maybe it was a bit far fetched

About Marco’s death in the next episode

So I’ve gotten quite a few asks concerning this topic and decided to put my thoughts down here.

In short, this looks like Bert reacting to Reiner reacting to Marco reactionception. We see the walls of Trost in the background, even the weather fits, this basically confirms that the rather tragic flashback plays next Saturday.

I have mixed feelings about the decision. On one hand, Marco’s demise serves as a parallel to Bert’s fate a few chapters later, and also helps kickstart his more determined persona we can see during the Shiganshina arc. Since his death, despite its presentation, remains an important even in the story, giving him this flashback to contextualize it all a bit more worked really well in 77. So I am slightly worried about what’ll happen once we get Shiganshina animated…but that’s a question for 2000 years from now.

There are many aspect of this I enjoy a lot though. First of all, it brings Reiner’s mental issues full circle right away. Ch 46 does a great job at introducing his split personality issue to the viewers, so seeing its origin gives the whole thing more weight, and adds to the humanization of “humanities enemy”. Furhtermore, I was personally quote bugged by the reminder of the existence of Reiner’s issues in 77, I felt that there was a possibility they might return in some shape or form, and that Isa reminded us of them on purpose (in retrospective maybe dumb, but Reiner’s brain was literally blown to bits at one point…is it too far fetched to make a connection between those events?). So not having that reminder in Shiganshina works wonders for me.

Another thing is that we actually get to see RBA in action once. Though its implied numerous times at that point in the story, 77 is the only time we actually get to see them acting towards their goal, and not overly professional at that. It’s great because A) all three of them are once more humanized, a major theme of the clash arc anyway, and B) gives more context to Bert’s crush on Annie, which becomes an actual plot point in ch 49. Since we actually see them all doing shit together, it feels more organic in my opinion. 

Additionally, both Annie and Marco have appeared in flashbacks this season—gotta pour in the salt while the wounds are still open. The clash arc already is overflowing with tragedy, lets throw in the horrible demise of the fan fav character in there too. Thanks Attack on Titan.

And for what its worth, this isn’t really a disrespect from the anime team concerning the placement of the scene in ch 77. In fact, the anime team went to Isayama requesting storyboards for Marco’s death, bc they were planning on including it there, yet Isayama hadn’t even though about introducing it to the story yet. Only after creating the scene for the anime team did he decide to introduce it in the manga, and it happened to fit in really well. (x)

 Funny thing I realized earlier: remember the titan that ate Marco’s half? He had an eerie resemblance with series director Tetsurou Araki, didn’t he?

It’s because Araki was the one to ask for the scene. Araki was the one who initiated the creation of the death of Marco. Araki was the one to kill Marco.



Jonathan and I both have Morgenstern blood in our veins. I had this flash of a rune when I was thinking about the three of us. Maybe I can use our shared connection to figure out where Jonathan is. Which, I realize looking back, is a bit far-fetched. But hey. 

buds-of-marjoram said: Aren’t the 6 frames with Vincent and Dee (in the greenhouse/garden?) of our Ciel and not the twin? I mean he looks much shier and quieter than usual.             

Mmm, it’s indeed a little bit hard to tell, since the child doesn’t speak a word in that scene, but I personally think he’s RC because unlike our Ciel who was scared of Diederich and was clinging to the curtain (or whatever cloth it was), that boy on Vincent’s lap doesn’t show any fear nor shyness imo and is able to look straight into Dee’s eyes! 

We know that RC wasn’t just a hyper-active mischievious child but also had his mysterious (?) moments like in the “I don’t need fake brothers” panel in the bonus chapter, so I don’t think it’s far-fetched to think this boy is real Ciel, even though, you’re right, he seems a bit quieter than usual :)

Anyway, I counted those 6 panels as RC, but yeah we don’t know for sure, so maybe it’s indeed OC! Hope Yana will clarify this some day~ :D    

Wrong Place Wrong Time- The Aftermath (10)

Part 10 of an ongoing sequel, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)

Summary: The Sequel to Wrong Place Wrong Time: Life after the death of Red.
Main Characters include: Reader and EXO.

Click for WPWT(1)  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16  Part 17  Part 18  Part 19

Word Count: 3,506 (ish)

You were all sat around the table in the board. You were looking anxiously at Junmyeon he seemed extremely displeased and you were yet to find out why you were all gathered around the beautiful marble table.

“So it’s obvious someone around this table is working alongside Luhan. I’m giving you this chance to come clean so that we can deal with it lightly. I’m feeling generous.” Junmyeon looked around the room, but everyone continued to stare back with blank faces. No one answered. Your mouth was growing dry. The situation was becoming extremely tense. You held Minseok’s hand under the table and squeezed it lightly. He turned to look at you and gave you a light reassuring smile.

“So nobody wants to speak up?” Junmyeon scoffed, running a hand through his hair. It was all becoming so frustrating and you had no idea who you could trust in this house.

Yixing sighed rolling his eyes.

“Come on, it’s obviously Jongin.” He pointed in Jongin’s direction who was sitting opposite him on the table.

“And why would it be me?” Jongin frowned. “You’re just saying that because you’re not particularly fond of me, besides, I haven’t a motive.”

“Of course you’ve got a motive.” Yixing spat, shifting forward in his seat, his expression had turned cold. “I mean number one you were the Tell-Tale weren’t you, so what stops you from pulling this type of shit again? And if that’s not enough of a motive for you, you clearly worked with Luhan who’s to say you didn’t know he was the bad guy right from the start, you never miss a shot yet Luhan is still alive? Purposeful if you ask me. How can we trust you?” Yixing smiled cockily at Jongin, sitting backwards in his seat again. You looked about the table and one or two faces did look convinced.

“Well consider this Little Miss Princess Zhang, the individual working for Luhan would obviously be looking to kill Y/N no? Now why would I do that, huh? I mean I wanted to be intimate with her once upon a time didn’t I?”
You heard Minseok grunt from beside you as he squeezed your hand tighter, as if marking his possession.

Yixing shrugged, still smiling. “I don’t know… Still salty that you were rejected and she ended up marrying the one who tried killing her multiple times maybe?”
Jongin let out a low growl. It didn’t sound human and it was unlike anything you had heard before, it made you shiver slightly as his face turned dark. He rose from his seat and looked Yixing square in the face.

“Listen you asshole, if I wanted to graft that hard for the girl, I would’ve gotten the fucking girl. I don’t see you married with her either? There are plenty more, and better might I add, fish in the sea. So let me tell you now that I’ve got my priorities straight.” He hissed, saliva spraying lightly over the marble.

Minseok stood up, his eyes were thin slits, it was never a good thing when Minseok looked like his, you tried grabbing his hand and pulling him back down, but you failed at your attempt.

“Don’t you dare talk about Y/N like she’s some cheap piece of trash. You couldn’t get better even if you tried you bastard!” He reached over, pushing Jongin’s shoulder.

“Oi! oi! Calm it now!” Junmyeon shouted raising his arm, signalling for them to sit down. Admittedly it wasn’t looking too good for Jongin at this point in time. Minseok reluctantly dropped himself on the seat next to you, pecking you on the lips just to make sure that he had made his point, earning another grunt from Jongin but not a guttural as the previous.

“Well I honestly think its Tao…” Sehun mumbled from under his breath. You raised your eyebrow; you had forgotten that Sehun existed for the past day, so you were a little bit shocked to hear him speak. You looked over at Tao who was not very pleased at Sehun’s suggestion.
“I mean I’m sorry, but he just appears back here all of a sudden how are we supposed to trust him? I mean if that’s not motive enough then I don’t know what is.” Sehun looked at Tao and shrugged his shoulders unapologetically.

“Like I said before, it is not me! The only reason I came back is because Y/N got herself into trouble, if I hadn’t saved her Red would’ve killed her. I couldn’t go back because he knew I was double crossing him by that point.”

“Well why don’t you go back now?” Sehun asked bluntly, looking ahead at Tao, no emotion in his eyes whatsoever.

