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New interviews:  Alex opens up about Big Little Lies with The Hollywood Reporter and Entertainment Weekly!

WARNING: These interviews contains spoilers from the Big Little Lies season finale. Read at your own risk!

From The Hollywood Reporter:

The actor talks to THR about working with Nicole Kidman and that “brilliant” finale death.

“It’s obviously a huge problem in our society,” Skarsgard tells The Hollywood Reporter about the domestic violence storyline.

Skarsgard spoke further with THR about the importance of exploring Perry and Celeste’s relationship, the violent and “emotionally draining scenes” they shared and his character’s “brilliant” demise.

The Hollywood Reporter:  The show explores the real-life issue and severity of domestic abuse, violence and rape. Your character, Perry, is the abuser in these cases. Going into the role, what was your thought process on how to tackle these stories and portray this character?

Alex:  I thought it was such a rich script and the tone felt very unique. It felt like such an emotional roller coaster that I thought was brilliantly written. In terms of the character, I saw it as an opportunity to play an abusive husband who wasn’t this stereotypical abusive husband. It was such a well-fleshed out relationship and the dynamic between Perry and Celeste was fascinating to me. I saw it as an opportunity to find a character where you see him struggle with his demons as opposed to being the traditional wife-beater.

THR:  What makes him not the stereotypical abusive husband?

Alex:  She fell in love with this innocent kid that he’s got within him. In a way, he is like his sons. He’s a very social, outgoing guy and loves to have fun. In those moments, those demons are hidden far within him and then they come out. You do see that he’s struggling with it. He can’t control it. They just take over and consume him. What I thought was interesting about their relationship is it ties in with their sexuality as well and that makes it more difficult to leave him. She blames herself and says, “I’m an accomplice. I’m part of this.” When we have sex, it is very violent and I love that, but then she [thinks] “Maybe I push him too far.” Which she doesn’t, but she blames herself for it and feels that, deep down, he’s a good guy and a great dad and loves her and [she] can fix him and that he just has to deal with those demons. But he can’t. That’s what’s killing him inside. He can’t control it.

THR:  The abuse scenes are very violent. How difficult were those for you to shoot?

Alex:  They were really tough to shoot. Jean-Marc works in a way where it’s more like shooting a play than shooting a movie. It’s not traditional filmmaking in the sense where you have the master and two-shot and then you move in for coverage. There are no tape marks on the floor. It’s all existing lights and a handheld camera that roams around which is a great opportunity as an actor to explore this space and play around and find new things. One take can be very different from the previous. That really helped those scenes.

Nicole and I got to know each other really well before we started the project and spent time together and worked on our relationship. We just got to know each other. We both felt it was very important that when we step into that room and shoot those scenes, you have to get to a place of 100 percent trust. The scenes were emotionally and physically so draining. They’re incredibly hard to shoot. It was more about getting to know each other  and spending time together and working on that trust. And talking about their relationship and figuring out the nice part about these characters and how they connect and why they fell in love, what’s holding them together. We wanted to find that. We played the whole scene from beginning to end. We weren’t restricted by any tape marks on the floor or any technical issues. It was very primal in a way and some of the toughest scenes I’ve ever had to shoot. It was completely emotionally draining.

THR:  Nicole has spoken about how physically and emotionally draining they were for her. Have you spoken with her about that?

Alex:  It was important every day after shooting a scene like that to check in with each other and make sure that we would reconnect and talk about how we felt about it and what we went through. We both knew that jumping in your car and going home after a scene like that is very tough. You need to share that connection with the person you just went through that with. I had the best partner in the world with Nicole in doing that. She’s not only an extraordinary actress, but such a warm and generous person. That made it be even more difficult. 

THR:  How important is it to tell this story of domestic abuse on television?

Alex:  It’s very important. It’s obviously a huge problem in our society. It’s stigmatized. [Wives] are protective of their husbands and in certain cases they blame themselves and say, “It takes two to tango. I’m partly responsible for this.” They don’t really see themselves as victims sometimes. It’s not until you talk to someone outside that you can get an outside perspective and you realize then, “This is an abusive relationship that I shouldn’t be in.” It’s important to reach out and to have someone help you and talk to someone who can get you out of it. It’s not your responsibility to change another person.

THR:  Perry is obviously dead. What’s your take on the ending for your character?

Alex:  I love that they all gang up on him and kill him, in a way, together. It gets very primal and they’re all over him and kill him together in order to protect Celeste. It felt like something out of a nature documentary where you see a predator being attacked by smaller predators and by the sheer force of numbers they take him down. That’s what I had in my head where I was physically stronger than them as individuals, but together they brought me down. (Laughs.) I thought it was brilliant. 

THR:  What was filming that scene like?

Alex:  It was tough. It’s a very physical moment. But it was exciting and fun because we were all together. Up until that point, it had been a lot of separate stories. Those ladies are amazing women and so much fun to be around. So it was a fun two weeks of night shoots with all of them. We were all excited about the ending and how it all comes together. 
Big Little Lies finale: Alexander Skarsgård on why he may never get another job

THR:  What were the conversations with Jean-Marc like about who Perry is and how he reaches his fate in the end?

Alex:  I liked that the introduction to the family was dream like. It’s exactly what you want. They have beautiful kids, an amazing house, a great job, everything is perfect and then you crack the surface and see there’s a lot of darkness there. We were both excited about an opportunity to play this character who can be charming and a great dad, but there’s a switch and the lights go out and he’s not himself. With the camera watching the women in the very last scene, it leaves the ending open-ended. It’s Perry in his Elvis outfit, but with a broken neck up on the beach watching them. (Laughs.) It’s payback time. He’s back from the dead and it’s time for revenge. Season two will just be him killing them all off. (Laughs.)

THR:  Could there be more episodes? 

Alex:  It was set up as a miniseries. That was always the intention to leave it with them on the beach and living with this secret and accepting that and moving on with their lives. It leaves it open-ended in a way, but there’s no cliffhanger for another season or anything. 

Article source:  Brian Porreca for (x) via THR twitter (x)

From Entertainment Weekly:

As you probably know by now, Alexander Skarsgård’s Perry Wright died at the end of the seventh episode of Big Little Lies. Some might call it murder, some might prefer the ladies’ explanation that he fell to his death. Either way, Skarsgard made for an excellent villain. Regardless of the hate he inspired because of how he treated his wife, he also wanted to change and really did love Celeste. Those were some dark demons residing inside of him, demons he was unable to exorcise, regardless of how he tried.

