maybe it means something in their secret language

A Language all Their Own

An AU where Morty is mute.

An alternate universe where Morty is even more isolated and alone due to his inability to communicate easily with other people. Where Beth and Jerry who love their child and learn sign language for him still talk about it like its this awful secret and seem almost awkward to talk with Morty. Where Summer is an older supportive sister who sneaks into Morty’s room to talk with him and to let him rant on about how angry he is about how its not a big deal about how its not this awful thing. Just, lonely isolated Morty growing up in silence because so very few people bother to even try talking to him.

Until Rick shows up.

Rick has seen other Ricks and there Mortys and although he knows its useful hes not fond of the idea of lugging around a hormonal whiny teenager, but recently he’s had one to many close calls with everything from other Ricks to more then a few unfriendly alien groups, so he swallows his pride and decides to phone Beth. When he shows up he’s already picturing the massive headache he’s gonna have from a squeaky voiced self righteous teenager.

Until he actually meets Morty. And the kids quiet. Real quiet, watching Rick with this annoyed look while he probes for info, but Morty doesn’t respond and finally Rick gets annoyed. “Not talking huh?” There’s this empty silence before Beth whispers into Rick’s ear explaining that Morty is mute like its some dark secret that can’t be said out-loud and Morty storms out. It’s probably the worst first impression you can get.

And yet, Rick drags Morty on adventures anyway. Because he needs those sweet brainwaves. But the whole thing is always bathed in awkward silence with Morty usually gazing out of the window. Morty is amazed of course, who wouldn’t be? But there’s a wall between the pair and sooner or later someone has to step forward and knock it down. Surprisingly… It’s Rick.

It happens after a successful adventure. Morty who’s begun to get into the swing of things managed to save there asses and Rick earned a huge hunk of cash. To celebrate he takes the kid out to the one place he’s sure they’ll have fun. Blips and Chitz. Morty is like a monkey on steroids tugging on Rick’s sleeve and pointing to games or just dragging the inventor over to things that interest him. By the time the pair leave, they have a crowd cheering their names and the new high-score on Roy.

After that, the awkward silence isn’t awkward anymore. And Rick realizes, he’s got himself a good Morty, and he doesn’t wanna loose that. So he starts learning sign language so he can better communicate with the kid. He figures it should not be too hard for a genius like him to master. And in the mean time he takes to paying closer attention, as it turns out Morty has been slowly developing his own body language just for Rick. Certain looks and gestures no one else would understand make PERFECT sense to Rick. A tug here, a calculated glance there, each have worlds of meaning behind them but only Rick can understand.

And when Rick learns sign language, it starts to go farther. Because there are many alien words and things that don’t exist in sign language, so Rick and Morty start to make there own. Before long there able to carry entire conversations just between the two of them in total silence around the dinner table. And Morty… Loves it. Rick never treats his disability like a dark secret or something to be ashamed of, and he never avoids talking with Morty because of his own issues with the language barrier. Instead Rick broke down that barrier and built a whole new language for the pair to share. It’s a language all their own.

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Ahhh but you know not all non shippers are bad, some actually saw the moment and although they didn't find it romantic, they still described it as intense and said that those two have some sort of close connection if they can communicate without words and said they have their own secret language, not just stares but their subtle touches as well,, like even if you don't ship it romantically, their platonic friendship is still something so intricate where they don't need words to express

yeah ik not all non-shippers try to disprove jikook. i didnt mean to make it seem that way, i said “shippers” in the general sense, not just as in every other shipper. and i also know that jikooks platonic friendship is just as beautiful as their maybe romance, and i appreciate their friendship a lot :)

Here you go anon and @tia1213141516

Part 8 | Other Parts

  • Jason and Percy came home from school and threw their stuff on the floor. Both of them reeked of sweat and chlorine. 
  • “Mom! We’re home!” Percy announced before running to the shower. 
  • Sally looked up from her book and saw her two eldest sons fight over the shower. “Boys, don’t fight.”
  • “MOM! HELP!” Nico shouted from the kitchen. 
  • Sally rushed up and ran to the kitchen. The oven had black smoke coming from it and Nico was trying to put it out with water. 
  • She ran to the cupboard and got the fire extinguisher to put it out. She pushed Nico behind her and put the flames out.
  • “Mom, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to!” Nico panic. “It must’ve been on too high and I didn’t know.  I’m sorry!”
  • She sprayed the inside of the oven one last time before looking at Nico. “Are you okay?” 
  • “Yeah. I’m fine.” Nico shook. 
  • She kissed his head. “All I care about is that you’re safe.” 
  • Nico held her tight, trying to calm his nerves. First he told her his secret and now this happened. Maybe something is just wrong with him. 
  • “What smells like burnt shit?” Percy asked.
  • Sally glared at her son. “Language.”
  • “But it smells awful in here.” Jason agreed. “What happened?”
  • Nico looked at them before running off to his room. The one thing that he liked, he messed up.
  • “There was a cooking fire, but everyone is okay.” Sally told them. “Nico is also having a rough day. Jason, can you order a pizza for us?”
  • He nodded and Sally went to check on Nico.
  • Nico was laying on his bed, his face in his pillow. His phone was laying right next to him, buzzing.
  • “Nico, sweetie, it’s okay. No one was hurt and I can clean out the oven this weekend.” She rubbed his back.
  • “Everything today was just so…confusing. I think there’s just something wrong with me.”
  • “There’s nothing wrong with you. You’re perfect.” She told him.
  • “You have to say that, you’re my mom.”
  • Sally smiled a tiny bit. “But there’s nothing wrong with you being gay. I still love you no matter what. And your brothers will still love you too.”
  • “Don’t tell Jason and Percy yet. I want to tell them.”


