maybe it's hinting to something else

the iplier problematic fav: why u like them (analyzed)
  • Darkiplier: damn, that edgy manipulative stuff really got you. you want a guy who can 100% keep things on the dl, but conspire with at the same time. maybe feeling a new rush of uncontrollability is something you like, or prefer the control to be in another's hands. there's a power they have that you envy to have.
  • The Author/Host: the guy may be blind be he knows more about you than yourself. literature is appealing, a way one could manipulate words escapes you, or you admire it. There's a certain mystery that lingers, but it won't faze you.
  • Wilford Warfstache: the bubbly murder, his every reaction invites for response. carefree, yet troubled. you can relate, yet may not undersrand why. or maybe you just like pastel. an innocence that lies hidden or is broadcast far and wide, with something else always underneath
  • Googleplier: you want control. maybe you lack it. orders and commands appeal to you. they aren't necessarily witty, or sassy, but you know their response to a conflict will be neat and swift. no more and no less. organization is a must, regardless. there's the hint of evil that shows through, but you know in essence, it's harmless.
  • Dr. Iplier: the man has courtesy. he may not see it in every perspective, but it's there. you want someone more honest and blantant, but choosy with their words. there's a hint of compassion in what they do that you envy.
  • Bim Trimmer: he's got the enthusiasm. a bit confident, some might even say overzealous. sees their own importance, or what they can bring to the table. what do you want? pretty much all of that.
  • Yandereplier: finally, someone who might even yearn for you. a trait that shows unending care, with the cost of possibly too much attention, but that wouldn't matter to you. always gets what they want, no matter what.
  • Ed Edgar: he's got some sly wit, and you know they can make you laugh. possibly too honest, but satirical at the same time, their responses lack direction. maybe you know there's character in there, willing to share what they know. adventurous, maybe, and even enjoys a thrill.
  • Jim(s): their dry yet snarky comments add to a conversation. they've got facts, who know if they're true. you know the duo comes as a package, and you're willing to accept full force their attitudes, even if they are somewhat solemn
black water || prologue

summary: jungkook was your friend from childhood who you hadn’t seen since you were eleven. the death of your father sends you back to your hometown, but jungkook’s not himself anymore. you’re left wondering when your best friend became an asshole, and a wolf. 

werewolf!jungkook, bitten!reader

pairings: jungkook x reader

genre: smut/angst

a/n: i’m an asshole. warning

“Since when the fuck were you a werewolf?” 

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 Based off of #4 prompt found here

Shawn Master List found HERE

Again, this is short, don’t hate me. I don’t have any ideas to make these blurbs longer. I am trying. :) Xx 

Invitations, flowers, dresses, sizes, colours, locations, pictures, and so many questions that do not have answers, not to mention the China patterns or the foods.

To say the least, you are getting close to that line of going insane due to your wedding preparation. 

The living room is currently scattered with bridal pieces, magazines, flower arrangement schemes, pictures— half a seating chart is spread across your glass coffee table, and to say the least, you are submerged. There is so much to do.

You spread your fingers through your hair for the hundredth time this evening, your eyes gazing at the seating arrangement as you bite your lip, getting even more frustrated with every passing moment.

You look towards Shawn as he is perched in his chair, his attention focused on the movie playing and the phone in his hand, you let out a sigh to grasp his attention. 

He flickers his eyes towards you, waiting for you to speak.

You rub your forehead before letting out another heavy exhalation, “Do you want to help? Because I am seconds away from crying in self-pity.” You exaggerate, gesturing towards the mayhem around you. Without much thought he nods, getting off the couch, moving closer to you, waiting for you to give him guidance on what he needs to do.

You let out an exhalation, trying to think of the right request to ask of him, something that he wont be completely bored by. You have no idea what he would want to do, you doubt he gives a damn about the flower arrangements or what plates the food is served on at the reception. You stare at the mess of the wedding scattered around you, your eyebrows furrowing with frustration.

Your heart skips a beat as his hand reaches and moves one of the arrangments on the table, a hiss coming from your mouth, his eyes immediately glancing over at you.

“Did Did you just hiss at me?” He raises a brow, moving what he moved back to its original position where you had left it.

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Okay guys, the first kanji of Akutagawa’s first name is  龍 (ryuu), and it’s the out-dated kanji of  竜 (ryuu) which stands for dragon. Why I’m talking about this? Because our beloved main character, Atsushi, can transform into a white tiger.

Now, if you’re not used to the symbolisms of these two creatures in Japanese culture, you must know that the dragon and the tiger allude to the balance and duality of life. They’re portrayed as eternal rivals who cannot live without one another…but in some media these two creatures are hinted to be destined lovers (like in Toradora). 

Maybe it’s a coincidence that the first kanji of Akutagawa’s first name stands for dragon but perhaphs the fact that Atsushi can transform into a white tiger is no coincidence at all… maybe I’m too much into deep in AkuAtsu hell but I think it’s something worth the knowledge.

