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Zenmasters AU Week, Day 6 – Role Reversal AU: If You Jump, I Jump. Part II (part I)

This time around, Hyde fights for Jackie’s attention after they spend some time together during her grieving process once she breaks up with Kelso. When she realizes Hyde likes her that way, Jackie decides to ignore him and his attempts to get a date with her the best she can. 

Realizing Jackie won’t go out with him after all, Hyde leaves her alone not before telling her that maybe she should first try to actually known him and know how he got where he is before calling him another rich idiot. 

For him, being rich is probably the second worse thing that happened to him. Not all of the Barnetts aprove of him and the way WB raised him and Angie as equals, WB’s wife not always respected him even. It was always hard to be looked at weird because he doesn’t look like his family, and he has had to control the impulse of punching somoene when racist comments are done in front of him.

This side of him takes her by surprise. He wasn’t always rich and still remembers the little hell it was to be with his own mother, and the impact the sudden change of life when WB took him left on him. He knows necessity and loneliness like her, and when he finally finds a way to go out with her by claiming the ‘prize’ of making her say a “big bad word” to be a date, Jackie accepts with actual hopes of him winning.

Hyde takes her and the gang with his 'a little bit crazy’ friends from the private school, who take them to a 'jumping tower’ at one of the boy’s grandfather’s property, in q soon to be attractions park. Its said that is possible to jump the tower and have a smooth fall with only an umbrella thanks to the way the wind runs around the construction. And they invite them to jump, because “you haven’t live until you feel like maybe dying” and Hyde rolls his eyes, saying he has done it before and well, here he is.

Kelso says yes happily and so does Fez, Donna knows she is not doing it and Eric is too scared to do it. While Hyde’s friends convince them to try, two of them jump to show nothing bad happens. Hyde wants Jackie to do it, saying that he knows she will use a big word the second she feels the wind on her face while jumping. Just to prove him wrong, she accepts, only to be terrified the last minute.

“It’s okay, grasshopper, you can do it.”


“Listen, you are not doing it alone. If you jump, I jump.”

When she finds herself trusting him, Jackie knows he got that date.

things Cinder does on her birthday after being queen

  • takes a day off with Kai and/or the Rampion crew. maybe chills with Wolflet at the farm. most likely sitting around watching second era films (rec’ed by Cress) w/Kai
  • cancels any plans if any and hangs around Lunar orphan kiddos/shell kiddos/cyborg kiddos (depend where she is) for the entire day and teaches them mechanic stuff. spends the wholeeeee day with them 
    • she actually takes donations for the kiddos instead of birthday presents. her people love it and after a few years there are literally no orphan kiddos to be found bc 1) they all got adopted or 2) Cinder & Kai adopted them
  • one year Iko shows up, slamming the front door like TREAT YO SELF and takes her out to see the best of the city. Cinder grumbles a lil at first but she honestly has the time of her lifeta

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I know I'm late to the freaking out, but your "wtf did I just watch" reaction was exactly mine's when I watched that video!!!!!! I literally couldn't believe it?????? I? It?????? Jikook?????


I didn’t know if it was real or I was dreaming this up. When I went to show my sister, she literally actually physically went and put herself facefirst into a corner because they were just too…much. 

The past few days I’ve been like “IM SOOOO BORREEED” but didn’t realize it was because no jikook lmao. and everytime that happens they come back and for example this time, they practically sit in each other’s laps. 

Like honestly…. so…much..touching… and the staring geez (and cuts. whoever’s editing these hates me) 

I’m surprised the tag hasn’t exploded with gifs. maybe everyone still in disbelief too XD

anyways, have an orange bunny video to make it all better…

#SABRINA OMG YOUR TAGS IM SCREAMING #PLSS #why did they not show us these WHYYYYY #im so bitter pls i hope in s04 the first time we see them together they are walking down the school courtyard and they are holding hands #SHOW US EVEN AND ISAK HOLDING HANDS PLS #when i saw that post of how maybe even held isak’s waist in the pool scene when they kissed i was messed up #and now your gifs akdnvajfnvhjkf AAAAA #im so emotioanl again 

@cuddlyevak DORA I KNOW AND I FEEL IT TOO. So much pain doing this set, but not actually seeing those hands touch. They do and you get all the emotions through their eyes but without seeing it. S4 IS THE HAND HOLDING SEASON!!!!! 

