maybe it's not


Got Shit To Do

  • Grocery shopping
  • Buying supplies for the shop
  • Rearranging my furniture
  • Making new wigs for customers
  • Making new wigs for myself

I swear I’m always doin something, but I like being busy. Pus I wanna get this shit done before the weekend. What’s everybody up to though, y’all good?


Some @ask-sadisticdark inspired pen sketches bc hoo boy I’m Weak

So the first woman to get a phd at georgia tech got it in like 1970 and it was in physics. She had to sue the school to be allowed to get it.

It is 47 years later. I am pretty sure we have only graduated ~ 10 women physics phd students since then. At least 4 of them have been since my time here…


So, the day has finally come when I have to go on Hiatus ;m;

I’ll be offline for a couple of weeks due to work, and I kinda sorta promised some comics to be queued but work has really been kicking my ass everyday lol bUT YEH I hope you all are still here when I come back in a few weeks <33

I hope you all have a wonderful day/night, and I hope to catch up with you all when this is all over ;v; <3

Always Sunny: Cancer Crew Edition

Max: Okay, you definitely wrote this one…“Ian is asshole. Why Chad hate?”

Chad: uh…….I don’t think I wrote that.

Max: you DEFINITELY wrote this one, Chad. Who else would have written this?!

Chad: aaaaaaaahhhhh I’m not remembering that I don’t think I wrote that one

Max: OF COURSE YOU DID how many other illiterates are in the - just throw out a guess

Ian: *literally shaking*


Max: *sigh* alright, chance to steal


I want to tell my Chemistry professor to teach us like we’ve forgotten all our math classes. Because let’s be honest, English majors have more to do than remember anything we learned in high school

Thank goodness for Khan academy though