I Love You

Kai Parker x Reader

(Kai escapes the Prison World , meets Reader who is friends with the Mystic Falls gang ; Kai gets locked away in the Salvatore house after going after Jo , Reader is there for Kai …)

*not my gif


Y/N was drawn to him from the second she saw him. Thinking about him even though she knew very well how her friends felt about him. Kai was a sociopath. Yet , every time she saw him she could feel that no matter how thick or how high the walls she build to protect herself were … it wouldn’t take long before they came crumbling down.
There was something about Kai , that she saw and the others just couldn’t … or wouldn’t see , but Y/N did.
It wasn’t long before Kai ended up locked in the Salvatore cellar. He had escaped the prison world and had gone after his sister , trying to finish the job he started 17 years ago before he got sent to the prison world.
Y/N volunteered to bring him food. She was human so he wouldn’t be able to siphon any magic from her.
She took the food tray from the kitchen and walked down the stairs to Kai’s cell , unlocked the door and walked in. What she saw was not at all what she had expected to see. There he was. Curled up on the bed , his hands in chains.
“Oh. Its you.” he said , his voice cocky but there was a hint of something else in his voice. Fear maybe ? Nah. He wasn’t the kind of guy that gets scared.
“Um , yeah” Y/N said. “Thought you might be hungry … or in need of some company.”
“Why are you being nice to me ? I can easily snap your neck.” Kai asked , not even looking at the food.
“Believe it or not , Kai , I am not your enemy.”  Y/N said looking at him , leaving the food tray on the bed next to him. Then turned around and started to walk away.
“Wait.” he said , grabbing her hand. Y/N looked at him , something in his eyes had changed. “Thank you.”
She smiled. Kai Parker saying ‘thank you’ is definitely not something that happens every day.

5 days later …

There was no denying it now. Kai had started to change. Y/N could see it every time she went to see him and bring him food. Over the past 2 days she had been staying there longer , just looking at him. Listening to him talk about his time away in the prison world. Occasionally he laughed. It was a really beautiful sound and the way his eyes lit up when she entered the cell … Y/N was hoping she didn’t imagine it.

11 days later …

She walked in to the living room of the Salvatore house. Everyone was there - Damon , Stefan , Elena , Bonnie , Caroline … They looked at you with concern.
“Hey guys. Whats uh … whats going on ?” Y/N asked.
Damon glanced at Elena who glanced at Bonnie who wouldn’t meet your eyes.
“Y/N … we think it is best if … you stopped bringing Kai food. One of us can do it.” Elena said.
“What ? Why ? He is not going to hurt me. Turst me. He is … he is changing !” Y/N said, a small smile coming across her face.
“No , he hasn’t. He won’t ever change , Y/N. He is a manipulative liar who can’t be trusted.” Bonnie said.
Y/N looked at all of them in disbelief.
“I know you always wanna see the best in people , but ..” Elena started saying.
“Auh … I’m not gonna talk about this OK.” Y/N said , turning and walking away towards the kitchen to prepare the food tray for Kai.
“Well , that went well.” she heard Damon say just as she was turning around the corner..and then stopped to eavesdrop for a moment.
“She cares about him. Not sure what we can do about it.” Elena said.
“Compell her. Make her forget she ever met him.” Stefan said.
Y/N felt her heart break. She hurried towards the kitchen.
They weren’t really going to do this , were they ? Compell her feelings away ?

Y/N opened the door to Kai’s cell and walked in , visibly troubled. Kai’s smile melted away when he saw she was upset.
“What is it?” he asked.
She walked towards him , leaving the food tray on the chair next to the bed. Then sat next to Kai.
“They  …they um … want me to stop seein- … bringing you food. ” She said  , her voice breaking.
Kai looked at her and reached for her hand.
“They are just trying to protect you. I am a scociopath remember”
“No.” Y/N said , looking into his blue eyes. “I don’t believe that for a second.” moving closer to him. “Tell me you don’t feel what I feel. I know that you do. I can see it in your eyes and …” tears glistening in her eyes.
Kai tilted his head slightly , looking at her. This human girl , who made him feel normal. Not like an abomination. This beautiful brave girl , who had volunteered to take care of him while he was in “prison” again. Except with her around he seemed to forget that he was locked in a cell. He reached to wipe the tears from her face. Suddenly he felt the urge to kiss her , but he couldn’t.
He would never be happy. His father would never let that be. They were already looking for a way to send him back to the prison world.
“Kai … ” Y/N wispered , tears streaming down her face.
He was frozen , he couldn’t talk.
“I see …” she said , looking back at him. “Eat. I’ll come later to get the tray and bring you dinner.” and got up , walking away.
“Y/N …” she heard  his voice just as she was about to go through the door. “I … I’m ….”
Y/N stood there , her back to him and just as she turned around the corner Kai wispered “I love you.” … but she didn’t hear him. Y/N walked up the stairs and saw Elena waiting for her.
“No. Please don’t do this Elena.” Y/N pleaded , tears streaming down her face. “Don’t make me forget about him. Please don’t.”
Elena reached to hug her and Y/N tried to pull away… but then hugged Elena back.
“You were right. He doesn’t care about me.”
“No , Y/N , you were right. .. I know I shouldn’t have been eaves dropping but now I am glad that I did ! Didn’t you hear him? He said he loves you!” Elena said smiling.
“What ?” Y/N said , wiping tears from her face. “He did ? When ?”
“Only moments ago. I think he was just afraid to say to it you !”
Y/N looked at Elena , a smile slowly spreading across her face.
“Go to him.” Elena said. “He needs you.”
Moments later Y/N was already at Kai’s cell door. She heard him sniffling. He was crying.
“Kai ? …” Y/N stepped throught the door. He looked up , clearly surprised to her back so soon. He hadn’t even touched his food.
“Y/N …” he wispered as she took a step towards him. He got up , the chains not letting him move much but he took her hands. “You came back. Why ?”
“I love you Kai.” she said and kissed him. His arms wrapping around her waist. When the pulled away she could see him smiling.
“I .. I love you too Y/N.” he said.

You know what would be really cool to see in a future season of the Arrowverse? Interconnected storylines across shows.