Also remember this….. 

After it was taken, Even most probably gave Isak a soft kiss, on the lips this time. Their foreheads resting against one another for a few more seconds. His right hand reaching for Isak’s. Their fingers intertwined. Isak would be a bit surprised at first but would squeeze Even’s hand back a bit. Even offering Isak his brightest smile. And they’d casually walk to school, holding hands. Isak, so proud to call this man his boyfriend. So happy to see those stars dancing in Even’s eyes. This was it. The life he had chosen to embrace. His reality. His Even.

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Relationship status: singularity 
(a point at which a function takes an infinite value, especially in space–time when matter is infinitely dense, such as at the centre of a black hole.)

Favorite color: Colors are human concepts and thus don’t actually exist. Even so, black isn’t technically a color, so maybe blue.

Pets: 6 fishies. May they long live and prosper. 

Last song I listened to:  Starset - Halo, but What’s Up People is doing an automatic loop in the back of my mind with incorrect lyrics.  

Favorite TV Show: static

ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.

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He, just a warning. Be careful. The blog you rebloged is not a The 100 blog, there's nothing related to the convention or the show in it. Bob would never confess that the scripts say: "Bellamy looks at Clarke in a romantic way" or whatever. Also, Bob understands his character really well. He's a smart person. I just say that maybe that person is bored or wants to make us feel unsecure about Bellarke. Don't trust people who you don't know. Antis have tried to "hurt" us many times.

I don’t know …

I know I should take everything I read with a grain of salt but I just looked through their tags and they’ve reblogged Bellarke things in the past so I have no idea why a Bellarke shipper would make that up? 

I’m also unclear whether they just used Bellamy and Clarke’s names as an example as something his soap opera script would say or if that’s ACTUALLY written in the script. I sent them an ask to clarify so hopefully I get a reply.


I don’t think that this is a reflection of what will happen to Bellarke in the show anyway, or that it should ruin our fun. I guess I just find it upsetting that Bob feels that he’s been reduced to a love interest instead of a central character - that’s all. 

Imagine, if you will, some nice reality where Civil War didn’t happen. 

Sam and T’Challa still meet at some important gathering of world officials – maybe the Avengers are called in as extra security? Maybe they’re being interviewed for information on Hydra? Who knows. 

But Sam doesn’t recognize T’Challa at first, not because he isn’t up to date on this kind of stuff, but because he’s busy giving Bucky crap and isn’t paying proper attention to who’s talking to him. 

“Sorry, I’m in the middle of showing this old man how to take a selfie,” Sam says, which is a complete lie because Bucky is actually better with his phone than Sam is at times. 

T’Challa is so taken aback that he doesn’t know how to respond for a moment. 

Then someone – Steve, who always is keeping an eye on Bucky, or Natasha, who just seems to know when something needs her attention – comes over.

“King T’Challa, it’s an honor to see you here.” And Bucky (who also didn’t recognize T’Challa, but for completely good reasons Sam) and Sam freeze up because, well, they recognize that name. 

T’Challa, who is still a bit shocked but no one has tried to kill him yet today which is better than most days, just smiles and goes about his business. 

Then later, because a meeting full of important world leaders is too big of a target not to try to hit, the place gets attacked. Most of the politicians scatter. Of course the delegation from Wakanda stays because they’re BA and also because they’re ready to kick ass at a moment’s notice, but all Sam does is make sure he doesn’t hit them as he flies around.

Suddenly his pack starts malfunctioning – someone’s hit it with a bullet or something and it’s not working like it should – and Sam has to land. And he’s ok, he’s fighting and in one piece, but he’s also not a super soldier so five guys coming after him with assault rifles is a bit difficult to go up against. 

He has no idea where the guy in the black cat suit came from, but Sam also doesn’t need to worry about dying so he figures it’s cool. 

Later, during clean up, Black Panther’s helmet comes off and Sam’s jaw drops.