“What would that do? Luhan knows I’m on your side!” Tao banged his fists on the cold black marble, creases forming on his forehead. “It’s not me! Don’t you think I would’ve made a move ages ago if it was?!” You stared at Tao; you didn’t know whether or not you could trust him. But then having said that he did save you and if he did want you dead then he could’ve just let Red kill you. Why would he make it harder on himself by freeing you and doing the job himself after? You couldn’t breathe this was becoming too much, you felt nauseous and uneasy, as though you were about to be sick.

“Hmm funny. I think its Baek.” Jongdae shot Baekhyun a dirty side glance from across the table. “He’s just been too nice and calm even after all of the drama had unfolded, besides he’s the son of Red. I think that’s a motive right there. Yeah he claims his sister is dead, but can we actually confirm that?” Jongdae drummed his fingers lightly against the arm of his glass chair, staring intently at Baekhyun.

Hmm funny.” Baekhyun mocked Jongdae’s voice. “Because I think it’s you Dae. I mean you’re so uninvolved in the grand scheme of things. Isn’t it just all too convenient? Besides, I’ve been trying to ignore it, but since we’re letting it all out…I still find it really funny how you were the only one in the living room with Minseok and Y/N that night, whom knew they were going back home and the BAM! All of a sudden Minseok is kidnapped. I wonder how Luhan knew they would be returning home? Hmm?” Baekhyun smiled sadistically at Jongdae “If that’s not telling Jongdae babe,” he said mockingly “then I don’t know what is…”

Minseok frowned moving uncomfortably in his seat, looking between you and Jongdae.

“It is you isn’t it? You’re trying to kill Y/N, because she threatened to kill you once. If it’s you Jongdae…” You earned a few amused glances from around the room, the news that you had once threatened to kill Jongdae clearly impressing them.

“It’s not me Minseok, don’t be stupid!” Jongdae whined. But the argument that Baekhyun brought to the table was extremely plausible and you couldn’t help but think it was the truth.

“Yeah well I’m sorry but if you guys think it’s me because of rejection then that means that Yixing is just as guilty as I am. Besides he took the rejection much worse than I did. So yeah maybe he genuinely wants Y/N dead.” Jongin pouted. “He’s a psycho and we’ll all know it!” You looked over at Yixing who was shaking his head and doing his best to disregard the motive that Jongin had graced him with. You had to admit it did seem a bit far-fetched but it wasn’t impossible. After the way Yixing had slammed you against the table that night you really couldn’t put anything past him. Maybe he was willing to kill you if he couldn’t have you, after all didn’t he try drowning himself in the bath tub the night of Kyungsoo’s incident? You were beginning to feel increasingly queasy; you began taking slow deep breaths to stop yourself from vomiting this whole situation was becoming toxic.

“Yeah, well I think Chanyeol has a pretty good motive too” Tao spoke up again, looking at Chanyeol from where he was sat. You shook your head violently; you refused to listen to any of this rubbish.

“No it’s not Chanyeol, It can’t be him!” You protested sticking up for your best friend.

“Shh Y/N let’s here Tao out.” Junmyeon put his hand up to silence you and you began to feel small, your stomach was forming knots, why did you feel so anxious. You felt as though Tao explanation would be plausible.

“Well.” Tao continued “Actually I think Chanyeol has the biggest motive and is the most likely out of all of us to be the traitor. I mean look at the facts. Chanyeol is the only one out of all of us men that had to join Genesis without knowing what he was getting into. Everyone joined for the cause, but Chanyeol didn’t. He didn’t join for justice, none of his family had died at this point, he joined to keep his dad safe since unfortunately Genesis just happened to randomly hire him unbeknownst to him, he was working in a war zone. But then what happens halfway through? Chanyeol’s dad actually dies in the Hilton fire. And it is all Genesis’ fault, if they didn’t hire his father he would still be alive. All the reason to kill Junmyeon and his family right? And if that’s not enough motive, I remember Jongin telling me that you had all refused to let him go back in the building and save his father, especially Minseok who actually striked him down with a knife, meaning he couldn’t run back to the burning building to save his dad. If only Minseok didn’t do that, I know he believes that he may still have had a chance to get his father out alive. Minseok hurt him and took away someone he loves so all the more reason for him to kill Y/N, so he can hurt Minseok and take away someone that Minseok loves too. And if Junmyeon had let Y/N go from the beginning it would never have gotten this far and the love of his life would never have married another man, she would only have had eyes for him. More motive to kill Junmyeon.”

Your eyes widened, along with Minseok’s. No. No it couldn’t be. Tao had to be wrong; his story had to sound perfect by accident.

“Why would he kill Y/N it’s his best friend?” Sehun frowned looking at Tao.

“Well yeah but Jongin told me that he also confessed his feelings to her too, imagine how let down he would have felt when the woman he’d been in love with for ten years rejected him for a man who she’d only known ten seconds. Betrayed? I think so. So this sparked this burning anger inside of him, fierce enough to want to kill her. If he can’t have her then Minseok sure as heck can’t.”

“I’ve moved on from those feelings. I’m seeing someone” Chanyeol shook his head looking at you and Minseok and then looking at Tao.

Tao scoffed sarcastically, smirking at Chanyeol.

“Stop kidding yourself Chan, we all know you can’t get over ten years of feelings in one year. It’s not possible, admit it. Seeing someone is a great way to mask the feelings you still have deep down, no?”

You felt a wave of uncertainty take over your body, you were panicked and you weren’t sure if you were doing a good job at hiding it. You looked up at Chanyeol who was now purposely avoiding your gaze, why was he doing that?

“I don’t feel well” You whispered to Minseok, your voice shaking as you spoke.

“Just try breathing babe, this is important we can’t afford to miss it. Maybe we can catch the individual out.” He mumbled, staring directly at Chanyeol. Tao’s plea made complete sense and you were becoming increasingly worried, it couldn’t be Chanyeol…could it? Tao shifted backwards smugly into his seat staring at Chanyeol who was staring down at his red sweaty palms.

“Okay that sounds like a very solid motive, but I still feel as though Minseok and Sehun could be in on it to.” Kyungsoo said, looking blankly at Minseok and then Sehun.

“Kyungsoo!” You cried. Why was he turning it on your husband, after everything you’d helped him with and the friendship you had slowly began to build, why was he attacking you in this way.

“What? I’m just saying. It doesn’t mean it is them; we’re just bringing out plausible motives are we not. Don’t shoot the messenger.” He leaned back in his chair rolling his eyes. “Listen we all know that they were closest to Luhan, who says they’re not all working together? Luhan could have asked them to join him. Those three were inseparable why wouldn’t they agree to join him?”

Your breath slowed for a second or two. No. You pinched your thigh under the table, why would it be your husband. Of course it wouldn’t be him. He wasn’t stupid. You shook your head.

“It’s not Minseok.”          

Kyungsoo shrugged his shoulders at you and crossed his arms over his chest. He didn’t seem as though he was willing to take the argument further, but the way he was looking at Minseok was telling you that he still stood by what he said. Tensions were high in this room, the air around you was thick and you were scared to utter a word. You had never been in the midst of so much doubt up until this point in your life.

“Well I’m sorry but two can play at the blame game.” Sehun spat, pushing the silence away with his harsh tone. “I’m sorry but how the fuck do we know that the girl you were talking to doesn’t work with Luhan too. How do we not know that you had practiced emergency drills; that if you called her outside of unscheduled hours that she was to pose as though she was your girlfriend because something was up. How do we not know a ‘date’ is code for something we don’t know about? We have no proof that she is who you say she is Kyungsoo. So dig your way out of that one.  Ever since you’ve been paralysed you’ve been bitter towards us all, maybe you’re wracked with jealousy and anger huh Kyungsoo? I mean if you can’t live a comfortable life why should we when we deserve no better than you? Why is Baekhyun still alive when you took his bullet? You’re a silent one Kyungsoo, only God knows what goes in that head of yours half of the time!” Sehun banged his fist on the marble table as he closed his statement. Kyungsoo was looking at him fiercely now his eyes dark. What he said next shocking you.

“No, none of you deserve to live better off than me. Only Y/N and Yuna do. But they’re fools for getting themselves into this. Why marry men like us when you could’ve runaway with the freedom you were granted.” His voice was laced with venom, making you gasp at how sinister he looked in the moment. “However. Am I salty enough to want you all dead? No. I don’t think so.” He grunted and looked blankly at Sehun again. You were shaking slightly not knowing what to do with your thoughts an emotions.