I don’t mean that all of the shows need to be full-on crossovers, like they’re all working toward the same goal. (Partially because it would be really hard to conceive of a threat that the combined forces of the Green Arrow, the Flash, Supergirl, a whole squad of time travelers, and their assorted allies couldn’t defeat in minutes.) That would be frustrating for anyone who’s not interested in spending all their time watching four different shows. 

No, what I mean is, the shows–especially The Flash–love setting up this who’s-the-bad-guy plot, or how-can-we-defeat-this-threat, or where-or-when-is-our-enemy-hidden. Whatever it is, there’s some element of mystery that’s supposed to keep the viewers hooked. 

Well, if the writers are going to do that, they might as well make it a real mystery: hide clues! Give just enough details that a dedicated viewer can figure it out! Not with random, lucky guesses that happen to fit, but with genuine reasoning and detective skills. There are four shows! That’s so much time to work with! There’s a mysterious big bad whose identity is unknown on The Flash? Make a one-episode subplot of Legends that ties into that bad guy–but only if you’re really looking. Arrow’s season villain is impossible to defeat without, like, arrows that leave rainbows in their wake? Hey, here’s a piece of tech over on Supergirl that, if cleverly repurposed, could do just that. Pause one of the shows at just the right moment and look, in the background is a hint at something somewhere else. This character name mentioned offhandedly over here? Hey, maybe that’s related to something over there! 

Probably my favorite thing in the world of fandom is seeing everyone analyze information, puzzle out secrets, collectively investigate what’s going on and what might happen. This universe has a lot of great writers and four shows, and it really would not be that much more effort to pull off something like this–nobody would notice its absence, after all, if they change their minds halfway through a season! We won’t expect episode-long subplots or brief character mentions to become important.

But if they did? As someone who watches all four shows, it would be incredible to watch everything come together as the seasons end. This week, right here, the week before the season finales? The fandoms would be in an uproar, throwing information and screenshots from four different shows back and forth, trying frantically to piece everything together while we still have the chance. And, regardless of cliffhangers, seeing the solutions to everything would be amazingly satisfying.

There’s a difference between “secret” and “mystery”. And one of them is a lot more interesting to watch.

Lana Del Rey Slows Summertime Romance to a Crawl on the A$AP Rocky-Starring “Summer Bummer”

By Anna Gaca

Summer lovin’: It’s supposed to happen so fast. “Summer Bummer,” Lana Del Rey’s new song with A$AP Rocky and Playboi Carti, stops it dead in its tracks.

True to the ethos of the artist who came up on “Summertime Sadness,” “Bummer” unfurls at a glacial pace—or rather, the pace glaciers used to have. The song opens with atmospheric piano, as Del Rey moans a few lines about how “it’s never too late.” She’s daring her lover to leave, maybe, or just hinting at the existential dread of every earlier sunset. A background murmur builds, peppered with Carti’s ad-libs—he doesn’t get one full line in the whole song, just background “yeps” and “whats” that could’ve just as easily been sampled from something else. Producer Boi-1da’s beat kicks in, dry and scratchy, as if he were playing everything with a wire brush. The air feels close. “Wrap you up in my… daisy… chains,” Lana speak-sings. “Hip hop in the summer / Don’t be a bummer, babe.”

With Rocky’s first line, the song momentarily snaps into focus. His verse shoulders the bulk of the storytelling, such as it is. “I might fuck with her all summer for real,” he admits, slipping into an approximation of Lana’s own woozy, whispered flow. So nebulous is the relationship between these two protagonists that it might, in the end, all turn out to be a hallucination born of heat exhaustion.

Even as it widens—slightly—the range of her catalog, “Summer Bummer” is best viewed as a classically Lana Del Rey set piece: a heavily stylized soundtrack for drugs, pools, and high-contrast monochromes. “White lies”—or maybe that’s, ahem, “white lines”—”and black beaches / And blood red sangrias,” she sings later, mirroring a color scheme that dates back to “Off to the Races.” Sonically, “Bummer” is like a trap-inspired take on Honeymoon’s “High by the Beach,” and thematically, it doesn’t go anywhere that song didn’t already.

The best defense of “Summer Bummer” is that it is not “Groupie Love,” the second A$AP Rocky feature from Del Rey’s new album Lust for Life, released simultaneously today. “Groupie Love” relegates Rocky to a pop song’s standard third verse rap feature, where any supposed romantic chemistry falls flat. Del Rey’s choruses are almost lush enough to sell a vision of vintage backstage hedonism, but she winds up tripping over the clichés she idolizes. “Time after time, writing my lines / Having my baby there next to me” could never hope to compete with, “Got my bad baby by my heavenly side.” The very first lines—”You’re in the bar / Playing guitar”—should have been struck as soon as they were written.

Let us, at last, take one moment to acknowledge that the “Summer Bummer” single artwork (photographed by Neil Krug) is absolutely killer.

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instead of immediately jumping to conclusions about george ending the show, i think it's wise to consider that maybe his tweet was about switching platforms. "they'll grant me freedom soon" might be referring to a new platform letting george make the content he wants without worrying about demonetization. the removal of the youtube link might hint that he's in the middle of setting up somewhere else and doesn't want people to go to yt for frank content anymore.

true true, like switching to twitch or something. 