We talked to Skarsgard about his character, the challenges of playing him, and why he’s pretty sure he’s not going to be working again in Hollywood anytime soon.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Your storyline with Nicole Kidman was one of the most compelling in the show. What was your first reaction when you read the scripts?

ALEXANDER SKARSGÅRD: I was very excited. I thought the tone was so unique. It’s funny and twisted and camp and then really dark and twisted. The pendulum would swing back and forth between different tones. I was very intrigued by the relationship between Celeste and Perry. I thought it was an opportunity to tell a story about an abusive husband that wasn’t a stereotypical wife-beater. I thought it was fascinating that he was a good dad, loves his kids, and adores his wife. On the surface, they have a perfect life and then he’s struggling with these demons and he doesn’t know how to handle that. It’s almost like a switch flips and he goes black and he goes violent.

EW:  The intimacy between your character and Nicole’s is really intense, both the violence and the sex. How did you two approach that? Was it difficult?

Alex:  We had some time to get to know each before we started filming. It was important to build that trust and understanding, knowing this journey we were about to embark on. It is a very physical relationship. It’s the envy of most people when they first see this couple. It’s too good to be true. The kids, the house, the sex, everything. There is more to it than that. It muddles the line because their sex life is violent and they both get off on it. It makes it difficult for her to draw the line, for her to feel that he’s abusive, because she feels like an accomplice. But there is a difference between liking it rough in the bed and pure abuse which he crosses that line early on. It’s tough and I think that’s what makes it interesting on a character level. Because it’s tough for her to move and to accept the fact that he’s bad for her and the kids. There is a lot of love. She loves him when he’s not abusive. In those moments he’s great. And that’s what makes it an interesting story.

EW:  Career-wise, what did you think about when you took this part?

Alex: I have a feeling this is going to be my last interview ever (laughs) because after Perry Wright, I’ll never get another job. But, hell, it was worth it.

EW:  Why do you think that? Because he’s such a monster?

Alex:  (Laughs) Yeah. I’ll never play leading man, that’s for sure.

EW:  So, you’ve typecast yourself?

Alex:  Sure, but if you ever need an abusive asshole, I’m your guy (laughs).

EW:  Did you take that into account when you signed on?

Alex:  Nah, I don’t ever think about that. I played a guy who had sex with an underage teenage girl in Diary of a Teenage Girl. I’m either drawn to material or I’m not. It’s a visceral reaction. There isn’t a strategy to it. I don’t think about what it’s going to do to my career. I always know instinctively if I’m right for something or I’m not. If I’m not intrigued by the character, I shouldn’t do it. In this case, it was easy. The material was so well written. It was such a fascinating character, albeit incredibly, incredibly dark. And I was drawn to him. He wasn’t a one-dimensional bad guy. It was very interesting. In the same way Monroe in Diary of a Teenage Girl wasn’t a typical bad guy. He was a soft, sweet guy and there was a lot of darkness there as well. I guess I’m drawn to that. That’s all I’ve got. When I read something, if I don’t want to learn more about that character, it’s not going to be something for me. 

Article Source:  Nicole Sperling for (x) via EW twitter (x)

Photo credit:  bradleycramp instagram (x): "The Perfect Family" (lol!) 

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Shidge - Peanut Butter

[UM, YES. As a side note, this is mega inspired by @d0g-bless ‘s super cute Shidge and a Dog series everyone should check it out =]

Peanut Butter, noun

  1. The United States is a leading exporter of peanut butter and itself consumes $800 million of peanut butter annually
  2. Peanut butter inside a hollow chew toy is a method to occupy a dog with a favored treat.

Among Shiro’s long and growing list of things he loves about his girlfriend is the way she reacts in the presence of a dog.

Pidge looks at dogs the way most people look at babies: with wide eyes and a bright smile. In fact, dogs have been known to elicit more of a response from her than babies, something he learned the first time Lance invited them to one of his massive family gatherings. Given the distinct absence of any sort of robot, Pidge had ignored the milling infants and taken to spending the entire evening tailing and heaping affection onto the scruffy mutt belonging to one of Lance’s older sisters. It wasn’t for lack of trying on the part of Lance’s youngest nieces and nephews, who, strangely captivated by the small woman, had toddled behind her all night. Lance had teased Pidge about the children turning to the biggest baby to follow, but like with the kids, Pidge tuned him out in favor of the dog.

For months now he’s watched the way her head turns and her pace slows during their morning jogs when a neighbor with a dog passes. The joy that fills her face when she tells him about her coworkers bringing their dogs into the lab is the same sort she often reserves for those special moments when she gets her hands on a new piece of tech. And after eight years of being together, there’s nothing in this universe that makes his heart swell with happiness faster than seeing that crooked smile cross her lips.

He loves seeing her around dogs.

But he’s not quite so fond of how sharply perceptive she is whenever he’s trying to surprise her. Maybe it’s his terrible poker face, or how bad he is at lying around her, but by this point Shiro knows the only way he can get anything past her is to avoid raising suspicion at all costs.

He’s not sure this is the right way about it.

“Peanut butter?” he hisses. He cups a hand around the bottom of his phone and glances down the aisle, as if Pidge would somehow be one row over in a grocery store half way across town from her workplace.

Keith, understandably, sighs on the other end. “For the last time Shiro, yes, just get a thing of peanut butter. It’s cheap and not something that Pidge is immediately going to question when it shows up in your house.”

Shiro bounces from foot to foot as he assesses the spread of spreads. “Is there a specific type she likes?”

“Look, man, I don’t know what Pidge is into, that’s your job.”

He feels his face go hot. All of these years spent surviving against the toughest armies in the entire universe and Shiro is going to die of embarrassment in the bread aisle while wearing a pair of galaxy print joggers. Great.

“Not. Pidge. The dog.”

Keith laughs. It’s the moments like these where Shiro misses Keith’s mission sharpness. This was serious business.

“I know you want to surprise Pidge and all, but face it, she’s smarter than the both of us combined. Get a jar of smooth peanut butter and stop acting like it’s the end of the world. You’ve got to get over here to the shelter to sign the adoption papers before five. I swear, I’ve had to chase off like three other families who’d been eyeing this fluffball.”