“Well…What about…I don’t know…Junmyeon.” Chanyeol mumbled from the side, raising his head hesitantly. You all gasped at this statement. Junmyeon’s eyes shot wide open. How could Chanyeol accuse the ring leader, the man who tried to keep everyone safe?

“Me?…” Junmyeon whispered.

“I mean yes….I’m not saying it is you Myeon, but you wanted to kill us once upon a time, who’s to say you still haven’t lived that moment down? But if you are covert under Luhan’s instructions then it doesn’t look like it’s your doing, it easier for you to get to us without being suspected.”
There were a few low grunts around the room but you didn’t know whether or not they were grunts of a approval or disproval. Until Yuna began to speak up.

“No! Don’t you dare pin this in Junmyeon. Just because your motive is highly plausible and now you’re trying to stick it on my husband, I don’t think so! Besides he’s moved on from that dark place. He has no desire to do that anymore. Don’t you see how hard he’s been working for you all these days of course it’s not Junmyeon!” She grabbed his hand and stroked it. This was the first time you had seen Yuna blow up and step outside of her quiet little box. It made you feel inadequate, she fought so hard to back up her husband, yet all you could do was shake your head for yours. Why were you so pathetic?

“With all due respect, shut the fuck up!” Jongdae hissed in her direction. “You weren’t even there when he tried blowing us all up you don’t even know what happened. You only just came into his life, so you haven’t a clue. This brings me to my next question Yuna. Where did you come from and who the heck are you?! All of a sudden some random woman comes and marries Junmyeon, you knew what you were getting into, this whole underground business yet you still proceeded with the wedding, any normal woman would’ve run a mile.”

There was silence around the room, as if everyone was just considering now that what Jongdae was saying, it was true she did just appear from nowhere.

“What the fuck do you want me to say?! I fell in love with him. Excuse me for not knowing there were terms and conditions for falling in love with someone. I couldn’t help my feelings towards Junmyeon; do you think I would have stayed otherwise? If you want to join us for one night of serious passion then maybe I could show you how much he really means to me. So be my frickin’ guest! Besides Y/N didn’t run from marrying Minseok and it was her chance to run, so why is my love any less valid and meaningful than hers!” She shouted from across her side of the table tears streaming down her cheeks. She was correct. If anyone was stupid for marrying one of these men it was you. Maybe she married Junmyeon thinking she could handle it. You on the other hand had already experienced it so why you came back to a warzone was completely beyond you, but love does strange things to the mind and logical reasoning.

“Sweetheart its okay calm down.” Junmyeon cooed, wiping her tears with the pad of his thumb whilst also shooting Jongdae with a bitter glare. “Besides it can’t be her. I knew that she could’ve been anyone at all, so I had background checks run on her in HQ myself and she checks out. She’s completely clean.”
Yuna’s opened wide as she turned to look at her husband, her eyes red.

“Junmyeon…You did that? You had me checked?” She sounded breathless and shocked.

“Babe, you need to understand why I did it.”

“I just thought you trusted me enough. You didn’t even run the idea through me Junmyeon; you did it behind my back. I would never have refused you…”

“Yuna, sweetheart. I had to be sure you were who you said you were.” He reached for her hand, but she grabbed it away. She stood up from her chair and jogged out of the room, her perfume wafting past you as she went.
“Yuna!” Junmyeon called, an expression of worry painted across his face.

“Leave her. Let her breathe.”Minseok nodded at him, leaning back in his seat. The room went silent again before Jongin began to speak up.

“What if it’s you?” He pointed directly at you.

“Me?” You gasped. “That doesn’t even make sense.” You felt Minseok’s body tense beside you, his breathing turning into silent growls.

“Of course it does.” Jongin continued. “We practically ruined your life Y/N we kept you here and didn’t let you go home. You’ve seen and done some evil things. Maybe you hate us and you can’t take it anymore so you want us all dead. You’re a good person, there’s no way you’d be able to take all of us out single-handed you’d be too scared and feel too guilty so you requested Luhan’s help. Maybe him trying to kill you is your alibi, it makes you look innocent in all of this but it’s all a hoax to mislead us.” At this point everyone was blinking at you, it was a good theory you had to admit.
“Unless you have a better explanation.”

You took a deep breath.

“Well yes I believe we’re missing someone out.”

The men stared around the table, not too sure what you were on about.


anonymous asked:

So the Meatly said there's gonna be more weapons to use in chapter 3! :O what do you think will be available upon release? Do you think they'll have differing impacts on the chapter's events?

I’m not entirely sure yet!  I can’t imagine the development team is gonna use the ink/acetone options like the fandom’s been toying with, since that might make it a little too similar to Epic Mickey.  And as far as real weapons go, it’s even harder to judge – a gun might be a bit far-fetched, but maybe a bat or something else that Henry can wield similarly to his axe?

At the very least, he’s gonna need a bigger axe.

At Swords Points

Part I

In which Riskua travelled with Mihawk instead of going to Dawn Island

(Because I really enjoyed @nordictwin​‘s AU where Riskua stayed on Melring, so I wrote my own with one of the other alternatives that could have happened, which was Mihawk taking her, *ahem*, underwing.

When Dracule Mihawk saunters into the latest Shichibukai meeting, he comes in with a red-haired, tan-skinned miniature trotting diligently along after him. A female miniature.

Even Doflamingo goggles for a moment, losing all interest in his game with the marines.

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When The Last Petal Falls.

Originally posted by bangtanroyalty

Requested – No.

Prompt – Soulmate AU.

Warning – Sort of angst, a hint of fluff.

Words – 1.6k.


“Has it ever occurred to you how important it is to find your soulmate now, (Y/N)?” Your mom lectures as you roll your eyes continuing to play with your food that was right in front of you.

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so i could be completely wrong but i just noticed this and thought maybe??

yellow, pink, and blue diamonds have one glowing diamond somewhere on their body representing their gem.

white has a glowing diamond on her forehead but she also has a glowing circle in her core..

i know this seems a bit far fetched but could white diamond be a fusion..

Growing Love -7- Suga

Originally posted by jiminiminii

Growing Love -Suga-

A/N; Just a heads up, the next update will be over two weeks, as I will be away for at least ten days and I don’t know how the WiFi will be so I’m not sure if I can update next week. I hope you will like this one! 💜 

Parts: Masterlist |01| |02| 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 |

Pairing: Suga x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Romance,

Word count; 2.763

Synopsis: Marrying someone you didn’t know was something you never thought you’d do but as you didn’t want to defy your parents you decided to do it and when you met Min Yoongi you felt you made the right decision as you both agreed that love needed to grow.

You did what he asked because the way he looked right now, well it was better not to mess with him, because he looked pissed off, like really pissed off. “How did you find me?”

“That wasn’t easy, I can tell you that.” he sneered at you and if you could hide into a hole you would do it. He grabbed your arm and made you sit down on the bed. He was pacing the room and sometimes he glanced over to you but never did he changed his expression. “I told you to go to your parents.” he suddenly said and it took you a few seconds to figure out what he meant, as you had been dozing off.

“I didn’t want to go there.”

“So you came here and stayed with a guy for at least a few days. You thought that was better?”

“He is my best friend, so yeah I thought that was better.”

“Didn’t you think I would be worried?”

“Not really as you literally kicked me out of the house as soon as you saw your precious ex.” you were getting angry yourself. It was his own fault that you came here. If he thought you would let him hurt you by commanding you around than he was in for it.

“I didn’t kick you out!”

“You told me to leave, that’s the same thing!”

“No, it’s not, I just didn’t want you near her.”

“That’s just ridiculous, what’s so dangerous about her that you had to kick me out.”

“I just don’t want her near you.”

“Fine but still you shouldn’t have kicked me out.”

“I can see that now.” He was still angry but you weren’t afraid right now, you were actually still angry about it. This time you were not giving him an inch, first he had to explain why he didn’t want me near her. “I will explain but not here, we should go back home.”

