had a toaster once
That claimed it featured
“Toast Logic.”
It never seemed to toast
The bread the same way
Two times in a row.
So maybe its logic
Was toast.
—  my internet history last night

for our design workshop preliminaries. our professor wanted a ///colorful/// typographical portrait of a famous celebrity so i had chosen benedict cumberbatch as sherlock holmes from the abominable bride

illustrator cc


thanks @seokjinie-studies. love u man. love these things. I’m hella tired so this might be a ride idk

Rules: Answer 20 questions, then tag 20 people idont have that many friends. ill try ok

Name: i don’t like th internet. maybe its tree. maybe it isn’t. who know??
Nickname: tree. I’ve been called egg b4
Zodiac Sign: this is my own private information. but I’m the sex one i think
Height: why the magkljhd like i m five and a half about. short

Orientation: if u mean sexual I’m the rainbow one i think
Ethnicity: white as lard
Favourite Fruit: probably like kiwi or tomatoes idk man 
Favourite Season: lhiver. 
Favourite Book: ones about space. she’s my family. 
Favourite Flower: i like orchids. they look like a n orchid
Favourite Scent: i like lemon o lemongrass too is good
Favourite Animal: cats or like idk i like cats 
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa?: hot cocoa. u think i have time for anything else
Average Sleep Hours: too few. like seven or six sometimes eight and then tons on the weekends
Cat or dog person?: man i like cats but dogs are lit too
Favourite Fictional character: I’m not sure. maybe like fred weakly from inside out
Number of blankets you sleep with: why th fur??? y u ned know this. too manyY
Dream Trip: paris
Blog Created: i don’t know???? what
Number of Followers: 30 or something. less after i post this

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i m not drunk i just am very tired. sorry . i have work 2 do. bye babes