As if on cue, Shiro hears a bark on the other end of the line. He grabs the peanut butter and books it.

“What’s this?”

Shiro takes a deep breath, steeling himself before he drops his head back over the couch to look at where Pidge stands in the kitchen. Don’t say ‘peanut butter’, don’t say ‘peanut butter’ he warns himself.

“Peanut butter.”

She snorts, but doesn’t seem to notice the way his eye twitches as he tries to hold back his mortified expression. Twelve hours to P-Day (Puppy Day) and he was going to fail. Luckily for him, Pidge just shakes her head and keeps rummaging through the pantry for a snack.

“There’s not a chance you’re making cookies, is there?” she asks, clearly trying her best to keep her voice neutral.

“Not a chance, but I can ask Hunk if he’s free this weekend. He’d mentioned wanting help going over course materials before the semester starts. I got the peanut butter for my shakes.”

That was convincing, right? It’s not like he was totally far from the truth. He and Hunk had needed to meet up soon, and he kind of owed Hunk one for storing all of the puppy equipment for him this week.

Pidge gives him a long, hard look. How she manages to look so imposing in one of his ratty tee-shirts and a tiny pair of running shorts, Shiro’s not sure, but he certainly feels his heart give a lurch.

“I can’t believe the Garrison suckered both of you into teaching, and I especially can’t believe you’d deny me peanut butter cookies until this weekend. That’s such a long time,” she groans.

He has to physically restrain himself from sighing in relief. Eleven hours, fifty-eight minutes to P-Day. He might make it.

“Do you really want me to make cookies?”

She seems to consider for a moment before wrinkling her nose. “Pass.”

They both laugh.

After finding a suitable snack, Pidge meanders back over to the couch and plops down next to him. He flips the channel to something suitably mindless for the two of them - some sort of nature documentary - and settles in to chat about their day. As she nestles up against his side, he can’t help but wonder how much cozier this will all feel tomorrow, when there’s a new addition to share the sofa with.

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The Grammy-nominated singer signs off in time for Mother's Day

“I would describe myself as a mother, lover, writer, and singer, but always a mother first,” said Jhené Aiko via a long distance phone call from her car, which is stationed somewhere in Los Angeles. The Grammy-nominated musician is perhaps best known for her 2015 record Sail Out and her recent collaborative album with boyfriend, the rapper Big Sean under the collective name Twenty88, but is more interested in discussing the trials and tribulations of motherhood and her love of poetry than charting her meteoric rise to fame that began over a decade ago.

Born Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo, the star cut her teeth singing backup for late ‘90s boy band B2K, before dropping out of a deal with Sony to release her debut album to focus on her education. “I was still a teenager and I needed to take some time to find my purpose,” she reflects. That purpose came in the form of Jhené’s first and only pregnancy to date. The singer gave birth to daughter Namiko Love at the age of 20 in 2008. “I never intended to have a baby so young, but as soon as I found out I was pregnant, I was overwhelmed with a new focus and drive. I knew I didn’t want a regular job, I wanted to provide a life for me and my daughter that was beyond myself.” Around that time, the singer made her first mixtape and it’s been a steady uphill trajectory from there.

Here, Jhené explains why motherhood will always be her biggest inspiration—and spells out why single moms in particular shouldn’t be afraid to wear the maternal pants around the house all the time if they damn well want to:


“I grew up the youngest of five children. My dad is a doctor, but an aspiring singer songwriter, so I was always around music. Living in L.A., there were so many opportunities, so it was easy for me to fall into it professionally as a young teen. I was signed to a record label until I was 16 and decided to take a break. Everything changed when I was 20 and got unexpectedly pregnant. It made me focus and connect with who I was and who I wanted to be. While Namiko was still in my belly, I did my first mixtape, signed a new record deal with Def Jam—and here we are today.”


“I’ve always loved poetry. Ever since I first started songwriting, my process begins with a short story or a poem. I carry a notebook around with me everywhere in readiness for when inspiration for a lyric or a line hits. Sometimes I’ll hear music with my words and that’s when I’ll write the melody. I hardly ever listen to other people’s music as I want to try and keep my sound as clear and original as possible. Sometimes, when I get writer’s block, I just go for a really long drive and hum in my car until something starts to resonate.”


“My daughter and my family are the driving force behind everything that I do. My baby helps me stay working and motivated all day long, seven days a week. Everyday I am inspired by my real life situation; I deal with my emotions by striving to keep creating and moving through the world with as much grace and ease as possible.”


“Whether you’re a singer or a nurse, being away from your child is one of the toughest things a mother has to do. You are their support, the person who puts food on their plate. There’s no easy way to be a mom and it can be even harder for single moms like me. I’m not with my daughter’s father, but I’m lucky that I have a large and supportive family who are loving and caring for my baby every day when I’m traveling on tour or away. The older she gets, the more she’ll be able to travel with me, but right now all I can say is—thank god for FaceTime. If anything, I hope that my story inspires other young moms to feel strong and driven. You can be responsible for your own income, provide a roof over your child’s head, be nurturing, maternal, and wear as many pants around the house as you need to. Moms—we can do it all.”


“My mom is my number one role model. To me, she is the best mom in the world. She is completely selfless. I’m also inspired by the hardworking women I see working a nine to five job everyday. Everyone is going through something and hardworking women don’t get enough recognition.”


“I think that as I get older, I get better and better at living in the moment. I don’t hold onto expectations the way that I used to anymore. Living in the past is a kind of torture; you can’t hold onto what no longer exists. I’m still learning, but I’m thankful everyday for the life that I continue to build.”


“Most people are their own worst critic and I’m no different. I know that my own fears hold me back the most. Sometimes, the critic in me will tell me that I’m not special, pretty, or clever enough. It can be hard to talk that critic down, but it’s definitely easier to do it now than when I was younger.”


“I’m always working and writing music. I have an idea to put out a project that’s a little bit of everything soon. It’s like a big art project with music and poetry. When it’s ready, it’s ready. I’ve been working on it since I put out my first mixtape all those years ago. I’m also working on confirming some really exciting performances. As soon as I know, I’ll let my fans know on Twitter too.”