“Is that my home or is it your girlfriend’s house?” if looks could kill then you would be dead by now. “Just get your things.” you didn’t move quick enough so he grabbed your bag and started to put in your stuff. You were somehow surprised that he knew what was yours but he was really throwing it in. “Stop, I will do it myself.” you pulled the bag out of his hands and started over by putting everything neatly, you hated a mess when it came down to clothes. “Just hurry up, I don’t want to be here when your friend returns.”

“Why not?”

“I don’t like it that he took you in. It’s nice but still, you’re married.”

“Are we married? Because she said you were pretending and well you didn’t deny it.”

“Just hurry up.” he walked out of the room, giving you, your time. You didn’t test him though as you quickly packed your stuff. You left a note for Minseok explaining what happened and thanking him for his help. You closed the door and Yoongi immediately pulled you with him and pushed you gently in the car, at least he tried to be gentle, that’s what you told yourself. The ride back home was awkward and now it became clear that even though you had exchanged a lot of things with each other, there were still things you didn’t know about each other. This was the first time you had seen him so angry and it was also the first time you wanted to hit him. Not that you were a violent person but it was the only way you knew how to express yourself without bursting out in tears in the end. When you pulled up to the house you were surprised to see that he called in security.

“Why do we have security?”

“I don’t want that to happen again and this is the only way she will stay away.”

“Whatever.” you really didn’t want to listen when he talked about her, he knew this so he didn’t press it again, at least not until you were inside the house. He didn’t help you get out of the car, which he normally did and it was just weird, he didn’t even wait for you, he did grab your bag, so that was a good thing, right? You followed him in and was shocked to see what a mess it was. You hadn’t been away that long but there were things broken and was that blood?!

“My god, what happened here? Did you kill someone?” you couldn’t help but think the weirdest things, you had a vivid imagination and it was running wild by now, he must’ve realized this as well as he chuckled. This made you look up because this really wasn’t funny. “Of course I didn’t kill anyone if someone got hurt it was me.”

“What?! Are you hurt?” you forgot about your anger for a few seconds as you hurried towards him and started to check out his body. “I’m fine, I just didn’t have time to clean it all up.” When you realized what you were doing, you quickly stopped and stepped back. “Well good, next time please clean it all up.” he knew your anger was subsiding and he even smiled at you, which annoyed the hell out of you because you didn’t want him to win this battle not until he explained why you had to leave.
“Do you want something to drink?” Yoongi was definitely avoiding the main goal here but you were not having it. “No, I want an explanation.” he sighed and nodded whilst gesturing to the couch. You quickly took a seat and waited for him to explain, you know you were acting a bit paranoid about this but in your eyes, you were acting like you were supposed to.

“Right well I didn’t lie to you, everything I told you about her was the truth, the thing I maybe hadn’t told you about is that she is really obsessed and she even stalked me. Now I do realize that I should’ve warned you but when she appeared, I just was shocked and didn’t know what to do, I just needed you gone before she would lash out.” you wanted to believe him but you were skeptical. You didn’t know the girl and she looked fairly normal so this all sounded a bit far-fetched, Yoongi saw the doubt on your face and he sighed as he left the room, only to return with a file, which he handed over to you.

“Just read it, it will explain everything.” you looked at him before opening the file and he looked desperate for you to believe him. When you opened it, you recognized it immediately, it was a file from the hospital, the mental ward to be precise. You looked up again in shock because how in world did he get involved with her. You read through it and it was clear that he had an obsessive personality and she was taking anger management. “How did you meet her?”

“I know it seems crazy right but when I met her she looked like a normal sweet girl, it was later on that I noticed that she reacted weirdly on certain things. She got angry at fans for wanting my attention and she even got into a fight with a fan, that’s when I got in trouble especially when she told everyone that she was pregnant with my baby, which was just a cry for attention but at that point it was already too late and I had to break up with her.”

“Only after she did that? Not when she fought with your fans?”

“Despite her behavior, I did really love her and it wasn’t an easy decision to break up with her but for my safety and the safety of my fans, it was better. The thing that made it into a scandal is that she tried to kill herself when I broke up with her and as she told everyone she was carrying my child, well that made it worse.”

“Wow, but how are you feeling now towards her?”

“Apologetic, pity. Look I’m not in love with her anymore, if that’s what you’re worried about and I’m happy right now but when I saw her it just took me back for a few seconds. When I realized what I had done to you and how hurt you must’ve felt, I immediately went looking for you, only you were nowhere to be found.”

“I will never go to my parents when I’m told to leave. I don’t see that house as my home so I went to my best friend instead and I was too upset to listen to you at that moment. I felt betrayed and hurt and thought you had just been using me, so that’s why I shut off my phone.”

“I figured, you were not kidding when you told me you were a runner.”

“I don’t joke about stuff like that.”

“I know this now but you have no idea how worried I was, you should’ve let me know where you were.”

“Would you have left me alone if I did?”

“No, probably not but at least you could tell me to piss off and I would know you were okay.”

“I guess you have a point.” he finally stopped pacing and walked towards you, this time you didn’t move away and as he kneeled down, he grabbed your hands and kissed them both. “I’m really sorry for hurting you, I guess I’m just not fully used to being married.”

“I understand but next time just tells me everything because I really can’t deal with too much drama and especially when I’m the one who’s getting hurt by it. I accepted to marry you because you seemed to be stable and without much drama but after that encounter, I just don’t really know who you are.”

“You do know me, I just didn’t tell you everything yet.”

“Okay.” you didn’t sound happy and he knew it. “I’m really sorry about this all.”

“It’s fine.” you got up and walked to the bedroom. You just needed some sleep. You weren’t going to run away this time but you also didn’t feel like spending time with him right now. You didn’t even change your clothes and just stepped into bed and closed your eyes. Yoongi didn’t follow you right away but joined you a few hours later, you know he didn’t leave the house but had been working on a new song, at least the last time you spoke to him. He didn’t touch you which you were grateful for but it also made you sad because even though you were hurt, you still got used to his body heat but there was nothing you could do about it.  The next morning you woke up to an empty bed but you were surprised that you had different clothes on. Yoongi must’ve changed the clothes for you, out of fear you wouldn’t sleep well in your normal clothes. You walked towards the living room but there was no sign of Yoongi, he didn’t even make you breakfast, you sat down at the kitchen bar and put your head in your hand, thinking about how this honeymoon ended. You were just married and everything already went down the hill. You decided on doing absolutely nothing and just binge watch some show and as you were installed on the couch you tried to find the most dramatic movie that you could find on but you ended up watching a Disney movie. You didn’t hear the door and you didn’t even notice Yoongi walking in and stopping to watch you cry over Mufasa dying.

“Are you okay?” you turned your head so fast that you could hear it crack. “I’m fine, it’s just Mufasa is dying and it’s just so sad.” you were still crying and he couldn’t hide the smile on his face as he put away the stuff he was holding. He quickly pulled off his coat and joined you on the couch. “It’s that sad?”

“It is, how could his own brother do that to him.” you know you were going overboard with this but the Lion King always made you cry but normally there were no witnesses. He hugged you and you buried your face into his chest, your anger had disappeared for now and you just enjoyed the warmth he was giving you and you realized that even though you were gone for just a few days you had really missed him. His warmth and scent already felt like home and you really should work on your tendency to run away when things got hard. He didn’t deserve it even though he also kind of did after throwing you out but at least he did it for your own safety.

“Are you okay now?” you nodded and as he lifted your face gently he swiped away the tears that were sticking to your face and without any hesitation, you pressed your lips against his in the hope he wouldn’t reject you and to your surprise, he didn’t and he even kissed you back. You didn’t go further than just kissing and he understood as he kept his hands on your face and in your hair. When he pulled back he smiled at you “Am I forgiven?”

“You are but let’s not hide things from each other again, okay?”

“I promise.”

“So where is she now?”

“She went back home after I told her to leave.”

“It was that easy?”

“No, not really, I brought her home myself and told her again to stay away from me and that if she ever bothers us again, we will call the police.”

“Okay and that’s all you did?”

“I hired security.”

“Yes you did.” you smiled at him but you had a feeling this would go wrong at some point but for now you pushed it away. “Please don’t worry about it.” he caressed your cheek and you couldn’t help but enjoy his touch.

