maybe it has been done already

  • me: *hears a good new song*
  • my brain: associate it with ur otp
  • me: why
  • my brain: you gotta

Thrilling Intent Week day 5 - Crossover:
i bet you expected ashe as princess mononoke. sike! so did i

ashe - nausicaa
markus - howl
gregor - ashitaka
kyr - fio (you know the cute mechanic from porco rosso)
inien - kiki

“Stop flinching!“


I’m not REALLY in the fandom, so has this been done already?

Yeah, I wanted to draw something colorful to battle artblog. Couldn’t get something done with my tablet so I switched to mouse and this is why I didn’t shade, but maybe I will do that someday. (Also to get rid of all the mistakes…)


Yeah, mistakes were made but this was quite fun.

I love those two.

Here’s the truth of it, he didn’t leave for nothing, and the decision is final. When he left, you are no longer a part of him. Maybe the shared memories are still there but it’s so insincere that it means nothing to him anymore. You need to focus on the present moment and continue to live life to its fullest. There is nothing you can change that has already been done. So don’t stop yourself now, be courageous and keep moving forward. You’re going to stumble every now and then, but you’re going to be just fine. Have faith in yourself.
—  (d.g)
The Worst Joke Ever


Here’s the song

*Dan Howell-centric


March 31

Dan stared at his camera, feeling as empty as the lens staring at him. The camera had already been rolling for a good five minutes without him saying anything; there would be a lot of editing needed for this video.

‘But maybe I shouldn’t edit it,’ Dan thought. ‘Maybe this needs to be as real as possible.’

‘Or maybe,’ another voice in his head said. ‘You shouldn’t do this at all.’

‘No,’ the first voice said. ‘It has to be done.’

Dan took a deep breath. “Hello, Internet,” he said, trying to put on a happy face. But he knew that the thousands of people who would watch this soon would be able to see through his façade. He’d been in drama, sure, but no amount of acting would be able to hide this pain.

“So. As most of you know, I’ve been dating Y/N for a while now. And she’s great. Really. She’s… well, she’s basically the best thing in my life…”

Damn, this was going to be harder than Dan had thought.

“We have a lot of fun and she’s always there for me and… and I wasn’t there for her.” Dan bit the inside of his lip, the words hurting more than he’d expected. “Most people don’t understand how much time YouTube actually takes. It’s more than just turning on the camera and telling a stupid story for five minutes. There’s…” Dan shook his head. “I’m not going to go into everything but there’s a reason that this is considered my job. It’s work.

“Now, don’t get me wrong, I love working for YouTube. I love making these videos for you guys, I love making stuff that you guys like. And Y/N always supports me. She sits here and watches me edit, which is probably about as exciting as having a tooth pulled. She’s my sounding board for ideas. She celebrates the milestones with me. She’s actually physically pulled me away from the computer a few times, especially when I’m freaking out because YouTube or the internet has decided to go down right when I’m trying to upload.

“The problem is… I’ve missed a lot. Yes, I have free time and yes, I spend as much of it as I can with Y/N, but I’ve still missed some important things in her life. She says she doesn’t mind, that she understands, but I can tell that she really hates it.”

Dan sighed. This was the first time he’d said some of this out loud—usually, it was just in his head.

“Now, I know what a lot of you are thinking: ‘oh, no, this is a breakup video. Dan’s going to tell us that he and Y/N are broken up and it’s all terrible’. Well, you’re half-right. This is, for lack of a better term, a breakup video. But it’s not about Y/N and I. It’s between me and… well, everything else.

“‘But Dan, what does that mean?’ It means that I’m taking a break from YouTube and Twitter and everything that all the old people call ‘distractions’. I’m not quitting, exactly—I have a few videos that I’ve already made that I can post every so often. But my presence here and in social media won’t be as prominent.

“Please understand that this is not because I’m mad at anybody. This is just for the betterment of my relationship with Y/N. I love her and I want to make sure that she’s going to stay with me.”

Dan sighed. “So. This isn’t goodbye; it’s just… farewell.”


April 1


You couldn’t contain your giggles, which was making Dan start to crack as well.

