maybe it's just the meds talking

  • Hi!
  • I'm Matt, a 14 y/o ftm.
  • I'm not really out as trans... but I maybe get "top surgery" in a few months, because last year (on the 24th November 2015) I've been diagnosed with cancer in the chest area.
  • I'm still in a early stage but my doc said if the meds, etc. don't help that it's better to remove it before it spreads.
  • And it's everything just because of my fucking diy binder methods.
  • I thought it should hurt but it shouldn't.
  • I hope you are getting my point.
  • So if you need someone to talk to. I AM HERE! Because I want to help everyone of you!
  • & stay strong and healthy!
  • Thank you!~💞

me; *is fcking triggered by just talking about experiencing emotions* ????

let’s talk about medic!finn for a second ‘cause that is (obviously) a very important concept to me.

finn, who wakes up in medical and finds himself scarred, rey gone, poe visiting his bedside as much as he can while the resistance plans its next plan of attack (a nurse tells him that poe’s been in almost every day - whenever he’s not flying drills or heading out on missions - just to sit on the stool next to finn and talk to him or hum or touch his hand). the celebrations are over. the war isn’t.

finn, well enough to lie awake all day but not well enough to get up and help, muscles tense from sleeping the days away and wounds that twinge and ache and remind him how maybe he’d failed. he’s surrounded by nurses and med-droids, going about their business, and he just kind of watches them as they help people; acting as someone’s crutch or cleaning a cut or assuring a wary patient that a shot won’t hurt. one day he sputters to the nurse that comes to change his dressing that he’d successfully bandaged an angry wookiee while on-board a malfunctioning ship and they smile like they’re actually really impressed.

finn, getting better and given a curfew and a list of things he’s not supposed to do, spending the time not spent with poe (in the mess listening to bb-8 chatter or out on the tarmac admiring the x-wings or on the roof learning the names of stars or the lyrics to quiet songs) talking to patients, trotting after droids with first aid kits and jotting down a mess of tips he learns from listening to the idle conversations of nurses. it keeps him busy, keeps away the unwanted thoughts of escape and mistakes and grey areas, lets him fall into the familiarity of routine without reminding him of his old routines.

finn, who’s actually given a few duties after enough time of asking questions, a few sprained wrists to wrap, a heartbeat to monitor. he gets his own cot in the barracks, adjacent to poe’s because the best pilot in the resistance is apparently very persistent about sharing his space, but medical is never far and it always needs an extra pair of hands. eventually, the general orders him to get some real training and she’s smiling and his lip wobbles a bit because his chest swells with pride and opportunity and purpose–purpose that means something.

finn, learning that caring so fiercely about other people is not a weakness or a waste of energy or something to be punished, learning that he can help without hurting at the same time.

finn, watching as wounds are mended and bruises fade and people go on even when their hearts are heavy, and realizing that someday he’ll heal, too.

It’s important to talk about and recognize the fact that PhD students are young professionals in the early stages of their career and not just ~students because by the time you get your PhD you are literally an expert in your field

I’m sick of the “millennials are going to grad school to put off starting their life” thing because like, it makes people not take me seriously when I talk about what I do. I shouldn’t have to explain to literally everyone who isn’t also in grad school that getting a PhD is literally a full time job.

Anyways we should exclusively refer to PhD students as “early career scientists/academics” instead of grad students because until professional students (med/law students etc.) our training consists of actively contributing to our field. And maybe then more than just the STEM folks can get paid a living wage.

All in My Head: Part 2

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Plot: Jungkook X Reader

Genre: Fluff/Angst

A/N: a veryyyyy late update :) ill stop starting new series i promise

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“Hey, you going somewhere?” Namjoon entered the room, towel around his neck, still glistening from his shower. He looked around the room in disgust, seeing the piles of clothes on Jungkook’s bed.

Jungkook ignored his hyung’s questions, rushing past him to grab his suitcase and pack the set of clothes he had picked out on his bed.