“I am really proud of my recent releases and I hope to be able to continue sharing my art with the world. More than that, I hope I stay grounded and true to myself as a mom, daughter, lover, and friend. It’s easy to get caught up in the extra curricular activities in the entertainment industry, so I know I have to work hard on staying true to my own path. I’m still young, so sometimes I take two steps forward and two steps back, but that’s ok if it helps me live my true purpose to just be me.”


“To anyone who aspires to follow my career path, the only real guidance I can give it to take your time, be patient, and learn to be yourself. Ask yourself why you want to do this. If you’re honest, maybe you don’t want to be famous or maybe you just want the money. When you find that truth, stick to it and remember that shortcuts don’t lead to the best outcome. Above all, tell your inner critic to be quiet and surround yourself with positive people who help motivate you.”


“My music is a pure reflection of myself. It can be blues, jazz, alternative, folk, electronic, hip-hop—a mashup of everything. For the most part, I want my work to be chill and easy to listen to. I personally love to listen to music when I’m alone or driving, so I like to imagine that other people might find my songs meditative in similar situations.”

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300+ RP Starters Inspired by My Favorite Animated Movies

//I felt inspired after re-watching some of my all-time favorite movies that i used to watch almost everyday when i was a kid, so here it is: a list of short starters inspired by Balto and Anastasia!

Edit: This was a mistake. I repeat, this was a mistake. Kids, do not attempt this at home. Do not spend hours making a silly starter list that will eat you alive and cause tumblr to crash twice cries i need a movie and a blanket bye

