maybe im not as ugly as i think

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Im nearly 20 and ive never been in a realtionship. Never even really really liked anyone. When I hear so many people talking about theirs, I feel like im really missing out and im wasting my life. Ive tried to change my appearance many times but even at the skinniest and clearest skin, people still dont like me. Maybe im a repressed lesbian but I fantasize about guys too. Do you think there is something wrong with me? im just too ugly and boring for love? :(

There’s nothing wrong with you. You’re not the only 20 year old who hasn’t had a relationship. Stop trying to change who you are. If you change it should be motivated by a love for yourself, not because you’re trying to attract someone. You sound confused and that is ok. Focus more on getting to know yourself instead of trying to put labels on to yourself

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ah i would love clem and gabe (this is @gabentine on my main account) in c3 please if its not too much (i love your drawing style and honestly wish I could draw like you or at all) I think maybe you could do a little thing where you can maybe teach us how you draw? it's all I want to do tbh

im sorry,, this is ugly and i cant draw beanies at an angle lol. aw thank you thats so sweet! i might do some tutorials in the future :D

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Hello eridan sorry if im wasting your time but i need help i need to loose weight all the girls i change in front of in school are skinny and im really nervous around pretty people and im starting to think im ugly due to the fact that my ex cheated on me for a girl that looked like my friend....

CA: i personally think havvin a little extra wweight can be a boon in stuff like battle and combat cause it makes ya harder to push around but maybe thats not such a relevvant thing in your life

CA: i dont know much about dietin but i think keepin to a plan is key

CA: eatin less fattening foods and more vegetables and stuff but definitely dont starve yourself

CA: maybe one a those fitbit things wwould help

CA: remember loosin wweight too fast can be harmful so yeah moderation

CA: and you should probably research wwhat a healthy wweight is for your height so you dont find yourself sinkin beloww that

CA: honestly it might be better to talk to your doctor about this stuff

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I don't really think how ever dan wants to design /his/ yt channel matters tbh I just care about him and his content and whatever makes him happy so

ya that’s fair!!! ik its completely trivial but also im allowed to say its ugly if i think its ugly?? in fact because its so trivial i dont even consider that to be a rude opinion. if his graphic design was the only thing i talked about on this blog maybe you would have a point (though it’d still be my right to talk about whatever the f i want on here and only follow dan for the fonts he uses if thats what im into) but the reality is that i spend like 1039420384 hours a week talking about him and his content so i think its ok for me to comment on his banner change as literally an aside. and i think esp in light of the fact that he has spent substantial amounts of time talking about the design of his various social media accounts himself in his live shows and making it a point of focus and discussion in front of his audience and mining them for opinions on twitter, its ok for us to comment on it. doesnt mean we don’t care about ‘whatever makes him happy’ lmao 

I hate the social pressure of not having a relationship with a significant other. Oh your single? Why, how, when? The sad thing is that i feel ugly and not wanted when i don’t have a somebody in my life. And how does that come? Well maybe because of all the people who look strangely at me for being single. It makes me feel like i will never meet my soulmate. That i will end up all alone.

But you know what; fuck you for judging me. Fuck you for making me think that i’m not good enough. Fuck you for making me think that i will never meet the one who i will love forever. I don’t need to be married before im 30 or have kids before 35. Im done. I will meet someone or i will not. Its my life. I’m beautiful, loved and happy. I have an entire life to meet the one who i will want to share my crazy life with. And if that moment never comes, its perfectly fine also. Because i will have my awesome self to live life to it’s fullest.

—  Henriekeclaudia

i hate that literally everyone thinks its perfectly okay to insult boys. and i hate that literally everyone forgets that trans boys exist. that trans people exist. every time i see a post that talks about menstration or whatever and only exclusively talks to “ladies” really hurts. any time that i see a post talking about how obnoxious boys are or horrible or stupid or ugly or annoying it really hurts. and any time i see any post leaving out trans people or just insulting males it kinda makes me wanna cry like maybe im wrong and im not supposed to be this way but i still exist and i still want to be loved

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👑 with Evan? You've told me a long ago that he's going to be a Krokotopian pharaoh, and I wonder how your beautiful boy would look like!!~

👑 OC dressed as royalty

I-I’m so touched T///v///T Thank you for requesting my boy and paying attention to his details?? This is honestly the best feeling ever….