“So is there something you want to do?”

“Not really, can’t we just hang around the house? Or can you teach me how to play the piano?” you sat up and looked at him with pleading eyes and as he chuckled and stood up, he held out his hand for you, which you grabbed and together you walked into his studio. “Can you read notes?”

“I can.”


“Yeah I can play the violin.” you smiled shyly, you weren’t the best player but you could pay. You sat down behind his piano. It wasn’t a big one but a charming old one and as he sat down next to you, he opened a notebook and placed it on the holder, he explained which key belonged to which note, this was something he had to explain a few times and as he played the song first you tried to copy him, which you succeeded in, at least you thought you did pretty well but when you looked at Yoongi, he sat there horrified and you couldn’t help but laugh at him. “Yah, did you really think it was going to be that easy?” you punched him softly on his arm, which made him push you a bit.

“Let’s try again.” he showed it again and this time you really paid attention and when he was done, you played it pretty well yourself and this time he looked at you with complete adoration. “What?”

“I love how you open your mouth slightly when you’re focussing.” you blushed because that was indeed a habit. “You don’t like it when I say that?”

“No I don’t mind, it’s just a habit.”
“Well I like this habit of yours.” you smiled and started again when Yoongi suddenly put his hands over yours. He turned your body slightly and when you looked him in the, you were immediately aware of his hand on your hip. He pulled you closer and as he kissed you, you couldn’t help but getting turned on because you had fantasized about doing something like this, you can’t blame a girl for dreaming right and as he deepened the kiss your hands went into his hair and as you pulled your fingers through his hair, he softly moaned. He pulled back and stared you deep in the eyes and as he came back he hovered in front of your lips, making your heart beat even faster. “Oppa?”

“I want you.”

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[NCT] Doppelganger?

Hello hello hello! It’s me, Froggi, back at it again with the requests I should have gotten to a million years ago. This is like the best thing I’ve written since I made my blog though so hopefully that’ll make up for me being late. 

Originally posted by y-ta

Genre: idk fluff i guess 
Word count: 1,000+ 
Feedback is always appreciated, thank u and goodnight 

Cozy, inviting, and seemingly set in past decades, there’s something indiscernible that draws you to the cafe that lies on the busiest street corner in Chicago. It’s a place you’ve visited countless times; the employees now know you by name and vice versa. On a particularly rainy day, you find yourself padding into the building, the warmth inside soothing your chilled skin. It’s rather empty, which is out of the ordinary given its reputation, but it’s not at all surprising to see the lack of patrons. It is only Tuesday, and with the downpour outside, it’s no wonder you can count the number of guests on one hand. The chime that sounds throughout the cafe alerts one of the waiters, and he bounds out from the kitchen to offer you a greeting. He’s tall, with chocolatey brown eyes and lips that curve up at the corners naturally, perpetuating an enticingly cat like expression. A few strands of soft dark hair fall into his eyes, and he lazily blows them aside with a harsh puff of air before throwing a welcoming smile in your direction.
“Hey, sexy,” says the waiter, poking fun at your perhaps overly casual attire. “Do you not have an umbrella? You’re soaked.”
You breathe out a sigh, climbing onto one of the large and rustic mahogany barstools that line the counter.
“No, I lent mine to a friend.” Is your response.

Johnny looks you up and down, pursing his lips in thought, before scurrying away. Out of sight, you can hear the whirring of machines and the clinking of glass and it’s not long before he returns, a drink in hand. It’s a tradition, so to speak, for you to leave your order up to Johnny every time you visit. He’s good at what he does, and he’s always thinking of new combinations of ingredients to put together just the right beverage to suit your mood. On days like this, your drinks are usually served hot, varying between overly sweet flavors with heaps of cream or something more simple, usually a hot tea with only a dash of sugar.

Today, you guess the drink is going to be on the sugary side, judging by the mountain of whipped cream and chocolate shavings that dust the top. When you take a sip, though, you’re pleasantly surprised. It’s sweet, but not overbearing and there’s a faint hint of citrus. Your eyes widen, and you throw an excited thumbs up to Johnny as you gulp it down, the liquid heating your throat and warming you down to your toes.
“It’s my newest concoction.” Johnny muses, bowing as if he’s in front of a relentlessly cheering audience.
“I’m impressed. I’d say this is your best work to date.” You say, “What’s in it?”
“That, my friend, is top secret information. I’m afraid I can’t tell you, though you know I hate to turn down a pretty face.”

You haul your bag into your lap, pull out your laptop and boot it up.
“That’s fine; I’ll just ask Nathan.” You counter, and Johnny’s eyes narrow.
“You wouldn’t dare.”
“Try me.” You taunt, taking another sip of the drink.

Johnny, one of your 3 roommates, works and makes a living as a waiter and residential pretty face. There’s a handful of people that attribute the cafe’s popularity to Johnny’s devilishly good looks, and you can’t say you blame them; the days Johnny works are usually the cafe’s busiest. Girls practically line up to see him, no matter where he goes. Of course, it’s an unspoken rule that absolutely no one, under any circumstance, is allowed to flirt with him, unless they enjoy being gently but brutally rejected.To most, it’s painfully obvious that he already has eyes for only one girl. ‘Most’ meaning everyone except for you, the girl in question. It’s routine for Johnny to constantly be flirtatiously throwing quips in your general direction, which you reflect back at him with ease. Everything about him, from the way he dresses to the way he acts, screams “ladies man”, so you suppose you’ve sort of embedded that idea into your brain, projecting his flirty behavior onto everyone he interacts with. “Just ask her out already.” Is a phrase that’s commonplace among Johnny and your two other roommates. Among the four of you, it seems that the only one out of the loop is you. Of course, Johnny isn’t one to push. While it kills him to be so close to you without actually being able to call you his, he’ll take what he can get. He’s a man who’s all about subtlety; he’d rather drop hints for decades before he finally grabs you by the shoulders and scream to the heavens that he wants to go out with you. Which, unfortunately for him, is something he probably needs to do. You don’t consider yourself ditzy and clueless by any means; in fact, you’re at the top of your class in the university’s art program, but that’s another story. Point being, you can’t exactly take a hint, no matter how obvious Johnny might make it. Presently, Johnny’s leaning against the bar, asking you, “What brings you here, by the way? The weather outside is total shits; I didn’t expect to see you walking through it.” You’re in the middle of gulping down more of your drink when he continues. “Don’t tell me it’s because you wanted to come see me? I’m flattered, Y/N, I really am.” You click your tongue.
“Wow, you’ve got me figured out,” you deadpan, “I actually just came to study, since it’s so loud back at the apartment.”
“You couldn’t study at the library?” He asks.
“Nope. Power went out, so the school’s got it closed off.” Is your response. Taking one last sip of your drink, you beckon him over, “Come help me.”
He shoots you a, “I’m going to get in trouble for slacking off.” though he doesn’t make any move to decline your request.
“No, you won’t. Everyone here loves you.” You say as he climbs into the seat beside you.

