maybe it's just her


Clearly that website is mistaken. She always was and always will be number 1.


nine in the afternoon // panic! at the disco

so i might’ve been watching stardust and i might’ve gotten soppy about vanessa and usnavi so… have a vansnavi stardust au


Sketch redraw of an old OC. Her name is Kaosu which is basically pronounced “Chaos” and she’s pretty mischievous, childish, blunt, and openly affectionate haha. She’s also part of an old OC couple pair I had with an artist friend on Instagram. 

“So, the hunt is on tonight? Then the streets are perilous…” 

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Iosefka | Valtr

i think one of the reasons that i like cal so much is that he has ambitions and goals and dreams outside of mare

you know, if everything had gone to plan, Kara would have been in her mid-40′s by the start of the series (she was 13 when she left, around 20 years were spent in stasis, then another 12 years from when she got to Earth to when the series started).

So, when Astra saw the news circulating that picture of a girl who’s young, brown hair, and just flew a plane on her back, did she think Kara, or did she think Kara’s daughter?

so, this is interesting.

chairman han sees his second wife as jumin’s mother. hence him calling his second wife “your mother” when speaking to jumin.

meanwhile, jumin makes sure to stress that she isn’t his biological mother, and uses the term ‘stepmother’ instead. he does this in the chat too, on the very, very rare occasion that she’s mentioned.

jumin doesn’t seem to have any relationship with his biological mother, considering that’s what he calls her, and he speaks about her so little that some people assume she’s dead. there’s a disconnect there, so it’s doubtful that jumin resents his stepmother for not being his ‘real mom’. nope, it’s just ‘stepmother’, and sometimes he distances himself from her even further.

so he’s consistent, right? it’s only ever his father who says she’s his mother, and he never thinks of her like that at all. case closed.

except there’s this

this is his stepmother talking during a nightmare/flashback that jumin’s having. he is labeling her as ‘mother’, even though we saw him actively avoiding that term the previous night.

not to mention that she’s encouraging him to call her by her first name while she’s hitting on him. it may not be the first time something’s happened, and it’s not a good sign that he won’t make eye contact with her, and, well…

his usual refusal to call her 'mother’ makes sense. Her presence seems to trigger some sort of negative reaction, and he’s trying to distance himself. but why label her as 'mother’ during that scene? is it because chairman han repeatedly referred to her as ‘your mother’ before that he has that nightmare/flashback? did he actually call her mother for a while? is it to hammer in that this woman is the closest thing to a mother figure that jumin has?

this may not be an anomaly. there’s at least one other moment when we hear him say 'mother’.

this is probably his stepmother again, considering how he calls her that in the earlier scene, his father thinks of her as jumin’s mother, and that unlike his biological mom, we do see his stepmother reveal her emotions to him. so if we already know her as his stepmother, why the sudden change? just how complicated was his family life growing up? what is happening, cheritz?

jumin, please, i know you don’t like to think about the past, but i have so many questions.


Screencap redraw - Lunyx Anastasia AU

Lunyx was like my first ship in the game/movie so I’m curious what they look like in my drawing. and since I’m getting addicted with screencap redraw/crossover, these happened. My curiosity has been appeased.


Me, falling in love with every girl that gives me attention for more than 2 minutes

me: i ditched a huge school project to paint all weekend


My dwarven fighter is trying to distract a couple of drow guards so her halfling friend can stealthily look for something. She has convinced one guard to “teach her to dance”. The other guard is yelling at her.

Dwarf: Maybe its just that you’re a bad dancer?

Drow Guard: WHAT DID YOU SAY? I’ll have you know I am the champion dancer of this outpost. *points to halfling trying to sneak around* YOU STAND NEAR YOUR FRIEND AND WATCH ME DANCE!

He then proceeded to KILL IT on the dancefloor

SuperCorp Headcanon 

- Kara tries get Lena to cuddle and watch movies

- Lena has to get used to the invasion of personal space (secretly she loves it)

- Kara sleeps like a child with her knees curled up to her chest

- But Lena is NOT a sleep cuddler

- it’s more like

Oh God, I thought of angst where like

Cullen dies on Lavellan and Lavellan watches horrified when they put his body on a pyre and it begins to burn every piece of him away.

And it’s not the burning that makes her quake and sob–she’s seen bodies before, she was well aware by now that this is how Chantry’s funeral rights work, but it’s the fact that without a body, with an oak staff and a cedar branch, Cullen will never be able to find her in the Beyond when she dies.

This is where they truly end–with him to his Maker and her, some day, to her Beyond–and it’s a pain that destroys her, more so than his death, because she’ll never have him again. 

She’s lost him forever.