  • “It’s been so long since my last visit…”
  • “Years and years ago, way before you were born.”
  • “We’re in the middle of nowhere!”
  • “We’re in the middle of New York City!”
  • “You’re gonna make yourself tired walking so long.”
  • “What are we looking for, anyway?”
  • “What place is that?”
  • “It was snowing hard.”
  • “We’re not gonna make it!”
  • “Three mile marker!”
  • “Get your slobbering mouth off me!”
  • “We can cut around the back and catch the end of the race.”
  • “No, no, no! I’m…a delicate, country bird. I hate going into town!”
  • “Come on, what’s the worst that can happen?”
  • “Why do I let you talk me into these things?”
  • “Bring that back, you thief!”
  • “Come on, we don’t want to miss the finish.”
  • “Woah, that would be a tragedy.”
  • “I was being sarcastic.”
  • “Okay, you can open your eyes now.”
  • “When will you learn to stay on the sidelines?”
  • “Well, now you’ve hurt his feelings!”
  • “There are some things I cannot do for you. I’m me ..not Cupid.”
  • “Didn’t make the team?”
  • “Don’t listen to him…don’t look at him. Live a long life.”
  • “Just leave him out of this!”
  • “You’re… taking care of me?”
  • “Don’t thank me.”
  • “No hugging.”
  • “What are you talkin’ about? Of course he’s glad to see us. He loves us.”
  • “Race you to the shore, one two three go!”
  • “What, more whimpering? Between you and [insert name] is like Dostoyevski novel around here. Lighten up!”
  • “And what is so interesting?”
  • “Nah…she’s not my type.”
  • “Look, uh, it’s just a shot in the dark, but I was wondering if ah, I dunno, maybe you’d like to go…chase a few sticks by moonlight?”
  • “In a hospital? Why?”
  • “ I have the keys to the city”
  • “Stay close.”
  • “Gloomy? You kiddin’? It’s the most beautiful spot in the world! People travel for years just to be right here.”
  • “Well I have another blanket for you right here, you just stay warm and get some rest.”
  • “I didn;t mean to upset you.”
  • “Racing in a spectator sport, it requires very little preparation! You sit, you arrange refreshments. You like potato chip?”
  • “You said what?!?”
  • “First of all, get it through your head that they wouldn’t put you in a sled team even if you did win, which won’t happen and if it did it wouldn’t matter!”
  • “Did you ever think that maybe you’re the reason geese fly south?”
  • “ If only your feet were as fast as your mouth.”
  • “Luck? I don’t wish you luck, I wish you SENSE!”
  • “Good luck, kiddo.”
  • “You’re even more mixed up than I thought.”
  • “You see those teeth?”
  • “I am not lost!”
  • “They missed their second checkpoint. They’re off the trail.”
  • “We’re going to lose them.”
  • “Don’t go crazy on me now!”
  • “This is foolishness! You will die like a dog!” 
  • “ You will be frozen stiff by morning! When you are big frozen stiff statue named [insert character name], don’t come running to me!”
  • “Yes! Yes, count us in!”
  • “Wait a minute… Now you’re coming?”
  • “Spending days in bitter cold, facing wild animals, risking death from exposure? Heh heh heh heh! Is like holiday in Old Country.”
  • “Good, you took on the roughest, toughest, meanest tree in the forest… and you won. Hmph!”
  • “I’m marking the trail.”
  • “He’s marking our trail. He’s very clever.”
  • “And here I’ve been dropping bread crumbs.”
  • “Boy, is he lost.”
  • “We’re going in circles!”
  • “I know what I’m doing! It’s…this way! Come on!”
  • “Oww! I hit my head on somethin’.”
  • “Yeah, my head.”
  • “Is that your answer to all problems? Motion?”
  • “I don’t see them!”
  • “Come to life, come to life…BREATHE! Come on…”
  • “Is-he-gonna-be-okay-is-he-gonna-be-okay-coz-he’s-not-breathing-he-doesn’t-look-very-well– Stop hitting him!”
  • “Look, a message came through, we have to take the mountain trail.”
  • “ I’m beginning to see there isn’t anything you can’t do.”
  • “I’m seeing a few things too…and it’s making the ice melt…”
  • “You oughta learn how to swim someday…”
  • “You’re going on alone?”
  • “Won’t be the first time.”
  • “I do not like leaving you out here alone! Who’s going to tell you how cold you are?”
  • “Maybe we should listen to him.”
  • “Since when do you need a pedigree to help someone?”
  • “I… don’t want to fight.”
  • “That can’t be legal.”
  • “Hey! Hey! Goin’… too… fast!”
  • “Well…he’s tracking them.”
  • “You’re alive! You’re back! Where ya been? Are ya okay?”
  • “Yeah, what happened to you?”
  • “You know he… he just wanted so much to be a hero in your eyes.”
  • “He couldn’t see the patch of ice…the snow, the wind…and then the log…sniff…and the cliff, well he just didn’t have a chan-… He just… I’m sorry… ”
  • “He… made me promise to take… care of you”
  • “You’re lying.”
  • “Oh great, things are not bad enough! Now we got wolves!”
  • “That’s the most amazing, the most fantastic, that is the most incredible, that’s the most phenomenal, I… I never…”
  • “I can explain.”
  • “Steady there, steady.”
  • “Easy now, that’s had a long journey.”
  • “He’s gonna be okay.”
  • “There’s someone who wants to see you.”
  • “I fell asleep.”
  • “They should build a statue of him!”
  • “ Maybe, with practice… a lot of practice.”
  • For me?! Is it a jewelry box?!”
  • “Pretend that it’s me singing.”
  • “But I am your confidante.”
  • “My music box!”
  • “Keep up with me, darling!”
  • “I never saw her again.”
  • “My underwear got frozen standing here all week!”
  • “Thank goodness for the gossip that gets us through the day!”
  • “Have you heard what they’re saying on the street?”
  • “It’s a rumor that’s part of our history.”
  • “I’ve got my part done.”
  • “It could be worth a fortune if it belonged to her.”
  • “Everything is going according to the plan.”
  • “We’ll have three tickets out of here.”
  • “Who else could pull it off but you and me?”
  • “We’ll be rich!”
  • “ I got you a job in the fish factory.”
  • “You go straight down this path till you get to the fork in the road, then go left.”
  • “Are you listening?”
  • “You’ve been a thorn in my side since you were brought here.”
  • “And for the last ten years I’ve fed you, I’ve clothed you. I’ve kept a roof over your head–”
  • “How is it you don’t have a clue as to who you were before you came to us but you can remember all that?”
  • “So, you want to go to France to find your family, huh?”
  • “It’s time to take your place in life.”
  • “And be grateful too.”
  • “I am grateful. Grateful to get away!”
  • “Well, I know what’s to the left.”
  • “But if I go right…”
  • “Send me a sign, a hint, anything.”
  • “I don’t have time to play right now.”
  • “I’m waiting for a sign.”
  • “Would you please leave me alone?”
  • “I can take a hint.”
  • “Heart, don’t fail me now.”
  • “Don’t turn back now that we’re here.”
  • “People always say life is full of choices.”
  • “No one ever mentions fear.”
  • “I know someone’s waiting.”
  • “Years of dreams just can’t be wrong.”
  • “One step at a time.”
  • “One hope, then another.”
  • “Who knows where this road may go?”
  • “One ticket to Paris please.”
  • “No exit visa, no ticket.”
  • “Where can I find him?”
  • “At the old palace, but you didn’t hear it from me.”
  • “And I look like a princess, and I dance like a feather.”
  • “Next please!”
  • “We’ll find her. She’s here somewhere, right under our noses.”
  • “Do you know where that is?”
  • “Did you hear something?”
  • “Anybody home?”
  • “This place is… it’s like a memory from a dream.”
  • “I almost remember.”
  • “What are you doing in here!”
  • “Stop stop stop stop stop stop. Hold on a minute.”
  • ”How did you get in here?”
  • “Excuse me child.”
  • “Do you see what I see?”
  • “Perhaps. Depends on who’s asking.”
  • “I need travel papers.”
  • “Look, I know it’s strange, but I don’t remember. I have very few memories of my past.”
  • “You do kind of resemble her/him.”
  • “Are you trying to tell me that you think I am the grand duchess?”
  • “Ever thought about the possibility?”
  • “I could be royalty?”
  • “Why didn’t you tell her about our brilliant plan?”
  • “I’m telling you, we’re walking away too soon.”
  • “I got it under control.”
  • “Walk a little slower.”
  • “Three… Two… One…”
  • “Did you call me?”
  • “It’s all just an honest mistake.”
  • “Sounds plausible.”
  • “Either way, it gets you to Paris.”
  • “The dog stays.”
  • “What are you talking about, the dog goes.”
  • “The dog does not go.”
  • “I say he’s going.”
  • “I’m allergic to dogs.”
  • “Am I right my friend?”
  • “Enough already with the glowing and the smoke people!”
  • “Just leave the dog.”
  • “I am not leaving the dog.”
  • “Come, we’ve got a train to catch.”
  • “Who dares intrude on my solitude?”
  • “Get out! Get out! OUT!”
  • “Is that you?”
  • “Something’s happened.”
  • “I knew it!”
  • “Yeah, ain’t that a kick in the head!”
  • “I guess a curse just ain’t what it used to be, huh?”
  • “I’m stuck here in limbo!”
  • “Look at me. I’m falling apart. I’m a wreck.”
  • “Is this the face of someone who would lie to you?”
  • “Come on, for a minute there, you had your old spark back!”
  • “What, you mean this old thing?”
  • “Where did you get that?”
  • “Alright, alright. Don’t get so grabby.”
  • “Terror’s the least I can do.”
  • “Stop fiddling with that thing!”
  • “I make it my business to know.”
  • “Look, I’m just trying to help, alright?”
  • “Do you really think I’m royalty?”
  • “Stop bossing me around!”
  • “Look, I think we got off on the wrong foot.”
  • “Apology? Who said anything about an apology?”
  • “Don’t talk anymore, okay? It’s only gonna upset me.”
  • “You think you’re gonna miss it?”
  • “What is it with you and homes?”
  • “Thank goodness it’s you. Just please remove him from my sight.”
  • “What have you done to her?”
  • “I was just trying to have a simple conversation.”
  • “Attraction? To that skinny little brat … have you lost your mind?”
  • “I was only asking a simple question.”
  • “How rude.”
  • “I propose we get off this train.”
  • “Sorry, I thought you were someone else.”
  • “I think you broke my nose!”
  • “We’ll freeze in here.”
  • “Get off of me!
  • “I think someone has flambaed our engine.”
  • “We’re going way too fast.”
  • “After you.”
  • “Come on, I need a wrench, an ax, anything!”
  • “Come on, there’s gotta be something in there better than this.”
  • “What do they teach you in those orphanages?”
  • “You were saying?”
  • “Give me a hand with this.”
  • “If we live through this, remind me to thank you.”
  • “Here goes nothing.”
  • “Well, this is my stop.”
  • “I hate trains. Remind me never to get on a train again.”
  • “Wow, hey take it easy there.”
  • “You know, really you should watch your blood pressure.”
  • “Ah, you’re right. It’s very upsetting.”
  • “You idiot!”
  • “What are you muttering about?”
  • “Nobody ever told me I had to prove it!”
  • “Show up – yes. Look nice? Fine. But lie?!”
  • “You don’t know it’s a lie. What if it’s true?”
  • “I just thought this was something you had to see through to the end no matter what.”
  • “You’d behave when your father gave that look.”
  • “What happens now?”
  • “If I can learn to do it, you can learn to do it.”
  • “Follow in my footsteps, shoe by shoe.”
  • “I hear he’s gotten very fat..”
  • “Here, I bought you a dress.”
  • “That dress is really beautiful.”
  • “I’m feeling a little dizzy.”
  • “Maybe we should stop.”
  • “Pretty jewelry box, isn’t it?’
  • “Are you sure that’s what it is?”
  • “Anything’s possible.”
  • “Hello, sunshine.”
  • “Come into the water!”
  • “It was a nightmare. It’s alright, you’re safe now.”
  • “I am calm.”
  • “I am heartless. I have no feelings whatsoever.”
  • “I feel a sudden onset of clarity.”
  • “You know what they say. If you want something done right…”
  • “We won’t be fooled next time.”
  • “My heart can’t take it anymore.”
  • “That’s why you’ve got me.”
  • “Well this is unexpected.”
  • “You hear that? You did it!”
  • “I refuse to budge till an answer occurs to you.”
  • “Do you like the Russian Ballet?”
  • “Here, have a flower on me.”
  • “Forget where you’re from.”
  • “Come dance through the night!”
  • “We don’t have anything to be nervous about.”
  • “Princesses don’t marry kitchen boys.”
  • “We’re going to go through with this as if nothing has changed.”
  • “You’ve got to tell her.”
  • “Everything’s gonna be fine.”
  • “Come on, I guess it’s time.”
  • “Relax, you’re gonna do great.”
  • “Look, we’ve been through a lot together…”
  • “I intend you no harm.”
  • “Wait, don’t go, please! If you’ll just hear me out!”
  • “No, it’s not that, it’s not what you think.”
  • “How much pain will you inflict on an old woman for money?”
  • “It was all a lie, wasn’t it?”
  • “ No, no, no, no look it may have started out that way… but everything’s different now.”
  • “Stop it! From the very beginning you lied… and I not only believed you, I, I actually..”
  • “I don’t want to hear about anything I said or remembered! You just leave me alone!”
  • “You have to know the truth.”
  • “Stop this car immediately.”
  • “You’ll stop at nothing, will you?”
  • “I’m probably about as stubborn as you are.”
  • “What happened to the party idea?”
  • “Forget the girl!”
  • “I remember now, how much I loved them.”
  • “You sent for me?”
  • “You were the boy, weren’t you?”
  • “Why the change of mind?”
  • “Trust me, this is the only thing I’m doing right.”
  • “I can’t stay. I don’t belong here.”
  • “You’re next.”
  • “You’re on your own.”
  • “This can only end in tears.”
  • “I’m not afraid of you.”
  • “You can thank me later.”
  • “You’ll get a kick out of this!”
  • “Right, I couldn’t have aid it better myself!”
  • “They’ve eloped. Isn’t it romantic?”
  • “It’s a perfect beginning.”
I Once Was the Law