He scoots closer, brazenly leaning against you with his chin propped on your shoulder. You don’t question the action, but rather the sensation is sends shooting down your spine. It’s not uncommon for him to have his hands on you; often times he’d have you in his lap or an arm slung securely around your shoulder, and it was never considered more than a mindless action between friends. After all, that’s the dynamic your friendship is built on. So why, you ask yourself, does it send your heart into overdrive? Of course. It’s because you’ve got a hopeless crush on the boy. It’s an idea you’ve only nurtured a small number of times, afraid that the blossoming adoration you have for the waiter would cause you to do something stupid, like telling him how you feel, should you entertain the notion that yes, you do like Johnny.His eyes are trained on the brightness of your laptop, and he’s silent as you pull up a number of windows, ranging from PDF files to a random playlist you found on Youtube. Johnny does wonders in helping you study. Physics, your weakest and his strongest subject, is the monster that you try to tackle as you sit tucked away into your own little world inside the cafe. Occasionally, he’ll reach a hand up and point to something you might have missed in your equations, and he’ll murmur answers to your questions. It’s when a sudden change in your playlist has you switching over to Youtube that Johnny lifts his head from your shoulder, prompted by a man seemingly in his 40s entering the cafe. The music that plays through your headphones isn’t something you could see yourself listening to, but when paired with the bright colors of the accompanying music video on screen, it serves to almost hypnotize you. Nine men dance with powerful movements on screen, and the song fluidly moves from hook to bridge to chorus, and it’s during the second verse of the song that something catches your eye. One of the boys, dressed in a candy red jacket with gold chains and auburn colored hair, moves to the front of the group, and your jaw drops. That guy looks just like Johnny! When he moves back to your side, you point to the screen in astonishment.
“Check this out. That dude looks exactly like you!” Johnny’s eyes widen a slight bit, and he furrows his brows in confusion before his features relax and he cocks a goofy smirk.
“Dude, maybe he’s your long lost twin. You know like that movie The Parent Trap!” You joke.
A breathless laugh pulls its way from Johnny’s lips, and he slaps a hand to your back, between your shoulder blades.
“Pretty sure I’d know if I had a twin, Y/N. That dude in the video? That’s me.” He casually throws out.
“Eat it, Johnny. I don’t believe you.” You say, but upon giving it more though you realize that the idea is entirely plausible. Plus, it doesn’t take much convincing on Johnny’s part to have your jaw dropping in disbelief.
“Wait, so you’re telling me that you, Johnny, the Johnny that works making just above minimum wage as a barista, the Johnny that does a shitty impersonation of parrots 24/7, are the same Johnny who’s a famous Korean pop star?”
Johnny nods, as if it’s something as simple as 1,2,3.
You blink a few times, and it only takes you a few moments to fully come to terms with the knowledge. After all, it doesn’t seem far fetched for Johnny to do something so… Extra.
“Is that why you have so many girls up your ass?” You question, jokingly. Johnny leans back in his chair.
“Maybe. It didn’t work on the girl I want, though, so what’s it really matter?” As he speaks, he fixes you with a gaze that’s perhaps a bit too serious given the lighthearted nature of the situation, but it nonetheless has your throat going dry.
“Bummer.” Is all you manage to mumble out.
“Yeah. I guess she didn’t really know about it until just now. I bet if she knew I was so famous, she’d already be falling at my feet.” Muses Johnny, casually despite the rapid beating of his heart.
“Maybe now that she knows I can use that as leverage to get her to go on a date with me.”
“Why don’t you ask her, then?” You counter.
At this, Johnny leans forward, face entirely way too close to yours as he searches your expression for anything that could hint at deception, to give away the idea that you’re playing him like a fiddle, serving as a warning for him to back away because he doesn’t want to deal with the embarrassment of being rejected by the one girl he’s head over heels for. Finding nothing, he takes the opportunity to speak, tongue darting out to wet his lips before he asks, tentatively, “Will you go out with me?”
Your lips quirk up in a little grin, and you can see the tension leaving Johnny’s frame when you nonchalantly reply with, “I’d love to.” The waiter has a smile stretching from ear to ear throughout the rest of his work day.

On Saturday, when he texts you, telling you that he’ll be picking you up once he gets off of work, you find yourself smiling stupidly at your phone.
You shoot a quick ok text, worrying your bottom lip between your teeth before typing out another message.
“Oh and by the way, you don’t have to be famous to take me on a date.” Followed by another text, “I’d have said yes any day.” 

anonymous asked:

Hello~ Can you share your thoughts about the latest chapter Kuro?

Hello Anon and… I can but… read it at your own risk because /!\ slightly salty soup of feelings ahead /!\ okay?
Sorry in advance for the slightly annoyed tone sometimes. ;_;

So, about the beginning of the chapter:

I already talked about this panel here and here and I don’t have anything else to add for the moment. As for this panel…

(bye bye characters, see you maybe in another arc)

@erebus-cheslock did a great summary of my thoughts here and I’m, like, completely jaded about how convenient it is.

Next about Ciel’s investigation:

Personally it’s not something I was surprised about, but I have to admit it felt good to have something at least a little logical in this chapter. And about this…

Well, lmao, besides the fact that Soma is ten times less blind and naive than they are, this part was also nothing new for me. 

Also about Bravat killing the old Lords, nothing new yet again but from the moment he was already collecting people’s blood to the point of killing them before this chapter, I really am sure it wasn’t supposed to be a big reveal to anyone. 

Next, about Violet’s plan………… ( -_-’)

Besides the fact that I completely share @akumadeenglish‘s feelings about this being an utterly stupid and senseless plan, I also am searching for the entire subplot’s logic ‘cause…

1) Greenhill is the one who invited Ed

but yeah, I mean, okay, maybe Violet gave him the idea, that would wor–

2) But Bravat attracting Lizzie into the Sphere music hall was totally planned in advance because Bravat knew things about Lizzie, Ciel and Seb that he couldn’t have guessed, which means there is a mastermind who isn’t Bravat and who told Bravat about Lizzie, Ciel and Seb.

3) - So if Violet is the reason behind Ed coming to the Sphere music hall… 

- And Ed is the one who brought Lizzie because he had a good time which is how she met Bravat…… 

=> Then somehow that means that the mastermind behind Bravat’s actions had planned that Violet would plan to invite Edward and also that the mastermind bet the whole success of his plan to bring Lizzie into the Sphere music hall on the initial hypothesis that Violet would convince Greenhill to invite Edward (who then would need to have a good time in order to bring Lizzie with him, which would allow her to meet Bravat, leading to her running away from home 3 weeks later).


And I’m sorry but… what? So really, I have no idea what the hell is going on with the current subplot. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I mean, let’s say that the mastermind is UT, well, I love him and he’s a good judge of characters, but to say that he could see through Violet that much is going way too far into Nonsensical road lane. :/

4) Violet’s plan sucked anyway since it’s the Queen who ended up introducing Ciel to the Sphere music hall.

Finally about the Shinigamis…

This part kinda saved the chapter to be honest and Othello was funny. 

Once again, nothing new about what was going on with the old Lords, it’s something I and several other bloggers had theorized about when it comes to the blood transfusions being linked to an extended life span.

The mystery remains full about who really is behind Bravat’s blue sect getting such knowledge though…

Because Othello gave again the example of a demon…

But I still think it’s not crazy to imagine that UT could be behind all this so… For now, nothing changes about this part of the subplot.

Lastly about this little scene…

I saw many theories already about how Othello could have known Claudia/Vincent/the twin etc. but… here’s the thing:

  • Othello hasn’t been in the human world for 50 years and I’m not sure he sees any humans at all when he’s not in the human world since Shinigamis like Grell only collect souls (and I’m also not sure Othello gets anywhere near those souls).
  • 50 years ago Vincent and the possible twin weren’t born and Claudia was 9 years old, so let’s say Othello met with Claudia 50 years ago, that means he would have somehow remembered her face until now? Why not but… still seemingly a bit far-fetched to me (but at this point, maybe Yana doesn’t care anymore about making sense).

So, Vincent and Claudia aside, logically it could be interesting to consider that there is one other link between Othello and Ciel, because Othello is a Shinigami that hasn’t been in the human world for 50 years and… that person is the Undertaker (because he was a Shinigami as well before deserting 50 years ago).

So… maybe this scene could be a hint to the grandpa!UT theory, but then again that would mean that we’re supposed to consider that Ciel looks like Vincent who looked like UT and… not only is it still far-fetched but I know that not everyone agree on this. :/

TL;DR  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

These are all my thoughts so far in exclusivity for you Anon, keep in mind that they can still change as always.

I hope it answers your question, have a nice day.

I kinda hate tumblr

Okay so here’s a thing. I kinda hate tumblr. I really do. For an awful lot of reasons but this is going to be long enough so here are only a few of them:

1. Y’all are always preaching about how everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin no matter who they want to be and what they want to look like. Except you feel superior because your eyebrows or your hair or your winged eyeliner are on point. There are so many you vs me posts that put others down for the clothes they wear or the accuracy of their make up. Know what you are? Hypocrites

2. I’m all for equaltiy and I think it is great that important matters such as racism and sexism etc are discussed and taken seriously on such a platform. However, it seems to me that unless you are a part of a minority group or underprivileged, you are not allowed an opinon. Like, I get that those who are affected most by those things have to speak up and need to be respected and listened to. But that doesn’t mean that someone who does not have to face these problems can’t have something important to say about it. Tumblr doesn’t value your opinion unless you are a  poc or belong to the lgbtq+ community.