(I actually needed to do some research for durian😅 but it was Really interesting and if you prepare them right than They should even Taste Really Sweet and doesn’t have a stinky smell😶 that Really interesting)

UT Gaster :

•he is Allways a bit suprised and worried at how much Work you put into cooking for him.
•at some points he probably just ask if sou atleast have One Wizard in your family so you Maybe have earned a bit of Magic because he can’t explain Else how it can Taste so good
•will Allways Love it and smile whenever something Taste complettly different than it should be

UF Gaster:

•it takes him some time to even make him eat something that he didn’t make himself, After all its underfell so Poisoning with food could Allways happen.
•he is a strong believer that you use Magic and do multiple research about your family line to find somehow a hint and it frustrated when he doesn’t find any
•at some point he just accept it and eat whatever you give him but sometimes look suddenly Disturbed or confused when it Taste complettly different than it should be

US Gaster :

•he eats whatever you give him and tell you how he loves it but at some point Spy on you to find out how you make it
•he will end up trying to Copy your cooking which will end up Tasting normal and Not Really like your way of cooking
•if you Watch carefully you can Allways See his eyes twitch for a Second while Thinking what flavor it actually was and continue to eat

Swapfell Gaster:

•he isn’t that fond of eating in generell since he can survive a while without eating so you cooking for him is in his eyes is unimportant
•when he finds out how much Time you spend in it and even try to find out what he likes…he Kind of Let some Paper Slip with his favourite snackes by “accident” and regret it a Bit
•when he finally eat something he knows from the Snack list he Kind of is wary, he eat it carefully and is suprised how it Taste, in the end he probaly Let some more recipes get “lost” in your hands by “accident”

Mark Sugar Daddy Profile

Day 2 Mark
Im guessing people are liking this more than i thought you would. 
I still feel as if somethings missing, maybe i don’t have the sugar daddy concept quite right :P Little help ^_^
Who’s looking forward to Jackson profile :P 
Remember the IGOTMAIL project opens in 5 days. Ill have a Q&A thing tomorrow for any questions you guys might have ^_^

~Ahgase Omma

Set up
It could be something out of the blue. he doesn’t have to be very close to you, but not a complete stranger either. he would start of with a drink or a little snack then, providing that you accept his offers, he would buy you more and more things, to the point where he would buy you expensive pieces.

Type of sugar daddy
small gifts/sentimental but also somewhat possessive. He would get you smaller items. items that would mean more to you. he wouldn’t ask for things in return, but would certainly suggest them. it would be random and surprising.

after some time he would start to hint that this one way system isn’t the best. maybe go on a casual date, hang out. after more time he might suggest something more, if he wasn’t seeing anyone. it would turn into a friends with benefits but where your getting more than just gifts.
at first he wouldn’t say anything to the guys, not about the money, but the more he spent on you the more he would have you around the others. but still keeping the money situation quiet.
He doesn’t care for you to ask for things he would rather just give them to you out of the blue. he likes seeing the surprise on your face.

He most likely wouldn’t take you to event, he doesn’t quite see those two worlds mixing. even if he was officially dating you, he would be less likely to take you to large crowded events, so for this he wouldn’t even burden you with it.

Materialistic gifts. he doesn’t want to give you just cash, but something more thoughtful
Jewellery, mostly necklaces, he wouldn’t buy you clothing but perhaps more expensive sneakers.
How much?
The most expensive being a designer something,  it would be around £500-700 $720-1000 ₩769600- 1,115,260. he would also get smaller items such as foods and drinks, and pay the bill at restaurants 
How often?
For the bigger gifts on special occasions, the smaller ones would be more frequent.

he likes seeing you happy, and he want to be the one that does that, and it takes the awkwardness out of dating to get laid.

What is he looking for?
At first nothing, at least thats what his telling himself. its not until later that he probably realises what he actually wants, and thats when he starts to hint at it. being playful at first, then asking you to accompany him to new places he wants to try, and from there it would go as far as random hook ups, but probably not sex.

Is it just a phase?
Most likely, but one that does evolve into something else, maybe into friends with benefits, or more. it wouldn’t be something that goes on for more than 2 years.

Possibility of a relationship
very likely, as he starts to realise that he wants to have more from you, thats when he starts to think about it more seriously, he stick to this arrangement for sometime, like a trial period, to see if theres anything that he doesn’t like, if not then he may start to take the next few steps.

Gifs are not my own

Of Dwarves and Textbooks

Based on:

The night had been a sleepless one and you stifled another yawn as you struggled to balance the half-dozen textbooks in your arms. You had no way of maneuvering yourself to look at your watch but you were certain you would be late. An idea which made your nerves flurry as you had never been less than early in your life.

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More questions about Hide (and analysis on the play he and Kaneki were part of).

About his family

Anon said: Were there any mentions of Hide’s family/background in Tokyo Ghoul? It just popped up in my head but I was wondering why he was always hanging out with Kaneki and maybe he himself was a lonely kid (albeit his optimistic outlook and personality).

Hide never mentions his family, nor Kaneki. We see him living alone, similar to Kaneki:

But even before that, he gives no signs of living with his parents. That, or whoever he lived with as a child was never home; he was always with Kaneki, even in the middle of the night:

It’s probable that because of this, he felt lonely and could feel empathy towards Kaneki, whose mother was always working and his aunt didn’t care about him, adding another reason why Hide decided to stick with Kaneki all that time. In my perspective, Hide and Kaneki only had each other while growing up.

thestrangerprjct said: do you have any information about Hide’s family? Oh and also wonder where Kaneki lived after his mother’s death.

Kaneki lived with his horrible aunt and her family:

Anon said: Hide looks an awful lot like Kuramoto - the closed eye investigator - especially when smiling. Do you think they might be related and do you know anything about Hide’s family? 

At this point, anything could be possible. Guess we’ll need to wait for Hide to appear again (or Sasaki to investigate about him) to know more about Hide and his family. Still, they do look alike:

What happened to him?

