maybe ill bring that up in class

as the end of the semester is approaching...

it’s ok if you’re overwhelmed

it’s ok if you had to drop out of one or all of your classes

it’s ok if you’re worried your finals won’t bring you to a passing to a passing grade

it’s ok if you took your finals and they didn’t bring you to a passing grade

it’s ok if this isn’t your first time failing a certain class

it’s ok if you stayed up extra late to study but still didn’t pass

it’s ok if a mental illness made school too difficult to manage

sometimes academics take us longer than originally anticipated, but that does not make you weak, that does not make you stupid, that does not make you less of person.

maybe this time wasn’t it, but there’s always a next time, and even a time after that.

anonymous asked:

i was just recently diagnosed with some mental disorders that have been ongoing for years. i also have a brain bleed that leaves me quite dizzy and nauseous to the point where i'm missing class because i can't sit or anything.(also mental illnesses). how would i bring up getting a service dog, because at this point i think it'd help not only with the physical illness but my mental illnesses. but my dad does think it's all for attention so ://

Could you maybe see if your dad could come to appointment with you? Sometimes parents are more likely to believe a doctor than their own child, unfortunately. Maybe you could talk to your doctor as well. If you can get your doctor on board, they may be able to help you to talk to your father about it as well depending on if you are a minor or not. 

We also have an article in our FAQ that one of our mods, Emmett wrote about how to talk to your parents. Maybe you can check that out!