3. Can fandoms just get along? Why do people get hate for a bunch of tv shows they love? I mean it is pretty obvious which ones I’m talking about (*cough* superwholock *cough*). You cannot openly admit to be a fan of those three shows without getting hate for it. Which is stupid. Yeah, there are people in this fandom that are utter douchebags. But you will find douchebags in every single fandom. Don’t make assumptions on someone’s personality based on the tv shows they enjoy. It keeps people from enjoying their fandoms.

4. Problematic. I don’t know if it’s a meme or a trend that i missed or simply didn’t get but it pisses me off so much. There are so many posts that go something like ‘when your friend won’t realise their fav is problematic…’ Like I dunno, do you get that your fav is problematic? Do you get that you’re problematic? Cause we are all human beings and we are all problematic in one way or another. There’s no way any of us go through life without ever voicing an offensive opinion. And just because a celebrity once said something problematic doesn’t make them ‘human trash’, as many like to lable them. 

(same goes for tv shows btw. I know some are very popular to hate and be called out but honeslty, pretty much everyshow lacks representation in some aspect but that doesn’t mean that the writers are ‘problematic’ or racist douchebags)

5. Tumblr made me a way angrier person. I get offended so easily because if there’s a funny situation or a joke or anything I would usually laugh about, thanks to this lovely website I can think of a hundred reasons why pretty much anything could be offensive or problematic, even if they are so freakin far fetched that noone would assume it is offensive at all.

I could probably go on forever. I mean, yeah, there are hilarious textposts and gifs and great fandoms on here. And I love that bit. But then there’s this other side that makes me want to visit tumblr less and less. Maybe that’s just me but it’s kind of taking the fun out of tumblr.

Echelon - [BTS] Jungkook Heir!Au

Originally posted by sosjimin

[A/N] It’s lonely at the top and at the bottom.

If you were to describe your father, you would say the word ‘attentive’. He had his own version of morals in life in which you find inspiring. And that’s probably one of the reasons why you’ve stayed single this long. Words like, 'responsibilities’, 'good-natured’ and 'righteousness’ always come up when he happens to talk about marriage, particularly, on the mens’ side.

You decided that you won’t settle for less. Your father is always concerned about his family’s’ well-being, always make sure that everything is there, although you don’t have a lot, but you always have something and it was the kind of life that you cherished the most. You’ve just started working in a new area, in a new town, a suburban upper class city where everyone dresses up like Instagram models and food costs more than what you make in a week. But complaints aside, the new workplace was stressing you out so much that you return home every weekend, even if Sundays were your only day off.

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Actions Speak in a Peculiar Language

a/n: I use too many commas and the title is meant to be a spinoff of “actions speak louder than words”

Alfred was always one for school spirit, but he tended to draw the line at spontaneous contact sports under the boiling heat of the spring sun.

“Rule one, don’t guard too close to the flag!”

Sure, every day brought them closer to summer, which meant class rigor was beginning to taper off, resulting in, well, this. Whole classrooms were transferred out onto the football field because screw review periods, capture the flag was way more fun.

“Rule two, if you get caught, you’re basically a prisoner for the other team until your own team member comes in and gets you out!”

Alfred wasn’t dressed for this. He’d long since abandoned his heavy leather jacket, yet nevertheless, his legs cooked under his full-length jeans and little droplets of sweat gathered at his forehead under the swoop of his slightly damp hair. It wouldn’t be long before his glasses threatened to slip down his nose.

“Rule three, whichever team gets all the flags by the end, or at least most of them by the time class is over, wins.”

Of course, since luck was always on his side, his team had elected him to guard their flag. He would’ve much rather been in an offense position. Hell, he was a fast runner and at least the wind from moving would give him some air, but as always, fooled by his muscular demeanor, the people had assumed he was a better defender. Their mistake. Alfred didn’t really care, he just didn’t like doing math in class.

“Alright that’s enough rules, you can start.”

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Hero Academia - Dabi Theory

So there are a lot of theories bout Dabi from My Hero Academia out there. Most of them of people thinking that Dabi is actually one of Shouto Todoroki’s older brothers. 

In the manga it’s mentioned that Shouto has several older siblings, we know for sure that he has an older sister Fujime and some older brothers. But Fujime and Shouto are the ones we’ve all seen so far. (outside of flashbacks) And with Dabi’s firepowers being so incredible strong and well with someone like Endeavour as dad it wouldn’t really surprice people if Shouto’s the only one who has some issues towards his father. 

But the manga hasnt shown Dabi having any personal issues towards the Todoroki’s so far so what if Dabi is actually Izuku’s older brother (or half brother) 

We all know that Midoriya Hisashi left Izuku and Inko Midoriya at some point. It’s unknown if their relationship didnt work out of that he passed away. But what we do know about Hisashi is that his Quirk is FireBreathing. 

What we’ve also noticed from the series is that the students look pretty much like their parents, now we know that Izuku looks a lot like his mother but what does stand out is the black messy part of his hair. So what if Izuku got the messy part black hair from his dad which also points at Dabi’s black messy hair. 

I know its a bit far fetched but this could also be the reason why Inko holds Izuku so close. Maybe Hisashi left with Dabi while Izuku was still a child or while Inko was still pregnant with him. 

Well whatever there is a pretty big change that Dabi is either related to one of them. Which is why he refuses to share his true name with the rest of the League of Villians. And whoevers sibling he is, i’m pretty sure its gonna shock the others. 

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Could i ask your thoughts on the shiro clone theory? Like if the shiro with them right now isnt the real one i might cry

okay!! i’ll break down the theory for anyone who isn’t familiar with it first. 

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Sole wakes up from a terrifying dream in the middle of the night. They absolutely cannot fall back asleep so they snuggle up to the companion and ask them to sing or hum them a lullaby :) Romanced companions (as well as Maxson's please??) reactions?

Cait: She is kind of confused at first, Sole knew she couldn’t sing - Why do they want to try and get to sleep now to the sound of her god awful voice? Cait sighs but brings a hand up to their head, stroking their hair slowly and beginning to sing. “One more tomorrow…” she starts, quiet and a little out of tune. Sole closes their eyes and buries their face into her chest. “Filled with love the whole day through…” Cait continues. She couldn’t believe she was kind of singing, it seemed to help Sole so she didn’t care if it was a little out of tune. “And then tomorrow I’d beg… For one more tomorrow with you…”

Curie: “Do even adults use a lullaby to get to sleep? Interesting.” she says, fascinated by the fact that humans could get to sleep thanks to some song or small tune. Sole chuckles and asks again for Curie to sing something for them. “I’m not sure that I can sing that well… I am sorry…” she says, feeling kind of upset she may not be able to help them. However, she does begin to hum a small tune, with her arms around Sole, which soon (and rather surprisingly) sends them to sleep.

Paladin Danse: Danse groans and rolls his eyes. Was this another ploy to get him to sing? He asks Sole and they really do sound serious this time. Yeah, they did just wake up from a nightmare but you could never really tell with them. Danse, sorry that he thought they were joking, starts to softly sing the only song he could vaguely remember from the radio. “I don’t want to set the world on fire, I just want to start, a flame in your heart…” His voice was slightly deep and calming, Sole smiling and closing their eyes, resting against his chest. “In my heart I have but one desire, and that one is you, no other will do…”

Deacon: “A song?” he asks, sitting up in bed slightly and chuckling. “You asked for it…”
Sole sits up with Deacon and holds him tight, their hand on his chest. “Wish on the moon, and look for the gold in the rainbow, and you’ll find happy times..” Deacon begins, smirking the entire time and taking it half seriously. Sole laughs and covers their ears, “Stop! It’s making my ears bleed…” they joke. Deacon rests his head against Sole’s and stares on ahead at the wall. 
“I told you…”

Hancock: Hancock chuckles and rests his chin on Sole’s head. “You are funny, ain’t ya sunshine?” he coos, hugging them. He doesn’t give them a song, not just right now and instead starts to hum a small tune. Sole can feel the small vibrations of his deep voice as he sings something they don’t recognize. Him and Sole laugh a couple of times, realizing that this whole lullaby wasn’t working and they just stay up all night anyway - Neither of them sleeping.

