maybe it's just wren

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WHO CANT BE AD: twincer (it just isnt happening. too obvious) alison/ twin (doubt it) melissa (they bought her to the finale out of luck so she can't be important) toby (marlene said the chances are slim, but maybe shes just throwing us off) Wren (90% sure its a mask) Aria (marlene confirmed she doesnt have a personality disorder) Mona (too obvious) Caleb (he put a virus on A.D, why would he do that to himself if he is A?) Avery Drake (when mentioned in an interview, Janel didn't recognise her)

—to continue the list Bethany (dead) ITS EITHER LUCAS OR EZRA.


I wouldn’t eliminate Alison/twin if I were you, or even Bethany since anyone can be alive in rosewood. Good chances of Ezra being A.D. but I have ruled out Lucas because Brendan found out who A.D. was a few weeks before the finale through another cast member.