maybe im not as ugly as i think

to all my thiccies, fatties, or plus sized people

yall are beautiful as fuck !!! and more than that, your worth goes so far beyond your physical appearance !!! you are so so much more than your weight or your clothing size. and i promise, nothing about you is taking up too much space, u are not too big or too loud or too much. you’re not too anything except maybe too incredible. i love yall so fucking much we are so amazing and strong and brave im so proud of us. wherever you are in your journeys and however your health is, im so so proud of you. we are so sexy and gorgeous and so soft and full of love and good feelings ! we are beyond pure, beyond important, beyond beautiful. we are thick like honey, like rivers, like the ocean. please don’t let anyone make you think that fat somehow equates to ugly or disgusting or unlovable because it ! doesnt ! being fat doesnt make u any of those things, but shaming someone for their body does !!! they r the gross ones so please dont forget that !! dont let anyone fool u into thinking you’re anything less than perfect !! anyway thats all i love us so much we are worth so much 

Neighbours to lovers! Guanlin
  • when you guys get to a certain part and think “"oh lol that’s me im ugly no one’s gonna like me ahahajssj” i want to say please don’t degrade your beautiful self, this is solely for storyline purposes, and i’d go at anyone who calls you ugly with a fucking chainsaw
  • dedicated to @wannawrite, this wasn’t updated on my masterlist so idk if you’ve seen this already,,,