Anyway, here is the boy probs like in his ?? early 30s maybe?? I haven’t figure it out yet.. and I think this will be the basic design but I want to add some embellishment later! Like the Balance gear designs maybe if I can hecking figure out what it is *squints*

Thank you so much for requesting him again ;//o//; I am one Happy Koko !!!










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er... since that anon just called you bitchy... i feel like i should say your blog makes me feel incredibly safe. maybe its because im also a lesbian... but i think youre very nice. im sorry some ugly person thinks they have the right to call you bitchy.

Oh my god 🙈❤. You’re really cute! Thank you very much ~ I’m glad you feel safe here🙊. That's how it should be!
Have a nice day, darling 💀. LESBIANS RUN THE WORLD🌹!!!

like…the first thing people irl notice when they meet me is two distinct things: im ugly and dress ugly, and im obnoxiously loud and talk dumbly

so its completely baffling for someone i know in person to genuinely be interested in dating me? in pursuing me in any manner, really. my first impression is as strong as it is embarrassing, so i dont know how someone could look at me and decide “yes, i would date this person” and keep thinking that…for like…as long as they do

maybe its because ive spent my entire school career being bullied and outcasted. maybe its because there have been countless occurrences in which “my friend likes you” is said in a joking, mocking manner. in which the thought of dating me is something funny.

im loud, and im ugly, and when i talk i sound stupid and obnoxious. 

so i dont get it!

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Sometimes i hate beign on tumblr. I try to say hi to people and i never get a response. Its like beign on scruff or grindr there is no diffrence. Im just beginning to think maybe im just ugly and no one would ever like me.

Sometimes people just don’t respond. It happens to everyone! Don’t take it personal.

theres shit wrong with me and i think people sense it and avoid me irl. mayve im just ugly. maybe im just really bad at being a friend. probably a combo of all three.

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Ok so monster!link: how do you imagine him looking??? Causeeeee I may reallllly want to write a oneshot based on that ideaaaaa just posted.

o i ws actually jst talkin abt ths w my good pal !!(who i dont know if still wants to b anonymous hh,,,,) n we agreed tht it kinda looks like th chimera frm full metal alchemist BUT! th monster link frm th most recent ask looks a little more human i think ?? like … i wanna say kind of like a bokoblin but Less Ugly but i honestly really dont know (im sorry hfjdjfn i suck)
i think hes on all fours most of the time but he can stand on his feet for a while he just hunches a shit ton so his hands scrape on the ground n shit n hes Dirty™ idk if he has fur (mayb just a little?) n hes got big Sharp teeth n claws and shit n he looks dangerous but i think from afar you could kinda mistake him for a person (ig he does look like a less fugly bokoblin hm)

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my ldr girlfriend never rly calls me pretty.. idk, she'll call me "cute" or says "ur cute" sometimes. but when i randomly send selfies (idk why i do?? lol) she won't rly answer, 45m or so will pass and my clingy ass will say smth like "what's up?" and then she'll answer that. im just worried that she thinks im ugly and feels bad for me so she forces out a "ur cute". idk lol sorry for rambling.

Tell her how you feel maybe she doesn’t realize only calling you cute makes you upset

Im gonna get flak for this but stop thinking samuel didn’t get into wanna one from racism lol

Maybe I should stop thinking of myself as ugly; I might not be a 10 but somebody deadass offered me money to be an escort.

<___< I was tempted to ask “how much” because a bitch is broke but I was caught off guard. 

But the moral of the story here kids is that beauty is not a limited resource. Just because someone who looks different than you is pretty doesn’t mean you’re not. Your pretty and their pretty are different kinds of pretty; but that doesnt make you ugly.

It just means that they might be a Lamborghini and you might be a benz. 

i burned my foot cause like i was out washing the car n it was like 200 degrees (i guess not rlly burnt but) so im complaining abt it n my seven year-old cousin, this boy who speaks broken english and cant tie his own shoe, said: “you shouldve burned ur face, so that maybe you’d heal a bit cuter” n i was like “adrian gabriel r u calling me ugly” and he said “yeah i am” n he spent a minute thinking “hm at least even if it doesnt heal better, you’d have to wear a bandage and i wouldnt have to see ur face” n im not mad at him im mad that this toddler prick is funnier n meaner than me