“Jungkook? What are you doing?” Namjoon asked, confused about the sudden packing of clothes, the maknae’s urgency. “Hey! Jungkook?” he called out, but to no avail. Jungkook just sped past him, again, to grab his toiletries, a small stash of cash, and his passport. The last item really got Namjoon worried. Namjoon finally stood in the doorway of their shared room, and when he was denied access to his own room, Jungkook finally looked up at the face of his concerned hyung.

“Hey, I need to  get in,” he said, not even giving the courtesy of eye contact. He tried to get through the small space between the door and Namjoon, but it was futile, but Namjoon stood his ground.

“Not until you tell me why you’re leaving the country,” he said in a stern voice.

“I need to visit a….um… I need to help a-,” although he knew exactly where to find her, he didn’t even know what to label her. Was she a friend? Was she a charity case? He had not even spent a minute talking to the girl while she was conscious, but it didn’t matter. He had to go. “Someone’s in the hospital and I just need to go.” He forcefully pushed past Namjoon’s tall build and started to pack other things. Phone charger, water bottle, watch-

“Who’s in the hospital?”


“Whos that?”


And again, his spontaneous trip seemed to not make sense. Jungkook didn’t know who she was. She was just a… girl. She was just a girl who fainted at his feet, utterly helpless, leaving him no choice than to help. She wasn’t a friend, she wasn’t an acquaintance.

But he still had to know that she was safe, that she has someone there for her.

“Jungkook, you’re not answering any of my questions! Do you hear yourself right now?” Namjoon stopped Jungkook from leaving the room with a clutch of his wrist. “Does Hayoung know about this?”

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anonymous asked:

Do you guys think that constantly talking about and bonding over your mental illnesses/meds etc is actually going to help? No, it won't. Believe me. You have ups and downs of your entire life ahead of you - your career, relationships, kids maybe, family, future house/apartment. There is so much more than this stupid hormonal period of your teens/early 20s. I don't know how to tell you guys that without sounding condescending but I just know its true... Also go see a psychologist, they're good.

Harsh but true shit here Jessy… The fact that you are unemployed is most definitely contributing to your depression. Human beings are supposed to feel productive and when that’s not the case depression/anxiety results. i was unemployed for 6 months and quite literally wanted to kill myself. Apply for anything that will distract you from thinking about how sad shit is. Tbh you need to get rid of this blog for like a solid month and see how you feel… All the best.

What kind of neurotypical bullshit… Firstly, I have an autoimmune disorder that directly corresponds to my depression/fatigue. Do you have antibodies attacking your thyroid, making your energy levels so low it’s almost impossible to get out of bed some days? I’m guessing not. What kind of… “bonding over mental illness and meds” are you kidding me? Having a community is EXTREMELY helpful when going through a mental illness. If I didn’t have people to reach out to, I’d have felt even more isolated than I already did.

I’m well aware life is full of ups and downs. Guess what makes that harder? A mental illness.

“There is so much more than this stupid hormonal period of your teens/early 20s” cool, doesn’t change the fact that I have a diagnosed mental illness

“Harsh but true shit here Jessy… The fact that you are unemployed is most definitely contributing to your depression.” Again, the fact that I have an autoimmune disorder and have been sick as a dog for over a year has probably been contributing more than that, but thanks. Additionally, I’m a full time student who goes to one of the hardest schools in my state year round for engineering, and I don’t have time for a job due to the enormous amount of schoolwork and projects I deal with year round. I don’t get summers off, and honestly, the constant stress and pressure is more harmful to my mental illness than taking time off. 

“Tbh you need to get rid of this blog for like a solid month and see how you feel…” why are you on tumblr if you think it’s so bad for mental illnesses? since you seem to have all your shit together? i run this blog because it’s my escape. idk if you noticed, but i’m gay, and the real world isn’t so nice to gay people.

Idk if you’re trying to help or preach bullshit about how you know my life better than I do, but honestly fuck off. I’ve been going to therapy for a while now, I finally found a med combination that allows me to function without daily panic attacks, and yes, I’m going to help people who come to me for advice with medication. The medication stigma needs to STOP, now. I suffered for a ridiculously long time because I thought meds were ~bad~ and taking lexapro saved my fucking life. 

Dude, fuck off