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Seemed the moment I met inmate 111967 he had been setting me on fire the whole time and now everything we touched, we burned to the ground.

I was a guard at the local penitentiary and it never surprised me when the cocky prisoners would try to make a pass at me.

Until inmate 111967 showed up, all shaggy hair and dimples.

That’s when I knew I was either going to get my heart broken or break him out myself.

We met in the showers regularly and not once did we get caught, too in control of our own devices.

Hushed fucking, easy clean up, and those dimples.

His name was Sam.

I used to be a guard at the local penitentiary, I was the law, now I’m running from the law, and we don’t have to be quiet anymore when we fuck.

I always prided myself in my criminal justice classes and when I would ace an exam I’d treat myself to some crime show on demand, like CSI, or my favorite show, Prison Break.

When I got the job at the local penitentiary, I was one of two female officers. I carried a club, taser, and cuffs.  More for my own protection than the inmates.  I was on the receiving end of cat calls, attempted ass grabs, and I was quick to put them in their place.  Maybe that’s why they did what they did; they just wanted attention and being surrounded by goons, gang members, and psychopaths, a little female attention went a long way.

One day though, that all changed.  This newbie arrived, “fresh meat” to the crew, with shaggy brown hair, eyes the color of a lion’s mane caught in the sunshine, and these freakin’ dimples I wanted to plunge my tongue into…dip, dip, dip.  Extreme case of narcissistic personality disorder, Samuel Winchester, inmate number 111967 knew just how good looking he was and knew that regardless of his crimes, he had my attention from day one.  

I’m not going to go into detail about his crimes, because yes, I fully believed that the justice system did him wrong.  I didn’t get to where I was because I had a great rack and no brain.  I did in fact have a great rack, a nice ass, personality to boot, but my Law Degree held it’s own standing. Inmate 111967 was innocent, cocky as all hell, but being one of the few officers who had her ins with the Warden, I took a strong liking to his case.  He was up for parole in 18 months.  Maybe, just maybe I could knock it down to 6.  

Our initial meetings were just that, formal, down to the nitty gritty, rehashing his “incidents with the defendants”, yes plural, and his background history.  He came from a history of child abuse, alcoholic father, murdered mother, and a brother who was just as much a criminal as the others in this facility.  I had heard of the infamous Dean Winchester through my studies.  He to this day was a fugitive of the law.  He was just that damn good at hiding.  Sam, not so much.  He confessed under duress.  Looking back maybe I misjudged, but I wasn’t at all thinking with my brain anymore.  I was thinking with my labia, my clitoris, my cunt, my heart.

Which now brings me to my favorite show, and I get it, how cheesy was it that I thought I could break him out on my own?  But Prison Break had some great ideas, good plots, and I wasn’t the stupid nurse,, no offense to her, but I was the least one expected to fall for an inmate.  My father was the Warden.   Did I forget to mention that?  Warden Singer.  Toughest man in the state of Kansas.  Biggest heart of gold.  Easily manipulated by his sweet heart, tough cookie, of a daughter, I used my contacts in the FBI to contact Dean Winchester’s latest flop house.  Not too far from where we were situated in Lebanon, Dean Winchester was “found, plead guilty, and sentenced to Fort Kansas”.