  • “You seem very off today.” Will noted as they watched Jason’s football practice. “What’s going on Jackson?”
  • “It’s di Angelo.” Nico corrected. “And it’s nothing.”
  • “It’s not nothing if you’re spacing out. What’s going on?” Will asked.
  • Nico took a deep breath. Could he trust the guy he just met earlier this week? He was the only person who cared about him besides his mom.
  • “There’s something not right with me. I’m different. And I don’t know if it’s good or bad.”
  • “Being different is always good.” Will told him.
  • “Does liking guys rather than girls good?” Nico asked.
  • Will smiled. “Of course it is. I’m really glad you told me that cause I wanted to tell you a secret too.”
  • “What?”
  • “I’m actually bi. So I like guys and girls.” Will explained. “So, knowing that at this school that there’s someone else like me, it makes me feel better.”
  • Nico smiled a tiny bit and hugged Will, feeling pressure lift off of his shoulders for the first time all week.
Birthday Flowers


It was somewhere around four am when Robert recieved notification on Dadbook that Damien’s birthday was tomorrow, and his stomach dropped. Damien always seems to remember all his friends’ birthdays and does something nice for them every year, and Robert always forgets. Usually he’ll spring for a ‘happy birthday dude’ on Dadbook, and maybe invite them out for a drink on him. But that doesn’t feel right, for Damien. He’s only been living in Maple Bay for a year, but he has this gut-deep need to do right by the beautiful weirdo in velvet. 

If only Val could see him now, desperately googling what flowers mean at 4am on his computer, while asking siri if there’s such thing as 24-hour flower shops. Apparently there’s a lot of ways to get ahold of flowers, but personalized arrangements are fucking expensive. Who even cares. He’s not drinking anymore, he can spare the extra cash he’ll save by not buying 5 drinks a night for flowers. It’s an asshole-clenching several hours after that, as Robert locates the nearest flower shop, discovers it’s a 20 minute drive, tries to take it easy until it opens, and winds up driving there an hour early anyway. He greets the exhausted florist right when they open the door and smooths out on the counter a sweaty list of flowers he’s been clenching for the past 45 minutes.

He balks at first at the final cost of $150 for a bunch of flowers that’ll die in like a week anyway, but reminds himself that he’s doing something nice for a friend for once in his miserable life, and the money and flowers change hands within an hour. And now it’s 10 am, and he has a bouquet of flowers the size of his head. Super. When does Damien wake up? Should he be subtle, and leave them with a note? What if something eats them? Do animals eat flowers? 

He finds himself in front of Damien’s door, where he’s been standing for at least twenty minutes, clutching the paper-wrapped flowers in one hand, deciding whether he should knock or not. He’d chosen as carefully as possible; queen anne’s lace, bird of paradise, purple carnations, delphinium, gardenia and white heather. For his first time ever putting together a bouquet, it’s not a bad-looking assortment of flowers. He can only hope that the meanings don’t somehow muddle when Damien sees them. He knows all the secret language of flowers, maybe combining birds of paradise with carnations means total hatred from beyond the grave, or somthing. All he can do is hope as he reaches up and bangs the knocker on the door. 

Oh shit. What if Lucien answers? He scopes out a bush to leap into, just in case.

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75, Batarou

Inventing a secret sex language to use in public

“I’m getting a bit hungry.”

“Yeah? Like…peckish or do ya want a full meal?”

“Hmm…I’m pretty open. How about you? In the mood for anything?”

“I could definitely eat. I mean…still pretty full from earlier, yeah?”

“I think we both know that you have a big appetite, though…”

“S’true, s’true…maybe some place I can get, like…finger food?”

“That can be good. So long as I can get a good variety. I like to sample the buffet.”


“What about something sweet?”

“I always like dessert…that’s not usually your gig, though.”

“I get a craving now and then. Just with you, though. I don’t get dessert with any of my other friends.”

“Ya better not.”

“Don’t be like that. You know I never eat out with anyone else.”

“Yeah, well, you’ve wanted to get grub with Sai and DC.”

“Again, only if you’re there. But this would just be you and me. Let’s go home. We can get something delivered. Watch something on TV.”

“Do I get to pick what we watch?”

“Of course. I trust your taste.”

“I’m gonna quote you on that when I pick something weird off the menu.”

“And then I can eat it off of you.”

Dude. If you say that, it defeats the whole purpose of this.”

“You say that, but you’re blushing. And don’t think I didn’t notice you walking a bit faster.”