- to start things off!! you lived in a terrace house
- terrace houses are generally really close to one another which resulted in your family being very close with your neighbors
- maybe even the whole street, since whenever a festival or holiday was coming up, everyone shared food and goodies around
- unlike many neighbourhoods nowadays, yours was really cozy and friendly
- that’s until one of your neighbors moved out
- that family’s breadwinner found a new job, but it was far away from where they lived, so they had to move
- the entire neighbourhood bid them farewell
- you were sad, since you were really close to their daughter, who was your age
- but it also meant that the house next to yours was empty
- and it’s quite creepy at nights
- you could see one of the rooms due to the short distance, and it was always black and dark in there yikeys
- you really hoped that some family would move in again otherwise the house might become haunted
- well congrats a new family did move in a week later
- you were lounging on the bed, doing some of your work and eating chips when your mother called you down
- you went down to see your mother helping another family carry a few boxes into the house next to yours
- “this is my child, y/n. y/n, they’re our new neighbors!!”
- you greeted the middle aged couple, and set off to help immediately
- the box you were carrying contained porcelain of some sort, and you were extra careful with it although it was lined with styrofoam
- you walked into the living room and set the box on the table, before looking around
- nothing had changed, and it had only been a week, but you were already missing the family that used to live here
- a guy walked down the stairs towards you, and you two kind of stared at each other for a few moments
- he was dressed casually, his hair combed back and boy, he was handsome
- the boy wordlessly pointed to the box and you snapped out of your stare, hurriedly handing him the box
- “it contains porcelain.”
- the boy simply nodded and made his way upstairs again
- the next thing you had to carry was a tv
- you were helping the lady to carry it, before the boy from before rushed to carry the other end the lady was carrying
- “mom, take a break, i’ll handle this.”
- wow such a good son
- you two made you way up carefully, and the boy directed you into a room before placing the tv down
- you looked around, and saw boxes of books and stationary, and most of all, you noticed from the window that this room was the room you could see
- “is this your room?”
- the boy nodded before fiddling with the cables
- “oh great, i’ll be able to see you from my room then.” you pointed across to the window in your room
- “what an coincidence.” the boy was half smiling, and it was the only expression you saw him make other than being expressionless
- “i’m y/n, what’s your name?”
- “guanlin, nice to meet you.”
- the conversation ended there because you mother was calling you to get back to your work
- you went back and settled on your bed, but when you looked up, you could see guanlin standing behind his window, staring at your direction
- you waved at him, to which he looked waved back a little awkwardly, and was that a blush you see on his face??
- guanlin was generally a shy and quiet kid
- however both of your parents became good friends after helping them to move and met up frequently
- both of your mothers would go shopping and both of your fathers would go jog together or something
- and they would always ask you and guanlin to stay together
- the both of you stayed in his room most of the time, you reading his comics and him doing his work
- since you both were pretty much constantly in each other’s presence, the relationship status between the both of you became more than an “acquaintance”
- you both were comfortable with each other although neither of you brought it up
- sometimes you both would watch dramas or movies together
- it results in inside jokes between the both of you, and it would always make the both of you crack up
- the time you spent with guanlin was either peaceful or fun, there’s literally no in between
- until he proposed to bring you to a night market one night
- it was nearby so why not
- the both of you had to stick beside each other due to the amount of people
- you both bought tons of food, played some games from the stalls and you won a small keychain
- it was a cute giraffe and you joked that it looked like guanlin, so he should keep it
- in return, he won a set of stationary for you at a mini basketball tossing game
- you both got back safely back to his house in the end, and to your surprise, neither of your parents came back
- guanlin offered you to sleepover in his house because you know being along in a terrace house can be scary sometimes
- his room had a couch, and you were going to sleep there, but then guanlin offered his bed to you
- he wouldn’t hear of you rejecting his offer
- and when you two finally went to sleep, you  fell asleep by breathing in his scent
- a little minty but with some sweet scent in it too
- and you generally had a really good rest that night
- this relationship continued on for about a few months
- and you two were really a perfect couple, the whole neighbourhood says so
- at times you two would be silent and others y'all would be laughing your asses off over some stupid thing
- you were clearly aware of your feelings towards guanlin
- you never thought of him more than a partner in crime or a best friend, but you couldn’t stop thinking about him at all times of the day
- you even tried to get him off your mind by studying a lot more and working a lot more, but the thought of guanlin would just float back casually
- you decided to spare yourself some trouble and accept that you had a crush on him
- what’s the use of denying it?? everyone knows and it was time for you to know it as well
- but you never thought of confessing
- knowing guanlin, who has the looks of a god, will probably find a prettier girl or something
- and he’ll avoid you because he doesn’t want to make you sad
- you decided to keep it to yourself for the time being, and see how things go
- meanwhile guanlin was coming to his senses too after his parents teased him about you
- his mother had joked that how she could just call you her daughter in law, and guanlin had blushed so much at the thought
- he questioned himself as to why he was so flustered over a joke, and he realised that he actually did have those feelings towards you
- guanlin realised this while brushing his teeth at night, so he dropped his toothbrush in the sink at the shock
- now guanlin’s a smart kid
- he knows that you probably won’t confess to him first, so it’ll be his turn this time round
- he went to the night market and bought a couple bracelet, just a silver chain with half a heart as the charm
- and when you visited next a dinner, he pulled you straight to his room right after
- you were confused, because you two would usually hang out after chatting around with his parents and vice versa
- “i’ve got something for you.”
- he clips the chain in place and silently fawned over your expression
- you were in awe, it was a simple accessory, but somehow you had a feeling that the meaning it held was much, much more
- “why is there half a heart? where’s the other half?”
- you actually already knew the answer, but you wanted to make sure
- guanlin holds up his wrist, and the opposite half of the heart was hanging there, on the slender chain
- you were confused as to whether it was a couple bracelet or a friendship one, when guanlin took your hands in his and looked at you in the eye
-  "y/n, let’s be a couple from now on. be my girlfriend.“
- so many things were happening and you couldn’t process it; guanlin’s soft grip on your hands which caused a small spark of electric tingle down your spine, and how guanlin’s irises were pools of brown galaxies, and did he just confess to you??
- when you finally snapped out of it though, you answered a yes, your voice much more calm than your heart and mind
- guanlin just smiles so wide with his gummy smile and leans closer to your face, when you two heard a squeak outside his bedroom
- you went over and opened the door, just to see your mothers red in the face and trying to gulp down their happiness
- "mom,,,”
- oh your mothers didn’t care, they were jumping around and squealing
- you looked back at guanlin who shrugged
- it didn’t matter though you’d have all the time to kiss guanlin in the future
- and the news of you two dating was known by the next day
- just how many people did you mom text?? or did they have a group chat??
- y'all were THE cutest couple ever to exist on the whole street
- your hand was always wrapped with guanlin’s, and you both would just turn red when someone teases the both of you
- but when you two get back home, guanlin would always place a sweet and light kiss on your lips, giggling afterwards
- kisses between the both of you will not be considered as a kiss without giggling or laughing or smiles in between
- it is one of the three, i guarantee you
- and since you both were neighbours, whenever guanlin stays up to study or work, before going to bed, regardless of how tired he is, he’d always check if the lights in your room are switched off
- sometimes he can still make out your figure in front of your table, and text you to go sleep
- he doesn’t sleep until you do, so you have no choice but to sleep
- you drop by his house when he’s busy and tired, with a few energy drinks and snack to cheer him on
- honestly the both of you are just sunshines in each other’s life it’s so cute

This is random but…

I really appreciate the fact that in My Hero Academia, the girls (more specifically Mina) find Todoroki to be one of the most attractive in their class

I know I know, it sounds weird. But hear me out!!