“Yes, hello, internet,” Dan said. “I just want to take a moment to apologize for yesterday’s video. When you hear the explanation, some of you might be a little mad, but believe me when I say that it’s all Y/N’s fault.”

“Is not!”

“Shush. Now… the things in yesterday’s video that were true were the things I said about YouTube being work and the things I said about loving Y/N. Everything else was a lie—I’m not quitting YouTube, I haven’t missed any important things in Y/N’s life…”

“Dan doesn’t have any videos that he’s saved because he’s a procrastinator…”

“No need to chime in, thank you,” Dan said with a laugh. He turned back to the camera. “The reason Y/N decided I should make that video is because she–”


“We wanted to make this video more impactful in a twisted April Fool’s joke kind of way. Y/N and I are not on the verge of breaking up, our relationship isn’t in danger; it’s the best it’s ever been.” Dan picked up your hand and brought it up in front of the camera, the light shining off of the engagement ring on your finger. “A few weeks ago, I asked Y/N to marry me. And she said yes!”

“After many days of painful, elaborate consideration.”

“Oh, shut up,” Dan said with a laugh. “God, is this what marriage is going to be like?”

“You got yourself into this mess, Mr. Howell.”

“And you love it, future Mrs. Howell.”


Holy cow, I just realized I’m already done with 70% of Act 7! o_0 I’m honestly really surprised by how fast I’ve been blowing through these pages, though I think my paper writing has something to do with it, since I usually draw better and fast when I’m working towards a deadline for something else. Maybe it’s a coping mechanism, hmm…

Would you guys be willing? #PitchBaseballPledge

Later this week, probably Tuesday there will be a brainstorming post where we will throw around ideas for campaigns for the next four months to keep Pitch on the minds of the Fox execs. We want to sway them into giving the green light on renewal for season 2 and the only way to do that is to keep our feet on the gas.

Our January campaign is already done! It was the #KeepHerInTheGame video. Check it out here It’s almost at 1,000 views.

There has been talk about sending FOX baseballs with #RenewPitch and or #KeepHerInTheGame on them. Great idea and I think we should do it. I would like it if we could send 1,000 baseballs, but I know that number may be a bit ambitious. Maybe we can start at 500 and if it climbs toward a bigger number GREAT!

So would you guys be willing to pledge to send whatever number of baseballs you can? Maybe you can only send one. Others may be able to send 3, 5, or 10. Im just putting this out there to get a feel for if we could get this campaign going as our final push before renewals are announced in May.

Sidebar: This is an unofficial battle for Kylie Bunbury’s heart and renewal. The Twisted fans managed to send ABC Family 1,000 red jump ropes. At one point they were barely pulling in 1 million viewers. Let’s not let them beat us. Hahaha. Seriously though.

As Amelia once said “We need to be creative and ambitious.”

Let me know in the comments!


okay peeps, idk how much hate I’m gonna get about this post, but really

I did like TFP.

Honestly, it was kinda relieving to see the show grow up. S3, honestly, maybe crossing out the main plotline of HLV, was a series of 90-minute long fanfictions. The writers did it that way to please us, and to keep us hooked. TAB was original, more complete. But we are forgetting something here: actually, the show doesn’t need to highlight John and Sherlock’s relationship anymore. Why? Because it has been done too much already. It has been done, repeatedly, during all of S3. The show’s main aim is to modernize and reinvent Sherlock Holmes into this century, and that also includes personal relationships (we saw it in TAB, two dudes, as good friends as they are, don’t hang out in the same way today as they did a hundred or more years ago). And I ship Johnlock as much as any of you lot, but there has to be development, not just of the characters, but of the show itself. 

Are you telling me you would have wanted Moftiss to repeat the same tropes, again, with different cases, but doing the same anyway? Like, just have them sit in Baker Street, waiting for a client, and have things go wild, but return happy to have tea at the end of the day? I loved that, the first two seasons, but this show is really so different than everything else you can catch on TV these days… and the creators know that. And that, exactly, gives them the room to try out new stuff and new ways of dealing with an audience, which in this case it’s not easy, because let’s be honest, most of the fandom is composed of teenage-young people who overthink stuff and is constantly bombarded by social media to the point where our ideas are hardly new or original anymore. This doesn’t seem like an easy market, honestly. We create scenarios on our fan-heads and we’re disappointed when they turn out not to be real.

