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I was thinking earlier today that it’ll probably be Noora that Sana talks to about Yousef (similar to how Isak talked to Jonas about Even) so those messages probably mean a chat tomorrow morning between them, potentially about Yousef and how he’s not a Muslim but Sana likes him. Especially since it was to Noora that Sana said that foreshadowey line to (Muslims can only marry other Muslims)


nine in the afternoon // panic! at the disco


Sketch redraw of an old OC. Her name is Kaosu which is basically pronounced “Chaos” and she’s pretty mischievous, childish, blunt, and openly affectionate haha. She’s also part of an old OC couple pair I had with an artist friend on Instagram. 

i think one of the reasons that i like cal so much is that he has ambitions and goals and dreams outside of mare

you know, if everything had gone to plan, Kara would have been in her mid-40′s by the start of the series (she was 13 when she left, around 20 years were spent in stasis, then another 12 years from when she got to Earth to when the series started).

So, when Astra saw the news circulating that picture of a girl who’s young, brown hair, and just flew a plane on her back, did she think Kara, or did she think Kara’s daughter?

My dwarven fighter is trying to distract a couple of drow guards so her halfling friend can stealthily look for something. She has convinced one guard to “teach her to dance”. The other guard is yelling at her.

Dwarf: Maybe its just that you’re a bad dancer?

Drow Guard: WHAT DID YOU SAY? I’ll have you know I am the champion dancer of this outpost. *points to halfling trying to sneak around* YOU STAND NEAR YOUR FRIEND AND WATCH ME DANCE!

He then proceeded to KILL IT on the dancefloor

SuperCorp Headcanon 

- Kara tries get Lena to cuddle and watch movies

- Lena has to get used to the invasion of personal space (secretly she loves it)

- Kara sleeps like a child with her knees curled up to her chest

- But Lena is NOT a sleep cuddler

- it’s more like

Kidge week Day 7 : Warmth

Au where Katie went on Kerberos mission and was captured. She was first human that Keith, a half Galra half human that Zarkon took because he knew he was one of The blade of Marmora members child, saw and decided to take her as his own. Zarkon gave her to Keith believing that if time came he could use Keith as spy. At first Katie hated Keith, but learned to accept him because he was only one who treated her warmly and unbeknownst to her, Katie was only one who treated Keith as proper being too,  

me: i ditched a huge school project to paint all weekend



Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales International Trailer

Aka the one where Elizabeth Turner, née Swann shows up

A Taste of Home

This beautiful post happened, and I couldn’t resist using it as an AU for my own Ryder, Erin! So I take no credit for the concept, just running with it to drench myself in more gross fluff involving Jaal and Ryder :3c

I’m 100% sure I can’t do more justice to Jaal’s side of the story than the original post did, so this is from Ryder’s side of things.

Spoilers for game ending!

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