And that, as Sam will later tell his kids, is how he met their father. 

Somethings bothering me about that helmet...

You all know the one.

In the very last scene of the very last episode that hinted to a new villain of the the next series, the one dominator walks past.

Yeah this one.

At least, i think its a helmet right?

I mean we all thought that this helmet was more evidence to the hater is a monkey theory right? And i’m not saying it isn’t, its got his fancy green electric powers lighting it up after all. But until i took the time to actually look at this thing, i thought it was this helmet:

Now call me out if i’m wrong, but now that i look at it this helmet its a completely different shape!! and the glass section takes up half of the helmet. sure maybe the first helmet is facing the wrong way up but i think that we’d be able to see at least a teeny part of that glass visor.

but hang on let me get another look at this thing.

ok i’m just gonna straight up say that this isn’t a helmet.

i mean i’m probably not the first to say it but c’mon!! look at this thing!!!

where is the neck room?? the space where a neck would be is covered by metal with wires sticking out, and theres no eye visor!! that gap in the metal where someone would look through is clearly where that metal piece next to it would slot back into!!

but it does have that same american flag that we have seen on the monkeys space suit. so they’re obviously associated…

maybe it’s an escape pod?…

i can find that far more believable than this being a helmet, and from what Craig Mccraigen recently said about a possible redemption arc for Hater:

Hater is 100% involved somehow, whether he’s the monkey or not (tbh though i’m betting my money that he is)


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nickname(s): gracie, grass, gravy, grease idk my friends are weird assholes also half of these these are longer than my actual name

star sign: cancer!! but i’m also influenced by leo because i’m on a cusp

height: 5′7 which is like.. pretty average? maybe a bit tall? i’m never sure

time right now: 6:35 PM eastern standard time

favourite music artist: okay like…. you can’t do this to me….. but i’m gonna go w the 1975

song stuck in your head: shape of you - ed sheeran (ITS SO GOOD)

last movie watched: crazy, stupid, love can ryan gosling fall in love with me pls

last tv show watched: last night’s teen wolf ep, but i’m currently working on the x files as my main show

what are you wearing right now: leggings, a tank top and a zip up sweater

when did you create your blog: jesus christ, i think it was 2012? i’ve been here a long god damn time. first i was a 1d blog, then a multifandom/5sos blog, then the 100 dragged me here

what kind of stuff do you usually post: honestly, a fuck ton of everything, but i usually like it to look nice, so it’s an aesthetically pleasing mess. from my old phases i pretty much only reblog niall because he’s my love, then of course the 100, teen wolf, game of thrones, harry potter, marvel, some supernatural, recently the x files, pitch, whatever strikes my fancy really

do you have any other blogs: nope, was never into that side blog stuff, so the whole mess stays in one place

do you get asks regularly: i never used to, but now i get them more frequently… i don’t know if you’d call it regularly, but.. yeah i love it when people talk to me so if y’all every feel like it absolutely go for it

why did you choose your url: because i love bellarke and i believe that 2k17 can be their year. i guess you could say i’m hoping for the best but expecting the worst since this tv show loves to tear our hearts out

hogwarts house: ravenclaw!! but when i take quizzes gryffindor is always a decently close second

pokemon team: i never have, and still don’t, know a damn thing about pokemon. so i can’t answer this one.

average hours of sleep: oh man i need my sleep. i will sacrifice other activities, including tv watching/fanfic reading/whatever else, for my sleep. so at LEAST seven hours, but usually 8, on the weekends its more.

lucky number: 11

favourite character: hmm…. nope sorry i refuse there are too many bellamy blake

how many blankets do you sleep with: one big fuzzy one that covers my whole body (+comforter) and then a smaller one that i cuddle up to

following: 389, but i haven’t unfollowed inactive blogs lately, so i’m actually gonna go do that (i usually define inactive as not having posted anything in a month)

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Last movie you saw: In theaters? Rogue One. At home, it was The Perfect Score. :D

Last song you listened to: I Can’t Go On Without You by Kaleo. I’m obsessed…

Last show you watched: Pitch. (all your fault @buckyywiththegoodhair <3)

Last book you read: It has been an embarrassingly long time since I’ve read an actual book. All of your fics are too amazing!!!