I mean, we know what John means to Sherlock, and viceversa, because it has been overly shown and reinstated all through S3, TAB, and the first two eps of S4. Does it really need to be shown again? And I’m sorry to disagree, but queerbaiting? I honestly don’t see it. We want everything to be gay, when not everything is gay. They’re not misleading us, they’re just following a different storyline that is not like our own hoped for situations. I know that representation matters, I know that the show may have hinted Johnlock as canon, but it wasn’t, we just want it to be. And besides, as I said before, is this really the point of the show? I’m not saying it’s unimportant, but to exploit their relationship isn’t the goal in mind. 

Also, we keep saying stuff like a person’s sexuality doesn’t determine their worth, or who they’re supposed to be, and I really couldn’t agree more, so why is it wrong to have the evil guys be queer(bi in this case) for once? You don’t choose your sexuality, it just comes as the color of your eyes, but you can choose being evil. A queer person can choose to be evil the same way a non-queer can.

We’re all free to like or dislike the narrative of the episode. I did like it, because it was new, innovative, dark, different, and made me think. I was more disappointed of TST, because they really screwed up a great plotline they came up with, and Mary deserved a better death. The show is supposed to stir up emotion, and it did. And it also shows how not everything is supposed to be complicated, but sometimes, the dumbest explanations are what’s actually real, and we need to make our peace with that. The episode did not disappoint, it was just different, very different than what the fandom and the rest of the viewers expected. And most of the time, different and unknown means automatic dislike.

I’ve heard many people say that Yuri on Ice is just queer-baiting, and honestly? I disagree.

And see, I know where you’re coming from, we’ve seen this pattern in anime (and sports anime especially) many times: we get some fanservice, some teasing, a suggestive glance or a fist-bump/high-five or maybe even something similar to hug. *gasp*

But like, am I the only one who can see that this anime is nothing like that? By episode three I think it is absolutely clear that this anime is crossing borders that sports anime, and in fact anime in general just didn’t cross. Not until now. Which leads me to believe that this is not just ‘fanservice’ that there’s meaning here, that they’re doing it for a reason. (no, that reason not being queer-baiting)

Because they’d sell the anime to fujoshi/fudanshi anyway, because they don’t need to go this far if they’re just trying to tease the viewers into buying the BDs/DVDs.

Which leads me to believe that there’s a plot-related reason for this, that all of this has a meaning.

And even if (and this is highly unlikley) they would suddenly go all like “Oh wait, Yuuri and Victor are actually completely straight!” they can’t make all those scenes from the first three episodes disappear, and let me tell you - there is no way that any straight males would ever act like that.

Where am I going with all this? My conclusion is simple: wherever Yuri on Ice goes from here, it is already clear that it is far from queer-baiting and in fact, might just be the closest to queer main characters in non-BL anime that we’ll be getting anytime soon.

And this makes me incredibly happy.


Maybe at once upon a time this was about whether he was innocent, or y’know, some sort of psycho murderer. But that ship sailed a long time ago, along with your career at Nelson and Murdock. So why do you still care?

namelessthebeardless  asked:

How about uh... hey wait does Moana not fall under this

  1. moana was cute and was the best heroin compared to like previous versions (except for rapunzel i still think she’s the best) but her personality has been done before and she really needed something. like maybe she was incredibly timid and afraid to fight and the journey helps her grow
  2. i liked the demi god but……………….im tired of snarky male sidekicks. ive said it already but i wish they made him like a really cool quiet character or an incredibly humble character that constantly worries for moana’s safety
  3. kick off lin manuel miranda that dude  cannot write songs
  5. add more monsters
NewtxTina: Have You Seen My Niffler Anywhere?

I know this has probably already been done, but I loved the shower post that came out a while ago and wanted to do my own continued version of it because I thought the post was soooo cute.
I could totally see this happening maybe during the beginning of their relashionship or right before it starts.
Also this is my first time writing newtina fics so bear with me here.

“Where are you, you little sneak?”