That’s how my plan started.  Bring in the one notorious for staying out of the prison system and break the one who wouldn’t make it another day without me on the inside, from the inside.  

Dean caused a riot, beat the ever living snot out of six guards, four prisoners, and hardly had a scratch on him.  However before they carted him to solitary, he had to visit Nurse Ratchet and that’s when Sam and I made our move.  We used a sedative to knock out the nurse, bandaged both brothers up, I donned scrubs over my uniform, and I hijacked the keys from my father’s belt.  Simple hug and tug, that’s what Sam called it.  I was a quick study.  

I went from following the law to breaking it within a week and as we made our way towards the ambulance with one “dead body” and one needing immediate surgery, the prison was in our rearview.  Dean and Sam hugged, then parted, the eldest Winchester shook his head and told me he’d be seeing me again, “Bonnie” to his brother’s “Clyde”.  I kinda hoped we never would see him again’; he’s the one who got my blood boiling and not in the rapture sort of way.  That one was wicked like sin.

Our first mission was to remove any tracking from the ambulance, lit the sucker on fire, and made it across the state line to a farmhouse I had inherited from my mother Ellen’s side of the family.  Knowing that’s the first place my father would look, we fucked like rabbits, showered in the small confines of the cabin bathroom, and burned all our belongings.  IDs, licenses, everything.  I only kept my taser, cuffs, and baton.  Sam said the cuffs would come in handy one night.  I was holding him to the promise.  Sam donned some of my father’s old clothes, a flannel, jeans, and work boots, and a trucker hat, that made me giggle.  I had my step sister’s old stash of clothes and threw on jeans, boots, a henley, and tossed a flannel atop of all that.  We packed up two rucksacks and began our hike through the trail, the cabin aflame in distance.  

Seemed the moment I met inmate 11967 he had been setting me on fire the whole time and now everything we touched, we burned to the ground.

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hawke/anders ♖ or ♜? i'm really into these two de-stressing together

 Here you go nonny! I combined this with a recent Garrett Hawke Biceps Appreciation post, to produce this little Red Hawke/Anders thingie.

Hawke threw open the door to Anders’ clinic with a crash. It bounced off the far wall and splinters flew, and Hawke felt a pang of guilt for the damage; he hadn’t meant to wreck Anders’ home, but he was too furious to see straight.

 Fucking bigoted Marcher arseholes. Hawke had returned home after a long night of patrolling – patrolling their  streets, keeping their  people safe from their stupid bloody gangs – to find that some hilarious jokester had left a dog’s food dish wrapped in a bow on his front doorstep with a “Welcome Dog Lords” label attached. Blighted charming.

 "Hawke?“ Anders stuck his head out of the next room. His sleeves were tied back, his hands stained today not with blood but with a greenish plant residue. He always smelled of elfroot, but the smell was sharper, greener today, a breath of nature in the dark underbelly of the city. The sight of him helped calm a little bit of Hawke’s boiling rage – as usual – but it still seethed under his skin, seeking an outlet.

 Anders came out, wiping his hands on a damp rag. “Was that you? Maker, I thought the Templars were invading my clinic.”

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Prince of Hell

Character(s): Crowley

Warning: None

Word Count: 676

Request:  Do you think you could write something where Crowley and the reader are expecting a child? Just thought it would be cute since Mark’s fiancee is pregnant.


   “How is my queen this morning?” Crowley sidles up behind you and loops his arms around your waist.

   “Bored. I wanna kill something.”

   “Maybe I could let you organize a few soul collections. There’s a few scheduled to be collected this afternoon.”

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Hocus Pocus

Author: Dee

Request: Hi there! Love your blog! I’ve been going through your taglist a bunch and noticed you’ve never written a fic involving witches. My request is this: reader is a hunter who’s going undercover in a coven, Sam and Dean end up on the same hunt and mistake her as a witch and take her as a prisoner. The rest is up to you. Eventual Sam x Reader please and maybe multi-parts?

A/N: Right…. well wish me luck.

The cool night air hit you as you walked outside. The sky was empty of stars, the only visible break in the ink black canvas was the full moon. You gripped the soft leather in your hands tighter, hoping they’d work correctly. A lot of people would be screwed if they didn’t. 

The rustle of the wind and the occasional car filled your ears. You could see the house right up ahead, your destination. It was a short house with only one window and an awful tan paint job. It seemed normal enough, fitting in easily with the quiet suburban neighborhood, even despite its residents.

Sure they seemed normal enough in public, their hair styled and their nails painted, smelling like they’d been stuck in the perfume department in the mall for half their life. It was better than the smell of dead animals though, and the strange musky sent of the herbs you could never quite identify. They were smart, you had to give them that. 

Smarter than you, you thought briefly, wondering if your plan would even come close to working. They’d been doing this crap for years, and your only knowledge was based off of what you’d seen from the past week and a half. Winning the trust of a coven hadn’t been easy, or fast to say the least, and taking these bitches out was proving to be much harder then you’d anticipated. 

Hunting witches was never easy. You knew that from past hunts, and other hunter’s experiences, but these ones were particularly tricky. 

Witches tended to use their powers for most of the same reasons. Killing enemies, or the people who’d done them wrong, gaining money or power, and cursing people. Not these ones. 

Ignoring the fact that they were also much more powerful than the normal witch, they wanted different things as well. They were constantly building up their powers instead. Creating strange concoctions from the organs of animals, eating the hearts and livers among other things, mixing them with this and that, downing various discolored cups of mush. 

The whole process was pretty disgusting. You’d have much preferred the usual “my husband cheated on me so I’m going to cut off his baby maker and curse the hell out of his mistress” witches. Not like your opinion mattered in this job.

You shoved the little pouches in your pocket, making sure they weren’t visible, and knocked on the short little brown door at the front of the house. 

A tall blonde woman answered, the witch who led the group. She grabbed on to your arm, tugging you inside.

“We’re being watched,” Her voice was a hiss, her eyes narrowed as she spoke.

“Really, by who?” You tried to tug your arm from her grip, nearly punching the door in the process.

“Hunters,” The word was practically a growl on her lips. 

“Hunters?” You chose to play the dumb card, looking up at her in question. She nodded. 

