maybe it means something in their secret language

multilingual hcs though

  • Joey helping Elena with English.
  • Elena helping Mack with Spanish.
  • Joey and Elena running a Spanish class/tutorial for the SHIELD peeps who wanna know.
  • Peeps who already know Spanish (eg Bobbi, probably) helping out eg Fitz & Simmons practicing Spanish around the lab.
  • Joey and Elena laughing because (bad) Spanish with a Scottish accent has got to be absolutely freaking hilarious.
  • Simmons sticking translation Post-its on every surface, naming things in Spanish (agua, tetera, té con leche) & trying to read in Spanish, doing the whole immersion thing.
  • The Face of Absolute Concentration Simmons will make
  • Daisy bonding with her soon-to-be-Secret Warriors
  • Random sharing of who knows what languages.
  • Fitz knows like, one sentence in Gaelic and it’s probably something really trivial like “dinner’s ready, grandchild” or “[insert football team] is the best” or like a pub slogan or something touristy or an insult or something. The team don’t ask him what it means. They try to Google it. #GaelicSpellingstrikesagain. OR maybe Fitz doesn’t even know what it means, he can just repeat it, because ‘I don’t think you know how uncommon it is’ and they’re like come on, tell ussssss
  • Daisy getting cravings to learn some Chinese. The default is Mandarin, but maybe May (or Bobbi, who also knows Chinese, but May is Chinese-r so that would be cooler heritage-wise) knows some particular thing from the dialect (or even specific language?) that is spoken where Daisy actually came from, to be that little thing that is Hers.