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Imagine Woozi calling you on your birthday so that he could wish you but gets interrupted by the other members who keep screaming birthday greetings to you in the background.

BONUS: Despite the other members interrupting him and overall making it hard to have to a peaceful conversation with you, Woozi isn’t bothered by it one bit since it’s because them that he is able to hear the sounds of your adorable laughter through the call.

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Where's Aniyah at ?


Ani isn’t invited at Granix’s house at the moment. Fenix doesn’t really like Ani and Cas knows this so he doesn’t bring her over willingly. if they’re together and Cas has to make a quick stop by Granix’s house for w.e. reason she just stays in the car ;-;

it sucks because Granger is actually fond of Ani but anytime he suggests that Cas should bring her over to the house Fenix just looks at him like..

now he leaves it alone to avoid baby mama issues. like Benji is Fenix’s bestfriend and Cas is her uncle.. it’s not going to end well.

@foulpersonaalpaca yeah….ok….and??? but that doesn’t make him an “LGBTQ hero” Which is the whole point of my post. Being an ally doesn’t make anyone a hero, it just makes them a decent person. Has he gone above the average “I think gay people are just like you and me” spiel, sure. But so have many other straight allies. Since we already do acknowledge these allies way more than we need to, (for instance, there was a post circulating how there have been more straight white men on the cover of Out magazine then there have been actual gay men of color) I don’t see the point in celebrating people for doing what they already should as human beings with a conscience and decent common sense. My mom doesn’t praise me for doing my laundry, ya know?   

When I say “LGBTQ hero” I mean “a person who is LGBTQ and also a hero”
So, a real LGBTQ hero would be Gavin Creel, who would shut down and cancel performances of his show, Hair, in 2009 in order to round up his cast on a bus to Washington D.C and protest for marriage equality, and with Rory O’Malley and Jenny Kanelos, founded Broadway Impact.
A real LGTQ hero would be Larry Kramer, an honest-to-god legit activist who is also HIV+ and Jewish and who co-founded the Men’s Health Crisis at the very start of the AIDS crisis, and later founded ACT UP. You want to talk about tears in the eyes of audience members? His play The Normal Heart brings tears of sadness and rage- because before we had famous straight allies to wave our flag at concerts a whole generation of gay men, members of our community, were dying on the streets by the thousands with nary a heterosexual in sight to give a flying fuck.  
Or, how about lesbians I have seen crying after Fun Home and Indecent, who have finally gotten to see their experiences laid out in the open and celebrated with words that have been written with the utmost care by people just like them? meaning, of course, Lisa Kron and Paula Vogel, two wonderful Jewish lesbians. 

Celebrations of your sexuality mean so much more when it is given by someone who shares in the celebration with you.    

hm. i had a caption for this for once but i forgot what it was

well here’s flicker in a different outfit i guess

hey please block tumblr user “mysticalcandyfart” they seem to have made a blog simply to harass trans kids and have misgendered my friends (x) (x) (x), and have said some antisemitic shit (x), have used autism as an insult (x), called me the r slur (x) and also a “transsexual” in that image which isnt the first time they did that. they’re going around harassing people and coming into their pms out of the blue so please stay safe.