Newt searched for the crafty niffler he had been chasing all day now. He’d lost it twice already today:
once at the park during a stroll, only to have it escape moments later in the very center of a busy crowd on the street, and now in Tina and Queenie’s home. When he had just walked through the door, it slipped from his case a third time.
It was better that the niffler was loose in the girls’ home, so long as it didn’t leap out a window or something.

Newt could hear water running from the bathroom as he searched for his smart and pesky creature.
He figured since Queenie and Jacob were at dinner, that Tina was in the shower.
He would’ve asked Tina to help him in his search, but he wouldn’t wish to disturb her like that; for he found that very rude to barge into a bathroom while a woman is showering, even if it was Tina, who he had become very good friends with.

Suddenly, the niffler sprang from the bookshelves to the dining table.
Newt scrambled about, knocking things over, in a desperate attempt to catch the creature, but the niffler quickly crawled all up his back, on top of his head and in his messy hair, then lept off and darted towards the bathroom.

“No no no don’t-”

,but it was too late.
The niffler had crept into the bathroom door, which had been left open by Tina accidentally.

Newt expected to hear a scream from her, because the creature had slipped into the shower with her, or at least had made a good bit of noise dashing about, but it didn’t happen.
As Newt approached he could faintly hear Tina humming a sweet tune with the pour of the water, with no other sound could be heard.

Newt knew the niffler decided he wanted to play a little game of hide and seek in the bathroom at, by far, the worst possible time.

Newt had no choice but to go in.

He carefully stepped inside and looked around frantically, wanting to make this as quick as possible.
His heart was beating rapidly and the niffler was nowhere in sight.
Newt couldn’t go around looking through every cabinet and shelf while Tina was in there, completely unaware of his presence, but Newt was very impatient though, very tired and sick of this tedious day with constant chasing with seemingly no end.

He needed to ask Tina where the niffler could’ve gone, for she may have seen it somewhere and she only hoped it wouldn’t bother her while she showered.

He stepped closer to the curtain and could faintly see a dim silhouette of Tina through the pink fabric.
He quickly turned his gaze and decided a direct and fast approach would be best, just to get it over with.
He was overly impatient, dreary and just needed to be able to relax without the problem of the niffler breaking out of his case every three seconds.

Newt then quickly pulled back the shower curtain and Tina, frightened, began to scream.

“Have you seen-”

Her screams drowned out his words as she covered herself with her hands.
She hadn’t even realized who had actually halted her showering routine until she turned fully to face Newt.
He then reassured,

"stop screaming it’s just me! Have you seen my niffler anywhere?” he questioned, looking around.

Tina grabbed the curtain from his grasp and used it as a makeshift towel, considering the real ones were on the shelves on the other side of the room.

What she had forgotten though, was that since she was holding the curtain so close to her body, you could barely enough see through the lightweight curtain and when Newt turned to face her once more, he couldn’t help but stare at her up and down for a split second before moving his gaze to the floor.

"No! You think I wouldn’t have noticed one of your creatures running through my bathroom!”
,Tina yelled at him as her cheeks began to turn bright red.

She figured out his eyes had just trailed all over her naked body, sending a shiver down her spine.

"I-It is in here s-somewhere though. I-I wouldn’t have come in otherwise.”
,he stuttered nervously, directing his eyes from Tina’s to the floor continually.

The niffler used this as his opportunity to escape.

It then hastily sprung from a bathroom cabinet and sprinted from the room as fast as he could.

"Hey! You get back here right now!”

Newt dashed after him.
Fortunately, when the niffler turned a corner, it banged its head on a table, with a thump, stunning it for just the moment Newt needed to grab it hastily and shove it back in his case, for good this time.

Meanwhile, Tina was still startled, surprised, but most importantly, embarrassed as she finally let go of the curtain and cautiously returned to bathing, hoping for no more interruptions.
She heard footsteps approach soon after though, and felt the nervousness all over again, but was then calmed once more when Newt said,

"So sorry for that! Won’t ever happen again, I promise.” and shut the door to the bathroom.

I know this is pretty short, but I could do a sequel of this.
It would take a few days though, and it would be fun of course.
But anyway, I really hope you guys liked it! 😊