“The bastards are practically every where sniffing us down like the disgusting dogs they are,” Okay, rude

“Huh never heard of them,” You shrugged, walking past her. “So uh what’s your plan to deal with these… hunter people,” She rolled her eyes at you pushing her way through you and in to the kitchen. 

“Don’t worry about that. Worry about your job.The sacrifices are in there,” She said, moving to stir something on the stove. “We have ten minutes.”

Right. This is what you’d prepared for. The weight of the hex bags in your pockets reassured you.

Three girls sat side by side, all placed against the living room wall. Sacrifices. You said the word over in your head. They had told you they were using a spell to summon something, but they hadn’t told you exactly what. 

You made your way over to the girls, standing in front of them. You couldn’t give them the hex bags until the spell began. That was the one flaw, you’d have to move fast. The protective charms only kicked in once the whole ceremony had started. 

You smiled softly at the trio, hoping to be somewhat of a comfort. Because surely the woman in all black standing in front of them with her hands suspiciously in her pockets as they’re all bound and gagged would surely help. Most definitely. You were pretty sure one of them was crying harder now. 

“Who knows- No- She’s upstairs- Soon-” You could only make out pieces of the conversation going on between the witches in the kitchen. The witches in the kitchen. Only something a hunter would find themselves thinking about on a regular day. 

“Do you sense that?” You moved closer to the kitchen door, trying to hear their words. “Someone’s in the-” A loud bang cut her off. A gun shot. You froze in place, pressing yourself up against the wall, making yourself as small as you could. 

Witches don’t need guns. Two more shots rang out followed by that strange slumping noise that meant someone was down. It was a noise you were much too accustomed to. 

“Maledicendum inimicis, maledicam vererer-” You could just hear the beginning of a spell when another bullet hit it’s target. Witches don’t need guns.

The thought went through your head again. Obviously this wasn’t anyone turning on each other. It had to be the hunters. The ones the coven had been talking about when you’d first walked in. Shit. Witches, demons they were easy. But humans? They were the toughest monsters of them all. There was no reasoning with them either, if they found you hidden with three sacrifices and hex bags in your pockets, that was it. That was the end. 

“That all?” You could hear a deep voice from behind the door, heavy footsteps moving slowly. 

“Looks like it. We should check the next room too, just to be sure- Dean don’t touch that,” The noise of a clattering pot filled your ears. Sounded like he’d touched it.

“Blech, what the hell is that? God, I hate witches. Friggin’ disgusting is what they are,” Someone sighed heavily from inside.

“Yeah, yeah, can we just get this job over with already?”

“Pushy much? Jeese, who raised you?”

“Take a wild guess,” You could practically feel the snark coming from the mans words as you tucked yourself against the space of wall between the door and where it would open. The living room was fairly open with the exception of a single couch, making it so there was absolutely no place to hide whatsoever. 

The door knob turned just inches from you, the door being pushed open so it nearly brushed against your nose. You shifted yourself, flattening your back out completely against the wall. 

“I’ve got the girls, you wanna check the room, Sam?” Sam. Dean. Sounded familiar. Strange.

“There’s nothing to check, man, there’s no where anyone could be hiding.”

“Okay then help-” A choked cough came from one of the girls.

“The door,” Her voice was nearly a croak and you almost felt bad for her. Almost. Surely if the bitch hadn’t just ratted you out you’d feel much more sympathetic. 

You tried to reach for your gun in the quietest way possible, not like you hadn’t already been given up. Your fingers barely reached your back in the awkward position you’d been crammed in to, no gun in reach. 

The door was pulled away from you quickly, the front of a gun staring you straight in the eye. You froze, your gaze drifting to the man behind it. He was tall. Very tall, with long chestnut hair and brown eyes. He was attractive, but then again he would’ve been way more attractive if he wasn’t pointing a gun in your face.

His eyes almost seemed to soften, looking at you with a strange mixture of sympathy and aggressiveness. You didn’t say a word, didn’t move a muscle, just stayed there exchanging his stare. You knew even if you tried to attack him, to run, he’d be able to take you down easy. Bullets were faster than humans after all.

“Jesus Sam, what’s taking you so long, just kill the bitch,” Another man came in to view, much shorter than the first and judging by his voice you were pretty sure it was Dean. Not that any of that mattered with the barrels of two guns now pointing in your face. 

You closed your eyes, waiting for the inevitable. Waiting for something that never came. 

“Wait-” You opened your eyes. The taller one- Sam -had his arm blocking Dean’s gun, his movement strangely protective. “We don’t know what they were doing, or if there’s more of them. We should probably keep her alive for information,” His words were rushed and a bit panicky. Strange. 

His excuse for keeping you alive wasn’t a great one and you silently wondered what his real motive was. Dean rolled his eyes, lowering his gun after a moment. 

“You and your disturbing reasonable senses,” He nudged a something silver towards the Sam, walking back to the three women, grumbling something about witches all the way there. 

Sam held the thing up from his hands- a pair of silver handcuffs. They looked identical to the ones you’d find with a police man, but with small signs carved around each cuff. 

“I’m not wearing those,” You glanced down at his hands. 

“Didn’t ask your opinion,” He grumbled, turning you around and locking them around your wrists. As soon as they were in place you were being forced out of the door and through the kitchen, finally ending up in the front yard standing beside a black Chevy. 

Dean followed the two of you out, the three girls trailing behind him. He walked up beside you, tugging on the handcuffs until you were standing in front of the trunk as he opened it. 

“What are you doing?” He grabbed on to the back of your legs, lifting you. He ignored your squirming and growls, setting you in the trunk.

“Just gettin’ you situated,” He gave you a snarky smile, looking down at you. You rolled your eyes.

“And they say chivalry is-” The slamming of the trunk cut off your sentence, darkness enveloping you completely. You let out a frustrated scream, kicking your feet in to the side of the trunk. There was no escaping this.

Just For Me Chapter 19

A/N: I feel like the first line of this chapter may come back to haunt me. Sorry for the delay - some stuff happened. And I swear when I sat down to write this, I didn’t intend… well… you’ll see. Just remember two things - who’s my OTP and that, if you’re really concerned, go read Chapter 15 (the one with fetus Karma and Amy) again. Or you could just trust me…

Yeah… I don’t know if I would either.

Reviews, complaints, hate mail, horse’s heads in my bed all welcomed here and/or on my  tumblr …

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