Last thing you ate: Green Smoothie.  

If you could be anywhere, where would you be: Right here is good for now. Maybe up in Canada to give my Roo a hug. 

Where would you time travel: 1960s just for a little while. 

What would you first do with money won from the lottery: Pay off debt for me and my family, then buy a tiny house and travel around. 

What fictional character would you spend the day with: Mike Lawson from Pitch.

What time is it where you live NOW: 6:07 pm

I am tagging, under no obligation: @marvelingatthewonder @buckysberrie @abovethesmokestacks @rogersxbarnesx @after-avenging-hours @imaginingbucky @lenavonschweetz @officialcaptain-marvel @pickledmoon @wakandasoldier

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the last movie you watched: This film called ratter. It wasn’t great tbh tbh just wanted to watch a shittie film on netflix and that’s what I ended up watching 

the last song you listened to: Like Me - Joey Bada$$ 

the last show you watched: Breaking Bad~ and just before that I caught up with all of Gotham and I loved it so much oh my god  

the last book you read: Haven’t read an actual book in ages woops but I brought Red Wheelbarrow a little while ago and I need to read it ahh   

the last thing you ate: Pizza and cucumber 

if you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: Somewhere with my friends just chilling you know 
I miss them

where would you time travel to: Probably better for me to visit the future you know??? If the future is any better lol but I ain’t straight and I ain’t white so idek maybe going back wouldn’t be the wisest choice 
(saying that I would love to visit the 80s lolol)

fictional character you would hang out with for a day: rn I wanna say Oswald Cobblepot because I love him so much but also he’s awful and I hate him 

I tag: @davecabbage @galactic-shine @ace-cdc and whoever else wants to do this idek lads 

you never forget the first time an inappropriate blog follows you, especially not when the entire bridge crew is there to witness it


based on sully and sumia’s support in the harvest scramble (which was so gay, just go read it) 

sully finally accepted to take part to the beauty contest but only…. if sumia was with her 8D 


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“Huh. Somehow I feel like I’ve seen this before…” he mumbled to himself. It only took a few seconds of scanning over the message for Shigeo to recall exactly where this sensation of deja vu was coming from. It had happened twice, both times as jokes instead of the real deal. Although, it was an actual girl the second time…

And in the end, Emi was kind of nice…

Well… he had to go by the track field after school for club anyways. If a girl showed up, he could just run over to her…

Even if he would inevitably be a sweaty, tired mess…

…On second thought, maybe he would just skip club today. He could make up for it at home by trying to use his dad’s abandoned weights again.

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NICKNAME: i actually dont have one??? drav maybe SOMEONE MAKE ME ONE PLS

STAR SIGN: aquarius

HEIGHT: 167cm (5′5)



FAVORITE ARTISTS: b.a.p, nct, monsta x, toppdogg, exo

SONG STUCK IN YOUR HEAD: limitless - nct

LAST MOVIE WATCHED: kung fu panda 3 (dont judge me)


WHAT ARE YOU WEARING RIGHT NOW: a grey shirt and grey sweatpants

CREATE THIS BLOG: march 2012

WHAT KIND OF STUFF DO YOU POST: kpop + aesthetics mostly. sometimes tv shows + movies??


DO YOU GET ASKS REGULARLY: no, no one likes me

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR USERNAME: bc i love yongguk a lot

GENDER: non-binary whats up

HOGWARTS HOUSE: slytherin (i was gryffindor before they remade the test)

POKEMON TEAM: i didnt play it rip

FAVORITE COLOR: purple and silver

HOURS OF SLEEP: it varies tbh

LUCKY NUMBER: i dont have one????