MacCready: “You want me to sing to you? At what, three in the morning?” he asks, already becoming incredibly cautious of their surroundings. They chuckle and nod. “I’m serious Robert, please…”
Hearing the urgency in their voice he looks at them and tries to think of something, anything to sing. 
“So bongo, bongo, bongo I don’t wanna leave the Congo, oh-no-no-no-no-no” he blurts out, already regretting it. Sole looks up at him and laughs, giving him a kiss. “Stop.”

Piper: “Oh blue, I-I don’t think I will be able to…” she says, stammering and going a little red in the face. Sole kisses her and whispers, looking into her eyes. “Please…? I just need to get to sleep..”
She sighs and gives in in the end. Piper can actually sing quite well and she starts off with “Like an earthquake, starting to roll. I felt my Earth shake, out of control…” Sole looks up in amazement. She could really sing. Piper continues in a low whisper this time, calming and gentle. Sole gets to sleep and Piper soon follows after.

Nick Valentine: Nick looks and Sole and sighs. “I don’t sing, or hum tunes.. Sorry baby..”
Sole gazes into his eyes with confusion. “I’ve heard you sing all the time Nick. Please?”
He shakes his head, “I just can’t…”

Strong: “Strong say no. Human sleep by self.”

X6-88: “Sing? Are you really 5 years old?” he says, holding Sole in his arms. They couldn’t really tell if he was joking or was seriously asking a question due to the lack of tone in his voice. “… We don’t have to sleep if you don’t want to …” X6 says. Sole knew that maybe their request was a little far-fetched - Especially where X6-88 was concerned. Had he even heard song? Sole agrees to not sleeping and they both just get up and spend a while watching stars outside.

Elder Maxson: When Sole asks for a lullaby he gets them out of bed with him and dressed in little more than some undergarments and a little bit of cloth wrapped around them, they step out on the Prydwen’s deck in the dead of night and Maxson pulls them into a dance. He twirls them around and hums a few lines of a song before starting to softly sing. After a short while he goes back inside and they both settle down again, exhausted. Placing a kiss on their forehead he asks if they were ready to sleep again yet. They wanted nothing more. That tired them out. 

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I'm thinking of starting my own comic, I was wondering if you had any tips!

Umm…lemme think…I’m not a pro at all but here are a couple things that could help?

1) I have a tendency to come up with lots of potential ideas/events but get pretty scattered so sometimes creating a outline/timeline helps me organize my thoughts, especially if I’m at a certain point and don’t know how to build up to another big plot point. Sometimes I’ll rapid fire out ideas and see how I can fit them together coherently.

We have a very messy whiteboard at home. It ends up looking like a combo of Portal’s Ratman scribbles and this:

2) Don’t worry about making rough sketches and layouts for your comics. Dont focus on making everything perfect the first time around. Sometimes it helps to layout positions and movements and even facial expressions first before you focus on details like weapons and armor and etc.

3) Play around with angles and imagine your comic playing out like a show or movie. I used to be guilty of just making frames where it was just two characters talking on opposite sides of a room and using the same poses. People move and show a lot of expression with their bodies and changing angles can also help to convey the mood. 

4) For facial expressions, sometimes I’ll google certain images to make sure I can convey an expression well…

Like… I ended up googling Guts from Berserk a ton at one point… Guts is one of my go-tos when it comes to intimidating and angry facial expressions x3;

Keeping note of how the lips were drawn up and how the eyebrows were knit and etc helped me to make sure I kept those in mind when I drew my own expressions. 

4) Create a world that is dynamic and that does not revolve around your main character(s). Things arent static while were focusing on your main character and many things can be happening behind the scenes. Keeping in mind that this is an entire universe where things may not always be favorable and that things and people can clash can make for some crazy adventures and for interesting character building. 

5) Don’t be afraid to bounce ideas off of friends and also move things to the back-burner if they dont fit. I bounce ideas off my husband and have been told a couple times about certain ideas being a bit too far-fetched. I’ve scrapped some ideas and have pushed others back and developed them more. Maybe things that dont fit now can be salvaged and re-done for a better effect later ‘u’

6) Programs: I managed to get clip Studio Paint which has been amazing, but have also worked with Medibang and have heard FireAlpaca is pretty good for comics as well. Both of those are free to download if you’d like to check ‘em out. 

That’s it for now. I hope these help @_@;; Definitely would encourage you to do a comic though! It’s kicked my butt into constantly drawing and practicing and working on things that were/are outside of my comfort zone and has definitely helped me hone my drawing and story-telling abilities, I think ^^. Still working on it but I hope at least some of this helps <3

I have a theory. Bear with me.

Okay, so Wynonna travels back in time in the next episode to when Wyatt/Bobo we still humans and she’s still pregnant when she does. So she comes back from where she is (present day), but she’s experienced time travel with some demon that she hasn’t put down. What if the revenant sends her back in time and she ends up in 1994/1995 towards the last episode/ second to last episode whilst being heavily pregnant.

So, in 1994/95, she meets her mother and father but has to pretend that she doesn’t know who they are. There’s no Waverly, no Doc and no Dolls to help her out so she seeks help from her mum and dad who let her stay in the barn and feed her. Then Wynonna’s water breaks and she ends up going into labour on what would be Waverly Earp’s birthday. Then Wynonna puts two and two together and realises who Waverly really is.

So, long story short, I have a theory that Waverly could be Wynonna’s daughter. And with this time traveling thing, it seems convenient. Could explain why Ward didn’t like Waverly. Some girl birthed her and ditched her in his eyes. But maybe mama Earp knew who Wynonna was and that’s why she had to do what’s right…? Does that make any sense?

I mean it’s a bit far fetched, but it’s not something I’d put passed Emily Andras.

Any one else have any theories?

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Hi! I saw you post about Victor's skates on the Midnight Summer's Dream cover and I was wondering if you noticed that his blades, for both young and old Victor are silver. I went to rewatch ep1 when Yuuri remembers watching Victor skate and he has silver blades then but at 27y/o he uses golden ones. Maybe in the cover they gave older Victor silver blades not worrying about accurancy, but I still think it was an interesting detail. And when did canon Victor switch from silver to golden blades?

If you look closely, Viktor is actually wearing silver blades here 

At the 2014 Sochi GPF. It’s hard to get a good look at, but they definitely look the same colour as Chris and JJ’s skates.  

And at the 2015 Worlds (AKA the beautiful Stammi Vicino skate sequence), we see this 

And at first I did think they were still silver in motion, as they’re not as brightly coloured, but compared with Yuuri’s they’re definitely gold, and these are the same pair as we see during episode two 

Just to back this up further, here’s an image of some of Yuuri’s posters. 

It’s not clear, but I can’t see any golden skates in any of them. 

We don’t ever get to see that year’s Euros competition or the Russian Nationals, so I can’t judge much further than this: Viktor got the golden blades some time after the Grand Prix Final. 

Now on to why, exactly. If we’re taking the magazine cover as a piece of symbolism as I suggested it was, then honestly, I see the older Viktor being pre-GPF. As we know, Yuuri essentially brought life back into Viktor’s life after the banquet that year, so the almost depression symbolism would make sense, and follow canon, if it was a pre-Yuuri detail. The fact we have a younger Yuuri and Yurio looking up to him in the image suggests again that this is before Yuuri even knew Viktor. So I think the silver skates were done on purpose here.

I’m not entirely sure why Viktor switched. Just to be a bit extra, maybe? I wouldn’t put it past his character, especially if he needed new skates. Maybe to be ever surprising to his audience? To be honest, it’s as much of a mystery as the hair cutting is. 

Symbolically, perhaps you could argue how Yuuri’s presence in his life brings back colour, and the desire to win. Maybe. It would fit I guess with the whole “we’ll get married if you win a gold medal” thing. But perhaps that’s a little far-fetched.