Anon said:  What do you think about the possibility that Kaneki did eat a little bit of Hide -but just a tiny bit- when they were at the sewers? (and maybe Hide was the one who came up with that idea so Kaneki could regain some strenght but without making him feel guilty for eating his best friend). Kinda like what happened back at the church when Touka bit Kaneki’s neck/shoulder(?) so she could be able to defeat Tsukiyama. I don’t wanna think Kaneki ate Hide completely :c

Unless he had brought some sort of food or Kaneki ate himself at some point (can actually see him doing that), I think that’s what happened.

livingupcitrus97 said: Will hide appear on the comic? I hope he really do! Also hide’s hair looks like young pineapple when he is working. So yellow and shiney

I’m pretty sure he will appear once again in Tokyo Ghoul:re, but I guess we’ll have to wait. Still, don’t use the pineapple analogy; that’s a death omen.

Anon said: What do you think about the possibility of Hide being part of Floppy?

I guess it’s a possibility; he knows Amon, after all. I mention it here.

Anon said: i know this was probably already asked, but what do you think hide DID put on his will after all? 

Most likely something related to Kaneki; we all know he cares deeply for him. That, or he wrote something like Akira’s “I won’t die, I have a cat waiting for me at home”.

Random Questions

Anon said: Has Hide encountered any ghoul other that Kaneki?

He has encountered many ghouls, actually.

  • The people at Anteiku (Nishiki, Touka, Hinami, Yoshimura, Koma and Irimi maybe also Yomo) - Root A implies that he knows about them all being ghouls.
  • Oumi - A customer in Anteiku who hadn’t eaten in a while. He spots Hide and follows him after getting out of the coffee shop, but looses him in a dark alley (Hide knew he was after him). Hungry, he attacks Kureo Mado without knowing he was a ghoul investigator and the latter kills him. Whether Hide knew Mado was there or not is not known.
  • Cain - In the story “Bible” from the light novel “Days” (Hibi), while Hide tries to prove that Kaneki is not a ghoul he and some guys from Kamii met him. Hide discovered his identity as a ghoul and was forced to fight him: he evaded his attacks and got some human food in his mouth; he also distracted him with fireworks that lured some ghoul investigators, eventually getting him killed when they get in the way of the investigators (he escapes after that).
  • Sanko - One of the people who were with Hide when they met Cain. I don’t think Hide knew she was a ghoul.
  • Momochi Ikuma - They meet in “Bible” too. This one is a pacific ghoul who befriends Hide. When they meet, he was playing guitar and Hide stops to listen to him; then he gives Hide some advice and in exchange for that and his music Hide gives him some coffee. Since he hadn’t eaten in a while, he was extremely grateful. He later affiliates with Anteiku and befriends Kaneki, but a few days later Hide takes Kaneki to see him playing and they have to act like they don’t know eachother (honestly, he is one of my favourite characters).
  • Jason - After Kaneki was abducted by Aogiri, Hide somehow figured out Yamori’s identity as an executive of Aogiri and after disguising himself with a dead ghoul’s clothes, he put a tracking device under Jason’s shoe and anonymously notified the CCG the location of Aogiri’s hideout (I assume it was all for Kaneki’s sake).

Anon said: Have you read detectivecanon’s tumblr post about Hide and his possible relationship to Kanou? It’s very interesting and it also proves quite convincingly that Hide has a habit of scratching his face when he’s lying. What are your speculations on this if you don’t mind me asking hehe

I haven’t read it, but it’s easy to figure out what’s it about. About Hide’s habit, it’s not when he is lying, rather when he is nervous. You can read unspiral’s observation here.

About the Play

naota- said: ok so the ask box wouldn’t fit my question in under 2 asks so i decided to send a message, hope you don’t mind. Q:part 1. ok so i was looking through some chapters from part 1 of tg and then i noticed on chapter 62 page 6, at the lower part of the page, hide is wearing a joker/clown like clothes. it said he was playing a witch’s servant in a play (i don’t know if the translations are correct and i couldn’t find the raw’s :c). that put a bunch of ideas in my head about hide and who this “witch” might be. i know people have theorized hide was with the clowns and stuff and this just really stood out because i doubt that little detail was just put there for nothing,maybe Ishida is hinting something idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Also its the fact that the play has kaneki as the main character :o, the play was mentioned somewhere else in part 1 but i forgot when. Anyways i just though that meant something, dunno if its been mentioned before and idk if its at all relevant but i thought id just point it out. have a nice day :D

First things first, the other time when they talk about the play was in Chapter 118, when Hide and Touka talk.

Now, about the play, I’ve seen people talking about it for a long time, so I’ll go panel by panel with that.

At first sight, nothing out of the ordinary. Typical school play:

Then, Kaneki goes on stage:

Then he fights with who seems to be “The Witch”:

And then Hide shows up, wearing a jester-like outfit:

He is introduced as “The Witch’s Servant”

People have wondered for a long time who is the witch. Many have said that it’s related to the Clowns, especially because the star in Hide’s right eye is similar to the one in Ganbo’s eye:

Based on this, we can associate Hide with the Clowns.

However, I’ve never once seen anyone wondering who is Kaneki in the play. We know he was the protagonist, and we assume he is “good” because he is fighting a witch (witches are typically assumed to be evil).

Still, reading that part again I noticed something quite interesting. Both in chapter 62 and chapter 118, we see him wearing the same outfit:

What I noticed is that Kaneki’s cloak has a particular symbol in it:

That’s not a random symbol, that’s one of Aogiri’s Tree’s symbols:

  • They have this one, used by all the subordinates:
  • And this one, that is in the One-Eyed King’s clothes:

The first one looks like a Phoenix. The second one looks like a leaf of the Chinese Parasol Tree.