Usually, most people give a character a scar when they want them to be ugly or scary. Scars are never usually associated with being a hero (which is why I appreciate both Todo and Deku so much). But the girls aren’t at all phased by this giant burn on his left eye. They still think he’s good looking, which you don’t see a lot.

(Sorry, maybe I’m bias because I have scars)

anonymous asked:

hi james:) i met u a while ago, like nearly a year, and you complimented something about my appearance and its one of the only times i have felt like im maybe not ugly and i think about it all the time and i want to say thank you for complimenting me:) i know its weird but i feel so disgustingly ugly that it means so much more to me than it should. have an amazing day!!:)

Hey! No problem have a nice day!!

anonymous asked:

Now I understand why you always cover your face completely in photos. Lmao

hmm u trying to hurt me? the assholes like u made me fucking strong person!!! I got so many “slap in the face” .. and i always stand up and i feel strong! BUT YOU? who are you? u are a coward shit.. whos think “ hahah i will hurt this girl im soo bad i write a ugly message “ YOU ARE COWARD! YOU COVER YOUR FACE!!! but sure maybe u are beautiful! ( i mean your face)), baceuse your soul is disgusting). U just a bored and sad boy/girl beacause who is happy dont make things like this! i dont think that im beautiful but i think im not ugly… AND HERE IS MY FACE DONT WORRY I DONT COVER IT 

Shout out to all the introverts awkwardly trying to come out of their shell for the Swift massacre of 2017.

“I should make some posts… put myself out there.”

“But if I put myself out there… I’ll be OUT THERE… shit.”

“What if I look stupid? What if I look desperate?! WHAT IF EVERYONE THINKS IM AN UGLY STUPID SLUG?!!!?!??!!!”

“No, no… you know what, it’s totally cool, it’s just my anxiety getting carried away with me.”

“Taylor totally loves me, and I bet she would even think I’m kinda cool and want to like maybe eat cookies together or something.”

“Definitely gonna put myself out there. Gonna show that confidence and shine!! I feel good about it.”


“…..but what if she hates me?”

Pity, Pretty Boy

For: Nay, @naydeity

Pairings: KageHina

Rating: G

Summary: 329 words. Fluffy and flowery AF. Hinata thinks his boyfriend Kageyama is pretty and precious, despite his crap personality. Nay, sorry this was really short and quick but I hope you enjoy it. It’s inspired by this wonderful piece of art.

Read on Ao3

There were moments when Hinata caught himself staring at Kageyama, completely enthralled. He’d outline every feature of his face, from his deep blue eyes, to the perfect arch of his eyebrows, and those pearly white teeth he showed only with the occasional grin. And every time he’d discover something new—the darker specks of blue in those glossy irises, the dimples that graced his cheeks during the laughs they shared alone, and how soft that straight, pitch-black hair felt on his fingers. Kageyama was oh so pretty, and lovely, and beautiful when he took naps on his lap during lunch, when he served, when he ate (if he wasn’t getting food everywhere), when he spoke his mind, and when he told Hinata he loved him.

So it was a pity, really, that his pretty boy had such an ugly heart.

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the lack of good pictures i have of myself is starting to actually anger me


All day long I convince people that I know better than they do what’s best for them. I guess it’s your job too. Maybe a hundred times a day I take someone to the edge of a roof and I say: ”Don’t worry, you can jump. There’s water down there, trust me”. Now I have to think this’ll work. I have to be certain or it falls apart. I have to know. But I don’t always know. And there isn’t always water down there. Sometimes there’s just pavement, which means I’ve lied to them. I lie a lot, Father.

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Could you do a Jade Vriska, maybe as a rainbow drinker?? (Alien vampire Vriska has always been one of my favorite ideas.)