“Shut up.”

A Series of UnFinished Fics: Part 5

Pairing:  Jason/Nico, Onesided Apollo/Nico

Description:  Apollo convinces Nico to go on five dates with him. This is actually finished, for once, but makes the list because it’s got absolutely zero effort put into it. The whole thing came out of a conversation with kingburu, and was meant to be a complete joke, though it didn’t turn out as funny as I wanted it to. I might give the pairing another go at some point, because I find it hilarious.

EDIT: Also posted on AO3


Finding flowers on the doorstep to the Hades cabin had been a surprise. Nico assumed it was some kind of joke, and that he as the son of death was the punchline, though the red tulips were an odd choice. Then Nico found the card attached  them.


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Am i'm the only who thinks that B gets ridiculously shy whenever he's around C? He's my bias and i know him pretty well, when B is with the other members who aren't C, he is always joking but when he's next to C he never really speaks that much as usual, he only laughs and things like that. I also notice how B sits when he is around C, his legs are more closer and most of the time he is always seeing the floor, it seems to me that B doesn't really know what to do when he is with C.

Believe me, you’re not the only one.

He is insanely shy and vulnerable around Chanyeol. A huge part of their interactions are Chanyeol teasing/flirting with/bothering Baek and Baek being shy and vulnerable as hell.

External image

I mean, this can’t be normal guys. It says a lot how he behaves around Chanyeol, compared to other members. He is flirty with the other members, that’s very true, but there’s just such a noticeable difference when it’s with Chanyeol, it’s too big to ignore.

External image

I totally get what you’re saying, anon. I’ve noticed this certain mannerisms before, and they haven;t changed what so ever. It’s like he indulges in the attention Chanyeol gives him, and acts cute in order to receive more of it.

External image

Only Chanyeol can turn Baekhyun into a mess of cute and feels.

-admin SFS

Yeah, Baekhyun’s body language is different around Chanyeol. That goes without saying. But…

Sorry, it’s theory time. I hope you won’t mind if I use your ask, but I’ve just gotten inspired.

Notice how all the gifs are from Mama era? I wanted to share some too, more recent ones, but couldn’t really find gifs that would fit. That would be as obvious and in your face, as they ones SFS shared.

I feel like something has changed now, you know? Baekhyun still act differently around Chanyeol compared to his interactions with other members, but it’s more… I guess tentative, but in the same… assessing? Like what he can or can’t do, how he should or shouldn’t act, but it’s not necessarily about Chanyeol himself, but about them being in public, on cameras. Because to me Baekhyun isn’t just acting bashful like he used to. Like “I’m so attracted to you, I can’t take it, what to do”. There is certain inner knowledge about his actions now. And sometimes just pure longing.

Lately, more and more I feel like we are missing something, and I start considering what if… What if they already reached a certain stage about their relationship, but they can’t or won’t show it openly (as openly as they could considering who they are I mean)? I feel like they are too careful, too self-conscious. And maybe I would believe that they are just two friends who don’t want to be shipped anymore, but I look at them, and I can’t.

It’s like… Recently, even though they may seem a bit similar to how they used to act in Mama era, they share these knowing looks now. Knowing smiles. Like a secretive language only they understand. And they use these small subtle touches to convey things they can’t show differently.

Idk guys, just look at them.

External image

It was just a couple of examples. The aura around them is different now, don’t you think? Baekhyun isn’t exactly shy around Chanyeol now (unless you mean the moments where Baekhyun’s feelings are spilling, and just being near Chanyeol makes him giddy). More like he is hesitant. “Is it ok?” “Is it acceptable to do it?”. And not exactly because of Chanyeol, or not always, but because of some outside factors. And Chanyeol is like that too.

External image

External image

And now I just gave myself a headache… Sorry if I went kind of off topic. It’s just… these thoughts have suddenly popped into my head, and I had to let them out.

-admin MTL

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Hrm, fic prompt. How about Doctor (any)/Rose and a misunderstanding due to a TARDIS mkstranslation?

Title: Lost in Mis-translation

Pairing: Ten/Rose

Rating: T

A/N: This took forever, sorry! But I finally came up with a ridiculous idea for this in the middle of working on something else so here it is! Thanks for the prompt :) Oh! Also, I relied totally on online translators for anything that wasn’t an alien language so if I got any of it wrong, I apologize in advance!

Rose walked out of the kitchen carrying two cups of tea. She suppressed a laugh when she saw the Doctor had moved as far away as possible from her mum on the sofa. He looked the most horrible, dangerous creatures in the universe–of the alien and human variety–in the eye without flinching, but put him in the same room as Jackie Tyler for more than 20 minutes and he looked ready to run for his life. 

Rose leaned over the sofa and handed a cup to her mother. “Here you go, Mum.”

“Thank you, sweetheart,” Jackie said, shooting the Doctor a very annoyed glance.

Rolling her eyes, Rose walked around to the side of the sofa where the Doctor was sitting and placed a hand on his shoulder. He jumped and whipped his head towards her. Rose raised an eyebrow at him. “You okay?" 

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