We know that Kaneki has been associated with the phoenix before (read why is he associated with it here and what does it mean here), and now we can associate him with the leaf.

In the end, we can associate Kaneki with Aogiri Tree.

But we know that he wouldn’t join them (in the manga; in Root A he was meant to join to find and eliminate the One-Eyed King). 

So, based on this, I’d say that the fact that both Hide and Kaneki are associated with some of the antagonists in the play doesn’t mean that they are or will be part of these certain groups, rather that they will destroy them.

Kaneki will eventually get rid of Aogiri… 

…Hide will get rid of the Clowns…

and together they’ll discover the CCG’s hidden secret.


What if the barrier is a Time Bubble?

Why else would they bring back Blendin as well as the Time Baby? Obviously the future is worried about Bill’s Shenanigans, so they must have met some precautions before confronting him. And what better way would there be to contain him?

How the Barrier works

The way I understood it, the Time bubble freezes one Moment in time for the place/objects contained in it. But obviously they are still able to move/do things, so I think it is as follows:

Imagine Time being like pearls on a chain, every moment being one Pearl. For the outside world, there is virtually no space between these pearls - Blink once and its already the next moment. Now the time bubble extends the space between pearls: Suddenly, between two moments, you have a theoretically infinite amount of time! So where in the outside world, Moment B follows immediately after Moment A so you have barely any time to do anything between them, in gravity falls, you can unleash an entire weirdmageddon in the space between moments- and when the bubble pops, for an outsider standing just beside it, the friendly lumberjack town will transform into a hellscape in the blink of an eye.


-Time Baby fears the rift shattering the very fabric. But if you freeze it in time, you can contain/postpone its effects until a solution is found.

-Bills Weirdmageddon has virtually no effect on the outside world, so in theory, if you stop him well enough, noone will notice that anything happened. On the other hand, noone from the outside will come to help either, since noone will ever notice that something is wrong.

-Blendin could escape by time travelling, so couldnt Dipper and Mabel do that as well? They still have the time travelling device.

-Also, remember this?

Seems to hint at some timey-wimey bullshit happening. Maybe they transport the time bubble into sometime else? So Bill’s havoc will be unleashed in the future?

Jackson Sugar Daddy Profile

Day 3 Jackson
nearly half way now, hopefully interest is still around :) 
quick notice, i will be working saturday, profile 6 may come out a little late.
Remember the IGOTMAIL project opens in 4 days.

~Ahgase Omma

Set up
No real connection needed. he wouldn’t just pick a random stranger, but someone that he’s seen around, and would like to know better. he would try and befriend them and then a little while after he would start doting on them. 

Type of sugar daddy
give and give. He doesn’t mid giving things away to them, it makes him feel ‘powerful’ in the sense that he is helping and making someone happier. 

No questions asked, just accept the gift given to you. no matter what, he doing this because he can and he wants to. 
If you want to give ‘something’ in return he’s not going to reject it, but he wouldn’t say it would loud either.
you can hang around the guys, and they can know that he buys you things.
He doesn’t really want you to ask for something, he’ll just give you what he wants to.

He would lavish you at event, buying you the outfit to wear, he would take you to the red carpet events. as the others would know, they would all pretend that you two are just dating. 

extravagant gifts. he wants to give you what you normally can’t get.
backstage to everything, concert tickets to whatever you want (provided you go with him) plane ticket to see him, clothing, shoes all the appeal you would want.
How much?
If we go for a flight ticket seoul to tokyo, it would be around £700-900, $1000-1300, ₩1,115,260-1,433,980.  
How often?
whenever he goes on tour, or if your international, whenever he misses you, and wants to spend money. really whenever he get to the point of having more money than he needs he would spend it on you.

because he likes giving to whoever he can, and he has a slight fondness over you so he spends more on you. if he doesn’t need/want the money then you can have it.

What is he looking for?
well… at first he wouldn’t mention it, and he’s not using his money to ‘trap’ you, but he doesn’t mind a little thank you now and then. it wouldn’t be clear until the day he’s on tour, horny and skyping you, to which he would get you a plane ticket and make it the most expensive booty call.

Is it just a phase?
likely. He into going to do this for long. depending on his income depends on how long you will stay. when his contract ends and he doesn’t have anything coming in then he might just have to stop buying you things, especially the bigger gifts.

Possibility of a relationship
maybe, if he sees that he doesn’t need to give you the money and he gets more emotionally attached then he might consider it, but it would be hard for him to stop buying you thing, even if you are dating and going dutch. But he also sees that what you was doing was very similar to dating, so why not just carry it on. it really does depend on his emotional attachment.

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Hiiii!! Can you please do a reaction for Sakurai, Nebuya, and Hara gets flirted with by a smol girl who wouldn't usually talk to them ((the flirting is like rlly cheesy too like rlly rlly bad hahah)) thx!!


“So, did it hurt?”

Confusion painted over Sakurai’s face as he looked at the girl; a classmate of his that he recognized. She was blushing, avoiding eye contact as her gaze shifted from the floor to the empty desk beside her. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see her friends across the room silently cheering her on.

“I’m sorry? What do you mean?”

“When you fell,” she clarified after a breath. “Did it hurt?”

Color drained from his face at her question. Dear god, had she seen him trip over himself earlier in the hall? There wasn’t even anything on the floor; he had tripped over thin air! His books had been everywhere and everyone had been staring. He had to scramble to pick up his things so he could run out of there as soon as possible and, oh god, now she was bringing up the memory again. She had seen and he was so embarrassed—

“O-Oh! God, I messed that up!” Her announcement had scared him, but then she blurted, “I meant when you fell from Heaven! I-It hurt right? When you fell… from Heaven…?”