TG: haaaah i still have so many ace week requests 
TG: i didnt actually think thered be that many whoops
TG: im gonna get some old requests out of the way because yallve been waiting long enough
TG: the first one id like to start with are these vriskas here

TG: one of ems a rainbow drinker and one of em is regular
TG: shes a fashionable lady who wont hesitate to punch you in the stomach if you call her ugly
TG: slay vris slay

not to be a debbie downer but the hyperfocus on how ugly people think sebastian is now that hes being drawn with darker skin is kind of… itchy, especially since exaggerated features seem to be this particular artist’s style (compare marius and tessa in KE vs. Magekiller). I mean… depressing as it is I kind of expected fandom to keep treating him poorly and not even rethinking why they treat a character of color harsher than white characters, it’s how fandom works regardless of whether we want to believe it or not, but… the only thing people have really talked about is how ~ugly they think he is and uh… why lol

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Why is it that hot boys always flirt with my best friends and never to me. I mean I'm not that ugly or my friends aren't that" attractive. Trust me im more good hearted person then them and no one seems to notice it. What is it tho? Idk they really make me feel uncomfortable like I'm 'the duff'. I just idk... whatever I don't really care

I have no idea. My best friend and me went to a roller coaster park once. Everywhere couples and tbh, the hottest guys had the.. I don’t want to say ugly but not so good looking girls as girlfriends. You’re always asking yourself “Why???” We’re not that ugly but still. Sometimes it’s not because we’re not beautiful or attractive maybe they think we’re already taken darling. You’re great the way you are honey. Don’t doubt yourself okay?

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you truly think that the dumb shit you are writing is worth money, just because you are an ugly lesbian social warrior who never had sex. that is cute. i hate to break it to you, but you tell no stories, you tell bs. i would donate my used underwear to you as binder, instead of coffee, but i worry im not fat enough for that. maybe some black guy can give you a pity fuck instead. you might have to pay him for it, but that is okay, because you should support blacks.

you truly think that the dumb shit you are writing is worth money, 


just because you are an ugly lesbian social warrior 

I’m an adorable bisexual social justice bard, actually.

who never had sex.

[citation needed}

that is cute. 

Thank you!  I am definitely both cute and powerful.

i hate to break it to you, but you tell no stories, you tell bs. 

I don’t think you understand my tagline.   I mean, the ‘I tell stories’ thing was meant to indicate that I’m a writer and that I GM/run/storytell tabletop and live action RPGs.  I literally tell stories. at a start.  You’re a little fixated on the activist/social justice bit of my blog – that’s only a bit.  I’d recommend knowing a subject before you write about it.

i would donate my used underwear to you as binder, instead of coffee, but i worry im not fat enough for that. 

I… don’t use a binder? Really, as we’ve discussed before, know your subject before going in.  I’m also not sure you understand how a binder works, so maybe research that.

Also, it seems like you’re worried about your body shape – it’s okay if you’re very thin.  I know some people will make fun of you for it, but tune them out.  Be proud of yourself, be body positive. 

maybe some black guy can give you a pity fuck instead. you might have to pay him for it, but that is okay, because you should support blacks. 

Oh good, you’re racist too.  

Basically, these are all the old tropes, nothing original really except maybe the used-underwear-as-a-binder thing, which is more puzzling than insulting.  

2/10 – one point for surprisingly decent grammar, one point for effort, but still an abject failure, both as a troll and as a human being.

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i was watching the dna mv and pointed out to my roommate how hot taehyung is and she looks at him and goes "ugh, he's ugly" and now im convinced shes like a racist or something :/

I think that’s a lil early to pull the race card (unless it’s a repeat offence y'know I don’t know) but different people have different preferences so maybe he doesn’t fit hers (but that still doesn’t give her the right to call him ugly smh he’s a work of art)

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im so sad that 50% off is overrrr!! have you thought about doing anymore abriged shows? (maybe knb??)

Sorry, I dont think I’ll make any more abridged shows. I generally find the medium too confining and the creator culture really ugly and clique-y. So I don’t really want to work in that space anymore. Right now I’m working on an awesome comic with a friend which is totally original stuff and I’m very excited.

randomisart  asked:

Hello eridan sorry if im wasting your time but i need help i need to loose weight all the girls i change in front of in school are skinny and im really nervous around pretty people and im starting to think im ugly due to the fact that my ex cheated on me for a girl that looked like my friend....

CA: i personally think havvin a little extra wweight can be a boon in stuff like battle and combat cause it makes ya harder to push around but maybe thats not such a relevvant thing in your life

CA: i dont know much about dietin but i think keepin to a plan is key

CA: eatin less fattening foods and more vegetables and stuff but definitely dont starve yourself

CA: maybe one a those fitbit things wwould help

CA: remember loosin wweight too fast can be harmful so yeah moderation

CA: and you should probably research wwhat a healthy wweight is for your height so you dont find yourself sinkin beloww that

CA: honestly it might be better to talk to your doctor about this stuff