FAVORITE CHARACTERS: ill go w tv characters bc i have too many book ones so: stiles stilinski, isaac lahey (when will he return from war), daenerys targaryen, arya stark, sansa stark (i rly love game of thrones lmao)

DREAM JOB: theatre technician or a musician bc i love singing


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name: saga but goes by the name liv
nickname: ahh none
gender: female
star sign: virgo/libra
birthday: september 23
relationship status: single :(
pets: no
height: 5′6
favorite color(s): black all day
average amount of sleep: 4-5 maybe
lucky number(s): 2
last thing i googled: ben johnson (LOLOLOL ACTUAL LOML)
number of blankets i sleep with: 1
met a celebrity: yeesss
favorite fictional character: rebecca sutter
favorite book: i have way to many 
favorite band/artist(s): the offspring is my all time fav but nirvana, all time low, blink-182, halsey, green day, NIN, mcr, fountains of Wayne, ac/dc, and so so so so much more
song stuck in my head right now: woke the fuck up by jon bellion
last movie i watched: grease lmao
last tv show i watched: htgwm
last song i listened to: self esteem by the offspring
dream trip: i would actually love to visit germany
dream job: writer
what i’m wearing right now: a grey polo thingy with black jeans
time right now: 21:35
what do you post about: tc!! (true crime)
any other blogs: nope
when did your blog peak: back in october i think
why did you choose your url: well lmao since e & d went by the names reb and vodka i thought it would be a good idea to make that my url or something
lemonade or iced tea: iced tea
cats or dogs: cats
coke or pepsi: coke
day or night: night
call or text: text
makeup or natural: makeup just because i really can’t go without it
light or dark hair: both
shorter or taller: idk
intelligence or attraction: ahhh that’s quite hard
city or country: prop city
i tag: @vodkasgirl and @fuckkingklebold (just picked randomly)

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Relationship status: once i went on a date with a guy but it turns out it wasn’t a date and he just needed a ride somewhere and also he had a boyfriend at the time so that’s how my love life is going

Lipstick or chapstick?: i use both pretty much exactly the same amount???? probably lipstick? aaaaaaaaa

Last song I listened to: This Had Better Come To A Stop from falsettos because im in mourning

Last movie I watched: i went and saw Moana on christmas? I think that was the most recent movie i watched…… 

Top 3 shows: Parks and Rec, b99, and Skam (surprise surprise)

Top 3 characters: fuck. Moritz, Quasimodo, Sana Bakkoush ????? maybe???? this was too broad a category

Top 3 ships: evak, eva x vilde, Amalia and Georg

I have no idea who has been tagged and I’m v stressed about tagging people but hey @claryvoyantfray and @totally-heaven-touch i don’t think i’ve seen you guys tagged yet and im love you

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Relationship Status: Single for now and forever

Favorite Color: I love navy blue, baby blue  and light purples.

Last Song I Listened To: Again sung by ARAKI (I’m really freaking excited for the upcoming Re:Incarnation AMV by v0idless)

Favorite TV Show: Doctor Who, if I have to choose. The 9th and 10th Doctors ONLY (I’ve fallen out of watching it because I feel ever since 11 came on, the show has gone downhill.)

First Fandom: Gosh, um….I mean probably Inuyasha? It’s the first show I saved screencaps for and actually looked up fanart haha. But I wasn’t on tumblr at the time so I don’t know if that counts.

Books I’m Reading: At time moment I’m hopping between Rouge (of the Talon Saga, it’s pretty good) and rereading Lord of the Rings for the umpteenth time

Sooo for tagging, maybe I’ll actually do a few this time, if you guys want to. @oh-dear-gracious @throughtheriver23 @inuyasha9lover @benderofink @luciblook and anyone else who wants to!

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D s2ep22 screencaps sort of.

cal goes crazy. Mr hyde kinda crazy. 

clone club

jail house rock ft. Skye

clone club vs Mac

sick ass gloves

weaver is better than we thought and jiaying isnt

terragen crystals

dad!phil returns with a vengeance 



this shit

Lincoln vs Mac


mean girls

Dad!phil to the rescue

an actual line from the show and i loved it

i think i’ve already cried six times at this point but fuck it lets cry some more

phils hand vs Mac 

keeping up with the johnsons 

and maybe the 70th time i cried this episode

may who i havent mentioned yet for some reason 


ward you dick

ohno not again ive lost all my tears no

And that’s what you missed on shield. (ish).