Suddenly Sakurai was embarrassed for a completely different reason, his cheeks flaring up to match the color of hers. Was she… Was she flirting with him?


“We have pretty good chemistry, don’t you think?”

Nebuya hadn’t expected her to come toward him, let alone sit beside him. It took him a full minute to recognize her from one of his classes; she always sat near the front, far from his desk, so they never interacted much. He couldn’t remember a time she actually spoke to him outside of class, so this was new.

“I guess,” Nebuya shrugged, not sure why she brought the subject up. “I haven’t had chemistry in two years, but it was okay.”

He could see the smirk she was wearing twitch into a frown. Had he said something wrong? Behind her eyes, he could imagine gears turning as she tried to crank out a response to his statement. It was her fault for bringing it up in the first place.

“No, no, I meant,” she paused for a second, thinking of her words. “You and me, we’d make a great team. Wait, no, not team. Pair? Uh, c-couple. We’d make a good couple.”

Realization hit him like a ton of bricks—how was he so dense? “Are you asking me out?”

“God, yes.”


“I’d hate to burst your bubble…”

Hara stared at the girl standing before him—though she wouldn’t have been able to tell anyway with his hair in the way—as he snapped his gum, focusing on her. Did she just start a conversation with a pun? He could feel himself internally groan; how lame was that?

“…but I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know you well enough. Did you want to go out some time?”

“…Is that it?”

The smooth expression she had been putting off faltered at his response and she looked at him in panic. Either she had believed her come on would work on the first try and she neglected to make a backup plan or she was being idiotic. Hara was honestly teetering his decision more toward the latter.

“W-What do you mean ‘is that it’? Am I supposed to say something else?”

With a hard and loud laugh—so clearly in her direction—Hara clutched at his stomach. She was really bad at the flirting game, having obviously never done it before, but she made him laugh; that was a bonus. Maybe he’d take her up on her offer if just to get a few giggles out of it.

Gabriel is Hawkmoth theory

Okay i really need to explain why I am almost 100 percent positive that Gabriel Agreste is Papillion. After seeing the latest episodes, the writers are dropping hint bombs like no tomorrow. Unless they want us to think he is the evil villain and shock us with someone completely different (which is something I honestly wouldn’t be surprised about either) they are practically telling us it’s him. Let me show you (warning: will contain spoilers from the origins episode and simonsayz): 

Clue 1:

Boom. Right off the bat, we are shown Gabriel’s wife in a locket in the evil guy’s hand which should set off some warning signs of Gabriel Agrests is Hawkmoth (but who am I to say). Anyway, let’s continue..

Clue 2:

Next, which I thought was ironic, he gets angry *cough* cause why would he tolerate someone controlling him when he does it in his spare time *cough* PLUS hang on, check out his RING. YES THE ONE ON HIS MIDDLE FINGER WHICH LOOKS QUITE FAMILIAR…

HMMMM…..I don’t know about you but it looks like the SAME EXACT RING ON THE MIDDLE FINGER OF THE BAD GUY. But I could just be seeing things

Clue 3:

……why are you so interested in her earrings suddenly Gabriel? Maybe because YOU WANT THEM FOR ULTIMATE POWER 

AND WHY TAKE INTEREST IN CHAT NOIR’S RING?? He’s got places to be, that’s not near you (oh wait, you’re hardly around your son enough anyway OH)

Oh right, nearly forgot. Even though it was a risk, you probably planned to agree to this cause it brought you closer than ever to the real thing and THAT’S why you took so much interest in them as GABRIEL TO BE INCONSPICUOUS *heavily hinting*

Clue 4:

Here we have him looking at this lovely mosaic thing of his wife (which might mean its a secret entrance to a secret lair full of butterflies or something)…

Which might explain why in this scene we see as Hawkmoth just entered his secret lair and is a little angry (maybe cause an army of brainwashed people raided his house) IF *heavy on the if* he is Gabriel..

 Finally, Clue 5:

The akuma literally makes him a butterfly (which would be irony at its finest; could have been anything else but no, had to be a butterfly Papillion’s specialty). 

Let us not forget Adrien’s shoes which are designed by his father in the form of a black butterfly (see where this is going with the hints of butterfly references that link to Gabriel)

So yea, just needed to get THAT out of my system. If you weren’t already convinced Gabriel was Hawkmoth, this might have given better insight on the debate (they both have the same voice actor for crying out loud!!). It really doesn’t matter on the looks honestly. So what if the shape of their face or eyes don’t quite match up, its the signs that are hidden that tell the truth. Besides, I like to think of that as Papillion transforms, he becomes more determined causing his features to change. As we have already seen, the person on the other side of the mask can act and look completely different, but that doesn’t change who they are. 


I’d like to add something to this video. At one point I actually went ahead and looked at all the things that Jasper stones represent and here’s what I found.

(Disclaimer: I googled these things, so take the credibility of them with a grain of salt.)

Quotes are from and

Red Jasper, which looks the closest to the character’s stone, represents endurance and is a promoter of justice, protection, and life. Apparently in Native American tribes (All of them? Some of them? One of them?), the Jasper “was used to stimulate health and re-birth, new ideas and strategies.” Which I think could mean that if Jasper ends up with the Crystal Gems, she could give them a lot of help figuring out how to best fight against homeworld.

Red Jasper is known for bringing focus and determination, helping to set goals and “following through to completion, facing unpleasant tasks and having the courage to rectify wrongs.” Now doesn’t that sound like a character arc on its own?

Red Jasper is also deeply connected to Earth apparently. (Hint, hint)

“A valuable stone of protection, Red Jasper guards against physical threats and assists in situations of danger.” (HINT, HINT)

The Red Jasper is connected to the Base Chakra and “When the Base Chakra is in balance, the physical body regains its strength and stamina, and the spiritual energy is rekindled in the form of security and sense of one’s own power. It often leads to independence and spontaneous leadership.” 

Could Jasper end up becoming a general to a renewed army for the Crystal Gems? Could she help someone else suddenly realize that maybe they have what it takes to be a leader?

Now for something interesting about the Base Chakra. 

“The energy of Muladhara (Root Chakra) allows us to harness courage, resourcefulness and the will to live during trying times. It connects us with spiritual energies of our ancestors, their challenges and their triumphs.”

As the video says, Jasper could end up teaching Steven more about Rose in ways the Gems couldn’t because of their adoration of their leader. Maybe this could help Steven realize just exactly who Rose Quartz truly was in battle. Maybe this could help him in battle as well.

But you might be thinking that I’m delving to deep into what Jaspers mean. I did too when I started reading about Chakras. Except:

Well, huh. Maybe the crewniverse did also delve a bit into everything a Jasper represents. And in this same list:


“Red Jasper attunes to the frequency of fairness and offers assistance to anyone trying to rectify an unjust situation…  Red Jasper’s energy communicates the message that all choice is singularly one’s responsibility, and inspires one not to revisit old patterns, but to move forward in all things.” 

Honestly, it’s like the stories are writing themselves. I mean, can you not see how this could apply to so many characters?

In any case, that’s all I got. You’re more than welcome to add to this if you want. And if someone can confirm to me about the Native American part, I would be more than thankful.

Anyways, on with your life.

so i know so ppl are theorising that the sword wielding lady is the same one that appears in front of allura but i dont think it is

the person that appears in front of allura has fanny packs on their sides and something red when you first see them

and the assassin (?) doesnt have anything red or any fanny packs and the shoulders look entirely different 

which got me thinking (unless its an animation error) who else has fanny packs? hunk shiro and keith all wear them 

and that first picture just seems like shiro to me with the black and gray colour scheme and the arm looking similar to shiros mechanical arm

so maybe its possessed!shiro and the last bit of the video is shiro joining the galra? possibly hopefully not willingly 

but than again the red could be hinting to keith? it cant be hunk because his fanny packs are a lighter colour than shiro and keiths (and i cant stand the thought of my boi being brainwashed ;-;)

so maybe shiro first walks into the light turns evil and than confronts allura which is why she looks kinda Pissed As Fuck™ cause either she thinks shiros betrayed them or shes mad at zarkon for brainwashing him

also i dont know what those pocket things are so imma just keep on calling them fanny packs lmao

50 Shades of Raudenfeld

A/N: So here’s my first take at a Karmy 50 Shades of Grey. I’m thinking of keeping it pretty close to the book in a sense. Any and all feedback would be really appreciated or some suggestions. And if anyone wants to co-write with me please send me a message!  I’m also really nervous about this so be kind with your feedback :) Alright. Enjoy! 

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Imagine Steve and Bucky having regular movie marathons and passionately debating characters, plot points and interpretations for hours afterwards.

They should have quit at the end of the first Hunger Games movie. But they ploughed ahead through Catching Fire, marathoned the two Mockingjay films back to back, and now the credits are rolling and the two of them are sitting glued to the couch in awful, crushing silence.

“They told me this was a kids’ movie,” Steve says, mostly for the sake of having something to say. He wouldn’t wish a story this messed up on any kid in the world. They’d never recover.

Bucky is quiet for so long that Steve starts to worry he has checked out completely. When he does finally speak, he sounds…uncertain. No, more than uncertain. He sounds annoyed. “She should have run,” he says. “When Gale asked her to, right at the beginning. Katniss should have just run away with him.”

“Of course she couldn’t run,” Steve says, taken aback. “What would have happened to Panem if she’d turned her back? What would have happened to her family?”

“The same thing that happened to them in the end anyway,” says Bucky peevishly. “What did the revolution do for any of them? Snow was corrupt, Coin was corrupt. And I bet Paylor turns out to be just as bad as the others.”

“You can’t know that,” says Steve. And then, because he has a strong sense that they’re talking about more than just the imaginary country of Panem, he adds, “Bad odds aren’t a reason to walk away. If all the country’s leaders are corrupt, that means they need heroes like Katniss more than ever.” Steve’s not going to admit it aloud, but he felt himself tear up a bit when Katniss donned the Mockingjay suit.

“Yeah, yeah. The lone moral beacon in a society that’s lost its way.” The faintest hint of a sneer plays on Bucky’s lips. “Don’t you ever get sick of watching the so-called heroes bleed and die for people who don’t give a damn? People who don’t even want their sacrifice? You can’t force people to be free, Steve. Maybe Katniss should have let the districts have their new Hunger Games, since they wanted them so bad.”

The bottom drops out of Steve’s stomach. But all he says is, “I’m sorry you feel that way.”

Outwardly, Bucky’s face is hard and scornful. But Steve thinks he sees something else there – something bruised and bitter and profoundly sad. It would be easier to tell if Bucky would just meet his eyes.

“It’s a dumb movie, anyway,” Bucky snorts. “Who decides to make a movie about kids murdering each other? We should watch something less dumb. We should watch The Fast and the Furious again.”

The credits have ended. In the silence that follows Steve can hear Bucky’s breathing, shallow and quick. “Some other time,” he says. “I think I’ve had enough movies for today.”